Unions Jumping Aboard As Organized Movement Gaining Momentum Daily

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Protesters marched to One Police Plaza in the middle of the Friday afternoon rush, but avoided any major confrontation with the NYPD.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones Speaks With Protesters

Thousands sat in St. Andrew’s Square after marching as part of the group “Occupy Wall Street” from Zuccotti Park to protest an officer’s action against activists last weekend, 1010 WINS’ Al Jones reported.

And they said they have plenty to be upset about.

“As far as we can see the vast majority of protesters are not provoking violence but they’re being responded to with violence and that’s not right,” protester Leia Doran told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

Photo Gallery: Wall Street Protests

WCBS 880’s Monica Miller reported that a number protesters were able to get near the police headquarters area.  She reported that “people were just screaming with elation” in what they considered to be a “huge victory.”

WCBS 880’s Monica Miller Reports

The group has been camped out at Zuccotti Park and marching around the Financial District for two weeks, speaking out against what they say is corporate greed.

“I am tired of seeing the banks, after being given billions in taxpayer dollars, not creating … going out and creating jobs,” protester Luther Green said.

Late Friday afternoon the group headed to One Police Plaza in Lower Manhattan, saying they were fighting against “police brutality and harassment,” specifically an incident last Saturday in which a deputy police inspector used pepper spray against some protesters.

“Police brutality in New York is a little crazy right now — those girls got maced last week. That’s part of the reason that I came out today,” one man told 1010 WINS’ Jones.

“There’s a lot of people who try to hijack the message, a lot of people who try to say that we don’t have a message, but anybody who walks by gets it. You know?  People understand what we’re about,” another man said.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg also added his voice to the protest discussion Friday.

“People have a right to protest, but we also have to make sure that people who don’t want to protest can go down the streets unmolested.  We have to make sure that while you have a right to say what you want to say, people who want to say something very different have a right to say that as well,” Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg also remarked that protesters were targeting the wrong people and that Wall Street should not be their target.

(credit: Monica Miller, WCBS 880)

“Protesters are protesting against people who make 40 or 50 thousand dollars a year and are struggling to make ends meet — that’s the bottom line.  Those are the people that work on Wall Street [and] are in the finance sector,” the mayor said.

Earlier in the week, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly declined to say whether he believed the conduct was justified, but called the protesters’ behavior leading up to the incident “tumultuous.”

“We have not interfered with them even when they’re marching on the sidewalk in significant numbers — we’ve allowed them to do that,” Kelly said Wednesday.

The Civilian Complaint Review Board is now investigating the actions of that deputy police inspector and the claims of a 25-year-old woman and others regarding the incident.

On its website, the group said that “we condemn the actions of unprofessional police who used excessive force in subduing a peaceful march.”

“Abuse of power is abuse of power. Whether perpetrated by Wall Street bankers or members of the NYPD, it is the duty of all citizens to oppose injustice,” the group said.

Now in its second week, the protest is gaining momentum, reports CBS 2’s Dennis. The Transit Workers Union joined the cause Friday, chanting “tax the rich, not the poor.”

One man, with a dollar bill over his mouth, said he and other workers are slaves to their paychecks.

“I remember America the way it used to be, when there was opportunity, when you could come out and get a job, when you could save and plan, and buy a house, a home,” said Kathy Banks of Battery Park.

And until they get some answers to their issues, protesters said they’ll keep exercising their First Amendment right.

“We all come together for 9/11, but we’ve got to come together more besides 9/11. We have to come together and unite,” added Jennie Little of Jersey City.

Even more unions are expected to join the protests as the days go by, including the United Auto Workers and several teachers unions.

What do you think about the protests?  Share your thoughts in the comments section…

Comments (112)
  1. Itala says:

    I’m 70, I support the protest against what our country is becoming: isolationist and avaricious and ever more ignorant. Some of those who present may be young and anarchist, but that’s better than soul-less.

  2. Meme Meyagi says:

    all mooslimes are terrorists, islam demands it

  3. pete D says:

    This is what America needs. People need to stand up and not sit back. Lets protest at the toll booths which are scattered all over the city. My $450/month EZ pass bill could probably feed a family for a few weeks.

    1. Klaus says:

      Agreed. Let’s bring back freeways. Toll roads are for livestock, not free men. I call for a 1% tax on all Wall Street derivatives trades to replace the IRS and tolls.

  4. mike says:

    More pepper spray.

  5. KPMc says:

    Seriously… If you owned a business would you hire anyone of these people? What exactly are they qualified to do besides hold their hands out?

    Ipads, Ipods, Iphones but nobody can afford a razor or clothes that don’t scream “bohemian pothead with no drive to do anything constructive”.

    There are lots of problems with our political and financial approach in this country but these hipsters are not the solution and they certainly don’t speak for hardworking middle class people struggling to get by.

    99%?… more like 9.9%.

    1. Angel says:

      can anybody defined the dollar? see movie “Change is on the Horizon” also see case on North Carolina , Rod Class Vs. The Dept of Transportation. Case No. 10 DOT 7047 (now known as 11 CVS 1559 in Judge Ridgeway’s ruling).

      1. Obama says:

        I like part 3 of “CHANGE IS ON THE HORIZON” anybody can find more information on http://www.rodclass.com. He is kicking ass!

    2. ART says:

      Wrong. I’m in my 60’s and have never protested but I back these people up and hope to join them. I have 3 degrees and 3 professional certifications so you WOULD hire me if I wanted to work for you that is. Many of the protesters are not young and not potheads. They do speak for the middle class. Are you happy with CEO’s getting million dollar bonuses for shipping your jobs overseas? The middle class is disappearing. Are you blind?

    3. Ruth says:

      Wake up. All those special interests the Rep. politicians grouch about together add up to most of America. If you take the time to look at each Republican goal you will see that they all all third world characteristics. Most of the wealth in the hands of a few, shrunken middle class, no unions or labor laws, no minimum wage, no social security, no health care for millions, polluted waterways, no regulation on corporations or Wall Street, no social services, few industries, poor women unable to obtain reproductive care, huge poverty class, no public education..3rd world U. S.A.

  6. ted says:

    Looks primarily like a crowd of stupid kids that were brainwashed by liberal professors. We don;t need a return to the 60’s with smelly, dope fiend hippies running all over the place -take a bath and get a job you bums. McDonald’s is hiring, although most of these clowns would run like hell the other way if you offered them work.

    1. Mike Himmel says:

      This isn’t a lib vs. con issue. Many people can’t find jobs and pay their bills. You need to get out of the partisan mentality of Dem vs Rep. Let’s see you get a job at McDonalds. They aren’t hiring everyone.

      1. Phyllis says:

        You’re right…even McD’s has standards for who they will hire and most of these folks wouldn’t fit the bill.

  7. TomNJ says:

    Protesting may work for one particular issue, like stopping a war or freeing and unjustly imprisoned person. But the economy is not one thing. It is a very complicated and diverse set of issues that cannot be changed by people protesting. Do you really think wall street and the other million facets that effect the economy are suddenly going to say “oh damn, people are unhappy, lets stop all this corporate greed and go back to a simpler way”? No, not when it comes to the very foundation of our financial system. Get jobs in the financial and political fields and make the changes where they will really count. Your views will be listened to much more seriously if you are wearing a suit and calm and educated then standing in the rain yelling.

    1. TimTayshun says:

      There WILL be more suits once they figure out that this is also about them. There are already a group of grannies protesting in their 80’s and 90’s! Lol. I have mixed opinions about unions joiniing, but that’s okay. All of you that are complaining, “get a job!” – guess what! Nearly 1 in 10 are unemployed in the US. Some may be lazy, but some of those diligently seek work. Nay-sayers, listen up and recognize that you simply don’t comprehend what is going on here. I promise you, this winter, as this movement grows, you will begin to “GET” what is really going on; and MOST of you will begin to actually support this this movement as it becomes more defined. This is our history and this is our future. We must address our grievances! Consider the billions of dollars that were given to the “too big to fail” banksters and such… How did that help any REAL people? This is an ebbing tide that is pushing in the proper direction. From this, real leaders will arise. From this, there will be some which stand up to address each of your concerns. Pay attention sheeple! Maybe we can actually effect some change. Don’t just sit there on your ass! Do something and quit complaining!

  8. kam89 says:

    We all hate corporate greed but love what it has to offer. Apple products (nooo liberals love Apple too much). Marlboro cigarettes (noooo liberals also love Marlboro too much). Mobile phones. Public market places. Name brand clothing (who likes Nordstroms here?). If you really want to hit a corporation where it hurts, boycott…quit buying their products. A foolish man will grip his money tight all the way to the grave. Whats the solution, deny the fool of his money. You can protest until your blue in the face, yet the “evil, inbred, redneck, Republican, homophobe, religious extremist 1% rich” will never hear your cries. Hell they won’t even hire people! Protests are stupid, and pointless. Mobs are irrational. They lack no voice of reason. Mankind looses his sense of conscious when it masses into mobs (like this one). You want change, quit buying brand products, until then, enjoy being maced and rained on. Hopefully the police start firing rubber bullets into the crowd next.

    1. TimTayshun says:

      These types of conversations already point to the success of this continuing movement. These types of expressed concerns are what this is all about, and what will help us unify. Consider this as more, like you, raise these same issues. What is it that prompted you to take the time to voice these opinions? EXACTLY. We are the 99%. We DO have the power in this democracy to effect change. Don’t let the dream die. We ARE the 99%


    I visited the protestors downtown, to lend my support to this effort to educate the 99% to the possibilites of protest: We liberals, radicals, “socialist hippies, middle classes joined together and stopped the Viet Nam War, dismantlled nuclear planst, initiated on-campus day-care for mothers, and began the process of establishing single payer healthcare. These kids are serious in sharing their ideas, their food, and their discomfort…they are sleeping in the rain, and on concrete. We should all be out their to protest the outrageous greed that has brough this country and the world to economic and societal disaster. THESE PEOPLE SLEEP ON CONCRETE FOR THEIR VIEW,, AND WE NEED TO GET OFF OUR COUCHES AND JOIN THEM!

    1. Ever see a liberal work? Like NOT! says:

      You a are funny! Thats for the hilarious post!

      1. TimTayshun says:

        …and you are weak.

    2. Jimmyg says:

      B***S***. Why don’t these overeducated bums rally to go to a park and clean it up. Go to Harlem or Brownsville and clean out the boarded up buildings back lots. Do something constructive, obviously they will never find a job trying to dismantle the ones that provide jobs. Wall Street isn’t the problem, it’s the higher education, the Columbia’s that brainwash them is the real problem. Get a life and live it. Or even better since they are downtown protesting, go to the mosque and protest that, something that most Americans can relate to…

      1. Mike Himmel says:

        Are you employed? Have you tried looking for a job lately? Do you agree with the bail out of wall st? You need to expand your limited thought process and realize that things are really bad and if it were not for food stamps, you would see massive bread lines like in the 30s.

      2. TimTayshun says:

        Those occupying Wall Street have set up a recycling and trash policing effort already. …Among a few other things…

  10. Work before welfare says:

    Protest away in the rain! Sure beats trying to get serious and work for a living. Imagine if they could channel their energy into something productive? Nah, better to have multi-colored hair; bad clothes, poor hygiene and blame it on someone else. It is the world’s fault, not theirs. Everyone should be entitled to not work, be fed and clothed, correct? Wait, that sounds like a stint in prison. Oh well, enjoy the liberal press keeping your lame campaign on the front page where no one cares about your silly protest.

    Nice to see the majority of folks do not support you lameness.

  11. Mary Smith says:

    jandgdist.com!!!! Support breast cancer – hope for a cure in every bag of Pink Potato Chips – check it out!!!!

  12. rose says:

    who doesnt know that wall street has hijacked washington? people protest for many reasons. if people love all the austerity measures then there be no protest anywhere.

    1. Sure is day to blame the other guy! says:

      Interesting. ime for you to drink the Cool-aide

  13. cinzana says:

    Just went through the photo gallery and I was amazed at the tools protesting. Laptops, cigarettes, designer handbags!! Really these are the disenfranchised of America!! Give me a break, these hipsters are just looking for something to protest. Yawn….living off Mommy & Daddy’s dollars must be nice!!! Get a job then talk to me about how hard the world is. They wouldn’t know hard work if it slapped them in the face. I just want to punch these dbags in the face!! So tired of the hypocrisy.

    1. timTayshun says:

      I’m “gainfully employed.” I support these protests whole-heartedly. I implore you to please take 15 minutes to actually learn what this is about.

  14. dr meh says:

    The protesters are right and now is the time. The 99% and based on these negative comments here, many don’t even know they are tools for the 1%.

    The cooperate greed has to be reversed otherwise this country will have a class civil war like those in the mideast.

  15. Dale Auburn says:

    “Protesters are protesting against people who make 40 or 50 thousand dollars a year and are struggling to make ends meet — that’s the bottom line. Those are the people that work on Wall Street [and] are in the finance sector,” the mayor said.

    He’s right. Yes, they’re protesting against the wealthy Wall Street types. HOWEVER, they’re also protesting against the secretaries and the janitors and the shop owners and the taxi drivers whose livelihoods depend on the wealthy Wall Street types. Why do the protesters hate secretaries and janitors and shop owners and taxi drivers??

    1. timTayshun says:

      Please consider the bigger picture

  16. Keglera says:

    Yeah right. Only making $50,000. Bloomberg, you’re a liar.

    1. Dale Auburn says:

      He’s referring to the secretaries and the janitors and the shop owners and the taxi drivers whose livelihoods depend on the wealthy Wall Street types. Why do you HATE secretaries and janitors and shop owners and taxi drivers so much??

      1. Bruce says:

        Huh? I would respond to your comment, but I am due back on the planet Earth.

        1. Dale Auburn says:

          So you’re saying that secretaries and janitors and shop owners and taxi drivers are really paid just as much as the investment bankers and executives? Not on planet Earth they aren’t.

  17. Alice says:

    It amazes me the comments here! I guess the majority of you have not lost money you have saved all of your lives for. I also guess you have good paying jobs and are not having a problem paying your bills. How fortunate! I’m doing ok too! The problem is the majority of Americans are not. To be smug and capable of turning a blind eye to the situation while the numbers increase across this country may put you in a position of being shocked that this could happen to you. Don’t be mistaken. . . you are the 99%. . . unless you are the 1%. . . .but maybe you are or paid by them.

  18. cinzana says:

    This is the pot calling the kettle black, these trustafarians are protesting the system that allows them to live job free protest the cause du jour alll day long!! Thank God for Mommy & Daddy’s trust fund!!

    1. Brian says:

      And how do you know that they have trust funds? Of course you don’t since I doubt that you met a single protester. You should apply for a job at Fox News; they are looking for people who confidently make statements without any evidence whatsoever even if the speaker has no idea what they are talking about.

    2. ART says:

      Their mommies and daddies don’t have a job anymore doofus.

  19. steve says:

    The mayor appears to be a delusional sociopath;how else to explain this statement: “Protesters are protesting against people who make 40 or 50 thousand dollars a year and are struggling to make ends meet — that’s the bottom line. Those are the people that work on Wall Street [and] are in the finance sector,” the mayor said.”

    Top 400 in U.S. have equal wealth to the other 50%. Inequality worst it has been since 1920s. 30 years of wage and income stagnation. It is 1% vs. 99% and Wall Street both is and represent the 1% who have been the class warfare against the rest of us.

  20. jay Pee says:

    The grimmy pain in the arses protesters are costing me a tax payer and other tax payers a fortune in overtime for cops.

    They also are getting in the way of my express bus home.

    Are they trying to be a new woodstock?


    1. Steven Eisenpreis says:

      Amen, brother!

  21. The Realist says:

    Has any reporter asked who is PAYING these “protesters” to be there? Of course not. That would be politically incorrect.

    It’s obvious that this “Occupy Wall Street” group is a huge corporation (with a highly-paid CEO) that can afford to HIRE thousands of professional activists to “protest” in numerous cities on three continents.

    1. TimTayshun says:

      You simply don’t get it. I challenge you to point out and bring to the surface EVEN ONE of these protesters who is being “paid” to be there. If you do, I will eat my shorts. honestly. As the weeks progress, you will come to realize this. You will definitely come to realize this.

  22. mary Smith says:

    jandgdistgmail.com fight against breast cancer check it out !!!!

  23. Al Lyak says:

    Thousands are there now, thousands more are on the way. History is happening. If you prefer that America be run by corporations instead of the People, then you may choose to ignore #OccupyWallStreet all together.

    1. Life & work is not an entitlement, you have to earn it says:

      You missed traveling with Heaven’s Gate ministry on the the Hale Bop Comet, didn’t you?. Save another planet or get a real job here.

  24. Brooke McGowen says:

    Judging from the number of unenlightened comments, people don’t understand that the time has come to take back our country. Amazing that right-wing supporters don’t realize what dire straights we are in. People in this forum saying Get a job, should inform themselves about the employment situation. Corporate greed has destroyed our society. Luckily there are people who are courageous enough to stand up for our citizens rights.

    1. floyd says:

      they are asleep sheep your doing a great job keep up the good work !

    2. AV says:

      These people who are protesting are in plain English “Bums”…..they are the first ones to cry for police help when needed….if your not happy here please leave this country ! All your good for is establishing lawsuits and causing disruption to the rest of the good citizenc of NYC.

      1. Brian says:

        I agree. The members of the Tea Party should leave the country if they are not happy with it.

    3. Work before Welfare says:

      I think we have had enough “Change” for almost 3 years now. I know this may be hard for you to understand , but you have to work and earn your own keep in this world There is not a bottomless out to hand out entitlements.

      1. jane says:

        Yes there is and they are called Harry Reid and Nancy Pelossi. They think Washington and taxpayers are just one giant blank check for all the handout entitlements that are their pet projects. Welfare, green cards for illegals, drivers liceneses so that they can get to McDonalds and sweep floors. Until the debt is brought under control, no large corporation will hire, since all are afraid, that soon these two spending wonders may force candidates on corporate America, unskilled and qualified or not………….

  25. Liberalism Is a Disease says:

    You go! unwashed, uneducated, left wing, socialist, future burger king workers!!!!

  26. JACKIE says:


    1. AnonBeliever says:

      If there was a job for them they wouldnt be out there.

      1. AV says:

        You got to be kidding…these people don’t want to work….the jobs they want might not be there but there are jobs out there….go look for them or do you want everything handed to you……

    2. NB says:

      Oh honey you have it so wrong. I have a job–a really good one and a successful career spanning over 25 years. I probably make 3 times what you do (but without your killer pension and practically freebie health insurance). But I support this protest because it is the right thing to do and I am fed up with this country’s support of big banks, fed up with corporations excessively funding political campaigns, and fed up seeing my friends being unemployed for years at a time while the 1% just roll in it. If you were a smart girl (which you aren’t) you’d realize that you are part of the 99% who are getting screwed over. Enjoy your pension and all the overtime you’re making on this protest, your anti-semitism, and your ignorance. I know you cops love are diffing all the overtime you’re getting. That and your donuts and booze.

      1. ciinzana says:

        So NB I guess you don’t have a 401K or any investments in stocks… riiiiiight.. if you are so successful as you say you are you than I am sure that you are just as reliant in Wall St. as all the people that work there. Even people with pensions rely on Wall Street and the stock market. Please stop with your disingenuous outrage it’s really quite obnoxious. If you’re going to walk the walk than talk the talk!!

        1. ART says:

          ciinzana .. It is you who are clueless. People’s 401K’s were doing great until the banks and corporations screwed the economy and cause the unemployment to skyrocket. The economy tanked under George W’s watch. Wall street did better before the greed set in. If people have no jobs then where will they get the money to buy things from these corporations? Have you seen the stock market today and this last month? How do you explain that?

  27. JACKIE says:


    1. NB says:

      Nice language. And you seem to hate Jews too. We are not Jewish so I’m not sure where you got your “temple” comment from. But I guess when hate runs that deep you’ll use it on anyone. Watch out. Instant karma’s gonna get you.

    2. floyd says:

      Jackie Jackie you don’t know anything above your pay grade oh can i get my soda please with that! !!!

  28. Brandt Hardin says:

    The movement is gaining momentum after two weeks and Occupy movements are popping up all over the country! Stand up together and use your voice to give to those without through solidarity. Tax the rich and feed the poor- you are the 99%! See my Occupy Wall Street painting and Anonymous homage on my artist’s blog at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2011/09/occupywallstreet.html where you can also see videos of the protests and police brutality as well as get other sources for coverage of the movement.

  29. Kat says:

    I pass Zuccotti Park everyday and they are not making one bit of difference. I spoke to a few young kids, all of whom are in school and going home at night. The ones who sleep there 24/7 don’t have anything going on in their lives. They are marching against the police tonight because there is nothing else to do.

    1. NB says:

      If you turn on the Live stream of this event RIGHT NOW you will see thousands of people there. Not just kids. Not just students. the NYC Transit Workers Union has joined them and will march with them. My daughter was one of the protesters brutalized by the NYPD. She did nothing to deserve it. Occupy Wall Street may not have made a big dent until today but take a look. The park is overflowing and thousands are there now.

      1. L.O. says:

        Is your daughter willing to die for her cause? For these people to compare themselves to those who took part in the movements of the “Arab Spring” is pathetic. Any successful movement has had the patience to engage its police and military; this takes time (months, years), and whining and freaking out about every little thing is not the way to do it. Give us a break, please.
        Your daughter will survive; this movement will not. These wimps will disappear once it gets chilly and being a “revoluntionary” isn’t so fun anymore.

  30. 2 cent says:

    This is what happens when you have a large amount of over-educated, entitled young people wanting to know why they don’t have what they were told all their lives they could have. I do believe in peaceful protests, but these people are going about this all wrong. They are targeting”Wall Street” (and what it stands for as a whole, rather than focusing their energy and efforts on a single investment bank that is mostly responsible for this inequity – they should all march over to 200 West Street, the headquarters of Goldman Sachs, and call them out! If the protesters really organize a missive against this evil organization and expose all the things that they have done to wreck the economy (in cahoots with higher ups in the Government) then this would be a positive and effective way to get their point across and facilitate some REAL change in how things are done in the investment banking world.

  31. Reverend Rev says:

    These professional activists complain about big corporations, yet they’re WORKING for a corporation (“OccupyWallStreet”) that’s clearly big enough to hire thousands of people and stage protests in cities across three continents.

    1. TimTayshun says:

      Booo. Unfortunately, you don’t know anything about this movement. There is NO ONE being paid to represent this movement. No one. Check out this awesome Opinion piece on CNN (surprisingly) concerning our growing movement, its timeliness and importance. Please read and stay informed. Thx & Peace 🙂 http://www.cnn.com/2011/09/28/opinion/kohn-tradition-of-protests/index.html?iref=allsearch

  32. JACKIE says:


  33. JGNY says:

    I fail to see the issue. The public traded companies that employee millions of people are the engine of economic growth in this country. In addition, if any of these protestors wish to be successful instead of whinning, go back to school, get a degree and learn how too. There is NO ONE Stopping any of these protestors from becoming rich or non dependent. These people who work on wall street are not all rich, some make less then a non skilled union worker. The bottom line is, instead of wasting tiime crying that the big greedy corporations are not giving you their money, earn it yourself. There are plenty of self made rich people who have become rich without the help of wall street. This is what our leader Obama wants, more class warfare and division. He thrives on it and you dopes are falling for it. NO ONE OWES YOU A THING. Instead of protesting, get a job, start a business and make your mark and leave honest, hardworking citizens alone. They are not just protesting, they are demanding that others give away to them what they have not earned. Pure and simple, left wing nonsense

    1. ART says:

      If these corporation are the engines of economic growth then why are we in the worst recession in 80 years with no end in sight? Where are the jobs? The CEO’s who make millions are not self made. They were hired by those corporations. How can someone start a business if the banks are loaning money you moron?

  34. Shane Devino says:

    i guess they have nothing better to do lol

  35. Unknown says:

    Some of these comments are ridiculous.

    @Vik: Who’s whining now? From the looks of your comment (with all the caps) it seems as if you are the one whining. These people are standing up for what they believe in. Also, if the NYPD were spray ‘everyone’, I doubt anyone would leave. It would probably cause an uproar.

    @Kris Kris: How ignorant can you be? Do you not understand why we are in this mess in the first place? Your attempted at a rebuttal is pathetic.

  36. SteveR says:

    Screw all these troublemakers. Crack their mellons and throw them in jail.

  37. BigD says:


  38. RDC says:

    IS Bloomberg SERIOUS with this comment? – ““Protesters are protesting against people who make 40 or 50 thousand dollars a year and are struggling to make ends meet — that’s the bottom line. Those are the people that work on Wall Street [and] are in the finance sector,” the mayor said.” What an absolute CROCK. The irony of the matter is that the people that the top 1% of wealth owners have waged war against over the past decade have been those people who make $40K and $50K a year. Where has Bloomberg been in expressing his outrage over that?

  39. TheTruthHurts says:

    Actually, it’s the poor, ever breeding, uneducated ,leaches of society ,who are destroying this country..

    1. John Gulbunnie says:

      That’s describes just about every christian in america. Funny how that works.

      1. timTayshun says:

        well that’s a doozy of a statment. Pathetic.

  40. Rob says:

    Well, I have to give the Police Kudos for their restraint. Although, the group is really small enough that they are hardly noticable down here.

    Enjoy your march at 5:30. We all leave this area by 5pm on Fridays….

  41. InYourFace says:

    I’m 100% in support of OWS. HOWEVER, don’t lose focus on why you’re there and begin targeting other institutions like police plaza. It will spread you thin, weaken your cause and attract the idiots who really hate all cops. They will be the ones getting all the attention and thus taint your cause.

  42. Johnny Handsome says:


    1. Think Johnny says:

      Johnny Handsome, I think you are a commie and a traitor by making such a statement. Think with your head please.

    2. Don Juan says:

      This country has a long history of protest — dating back to the 18th Century. In fact, there were probably more protests 200 years ago than there are today. It is perfectly American.

  43. Vik says:


    1. Kris says:

      Do you like the recession? You know, the one caused by the banks and wall street? Do you like the unemployment rates where they are? These people are trying to make a difference for the country by DOING something. Instead of whining about it in comments on a news story. You know, like you.

      1. Kris Kris says:

        Here’s doing something — GO FIND A JOB. Stop playing the blame game and not taking personal accountability. Banks/Wall Street are run by PEOPLE. Don’t blast a whole industry or part of town because of the few bad apples. We shouldn’t have killed just Hitler. We should’ve taken out his whole race by your analogy.

        1. Tom says:

          I say you can always ask the greedy CEOs to be less greedy, but then again, you’d probably have more luck asking Hitler to wear a yarmulke.

    2. John Gulbunni says:

      Laughable nonsense from an uneducated blight on society! #occupywallstreet will restore the power to people (and by people, I mean those educated enough to understand what’s a stake…unlike this troglodyte).

  44. NewYawka says:


  45. jschool says:

    How annoying…this is just something “fun” to do for the young people involved. I doubt their sincerity–I don’t think they really stand for anythingl. They are just being a nuisance, costing the city money, getting attention, and most importantly changing nothing.

    1. Bill K says:

      Young people? I’m 64 years old. I’ve been down to the occupation and I’ve marched with the folks who are holding the park. They’re not all young; a group called the Raging Grannies is there frequently–some of them are in their 90s. There are all kinds of people, of all ages, young, old and in-between, showing up, dropping by to give support or encouragement in what ever way they can. People who work on Wall Street, people whose jobs could be downsized or eliminated at any moment by the bankers–the 1% who own and control most of the city’s and the nation’s wealth–are stopping by after work to say Hello and give encouragement. Even some NYC police officers are expressing support, when the white shirts like Bologna and Kelly are not looking down their shoulders. The transit workers–hardly kids themselves–are on the scene and other trade unionists are about to join in. It’s not simply “just something ‘fun’ to do for the young people involved”, as you so ridiculously claim. For young and old alike who are participating in the occupation or giving it support in whatever way they can, it’s a question of their their job security (for those who are lucky enough to have one), their financial stability, their future. You doubt their sincerity? Why don’t you work up a bit of courage (something the occupiers certainly have) to actually go down to the encampment and talk first-hand with some of the people there, and see what they have to say, to see how sincere they are? Your ignorance and stupidity is showing, and it brands you merely as an ass.

      1. jagdish says:

        Darwinian forces ensure your ilk remains intellectually, financially and socially irrelevent. But you do provide laughs. You “fight” the capitalistic “machine” that provides the tax subsidies that supports you so that you can waste your time on meaningless endeavors to make yourself feel important.

        1. TimTayshun says:

          jagdish = troll

    2. ART says:

      I’m 63 and I support these people. You are obviously clueless about these protests.

  46. Question says:

    Do any of these people work? I mean, this is going on for weeks. Don’t they have a job to go to?

    1. CRM says:

      Exactly. Imagine if they all figured out how they could start a business together based on their skill sets rather than beating drums at random intervals and sitting around with notebooks and listening to each other lecture (I witnessed that the other day on my way to the PATH). By the way, if you look at Bloomberg.com you will see a slideshow of the demonstrators and their quotes. My favorite is the one about “standing up to the machine”.

    2. TimTayshun says:

      According to the unemployment rate, roughly one in ten are out of work in America. This includes a large amount of college students who’ve achieved degrees and racked up student loan debt and still can’t find jobs paying more than minimum wage. pay attention to some of the comments and get informed. This is not a hippy movement. We are the 99%.

      1. Disillusioned says:

        That’s because college (unfortunately) does not teach you how to go and make money. It’s all theory, no practice. I have a Masters degree and little to show for it. What people need to do is get educated about financial matters and then they can stop working for “the machine” and become the business owners. Then they will stop depending on their jobs for security. Stop whining and do something other than protest the “unfairness”. It’s people’s greed that got us into this financial mess. Not just Wall St, but Main St. If you own a car or a large screen TV but can’t afford your rent, YOU are the one who created the problem!

        1. Dipset says:

          But you need a Car in Atlanta. WITHOUT A CAR, i can’t get to work. so sir, what is your theory behind all this?

  47. CRM says:

    The group’s identity seems to change often. First corporate greed, then the death penalty, and now police brutality. It would be nice if they could stay on point.

    1. TimTayshun says:

      We appreciate your sentiment, however consider this:

      ‎”…very few protest movements enjoy perfect clarity about tactics or command widespread support when they begin; they’re designed to spark conversation, raise awareness, attract others to the cause, and build those structural planks as they grow and develop.” – Glen Greenwald

      We are the 99%

      1. CRM says:

        Scope creep. Google it. Who is John Galt?

  48. Josiah Wray says:

    “We have not interfered with them even when they’re marching on the sidewalk in significant numbers — we’ve allowed them to do that,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Wednesday.

    Sorry bud, but there’s something else that ALLOWS us.

    1. Victor says:

      hear, hear!

    2. Mike Oxsmaul says:

      THEY’VE allowed it. HA! Gracious of these goons, ain’t it?

  49. jerrylanson says:

    I think this movement has the potential to coalesce into a populist counterpoint to the Tea Party. I haven’t seen a sustained, nonviolent protest movement on the left in this country since the anti-war movement of the late ’60s and early ’70s. This one has potential if it stays peaceful and develops something that it’s for and not merely against.

    1. CRM says:

      Who is John Galt?

      1. tombetz says:

        A fictional character in a hypocritical atheist author’s poorly written overly-long political screed beloved by a small minority of self-deluded tools of the 1%.

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