NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Well, that was quick.

If you were watching Jose Reyes’ possible final game with the Mets, you got to see him — for all of one at-bat.

Reyes, on a 1-0 count, legged out a bunt single against the Reds to lead off the bottom of the first on Wednesday. There he stood for a few short moments.

And then, to the shock of those in attendance at Citi Field, he went trotting toward the dugout.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell With Fans At Citi Field

Applause for Reyes’ hit turned into a stunned hum — and then the boos rained down as Justin Turner came made his way in as a pinch runner.

Fans Hoping For Better Success Next Year. 1010 WINS’ Al Jones Reports

“The whole day was built around Reyes,” Mets broadcaster Gary Cohen said on SNY. “To have him leave the game so precipitously certainly comes to a shock to everyone watching.”

Fans booed again when Reyes’ replacement at shortstop was introduced by the public address announcer, and on the SNY telecast former Mets star Keith Hernandez called the move “disappointing.”

Signed by the Mets as a 16-year-old out of the Dominican Republic, Reyes can become a free agent after the World Series ends. In a season interrupted by leg injuries that caused two stints on the disabled list, he scored 101 runs and led the majors with 16 triples

Fans chanced “Please stay Jose!” throughout the ninth inning, and he gave a salute to fans as he was walking off the field afterward. Chants of “Jose Reyes!” continued after he threw his hat into the stands and left the field.

Reyes planned to host 15 to 20 friends at his home for a viewing party Wednesday night. If he wins the title, friends in the Dominican Republic intended to hold a parade for him in his hometown.

Reyes was pulled presumably to protect his lead in the NL batting title race. Compare that to what happened 70 years ago today, when Ted Williams played both ends of a season-ending doubleheader with a .400 average on the line. He went 6-for-8, finishing at .406.

So there it is. Reyes ends his season with a .3371 average — and with Mets history on the line. Brewers star Ryan Braun, currently at .3345, would have to go 3-for-4 tonight to take the batting crown.

The Mets, beset with financial issues, traded Carlos Beltran and Francisco Rodriguez during the season, lost David Wright for several months with a back injury and finished their third straight losing season at 77-85, two more losses than last year.

Cincinnati also had a disappointing season, winding up at 79-83 after winning the NL Central last year with a 91-71 record.

Before the game Reds manager Dusty Baker said the Reds were playing to “get off those nines,” but Batista was able to keep Joey Votto and Jay Bruce from rounding out their numbers. Votto went 0 for 3 to end the season with 29 homers and Bruce failed to get the three RBIs he needed for 100.

NOTES: The Mets honored groundskeeper Pete Flynn, who is retiring after 50 years with the organization. … The Reds’ Drew Stubbs ended Mark Reynolds’ run of three straight years leading majors in strikeouts. Stubbs struck out 205 time and Reynolds had 195 heading into the Orioles’ season finale Wednesday night. … The Mets announced an attendance 28,816 for the finale, giving them a final attendance of 2,352,596, a drop of about 7 percent from last year and their lowest total since 2004, when they played at Shea Stadium.

What do you have to say about the Mets pulling Reyes? Be heard in the comments below…

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  1. sparvero says:

    Selfish, egotistical, pathetic, phoney balogna macaroni, take your batting title and…..just get out and don’t come back.

  2. Paul D says:

    It’s just so sad, so pathetic. The manager cries- and who could blame him? Another lost season. One thing that could have been done right at the very last was again taken away from the fans. What Reyes did today has a scent of despair to it. He saw the easiest way out and to a more lucrative contract with a batting title added to his resume. But just like Boggs won it in ’96, it will not be remembered simply that it was done but how it was done.

  3. Marc Seligman says:

    I’m disappointed BUT, it’s Mets history if he wins the batting crown, and also dollars in his pocket for his next contract. Not the move we wanted but, the real move we want is for him to re-up. I think he will

  4. blondie says:

    What if Jose lost the title in a meaningless game? What if he got injured? He had no reason to play all 9 innings.
    I don’t blame him.

    1. Marc Seligman says:


  5. MCK says:

    To all the fans that agreed with what Reyes did today! If he does win the batting championship he’ll probably be accepting the award next year in a different uniform! Reyes, Collins and the Met organization dropped the ball badly on this one!
    Also, Terry Collins crying scene in the post game was just too much!

  6. deb chance says:

    Go Jose! No problem with him leaving – it’s strategy; that’s baseball. What I have a problem with is turning on the radio on my way home from work and hearing Mike Francesca on the Mets broadcast. Why? Last game of the season, I just want to hear the ballgame. Bashing Jose (“He never runs at the right time” What are you talking about?!) is fine to stir it up for the radio show but not o.k. when you are talking right over the play calls. It’s been a rough season but still, let us simply enjoy the last game. Who thought that was cute?! Bad move FAN!

    1. MCK says:

      What kind of strategy is that? Backing into a batting championship makes you proud to be a Mets fan? He should be a man and take his at bats and if he wins it outright good for him! He should be ashamed of himself! Just another black mark against an organization that really can’t afford any more!

  7. Manuel says:

    Come on Mets fans, take it easy on the guy, I’ve seen & heard worst. In 1986 Wade Boggs was leading Mattingly for the batting crown and did not play the last 4 games of the season. He finished at .357 & Mattingly at .352.

    The funny thing is that Boston was playing the Yankees those last 4 games, Mattingly played the entire series. Boggs stated he had pulled a muscle & that’s why he did not play.

    If Reyes does win it he earned it.

    Not everyone is Ted Williams who was batting .400 the last day of the season, Boston was playing a doubleheader & Williams did not want to sit, played both games, went 6 for 8 & finished hitting .406

    I’m a Yankees fan who loves baseball, Reyes at least played, even if it was one AB & played the night before. Boggs did not played the last 4 games, not even pitched hit.

  8. Steven says:

    Typical Mutts Bull chit. Never had a Batting Champ? You still don’t. Bye Bye Jose, have fun with The Nationals~!

  9. Brad says:

    Like Gary, Keith and Ron, I was stunned. That’s not the way to win the batting title. Disappointing. If I had been there, I would have been angry.

    1. Ed says:

      Keith Hernandez shouldn’t even open his mouth about Reyes, In game 6 of the the ’86 WS with the Mets losing and with one out to go his ass was already in the clubhouse, getting undress, thinking the game was over.

      That’s not the way you win a World Series or be a team player.

    2. Salón Benito says:

      Clovis Clodoveo. El juego de beisbol de grandes ligas, es una actividad
      comercial, y para los fanaticos un pasatiempo. El titulo de bateo obtenido
      por Jose Reyes de los Mets ha sido logrado por sus excelentes condiciones
      fisicas, pese a sus lesiones en toda la temporada. El hecho que solo haya
      agotado un solo turno en el juego final, no le quita merito al logro de campeon
      bate, de la liga nacional. Honor a ti campeon Jose Reyes.!!!!!

  10. Kurt Spitzner says:


  11. kathy says:

    I am a life long Met fan. Reyes should have been in the whole game. He is the consummate player – does it for the love of the game – not for the accolades. I truly hope he stays a Met.

  12. Gonzalo Cousin says:

    Who cares what the mets did today. At least theres some positive thing that happens on the last game of the season. Now Jose Reyes can be in the Mets record book before he leaves to free agency. If I were him I would go to a team thats not cutting payroll. The wilpons are clueless that spending less will mean less people in the seats

  13. Kevin says:

    Slimeballs selling reyes to highest bidder.
    Need money….364 million

    1. Ted says:

      What are you talking about? Reyes is now a free agent. Mets get nothing for him. Just the opposite, if they want to keep him, they’ll have to pay extra for a batting champion.

  14. Ted says:

    I was at Citi Field last night. Watched Reyes put on an impressive show with 2 HRs and 3 hits. Pulling him after one at-bat in the final game was a lame thing to do.

  15. Michael Stevens says:

    Plus he did it on a BUNT!!! Here’s rooting for Ryan Braun tonight.

  16. Dave says:

    Dumb move. The fans came to see Jose Reyes today. No one else. If he goes 1-for-4 and loses the batting title, so be it. Taking him out when Braun needs to go just 3-for-4 is a huge risk the way he’s been hitting. Plus no one cares about this game anymore.

  17. Ed Graziano says:

    Only the Mets. In what could be his last game in the uniform they rob the fans of the opportunity to watch him for 1 more game and leave the door open for Braun. With the Mets luck is there any doubt Braun is getting 4 hits tonight?

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