Israeli Prime Minister Says Israel Is Tired Of Body's 'Theatre Of The Absurd'By Marcia Kramer

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There was a dramatic and defiant move at the United Nations on Friday.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas sidestepped two decades of failed negotiations and surged ahead with demands for Palestinian statehood, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu both addressed the General Assembly, where Netanyahu called on Abbas to negotiate with him Friday.

The provocative action sparked violence in the West Bank.

There was huge applause when Abbas held up his formal application for statehood. It followed a speech in which he said it was time for his people to realize their dreams of an independent homeland.

“After 63 years of suffering of an ongoing tragedy and nakba — enough, enough, enough,” Abbas said to applause.

Abbas in effect thumbed his nose at the United States, Israel and other nations who say peace in the Middle East can only come through direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, but it was clear that Abbas was empowered by other actions across the region, the so-called Arab spring.

“The time has come also for the Palestinian spring, the time for independence,” Abbas said.

But Netanyahu came back with a strong, frank and blunt speech, calling the UN a “house of lies,” one that has condemned Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, more than all the other nations combined.

“This is the unfortunate part the UN institution, is the theatre of the absurd. It doesn’t only cast Israel as the villain, it often casts real villains in leading roles,” Netanyahu said.

“Hezbollah controlled Lebanon, now presides over the Security Council. This means in effect that a terror organization presides over the body entrusted with guaranteeing world security.”

Netanyahu said there can be no Palestinian state until there is a treaty guaranteeing Israel’s security.

“President Abbas just said on this podium that the Palestinians are armed only with their hopes and dreams. Yup, hopes, dreams and ten thousand missiles and Grad rockets supplied by Iran, not to mention the river of lethal weapons now flowing into Gaza from the Sinai,” Netanyahu said.

“Yes, the Jewish state. After all, this is the body that recognized the Jewish state 64 years ago. Now don’t you think it’s about time the Palestinians did the same?”

The Israeli leader said he was so intent on making peace with the Palestinians — to give them their own state — that he would meet them anywhere. He challenged Abbas to start the peace talks again right now while both men are here in New York City.

“We’ve both just flown thousands of miles to New York. Now we’re in the same city. We’re in the same building. So let’s meet here today in the United Nations,” Netanyahu said to applause. “Who’s there to stop us? What is there to stop us if we genuinely want peace?”

“I extend my hand, the hand of Israel, in peace. I hope that you will grasp that hand. We are both the sons of Abraham. Our destinies are intertwined. Let us realize the vision of Israel. The people who walk in darkness will see a great light. Let that light be the light of peace.”

There was no word from the Palestinians about renewing talks. And although the Security Council meets Monday, their motion at the Security Council could take weeks if not months to sort out.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts below…

Marcia Kramer

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  1. Netanyahu is truly sick and pathetic, and the most dangerous and irresponsible leader that Israel has ever had.

    He was hated by former Israeli Prime Ministers Ariel Sharon and Yitzhak Rabin—and especially by Rabin’s wife Leah, who blamed Netanyahu for her husband’s assassination. She saw “only doom for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process” with Netanyahu at Israel’s helm; and her views were prescient.

    As Bill Clinton has noted correctly, Netanyahu killed the peace process.

    See (see also the article itself, as well as the footnotes and other comments beneath it)

    1. buck says:

      In a country that has a representative government like Israel the people made the choice of Netanyahu. Clinton was right to point out that the Palestinians rejected what was a great deal back in 93(is that correct cant remember). I doubt they will ever see that deal again. That changed many peace supporter’s minds about the Palestinians willingness to compromise. Although the Gaza fiasco played a part in this also. When they rejected peace in 93 many who supported this process started leaning towards a harder line.This shows in the way they vote.

    2. Rich says:

      Sounds like your drinking the cool aid ; Netanyahu is the only one who has some common sense. As been said before: If the Palestinians would lay down their arms there would be peace today; if Israel would lay down their arms there would not be an Israel tomorrow.

      1. Dave Infinger says:

        I see you mega phonies are on this page hard and heavy. Either you are retarded or you have a black heart if you think that Israel has been trying to negotiate an honest peace deal.

        As a retired US Army NCO let me tell you that Israel needs to back off and try to get along with her neighbors. Any American who is still so stupid as to think Israel has any good wishes for America will soon find out that she has took money that we sent her and bought our own Representatives to sell us out for Israel’s interest. We are sick of you Internet trolls trying to sway public opinion by having paid trolls like you come on sights and spew your nonsense.

        1. Humpy J. Brown says:

          So, you were a mess steward or a pogue section chief of typists?

        2. Carlo says:

          So just HOW did an American as stupid as you get into our military??

        3. Frank says:

          Dave… WELL SAID!! And I thank you for serving our country and stating the truth simply and justly.

        4. Casper says:

          Thank God you’re retired!

        5. CitizenOfTheWorld says:

          Thank you for that. Everybody know that Jews always want it their way no matter what. Sarcasm and name-calling is the only weapon left for them. Regardless of who hates who, Palestinians are entitled to their own country just like every nation on the planet.

          1. Art says:

            CitizenOfTheWorld .. So please tell us why theAlestinians keep rejecting a state of tehir own. I refer to U.N. resolution 181 which Israel voted for, Barat’s offer of 97% of what they wanted and Arafat rejected it and started yet anotehr war, and several otehr offers of a state. Please tell us why. Why did the Palestinians start sending rockets into ISrael from gaza just hours after Israel left Gaza for peace. Please tell us.

            1. Rodin says:

              Arafat’s been dead for 7 years. Abbas rules. It’s a different time and day.

              “Why did the Palestinians start sending rockets into ISrael from gaza just hours after Israel left Gaza for peace?”

              Continued Israeli occupation and abuses seem like a good reason, like “Israel Angers Palestinians With Plan for Housing”,

              PS –
              Learn to write. You might then learn to read and think clearly.

    3. Cottoneyed says:

      “Truly sick and pathetic”. Your description doesn’t describe Bibi, it’s describes YOU. He’s responsible for Rabin’s assassination! I would bet that you’re a “Truther” nut too! As well as a “birther”, believing that Trig Palin is not Sarah’s child! Was Bibi on the “grassy knoll”, too……and referencing BJ Clinton to make a point, now that’s truly sick and pathetic.

      1. Dave Infinger says:

        Your just another stupid paid troll that Israel is paying to come in here and sway people into thinking that Israel is so helpless. You need to know that Israel is the biggest threat to America’s security.

        I want you fake Christians to know this: The devil has a counterfeit for everything that God has ever given us.

        We have Christ and then the Devil has the anti christ. You have Jews and then there are fake jews.

        Does your Bible lie? Well does it? God said he would bless them that bless you and curse those who curse you. Well sac is America being blessed right now with all our wars and debt? Maybe it is the Palestinians who are the true Jews, maybe God is punishing us for turning on his real children. If you look at a modern day jew he is light skin, why is that? You say that they went to Europe and Russia but in just 2,000 years they became white? I don’t think so, you Christians better pray about this because God is telling you now to not harm his people. Not the ones you have been lied into thinking were his people but the ones who never left their homeland.

        1. Dave Infinger says:


        2. Oscar says:

          Ya know Dave, you have made some excellent points, especially the point regarding counterfeits. Why else could deception become so strong that but for the intervention of Christ, even the elect would be drawn away? That said, I don’t think things are going to turn out the way many who call themselves Christian expect.

        3. Casper says:

          Thank God you’re retired, Mr. Bigot!

    4. Oops says:

      Nice job writing on your kindergarten-quality blog and attempting to back up your preschool assertions with “footnotes” referring to your previous blog entries! You senile old fool.

      Hahaha! You’ve been exposed old man!

    5. Jim Pinter says:

      You’re right Boob. Do you mind if I call you by your descriptive name, Boob?

    6. James Dean says:

      Well there you have it. As soon as you mentioned Clinton as a source of authenticity, I had to stop laughing. “I did not have sex with that girl….”
      He sure shot himself in the foot and branded himself a liar that day. Sorry.

      1. danny says:

        It just shows how messed up we are. Some are still upset or offended that Clinton lied about that whole BJ thing. I wonder how many married Reps would tell their wife they got a hummer at work.
        But I digress. It seems we are ok with lying and getting our kids killed in Iraq, than lying about sex, and nobody dies.

    7. Casper says:

      Nonsense. Your first and biggest mistake was to give credence to the words of one of the most morally corrupt reprobates that has ever ‘graced’ the American political stage. It is clearly the ‘Palestinians’ themselves who ‘doom’ the ‘peace process. However, taking diameterically opposed positions to the one’s held by your average American Liberal will ALWAYS put you in good stead and certainly closer to the truth.Thus, there is value in bearing their claptrap.

  2. thisldu says:

    A negotiated peace between Israel and Palestine is far more important than preventing Obama from taking credit if sucessfull. Obama sure as hell won’t take the blame if unsucessfull!

  3. Anthony Bruno says:

    Here is something all the anti-Israel folks might not remember.
    When Saddam attacked Kuwait Israel offered to help, yet the Arab states did not want the help.
    And, when Saddam launched rockets toward Israel to provoke a response, and Israel did not at the request of the US….it complied.

    Whatever the criticism of Israel…it is our strongest ally. It does more covertly in support of the US in the Middle East than the public is aware of.

    The problems in the Arab world are self imposed…yet the despotic leaders prefer to point elsewhere rather than to take ownership of their plight.

    Let them keep blaming Israel and the US…and their will remain an unhappy and miserable lot.

    1. Jefferson Starship says:

      Yea but WHY is Israel our ally? What have they given us? NOTHING. We give them BILLIONS of US taxpayer money and get nothing in return. It’s not like they have oil or any other natural resource. They need to fend for themselves the same way we need to.

      1. elmer fudd says:

        I agree starship,I cannot find one single thing in my household that came from Isreal- not even a pair of shoelaces. This middleeast mess should be left to them, America, lets go home to the americas and make frends with the south Americans- to help the AMERICAS- north-south-central. Isreal and the rest- you are adults now- behave like logical adults- be friends- or killeach other off. If I had my way America would pull out of the east in the early morning, MOST AMERICANS FEEL THE SAME. O.K. Internet trolls- Its your turn to say why I am wrong—–

        1. Joe Melnick says:

          Do you have a cell phone? Better throw it away, that’s israeli technology. Grow up.

          1. elmer fudd says:

            Wrong-O Joe, This is American tech- so is the 200+ nukes they will not disclose- admit they have. No- cell phone at my qth- too much R-F to the head is not a good thing- just above the frequency of a microwave ovem I might add!!

          2. elmer fudd says:

            I am mistaken wrong-o joe-After Isreal aquired all the nukes- they invented the– “SAMSON OPTION” This means that if they feel they are gonna be attacked there nukes are targeted to not only the other middleeastern nations they fear- Europe is targeted also. We aint gonna make it- its in our genes-dna to destroy ourselfs.

            1. Cain says:

              And your proof of this would be?????

        2. Todd Blitzer says:

          Can you say the microprocessor. So, you might want to throw your computer away along with your cell phone. Some other inventions that come to mind out of Israel include the technology for the Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Drip Irrigation, breakthroughs in the medical industry.

      2. jav717 says:

        That is no exactly true. Of course that is if you only believe what the Bible promises about God’s promise to Abraham.

        Genesis 12:3 – AMP
        And I will bless those who bless you [who confer prosperity or happiness upon you] and curse him who curses or uses insolent language toward you; in you will all the families and kindred of the earth be blessed [and by you they will bless themselves].

        As long as we remain an ally to Israel we can be assured of these blessings, however whenever we subvert and undercut the Jewish people then disaster will befall us.

        Look at our last three presidents and their treatment of Israel, and look at how we have suffered since. All things happen for a reason and have a purpose that we might not fully understand or appreciate.

        1. Dave Infinger says:

          You nut, do you really think America is being bless right now? You better go back to your Bible and read it again. You have been fooled and have no idea what you are saying. May God have mercy on your soul because it is my belief you are going to bust Hell wide open if you don’t change.

      3. Dave Infinger says:

        They have given us billions in debt and have given us corrupt politicians who they have bought with the money they we have given them. They are responsible for thousands of US servicemen who have given their lives for this Country not know that Israel is prodding us into another war.

        They have bought our elected officials and if you don’t see this, you’re just another brain dead fake American who does not love your Country enough to be informed.

        1. Carlo says:

          Hitler, Arafat,Lenin and Mohammed are with their father Satan in Hell celebrating the success of anti-semitism because of fools like you.

        2. elmer fudd says:

          Right on DAVE!!! please read elmers comments above ours- Heres a little fact the lamestream medis omits- Ron Paul gets more campagin $$ from our troops than all the other combined. Gee what do the troops realize the we at home donot?? They want to GO HOME.

      4. US Navel Academy '76 says:

        Funny you should ask…And by the way the “BILLIONS” are actually US-backed LOAN GUARANTEES…not cash, which are used principally to buys planes and other defense-related products from USA DEFENSE CONTRACTORS WHO EMPLOY AMERICANS…But since you brought up the subjects here’s a “few things” that Israel has given the world. America is the greatest country on God’s green earth; but Israel for a small country does its share:

        •Israel has ~140 scientists and engineers per 10,000 of population, nearly twice as many as the US, and more than twice as many as Japan.
        •Israel produces more scientific papers per capita than any other nation – 109 per 10,000 people.
        •The percentage of Israeli citizens who are university graduates is among the highest in the world.
        •Israel is second only to the US in the number of patent applications filed.
        •Israel has more than 140 companies listed on NASDAQ – only the U.S. has more.
        •The Stent was invented in Israel.
        •It is estimated that some 15% of all communications equipment sold around the world comes from Israel.
        •The Pentium MMX Chip technology was designed in Israel at Intel.
        •Both the Pentium-4 microprocessor and the Centrino processor were entirely designed, developed and produced in Israel.
        •Israeli scientists developed the first fully computerized, no-radiation, diagnostic instrumentation for breast cancer
        •Israel’s Given-Imaging developed the first ingestible video camera, so small it fits inside a pill. Used to view the small intestine from the inside, cancer and digestive disorders.
        •The Firewall was invented in Israel
        •Drip Irrigation was invented in Israel
        •ICQ was invented in Israel
        •Both of the leading drugs used to treat MS patients, beta-interferon and copaxone, were invented in Israel.
        •Voice over IP was invented in Israel

      5. Todd says:

        Jefferson, FYI, the US does “give” Israel Billions of dollars. The Billions are loan guarantees that are given to Israel with stipulations as to where the money can be spent. Israel has never defaulted on any of these loan payments back to the US, which is more than can be said for many other countries. It is NOT a handout.

        1. Say the truth Todd and not the Israeli Propaganda Line says:

          Todd, that’s Israeli propaganda. Correct, Billions are given to Israel as “loan guarantees”. That’s how it gets through Congress and by the American people. HOWEVER, these “loans” are eventually converted to “grants” or portions forgiven. You don’t repay grants. In addition Israel is the only country where funding for the year is paid in one lump sum. Not spread over the course of the year. ALSO, only Israel is allowed to use the money NOT to buy US equipment but support Israeli manufacturers. This is why business is good in Israel. Its US subsidized.

          So don’t spread the false and misleading Israeli propaganda that Israel has never defaulted on loan payments. Its only true because the BILLIONS in loans have been converted to Grants or Forgiven by the US Congress – quietly away from the eyes and ears of the American People.

        2. Rodin says:

          The U.S. gives Israel all of its economic and military aid directly in cash during the first month of the fiscal year, with no accounting required of how the funds are used. Also, in contrast with other countries receiving military aid, who must purchase through the DOD, Israel deals directly with the U.S. companies, with no DOD review. Furthermore, Israel is allowed to spend 26.3 percent of each year’s military aid in Israel (no other recipient of U.S. military aid gets this benefit), which has resulted in an increasingly sophisticated Israeli defense industry. As a result, Israel has become a major world arms exporter; the Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports that in 2006 Israel was the world’s ninth leading supplier of arms worldwide, earning $4.4 billion from defense sales.

          Source: CRS Report RL33222: U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel
          Congressional Research Service

  4. Sammy says:

    I would prefer to be called “goyem” which simply means “not a Jew” to being called an Infidel, which means I am potentially that I am potentially marked for murder by a Jihadi psycnhotic because I don’t bow to Allah 5 times a day..

    1. Israel laughs at America says:

      I’m a Jew from New York, trust me calling you Goyim doesn’t just mean “non Jew”.

      Ha ha!

      1. brad says:

        Yeah, it means “he who pays retail”.

  5. Factchecker says:

    The land belongs to God, and He will give it to whomever He pleases.

    And He has.

    1. Gods Word says:

      Yes, to the Palestinians. Praise be to GOD.

      1. Jeff Gonzales says:

        Which Bible have you been reading?

        1. Rodin says:

          It’s the babble Babble!

      2. Oscar says:

        Then why didn’t he give them all of it?

    2. Dave Infinger says:

      Be careful of who you think God is. Who made you the God man. If Christ came and split the eastern skies tonight you would bust hell wide open. You better pray a little more about this.

      The Bible say that the very elect would be fooled and and it sounds like you and many other Americans who are now so broke that your Country is in the cross roads of whether it will be a Country much longer. You have lost your rights and can now be charged with a crime just for video taping a cop. You now live in a Country that is corrupt and you think God is blessing us right now? You my misguided troll need to find out what it really means to be a Christian.

      1. Rodin says:

        Oh, the babble in the Babble!

        “You wanna call yourself a Christian, you gotta wash the blood off of your hands.” ~ CHRIS YATES, American poet, composer, musician

  6. Mike Gilmer says:

    Its time for Israel to annex the whole west bank and expel the Palestinians. They have a state and its called Jordan. The US and Israel should tell the UN and the rest of the world to go to hell if they do not like it.

    1. Tom says:

      Maybe they can box them all up in cattle cars and “send them east,” and claim “Judea and Samaria” as Lebensraum.

    2. Dave Infinger says:

      Yea and you probably would love to watch small children be killed while you watch your porn and call yourself a christian. Quit drinking the Jim Jones Kool aide.

  7. john says:

    I think it is about thime that the jews just acknowledge that they really do have nuclear weapons and then vaporize, these camel jockeys once and for all. if no more of these idiots are left standing, then they cannot be a threat to the jews. problem solved.

    1. Dave Infinger says:

      You see it is retards like you that are the problem. Remember this, Israel stole their Nuclear weapons from us and maybe one day will use them against America.

      I fail to see how you could be considered sane. You are calling for the death of children and women and I for one think that is insane.

      Do I believe they’re are good Jewish men and women? Of course, I can name many fine honest Jewish but none who think like you.

  8. Factchecker says:

    Israel is Forever

    1. Dave Infinger says:

      The question is who is the real Israel? Do you know? Why don’t you try to grow up and find out what kind of real Country you live in right now.

      1. Carlo says:

        I’ll bet you know. Please enlighten us,

  9. Factchecker says:

    Pharobama, let MY people go.

  10. eudoxius says:

    Are you trying to persuade me to switch sides. If this your kind, polite side, there’s no way I’ll take up your cause.

  11. Anthony Bruno says:

    And the Arabs take down the World Trade Center…guess that will make you happy.

    1. Israel laughs at America says:

      It makes the Israelis even happier, you are truly naive aren’t you….

      Google: dancing Israelis 911

  12. rdjoker says:

    Your an idiot. But then again we do send money to third world tribal aholes like you,,

    1. Israel laughs at America says:

      I live in New York, nice try moron.
      Why do you support Israel stealing American nuclear secrets?
      Are you a traitor?

      “FBI covered-up Israeli spies stealing and selling American nuclear secrets. ”

  13. buck says:

    Israel steals nukes from the USA and gives them to China. It was a Jewish Albert Einstein that developed the science behind nuclear weapons. Not to mention all the Jewish scientist that worked in the American nuclear program in the 1940’s. When Israel developed their nuclear program in the 1950’s the USA was not an ally. The USA and Israel are allies now and they share technologies and ethical precepts of a free nation. Have some idiots spied on the USA yes that you have right. The rest of your “rant” is fallacious and based on emotion.

  14. lee says:

    yet were a free country and you can spout the ignorance you just did and there is no harm.
    try that where hamas and hezbollah run things.

    1. Israel laughs at America says:

      I get my info from the FBI and the CIA.
      How does it feel being the ignorant one?
      Let me guess, you actually think you’re a conservative, am I right?

      Philip Giraldi, a former CIA Officer,says this about Israel:

      “. It is a parasite addicted to stealing, spying, and manipulating our political process.”

      1. Oscar says:

        What brought about the turn in direction?

      2. Anthony Bruno says:

        Israel laughs at America,
        There is no thing thing as ‘stealing’ when it comes to a natiion seeking to strengthen its own security.
        Every nation, with the opportunity would do the same thing, as we have throughout our history.
        Perhaps you should look at the ‘secrets’ the Clinton Admin. allowed China to obtain from Loral which have advance the missile guidance tech. all for the small sum of campaign contributions which were later found to be illegal.

        I prefer what Israel does for its nation’s interests than what Clinton did for his.

  15. Peter says:

    When is America going to stop bankrolling murderers?
    How many more innocent Palestinians have to die for religious zealots?

    1. buck says:

      How does America bankroll “murderers” Do you mean the loan guarantees to Israel so they will purchase American hardware. Or the money the USA gives an ally to exert our influence. Innocent Palestinians do you mean the innocents that left the land so the arab nations could wipe it clean of Jews in their many attempts to conquer Israel and eliminate the Jews who live there. Or do you mean the innocent Palestinians who danced in the street after 9-11. You must mean the innocent Palestinians that destroyed what the Israeli’s built in Gaza for them to take once all the Jews left in the last compromise. In your logic which you fail to substantiate in any way the Israeli’s who often treat Palestinians in their Jew hospitals are the zealots. Not the Palestinians who live under sharia law. Yes you make an interesting point.

      1. Sammy says:

        The Palestinians, as a collective, are no more or less innocent than the Israelis. Both sides have their irrdentist groups and religious fanatics. They either negotiate borders and conclude a treaty or the palestinians will never have a state and Israel will never have peace. Name calling and taking sides will not conclude this conflict. Israel is not going to disappear nor are the Arabs going to go away. U.N. General Assembly declarations will only make life for the Arabs in the territories more miserable because Israel will not withdraw from the West Bank without a negotiated settlement to include land and population swaps and security arrangements. Its that simple.

      2. Peter says:

        Answer some questions for me
        Do the math, how many Israelis dead, how many Palestinians dead, how many Lebanese dead?
        How much Military aid goes to Palestine?
        How many attack Helicopters do the Palestinians have?
        How many cluster bombs have the Palestinians dropped?
        How many Israeli farms have been takes by the Palestinians?
        Who has lived there for the last thousand years?
        I could go on and on but someone like you just likes to hate … the facts don’t matter

      3. Yes America Bankrolls says:

        Buck, don’t fall for the Bull. The Billions in Israeli Loan Guarantees are routinely converted to Grants that do not need to be repaid. The US Taxpayer ends up paying for them. Second, only Israel holds the special status that allows it to use the money NOT on US hardware but to buy from and support Israeli manufacturers. The US government, the US Taxpayer subsidizes Israeli businesses. And finally only Israel holds the special status that if a US citizen gives money to Israel its considered a tax right off for that citizen.

    2. Steve says:

      Why are there Palestinians who can live and Work in Israel, But In a Palestinian State No Jews would be allowed…I Think This Shows True Intentions…Israel wants Peace and has been right all along

      1. Dave Infinger says:

        Please, are you really that stupid? Have you not seen what Israel did to the small children in Gaza

    3. Anon says:

      innocent, really?

    4. Brad says:

      Exactly. The Palestinians should get new leaders. They are a murderous lot.

    5. Dave Infinger says:

      Amen brother. We all need to say a prayer and ask the real God to put peace back in our hearts. Those who call for war are those who have not been there.

      1. Mike says:

        Which God do you serve Dave? The God of he bible? The god of Islam? Mormonism?

        Who is God in your little world?

  16. Jake says:

    Abbas is a sicko terrorist, it’s no wonder liberals love him.

  17. David says:

    What the Arab street doesn’t realize is that the United States and the farce that is the United Nations are the only obstacles keeping Israel from turning the Middle East into a glass parking lot.

    The United States, disparaged all around the world, should cease being the international police force. If the Arabs and Jews want war, let them have at it. Israel has twice already fended off the “might” of the Arab world. A third time will not be a charm.

    1. Joe says:

      A few probs with that, Dave… your solution would require the use of nukes, which you allude to. What about fallout? Pakistan, India, everywhere east from there Australia maybe, American farmland maybe. What about the precedent that sets? Who will go next? Pakistan, India, N.Korea? They will say, “Why not? Israel did it. Then the US will have to double down on the global police gambit, which, I agree with you, is not a good thing, or pull up stakes, bring home assets and retaliate when attacked, which will happen more on our soil because we won’t have the intel to stop it. It gets uglier from there. So, just letting belligerents duke it out or nuke it out is not a good idea for anyone. These would be just the beginning of unintended consequences, and no way to walk it back once it starts.

  18. eRtwngr says:

    Theater of the absurd. The terror leader flies around the globe to tell the world diplomatic body that he won’t meet with his advisory for peace. And said body applauds him. That sums up the UN.

    1. Farm Boy says:

      We should take a list of those who “applauded loudly” and stop sending any of them foreign aid. One way to help reduce our deficit.

      1. Jim Pinter says:

        Great comment!

  19. philip inuhoff says:

    How many people walked out during this jewish hate speech?

    1. steve says:

      Hey Moron….there was no hate in that speech. Idiot…move to mexico!

      1. Oscar says:

        Move to Mexico? Lets see, being Pro-Israel is anti-American but being pro-Palestinian is anti-American? Since when did Israel become annexxed?

        1. Oscar says:

          Correction; pro-American

  20. Sandra says:

    Palestinians cheering in the street… Hmmm. I remember the last time they did that.
    It was also a September day… It was Spetember 11 2001!!!
    They were cheering in the strets of gaza and handing out candies!

    Let us not forget who our friends are and who our enemies are!


    1. Michael says:

      I remember the Israeli Mossad Agents positioned in Jersey City, filming the destruction of the World Trade Center on 911 and cheering.

      1. OccamsRazor says:

        I remember seeing the aliens from the Vespa galaxy cheering on the grass knoll as Kennedy was shot.

      2. Steve Lapierre says:

        MIchael Moore, is that you?

      3. thomas says:

        Lol at the Muslim apologist Jew-hating lowlife. How low will Ron Paul and his ilk stoop in order to satisfy their lust for Jewish blood.

        Traitors to America and stooges for Islamic imperialism, killing Christians, Jews, Hindus, Bahai’, and others all over the world

        1. Aaron says:

          Unfortunately, the 5 Israeli’s in the white van, know as the dancing Israeli’s is a true story. All five were detained for filming the the collapse of the World Trade Center after they were seen filming and dancing in celebration. Turns out they were Mossad agents attached to a bogus moving company in New Jersey. All 5 were deported. Not that I know what that has to do with Palestinian independence.

          1. Sammy says:

            Utter nonsense.

          2. Scott says:

            Silliest statement I’ve heard on a blog.

            Seriously, you think trained Mossad would draw attention to themselve?

            Utter rubish.

            1. Malcom says:

              Hmmm but they do walk around with beanies on their heads, beards and curls. Not to mention they shave the head of their wives and all sorta of look dumb and retarded from in-breeding. So you think they don’t draw attention to themselves???

              1. Artie says:

                Those are all Mossad? Get real !!! Talk about conspiracies !!

            2. Dave Infinger says:

              You mean like on 9/11? Yup, I do but I don’t think you are Mossad, I think you are a paid troll that has been hired by Israel.

          3. Oscar says:

            Please do not confuse and disillusion us with the facts.

      4. michelle says:

        you are a liar. how are the moslim brotherhood these days, huh?

      5. Carol says:

        Yeah, read about that too. With friends like that… who needs enemies.

      6. Sammy says:

        Wow…Some Mossad agents. Cheering? They must have been real rookies. LMAO!!!!!

      7. Oops says:

        I remember double teaming your mother last night and cheering

        1. Ariel says:

          OMG that was actually your Mother. Oops, I think that’s a sin you committed there, but then again… she said she loved it. Awww you’re such a good boy to you Mother.

    2. Dave Infinger says:

      Hey stupid, that video was proven that it was a fake. What is wrong with you stupid people who are supporting a Country that is bankrupting us? Get your facts straight.

    3. Peter says:

      Their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters were probably killed by American military aid.

      As for 9/11, examine your foreign policy.

  21. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    Israel has probably a hundred nuclear weapons so why should we have to defend them? They have enough weapons to take out the entire Middle East if they decide to. Why it is everybody seems to hate the Jews? Has there ever been a study done to explain this animus? I’m not just asking about the Arab and Jewish conflict but the worldwide dislike of the Jewish people?

    1. Humpy J. Brown says:

      Well, c’mon. Some of us CAN be REAL sons of bitches, especially self righteous, Liberal American Jews.

      1. steve says:

        Hey POS….I’m a Republican Jew and I’d put a boot up your a-s-s if you said that to my face. Garbage you are!

        1. Mike Miller says:

          Im a Republican American and what did he say that was so wrong?

        2. Humpy J. Brown says:

          Yeah, and my schmeckel you should kiss, Koshah Boy.

        3. Dave Infinger says:

          who says you are a Jew? I think you are just some idiot who thinks that you are some chosen son of God. Well let me help you out, you have hate in your heart so you better quit thinking that you are the God child.

          You may need to go to the New Testament and get out of the Talmud.

    2. buck says:

      Let me help you with your concerns over Jewish hate. In western civilization their are few groups of people who have survived as a group for almost 6000 years of recorded history. This gives you a lot of time to collect enemies.Think about how many times a nation has tried to wipe the Jewish people out. The Germans in the 1940’s, the Russians in the 1900’s the Spanish in the 14 and 1500, Islam in the 600’s Islam again attacking Israel in the 1950’s thru today, also the Romans, Hitiites, Persians. Not to mention all the countries they where evicted from or just completely lacked the rights of citizenship. you must understand the Jewish character regardless of being a people without a home for much of their history they strive to do well as a group and help each other to accomplish this goal. After that they usually gave back to the countries they did live in including pre ww2 Germany in every conceivable field of society. This nature breeds jealousy in others. A they have what we want attitude. As for the US protecting Israel this is not the case. The USA and Israel are allies and share technology across the spectrum from medicine to military. israel were the first to develop the drones the USA uses across the World Not to mention a similar way of life. Israel is a modern country with the same amenities as the USA. As a note the USA has never fought side by side with the Israeli’s, but that’s not to say we don”t have common goals militarily.During the Gulf War of the early 1990’s Iraq launched missiles at Israel and the Usa asked that the Israeli’s not reply to the rockets. They held any response and avoided escalating the gulf war

      1. G-Jean says:

        Thank you for telling another side of the relationship between Israel and the USA.

    3. Christians for Isreal says:

      dear stop – please take some time out and read the bible. The Jewish people have been hated for their belief in the God of the bible for thousands of years. God blessed them with land held by evil and corrupt people. God directed them to wipe out entire societies because of their sin. God blessed them when they walked with him, and allowed them to be overrun by their enemies when they disobeyed. The just as there is evil and good in the world, people hate the Jewish people because they come from evil. The Jews may have made mistakes, but for now, they are a peace loving people, trying to occupy a tiny pieice of this earth that god commanded them to occupy. Those around them have 100 times more land, but they are jealous with anger at the Jews because of their God and the blessing they have obviously received.

  22. Stuart Grifenhagen says:

    Well said, Mr. Prime Minister. Now, would you please stand your ground so that the ground anointed with the blood of thousands of your fellow countrymen will not have turned crimson for naught?

    You’ve learned, as your predecessors learned, that those in the UN cannot be trusted; that the Palestinian arabs cannot be trusted; that you can rely on NO ONE, including Obozo in Washington, regardless of what he says to your face. He is as much to blame for this as is Mahmoud “Abu Mazen” Abbas.

    Do not cower; do not give in; keep speaking The Truth.

  23. PPappa says:

    Israel needs to back down. The Palestinians have suffered enough, they not only deserve their own land back, they deserve to be recognized for what they are, the real owners.

    1. Humpy J. Brown says:

      Recognized for “what they are”???? Killers of innocent women and children?? We already recognize them as THAT.

      Owners of WHAT?? They were nomads who didn’t want the land until the Jews boiled the first bagel on it.

      1. Joe says:

        Simon, you are a liar and a traitor to America and all that is just. Keep of the jihad you lowlife

        1. Mitchell says:

          Simon, you speak the truth. And you are an American first! He who stands by American first and always is a patriot and an American. He who stands by Israel first, before the United States, is not. As a member of the uniformed services of the United States, I can assure you WE remember Rachael Corrie. Thank you for remembering her as well.

          1. cooldude9366 says:

            “I can assure you WE remember Rachael Corrie.”

            and just what about her do you remember? That she was nothing but a dupe whose righteous indignation ran in only one direction? Perhaps you remember her iconic photo, with face contorted in rage, while burning an American flag? If THAT’S what you remember of Rachael Corrie and still support her, then your “American First” label is pure bull.

            1. Remembering Rachel Corrie says:

              I remember Rachel Aliene Corrie (April 10, 1979 – March 16, 2003) an American member of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). She was murdered in the Gaza Strip by an Israel Defence Forces (IDF) bulldozer when she was standing wearing a florescent jacket and megaphone in front of a local Palestinian’s home, thus acting as a human shield, attempting to prevent the IDF from demolishing the home. Eye to eye with the Armored Israeli Bulldozer, the Israeli solider ran her over twice. She was a beautiful Girl.

              The story of Rachel Corrie shows the brutality of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and the terror faced by the Palestinian People’s on a daily basis.

    2. Eric says:

      What land? They had no land before the Nation of Israel they were living in effect hand to mouth at the whim of other nations. Your statement is a blatent attempt to keep the lie alive that the land was taken from them.

    3. Gary says:

      The land belongs to Israel. Read the Bible

      1. Dave Infinger says:

        We sac who is Israel? Maybe just maybe it is the Jews who stayed there and converted to Islam. Sounds reasonable to me but honestly who gets to decide who is a Jew or not?

        I am a Christian and frankly I believe that I am a son of God. I believe Jesus Christ is the son of the living God who said suffer the little children to come unto me. You fake Christians need to find out what God said he would do to those who would harm children. You see it is you devil possessed demons who claim to be Christians that concern me.

        1. G-Jean says:

          You must not have read the parts about not judging others???

    4. Jeff says:

      Palestine has never owned that land. before 67 it was Egypt. and before that Jordan Palestine has never held that land. They just hate any who’s not mooslim. That’s all there is to this

    5. Fred Sherman says:

      Considering that there has never been a country named Palestine, I don’t see how they are the real owners of anything.

  24. woodrow says:

    If they cannot negotiate peace with Israel, why on earth would anyone want them in the United Nations? So they can prevent peace globally?

    1. CppThis says:

      Well that’s pretty much what the UN has devoted itself to, aside from leeching off massive amounts of money, so it’d be a good fit. Better question is why the US is dumb enough to take seriously a diplomatic assembly that apparently opposes Israeli-Palestinian diplomacy and disarmament.

  25. sarah says:


  26. Humpy J. Brown says:

    Sons and daughters of Israel, remember the blood vow of your ancestors:


  27. reasonable says:

    Let these idiots fight it out among themselves. We don’t need any more 9/11s, we don’t need any more American soldiers dying for Israel, and we can’t afford to keep sending Israelis 3 billion dollars a year while Americans are out of work.

    1. Humpy J. Brown says:

      We call “reasonable” people, who bow in the presence of terrorists COWARDS.

      You COWARD!

      1. Paul says:

        Stating the facts does not make anyone a coward, just intelligent. Since you do not recognize facts or intelligence, this makes you stupid.

        1. Humpy J. Brown says:

          I say you’re both cowards, hiding behind your shallow intellects and letting real men do the heavy lifting for you. That’s OK. You two can keep the women company and share your cramps with them.

        2. Mike Miller says:

          Actually it doesn’t make you intelligent…It shows you can read common sense shows intellect.

    2. LTCB says:

      I hope you enjoy your last few years with the antichrist as your leader because that’s what you will have soon enough. God said of the JEWS (and no others, even Christians), “I will bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you.” and also that He would curse ANYONE who sought to devide the land He had given to Israel. Get ready for some serious earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, famines, droughts and other fun things. You’ve called down a curse on yourself and your family.

      1. Oh Dear says:

        But then again the Jews crucified Christ, the son of God. Personally, I really don’t think they are God’s favorite. And if that don’t get you to Hell, I really don’t know what will.

        1. herdzcatz says:

          Jesus said, “NO man takes my life. I lay it down as I will.” The whole problem with the “Jews killed Jesus” thing is that it is simply a naive explanation of the plan of God from the foundation of the earth. Jesus came here to die. All of it–the manger, the star, the angels, the miracles, the forgiveness, the healings–led up to His main act, taking on the sins of the world. Not only Jews were complicit in His crucifixion, but Gentiles were, as well. His blood is on us all. And that is exactly the way it was planned. All are guilty of His blood, and all are forgiven through His blood.

      2. Oscar says:

        I’m ready. God gave the above blessing to His people who are the Church – The Elect of Israel, the Bride of Christ, the Chosen Generation, and the Nations of Abraham, which includes Jew as well as Gentile, though it was applicable to the historic Nation of Israel until forfeited. Among the Gentiles are many subgroup from every tribe, tongue and nation, wherein as well as Jews you will find, Palestinians in addition to people of a multitude of nationalities. However, long before the advent of Christ and His subsequent crucifixion, the land grant from On High had ceased. The Jews have since lost the land, at least as far as God having given it to them. Though He still loves the them, the Holy dispensation of the land has long ago been unilaterally discontinued. The new and real Israel and it’s temple ect., are fulfilled in the fullness of Christ, not in a single people or land.

      3. montello says:

        So you are saying God is a racist and Jews are the master race?

  28. lucky libra says:


    1. LTCB says:

      The truth is Obadiah’s prophecy will be fulfilled soon. Then Ezekial’s. Somewhere in there God will remove His church of true believers (yes, sadly, many in the church are there only for social reasons). After the removal of the church and the destruction of the arab armies of all the nations that attack Israel, the antichrist will make a security pact with Israel and 3 and 1/2 years into it will break the deal. Israel will flee to Petra where God Himself will protect them. Have you accepted Jesus as your savior? IF not, now is the time.

      1. disgusted says:

        Idiot. When will you idiots realize that NONE of the prophecies have been fulfilled as promised? Not even one. You take everything out of context, extropolate the points you think are “true”, transport them through time thousands and thousands of years and stupidly think that this applies to you, or to today, or to the United States or the nation of Israel. What fools you people are. Distorting what it says to make it “fit” your warped interpretations, no matter what.

        1. Mike Miller says:

          Name calling is what someone does when they know they lost an argument…

          1. B-Dub says:

            Belittling is what people do when they feel inferior about themselves…

      2. TrickleDownFoodFromLimbaughsBib says:

        Bronze Age myths have nothing to do with today

  29. Michael Baram says:

    “Show me one thing that has ever been invented and in use today by the modern world, that was invesnted by a muslim country. Just one.”

    I’m trying to think….oh, yeah, explosive suicide vests.

    “what Israel has stolen from them over the last 40 years”
    I assume you’re referring to the Six-Day War, when Israel captured the West Bank from JORDAN, and Gaza from EGYPT. That was your “Palestine”, filled with refugees whom Jordan and Egypt did nothing to help, letting them live in squalor on UN handouts. After the Six-Day War, both ares showed a rise in the standard of living when Palestinians were able to find jobs in ISRAEL with ISRAELI wages and ISRAELI health care and ISRAELI union representation.
    So, instead of accepting Israel’s right to exist, now they can have that miserable, poverty pocket of a state without the benefits of cooperation with Israel. A true Palestinian democracy which, according to Abbas, will allow NO Jews or Christians to live within its borders.
    It’s easy to see that you are woefully ignorant about the facts regarding the situation. But hey, it doesn’t take much to swallow the Palestinian/Fascist propaganda if you don’t like Jews to begin with.

    1. Humpy J. Brown says:

      How about the burkha and body odor????

    2. D.Clayton says:

      Mathematics for one.

      1. Humpy J. Brown says:

        That was Persians. They are not Muslims.

    3. elmer fudd says:

      AS For IRAN Bram- They invented the board game called-chess, they didnot invent coffee – they figured out how to make the drink we enjoy in the morning- these other middleeast egypt- iect-ect have envented- made many things- I just want to be fair to people you see? pardon my spelling.

  30. Gregg says:

    I think the Jews and the Arabs should settle their differences in a Christian manner!

    1. Humpy J. Brown says:

      With an Inquisition or a Crusade???

      1. Brad says:

        Great comeback:)

  31. Bubba says:

    The US should just take it’s ball and go home. Stop giving money to any country any where in the world. Then see how much crying and whining goes on.

    1. cooldude9366 says:

      Guess what? When the Israelis get over it, they’ll be fine. The palestinians, on the other hand would get “religion” really quickly and grow up. Until, that is, the dhimmi europeans step forward and make up the difference. Then it’s back to acting like spoiled children.

  32. Humpy J. Brown says:

    The Palestinians, and vicious killers like them, are who God had in mind when he allowed us to develop nuclear weapons.

  33. Go Big Blue says:

    I wish Netanyahu was our president! He has the gonads to tell it like it is. Arabs don’t want the Palestinians in their countries so they are fine to urge them to stay inside Israel and cause problems. When I was in Israel this spring, there were two 17-yo Palestinians who killed a Jewish family – father, mother, 5 children (the youngest being under 1-yo). That is the animals who want to take over Israel. God bless Israel (as He has done for 5,000 years).

    1. Humpy J. Brown says:

      Yes!! Go “Bibi”. Go to HELL Obama.

    2. montello says:

      That can be fixed, just move to Israel, you are Jewish aren’t you? No Christians or Gentiles allowed to move there of course.

      1. Go Big Blue says:

        I’ve lived there 8 of the last 12 months. While I am not a full-time citizen I know other Americans who are, so your statement is incorrect.

        1. carter says:

          Are they jewish americans lol

  34. Humpy J. Brown says:

    “American enabler???”

    All you goat humping, hate filled Palestinians should go to hell. Be careful you don’t learn the lessons Hirohito learned when his pride got the better of his brain. We don’t suffer baby killing fools well here in America, no matter WHAT their religion.

    “Sons of Abraham??” “Sons of Bitches” is more like it.

  35. scott cregar says:

    maybe Jordan should have been the Palestinian homeland as the UN mandated in the 1922 British Mandate. The Palestinians have been offered so much for so long and the answer is always no. Why no just say what you mean? You will never accept Israel.

  36. abbas sucks says:

    I pray that palestine will get statehood… BECAUSE… the next time they fire a rocket into Israel, it will be an act of war between sovereign countries and Israel will open up on them and kill ’em all. Take Iran out while you are at it, Israel.

  37. Michael M. Rohrer says:

    Can’t we all just get along?

    1. Humpy J. Brown says:

      Ask the fricking Palestine Indians that.

    2. Casper says:

      No, we can’t.Thank God

  38. michael cosgrove says:

    Balfour declaration. British mandate for Palestine. the League of Nations applied the two-state solution decades ago. Palestine was divided between Jews and Muslims. the Muslim Palestinian state was called Trans-Jordan, known today as Jordan. why won’t the arab world accept their Palestinian state? why do they clamor for all of the area?

  39. BPatMan says:

    Say what you want about Israel, but I would rather be an Arab living in Israel that an Arab living in any other Arab country.

  40. Richard Lance says:

    Actually, it is the Zionist Arabs who have thwarted peace. Once they received the Gaza Strip, they used that as a base to launch missiles into Israel. Further, if you go back in history to 1947, the Arabs were offered a separate state and refused it. Their real aim: hegemony over that whole region, including Israeli land. Their desire to expand into Israel and recapture this land where they tried to destroy the Jewish people in numerous wars–is an example of Arab Zionism.

    1. Allah Abdul says:

      Amen for the TRUTH.

  41. Pickateer says:

    Yes, and Israel should stop firing rockets into Gaza and try those that sneak into Gaza and kill families in their sleep

    1. Richard Lance says:

      Total bull. Once the Palestinians were given the Gaza Strip, Hamas occupied it and immediately used it as a launching pad against Israel. Yet, you deny Israel’s right to protect themselves, which means you don’t recognize Israel’s right to exist, which makes you an Arab Zionist looking to continue the war against Israel (but in your case, with fomenting words) and its land, which proves my point: the Arab Zionists want to regain that whole region, not just Palestinian lands. The Israelis have a flourishing democratic society, with tremendous achievements in science, technology, and medicine. The Palestinians offer little in comparison, except tyranny and religious intolerance. I choose to support the more enlightened democratic society over the despotism and decrepitude of the Palestinians.

    2. Scott says:

      too much sugar in that Koolaid?

  42. Rodin says:

    “Netanyahu Willing ‘To Make Painful Compromises’ For Peace.”

    The fascist Netanyahu who has scuttled every peace initiative and wrongheadedly pursued Zionist expansionism in the West Bank and Jerusalem!!!

    Afraid of increasing, well deserved, international isolation? You and your American enabler will stand alone.

    1. scott says:

      If only Arafat was still alive it would all be lollipops and rainbows right? Terrorist state to be recognized by the UN? Sad appeasers are always the first to be mowed down by the very people they defend…There can never be peace with the terrorist “nation” Palestine!

  43. IgnoranteElephante says:

    “I don’t have faith in the U.S. anymore,” said Palestinian native Issa Suleiman. Why, no faith in the United States, Issa. Well, I have a simple solution: get out. We don’t want you here with your anti American rhetoric wandering the streets of Bay Ridge or anywhere else.

    This is why, despite my misgivings with the Jews, I find it hard to root for a Palestinian state.

    1. Rodin says:

      Dear friend Elephante [sic]:

      Give me ONE reason why any Palestinian, or any Arab or any Muslim, for that matter, should trust the United States after 60+ years of blindly supporting the indefensible, imbecilic, Israeli fraudulent theocratic claims and unaccountable atrocities.

      1. Allah Abdul says:

        And why should the US trust any palestenian, muslim or arab? All they have done is oppress people, terrorize people, kill people, lie, cheat and steal. Show me one thing that has ever been invented and in use today by the modern world, that was invesnted by a muslim country. Just one. Show me. Oh, you can’t, because all you little jealous pukes have done has create havoc in the world. Maybe it’s time we blast you off the face of the earth.

      2. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Then, they should get the f#ck out of the Country.

        1. Rodin says:

          Now, now, that is definitely NOT nice. Can you not have a civil discussion. Don’t you have ANY rational argument you might contribute. Or must you just barf?

          BTW: Which country should they “get the f#ck out of,” theirs or ours?

          And such language! Please tell me you don’t eat with that mouth, Ignorante.

    2. nuisance says:

      Well the US is acting like hypocrites in this. It was OK for Israel to gain statehood via a UN resolution, but nope…not Palestine. Much of our current issues in the Middle East can be directly tied to our foreign policy in regards to Israel. More Americans need to go back and learn what cause and effect is. People just don’t wake up and hate us and want to kill us. They’re just like you and me. They want to live their lives, be with their families, and enjoy the simple things we take for granted every day.

      1. Whiteboy from Cali says:

        Hahaha, Idiot. Have you ever been to Afghanistan? YES, people do wake up and hate us and want to kill us simply because we are Chrsitians, and simply because they are jealous of what we have become. These cave dwellers live in the stone-age and are influenced by Muslim teachers who brain wash them from birth and influence every thought in their head. They have NOTHING. Nothing to live for, nothing to call their own, no hope, NOTHING!!! And they hate us for because we have something, we are white and we are Christian. Go Away with your idiotic rhetoric.

      2. Jack Kennedy says:

        then the palis can do so in egypt, jordan and numerous other mussie/palis countries

      3. Brad says:

        One group is civilized. One is not. See the difference?

  44. Rodin says:

    “When I come walking through my front door tonight
    and I sit down to watch the news,
    I’m gonna see
    Jews killing Muslims killing Christians,
    Christians killing Muslims killing Jews.

    “C’mon, Abraham, Jesus and Muhammad,
    let’s all get together and sing the blues
    and watch Jews killing Muslims killing Christians
    Christians killing Muslims killing Jews.”

    American poet, songwriter, singer, musician.
    From “JKMKC”

  45. Hannelore Bakry says:

    Bravo Mr. Abbas !!! Peace, freedom and justice for ALL.. that means for the Palestinians too…… The USA is definitely on the wrong side…the preach something but do something else !! Shame on you USA !!!

    1. Grace says:

      But Abbas does not want peace for Israel. He makes a point of that. He wants Israel to be destroyed.

      It is sad the Arabs who started calling themselves “Palestinians” in 1964 cannot go back to where they came from in Jordan. There were no “Palestinians” 60 years ago. They were and are all Arabs.

      However there were Israelis about 3700 years ago from the line of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who God renamed as Israel and his 12 sons became the blood line of Israel. They are simply coming back to their land.

  46. Hannelore Bakry says:

    Bravo Mr. Abbas !!! Peace, freedom and justice for ALL.. that means for the Palestians too…… The USA is definitely on the wrong side…the preach something but do something else !! Shame on you USA !!!

    1. Brad says:

      Meh. I think Israel is the right pick here.

  47. Moishe Obama, not a Jew! says:

    You go Palestine. Tell Moishe Obama where to go. Not sure if he has looked in the mirror recently, Yes Moishe Obama, you are not Jewish, not sure what you are, but Jewish you are not.

  48. Garth says:

    Abbas is only fighting to get what Israel has stolen from them over the last 40 years. But the U.S. needs to stay out of it on both sides, and let the cards fall where they may. We have done enough for Israel in the last 50+ years, and it is time for us to take a backseat and let them fight their own battles. But of course the jewish community will take it to the streets and create all kinds of unrest if they don;t get what they want. Since they control the banking and fianacial industry, maybe they might even shut Wall Street down as well in protest………..

    1. Pplsuck says:

      Couldn’t have sait it better myself..

      1. Jack Kennedy says:

        obviously, sucks to be the terrorist/muzzie fan/sycophant

    2. Richard Lance says:

      Gee, I didn’t know the Jews control banking and finance. For every Jew you can name in a high corporate-level position, I can probably name about a dozen more held by Christians and other denominations. And if many Jewish people worked their way up to their high positions, kudos to them for their intellectual achievements and industriousness. You merely spread stereotypes based on your narrow-minded acceptance of others’ stereotypes. The next thing you’ll say is that the Jewish people will shut all the hospitals and leave sick people out in the streets. Tell us another one…

    3. joe says:

      And Garth..what page from Mein Kampf did you pluck this little ditty from?
      You know those pesky jews, they always take to the streets and cause all kinds of mayhem.

    4. Brad says:

      Stolen? They were attacked, so they took the land from the moron attackers. That’s not stealing — that is righteousness.

  49. Rodin says:

    As well he should. And the United States should stay out of it if we cannot yield to WORLD opinion.

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