NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — On Sept. 11, 2001, Mayor Michael Bloomberg started his morning by voting in the Primary Election before making his way back to the campaign office.

He had just picked up a cup of coffee and newspaper when somebody rushed over and told him a small plane had crashed into the side of one of the Twin Towers.

“I looked up and saw the gash from one side to another and I said that was not a small plane,” Bloomberg said. “Nobody at that point had thought about terrorism. It was 20 minutes later when the other plane hit and that’s when everybody said something’s gone wrong here, this is deliberate.”

LISTEN: Full Interview With Mayor Michael Bloomberg (13:21)

Ten years later, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said if there’s any positive message that comes out of 9/11, it’s that Americans pulled together and did not let anyone take away their freedom.

However, he stresses that our freedoms are fragile and we must constantly be on guard.

“We live in a dangerous world. Thank God there are young men and women willing to go overseas and fight for our freedom; young men and women who throw themselves into danger when the rest of us are running away,” Bloomberg said. “We have every reason to be proud, this is the greatest Democracy anybody ever created.”

As New York and the nation prepares to honor the memory of those who lost their lives in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Bloomberg spoke with 1010 WINS Senior Correspondent Stan Brooks about that tragedy at Ground Zero.

“I always think about what was there and the lives that were there — people who had aspirations, a future, and were part of the great American dream,” Bloomberg said. “They all of a sudden, through one senseless act, were no more.”

LINK: 1010 WINS News Team Reflects

With the opening of the 9/11 Memorial just days away, the mayor says what has been done at Ground Zero and in Lower Manhattan since the attacks is amazing.

“I never thought there was any chance that it wasn’t going to come back,” he says. “Before 9/11 it was a ghost land at night. We wanted to make downtown a much more 24/7 location.”

A decade ago, Bloomberg says there were seven hotels downtown and today there are 26. New schools, parks and supermarkets have also sprung up in the region.

“People who look back will say, ‘We did the best we could in memory of those we lost.”

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  1. Meme Meyagi says:

    .there are 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa, what is being done about it?

    1. KPMc says:

      We’re still trying to round up all the WWII Japanese into those internment camps. Why don’t you just volunteer so we can move the process along?

  2. ZIONISM = FASCISM says:

    Guess what Lenin, Marx, The Rosenbergs and Bloomberg, all have in common? That is beside cunning greed and love of money.

    Shlomo Geltschlepper

  3. jimbo says:

    We must guard the 2nd amendment!



    1. Meme Meyagi says:

      hopefully you will be the main dish, fkn mooslime terrorist

  5. Meme is a Jew says:

    Nice that our Zionist mayor has something to say about 9/11….

    Afterall, 9/11 happend because of greedy Zionists.

  6. Meme Meyagi says:

    7 million mooslime terrorists live in usa, what is being done about it?

  7. Jimbo says:

    You are right Mr. Mayor. We should all go out and by guns!

  8. Stephen M. St. John says:

    Please, Mayor Bloomberg, enough of your BS!

    Peoples and nations who have been fooled into supporting wars are not free!

    We need to shake ourselves from the strong delusion about 9/11.

    For starters, why did you hide from the people of New York the testimony of the late Barry Jennings, a housing official in your government? It was Jennings who showed up at the state-of-the-art Emergency Command Center on the 23rd floor of your previous place of business, the Salomon Brothers Building, otherwise known as World Trade Center 7. Jennings heard and felt explosions inside WTC 7 on the morning of 9/11 BEFORE either of the Twin Towers came down. Later, in the afternoon, WTC 7 fell at near free fall speed. The National Institute of Standards & Technology gave a false and misleading report, about the collapse of WTC 7 including a statement that there were no witnesses to explosions in WTC 7. Mr. Jennings, a witness to such explosions, just happened to die the day before the release of the NIST report. Really, Mayor Bloomberg, why can’t you stand up for the little guy, even if he is an official in your own New York City government?

    Visit my website and learn how the US Department of Justice framed Saudi nationals for the heinous crimes of 9/11 with a bogus “Dulles Airport” surveillance tape:

    1. Meme Meyagi says:

      jihad yourself fkn mooslime terrorist

    2. KPMc says:

      To think… this is what your life has come to. Pursuing a lunatic conspiracy theory while real problems go on all around us.

      You must feel so fulfilled.

  9. Taybor says:

    “Ten years later, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said if there’s any positive message that comes out of 9/11 it’s that Americans pulled together and did not let anyone take away their freedom.”
    Yes, for the most part, we pulled together after 9/11. (As long as you didn’t appear to be a Muslim, but that’s a different topic.)
    As far as Americans not letting anyone take away their freedom, we gave that up with the so called “Patriot Act” which just slowly chips away on our rights. I feel that anyone who says they’re willing to give up some rights in order to be safe gets the government that they deserve.

    1. goblin says:

      Right. I guess parking tickets and other so called “Quality of life crimes” to generate revenue really symobolize freedom.

      1. KPMc says:

        Stop parking illegally and making neighborhoods and life miserable and you won’t get fined you selfish prick!

  10. iggy says:

    if the terrorists had flown planes into buildings in brooklyn, mayor mikey wouldn’t know where to go, since the four outer boroughs don’t count to him

  11. Bob Fowler says:

    some moron spelled band b-a-n-n-e-d. I will find him, and beat him for that.

  12. Bob Fowler says:

    We must guard or freedoms by giving them over to government for safe keeping. Let our keepers take care of us, as they know what is in our best interest. Anytime we want to visit our freedoms, we will be able to at a museum near you.

    Our freedoms were paid for with the blood of our forefathers. Now, the government that they died for is looking to take these freedoms away from us, under the guise of protecting us. B – S !!!!!!

    Live in fear, and die a coward. Live like a free man, and you will always at least have lived. Enough!!! If they come back, and attack again, so be it. We the people will banned together, and respond as needed. We the people will NOT cower because our government wants us to!!!

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