Zead Ramadan: Palestinians No Longer Believe U.S. Can Moderate ConversationBy Marcia Kramer

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There were frantic efforts at the United Nations on Tuesday to avoid a Friday face-off over Palestinian statehood.

With the clock ticking toward a showdown, Israel floated the possibility of an “interim solution” to allow the Palestinians to establish a state within existing borders in Gaza and the West Bank and deal with all the tough stuff later, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

“This is one possible solution whereby we, the situation they get independence and we can  continue and negotiate in the future, but with less acrimony and less mistrust and as we continue to build a future together,” Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said.

Under that scenario the Israelis and Palestinians would still have to negotiate solutions to the difficult issues of final borders, the status of Jerusalem, the right of Palestinian refugees to return and recognition of Israel as a Jewish state.

“If we can’t come to a perfect solution at this point we should discuss other things,” Ayalon said.

The proposal comes as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas pressed ahead with his campaign for statehood. He intends to speak at the UN on Friday and demand that the Security Council grant the Palestinians statehood status immediately.

That could force the United States to veto the proposal, a political headache for President Barack Obama, who could also face a move in Congress to shut off $500 million in American aid to the Palestinians.

The situation is so volatile Obama has added a meeting with Abbas to his schedule for Wednesday. Obama will also be meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after delivering his main address to the General Assembly.

Meanwhile, the interim solution idea was not well received in the Palestinian community.

“I think the Palestinians have relied on the moderation of the U.S. for over 40 years to no avail. I think they’ve heard this before. It’s the boy who cried wolf,” said CAIR New York President Zead Ramadan.

“I think the Palestinians don’t believe any more that the Americans can actually moderate this conversation and they want to take it to a different forum.”

Meanwhile, the Palestinian president pressed his case with the president of France. And he picked up support from the president of Venezuela, who circulated a letter saying that recognizing Palestinian statehood would be “an act of historic justice.”

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Marcia Kramer

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  1. skip gainer says:

    If there is no solution except war, Israel should take out the mosque on the temple mount, then gaza completely and then mecca.All this done at the same time!

    1. Adam Neira says:

      Incorrect !

      The universe is stable, ordered, benevolent and expansive. Violence is not innate. G-d does not want a war to break out in the Middle East right now.

      1. otbros says:

        The universe soon will be NEW WORLD ORDERED.

        1. Adam Neira says:

          The Redemption unfolds over time. Ganeden will not be built in a day.


      2. Troy says:

        You speak for God, do you?

    2. Bob says:

      Gotta agree, the arabs are never going to let Isreal live in peace. They might as well get it over with.

    3. Jim says:

      Looks like the oppressed have become the oppressors.

      1. GZLives says:

        By “oppressors” you obviously mean how dare the Jews defend themselves correct?

        1. Johnny Handsome says:

          How the hell are you defending yourself by killing women and children in the street?

          1. Johnny Retard says:

            You are so right Johnny — Israel should allow rockets and bombs and murders freely kill women and children as long as they are Jews… but Arabs being killed is clearly genocide. Oh wait – that doesn’t make any sense, you are a retard.

          2. Dennis L. says:

            Ask Hamas about defending its brave fighters by using human shields of women and children, hiding weapon caches in mosques, hospitals, schools, neighborhoods and homes and inviting and hoping for civilian casualties for its propaganda value. It is time for you to get over this false idea that there is a moral equivalency between the defensive actions of Israel and the terrorism committed by Hamas which obviously is driven more by its ideology than concern for the welfare of the Palestinians in Gaza.

    4. Johnny Handsome says:

      So you want the worlds 1.3 Billion Muslims to all be terrorist? Its idiots like you that should be tied to the first bomb Israel drips.

    5. DON says:

      Absolutely. STRIKE ZION!!!

      1. DON says:

        SCREW ISLAM!!

        1. DON says:


    6. Bill Needham says:

      Be sure to buy a comfortable set of shoes to wear in the breadlines that would ensue if Israel pursues a unilateral action of war as you describe. With the oil producing regions plunge into war with Israel and the embargoes that follow, everything made from oil will rise exponentially every week and will crush already fragile western economic systems. We are all hanging by a thread.

  2. nancy espinoza says:

    why dont we quit bickering and pray for the leaders of isreal.

    1. Adam Neira says:

      Pray for the spirit of wisdom to rest on all the leader’s shoulders.

      Believe it or not there are some very hopeful signs. Things are very different than five years ago. There has been some seismic shifts in worldview and orientation.

  3. dan says:

    so once they are voted into statehood, does it become an act of war if one more missle is sent from the Arab side? And then Israel can defend and conquer the land back?

    1. Pouteria says:

      Palestinians have never fired a single missile. Palestinains fire rockets. It is israel that fires missiles and never rockets.

      Get your facts straight.

      1967 war- who fired the first shots?

      1. jefreder says:

        You mean who fired the first shot at the armies that had amassed to attach Israel. Israel did, continued to kick but and take name while being outnumbered 10 to 1.

      2. Ariel Dahan says:

        In 1967, Egypt blocked the Straits of Tiran first. That is an act of war.

      3. Cav_Trooper says:

        A Rock thrown is a Missile!
        An Arrow is a Missile!
        A Rocket is a Missile!
        A Missile is a Missile!

      4. Dennis L. says:

        It is Hamas and others who have sent homicide bombers into Israel, kidnapped Israeli civilians and soldiers, launch rockets and fire mortars at civilian targets and openly call for the extermination of Israel and Jews. It was the Arabs who precipitated the 1967 war. It was the Arabs that could have established a Palestinian State in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem but instead preferred to keep the refugees in camps. I suggest you read up on the facts before you come up with such an inane comment.

  4. jonas siles says:

    Cut the dollars off to Palestine. Then allow the negotiations to continue. Period. And maybe the payments just won’t be paid anymore. My tax dollars? Yeah. I don’t want to pay them. Couple hundred years ago, there was dumping of tea in the Boston harbor.

    1. Jim says:

      Why not cut the US$$ to Israel as well. If the US did that, ther’d be peace immediately based on the 67 borders minus Jerusalem. Can’t the US use that money better at home>

  5. Pat says:

    God of Jesus will have the last triumph. No accident that Jesus referred to the Israeli leadership as the Synagogue of satan. Bibi and co. if the shoe fits – wear it. BTW Christians who worship the Old Testament over the New sin against the Golden Rule.

    1. Adam Neira says:

      Jesus of Nazareth or M.M.Schneerson are not returning in a second coming.

      End of story.

      1. Todd Lashley says:

        Be careful, you just might see Jesus in Jerusalem in the comming weeks.

      2. savedman says:

        Adam Neira
        You just wish it was the end of story. Just as sure as the universe exists, was created by God through His darling Son-The Lord Jesus Christ, and he died for a sinner such as yourself, Jesus Christ is coming again to this earth. He is coming or he lied in His Word. Titus 1:2 ” In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began;” Numbers 23:19  “God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?” John 14:3  “And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.
        4  ¶And whither I go ye know, and the way ye know.
        5  Thomas saith unto him, Lord, we know not whither thou goest; and how can we know the way?
        6  Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” I hope this helps you to see your desperate need of the Lord Jesus Christ to save your soul from hell, for HE IS COMING AGAIN. The devil has you so blind you will not acknowledge this fact., but you make it no less true.

    2. Kelley says:

      the “golden rule” is NOT in the Bible although it is a pretty good way to live. If you really want to know how to keep the “golden rule” keep his commandments…. from the old and the new testaments. When Messiah said “If you love me, keep my commandments” he meant that.

      1. revsheets says:

        Actually the Golden Rule is in the Bible and was spoken by Jesus Himself. He originated the Golden Rule. In Matthew 7:12 Jesus said, “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”

        The Holy Bible : New International Version. electronic ed. Grand Rapids : Zondervan, 1996, c1984, S. Mt 7:12

        1. Cav_Trooper says:

          He articulated an ancient Talmudic saying. Making it a part of God’s Written Word rather than The Spoken Talmudic Traditions.

        2. savedman says:

          I take it that you don’t know that your niv had a homosexual on its translators board. God hates Sodomites and sodomy. He also hates those that pervert His words. The niv (nothing init version) has over 5,000 changes from God’s innerrant, infallable, Authorized King James Bible 1611. It attacks the deity of my Saviour in dozens of places, e.g., 1Timothy 3:16 (KJV) says “God was manifest in the flesh.” The niv says, “he appeared in a body.” 1John 5:7 (KJV) says, “there are three that bare record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost, and these three are one.” You will not even find this verse in your book. I hope you will get an Authorized King James Bible now that you know the truth. There is no power in the niv, and it will not produce a powerful Christian, much less sanctification and holiness. This is the reason the megachurches that use the niv can wear shorts and flipflops to church and have no power with God. God said, “Be ye holy for I am holy.”-1Peter 1:15,16

          1. joan of lark says:

            1611 ?
            They revised the bible in 1611 and you’re standing by a version that went through numerous language translations, through political intrigue and negotiation, and to a final product that was meant to consolidate the power into an English King? That’s better than Emperor Constantine saying.. too many volumes, make it shorter (referring to the Bible – clearly heavily edited). Jesus would have a lot to say about the version 1.5 millenia later ! It’s sad that the obvious is disregarded. How can a multi-edited version be more original or accurate than the “original?”

            1. savedman says:

              joan of lark
              “Let him that is ignorant be ignorant still.” Do you not believe that the God and Creator of the universe who wrote the original autographs is able to preserve them perfectly? Why would God make a statement like Psalm 12:6,7? He said He would preserve His words forever. Since you don’t believe God did preserve every one of His words in a particular translation, SHOW ME THE ERRORS IN GOD”S KING JAMES BIBLE 1611. I am serious about this friend. I cited some major blasphemous errors of the niv, GIVE ME ONE IN GOD”S WORD. The reason the King Jjames Bible is superior to the original auographs is evident, it doesn’t take 4 years to learn Hebrew and Greek. It is written in English for the English speaking people. Now, as it has been so eloquently said, “God only wrote one book, the devil has written hundreds of them.” I will be anxiously waiting for the ERRORS!

            2. savedman says:

              joan of lark
              Show me ONE ERROR in the King James Bible.

      2. Jason Conway says:

        Where do you people come from? ROFL! You make me laugh sometimes.

        The Golden Rule originated from Jesus!

    3. Queechy says:

      Gee Pat, it sounds like you don’t like Jews very much. It always amazes me that people like you who claim to worship a Jewish God (yes Pat Jesus is Jewish) resent Jews. Get your facts and your doctrine straight Pat. Try reading the Book of Romans at about chapter 11, verses 16-22. Then pray to God for understanding.

    4. trent says:

      wake up dummy, Jesus is fake.

  6. Dave says:

    I have read a lot of comments but not all. Some of you have the historical facts correct others don’t. Some ideas make sense others don’t.

    So how about this idea. Israel goes back to the 67 borders. The Arabs and Egyptians that now call themselves Palestinians get the rest of the land except Jerusalem which is put under UN control. Both the Jews and Palestinians have to share the city and the entire temple mount.

    Now for the fun stuff.

    Just one rocket attack, suicide bomber or terrorist act from the Palestinians and all of the land except Gaza belongs to the Jews. Yup that includes the west bank. The Palestinians can keep state hood and rename Gaza to Palestine.

    1. Adam says:

      You’re an idiot.

      1. Donaldo says:

        Adam Either you are stupid or a total ass or BOTH!

    2. Pouteria says:

      You were doing fine until the last bit.

      How about the reverse. One rocket attack , etcetera and Israel gets Gaza but Palestinians keep the West Bank.

      Oh tht won’t do becuase the West Bank is Judea-Samaria and the Jews need that so the Messiah will come, The Evangelicans need the Jews to control it so Jesus will return, and let’s not forget Israel gets 1/3 of its national water supply from the Judea-Samaria aquifer

      Of course none of the fundamentalist Jews settled in Judea-Samaria will resist by violence.

      What if fundmanetalist Jews attack Palestinians in Judea-Samaria, do the Palestinains get Israel?

      Your racism is thinly masked.

      1. Mark J says:

        As is your anti-Semitism.

        1. Queechy says:

          Here, here Mark J. You hit the nail on the head. If the shoe fits, wear it Pouteria.

      2. Adam Neira says:

        There will not be a Westbankistan next to a Settlertown. The two state solution is not going to happen either. Another command and control structure is in the offing.

      3. BillyVet says:

        What race?

    3. Michael Duncan says:

      Then all the land belongs to Israel now because the Palestinians WILL violate the agreement. You know it and I know it. This is just more of the same. When is enough enough?

    4. Gilbert from Arizona says:

      Why except Gaza. They all go back to Syria and Egypt.

    5. Walter says:

      Dave, Unless and until there is recognition of the right of Israel to exist there will be no solution to this situation. Giving the Palestinians the fig leaf of an official state will not change the fact that they want all of the area as well as the end of the state of Israel. There is nothing to negotiate and I would suggest that the US and it’s allies must state clearly that the onus is on the Palestinians to accept the State of Israel before any further discussions can proceed. The Israelis must state that all other issues are open for negotiation once the existence of the state of Israel is confirmed.

    6. Danilo Morales says:

      The problem that no politician would ever express explicitly is that most of the population of the Middle East do not want to ever have peace with Israel. A Palestinian state gets peace nowhere closer. It’s a facade. The reality that should be exposed loudly by the West is that they only want to annihilate Israel (then of course the rest of the West).

      Funny, if not tragic that Iran’s president has already stated loudly that Israel should be wiped off the map. But no one listens…

      1. GZLives says:

        The Jews heard Ahmadinejad loud and clear

    7. Adam Neira says:

      The prophesied solution is about to present itself. A kingdom is on the cards. It will be more like a constitutional monarchy than an absolute monarchy. Similar in tone to the Special Regime idea. The Temple Mount/Noble Sanctuary will become a Centre of Unfolding Potential/House for All Nations. Fascinating times…


    8. Dennis says:

      Still need to adress the water rights beneath the west bank otherwise a good start. The reply to attacks a little extreme.

    9. michaelfury says:

      “Just one rocket attack, suicide bomber or terrorist act from the Palestinians”

      And who will prove that “terrorist act” is from the Palestinians?


    10. Islam is a death cult says:

      I’d support Israel going back to the 1967 borders.

      The DECEMBER 1967 borders that is.

    11. moshem says:


      Very cute. But sadly – been there done that. We’ve won the wars that they foisted on us time and again. They never risk anything because we always let them off the hook. We should have done what you’re recommending after the 100,000th bomb, the 10,000th Jew killed and the multi-billions spent defending ourselves from these maniacs.

    12. colindale london says:

      Israel’s threatened Anschluss of the West Bank

      The Anschluss was the occupation and annexation of Austria into the German Third Reich on 12th March 1938, eight months before Kristallnacht, the terrible pogrom that prefaced the Holocaust and the start of WW2 a year later in which tens of millions, including thousands of American soldiers, died in Europe and around the world.

      Now the Israeli government is threatening to annex the West Bank of the Jordan in which live 3.5 million Palestinians, as retribution if they apply this week to the United Nations for membership. Such an act of armed, political savagery by the Israeli government of Binyamin Netanyahu could well bring about the start of WW3.

      In WW2 there were no nuclear weapons, with the exception of the two atomic bombs dropped on the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945, that finally ended that war. Now, in 2011, Israel has a secret nuclear weapons arsenal that is estimated to hold up to 400 nuclear warheads – weapons of mass destruction that have never been declared to, or inspected by, the IAEA.

      The U N Security Council ignores this appalling reality at its peril.

      1. GZLives says:

        If their “nuclear arsenal” is secret how come you know of it?
        You Brits have so much hate for Jews and so much love for the Arabs. Perhaps since you’ve screwed up almost everything in the Middle East, why not have the Palestinians set up shop in Londonistan?

      2. Druvas says:

        Colindale london, If I recall correctly, it was Lord Balfour of the British Empire that decided who was going to live where. The expansion of the Balfour Declaration by the Brithish Mandate on Palestine gave the territory that is at present occupied by the Jewish Palestinians and the Jewish Settlers that were imported (by Britain, mind you) from the late 1800’s through present day. In addition it created the Hashemite Kingdom of Trans-Jordan so that Arab Palestinians would also have a homeland. In addition, it was supposed to insure that the right of religious freedom were to be preserved in those two areas. The Jews lived up to their end of the bargain, the Arabs did not.

        After it’s defeat in the 67 war, Trans-Jordan abdicated control of the West Bank to Israel, mainly because the Arab Palestinians were a pain in King Hussain’s rear-end. In 1970 King Hussain of Jordan launched a war against the PLO because Yassar Arafat used Jordan as a base for terrorist activities.

        Due to treaty, Israel is oblilgated to return conquered territories to include the Golan Heights and the Gaza Strip. Jerusalem is part of the West Bank and the Kingdom of Jordan agreed by treaty that Israel could keep it. If Arab Palestinians wish to have a State of Palestine, let them have it in Gaza. Of course, Gaza is a wreck of a s-hole because Hamas spends what money they do have on making war instead of building infrastructure. It sure wouldn’t do to garner world sympathy if they took care of their citizens, now would it?

    13. savedman says:

      Dave, you sound like all the other anti-Israeli devils. We know from God’s word that after the Lord Jesus Christ comes for His Bride the Church (1 Thessalonians 4: 13-18), the antichrict will divide the land for gain:
      Daniel 11:36  And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done.
      37  Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.
      38  But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.
      39  Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory: and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain.

    14. Count Yob says:

      That this arrogant bit of Israeli hasbara gets selected as a “featured comment” speaks volumes about the mind-set and bias of whoever makes such decisions at CBS New York.

      1. GZLives says:

        Whoops there’s that magic Hebrew word “Hasbara” from the usual Brit hate brigade that’s managed to twist and turn all reality around against the Jews but then again britain was always known for its hatred of the Jews. Didn’t your people burn them alive in the city of Kent? Didn’t a Brit Sir John Glubb and 31 other Brit officers command the Jordanian Army as they invaded Israel but were stopped by a ragtag bunch of Jews fresh from the death camps ? Go back to Londonistan chump

    15. tonyl says:

      You think that you have all the facts? You can call all the shots and make deals on behalf of Israelis and Palestinians and Arabs states? Israel is merely created by force of US in the world. It is no more legitimate state then Palestine. Taking some peoples rights and lands and giving to others by force does not make a legitimate state. There has to be a honest and fair compromise for a true peace among the people of the region. Israel has to allow the right of return to all Palestinians and they all have find a common purpose to live together. That is the only way possible for peace.

      1. GZLives says:

        “There has to be a honest and fair compromise for a true peace among the people of the region” Funny that being said today after all the failed wars the Arabs foisted on the Jews … no do overs, move on. The land belongs to Israel as it would have had the Arabs beaten the Jews in the war they started.

      2. Dennis L. says:

        Israel was established by the UN and not the United States and was made a “legitimate” member of the UN. Most Arabs who lived in 1948 Palestine left because their leadership wanted them out of the way of their invading armies and promised them the property and land of the Jews they expected to drive into the sea. Some were forced out by Palestinian Jews. Many remained in the new State of Israel. Israel will not accept a return of Arabs into its borders because it would drastically change the demographics of the Jewish State. By the way, you ignore or do not know that 875,000 Jews were forced to flee Arab countries after 1948. Would these countries allow them the right of return? In addition, the PLO recently announced that any Palestinian State would exclude any Jew from its borders. You also ignore or do not know about Christians who were forced to leave Muslim countries. I suggest you get your fact right and realize that the Palestinians and Arab States do not want any Israel of any size in the Middle East.

    16. bernard ross says:

      cute, but all those who made guarantees to police prior agreements and cease fires failed to do it. The UN is the worst offender as it has not policed the rearming of hezbullah and i remember when it quickly abandoned its positions in 1956. Anything short of direct negotiations will fail and backfire. Israel is not serbia where nato or thhe un can force a situation. It is the meddling of all the 3rd parties that has given the arabs the notion that a solution can be forced on israel. All this has done is postpone peace. My own view is that peace is impossible with people who are educating their children to hate and war.

    17. Tom Marino says:

      And what do the Palestinians get if there is one settler attack? What do the Palestinians get if just one Mosque is burned? If one Palestinian is shot at a checkpoint because he has to pass over a road reserved for Israelis only to get from one Palestinian village to another?

      Oh right… concessions are always on the Zionist terms, because of course, Muslims are inferior.

      Israeli is NEVER EVER going back to the ’67 borders under a right wing administration. Lets remember our Israeli political history… Menachem Begin was a terrorist prior to 1948. After 1948 he founded the Likhud Party, the same party of current PM Netenyahu. The Likhud position, one of its founding tenets, is that ALL of British Mandated Palestine will be Israeli. IE no Goyim shall rule it. Goyim in Hebrew and Infidel in Arabic aren’t too different in the right wing interpretation from either side.

      Now as far as this farse that there are no preconditions to negotiations on the Israeli side, here is a partial list of the Israeli preconditions:

      Palestinian will have NO military, NO control over its airspace, NO discussion on right of return, NO discussion of any Palestinian control over E Jerusalem, NO discussion of the Red Line, NO return to the Green Line, NO discussion on Ariel, Modi’in Illit, Beitar Illit, and Ma’ale Adumim being in Israel control, NO settlement freeze, Palestinians MUST recognize Israel as a Jewish State, NO discussion on residents of illegal settlements in West Bank, NO Jews will be Palestinians in Palestine, Palestinians MUST cease incitement and violence, NO dismantling of the Israeli only roads across the W Bank, NO removal of certain Israeli bases in Palestine.

      1. GZLives says:

        “Goyim in Hebrew and Infidel in Arabic aren’t too different in the right wing interpretation from either side”

        No they’re incredibly different in that the Quran commands the faithful to kill the infidel and especially the Jew

        “The Day of Judgement will not come about until Moslems fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Moslems, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.

    18. Pilot.Dave says:

      WOW ! You understand the Palestinians would not go for that as they can not even agree to one government for themselves and they know more rockets are on the say as Hamas is Hell-bent on the destruction of Israel.

      Nice idea, but so is giving Texas back to Mexico to keep the illegals from coming across… No other modern state gives up the spoils of war, why should Israel ?

    19. Spanky T Smackme says:

      And what happens if the IDF attacks the Palistinians ? Do they forfiet Tel Aviv and go back to Germany ?

    20. Johnny Handsome says:

      Fact: Israel kills more Palestinians than any rocket attack or car bomb ever could. Lets have the same rules for both sides. Any Palestinians deaths caused by Israel and Palestinians get EVERYTHING.

      1. GZLives says:

        Fact Palestinians kill more Palestinians then Israel does. Arabs kill more Arabs then Israel does. Jordan killed more Palestinians in 13 days then Israel killed in 30 years

    21. John says:


      Although your insights clearly appear on the surface to have real merit, and I do agree they sound very good, it sounds like you’re working for the Vatican under their bilateral agreement with Israel and the Islamic religious leaders that are all already onboard, under the Secret Treaty called “The Fundamental Agreement between the Holy See and the State of Israel,” which was signed with the Vatican, on Dec. 30, 1993. In that Treaty, the Vatican will pursue moving its Headquarters from Rome to Jerusalem; into the realm of Jerusalem having been made into an “International UN-City” under both that Treaty, and also the UN-US Annapolis Treaty, where the Temple Mount will indeed be divided as you say, and which is being done (in part) by the Vatican, in a clear attempt to try to avoid the coming Judgment she is going to incur, as is listed for her, in the Book of Revelation Chapter 17:1-7 and 15-18; also all of Chapter 18. Of course no one can flee from God, because in the final analysis, GOD’s WILL, will be done; so the whole thing becomes simply a 7 year exercise in futility.

      Also, you would have to be able to deny the existence of a Hudna, and actually rely on the Palestinian Authority to accept “any responsibility” for “any rocket attacks” … be it now, or in the future. It would ALWAYS be denied.

      Also, the UN is, and has been since its inception, totally anti-Israel; with near 35% of every “yearly UN agenda” involving the scolding and beat down of Israel in one form or another, while doing absolutely nothing to reprimand any of the ongoing Palestinian Authority actions, even if, and when, the facts are glaringly obvious to everyone else.

      Finally, believing that “any land” taken (now) from Israel by any “forced” Treaty of any sort, through the re-adjustment of any current borders, would EVER BE RETURNED to Israel, even if the evidence of rocket attacks were 100% proven to be Palestinian in origin, is something that would better fall into the realm of believing in Leprechauns and the Tooth Fairy. But I certainly do applaud you for thinking in the realm of “what if we all lived in a real world.”

    22. Jason Conway says:

      Philiistia (Gaza) was taken from the Philistines (Palestinians) by God thousands of years ago, and then Israel was taken from the Israelites by God, later as a judgment on the Jews not recognizing Christ. If you don’t believe me, read the Bible and see what type of odds the Israelites were up against when they fought the Philistines. God gave Israel to His people.

      The Jews were allowed to return to their homeland after almost two thousand years of suffering came to a head with Satan’s manipulation of Germany in Adolf Hitler and yet another attempt of exterminating God’s chosen people.

      It will be God’s decision if and when Israel belongs to someone else. Not the Jews’ choice, and definitely not the Palestinians’ choice. (fake Philistines)

      1. GZLives says:

        So now the Palestinians are the Philistines? I’ve now read depending on what day it is that the Palestinians are :
        the original Jews
        The Christians

        Which all means you are so desperate to connect them to this land that you will invent any lie to do it. The Palestinians are Syrians and Egyptians and Iraqis – all your garden variety Arab that invaded from Arabia and occupied the land. The Palestinians were an invention of Arafat who wanted to blur the religious war that all of this and make it into a war of liberation so the western liberals could relate. But we all know there’s really no difference between a Palestinians and a Syrian or an Iraqi .. no difference whatsoever

    23. Strawman says:

      Sounds good except for the fact of false flag events which the Isr’s are famous for. USS Liberty as one example.

    24. Roger Soiset says:

      Not bad Dave. I have a little trouble with trusting the UN with keeping order in Jerusalem, and I can’t see anything but war resulting from a confiscation of land due to a treaty violation by..who? Unnamed terrorists? But you are dead-on right about more than the tit-for-tat that has been the standard for too many years.

    25. Rose Lynn Mangan says:

      I have posted numerous accounts of Israel’s murder -in cold blood – of the United Nations Peace Mediator Count Folke Bernadotte who was on a mission to deliver the UN Mandated Palestine/Israel land border to Israeli officials. However that binding document would interfere with Israel’s land grab policy. So, Bernadotte was ambushed and killed. Then the land grab went into high gear.
      Since there is such a powerful control of the media (by Jewish influence) we do not know about Israel’s true land grab designs. Also, have we forgotten why Yitzak Rabin was murdered? LAND-LAND-LAND. And MORE LAND.
      As an American I want the truth out there and put an end of control of the media to demonize the Palestinians. Give them their dignity. Give them Statehood!
      Not once has there been a response to my Bernadotte charge.
      It scares the hell out of me to see how much America is being bought and sold.
      Rose Lynn Mangan

      1. Dennis L. says:

        So the media is controlled by the Jews. Then why was it silent during the Holocaust? Why is the New York Times consistently critical of Israel? By your comments I believe that your are a probable believer in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. As for the assassination of Count Bernadotte most Jews in Palestine renounced the killing but you want to brand all Jews in Palestine as murderers. As for land grabbing if you read the history you would learn about the territories that was sold to Jewish Palestinians by Palestinian Arabs. As for land grabs you forget the invasion of Palestine in 1948 by Arab armies that sought to seize all Jewish land. As for land grabs you forget or ignore the illegal occupation of Gaza by Egypt in 1948 and of East Jerusalem and the West Bank by Trans-Jordan (modern day Jordan). As for land grabs you ignore the fact that the Palestinians want to take all of what was once Palestine (which never existed as a state but was part of the Ottoman Empire). But your bias is so obvious that I doubt that you will believe anything I have written.

    26. David says:

      I’m with Adam, this is the most ridiculous comment I have read. Let’s punish all Palestinians because one is bad? Let’s face the facts, if we were born in Gaza or the West Bank we would be just the way the Palestinians are. Let’s not point the finger and judge (Luke 13). It’s easy to point the finger at Palestinians in judgement, without ever standing within their shoes.

    27. BillyVet says:

      Good Idea

    28. yochanan says:

      How about doing things God’s way: Give the Israelis their land that God said was theirs for eternity, kick out the “palestinians” which are not really a people group or race or actual ethnicity, and defend Israel’s borders the way God told them to do from the beginning.

    29. DRL1 says:

      Unrealistic. The original UN Partition Plan called for the internationalization of Jerusalem. The Palestinian Jews accepted; the Arabs did not. During the resulting war Trans-Jordan occupied East Jerusalem. Jews were barred from entry and praying at the Wailing (now Western) Wall. Jewish religious sites and cemeteries were desecrated. The city was united following the Six Day War. All religious are allowed access to their holy sites which are protected by the Israeli Government. Israel will never allow the division of the city which is at the heart of Judaism. In addition, given the changes in weapons technology Israel will not accept the armistice lines that existed in 1967. The response time to attack would become too foreshortened and Israel, given its geographic size, needs as much defense in depth as possible. As for further terrorist attacks, whether via rockets, mortars, snipers, homicide bombers or kidnapping it is certain that they will recur. The Palestinians will never cede any territory to Israel or Jews; they want the elimination of Israel.

    30. DRL1 says:

      Unrealistic. The original UN partition plan called for the internationalization of Jerusalem; the Palestinian Jews accepted and the Arabs did not. Trans-Jordan seized and illegally occupied East Jerusalem. Jews were barred from praying at the Wailing (now Western) Wall and religious sites and cemeteries were desecrated. Since 1967 the religious sites of all religions are protected by the Israeli Government and free access is assured. No Israeli Government will allow re-division of a city that is at the heart of Judaism. Israel will not return to the 1967 boundaries due to military necessity. Changes in weapons technologies has shortened the response time and Israel needs as much defense in depth as possible. It is a certainly that terrorist attacks, whether rockets, mortars, snipers, homicide bombers, kidnappings, etc. will continue into the future as it is the goal of Hamas and others to annihilate Israel. The Palestinians, in the event of such an attack would never cede any territory to Israel. The Palestinians, no matter what they say, want a one-state solution with a Muslim majority and preferably without Jews (and Christians).

  7. Jerry Frey says:

    Conveniently, Arabs and Muslims in general dismiss facts. The execution of Jews in Iraq and their expulsion from Egypt, Morocco, Iran, etc. obviated centuries of history as citizens. Arabs, on the other hand, though deprived of land by the new Jewish state, fled voluntarily from TransJordan when Israelis declared their independence in 1948, expecting to return into the arms of four victorious Arab armies. The “Palestinian” demand for a nation-state is like Eskimos asking for air-conditioning.


    1. Pouteria says:

      Historically, Christians have been far more vicious to the Jewry than Islam.

      Islam taxed the Jews while Christianity killed them.

      AS for the myth that the Palestinains voluntarily fled a majority of Jewish israelis now acknowledge this falsehood.

      After bulldozing over two hundred centuries old Palestinian villages, Israel passed the Absentee Land Law of 1950 that seized all assets and property of all Palestinains that fled Israel including those that remained in Israel but left their homes for twenty-four hours.

      A perfect analogy would be if the Shiite governemnt of Iraq passed the Absenttee Land law of Iraq seizing all assets and property of the couple million Sunni refugees and not letting them return.

      You think that’s justice. It is your excuse for not having to look in the mirror and see a racist.

      1. Steve says:

        You are totally wrong. The Palestinians fled in 1948 hoping that the Arab armies would wipe out the Jews and their state. This is a fact and is not disupted by a majority of Israelis. The Palestinians state repeatedly that their aim is to have all of Palestine – nothing less. Several years ago Ehud Barak offered Yasser Arafat essentially 98% of the land in the pre-67 borders that the Palestinians want as their state and Barak was turned down cold. Why didn’t the Palestinians demand a state before the 67 war when Jordan had the land? If the Palestinians are given all of the land in the pre-67 borders the rocket attacks and bombings will continue and escalate. None of this will appease the Muslim hordes. Speaking of racism, the Palestinian leadership just recently stated that all Jews will not be welcome in a Palestinian state. Speaking of justice, why don’t you demand that the Muslims return all of the land, houses, and possessions that they have confiscated from the Jews up until the time that Israel became a nation?

      2. John says:


        Christianity has killed NO ONE … the Papal Crusades have … and if you believe that the papacy is Christian, then you are as ignorant of historical facts as you are of some your politcal facts listed. Roman Catholicism is (by its papacy) anti-Semitic/anti-Jewish; again, that has nothing to do with Christianity. Christians have left Catholicism in droves over the centuries; and we pray for the rest to do likewise; but that is a choice, not a mandate. As for the “racist” comment … that is so yesterday! People pointing out opinions is not rascisim; let us call it by its true lost meaning … conversation. You simply must stop listening to all those heretical anti-God/pagan professors.

      3. Dennis L. says:

        You are very historically wrong. You also ignore the 875,000 Jews that were forced to flee Arab countries after 1948.

  8. LTCB says:

    A declaration of palestinian statehood will only lead to war. They won’t get what they want. Even if the UN, or anyone else, says that the border should be where it is, the 67 border, the 48 border or the pre-48 border; the palestininians will make a cause for war. They will keep this up until there are no more Jews; or Christians, in the lands. They accuse Israel of “apartheid” when actually, they’re the guilty ones. Islam excludes the rights of all others. It excludes the rights of their own followers. Muslims are not persecuted in the world at even a fraction of the level that Jews and Christians are persecuted. I challenge CBS to do what they used to and report truth rather than just news. Tell the stories of the persecutions of Jews. Tell the stories of persecutions of Christians. Christians die for their faith more frequently worldwide than probably any faith-group. Because of Muslim hatred and jealousy, Jews in Israel are probably the second most persecuted group where loss of life occurs. The third group would be the rational and reasonable people who try to live within Islam but, are not tolerated by the extremists. God pronounced a curse on all who try to divide His land. Jerusalem will be a stone which will hurt all nations that come against it. They will all harm themselves trying to move the stone.

  9. Annika says:

    Again, why do we care? What is the US vital interest there?
    What is our “bestest ally” Israel doing for us?
    Are you people brainwashed to the point you don’t recognize who is the puppet master here?

    1. Davy says:

      foolish woman.. Who do YOU suggest the US “care” about then??

      1. steven says:

        she’s right. they’ve been nothing but a pain in the ass. They do NOTHING for us. All they do is take take take take. We caught them a few years ago selling military tech to China. Yea, some ally. We’ve had enough.

    2. Dennis L. says:

      By using the term “puppet master” it implies that you are a believer in the anti-Semitic belief of the international Jewish world conspiracy and probably have memorized the Protocols of the Elders by heart.

  10. Dan Smith says:

    Israel–the gift that keeps on giving, and giving, and giving…

    Why should Arabs negotiate their plan to destroy Israel? With the U.S. spouting positions even beyond what the Arabs were asking for, Israel’s destruction is a sure thing.

    Question is, will we see the Samson option if it happens.

  11. Sam says:

    The leaders of the Palestinians don’t want peace. With a real peace the Saudi Royal Family would stop funding the terrorists – peace = no money

  12. Jalapenopecker says:

    The so called Palestinians, Trans Jordanians to be more precise, ought to make their claim and the United States should give the $500M back to American tax payers.

  13. Disgruntled says:

    The US helped them before with negotiations to get statehood and Arafat walked away from the deal. If they actually wanted peace they could have had it long ago.

  14. ANONTDH says:


    1. Hymie Zoltsveis says:

      G-d created Israel, and made a covenant with the Jewish people. It is one of the oldest nations and people on Earth.

      Have you ever read a Bible?

      1. Mike says:

        Yahweh is the God of Judah. Israel was to the North.

      2. jan says:

        This is 100 % fact.

      3. Spanky T Smackme says:

        BS…..Israel 2 was NOT created by God, and the first Israel has NOTHING to do with the second one, which was founded on TERRORISM and continued expansionism.

    2. bill says:

      Huh? Who created the Palestine refugee situation, and why, is a topic of more current events.
      You probably don’t remember Yassir Arafat who invented the homicide bomber.
      Instead of commenting on the news, I would suggest reading some history. There really is a difference between ignorance and stupidity. There’s no sense not knowing recent history.

      1. Pouteria says:

        Yassir Arafat who invented the homicide bomber.


        The Afula Bus suicide bombing IN 1994 was the first suicide bombing attack to be carried out by Palestinian militants against Israeli civilians.

  15. Scott says:

    I can tell you how this is going to end. The Palestinians will get their state because Israel just want peace. The Palestinians don’t want peace, but rather they want to destroy Israel. They will form a Hudna (a false peace) and attack Israel with the help of Turkey, Persia, Russia and other Islamic groups. When this happens, you will see God almighty personally defend Israel and destroy 2/3 of the attacking nations. Don’t believe me? Just watch.

    1. Chandler says:

      If so, then let God almighty fight for Israel, not the US

      1. GZLives says:

        The US has never fought for Israel. If anything its been the reverse. Thank Israel that Saddam had no nukes when US troops invaded since it was Israel that destroyed the Iraqi nuclear reactor years before

    2. Donna Denison says:

      the God of Israel will have the last say, the all the nations will know who is God, be afraid be very afraid, you wil soon see the hand of God move, this is a spiritual war between the real God , and Satan, I’ve read the end of the book, the God of Israel wins

      1. Avi says:

        And if Israel is wiped off the face of the earth, without God’s intervention, will you shut up about it?

    3. jan says:

      The Bible is true…..

      1. Adam Neira says:

        The Tanach is part : Genealogy; Drama; Lawmaking and Interpretation; Jurisprudence; Romance; War Battles; Power Dynamics; Place Naming; Object Referencing; Chronology; Prophecy; Allegory; Metaphor ; VIP’s; Filler and Wise Counsel. Weighing up the relevance of the different pieces should be left to very wise souls. The shore of history is littered with the ugly flotsam and jetsam resulting from the terrible decisions made by various people who thought they understood the true meaning of the good book. The Tanach is the most important book in the world. The 79,976 words of the Pentateuch assume primacy.

    4. Adam Neira says:

      Your interpretation of prophecy is incorrect.

    5. Johnny Handsome says:

      So the jews are the good guys here?

  16. chris says:

    My girlfriend and her family are ethnically Palestinian. Her parents moved over here as refugees during the 1967 war when their homeland was invaded and taken over. They are not “radical Islamists” but Eastern Orthodox Christians who want to see an independent Palestine. They lived alongside their Muslim neighbors peacefully but were driven away by the Israeli takeover. You need to look at the facts before calling people names, accusing people of being anti-Jew, or calling anyone who wants so justice terrorist.

    1. x15pilot says:

      Your family is deluded. It will be a very short time that Mooslims will live with Chrisians in harmony. Remember Lebanon. When i was young and Jordan owned the west bank it was trashy. The Palestinians and Christians will do much better under Israel than in their own little begging state. This state will be forever with its hand out begging from other countries and the UN to financially survive. Even now we are talking about a country that will start well into financial misery.

    2. Ann says:

      The land did not belong to Palestine. It belonged to Jordan. Jordan invaded Israel. Israel won. Palestine did not have a “homeland”. You are the one who needs to look at the facts. Palestine has been offerred statehood numerous times. They refuse. They refuse to recognize Israel as a state. Arabs live peacefully in Israel with full rights granted to all Israelis. Palestine has stated their state will be Jew free. Doesn’t that make them “anti-Jew”?

    3. James Benoit says:

      Ridiculous. People fled those territories because it became a WAR ZONE, as a result of a WAR foisted upon Israel by Syria, Egypt and Jordan – as well as a coalition of serveral other Arab/Muslim states.

      The Arab/Muslim country LOST – as usual. Israel was nice enough to eventually give the Sinai back to Egypt.

      Get a clue.

      1. Pouteria says:


        1. GZLives says:

          Who amassed tens of thousands of troops and tanks on Israel’s border, who closed the Gulf of Aqaba shutting off Israel’s oil supply, who told the UN Peacekeepers they had to leave and all the while broadcasting that the Jews were about to be exterminated?

          Israel fired the first shot which was provoked by what I’ve described above.

  17. Daniel says:

    I never cease to be amazed at how the facts of history are ignored because certain people don’t want to face the truth. In 1922 the League of Nations set aside the area of Palestine which included all of Jordan and the West Bank as a place for the Jewish people to reside. But it was only a few months later that Britain excluded a big chunk of that land to be used as a state for non-Jews. That area is known as Jordan today a state for Palestinians. So the Palestinians ALREADY have a state! They don’t need to take more Israeli land for a second Palestinian state. If they want a second state then divide up Jordan for it.

    1. Jefferson Starship says:

      Really? What about Jordanians? Also made up? Get an education and read more books before looking really dumb.

      1. Warren says:

        The population of Jordan is around 80% Palestinian, ruled over by the Hashemite dynasty. They are a political majority denied equal access to holding office by their Arab “brothers.”
        Perhaps it is you who should “get and education.” Only don’t rely on your average college course to teach this. You will have to rely on your own research, if you want to find all the facts on both sides.
        I’ve been studying the Middle East for over 30 years. Take a few before you slam others and look “really dumb.”

      2. biggcatt says:

        Actually Jordanians are Palestinians as the area of Jordan and Israel make up the Roman and then Ottoman Province known as Palestine. But in 1945 FDR wanted then Arabia which was the Eastern 2/3s of what is now Saudi Arabia to be a US client state instead of a British client state so he backed the Saud families claim to the throne of Arabia. The Western 1/3 of Saudi Arabia was the Hedjaz (sp?) which contained the holy cities of Medina and Mecca. The al Saud family wanted to rule these too, so they seized the Hedjaz with our blessing.

        Now the Hashemite Kings were the rulers of the Hedjaz and they had been good British allies in WWI and WWII and the British wanted to reward them and gave them Palestine, er Jordan. Jordan is Palestine and the Palestinians were screwed not by Israel but by the US and Britain. The Hashemite kings are Beduoin where as the Palestinians are Arab, cultural cousins. In 1973 the Palestinians rose up and King Hussein slaughtered them by the thousands in the streets. Even after 64 years of conflict the Israelis still haven’t killed as many Palestinians as the Jordanian royal family has.

        Of course to learn this you’d have to look it up yourself. It’s not politically correct and doesn’t fit anyones narrative so they don’t teach it.

      3. GZLives says:

        Jordanians are 25% Hashemite and the rest Palestinians

  18. Scott R. - Austin, TX says:

    Democrats: The party of the Homosexuals, Transsexuals, Perverts, Ex-Cons, Ex-Felons, Child Molesters, Terrorists, Murderers (Abortionists) Hippies, Liberals, Leftists, Socialists, Marxists, Communists, Indigents, Racists, Bigots, Anti-Semites, Atheists, Antichristian, Fascists and the proverbial Haters.

    Be honest with yourself, the above truth incenses and makes your blood boil because you know it’s true.

    Now have a look at who else supports the party with whom you identify and ask yourself this, do you really want to support a political party whose base is (mostly) comprised of such an evil lot?

    Put down that prism of moral relativism through which you’ve been viewing the world, it’s lying to you; you’ve been misled by evil people with nefarious intentions. .

    It’s never too late change.

  19. mark says:

    Undeclared Israeli values: greed, xenophobia, duplicity, racism.

    Unfortunately, Zionists now control the US. This ‘negotiation’ will not have a happy ending.

    1. Akiva says:

      When you live in a country that is nine miles wide with enemies on every border seeking your destruction, I’d be happy to listen to your opinions.

    2. Adam Neira says:

      Slander will get you nowhere…

  20. mark says:

    Undeclared Israeli values: greed, xenophobia, duplicity, racism.

    Unfortunately, Zionists now control the US.

    1. MichaelinOK says:

      One can far more accurately say:: “Undeclared Palestinean values: hatred, suicide, murder, corruption, scapegoating.”

      Unfortunately, naive do-gooders, who assume all weak parties to be just, now control academia–not to mention the United Nations and its clown-circle of backward peoples and dictatorships.

      1. Pouteria says:


        1. GZLives says:

          Why would Jews from Judea and Hebrews from Hebron live in Bavaria? Why shouldn’t Arabs live in Arabia?

        2. Adam Neira says:

          The Jewish connection to the Holy Land goes back more than 3000 years. The First Temple predates the Dome on the Mount by 1626 years.

        3. John says:

          I’m reminded of the classic Forrest Gump line … yes, you know it.

  21. Dennis L. says:

    Another example of the Palestinians missing an opportunity but of course they are really only interested in a one state solution minus all of the Jews.

  22. RJ Chicago says:

    There’s ALREADY a Palestinian state. Gaza. It was ceded by Israel to the Palestinians. It’s their state. Just because they’ve done nothing with it except lob morters and rockets at Israel isn’t anyones fault but the Palestinians.

    1. Nicolas Edwards says:

      they are not allowed to control their borders or use their coast. They are in a concentration camp the Jews/isrealis have created.

      1. Akiva says:

        They have a higher life expectancy than Scotland (which admittedly isn’t saying much.)

        If they weren’t lobbing missiles at Israel, they’d have an open border.

      2. John says:

        They would have that problem if they’d end the attacks on Israel.

    2. Jon says:

      Just imagine that some force occupy the US and make us all leave and run. Then they give us back One piece of our land – say Florida. what would we do? Would we fight to the last man until we get our country back? would we agree to make peace with just Florida as our only land?

      1. Davy says:

        jon – that is not what heppened over there, so your premise is a foolish one. Not. Even. Close…..

  23. Jason Hodge says:

    Let them have statehood…and when the next rocket lands in Israel, let Israel treat them as a belligerent sovereign nation and declare war on them…AND WITH MILITARY FORCE…PUSH THEM INTO THE SEA!

    1. John says:

      oorah, Finally someone who understands. Israel has given up over 50%, 50% of their land for peace. Has this made any difference no. I say Give them their little land and if Israel is attacked nuke them. That is the only way the enemy’s of Israel will understand their strength.

  24. Truth Detector says:

    The terrorists’ payday — who knew the blank check would be signed by Israel?

    Congratulations, Usama bin Laden, Yasser Arafat, et al…

  25. Fred Ricardo says:

    Israel has been stalling with negotiating since Netanyahu came to power without any results. Israel loves to talk without getting anything accomplished. Why? So they can continue to solidify their grip on seized West Bank land they have no intention to return to Palestine. There is no negotiation as long as Israel builds illegal settlements in the West Bank. What part of Illegal don’t these pin heads in Washington get? The old world order is about to crumble. As a Palestinian State, Palestine can go to the International Criminal Court and take away control from the US and Europe.

    The courts have the power to take money from Israel and cut off banks from trading with Israel. It is the only way to get cooperation.

    1. Paul Roth says:

      You can’t be more thoughtless and misguided in your comments. It is not Israel who straps explosives on women and children, sending them into crowds of innocent men, women and children. Israel, along with any other sane, sovereign nation would not negotiate in this sort of situation. No peace accord can be reached until these barbaric terrorists change their behavior. Add to this that Palestinians along with other surrounding Arab nations have openly vowed to wipe Israel off the map. Now tell me how you’ve come to your ridiculous assessment of the situation. Think! Your opinion effects those around you. You need to be more informed so others around you are not influenced by your poisoned ideas.

      1. Pouteria says:

        TRUE- It is not Israel who straps explosives on women and children, sending them into crowds of innocent men,



        1. GZLives says:

          Why are you shouting? Drop the cap lock sparky

        2. Aleksandr Nemets says:

          Why anybody have to give them anything?
          They want independent country, fine.
          Let them have it with the all responsibilities which come from it. They ask to recognize their state today, so border should be as of today not 1967. And they must sign that they recognize all their neighbors as independent states and will respect their borders as those borders is a borders. Any provocations from palestinians against any neighboring states should be recognized as such by UN security council as well as neighbors.
          They want arms- there is a treaty for arms dealing, earn money and buy anything they want. Israeli did not get anything for free even back in 1947. They earn every piece of armory and weaponry. What they did not buy — they build.

          Enough of this stupidity “we will support you and you can hate us for this support and send terrorist against us”.

    2. Elizabeth says:

      You are a goober! Illegal as defined by what? Just b/c someone says it’s “illegal” doesn’t make it so. Like saying cowboys are America’s team doesn’t make it so, it’s just someone running their mouth. Palis and Islamists want Jews dead, dead, dead–bottom line. Abbas is going to UN b/c he can’t get 100% of what he wants any other way.

      1. Jefferson Starship says:

        But what you are forgetting Liz is why are WE supporting Israel? Let them solve their own issues. Iran is THEIR problem, not ours. We need to stop putting Israel before American interests. PERIOD. NO EXCEPTION!

        1. John Cline says:

          OOPSY Jeffersons Starship just crash landed in the anals of History …because only a person younger than 30 would miss a major historic fact Like Jimmy Carters Presidential involvement in a little nation building with deposing the Shah of Iran only to see that government replaced with the intolerant Mullahs and the Ayatollah who run Iran and threaten the entire world with Nukes today, it’s a problem The American government created and not Israels problem.

          1. Count Yob says:

            Iran has no nukes, nor any program to obtain them. It’s the arrogant ethnic-cleansing rulers of Israel and their masada complex that threaten the world with nukes, as exemplified by the “Samson” option.

      2. End Pointless Wars says:

        I think we can all agree that arbitrarily kicking innocent people out of their homes and imposing a blockade would be a declaration of war if it were any other country. However, it just so happens that this Israel has the backing of the US. Imagine if North Korea had the ability to impose a blockade on the a solo South Korea with the backing of China. I think the South would be justifiably angry. I can promise you that I’d want to lob some missiles to both North Korea AND China. That is what Isreal is: our bothersome little North Korea. I think they’d be a little less bold about imposing themselves on other countries if they did have an attack dog named USA on a leash.

        If Israel and Palestine want to blow themselves up, that’s their business. If we didn’t keep butting into world affairs, we’d ALL be much happier.

        1. mbmarble2 says:

          Israel took the land, because they were attacked and they would of taken more if they were evil. The reason they took what they did is because they had to have the high ground so when attacked again they’re not getting shot down at. And also note that Israel was surrounded, all the nations had tanks right on Israel’s border so Israel launched a offensive. They also GAVE land back that they didn’t need for defensive positions. And the blockade is to stop the suicide bombers from walking across and killing people you moron. Btw if you want real evil google “the fogel family”.

          1. Fred Ricardo says:

            Israel took the land because it wants the water under it. It is time for Israel to end the occupation. As America becomes the only backer of Israel from some long standing misguided allegiance, America’s standing in the world also takes a hit and diminishes.

            Following World War II, United Nations passed the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 (II) Future Government of Palestine which aimed to establish a two-state solution within Palestine.

  26. stopthe junk says:

    “The president of Venezuela?” Why not just say “Hugo Chavez?” Is it because anything that Chavez gets behind loses credibility? Hmm.

  27. fisherKing says:

    PLO will reject it, because they do not want peace with Israel but its destruction. Hamas is not even involved and is at war anyways.

    This is the Moslems trying to light a powder keg in the Middle East after Egypt. Nasrallah said expect a war with 100,000 casualties.

    0/10 for everyone involved. It’s like the years before the US Civil War. Everyone saw it coming but could do nothing to avoid it.

    1. Frank Butler says:

      So it’s ok to support rebels in Egypt and Libya and Syria but not in Palestine, huh?

      Double damn standards.

      1. numnut says:

        Rebels echos Che and Fidel and all the glorious dictators of yesteryear.

        You and no one else knows how the clashes in those places will resolve. It appears Assad has now slaughtered over 3000 with barely a peep from OBrother.

        Here the Israelis are again offering almost everything the Palestineans want. Will be interesting watching them jump over themselves to deny that this is what they want. Clear perception of reality is not a high suit over there.

      2. Elizabeth says:

        Just b/c Barry Obama got behind it didn’t mean US did. Stupid to get involved in all of that esp now that the end will be worse that the beginning– i.e. Muslim Brotherhood takeover. The Egyptians, Libyans and Syrians only WISH they had it as good as the Arabs in “occupied” Palestine. If the W Bank represents the horror of occupation there are millions of folks in truly oppressed countries who would STAND IN LINE for that kind of oppression. Gaza’s problems are a self-inflicted gash ever since Israel turned it over to Palis

        Speaking of…why don’t world leaders get flipped out about real oppression around the world instead of obsessing over Israel?

        1. Blueeeyes says:

          We the American vote know they need something to be Obossed about, sad they’re picking the wrong thing….

  28. DSKtruth says:

    This debate is over. Israel needs to commit to the current borders. Even take back the Gaza Strip if the rocket attacks don’t cease. The Palestinian’s won’t recognize Israel. They’ve had their chance to commit to a two State solution for over 60 years; but they’ve rejected every offer. The surrounding Arab States have plenty of land and money to accept all Arab refugees that won’t live in Israel peacefully. They won’t, because they want to destroy Israel. Wake up, who do the Palestinian’s think they’re fooling. Jerusalem is a Jewish city. Always will be. End of discussion.

    1. Bumbaclaat says:

      The Palestinians recognized Israel over 20 years ago in the Oslo accords

      Israel still didn’t end the occupation or remove the illegal settlements

      Try to at least get some of the basic facts right

      Why should the neighboring Arab states aid and abet Israel in ethnically cleansing the indigenous population of Palestine ?

      “Recent archeological digs have provided evidence that Jerusalem was a big and fortified city already in 1800 BCE…Findings show that the sophisticated water system heretofor attributed to the conquering Israelites pre-dated them by eight centuries and was even more sophisticated than imagined…Dr. Ronny Reich, who directed the excavation along with Eli Shuikrun, said the entire system was built as a single complex by Canaanites in the Middle Bronze Period, around 1800 BCE.” The Jewish Bulletin, July 31st, 1998.

      1. RJ Chicago says:

        Arab states and Muslim Countries have made a long history of ethnically cleansing their lands. Look at the term Muslim Countries – whole territories with nothing but Islam and no other competing culture. If they can do it, why not Israel?

        1. Bumbaclaat says:

          RJ that’s simply false. Even so-called Muslim countries like Syria, Iran, Lebanon have large Christian populations and ethnic minorities and are multi-cultural

          When Christians in Spain kicked out all the Jews in 1492, Muslim North Africa and the Arab Middle East became places of refuge and a haven for the persecuted Sephardic (Spanish) Jews…In the Holy Land, Jews and Muslims and Christians lived together in relative harmony for hundreds of years – a harmony only disrupted when the Zionist movement began to claim that Palestine was the ‘rightful’ possession of the ‘Jewish people’ to the exclusion of its Moslem and Christian

          1. Dennis L. says:

            Historically Jews and Christians were considered second class subordinate minorities in Muslim countries. Christians have been persecuted throughout the Islamic world. Consider the persecution of Egyptian Copts, the strife between Lebanese Christians and Hezbollah, the genocide of Armenian Christians by the Turks, etc. There was plenty of disharmony before the “Zionist movement” evolved. You also neglect to mention that much of the Middle East was controlled by the Ottoman Empire and the borders of the modern Arab States were artificial creations of post-WWI UK and France. You ignore the 875,000 Jews forced to flee Arab countries after 1948 and you conveniently ignore the recent PLO statement that any Palestinian State would exclude any Jews. So much for harmony.

        2. End Pointless Wars says:

          That is the most asinine comment ever. “If OJ can get off with murder, why can’t this OTHER guy??!!” Somebody missed the day of kindergarten about “two wrongs…”.

          If you recall, the last flotilla that was stopped had a large number of Holocaust survivors aboard as well because they can recognize this as an atrocity since they lived through the worst of them all. It’s the entitled settlers that are the problem.

      2. numnut says:

        O we love revisionist history. The Palestineans have been digging on the Temple Mount and destroying all evidence they have found of the Jewish State that existed 3000 years ago and establishes Israel as the homeland of the Jews.

        Archeologists have established the expansion of Jerusalem from 1800 BC until the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD. During that time, except for brief periods of conquest, Jerusalem was a Jewish city and Jews remained in Jerusalem with short breaks for the next 2000 years.

        Get your history right Bumble.

    2. Kay says:

      Amen to that! As Israel goes, so go those who forsake her…the week we went along with expelling residents from the settlements, our payback was hurricane katrina…and quit using the slant occupied territory…they won it fair and square in war which they did not instigate…

  29. ericdb says:

    “Under that scenario the Israelis and Palestinians would still have to negotiate solutions to the difficult issues of final borders, the status of Jerusalem, the right of Palestinian refugees to return and recognition of Israel as a Jewish state.”

    Yea, the later is the problem. It will never be accomplished. This is why they refused fair Palestinian borders after WWII and went to war. The recognition of an Israel state goes against everything they believe.

  30. JohnH says:

    Too late. For most of the world, Israel has been finished ever since they threw out Barak as Prime Minister when he almost signed a deal under the Oslo accords. At that point the world realised that Israel would never negotiate in good faith, and would only keep using “peace agreements” to send out settlers to steal more land. The opportunity to ensure Israel’s long-term survival has now passed.

  31. royp says:

    WHY THE F@%# ARE WE GIVING $500,000,000 TO THE FRIGGIN PALESTINIANS?!?! Maybe half a billion in ordinance…

    1. yelmrog says:

      Why are we giving any foriegn country any money when the USA is BROKE?
      How about we let the people WITH the money pay for resolving their OWN issues?

      Particularly the bodies going in front of the UN tomorrow???

      1. numnut says:

        More to the point.

        Why are we still giving any money to the 140 states in the UN which are about to vote for the PA State.

        Obama should make defunding of the UN with US taxpayers money part of his economic recovery program

  32. yelmrog says:

    Why don’t we let these people resolve this on thier own?
    We always are involved, never benefit, and have enough problems in our own country!

    Let Israel and the other states resolve this issue. The Arab spring was to infuse democracy, backed by our government. Let them handle the situation from this point forward.

  33. James Foye says:

    The Palestinians need to be careful what they wish for. How will they and the UN deal with the issue when Israel goes to the Security Council and says that another member state has attacked their sovereign territory with weapons. The UN will then have a very untidy issue on their hands as they would risk losing whatever little legitimacy it has left by ignoring Israel’s plight. If I were Israel, I would go ahead and let the Palestinians have their state hood and then let the world know that an act of aggression by a neighboring state will result in all out war aimed at ending that state’s aggression. Now that would solve the problem.

    1. El says:


  34. jasvisp says:

    The “perfect solution” sounds too much like the “final solution”. And we all know that outcome. Israel must stay strong.

    1. yelmrog says:

      Heads butting heads. In the middle aest and now, more than ever here in America.
      Hold tight…the ***** about to hit the fan.

  35. Joe says:

    How bout this scenario: Israel hangs tough regardless of what the world wants because GOD is on their side and leave all the repurcussions to Him? It’s THEIR land,THEIR home,given by GOD Himself. Stay strong,Israel!!!!!!

    1. Realistic says:

      Yeah…..this type of thinking is naive and foolish. Thinking like this is what makes the world a scary place.

      1. Elizabeth says:

        It will be scarier for you when the day comes that you realize he’s right.

    2. Gabriel Roth says:

      The essence of the problem is that it is not THEIR land. It is land abandoned by, or taken from, Arab owners.

      1. John Mohan says:

        Um, It is THEIR land. The Isrealites were exiled after being conquered by the Babylonians over 3000 yrs ago.It then passed through about dozen different nations hands before it was returned to them.

        1. yelmrog says:

          Who holds the document deed?
          That’s what the jewish people would ask I’m sure.

        2. Ken Manning says:

          and the native americans were here first thats a weak argument and a moot point in my eyes.

          1. blu-eee says:

            And how many oven did we build or have u lost count….

        3. Bumbaclaat says:

          John sorry but you have the story all wrong. The land was originally called the land of Canaan and it was inhabited by people called Canaanites and the Israelites were foreign invaders from Babylon.

          “Recent archeological digs have provided evidence that Jerusalem was a big and fortified city already in 1800 BCE…Findings show that the sophisticated water system heretofor attributed to the conquering Israelites pre-dated them by eight centuries and was even more sophisticated than imagined…Dr. Ronny Reich, who directed the excavation along with Eli Shuikrun, said the entire system was built as a single complex by Canaanites in the Middle Bronze Period, around 1800 BCE.” The Jewish Bulletin, July 31st, 1998.

          1. numnut says:


            Man. You really need a history lesson. The Jews were in Egypt in bondage when they escaped roughly 1800 BC. God let his people go. Remember the song? Way down in Egypt laaaaand.

            So like they wander in the wilderness for 40 years before they could see the promised land.

            But say do we go back to Neanderthals or is it enough to say that close to 4000 years of Jewish presence in Israel is enough to establish that Israel is the home to the Jews and not the carpetbaggers who came from other Arab territories to occupy the open spots in the late 19th century, because of the jobs the Jews created there.

            1. CAROLYN says:



          2. Robert Larrabee says:

            Bumba never have i seen a person match their screen name so sucintly!!

      2. Elizabeth says:

        To further John’s point, most of the land that Israel acquired after 1948 was happily sold to them by Arab land owners who thought the land worthless. Then when the Jews really turned it into something amazing, the Arabs cried ‘foul.’

    3. Ted says:

      I agree, let’s cancel all US aid to Israel and Palestine, and let GOD work on these problems. It can’t get any worse!

    4. retepy says:

      Good comment.
      Funny how we are always the “big brother” that they rely on.
      Let’s see how tough they are dealing with this on their own…don’t think they are capable of doing so…period.

    5. Bumbaclaat says:

      What makes you different from the Islamist nutters with this kind of magical thinking ?

      1. Beth says:

        we aren’t murdering people?

  36. Hening says:

    As soon as there is no leadership in the USA, the insanity moves forward. Five hundred million is chump-change for the current US regime, but the Palestinians should have been cut off the moment they gave out candy on 9/11

  37. DonM says:

    Of course Israel could be the first to recognize them, then, after the first rocket or other act of war against an Israeli, declare war and conquer them….

    1. Bill says:

      Thats why they are in this mess to begin with Don

    2. IVillageIdiot says:

      They are going to IMMEDIATELY get protection from the UN. All that will stand in the way of a UN Military intervention/expedition will be a veto by someone in the Security Counsel. This Administration has failed them once and is very likely to do so again.

      I would not bet the Farm on anything this Administration SHOULD do….

      It also does not solve… “the other problem”, they’ll have enough new voters in the newly conquered land, to vote them out of their OWN HOME…..

  38. John Hubbard says:

    “Some palestinians want the destruction of israel. but MOST don’t.”

    That’s completely rediculous.
    If the so called “few” can so completely overrun the “Most” as they’ve been, then Palestinians are either too weak, or too stupid to be their own State.
    It’s worse than that, and you are flat out wrong in your assertion about “The Most”.

  39. Sam Freeman says:

    I despise the U.N. as the evil institution that it is, trying to usurp the power of sovereign nations to create a worldwide socialist slave-state. But even if a people did not find this sufficient reason to not want to have anything to do with this evil institution, I also do not understand why any country would join if they are not at least treated as an equal member. Given our (U.S.) veto power concerning security resolutions, I would think that each and every other member would demand the same veto power—to do otherwise is to publicly acknowledge your belief that your own country is second-rate compared to the countries that do have such a veto. I would think a nation’s people would be outraged at such a humiliating status and demand that their leaders quit their groveling.

    If statehood is denied by veto, hopefully every state that votes for it will leave the U.N., causing its complete dissolution. If statehood is granted, hopefully Israel with leave the U.N., followed shortly by the U.S., causing its complete dissolution.

  40. Rocky says:

    Charles, here is a fact of life. If the whole do not take care of the few, the whole suffers for the few !
    Also, Bebe should hang tough. He is the one that get’s standing ovations in DC and not Obama or Hillary.
    In fact, Obama and Hillary created this mess. Let the two fools straighten the mess out.
    My question to the two experts in world affairs is: did you locate the 20K shoulder fire SAM’s that your terrorist freedom fighters took from Libyan Armory’s ?
    Or is the world going to find out the hard way who has them !

  41. Ke Ola says:

    If the UN recognizes a sovereign Arab state within the Israeli state, then it should also recognize a sovereign Tibetan state within China, a Kurd state within Iraq, a Navaho state within the US, a Guarani state within Brazil, and a Shia state within Saudi Arabia.

  42. Bob says:

    I would agree with Charles if the leadership of Palestine would recognize Israel. Israel is on record that it will support a Palenstine state.

  43. IVillageIdiot says:

    This is a VERY VERY bad idea.

    The moment you give the barbarians a State, they are going to build nucs right under your noses and Iron Dome (etc, etc, etc…) will be nulified. AS WILL THE STRATEGIC SUBMARINE FORCE… who will you wipe off the face of the Earth with nuc from sea should you get nuc’d? Ramallah? Iran???

    M.A.D. is not going to work in this case….

    You’re blowing it BT! They DON’T want a State, they want an unsinkable weapons platform from which to push every last Jew into the sea!

    Stop, before it’s TOO LATE… PLEASE DON’T DO THIS!!!!!

    1. IVillageIdiot says:

      How much does a ball of Plutonium of the correct size and shape weigh, in order to sustain a chain reaction? A) 1 Kilo. Theoretically… as little as several hundred grams of fissionable material is all that is required.

      What is the payload of a Grad and Qassam-3 rockets? A) 18kg and 10-20kg respectively.

      What in addition to the fuel, what is required to initiate and sustain the chain reaction? A) That depends upon whether you are talking about RIGHT NOW… or a month, a year from now, a decade from now??!?!?!?

      Do you really want to bet that many innocent lives on an answer you do not yet have?

  44. Regulas says:

    There was never a state of Palestine or Palestinian people in the history of man until the Muslims and Communists/Socialists/Liberals started throwing the names around after the Jews got their homeland back just as the Bible predicted would happen toward the end days.
    3. All the Muslims from around the neighboring Countries refused to let their own people back (they are not Palestinians) in after Israel was reborn following Hitler and WWII. They wanted to leave in droves, we would not have this problem if the owning Countries let their own people back in who had been occupying Israel.
    4. The Bible also predicts that in the end days God the Father himself shall come down to defend Israel and his people from her enemies, and who can stand against God the Almighty!
    5. Who has been the enemy of the Jews since Muhammad created the Cult, 1,300 years ago! The Muslims.
    6. Christ himself said, “If you are not for me then you are Anti-Christ.”

    1. T.Reed says:

      And the Jews are against Christ, so by your reasoning, they are Anti-Christ.

      1. tsniaga says:

        Following so far…and I agree we are all to forgive the jewish people for killing Christ. our savior..they don’t care that they did so. They may meet their demise because of this.

        They don’t believe in Jesus the son of God. However God has told us that they are the chosen people. Quite the story…it will be all of our demise.

        1. Andy says:

          When Jesus came everybody became God’s chosen people, thats why Jesus came.

        2. T.Reed says:

          They were chosen conditionally, i.e. if they kept His covenant, and He said they did not -> “Jeremiah 31:32 Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt; which my covenant they brake, although I was an husband unto them, saith the LORD” and in such a case that they did not keep His ordinances(as they have not)Israel would cease to be a nation ->”Jeremiah 31: 36 If those ordinances depart from before me, saith the LORD, then the seed of Israel also shall cease from being a nation before me for ever. ”

          For ever. Since any good Christian will tell you, this new covenant spoken of in Jeremiah is the one that Christ ushered in, it shows that the Jews have both broken His covenant and not kept His ordinances. Hence the country/state we call Israel, that was formed by the U.N.(League of Nations at the time)is not actually Israel.

          1. Adam Neira says:

            Jesus of Nazareth is not Moshiach.

            1. T.Reed says:

              And you sir, are obviously not even a Christian, so butt out, please.

    2. Jason Hodge says:

      Absolutely correct on all points!

  45. Mr. X says:

    A monumental act of Muslim racism, facilitated by Obama. When the war starts, I am a soldier for Israel!

    1. Adam Neira says:

      Beware of self fulfilling prophecies.

      G-d does not want war to break out in the Middle East right now.

      Armageddon zealots who want a massive battle to break out whereby millions are killed so their “saviour” returns and scoops them up into the clouds are dangerously deluded.

  46. Factchecker says:

    All the countries around Israel are calling for her destruction. They don’t want peace. They want genocide.

    Stand strong Bibi. Obama will be out in a year.

  47. Charles Babbage says:

    Some palestinians want the destruction of israel. but MOST don’t. Even some americans want the destruction of israel, but MOST don’t. You can’t paint an entire population by its nutcases. Just because some Palestinian militants want violence and vengeance for Israel’s brutal ethnic cleansing of the region in the 1940s, doesn’t mean ALL Palestinians do. In fact, the majority of Palestinians suport peace with israel, and a 2 state solution (and the majority of Israeli’s do too. But like america, Israel is controlled by its most extreme elements.)

    1. Ken JP Stuczynski says:

      Well said.

    2. Regulas says:

      Keep drinking your apologist kool-aid, fool.

    3. Ryan says:

      I find it odd Charles that you do nit mention the violent anti-Jewish riots in that region years before the “brutal ethnic cleansing” nor the fact that Arabs brutally expelled Jews from those lands two millennia before.

      Charles, you make the mistake that most do– you take sides in a conflict where both are victims and victimizers.

    4. patmurphy1965 says:

      Some palestinians want the destruction of israel. but MOST don’t…
      If MOST don’t then why DON’T most say something… And most “Americans” that want the destruction of Israel, are muslim.

      1. DonM says:

        The reason why most Palistinians don’t say something is because Islamic terrorists kill Muslims first.

      2. Skychief says:

        You forgot to include Rev. Wright’s church.

      3. bill says:

        Not true Pat. Not sure which Palestinians you are talking to

        1. bill says:

          My above comment was not meant for Pat but rather for the OP. Sorry for any misunderstanding

    5. jerseyjoey says:

      true liberalism , so You who voted for change now call washington extremist, ha now thats a hoot there spengalli. Jordan killed and threw out the palestinians years back( there brotheren) umm Ethnic cleansing bubba so as nutcases go there ya have it.

    6. Peter Ortega says:

      You must really have scheisse for brains. Putz!

    7. Kushmir Intuchis says:

      The “ethnic cleansing” lie has been put to rest many years ago. Of course, Israel-haters continue to use it year after year, regardless of the truth.

    8. Daneel says:

      Chucky…you DON’T have a CLUE!!!!!!!!!
      66% of Palestinians Want Israel Destroyed

      A recent poll carried out by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner into the opinion of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank found that 66% of Palestinians agreed with the following statement:

      “The real goal should be to start with a two state solution but then move to it all being one Palestinian state.”

      Even more shocking is that 80% agreed with the following statement from the Hamas Charter:

      “For our struggle against the Jews is extremely wide-ranging and grave, so much so that it will need all the loyal efforts we can wield, to be followed by further steps and reinforced by successive battalions from the multifarious Arab and Islamic world, until the enemies are defeated and Allah’s victory prevails.”

      and 73% percent agreed with this statement from the charter:

      “The Day of Judgment will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews, when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree, would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews.”

      1. Adam Neira says:

        Vox populi is very fluid all around the world at the moment. Such polls are becoming more and more irrelevant. Truth is pouring into the zeitgeist right now and is impinging on the individual and collective consciousness of humankind. The process is now unstoppable.

    9. James Foye says:

      I don’t know – governments represent the people that put them there and when the government states its ultimate aim is to destroy another state, I think you have to accept it as the will of the people.

      1. Beth says:

        So if we decide to nuke the entire middle east it should be accepted as the will of the people? Do you honestly believe that?

    10. EAW says:


      1. observer says:

        Actually, we all became victims of these perverted people on 9/11. The difference is that they are at war with us, and most of us are too much in denial or too PC to admit it.
        Islam is out to conquer the world. They won’t stop until they are defeated, or they win.
        Which do you want?

        1. Jason Conway says:

          Observer, you are correct. You can tell that there are a majority of people in the US who deny the truth in Jesus Christ. The “roll your own” morality system is reaping what is sewn. There are many people in the US now that say that Islam is the religion of peace, despite the random and vicious attacks on innocent people.

          I see atheists all the time who claim that good and evil do not exist, and then see them a day later using the term good without God. They can’t make up their minds.

          America was given to us by God, and will be taken away in the same manner. Sad really.

    11. numut says:

      Yes that was what Stalin and Hitler said too when they marched into other people’s countries.

      Nice try. But we have heard about peace loving people’s republic make good nightly executions before bub.

    12. Elizabeth says:

      “Israel’s brutal ethnic cleansing’? Stop looking in Muslim-written history books. Israel gave lots of notice to residents before going through. Arabs abandoned the land on their own b/c they panicked about a non-existent slaughter threat.

    13. Fed 10 says:

      The problem is factions: if a small group of nutcases are united, they can gain control of a government to the detriment of the other citizens in their nation as well as the nations around them. Our government was founded on the idea that factions must be controlled and we still struggle with factions. Thus it is incredibly easy for an extremist minority to overpower a nation. Even if the majority don’t want the destruction of Israel, that won’t stop the minority from wiping Israel off of the map.

  48. PoorRichard says:

    Today is Tuesday and the story reports on “Wednesday’s” activities. Is SeeBS now able to predict tomorrow’s events and call it “news”?

    1. PoorRichard says:

      And maybe a Jeff Foxworthy fifth grader can tell them that “There was frantic efforts” also needs to be corrected.

      1. PoorRichard says:

        And now I see they have corrected both errors. You’re welcome. Next time, wait for Fox News to report the story and just copy them.

  49. oneone says:

    This is going to be a trap played by Israel.

  50. larry says:

    Let’s see, a group of people who want the destruction of another group of people (who already have a state) should be given statehood too? How about if that happens massive cut of funds go to that state until they can recognize a states right to exist (notice not using names here). What does the world think would happen once statehood granted in the UN (a non-working body)? War? more poverty as funds are taken away , or new funding by others who want the same destruction as a non-state wants? The US- another country , can’t win no matter the choice. Its been this way for 40 plus years, nothing changes,

    1. Steve says:

      Who wants to destroy who?? Have you ever heard an Israeli settler talk about what should happen to Palestinians? Or a Rabbi from the settlements? They speak of killing all the Palestinians and taking all of their land. That is what Israel has been doing for 40 years! The Palestinians don’t have an army to defend against this, they have to use street thugs some call militants, some call terrorists.

      1. David says:

        I love how Obama is urging a standoff of a Palestinian Statehood threatning to veto a UN decision until “both sides settle on peace agreements.” Will Israel stop the building of settlements on Palestinian land? Will they withdrawl from the occupied territories? Will they allow Palestinians to have access to the land, air, or sea? Maybe peace will come when Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza, and misplaced refugees, are offered basic human rights. A few kids were bad during class, now all Palestinians are staying in for recess.

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