Say There's No Such Thing As Closure, Even A Decade Later

EAST MEADOW, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — With the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 just days away, events marking the darkest moment in this country’s history are underway.

On Wednesday night on Long Island, a few hundred family and friends of victims came together to mark the moment, reports CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey.

They carried candles and carnations to a 9/11 memorial, then touched all they could there — the names etched in their hearts.

“I have six children. Even though I have five on Earth, I still have six children and he’s always right there,” said Pat Grzymalski, who lost her son, Matthew.

On the eve of 9/11’s decade anniversary, hundreds in Nassau County came to remember and reflect on the gaping holes the terrorist attack left on mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives and teens like Conor Cahill, who’s essentially grown up without his dad.

“It’s been tough but I’ve been able to get through it. I’m still here 10 years later, still living my life just like he’d want me to,” Cahill said.

As they walked by the flag at half staff and a piece of Twin Tower steel, most said time had hardly healed anything.

“Physically you have no choice but to move on but mentally, spiritually you just never move on,” Diane Antolos said.

“It’s a continuation. It doesn’t get easier. There’s no such thing as that closure thing. That’s ridiculous,” Ken Fairben added.

“The missing is what gets worse. When you think, I haven’t held him for 10 years,” Pat Kiefer said.

Ten years, ten months, ten days … for some the pain is just as sharp.

Nassau County lost 349 of its citizens on 9/11, including 18 firefighters.

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