Mayor Insists Move Has Nothing To Do With Money, But Villagers Not Impressed

MASSAPEQUA PARK, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Be careful where you decide to park your car.

Massapequa Park will be the first Long Island municipality to use electronic sensors embedded in the street to detect illegally parked vehicles.

Police can quickly slap a $25 fine on the vehicle after the wireless discs notify them of the violation by transmitting a signal to the officers’ cellphones.

WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs On The Story

Officials said the new technology has nothing to do with raising revenue.  Officials also said the electronic sensors would only be installed in fire and handicapped parking zones, crosswalks and turn light areas in addition to corner radiuses.

“For us it’s a safety issue,” Mayor James Altadonna Jr. told CBS 2’s Scott Rapoport.

Altadonna said the new system comes in response to a rash of illegally parked cars that’s resulted in all sorts of problems.‪

“They’re parking in front of fire hydrants. They’re parking in front of cross walks,” he said.

Add to that budget cuts that have reduced the number of code enforcement officers to just four and village officials say the new system is necessary.‪

Some are not pleased with the “big brother” aspect of the technology.

“I don’t like everybody watching me, everywhere in every tree, every building, every street corner. I mean, it’s ridiculous,” he told WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs.

“What happens when somebody comes into town for the first time wants to stop into my shop for ten minutes, gets a parking ticket and then they never come back?” asks Quick-Stop Deli owner Ajay Singh.

“Everywhere you go you got no privacy,” another person told Rapoport.

Village officials said the sensors will be tried on an experimental basis starting in November. The sensors will be placed in 50 spots near the Park Boulevard business center.

If the trial proves successful, the sensors could become permanent by the first of next year.

Do you think this is a case of big brother gone too far? Sound off in the comments section below!

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  1. Joe says:

    this village is really too funny. they were fighting the county for revenue from a redlight camera that the county accidentally installed on a village stop light. at one point the village actually had the cameras removed because the county was getting the revenue from the pictures taken. (what about all those kids from the high school that have to get to the local burger joint and the dangerous people going through red lights???) then the mayor says, oh no! it really is about safety. put it back!! (but give us the money) Check out the 5th paragraph. “Last month, red light cameras started being installed at 50 of the most dangerous intersections in Nassau County. The purpose was to reduce traffic accidents, but also to collect fees to cut into budget deficits.”

    1. Jay Wright says:

      Guess you conveniently missed this paragraph which says the County was the one that had them ordered removed after they found out the Village would be getting the money, not the other way around:

      “Soon after tagging the corner of Merrick Road and Park Boulevard among the most dangerous in Nassau, county officials ordered the cameras removed when it was discovered that the site is within the boundaries of the Village of Massapequa Park,” Mangano said. “This would require that any fees collected from violators be turned over to the village rather than feeding the county coffers. Clearly, this shows that county officials are less concerned about public safety and more interested in collecting the dollars expected to be generated from the red light camera program.”

  2. Tony Zebekis says:


  3. Harold E Vincent says:

    These clowns will have to write a bunch of tickets to pay for the system and maintenance. Of course, the city won’t be worrying about that as they have likely contracted that out as well and will receive only about $1.25 per ticket.
    One more over-the-top piece of stupidity funded by taxpayers proifting only some contractor/consultant and their “friends” on the council or whatever.
    Tiem to reboot and get rid of their city “administration”.

    1. gsbcmo says:

      Hey, if the city is getting $1.25 per ticket from a contractor, they are saving money. If they hired those traffic enforcement officers, they would be loosing money on salaries, health care costs, employer taxes and liability. Not to mention those lifetime pensions after five years on the job to amount to millions. I haven’t even started on the workers comp claims for paper cuts.

  4. Harleyrider Davidson says:

    Sounds like the red lite companies need a new angle since the big cities are dumping the red lite cameras all over the country LIL BROTHER KNOWS NO BOUNDS!

  5. Mark says:

    I admit I am guilty of parking illegaly sometimes. When your in a rush and cant find a spot close by, it doesnt harm anyone really to park illegally for a minute or two. I never block fire hydrants or emergency spots designated as such. They are getting really smart with this hi tech stuff I must admit.

    1. billd says:

      why doesn’t it hurt if you block visibility of an intersection, etc.?
      If it’s a harmless spot, then why was it marked no parking? How about looking beyond our needs to the needs of fellow drivers on the road?

      1. Art says:

        To increase revenue at costly off street lots and ramps mainly. Why do they post no parking on streets that normally allow parking for big events, to force those that come to the event to pay for parking.

  6. Frank V says:

    This person is FULL OF IT

    I have friends that live here and its a nice area. I’m in the park every weekend. Real nice actually compared to other parts of long island.

    1. Cee says:

      Sorry to say I speak the truth. You can say I’m full of it when you live here and send your kids to the high school or you take a walk through the preserve after dark. or when you are working just to pay taxes. Like I said everything going on in the high school is kept hush hush.

      1. CC says:

        @Safety First….What do these stories have to do with the parking sensors?! Parking sensors won’t stop cops from being shot, alleged murderers, drug dealing drs or attempted muggings. So I guess you’re an advocate of more police instead of sensors? No thanks. They won’t stop cops from being shot, murderers or drug dealers either. They’re just waiting to put in their 20 years so they can retire on full pay after doing 3 yrs of excessive overtime for their last 3 years of service. I’ll take the parking sensors and just park my car legally, like I always do, even if i have to !GASP! WALK AN EXTRA 20 FEET.

  7. TheRealKingMax says:

    $12,700 in taxes a YEAR?

    And those clowns are STILL voting Democrat?

  8. Mitch says:

    Everyone cracks me up with the big brother talk.

    Would it have made a difference if they put in 10 enforcement officers?

    this is saving money from not hiring so many of the traffic envorcers.

    I wonder what ppl think when they put in PARKING METERS?
    Thos are obviously there just for the money.

    I don’t think its a bad idea if it can save money that way. I cant believe that someone hasnt thought of this already to be honest.

    1. Kevin Pearson says:

      I agree. This isn’t like the red light cameras that sent a citation to the home. An officer STILL has to come by an issue a ticket. If it saves the taxpayer money to have fewer officers on the payroll, more power to them.

      1. Albert MacMeda says:

        That’s all you got? Someone makes a valid observation and all you can do is make an inept, impotent, vile personal attack?

    2. Joe says:

      Exactly. You said it and you don’t even realize it. They are raising money just for the money. If the village wasn’t spending more money than it took in, there wouldn’t be an issue bc they wouldn’t be doing this. Has anyone here even been to the “Village”? The mayor says parked cars are “causing all kinds of problems” and then there’s a video of some guy going to rent a movie with his bumper over some white lines solely blocked out for congestion purposes. The park blocks off spaces to make their 3 blocks of “downtown” area seem less congested by the way. Look into it. Pure revenue raising here. OMG someone parked infront of Ralphs! Please, this isn’t 42nd/7th Ave here. Its Massapequa Park.

  9. Mitch says:

    It is not all that bad an idea.

    Would it be better if they had parking meters?

    or unimeters?’

    Those are both more annoying than this technology.

    1. Kevin Pearson says:

      Did you not read the article?
      This isn’t about the parking meters, this is about alerting the people when someone is parking in a no parking or restricted zone so that they can respond quickly and clear the place for traffic. Why would you put parking meters in a no parking zone?
      They only work to show the police that the car is there, not how long it has been there.

      1. Albert MacMeda says:

        Actually no, they’re not talking about “clearing the place” – they’re talking about ticketing the car. But you’re right – why put a meter in a no parking zone? I’m OK with this – it’s actually a good idea to use sensors instead of hiring a bunch of people. As for the people who are upset – they’re likely the ones who scoff at no parking laws anyway. They’re upset that they’re going to have to start obeying these laws and it makes them angry.

  10. ZZ says:

    Meh. I don’t really see a problem here.

  11. Dave-o says:

    Man, New Yorkers are a ‘special’ bunch:

    They cry about eroding liberty – and then re-elect the same Democrats that are making it happen. They park illegally – and then whine about getting ticketed. They whine about high taxes – yet continue to support the pols that raise their taxes.

    Glad I’m nowhere near y’all. Whatever’s affecting your judgement that makes you strangers to reality might be communicable.

    1. Albert MacMeda says:

      What can I say – Democrats, “liberals”, “progressives”… they’re hypocrites!

  12. neil says:

    This sounds like an idea from pres. ODUMBA

  13. jim says:

    its starts with a test…next thing you know… its one more thing that they will control us with .. enough is enough!!!.. maybe if they get off their cell phones and work.. we wont need to pay for sensors which they say is a no-cost test… no cost… i cant stop laughing! ..

  14. jimbo96 says:

    If placed only where it’s illegal to park I don’t see any problem with this at all…as a matter of fact it appears to be a fantastic idea to keep crosswalks, fire hydrants and corners clear of parked vehicles…hope that people learn quickly, or it’s going to cost them to park illegally…a lot…

    1. mds says:

      I nice little electric wand will do the job! Amazing, instead of reducing our taxes and increasing our freedom, they increase our taxes and reduce our freedom and jimbo is happy!!!

      1. HIStory Indeed says:

        I think it comes from the mindset of only being capable of always having one perspective and not acknowledging the possibility that any other legitimate perspective could exist. When the local governments run out of money to do what they want they find a new reason to reach into our pockets. Always for safety, usually for the children, but never ending up what they claim they would be when they were just ideas on paper.

        Either that or jimbo and the like just don’t understand the complexity of the totalitarian tiptoe.

        Today its fire hydrants and crosswalks because few will be willing to muster an argument for fear of being laughed out of town, but tomorrow its our driveways because they want to make sure you’re not violating some silly code they made up to help stave off their inevitable bankruptcy. By then, few will remember a time before the sensors…

  15. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    Government: Men and women providing services at the barrel of a gun. If they were really there to protect you and your property they wouldn’t be the first to use deadly force and confiscation. —

  16. REAL Cops Follow REAL Crimes says:

    It’s probably just a basic magnetic sensor that picks up on large metallic objects nearby (like a car). The same technology is used at vehicle detecting stop lights. You grab a bunch of rare earth magnets, go to these locations and leave one or two at each spot. The cops get enough false alarms on these and they’ll stop relying on them or using them at all.

  17. Will there be a subsequent flattening of law enforcement budgets thanks to new technology? Doubtful

  18. kimmm says:

    Safety and not revenue? Oh please…it is in New York State. EVERYTHING is for revenue or keeping people of this state under control. There are more laws for things you can’t do in NYS then anywhere else. Just a few months ago, I read an article stating NYS was the least “free” state of all 50. I cannot wait until I can afford to leave this hell hole.

  19. John Brown says:

    well at least it will keep them from bull5hitting in the paorking lots 4 deep at $100K a year.

  20. Claude Funston says:

    You ever drive through town in Massapequa? Stupid jerks park anywhere they want. It’s out of control. Heck, they actually park in a right turn lane because they have to get a Ralph’s Famous Ice. They park in the crossed out areas. They park in the cross-walk! It’s never been so bad in town (Park Blvd.) I’m glad this problem is being addressed and these idiots can get easily ticketed. F-them.

  21. Jon Lichtenstein says:

    Give me a break. This is a story about a town attempting to enforce its own reasonable traffic laws. Why do 99% of people rail against the enforcement of existing laws with technology. Don’t park in a handicapped space and you won’t get ticketed. You all act like we have a sacred right to get away with breaking the law. Listen to yourselves!

    1. Joe says:

      no problem at all with law and order, only have a problem with lying politicians that steal and skim and corrupt governments then throw the burden on me with higher taxes year after year after year justified by rising prop values, and then have a double standard when propert values crater to the tune of 30%, but can’t cut their budgets even just a little. The issue here is not that we want to get away with blocking a hydrant or crosswalk, we all agree, that isn’t cool. Its all about the officials taxing us for their own pockets. Scan down to my post about WHY this town is even trying to raise revenue. Its an eye opener. Like the other person here said, and I agree, its just like Bell CA. Remember that place?

      Any effort to raise revenue under the guise of “safety” is shameless. For the record, again, I am not trying to get away with parking where I shouldn’t. Think about this, this town or village, or whatever it is, is only 2.2 sq miles! That’s TWO point TWO square miles. Total area. Including a HUGE wooded preserve and waterways. What meter maid can’t do at least a few rounds per day through the 8 block long “downtown” area getting these devices? The ONLY reason why is because the Massapequa Park meter maid probably has a no show job. Guessing maybe the brother in law or something like that of a village official???

      When sites like this spring up… that says it all. Click around. Its fun. Massapequa park is not trying to fix some crazy out of control parking situation, they need more money.

    2. billd says:


      whining law-breakers. Obey signs and laws and you won’t have a problem now, will ya?
      Ah, the entitlement society we’ve become.

  22. RoadkillPhil says:

    Who cares! Don’t park in front of a fire hydrant! Don’t park in areas marked “Do not Park”!

    What’s the problem? Just don’t like being told what you can or can’t do?

    1. mark edward marchiafava says:

      during the FIRST American revolution, our boy Phil would have been labeled a Loyalist.

  23. sagesteve says:

    On good STRONG magnet and it’s all over!!!

  24. ap says:

    new york state isnt fooling anybody anymore, look at the stats, people are leaving new york state as fast as they can. indeed, it has been and continues to be a big brother police state that feeds off the middle class and poor. if you dont live here you dont understand

  25. Joe says:

    Point of clarification, I understated something just a little bit. that isn’t 90k total getting stuffed into the pension fund, thats a $90,000 INCREASE from last year, for a total of $289,000, up from $198,000. not bad for a podunk town with a population of

    soon to be discovered famous last words: said the massapequa park mayor to the town clerks “hurry up and skim it while we can town clerk, this party won’t last forever! Here’s a 5% raise for you just to keep quiet. i smell an audit!”

  26. RC says:

    I’m never visiting this town……forget about my travel dollars…..

  27. Joe says:

    Oh, I just love this. Theres got to be a scandal brewing, either that or the poor residents of this town just have no clue as to whats going on. 2011/2012 budget, page 4: the mayor says “economic uncertainty” then jams through a 1.4% increase in spending and a 3% hike in taxes, despite a 3% drop in revenue. Then, raids these poor people’s rainy day fund for over $600,000 to cover his poor management of the place!! The town Judge gets a 22% pay hike! The town clerks – a 5% pay hike, 9% more to the town mechanics, they have 73,000 budgeted for “celebrations”!?!?! 45% more (!!!!) or 90,000 stuffed into their pension system !?!?!?!? And they have 1.2m in debt. Wow! Great placeto live and work.

  28. mark edward marchiafava says:

    *YAWN*, how much longer till the 2nd American revolution?

    1. snowdog says:

      We are getting there. People protesting Wall Street is a good sign. Next we have to get all the unemployed people down to D.C. and start protesting in front of the White House. This way we are telling the Rich and Government we’re tired of it.

      1. Kevin Pearson says:

        Wall Street is a bunch of Liberal Democrats. Those people protesting Wall Street is like caterpillars protesting butterflies.

  29. WereTurtle says:

    If they say it is for safety and not revenue, it is 100% about the revenue.

  30. LIBERTY NOW says:

    We live in a police state. We are all guilty now. Can’t fly without getting porn scanned or molested. The tyranny is rolling out into the sporting events …. soon it will be in the schools and malls. Spy on your your neighbors. A nation of fear!! We the people stand in the shadows of the wolves! Hang your head in shame America. This is not the land of the FREE !!

    1. RLABruce says:

      “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”, says Thomas Jefferson. Make our country’s enemies go first, please!

  31. Lloyd Braun says:

    Sensors… embedded in the street? We’ll put those to the test.

  32. Joe says:

    I agree, Bell, CA

    This message from the mayor is just too funny!! “Come on by, pay some fees, we need ’em! Gotta get me a raise for a new SUV! There aint no recession in my paycheck!” Ha Ha Ha

  33. Justin Whatchamacallhim says:

    “Officials say they’re implementing the new technology for safety, not revenue.”

    What a bold face lie. The police state continues to be built.

  34. Hank Warren says:

    Endless surveillance, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    1. LIBERTY NOW says:

      Ron Paul 2012… the idea of LIBERTY is GROWING… spread the word, WAKE – UP!

  35. Blood Runs Irish 1916 says:

    “What happens when somebody comes into town for the first time wants to stop into my shop for ten minutes, gets a parking ticket and then they never come back?” asks Quick-Stop Deli owner Ajay Singh.

    BINGO! And precisely why I never shop in my little downtown. No sensors in the road yet, but an over zealous ‘officer’ in a high-tech 3 wheeled cart who is using license plate scanners to look for expired tags and wanted vehicles too. These scanners shoot both sides of the street and INTO private driveways and parking lots. Downright police state forming. Hit them in the pocket book.

  36. DENNIS says:


    1. Allan Holley says:

      Dennis, You need to grow up. When you park in a No Parking Zone, you are hindering the access that is reserved for someone or for the Emergency Vehicles. If you can’t stand the No Parking, then move to the country and park in the road ditch.

    2. RLABruce says:

      Dig it up and KEEP IT. It can be used to build our own warning system that could be useful when their pretense of civility is gone.

  37. anil says:

    Just another example of a corrupt small town village government overreaching solely for revenue. They overtax residents, overpay themselves, bankrupt the town with big self determined salaries, then look for more revenue to pay themselves. One step away from Bell, CA. Take a page from the current Government 101 book – tax less, spend less. Then repeat.

  38. Bobo says:

    Idiots. Don’t partk illegally.

    1. Justin Whatchamacallhim says:

      Bow down slave. When they put a camera in your house to make sure your behaving make sure you have the same attitude.

      1. LIBERTY NOW says:

        Well said, Justin. We must protect Liberty. Tyranny spreads to all … even the one’s who think they are immune. WAKE-UP. it’s not really about the parking! It’s MEGA and MICRO managing all aspects of our lives. We are mandated and regulated to despair. We need to restore OUR Republic now.

  39. Eric Hultman says:

    Pie tin over sensor… nuff said.

  40. Osamas Pajamas says:

    How can we smash and destroy these discs and is there any way to jam the signals of the transmitters — and the police phones?

  41. Blah Blah Blah says:

    How far up on the 911 meter does this fall. Just between J-walking and Cat stuck in tree?

  42. George Smith says:

    In all too may cases in all too many jurisdictions, the law has been perverted to create revenue. In these cases, the police have been turned into tax agents, a misuse of police power, and something that most police officers probably do not like doing. The fact that “officials” felt it necessary to say that this is being done “for safety, not revenue” would appear to indicate that revenue is indeed their prime motivation.

  43. Finbar says:

    I misread the headline. I thought they were imbedding seniors in the street.

    1. RLABruce says:

      That comes when Obamacare is fully implemented….

  44. pearsek says:

    You know, i’d like to have the sensors imbedded where safety is an issue. I’ve tried on many occassions to have the locals shoo away parking violators along a street where many children are present. Their parents are the violators and think they can park anywhere. I think this calls for vigalantism…

  45. Too Little Parking says:

    Perhaps they need more parking available.

  46. Calonzap says:

    I love to hear whines and whimpers early in the morning.

  47. Wig Wam Willie says:

    “What happens when somebody comes into town for the first time wants to stop into my shop for ten minutes, gets a parking ticket and then they never come back?” asks Quick-Stop Deli owner Ajay Singh.

    Easy – tell your customers to park legally!!

    1. JohnF says:

      Perfect response Willie. Whenever I go to a strange town, I do my best to park where I’m supposed to so I don’t get a ticket. You would think a business would prefer responsible and considerate customers to the idiots who don’t think the rules apply to them.

  48. Winifred says:

    Officials say they’re implementing the new technology for safety, NOT revenue.

    “I …am not a crook.”
    ” Read my lips…no new taxes”
    “I did not have relations with that woman…”
    ” I was hiking on the Appalachian trail”

    C’mon everyone, join in with YOUR favorite political whopper:

    1. eddy james says:

      but, it’s for the children.

    2. Ham says:

      For politicians, truth is a second language.

    3. chuck says:

      Unemployment won’t go above 8%

  49. Joe Russo says:


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