N.J. Governor Still Mum, But Many Power Players Say He's Man For The JobBy Marcia Kramer

FORT LEE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Speculation about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie entering the 2012 presidential race was at a fever pitch Monday. Unhappiness with the rest of the candidates has Republicans telling Christie it’s time to run.

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The political tom toms are beating and the messages being sent from big dollar Republican donors around the country is “We want Christie” to run for president. Even many of his constituents are banging the drum.

“I love it. It sounds great. I think he would. Why not? He’s doing a good job Jersey,” one voter told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

“I wouldn’t mind. I wouldn’t mind,” another added.

“He’s a very popular man. I think he’s doing a good job in New Jersey. Why not?” said Robert Landau of Fort Lee.

“It’s like Giuliani, Trump … they’re all sticking their feet in the heater and see what the temperature is,” added Keith Kasper of Fort Lee.

Sources say the factors are easy to see: President Barack Obama looks vulnerable, and there is unhappiness with the current crop of Republican wannabes, including Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. The unhappiness is so intense a virtual unknown, GOP businessman Herman Cain, won last weekend’s Florida straw poll.

Stoking the Christie speculation is his cross country fund raising trip and high-profile speech at the Reagan Presidential Library on Tuesday. Pundits say Republicans want Christie because he gives the GOP its best shot of unseating Obama.

“They believe he’s more rational. He’s not right; he’s not left and he can actually win and they’d love to have somebody from the Northeast,” political consultant Hank Sheinkopf said. “He can box Obama’s ears in in a place where he should do very well.”

Christie also got a big boost from New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

“He’s been a good governor in New Jersey. He’s shaken things up. I think he would be a credible, formidable candidate,” Bloomberg said.

And when Christie appeared at a Rider University forum last week with Mitch Daniels, the Republican governor of Indiana, he got another nudge to get into the race.

“I’m not taking no from Christie,” Daniels said.

Even Christie, himself, seems unhappy with current presidential crop.

“Politicians on the national stage underestimate the American people, in both parties, and they think you’re unwilling to hear the hard truths,” Christie said recently.

Christie has repeatedly shut the door on a 2012 run, but New Jersey GOP operatives told Kramer Christie’s tenure in the garden state “has earned him support from voters across the country.”

That does sound like the door is opening a crack.

Should Gov. Christie run for the White House? Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.

Marcia Kramer

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  1. Shirley says:

    American Legislative Exchange Council is looking for a Republican Presidental Candidate to run for President because the group they have is a Joke and they think Chris Christie is the man. NOT.
    Christie is carrying a lot of baggaged starting with registred as a lobbyist in 1998 and Christie went down hill from there..

  2. Morris Bergen says:

    Christie DOES NOT get to decide whether or not to run for President. The Party itself will decide whether to ORDER him to run. If it does, then he WILL run and he WILL like it.

  3. sharleen mendes says:

    This guy has stated at numerous times he does not want to run for President….why are the Reps pushing? Can’t they find another fatso to run? Plus he wants to continue to mess up NJ & fight with Gov Cuomo in NY…he enjoys that….

  4. Morris Bergen says:

    If the Party tells him to run, then he WILL run and he WILL like it. Otherwise, no.

  5. Lo Rhent says:

    Obama is going to carry his bags into the White House.

  6. Scott C says:

    president fat$o

  7. ProFromDover says:

    Necessity (desperation) is the mother of (GOP) invention. But, like any red-blooded partisan politician, CC is just out for himself.

  8. mj says:

    i don’t think he could win RE election as the goveror let alone win the presidency. the man is despised by most in nj. i personally would NEVER vote for ANYONE that was a former prosecute. they are totally narcissictic, sociopaths

  9. Bruce Leibowitz says:

    Funny thing about Republicans, there seems to be an ever changing number of Republicans on the stage at the laughable debates, all of which are stupid puppets dangling from strings controlled by behind the scene bankers thieves, wall street thieves, corporate thieves, and all around general rich thieves. Now you are adding Chris Christie to the mix? Congrats, while you keep changing the field, the Democrats can take back the country and fix the mess you assholes created under Bush!

    1. brklynjoe says:

      Like The Inept Socialist ‘president’ Said, And His DNC Spokesperson Reiterated…It’s ‘MY’..Obamas Economy…’I’ .He Owns It…..Why Don”t You Move To The UK?…You Are Completely Clueless, Incompetent, Socialist, Liberals…Who Have No Idea….Like I Said…Move To The UK….And See What A Socialist Gov’t. Is All About…….

    2. Scott C says:

      Good post
      Blood suckers throwing returning US Military personnel out of homes and selling out to overseas interests
      Great to see someone else cares about Country
      Appreciate your post

  10. teknyc says:

    Smart Man Christie….. Get This Inexperienced,Fake,Phony,Clueless,Liar,Destroying This Country, Preacher,Arrogant,Socialist,Needs A Teleprompter (and that doesn’t even help the fool)….Has The Mainstream Media In His Pocket,,,,,,,,,We Have Transcontinental Railroad That Connects All the 57 States Transporting The ‘Corps’men Who Speak Austrian, While The Jews….Janitors, Are Trying To Figure Out Why I Present The Queen Of England With An Ipad With My Teleprompters Speeches, While My Wife Doesn’t Curtsey To The Queen, As He Signs 5.28.2008 In The Year Of 2011, How Old Is Your Daughter Jerk?????…GOD HELP THIS COUNTRY…..teknyc

    1. BRONXWORKER says:


    2. John says:

      Yes that would be President of the United States of Americs Barak Obama. God you must hate that! LMFAO! How dioes it feel knowing when you vote that your state will be his.

      1. Sparta says:

        You must be out of work, getting food stamps, and be a hard core socialist liberal. like tek said move to the UK……Although a socialist country, at least the Queen has class.

  11. niklu says:

    This has nothing to do with a helicopter ride Barry, this is about his inflated ego, smug attitude, nasty comments, I know better then you attitude. This person has destroyed a lot of families in this state. But who cares… right Barry! …It has nothing to do with you , right Barry! as long as it doesn’t effect me!

    Two turds for the price of one…. Barry & Chris.. perfect together

  12. barry says:

    ps the helicopter ride you all point to…non story as if you did any research the pilot was going to be fliying ANYWAY as it was for traiining purposes..its in any article written about the “trip” but glossed over because democratic hacks in the media carry the dishwater for the demmparty..research before stupidity..its a tough time consuming thing to do,but it prevents yu from being an ass as is so wonderfully displayed here

  13. barry says:

    you know hes doing a good job cleaning up corzines mess..when idiots like you can only complain about his weight..tough choics require tough decisions…something apparently corzine was unable to do …so shut up bite the bullit….and keep bashing the gop its been doing wonders for the dems since last novembers elections when the public finally woke up and realized the blunder they elected into the white house….change is coming alright!!

  14. Jersey Girl says:

    Chris Cristie is like a giant tumor on the backside of NJ residents. Im not going to sit here and talk about his weight, because its irrelevant to the fact that he is truly an anus. As a tax payer with a child in school, I am mortified with budget cuts, yet my child is pushed harder to learn more now then ever to boost state ratings. The pot holes in my town are nearly as big as Mr. Christie’s ego itself, because there is simply “no money”. Then of course there is the issue of taking the helicopter to his sons baseball game which he later paid for, but Im pretty sure if you worked in a store and took money from the til and replaced it later, you would still lose your job. Bravo that he is leaving, Im not sure who is paying for his pricey meals, if its me I hope he brings me a doggy bag, but I wouldn’t wish his presence on my worst enemy…..period

  15. Angus McFee says:

    Please, please leave New Jersey Lardo, you’ve done nothing for us here, made no moves until you were forced to by journalist telling the truth. And as president, ther upside is that no secret service agant can dive in front of you and protect the whole fatitude of your girth. You were handed your job as prosecutor by your rich brother in law, you won election by trying to befriend the NJEA before you stabbed them in the back; PLEASE run so NJ can get better!!!

  16. jerseyjoey says:

    Have you noticed he is speaking at a Dinner then a breakfast next day then yet another dinner at 10 grand a plate, hummm free food ( interesting.) while rank n file America learns to eat one less meal a day and stock up on ramain noodles.

    1. Get Real says:

      Look at the White House $$/Plate and number of White House employees, Much Higher than Past….

  17. SokrMom says:

    Those of us in New Jersey would certainly be very happy if Chris Christie never came BACK!

    1. Oscar Gonzalez says:

      Felt your joy, but here in Texas it only lasted a very short time, looks like were gonna get hlm back…..but at the smae time we or at least I don’t want him for this U.S.of A….sorry.

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