NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A seven-year veteran of the New York Police Department is in trouble with the feds.

The FBI arrested Officer Admir Kacamakovic, 31, on Wednesday in connection with a case dating back three years.

On July 5, 2008, Kacamakovic, while on duty and in uniform, allegedly used pepper spray on a man involved in a parking dispute outside a bar owned by the officer’s cousin, according to a complaint.

Kacamakovic apparently said to the man, “no one f***s with my cousin’s place.”

Authorties said Kacamakovic also handcuffed and unlawfully detained the man who later filed a complaint with the NYPD’s Civilian Complaint Review Board and a civil lawsuit.

Officials said Kacamakovic later accessed the NYPD’s computer system to get information from a FBI database about the assault victim.

Kacamakovic is accused of getting into the system a second time to get information for his cousin who was the subject of a federal drug investigation.

“This officer allegedly turned his back on his oath to protect and to serve, and instead used his badge and his authority against a citizen and our system of justice,” U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch said in a statement.

“The public trusts the police not only to enforce the law, but to obey it. This is a responsibility that should be taken seriously,” FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge Janice Fedarcyk stated.

Kacamakovic was assigned to the 62nd Precinct in Brooklyn. He faces 17 years in prison if convicted.

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  1. Scott says:

    That shiney little badge won’t help him munch in prison now will it ! Cop’s love to through around the badge in bars. Must be psyciatric disorder.

  2. Phouse44 says:

    There always seems to be a NY cop in the news for something bad…Everything from taking advantage of a drunk girl in the East Village, Pushing someone off a bike in Times Square, Dirty Dancing in the streets during a parade and now this…You have to earn respect/trust its not given to you bc you wear some shiny badge and stupid looking hat.

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