Police: Man Seemed To Enjoy The Crime; 5 Trucks Also BurnedBy Tony Aiello

SLOATSBURG, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — It was a very odd case of arson — caught on camera.

Police are looking for the shirtless firebug who torched a boat and five trucks. CBS 2’s Tony Aiello got a look at the surveillance tape on Wednesday.

Tom Massaro said his bass fishing boat was his pride and joy and he can’t believe someone burned it to a crisp.

“My life is fishing, besides plumbing, what can I tell you?” Massaro said.

A camera at his office in Sloatsburg captured the crime Sunday morning. A young man, shirtless and buff, takes his time setting the boat cover on fire. He really seems to enjoy his act of arson.

“(He) keeps lighting it in different spots. Then he stands back and he’s looking at it, with his shirt off, like he was getting some kind of sensation of just watching that fire,” Massaro said. “He wants to feel the fire, this guy.”

After burning the boat the firebug turned to trucks parked at an adjoining business, setting five of them ablaze.

Ramapo police are working on a couple of different motives.

“Somebody that had some kind of issue with the business, or just somebody’s who sick, has a pyromaniac type of sickness,” Ramapo Police Lt. Mark Emma said when asked to characterize the type of person who could do something like this.

The burned-out boat represents a huge loss for owner Massaro. He had liability insurance in case someone on the boat was ever injured, but he had no coverage for something like this.

“That had a big engine on it, that’s a $40,000 boat to replace it,” Massaro said.

Massaro said he didn’t recognize the arsonist but hopes someone who sees the video will be able to identify him. He said it hurts to watch his boat burn. He said he wishes it had been stolen, rather than set on fire.

If you recognize the man in the video, please call police.

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