NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – It’s raunchy, racy and now under investigation.

It’s just the latest headache coming out of the recent West Indian Day Parade. NYPD officers were caught on camera grinding and gyrating with half-naked women in full uniform.  Were they out of line?

Some fully clothed folks were getting down and dirty as well.  In fact, their outfits — or uniforms, rather — stick out like a sore thumbs.

“I think that is totally wrong. They should’ve been standing by observing. There could’ve been a fight, anything,” Dahlia Clarke told CBS 2’s Emily Smith.

The video shows some of the women approaching the officers — seemingly encouraging them to dance — with the crowd cheering them on.

The NYPD sent CBS 2 a statement saying it ”is investigating” the incident, which took place during the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn — a parade known for its wild costumes and uninhibited dancing.

Some folks may find the dirty dancing in the video graphic, as little is left to the imagination.