By Tony Paige
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After broadcasting my show from the MGM Grand last Friday night, I was really looking forward to the Floyd Mayweather-Victor Ortiz welterweight championship. Ortiz was defending his title for the first time against the egomaniac Mayweather who was coming off a 16-month layoff.

Well, everyone knows about Mayweather’s legal cheap shot as he kayoed the youngster, 10 years his junior, in the fourth round.

The fight left me shaking my head as did a few of the sights and sounds of Vegas.

For instance, you may ask?

How about the young man at the MGM Grand Sports Book who asked the teller, “How much do I win if I bet $2,000 on Mayweather?”

The teller, with a befuddled look, replied, “about $220.”

“What if I bet $3,000?” he continued.

Before the teller could tell him, he asked him directly, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

He bet the 2K then said he wanted to bet some money on Ortiz.

I didn’t listen any more.

Las Vegas has turned into a place of curious questions.

Is it just me or … Do they now let any Tom, Dick or Ortiz into the press room after the fight to question the fighters?

No, not Victor Ortiz or his family, but Tito Ortiz the MMA star whose question was as weak as a liquor-less daiquiri.

Is it just me or … Is Vegas now the cleavage capital of the world? If exposed breasts are the new Facebook, then many men in Vegas went looking to friend them.

Is it just me or … Why do the biggest butts have to fit in the tightest of dresses? I actually heard one guy say to another, “Man, it must be 300-pound women’s night in Vegas.”

Hey, just reporting what I heard.

If I have to dodge one more man on the Strip handling out business cards for 1-800-Becky-Joe-Skank, I’m going to implode.

Is it just me or … Did the food portions in the casino restaurants take on a Nuevo Cuisine style?

If that means bigger plate, smaller portion and higher price, I’d say yes.

Is it just me or … Do blondes get a bad rap? I actually heard this in an elevator. The blonde said: “I never thought there were bright lights in Las Vegas. I thought it was just a movie effect. Like on television. You know, make believe. Then I get out here and the lights are real. Wow!”


Is it just me or … Is HBO cutting back on Manny Steward’s air time during the fights? After all, he is a Hall of Fame trainer who developed many a great champ out of Detroit’s famed Kronk Gym including the “Hit Man” Thomas Hearns. Just saying.

If Floyd Mayweather is not the most hated man in boxing… well, he is now.

Is it just me or … Is boxing the one sport you just hate to love?

Your thoughts on Vegas and boxing? Let Paige know in the comments below…

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  1. Big Ike says:

    As always Tony great job !

  2. Vic Damone says:

    good article tony…really enjoyed your thoughts

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