NEW YORK (WFAN) — There’s no doubt that Lawrence Taylor was one of the greatest Giants of all time.

But did Big Blue send a bad message by honoring LT on Monday night?

Taylor was in attendance at MetLife Stadium to receive adulation as a member of the 1986 Giants championship team.

“At some point, what the guy did 20 years ago on the football field gets trumped by the fact that he’s a (sex offender),” WFAN’s Craig Carton argued on Tuesday.

Taylor was ordered to register as a low-risk sex offender in April after pleading guilty to patronizing a 16-year-old prostitute in Rockland County.

Harry Carson, Joe Morris, Carl Banks and Phil Simms were also recognized at halftime of the Giants’ 28-16 win over the St. Louis Rams — though it was Taylor that drew the loudest cheers.

“So 80,000 people stand up and say, ‘Let’s cheer the sex offender!'” Carton said. “I’m sorry, at some point, you’ve gotta stop.”

Listen: Carton has a problem with LT cheers

The Twittersphere exploded with mixed comments on Taylor during the game. “Regardless of his extra curricular activities, Lawrence Taylor is the most dominant defensive player of all time,” tweeted one fan.

Someone else asked: “Did Giants fans just give Lawrence Taylor a standing ovation?”

“What a disgrace put on by the NFL tonight,” added another. “Lawrence Taylor was cheered by a stadium full of enablers.”

Taylor admitted to having intercourse with the girl, who turned out to be an underage Bronx runaway. He said he paid her $300 — and she told him she was 19.

“This was a working girl who came into my room. She told me she was 19. It is what it is,” Taylor told Fox News’ Shepard Smith in March. “I don’t card them. I don’t ask them for a birth certificate.”

“There’s your guy, that’s the guy you’re cheering last night,” Carton said after playing an excerpt from the infamous interview.

Then again, this is New York. It’s hard to forget any player — star or not — who was able to parade down the Canyon of Heroes.

“He was the symbol of a tremendous defense,” said Boomer Esiason, Carton’s morning show co-host. “I think they’re cheering the player of 20 years ago, maybe not the man of today.”

Were the Giants right for honoring Taylor? Would you stand up and cheer for him? Be heard in the comments below…

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  1. chris says:

    We honored him not for what he did off the field but for what he did (20.5 sacks that year) on it. It was a celebration of the ’86 Superbowl team. All the player of the 86 Giants team (or their rep) were in attendance. I cheered for Geroge Martin for his work on & off the field and I cheered for LT for his work onthe field. They all deserve cheers…..I was a great year to be a NYG fan.

  2. nrichard says:

    OMG REALLY? LT was by far one of the greatest players in the game! What he does as a person has NOTHING to do with what he did as a player! Larry Bird – another great player – beat his girlfriend for years but no one made a peep – so did Wade Boggs! Stop with the “they are role models” – they are ENTERTAINERS NOT ROLE MODELS.

  3. Wolf says:

    what? he threw a few footballs and that makes it ok for him to act inappropriately? the man should have done some time in attica

    1. ALW says:

      If we sent to jail all the men who have acted inappropriately, there would be a serious shortage of men.

      1. Kris says:

        I’m not sure that is a bad thing.

  4. tom b. says:

    LT was one of the best players ever. Carton is an idiot and i could not listen to his dribble today.

  5. Ron Reale says:

    People honor the dirtbag Clinton all the time, no difference, except he’s a white rapist.
    Ron Reale


      So very true, the Arkansas Fat Boy is the worst offender out there and women praise him all the time.

    2. Kris says:

      Well, there is that pesky fact that Lewinsky wasn’t underage… and he didn’t rape her… But other than that, spot on, Ron, no difference indeed.

  6. Josh says:

    I agree with Carton 100% — everyone who disagrees needs to go and apologize to daughters everywhere, including mine. It’s simple math, folks: When someone is good at something, we celebrate them. When someone is good at something, and then it turns out they’re a bad person, we stop celebrating them. And when it turns out that they are rapists? Well, then we really, really stop celebrating them.

    Carton gets paid to be a clown, and as a guy with two daughters, I wanna give him a hug for taking stances like this. Why can’t Giants fans remember with fondness what he did in uniform without celebrating the man he was and clearly is outside of uniform?

  7. Joe says:

    hypocrites! Carton is idiot but, now I am losing respect for Boomer, who I always thought to be level headed. You stand with the law against LT but, against the law in the OJ case? Remember the law found OJ innocent!
    That said, we all know that the law makes mistakes and anyone with a little common sense would understand that a girl saying that she is 19 and looking the part was not raped! It’s an unfortunate thing but, this does not make LT some horrible person.

  8. AVI says:

    Craig Carton condemning the Giants for allowing Taylor to be honored? This guy is one of the worst radio hosts. Boomer should do the show by himself!. Carton is teh worst – HE MUST GO!

  9. chris_g says:

    I was so disappointed to hear each time I tuned the dial to the FAN the rage against LT for something he has done since retiring. I was more interested in hearing knowledgeable insight on a very ugly win by the Giants. Is that too much to ask of the only NY sports talk radio? Fortunately, I could scroll up the dial and was able to get some excellent NY Sports updates and an interview with Eli.

  10. eft says:

    Lawrence Taylor was applauded for what he did on the field not what he did off. Unfortunately, there are not enough people that are able to make the distinction. What does it say to parents when a child says that he/she is their role model rather than an adult whom, they see and learn from everyday??? What is says is parents are falling short big time. We will all pay the price should this continue.

  11. Tha Watchr says:

    have to agree with George K. if they reward Vick with a multi million dollar contract for killing dogs & spending time in Jail, then you can’t crucify LT. besides, they were honoring what happened in the 80s not recent history. every time they’ve honored old school players, LT always got one of the loudest cheers. he was pivotal to that defense & you can’t take that away from him…and this coming from a COWBOYS fan…gotta give props to what he did back in the day…

  12. Richard Freeman says:

    Craig Carton condemning the Giants for allowing Taylor to be honored? This guy is one of the worst radio hosts and unfortunately has brought Boomer down as well. There are always circumstances and there is here. Taylor called a service, the woman said she was 19 and probably looked the age as she was dressed up being a hooker. Had Taylor either forced himself or willingly had sex with a known underage would be understandable to be upset honoring him. But just another boneheaded opinion, Carton, from a bonehead!

  13. ff says:

    carton is like a bad mad dog–and thats bad

  14. CartonsAnIdiot says:

    What a loser Carton is. He’s a guy who obviously had no talent in his lifetime other than being an arrogant big mouth. And by the looks of him I’m sure he’s paid for his fair share of prostitutes.

  15. Linda says:

    If the girl said she was 19 and obviously looked it, why would LT have questioned it, after all he was paying for sex not a marriage license. Some people tend to think they own these “celebrities” and are “crushed” when they discover the “celebrities” have clay feet like everybody else. If you expect more from someone than they are capable of giving, you will always be disappointed. Do not look down on someone else unless you yourself walk on water.

  16. Jake says:

    Hey wfan , if you dont want honest answers , dont ask the question. Deleting comments you dont like is as immature as Carton.

  17. thomas williams says:

    Carton is an idiot. Show some respect for one of the greatest players of all time.N.Y. fans don’t need any of your useless comments.

  18. Michele Lanning says:


  19. Ken says:

    Carton is a hypocrite, If you listen to his show his comments on women are generally despicable. He should look in the mirror before judging LT.

  20. Joseph Muscarella Sr says:

    Carton will say anything for effect. He is a NY Giant hater!!!!
    Any his Jets are all saints???

  21. scott says:

    granted i don’t condone what L.T has done but this is carton we are taking about. he’s bitter jets fan. his team will never have a player as great as taylor or win a super bowl in our life time.

  22. ALW says:

    As a woman and as a die-hard Giants fan, who was there last night…he deserves all the cheers as a member of that wonderful 1986 team. While what he did is not something to be proud of….he will not be the first and certainly won’t be the last – especially among celebrities.

  23. George Katsiavos says:

    LT deserves to get honored for his on the field work. And you can crucify him while you have a cold blooded killer in Michael Vick playing.

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