Zuccotti Park Owners: Sanitation Becoming A Problem, Quit Hogging The Place

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly had some strong words for “Occupy Wall Street” protesters Thursday, blaming participants for starting skirmishes which led to more than 20 arrests on Wednesday.

“What they did is they counted.  They actually had a countdown — 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 — they grouped together, they joined arms and they charged the police. They attacked the police. They wanted to get into Wall Street, they wanted to occupy Wall Street,” Kelly told reporters.

Police arrested 28 people Wednesday — mostly for disorderly conduct.  There was at least one arrest for assaulting a police officer and police said one protester even knocked an officer off his scooter.

Kelly said that if demonstrators targeted the police, authorities would respond with “force.”

“They’re going to be met with force when they do that — this is just common sense,” he said.

The commissioner said protesters were told to stay within the barricades that police had erected and when they crossed over them they began hassling the cops.

“These people wanted to have confrontation with the police for whatever reason.  Somehow, I guess it works to their purposes,” Kelly said.

The commissioner told reporters that the protests have cost the city about $2 million in overtime for officers assigned to cover the demonstrations.

Despite the clashes and arrests, Kelly stressed that as long as protesters followed the rules, there would be no issues.

“We are accommodating peaceful protests.  We are proud of the fact that we do that in this city. People are going to be here for an extended period of time. We’re going to accommodate them as long as they do it peacefully and in accordance with the laws and regulations,” he said.

The problem for the city and the police is even if they wanted to, they can’t evict “Occupy Wall Street” as long as they make Zuccotti Park their headquarters. It is private space that must be opened to the public

“The charter, it gives access to the park 24 hours a day, seven says a week,” Kelly said.

When asked by CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer if there was an end game, his response was carefully considered.

“You know, we’ll see. Right now they’re on private property and people who own that property don’t have the power to eject them,” he said.

But Brookfield Office Properties, which owns Zuccotti Park, seems to be slowly building a case against protesters, saying Thursday that the protestors are interfering with the use of the park by others and are creating sanitary problems.

“Sanitation is a growing concern,” Brookfield said in a statement. “Normally the park is cleaned and inspected every weeknight. . . because the protestors refuse to cooperate. . .the park has not been cleaned since Friday, September 16th and as a result, sanitary conditions have reached unacceptable levels.”

What do you make of Commissioner Kelly’s comments? Share your thoughts in the comments section…

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  1. Bogusbob says:

    This bunch of dimwits are all the social science majors. They will be welfare workers of on welfare themselves. Hose them down with some nice east river water. The commie in the white house and a bunch of the congressmen and senators are the main problem. Not wall street. Wher do you think all the retirement accounts for teachers and firemen as well as the police keep their investments???

    1. Casper says:

      Did you have to learn to become the idiot you are, or were you born this way? This is a sincere question that this inquiring mind would love to know.

      1. Eric in Sacramento says:

        He tells the truth, so clearly you’re an idiot.

        1. AngelBronx says:

          JP Morgan just gave NYPD a $4.6 million donation. NYPD WORKS FOR WALL STREET.

          F*** ray kelly. he is bought and paid for by Wall Street as much as bush and obama have been.

          1. Steve says:

            People like yourself are so utterly clueless. If JP Morgan just gave a 4.6 million donation to help support the NYPD, and the protesters haven’t given a damn thing what does that say about who does more social good? The people the protesters are protesting against employee far more people and pay far more taxes to support the country than the THUG protesters do. The police officers the THUG protesters are assaulting and rioting against, do far more good and pay far more taxes to support the country than the protesters do. Their true colors are coming out and as they act more and more like the violent little thugs they are the NYPD will be justified in kicking some little THUG a$$. They have my support 100% in doing what they need to do to stop a bunch of useless little THUGS from defacing public property, blocking traffic, harassing citizens and legitimate businesses.

            1. Edgar N Valderrama says:

              Long Live the Status Quo!
              Avoid Change as long as Possible!

              1. Steve says:

                well,…. a new President would sure be good.Hard to imagine how we coukd do worse, short of Hugo Chavez

        2. abortdemocrats says:

          Eric, you know damn well that corporations owe you. They need to pay you and your kind the money they took from you with interest. It isn’t important that you have an entrenched sense of entitlement or that you are unwilling to work and provide for yourself. It is only important that you are angry about corporate “greed”. Everyone needs to ignore your own “greed” in demanding others to give you money. Apple, Coca Cola, your local electric and internet providers all need to cease existence, then your life will improve and you will be rich somehow.

          1. abortdemocrats says:

            I mean Casper, not Eric.

          2. Steve says:

            It’s not the corporations taking money out of the average Americans pocket it’s the greedy politicians taking 1/3 or more of what everyone earns to redistribute it to a bunch of losers who won’t support themselves via ‘entitlement’ programs. So stop babbling about corporations and focus on the real problem: Tax and spend politicians.

        3. Edgar N Valderrama says:

          I guess TRUTH is relative. I would rather see desperate people complaining than satisfied losers ignorantly liking the hand that robs them.

          1. Edgar N Valderrama says:

            I meant “licking” the hand

      2. ZZ says:

        You are the idiot, Casper.

      3. Darth Lib says:

        Yes Casper, we would like to know… did you have to learn to become the idiot, or were you born that way?

        1. James says:

          I take it then you are all ok with these banks that make poor decisions getting public money to keep paying huge bonuses to their executives. They have a word for what the banks and government are doing – I believe it is called socialism. Every time the Fed “opens its lending window” to banks and “expands its balance sheet” by a few billion or trillion dollars, it raises the price of everything you buy. You should be protesting wall street and the fed, inflation is a hidden tax on us all and you are paying to prop up banks that the free market should let fail.

          1. Jeff says:

            hey dude, it’s facsism, not socialism. It’s been going on since FDR was in office. Heck, way back then you can read american newspapers that praised benito mussolini’s ideas. No kidding. This country is screwed up but it goes way beyond Obama and Bush…

          2. steve says:

            “I take it then you are all ok with these banks that make poor decisions getting public money to keep paying huge bonuses to their executives.”

            I don’t think they should have gotten anything. But I didn’t see any of these little leftist nuts out protesting when TARP was signed into law, and I didn’t see any of them protesting when Obama allocated his 350 Billion half of it. I saw tea party protests, but the little leftist sheeple were nowhere in sight. Now that the money is long gone the little morons come out from under their rocks.

      4. Prorkba says:

        Inquiring mind? Gotta have a mind first.

    2. Steafan Dubhuidhe says:

      Actually, I am an engineer and I was there. I’m looking forward to the day when the 1% is employed cleaning our bathrooms.

      1. stah says:

        An employed engineer?

        1. Darnel says:

          Are you the engineer of an HO train set or a sanitation engineer – please provide more detail!

          1. joe says:

            mjaybe a SOCIAL engineer

      2. Casper says:

        Are you referring to the 1% that pay 40% of the ‘freight’? You sound like you’re part of the 50% who pay little. Engineering not-withstanding. Not sure what your ‘complaint’ is? Can you be more clear, please?

        1. rosebud says:

          Maybe he’s a “custodial engineer”—that’s our high school janitor’s job title. LOL
          If so, they are already paying him to clean the bathrooms!

          1. DJ says:

            Maybe he plays with toy trains in his mother’s basement and wears one of those train engineer hats? If the “1%” end up cleaning his bathroom, that doesn’t bode well for HIS future! Considering the fact that the “1%” that he so despises are paying about 70% of the taxes in this Country, and creating all of the jobs!

            1. Tim Holt says:

              oN, -No, but it certainly makes him better than the losers that collect 99 weeks of unemployment.

              1. katiepea says:

                actually the movement has been throwing their unemployment checks/cards away because banks collect fees on them. this isn’t about money, it’s about control. you don’t get it.

                1. Geechee says:

                  The “movement”?
                  Are you joking?
                  Civil Rights was a movement.
                  The anit-Vietnam War protests were a movement.
                  The Tea Party is movement.
                  This is nothing but rabble, individuals who hope to find an identity for themselves in the midst of this “revolution” (LOL) because they aren’t capable of achieving one in the real world.
                  Wait’ll it gets cold outside, or these clowns get a whiff of CS, or the donated pizza runs out.
                  That’s when the whole country will see what a fraud this (haha) “movement’ is.

                2. Steve says:

                  “actually the movement has been throwing their unemployment checks/cards away”


            2. Poutsy says:

              Yeah! Once we destroy Wall Street, life will be sweet! My bills will be paid, I’ll have a great job and I won’t have to pay back my student loans! Hoot Hoot!

              1. Raymond says:

                It’s alright that You won’t pay back your Student Loans, Poutsy. The IRS will just deduct it from Your Tax Refund till it’s “Pain In Full.”

              2. Raymond says:

                CORREECTION: “Paid In Full.”

              3. sherrb says:

                Oh Yeah! And you left out you won’t have to worry about paying your mortgage or putting gas in your car, ’cause when OBAma is president we’re gonna be rich!!!!

            3. sherrb says:

              Do you mean the people who pay for you folks that have plenty of time to hang out and smell bad while the rest of us work to support that 47% of you that pay no Income Taxes and live in our pockets while you complain that we don’t support your laziness in the manner that you have become unsatisfied with?

              I know that you never noticed that the Tea Party Patriots hold their meetings after 6pm and on weekends. (When we aren’t working to support you!)

              Nice that you can take days/weeks to hang out and protest without worrying about getting your work done to support your customer base, company, and contribute to the overal work effort with your co-workers, customers and corporate viability. Obviously because you either work for the GOV, the SEIU or you don’t have a job and are surviving off of us. What do you want now? A Mazerati? With a short skirted French Maid to go fetch your groceries with your food stamps? You make me sick.

              WHO IS JOHN GALT??????

              1. stopthe says:

                I’m all for smaller government and libertarianism, but please don’t throw Ayn Rand up in my face, as if her simplistic view of the universe was worth anything. Please. Corporations need to be controlled. Ayn Rand would have been a horrible policymaker. What works in a badly-written philosophical polemic-novel doesn’t always work in the Real World.

                1. sherrb says:

                  It’s a book and an overall philosophy reference, and you didn’t even reference 98% of my posting. “Corporations ned to be controlled” …. ???? …. How about “controlling” the slackers stealing money out of our pockets every day w/ bullcrud claims at entitlement? You want to get to the sources of the problems with the economy? Don’t single out the corporations that pay my mortgage payment (thankfully, at least for the time being) through my long hours and sacrifices of any personal life or a single vacation day that I’m not on call so that we can keep in business on a less than 3% profit margin. Go after the folks sitting on their arses, paying NO INCOME TAX, and eating up over 2/3’s of the US Government expenditures by living like leaches and contributing nothing but trashing the people that feed them and allow them the freedom to sit on their butts and complain while we’re at work!

                  Oh, but you are OFFFFFFEENDED because I “threw Ayn Rand in your face”. Put your Big Girl panties on and MAN-up. (Or you could just continue to whine.)

              2. Jason says:

                Was this some kind of performance art rant? ‘Cause that’s the only context in which it has even a *chance* of making sense.

                And if you make most of the income, you should be prepared to pay most of the taxes.

            4. stopthe says:

              Wrong. Small businesses create 90% of the jobs, and most bazillionaires are NOT small business owners.

              And the income of the top 1% of people, as a percentage of all income, is far HIGHER than the percentage of tax that they pay, as a percentage of all taxes. i.e., they are taxed at a LOWER RATE than we are. You’re either disingenuous, or a shill, or … well, not grasping this.

              1. Kip Noxzema says:

                Are you trying to say millionaires and billionaires don’t employ people? I guess you didn’t read about Steve Jobs recently. Go back and do some research. And since you like stats so much, the top 1% of the wealthy pay most of the income taxes in this country. Put that in your state-paid-for coffee.

                1. James says:

                  Steve Jobs created many jobs……in China

              2. Timothy Turnstone says:

                The American Constitution allows you to become rich and poor. Without this right we all become equivalent and interchangeable in a authoritative society.

                1. Geechee says:

                  “James”: (post above)
                  The new Apple HQ in Cupertino will employ 12,000.
                  (That’s almost as many as Michelle Obama has on her personal staff.)
                  BTW, Obama himself has created many job in China, too..and India…and Mexico…and the Philiippines and on and on….

              3. Andigirl says:

                That’s because the top 1% don’t actually earn INCOME, they earn CAPITAL GAINS, big difference. If they made billions in wages, then their tax rate would be higher. Almost all of their earnings are in capital gains, so that is why they pay less tax overall. Left wingers can say that the top 1% pay less tax because they are not doing an apples to apples comparision of they TYPE of tax. Doesn’t change the fact that the majority of our country’s tax burden is shouldered by the top 1%. Stop drinking the koolaid and start really learning how the system works!

                1. Peanut says:

                  You are absolutely right! I prepared a research paper in college a few years ago and discovered this information as well.

                  Well said!

                2. Conservatives are Commies! says:

                  Andigirl you blasted idiot! If the top 1% makes more than the bottom 40%, of course they should be paying more tax. Something so blatant and right in your face and you think others are drinking the Kool-Aid? Here’s and example for you – I know you’re blinded by greed but try and keep up: Harry makes 12 billion dollars a year. He pays 3 billion in taxes. Good so far? Okay, the bottom 40% of the population make 1 billion a year combined. They pay 2 hundred million in taxes. Why should harry get a tax break? Why should I give a rats behind about harry? Why do you give a rats behind about Harry? Aren’t you in the bottom 99% of poor people in the USA?

              4. Brassia says:

                Yes, many businesses are movign to China and other countrrise…because our governmenrt not only imposed the highest tax rate on buisnesses in the world, as well as Union thugs are making the cost of any product made in US way too expensive…and EPA stringent regulations kill the rest….
                So, before you make statements like you did-do a little research and give your brain a workout…
                Do you know we even import steel from China now???? Think Carter and Bubba/stain maker who started NAFTA too….

                1. bearface says:

                  They use the tax argument as an excuse, and you fall for it. You think if they weren’t taxed at all, they would bring jobs back to Americans?

                  Well, guess what? the biggest corporations already aren’t paying their taxes and are STILL sending our jobs to commie china.

                  The greed never stops until it’s forced to stop.

              5. socialnorms says:

                Hell yeah! My old man is a small business owner and he pays his employees generously and pays his taxes. It’s hardly fair that he and I get taxed at a higher rate than a bunch of rich bozos making capital gains for doing NOTHING. Sorry, but that is NOT money earned. Alleged conservatives, please stop trying to group this into a red team vs. blue team idiotic generalization.

                1. Dan Smith says:

                  its income they already made. itts like double taxed. like when we get our checks its taxed. them we invest and get returns on what we invested. and pay tax again.

              6. bearface says:

                amazing the delusions of grandeur these people have! they think everyone wants to steal from them — as if THEY are the 1%!

                They always vote republican because they want less taxes, and the only real tax breaks go to the corporations and the super rich elite. Small business conservatives are, in essence, getting screwed by their own kind — and are too blind to see it.

              7. thebusiness says:

                You know that a lot of “small business owners ” run franchises right? And that small business owners need banks and investors right? And I assume that you are speaking of the 15% capital gains tax that applies to monies accrued from investment and not through direct income, because the rich most certainly are taxed at a higher rate then you or I.

              8. Steve says:

                So what if their percentage of income is higher than the percentage of tax they pay? Who cares? Who cares what the rate they pay is? The nearly 40% of the total income tax they pay does a lot more to run the country than the near 0% the welfare class pays. People like you are just jealous losers angry because people are more successful than you and you want to see them punished for their success. That’s really all it comes down to.

            5. John Adams says:

              Ayn Rand knew a whole lot more about the world than the clueless OWS idiots I’ve heard spouting their rank stupidity. Did you Marxists know–and that’s what you are, whether you know it or not–that regulation is the single most corrupting influence in our government??? When government grants 1300 waivers for Obamacare or dispossesses investors of their rightful investments in favor of unions who have risked NOTHING, then government is choosing winners and losers. IT’s not the free market that’s your enemy–it’s government chicanery–and you’re protesting for MORE OF THE SAME! You dolts!

              1. Charles L says:

                I agree with you about regulation. The protesters know this also. That “list of demands” was a fake – on the website their main demand are the reinstatement the Glass-Steagall Act; outlawing flash trading; imposing a “Tobin tax” (1% on stock transfers to slow speculation), and no more bailouts. It was floated to demand revoking some of the privileges and immunities of corporations, but it was decided to put in motion a constitutional amendment outside the movement. Other than the Glass-Steagall Act, I see no demands for more regulation other than the fake demands floated by the media which are not sourced.

                Leftists like “MoveOn”/Soros are trying to hijack, it just like the right tries to hijack the tea parties. This left-right paradigm is a divide and conquer technique employed by the media and everyone falls for it because they need their “ten minutes hate”

                1. glassyeyed says:

                  Charles, you are right on re: left right paradigm. The base argument in principal for both the Tea partiers and the OWS is greater financial accountability and responsibility. For both sides I think almost all of this lands on government for not up holding existing regulations before creating more, and for constantly trying to fix the problem by pooring more money on it instead of simplifying financial policies and for electeds for holding themselves accountable for their own spending.

                2. Desertman says:

                  It is good to see that people are recognizing the threat posed by Soros and his lackeys.

                3. Steve says:

                  If they had a problem with the 700 Billion TARP bailout, 350 Billion of which was allocated by the great liberal messiah, they should have spoken up BEFORE the funds were allocated. It’s too late now, but then nobody ever accused these little malcontents of being very smart.

              2. MinnieM says:

                Corruption cannot exist unless someone has control over the allocation of goods and services.. The more control, the more corruption.

              3. socialnorms says:

                That must be why we didn’t have these problems after the Great Depression, when we regulated. Or why Ayn Rand died alone and penniless. Stay in school.

            6. L Scott Larsen says:

              Defiantly better then the pigs protesting wall Street!

            7. Wally says:

              Youre a real blind hater, friend.

        2. bearface says:

          1% = tax evaders. We all know it. 40% of what? I they have it so tough paying a bit of tax, then why do they own private jets? Bono flying all over in his platform shoes telling everyone that they live too well. Give money to Africa (but not really, just his BS organization).

          BTW, are you part of that 1%? Doubt it. Guess what? those very same people that you are defending are the exact same ones that sell you lies like “joe the plumber” to make you believe you actually have a chance in hell of getting where they are. You don’t. They’ll make sure of it.

          1. RealWorld says:

            Never heard of Steve Jobs? Bill Gates? Herman Cain? Obama? Now go cry how the “Man” is keeping you down while voting for Obama.

          2. Stop the BS says:

            Hey, Bearface…

            Just over 10 years ago, I had $24 in my only bank account, no savings, and had just lost my high paying job. I had more than a little stress. I probably know more about the frustration most Americans feel right now. Through a lot of very hard work, and very late hours, I worked a full time job with a different company, and started my own company. A company which now employs over 200 people, all paying taxes. I now have over $4 million in assets, and I paid over $2 million last year in taxes (personally). Currently, you want me to pay even more tax with less profits. Or give more to those who don’t have a job. At the same time, the government is choosing which companies to support by subsidizing them or bailing them out when they might fail. And you are blaming corporations and, let me get this straight, Wall Street?

            If you want, I could also try to figure out what all of my employees and I paid together in taxes to support the less fortunate, like yourself. Then maybe I should figure out all of the money they spend or tip in local restaurants, stores and even give to charities. This is what drives America being great, not sitting and complaining.

            This is the greatness of America, to come from nothing and make something. Am I in the 1%? Yeah, I am. Am I rich? I don’t feel like it, but I do know that I am no longer poor. Just remember, I went hungry to get here while others partied, went out to eat, or shop with their money while I put 100% back into my company. When others kept buying bigger homes or refinancing their homes, I stayed in the same small townhouse and paid down my mortgage only when I refinanced down to a lower rate. Yes, my home has lost value, but it is worth more than I owe on it. Banks are the issue you say? With out a bank financing my company expansion, or my home, I couldn’t have the lifestyle I have now. Do you want to really know who is to blame for companies deserting the American worker? Talk to your overpaid union leaders and politicians. Why don’t you try to help the people around you by creating some wealth, or even a job with your own ideas. Go out on a limb, and put your own money into something that you think will sell or you can do to make a living. If it doesn’t work the first time, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back at it. You say you deserve better, then go out there and prove it. Go ahead, I dare you to make America better, and not complain about the 1% who have made it and pay for it on a daily basis. Oh yeah, and I don’t like GE paying zero in taxes, but I’ll probably bet you don’t pay any either..

            1. Ricky Ross says:

              I’ve read this comment over and over on so many websites over the last two years. If you are such a successful businessman, why do you spend your day posting the same story over and over again?

              1. Tarrop says:

                because people like you need to read it until you “get” it…

              2. Ruth Ulrich says:

                The American Dream is having the freedom to work hard to achieve whatever your dream is. That means you have the freedom to strive to become wealthy and keep your money. Why would someone want to risk everything and work terribly hard and sacrifice to build a company if they couldn’t benefit from their labor? I think the problem is not those paying taxes not paying enoough but the 50% that don’t pay a dime in federal taxes.

            2. socialnorms says:

              Banks speculating and inventing ultra-risky investment practices are the reason we are in this mess. If you do exist, that’s nice that you got a loan. Many others got loans that they never should have received, and the rest of us are paying for it. Your story evidences practices that should never have been supported by banks – people buying things they could not afford. So you are not the problem. You don’t have to feel that you are.

            3. Mcreyn says:

              You are wasting your breath. The last thing the facebook/twitter protesters want is a lesson on how to be productive. Where is the fun in actually working for a living? Way more fun when they tweet you, to grab your Ipad, pack your MacBook (in case you need to email some reporter), grab your REI camping gear that you got for your birthday,don’t forget your guitar and maybe a little sumpin sumpin in case things get stressful and go hang out with the rest of the kids pretending to protest.
              To hear of someone actually being creative, risking their own money and time, working long hours while paying the employees more per hour than you pay yourself and finally making it to a place where they can see some success…well, that is absolutely the last thing they want to hear. No matter how many times you tell them the only thing they will ever do is protest that no one is paying for them to have a free ride.

            4. bearface says:

              So according to you, ANYone can be super wealthy and successful — it’s laziness that holds them back. So, according to that rule, the elderly, the disabled, mentally retarded people and cancer patients are just… lazy.

              The system is failing because of corruption and greed, not because of laziness!! Read the news EVER? Geez, even the ones who screwed us all over openly admit it.

          3. Seth Day says:

            awwwww, poor baby. The EVIL CORPORATIONS and those big meanies on Wall Street won’t let you pursue your dreams. You are pathetic.

          4. Casper says:

            You are a complete idiot. It is morons like you that embarrass the rest of us. You have a mental dis-order. Uncle Joe had the perfect name for you and your type: Usefull Idiots.

            1. chris says:

              “Useful Idiots” as a term, was not developed by Uncle Joe, it was developed by the soviets for US Citizens that they were able to turn to work against their own country.

              1. Lorenzo says:

                He was refering to Uncle Joe “Stalin”.

                1. seaarrow says:

                  Chris is another occupier collage indoctrinated student who is missing their education.

          5. Todd says:

            I see. So Zuckerman, Benioff, etc all new billionaires are just corporate shills for the republicans?

            They are both “new” money billionaires, which most millionaires are, although under lord Odummy their are a lot less of them.

            They are also leftist (go figure) so how does this all fit into your screwy view of how the world works?

          6. dw663 says:

            Looks like you are a very jealous, weak, simple minded, angry individual by your posts.

            1. dw663 says:

              This reply was suppossed to be attached to Bearface. What’s up with this thread.

        3. sherrb says:

          STOPTHE —- Did anyone notice beside me that you don’t have a “REPLY” button next to your comments? Would that be because you’re a webmeister SHILL for this site? Possible? Oh, BTW, I guess I’ll be blocked now for being a hatefull tea-bag RACIST, right?

        4. haha says:

          Just to keep the debate honest. If you made $516,633 or more in 2010 as per http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/ezra-klein/post/who-are-the-1-percenters/2011/10/06/gIQAn4JDQL_blog.html then you are a 1%. Otherwise you are a toilet scrubber.

      3. Rz1776 says:

        A sanitation engineer I presume , Well you failed , get back there and clean those latrines !

      4. Mary Wright says:

        Either you are unemployed or part of the 1%. Hope you get the job!

      5. Mr Clean says:

        What type of engineer are you – sanitation?

        1. hqqm says:

          He’s an “Under Water Basket Weaving Engineer”. He spent 8 years in College for his worthless degree and owes 120000 in student loans. He can’t get a job because he’s spent the last 12 years smoking pot and tattooing himself head to toe and putting all sorts of weird foreign objects in his face (and probably elsewhere). Now he’s bitter and angry at “The Man” and demands that he be paid to do nothing for the rest of his life. Basically, he’s like 99% of the filthy hippies that are protesting for “Free Stuph”.

          1. sherrb says:

            Dear Hqqm,

            In Oklahoma and Texas they have a term for that …. its called “Looking like you fell face-first into a tackle box!”

            Now, could you clarify on those tattoo designs? Did they look like a “Chartreuse, belly-flopp’in Kelly-Wiggl’in Bass-bust’in weeeerbler spinner” design??? ;=}

      6. DJJ says:

        Steafan: If that day ever comes, rest assured that the 1% will still be the only ones employed, making money and succeeding! You and your bunch will still be on the bottom of the totem pole living in caves and using outhouses because you want success given to you instead of earning it! You might have a job cleaning the outhouses though!! (since you are an “engineer”)

        1. stopthe says:


          the 1% are not “employed” today and never have been. They make their billions off of interest, capital gains, and rent-seeking behavior – i.e., the institutions of power that most of them were born into.

          We are not talking about hard-working people here. We are talking about plutocrats. And they don’t even need to defend themselves – they have you possibility-of-upward-mobility wage-slaves to do it for them. Amazing.

          1. stopthebs says:

            Hey, DJJ…

            Just like I said to Bearface, you just don’t get it. Just over 10 years ago, I had $24 in my only bank account, no savings, and had just lost my high paying job. I had more than a little stress. I probably know more about the frustration most Americans feel right now. Through a lot of very hard work, and very late hours, I worked a full time job with a different company, and started my own company. A company which now employs over 200 people, all paying taxes. I now have over $4 million in assets, and I paid over $2 million last year in taxes (personally). Currently, you want me to pay even more tax with less profits. Or give more to those who don’t have a job. At the same time, the government is choosing which companies to support by subsidizing them or bailing them out when they might fail. And you are blaming corporations and, let me get this straight, Wall Street?
            If you want, I could also try to figure out what all of my employees and I paid together in taxes to support the less fortunate, like yourself. Then maybe I should figure out all of the money they spend or tip in local restaurants, stores and even give to charities. This is what drives America being great, not sitting and complaining.
            This is the greatness of America, to come from nothing and make something. Am I in the 1%? Yeah, I am. Am I rich? I don’t feel like it, but I do know that I am no longer poor. Just remember, I went hungry to get here while others partied, went out to eat, or shop with their money while I put 100% back into my company. When others kept buying bigger homes or refinancing their homes, I stayed in the same small townhouse and paid down my mortgage only when I refinanced down to a lower rate. Yes, my home has lost value, but it is worth more than I owe on it. Banks are the issue you say? With out a bank financing my company expansion, or my home, I couldn’t have the lifestyle I have now. Do you want to really know who is to blame for companies deserting the American worker? Talk to your overpaid union leaders and politicians. Why don’t you try to help the people around you by creating some wealth, or even a job with your own ideas. Go out on a limb, and put your own money into something that you think will sell or you can do to make a living. If it doesn’t work the first time, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back at it. You say you deserve better, then go out there and prove it. Go ahead, I dare you to make America better, and not complain about the 1% who have made it and pay for it on a daily basis. Oh yeah, and I don’t like GE paying zero in taxes, but I’ll probably bet you don’t pay any either..

            1. George Hoelzel says:

              I also came from a family that had nothing. I went to college nights. I worked 60 to 70 hours a week. I never refused addl and or more responsibility I lived the dream went form a machinest to a VP of several fortune 200 companies. This is the greatness of this country. and you fools want it handed on a silver plater. I am now nearing retirement and I have lost much of what I had achieved in this volital market. I hold no one else responsibility. For I never want to ruin the greatness of this country by trying to make us all equally poor. It is available to us all roght now. Dont look for it on easy street. Initiative, Hard work, and commitment will provide success.

              1. Edgar N Valderrama says:

                Too bad you didn’t have time to go to night school and learn a little spelling and grammar to complete your perfection.

            2. tony says:

              well said stopthebs.

            3. Shelb says:

              I had a business, then Nafta came. I refuse to have to buy crap from foreign sources. I know we have better workers than anywhere.
              Unions, I get tired of all you aw—-s blaming Unions. You would be no where today if they didn’t form and protect workers, We would all be slaves, right now we are being treated like sweatshops.
              I pay taxes have since 66 sometimes on three jobs. If you feel it is alright for Banks and Wall Street to live Carte Blanche that is your opinion. But I believe Americans should be seeing their Banks and Wall Street Investing in America.
              Perhaps you should have been the one out there being lied to by Realtors, and Banks about what you could afford. I blame the selfish twits for their own demise having to keep up with the Jones’ But they were sold the American Dream with no care if they went belly up
              Anyone who buys foreign should move to that Country, we have too many who sold us out. YOu like me are only a flip of the coin to lose everything we have…no one will care about us either

            4. Jason says:

              So…are you suggesting that Wall Street (including large banks) doesn’t have culpability in this mess? By lobbying for (and receiving) erosion of rules that had long protected consumers and the economy?

              Or that banks large and small, marketing 125% loan-to-value mortgages, home equity loans, etc. to consumers and offering all manner of shady mortgage products didn’t contribute a lot to the housing crash? A crash which has DIRECTLY led to the plummeting of real estate prices nationwide, even in markets where they weren’t overinflated to begin with?

              Or Wall Street’s wild, indiscriminate creation and trading of collateralized debt obligations and other exotic investment vehicles, including the mortgage-backed securities that are impossible to unwind – that doesn’t come into play?

              How about fraudulent underwriting practices? Wholesale gutting of financial regulations since the late 70s? Allowing banks and securities firms to self-regulate, with disastrous consequences? Any of this ring a bell?

              Lastly, I’m genuinely glad that you’ve been successful by your own hard work, and that you employ people. But if you personally paid $2M+ in taxes last year – you might not FEEL rich, but you most certainly are by any reasonable definition of the word. Either that or you have the worst accountant in the universe.

        2. chris says:

          No, those “protestors, american communists” will be the first to be executed by the new Communist govt if they succeeded. (according to the Soviets before the ussr fell).

        3. Tarrop says:

          Great comment!!!

      7. adliufliaafdsaodsa says:

        If the one 1% is cleaning the bathrooms, then you will be dinking out of the toilet.

      8. Strawdog357 says:

        These protesting dead beats don’t know Sheet from Shinola, and won’t know how to clean their sties or wipe their own butts.

      9. Dennis D says:

        Sanitary Engineer?

      10. JK in Joizey says:

        Well, if the 1% is cleaning bathrooms, would then mean that the rest of the country is pretty much dead and buried.

        Think North Korea, Cambodia the like.

      11. Grey Webb says:

        Hey Steafan,consider spending 99% of your time trying to bringing something creative to our economy maybe like Steve Jobs.

      12. Browniiz says:

        Are you a US Citizen?

      13. glenp says:

        SANITARY ENGINEER I take it 1% taking your toilet cleaning job because you’re to incompetent to clean properly?

      14. Dream on says:

        LOL! you’re just being funny! Steafan, what do you think are the chances of you earning a paycheck from poor folk or you just interested in a handout? When the country is bankrupt and all the gov money is gone what do you intend to do? Steafan your elevator doesn’t quite make it to the top floor. Good luck earning a pay check from poor folk!

      15. 99PercentCntMyArse says:

        The only way clowns like this become 99% is if they exterminate 95% of the rest of us. Sadly, I think that is their goal.

      16. JJStryder says:

        Employed by whom? You? An engineer with no common sense. Dangerous!

      17. Brassia says:

        Engineer? hahahaha!!!
        Doesn’t look like you have the brains either for intellectual job or to comprehend what is really going on in our country. My condolences ! Looks like you are stuck in your own mess…unfortunately hard working people’s taxes will be spent to clean up the mess left by stinking dirtbags like you…

      18. Shing says:

        Talk to me when the bottom 47% start paying federal income taxes.

      19. patmurphy1965 says:

        an underground sanitation engineer — sewer worker!

      20. gmalc says:

        The statement that you are an engineer is too broad to not be questioned. Domestic engineer
        Sanitation engineer
        civil engineer
        social engineer
        chemical engineer
        petroleum engineer
        genetics engineer

        You are looking forward to the day when the 1% will be employed cleaning your bathroom??? What 1%? employed , you can pay?

      21. dw663 says:

        Your so stupid. That will never happen. You live you life trying to screw the (1%) why don’t you just try to make yourself better?

      22. Erik says:

        Cleaning bathrooms rather than paying you?

      23. Winston Smith says:

        If that “1%” (the business owners, entrepreneurs, corporation execs, financiers and the like) are “employed cleaning our bathrooms” WHO is 1, paying the taxes to fund the welfare state 2, running the businesses that EMPLOY millions 3, PRODUCE products that we need to live?
        The ONLY sector that has shown real growth in employment is THE GOVERNMENT and they produce NOTHING except more and more draconian regulations!

    3. Emma Davidson says:

      ablubud. How old are you? 3? At least, mentally you are not older than 4. What a shame. You live in America, the land of the oportunities but only for people who are willing to work for a living. Go to a trade school, learn a trade, like, plumbing, electricity, something that will enable you to work for a living. I imagine you are either on the welfare roll or live with your parents. Either way, you sound like a leach. Are you envious of rich people? Do you know what it takes to become rich? Work hard and smart. Be willing to sacrifice. Education. Are you educated or just spend your days playing computer games? What a shame. And you are the future of this country? God help us.

    4. poorhardworker says:

      Grow up!

    5. newyork231 says:

      it’s funny that i went to school and received a bachelors degree and have applied for over 200 jobs and I am stuck working at a car wash, tell me how it’s my fault, i’ve done everything i can and there’s nothing out there

      1. Everything? Really? says:

        What is your degree in? A college degree is an improtant decision, investment and opportunity; not a right or guarantee Go knock on doors. That’s what my former navy pilot dad had to do when his masters from Thunderbirds became irrelevant after Cuba turned from being the center of international businsess in this hemisphere to Castro’s country. He had a wife and a kid. He picked the cities with strong business growth and spent weeks knocking on doors, literally. I got a job one time because i sat in the lobby for a week and said hello to the hiring manager everytime he walked in and out of the office. Eventually he said, okay! You’re hired. Of the 200 places you applied — to nwhich of those did you give a compelling reason that you were going to be more amazing than everyone else they were talking to? Try a new approach. Instead of applying, go knock on the door in person. Ask for 3 minutes with the leader. In 3 minutes pitch how you are going to personally grow his/her business; or change test scores. Can’t do that? Then why should they hire you? Of wow. Just read the post from Apple_241 below. What Apple said.

      2. DixT says:

        You keep on doing what you’re doing, and see your present job as a “stepping stone”. MANY of us older Americans had to do the very same thing, before things started looking up for us! I worked two jobs for 19 years—until a job opened up for me that was FANTASTIC. Keep applying, while you’re working at that car wash. Everything comes to him who waits!

      3. Pounce Kitty says:

        Well, if you voted for Obama, blame him. He’s the one wrecked our economy and continues to kill jobs every day he’s in office. Wake up! Vote Republican and improve your own life.

        1. Edgar N Valderrama says:

          You made me blurt “Good God,” Congratulations on almost converting an Atheist!

      4. Browniiz says:

        Hopefully you’ve rewritten your resume at least once.
        Sending out the same failed resume 200 times hoping for different results would define you as insane.

      5. glenp says:

        your degree in 18th century floor coverings isn’t in demand I hate to say.

        maybe you could open your own BUGGY WHIP business and fail at that too!!!

      6. patmurphy1965 says:

        As a professional recruiter I can tell you you either need lessons on the interview process or you need to start speaking correct English, lift your pants over you ass and cover your tattoos. Also, be sure that you personal, academic and professional skills match the job you’re applying for. If you hanging out with the rest of these parasites; you might be unemployable!

    6. Steve says:

      That seens reasonable.

      It is unfortunate that the MSM news programs will treat these naive jerks as legitimate, bona fide, responsible representatives of the America People…instead of the clueless left-wing stooges they are.

    7. Jeannie Stanley says:

      i agree with you and so do most of the americans–our alinskyite in chief commends the actions of these paid(yes ‘paid’) imposters and please someone call nancy piglosi–we found her astroturf!!!

    8. joey_daze says:

      English much Bob??? Maybe you should refrain from commenting on news articles until you’ve taken an English class. Being able to effectively express yourself is key to defending your point of view.

    9. Edgar N Valderrama says:

      At least they went to school.

  2. Apple_241 says:

    Herman Cain is exactly right. If your lazy you will never be rich. For most nobody is going to hand you a million dollars. It takes working 12 to 16 hours days 6 and 7 days a week. It takes a willingness to do whatever it takes legally to make yourself succeed. If you don’t have the skills to get a job or start a business stop whining and get them. Even if you have to go to the local community college at night while working two and three jobs. Don’t take courses in art or music or count on sports to make you a living as the odds against that are astronomical. Study business, math, science, marketing, and technology. Something that will earn you a buck in the real world. Herman Cain (unlike Obama) was actually affected by segregation. Instead of making him angry is made him determined. Herman Cain is a self made man who did whatever it took to improve his education, his skills, and his position is life. If a Pakistani or an Indian can come to this country with nothing and end up owning a chain of restaurants or store than anybody can become a success in this country.

    1. SineQuaNon says:

      CAIN/GINGRICH 2012!!!! Businessman/Politician best of both worlds

      1. e pluribus unum says:

        Unfortunately that’s not possible since they are both from the same state-President and VP must be from different states.

        1. Kevin Pearson says:

          Actually, the 12th ammendment ONLY says that the electors from a state cannot vote for both a president and a vice presidenf from the same states. Anyone can vote for Cain/Gingrich, only the Georgia electors cannot

          1. Gale says:

            just to clarify, voters in GA could vote for them in the general election but they could not receive GA’s electoral votes.

        2. Casper says:

          Is this representative of the non-sense foisted upon our children in our public schools? Are you ‘for real’? as the kids say nowdays?

      2. jimmydidit says:

        AMEN 🙂

      3. adainv says:

        Cain/Condelezza Rice would be a much better choice! Two highly educated and accomplished blacks who started with nothing. They worked hard and made something of themselves. It would be our first black President, because Obama is not black; he is a mulatto, and Rice would be the first woman to be Vice-President who would also be black. A dream team! I would love to hear a debate between Cain and Obama and Rice would bury Biden!

    2. bearface says:

      Wrong. This country is structured in pyramids…ponzi schemes designed to make one man powerful on the backs of the many. You don’t get to be like Herman Cain without screwing over people to get there, but you fools think you’re actually smarter, fitter, better qualified; however, it doesn’t take intelligence to be manipulative. It simply means that you’re a corrupt, amoral, son of a b-tch who is willing to exploit others for your own gain. You are infinitely insecure of your own self worth, so you need money to prop you up. You are godless. The reason more people aren’t “ahead” isn’t because of their college major, it’s because they don’t think they should have to become complete pr!cks like the Boomer generation is to enjoy a decent life — the kinds that, clearly, most of you didn’t have to work hard for at all. Nice job corrupting the world our of envy of youth, oldies. We all know you’re just upset that we’re going to outlive you. We all know that this is really all about your inability to accept that you’re aging, vulnerable, and that the world will go on without you in it.

      1. Rod Anders says:

        So, now we know exactly how, and why, Obama got elected. Losers like you, envying hard-working successes like me. I’ve provided hundreds of jobs to hundreds of people, at my own financial risk. What have you done, loser? I pity the fact that you’re going to outlive me. I wouldn’t want to live in the brave, new world you roaches are helping to create.

        1. bearface says:

          I AM a success. I own my own business, and also, I work from home. I outsmarted the boomers – caught on early to their real estate scam and waited and saved until you idiots crashed it under the weight of sheer greed. Then I bought my house. You assume too much… but whatever makes you feel better about being old.

          1. DeeInHouston says:

            You’re a liar. If that were true, you wouldn’t be bitching about “oldies” and all of the other derogatory terms you used. I’m betting you’re 19 and living the high life in a basement. You fool no one.

          2. stan says:

            Believe it or not, you too will get old. From the time one is born they are rocketing toward their death. Happy to see you bought a house when the housing market crashed, as you knew it would. Are you saying you took advantage of someone?

            As far as getting old I really don’t care. I’m looking forward to the next adventure, of course I won’t step to the front of the line to get there, I’ll just wait my turn.

          3. BillR says:

            So you purchased your house by exploiting the tragedy of someone else. You plotted and planned for the right time, just like an evil banker, and pounced when the time was right. Let me guess, you bought it as a foreclosed home after the bank threw out some old granny. Now she lives in a dumpster and eats cat food. If you had any heart at all you should give the house back. After all you own a business and a house. Granny has nothing. Spread the wealth, starting with yours.

            1. hqqm says:

              Perfect 10!

            2. bearface says:

              Nice try. I went about it the right way.. worked hard (harder than the boomers did for their cheap a$$ mortgages) saved my money with my husband. Made a 20% downpayment etc etc. It wasn’t a forclosure. Does it bother you someone younger than you figured a way to get past your boomer roadblocks? Why can’t your generation accept or encourage the success of another? Why are boomers so self-absorbed, and reluctant to age gracefully?

              I’m not a socialist. Not really into redistribution of wealth as much as making things less corrupt, more fair. It’s not right now, and hasn’t been for a long time thanks to the boomers. Funny how you guys had it far easier than you want to let on… geez at least my parents can admit it. You don’t have HALF of the difficulties that genX and genY has had to face. The rich (not YOU – unless you own a large corporation) were taxed when you were growing up. They are NOT now. Tax the rich, not the small business. Not the people. It’s not “redistribution of weath” it’s paying your fair share. Clearly, nothing has trickled down, no jobs are created (or not enough) and it’s all a big scam. You don’t see this?

              Look at the world of corruption and greed you have left for your children and grandchildren. What kind of values do you have? Do you think you can just hoard your money, and leave it to your family — and that will make them impervious to the hell hole this world is becoming? Think about it. If you people are as smart as you claim to be, you would be able to figure out exactly where things are leading… only a retard couldn’t see it coming. If you’re not retarded, you’re selfish. Simple logic.

              1. SineQuaNon says:

                HaHaHa…. DUNNING-KRUGER

              2. AMSilver says:

                You’re claiming the boomers can’t accept or encourage the success of another? I guess it must be the boomers who said, “It simply means that you’re a corrupt, amoral, son of a b-tch who is willing to exploit others for your own gain. You are infinitely insecure of your own self worth, so you need money to prop you up. You are godless.”

                Oh, wait – that was YOU. You’ve got a whole bunch of talking points, and it’s really such a pity that they don’t have any relation to the real world. It’s amazing how you are entirely backward on every point you make.

                You think rich people actually have vaults like Scrooge McDuck where they pile up their gold and swim around in it until they die and leave it to their kids? I guess that explains your world view – it’s that of a child. People who have that sort of net work keep their money working for them by BUILDING BUSINESSES that employee people and therefore SHARE THEIR WEALTH by paying wages. Instead of squashing others while building themselves up, they are providing for their employees and their employees families in the form of wages.

                You need to get your head screwed on straight. Government is the problem. Acting like success is the greatest evil is the problem. Things are heading the way they are because government thinks it can walk all over people (the “rich”) to create their Utopia. It’s never worked before, and it’s not working now.

              3. Casper says:

                One thing that you are, for certain: an ugly- spirited age bigot. Your narcissistic, prejudicial, and extremely childish outlook is typical of a goldigging parasite of this current ‘entitlement’ generation. It most certainly is you and your kind that would ever make this world a ‘hell-hole’, as you put it. Yes, we do think we can do whatever the hell we want with OUR money, you effing moron (socialist trash). Absolutely non of your G.damned business what anybody does with THEIR money, you Marxist piece of trash. Your obsession(s) are soo typical of what I am afraid is a similar outlook on life that you seem to share with way too many of your infantile generation. Selfish and egotistical(for absolutely NO reason lol) I will add! By the way, just what do you think a large corporation is, genius? It’s your fellow citizens(mostly hard workers, unlike you) and neighbors, you ignoramus. Also, the top 5% of wage earners pay the MAJORITY of the bill. Is that research beyond your ken, or are you just too lazy to notice? The ‘rich’ ARE small business, dummy. Corruption and greed are intrinsically individual, and personal traits that perfectly dovetail with your equally squalid characteristics of bigotry and ignorance.Please note (to my great amusement!) how Karma will deal with your sorry ass in the future, wierdo!

              4. Sam Gosdin says:

                From the sound of it you had boomer adults around you that did not show you love compassion and the ways of life while growing up. Or maybe it was just you were too dang smart and your parents were stupid. Even now in your smug little posts, you try to sound far superior to anyone else on this page. You need to check your facts, it is the greedy corporate giants aligned with this administration (GE) that is killing this Country. This farce of a plan being put forth does half what our President states in speeches. Before Reid and his band of pirates touched it, the proposal would have increased taxes only people making less as little as $125,000 – $135,000 by taking away current deductions. This isn’t a tax increase on someone making less than $250,000 right? Some of us are not part of the Boomer generation but were on the cusp. We did get to see great things such as Human Space flight, being a leader in technology, being at the top of our game as a Country. The Boomer roadblocks you cry about are just the barriers you put up and excuses made for your own failures in life. No one can make or break you in this GREAT COUNTRY if you have the WILL to succeed. Course if this post is true, you already know that so what are these roadblocks you scream about. You state you work at home and are self-employed, so how did you do it if the bad ole “Boomer” is blocking everything from you and causing such destruction? Oh and just because you didn’t buy a foreclosure and utilized what sounds like a conventional loan does not mean you did not take advantage of someone else’s suffering and losses. You stated it pretty plainly in your first post, you waited to the big bad Boomers crashed everything. That means that person you bought from lost money. hmm. Brings into question many of the things you spout.

              5. Theodore Baar says:

                Well yes. I see exactly where the world is marching to (following tumbrels) led by smug, self satisfied, ungrateful moral majorettes such as yourself. Enjoy being dragged off by the mobs you so aprove of. You’ll be screaming it’s not fair, it’s not just and (my favorite) I meant well.

                By the way, The mobs will be entitled members of Gen X, Gen Y and Millenials who know they are acting correcty because they are sociology, social science or feminist studies majors. I guess you should have shared more.

                You are right about Boomers being blamed, but their crime was corrupting the culture and poor child rearing. You certainly are evidence of that.

                By the way, anonymity for insulting and boastful behavior such as yours is a moral burka. In our uber culture you only hide who your are when you are ashamed of it. I assume it is a proud generational thing.

                1. Casper says:

                  Beautiful, my brother! Damn brought a tear.

                2. bearface says:

                  75% of the comments on this site are nothing more than pithy insults directed towards young people. It’s obvious that these protests are hitting a nerve in the older audience, and it’s clear why. I’m just throwing it back a bit. Apparently, you can dish it but you can’t take it.

                  Sad state of affairs, though, as those kids aren’t part of some ridiculous radical left wing conspiracy. They really want to make a difference, but you all just tear them down and laugh at them even while they are being beaten– which makes you people even more detestable than ever before. It’s SICK. Your generation is not an encouraging one. You just look out for #1, and screw everyone else. The world you have created in your time is a direct reflection of that.

                  These protesters want a better world, and are willing to fight for it. Utopia? Doubt it, but hey, if we can avoid going further down the hole that would probably suffice. What do you do to make things better for your children or grandchildren? Sign contracts? Bill clients? Listen to right wing media and bash the “libs” on message boards all day long? Will they look up to you for what you are able to provide them in material possessions, or for being a kind, compassionate role model? Or will they not even want to associate with you at all…

                  Don’t be surprised when the future comes and leaves you alone, marginalized, and with no one left to care for you. it will be your own fault.

              6. RealityHurts says:

                Let me guess.
                You should way to liberal to be a worker

              7. Tim Holt says:

                Your parents should be smacked right in the mouth for raising a liberal puke 20 nothing fool.

              8. stopthebs says:

                WOW.. a little bitter, huh?

                Oh yeah, BTW, I am a gen x’er if you want to use the term, and it was hard for me you moron…

              9. frankie lorain says:

                You are imbecilic. You hate what you are.

              10. BeenThere says:

                Jokes on you. The evil boomers started out as the 60’s idealists.

              11. KJ says:

                “Why can’t your generation accept or encourage the success of another?”

                Wow. Zing. *holds up mirror*

              12. Trex says:

                DO you even realize what the interest rate was on mortgages when the “boomers”were buying houses?

          4. Casper says:

            You are already brain damaged. Too bad for you that the bear made it past your face and scrambled what was left of your brain. You seem obsessed with age. Haven’t seen a bigot of your stripe for a while.

            1. bearface says:


          5. gbn says:

            Outsmarted the boomers? You should get out more. Maybe say hello to your parents and grandparents if u are lucky enough to have them.
            What an ignorant comment.. U ditz.

          6. dw663 says:

            Really who caused the housing crash? What party put the rules in place for the banks to make the loans? Again you are such an ignorant, jealous little weazel.

          7. Desertman says:

            A truly successful person doesn’t resort to attacking an entire generation of good people.
            You make a good case for improving our educational system, considering you are the end result of the present system.

      2. stanleycustom says:

        We all came into this world naked and screaming. Some of us went to war, raised a family, went on to advanced college degrees, began a business (i with an Exxon galosine credit card and a rented truck) and hired men and women of different colors and religions. They were paid well and helped me provide a service to our customers and a living for both them and myself. Over the past 30 years I’ve paid the required taxes to my locallity, county, state and federal government. If employing folks and paying taxes is being manipultive, corrupt, immoral then I AM GUILTY. So what you going to do, take it from me sonny? I’ve been to war, I’ve seen death, I’ve seen people far better than you die. Do you think you scare me or that I’m afraid of death? If you do, you are more of a fool than I first thought.

        1. Casper says:

          Thank you for your service to our great country stanley. Some of us will be forever appreciative. My guess is that brain damaged ‘bearface’ never had a father around to teach him how to be a man. This newer generation seems to be filled with many of these ‘half-men’ as they should be referred. This ‘tripe-face’ will someday grow old, God willing, and then we’ll see who’s laughing. He’ll be a pathetic, old socialist

          1. sam says:

            Don’t even put him in the class with men! That is an insult to Stanley. 🙂

          2. Edgar N Valderrama says:

            Don’t take this personally, but that “thank you for your service” trope has been beaten to death by now, and referring to our country as great now that it is in its later days of decline and spends it human and borrowed monetary capital in invading out of the way places only makes me sad.
            Sorry about that. Never thought I’d be glad my life’s about finished.

        2. Sam says:

          Thank you for your service! there are many that are grateful for you. I employ many also, and I can truly say that we help each other make a good life, and provide idiots and fools a right to spout off.

        3. DJJ says:

          Thank you Stan! My father and my uncle served and I’m proud to be old enough to acknowledge the fact. You and they are heroes! God Bless you!

      3. Kevin Pearson says:

        Learning that 2 + 2 = 4 means to be a pr!ck because you make an assertion that there is a right answer? That’s what sets liberals apart, they are too lazy to learn how to come up with the right answer so they take a major where their grades depends on whether or not they can parrot the anti-American filth out of their Socialist professors’ mouths.

        You KNOW NOTHING about business or you wouldn’t say the rot gut that you are saying. Business is first and foremost SERVING YOUR CUSTOMERS, not being a pr!ck. You KNOW NOTHING about running a business.
        You wouldn’t be able to feed yourselves without the older generations. You couldn’t grow food if you life depended on it.

        1. Casper says:

          Seems as if you could direct your comment to BO and be completely accurate. You just described BO to a tee!

        2. Shelb says:

          Amen Would love to see everyone bottom up, then we will see who can pick their bottoms up. The 1% and their cubbie buddies wouldn’t know what to do without those paychecks and bonuses. Wives would leave in a heartbeat

      4. DeeInHouston says:

        Wow. You truly are a whiny loser. What generation developed that MPG player you listen to? Mine. What generation developed most of the technology you use? Mine. What generation grows most of the food you consume? Mine. I got into a new industry 15 years ago, and I’ve worked my way up to manager making $130/yr. With HARD WORK. Nobody handed it to me, but you expect me to hand my money over to you. Suck it, pathetic loser.

        1. Al Gore says:

          MP3 player? Pales in comparison to space travel, now doesn’t it?

          1. BR says:

            Al Gore, judging by your comment, you chose the perfect handle

          2. RAB says:

            mp2,mp3, mp4, etc are a subset of mpg/mpeg family

      5. Jason says:

        Have you personally inspected Cain’s businesses to determine how he got where he is? If not, then don’t much such silly asertions that show your genuine stupidty. It is clear you have a problem with people who run businesses. Take a step back…who is all-powerful in the economy? It’s the consumers, stupid? Cain said a market full of potential consumers and he satisfued their needs better than his competitors. Cain is a nobody but the all-powerful consumers elected to spend their money on his products. The consumers needed whatever it was that he sold and he made money in the process. What’s so wrong about that?

        Why the anger against someone who has earned his keep? Just because he did better than the average Joe is no reason to hate him. If anything, he should be a model that the rest of us aspire to. Don’t be a sore loser.

        Oh, and don’t think the current problems we are having just started within the past 10 years. Take a look at american history. The most massive economic busts that we have had had to things in common: (1) Government intervention via rules and regulations that made no sense and (2) the Federal Reserve System. If you have no clue what I am talking about, then it’s high time you actually enlightened yourself and became intelligent rather than staying in your ignorant state.

        Read anything by Murray Rothbard or Ludwig von Mises.

        1. sam says:

          good job jason!

        2. DJJ says:

          I agree with Sam, Jason! Good job!

        3. Casper says:

          I love your references to economic giants, but, please learn to write and spell correctly. I appreciate your influences by these men, but you seem to have given short-shrift to the equally giant Twains and Sowells of the world. Just sayin.

        4. bearface says:

          I’ve never heard of his company, and I’m really not talking about him, per se. My point is that even if Cain did do it 100% fair and square, the opportunities and the means for people to achieve same results in this day and age is diminishing year after year– and that’s a fact. Go visit somewhere like Detroit and tell me how many people have the same opportunity to get ahead. Sure there will be a Cain or Oprah here and there, and that’s inspiring… but these few compared to how many more pushed far below the poverty level? Seriously, you don’t have to vote democrat to have some compassion.

          Cain doesn’t even have a chance anyways. I mean, isn’t Ron Paul WAY ahead of him in the polls? Or, are we all not “allowed” to bring that up? ha.

          1. Not a timeout chair kid says:

            “Go visit somewhere like Detroit and tell me how many people have the same opportunity to get ahead.”
            Bareface – EVERYONE basically has the same chance at success. Cain had many obstacles to overcome. One motivating factor was a sense of self pride at making himself better thru hard work, not expecting a handout or starting at the top & working up from there. One of the reasons places like Detroit are dying is unions. Having to pay Johnny $80K/year to build cars when his claim to experience is he knocked up Susie in high school and his dad & uncle work there so he gets a job is asinine. He has no skills per se but knows somebody. If he doesn’t fall in line and do as he’s told, the entire workforce walks off & production comes to a standstill. Yeah unions are definitely the way to lift the unskilled up to middle class.

          2. capitialismRulesAll says:

            Cane did not wait for someone to hire him.
            He chose and made a chance for himself.
            He took the risk, He gets the reward.
            If he was abusing his employees, they would leave. Vote with their feet, so to speak.

            You cannot take advantage and abuse workers and expect to get ahead. That is a death spiral in the truly competitive world of economics. Unless it is bent by the regulations of an overly powerful, tyrannical government.

          3. Dennis D says:

            Cain is tied with Romney in the latest poll today

          4. Dee Smith says:

            just look at who was in charge for the last 30 or 40 years starting with congressmen Conyors,Dingle, Govenors, Mayors, all dangled with union thugs.
            The chickens have really come home to roost there.

            they have run out all the businesses and hard working taxpayers. all that are left are the entitilment mentalities and social miscrents

          5. Caspere says:

            Unions, with their unsustainable greed, corruption, and pensions are exactly what killed Detroit City. A once proud and beautiful city; birthplace of my dearly departed mother. The wretched inflexibility of the Socialist system (Democrat run with its inherent inefficiencies and corruption) spelled the once great city’s doom.

          6. Kip Noxzema says:

            I lived by Detroit my whole life. I worked full time and went to school full time to get my degree. You’re saying stuff they were saying 20 years ago. You’ve given up. It’s too bad.

          7. Deb says:

            Before you make ignorant comments you should KNOW where Cain is in the polls, you lose credability

            Everyone has the same opportunities as Cain & Oprah, they just choose not to take them.

      6. gpclaw says:

        “You don’t get to be like Herman Cain without screwing over people to get there”

        Losers always make excuses, and blame other people for their failures in life. News flash buddy – success comes from a lifetime of hard work. If you really want to change things, go grab up some of your other cry baby, hipster buddies, create something of value, and start your own business. Show the world how a company can be successful, by being socially conscious, and putting the needs of society ahead of your own personal interests. In other words, put your money where your mouth is.

      7. Craig says:

        I’ll out live your stupid as* because u will be on BO care and I wont. U POS drag on society.

      8. plebis says:

        this is hilarious!! these clowns want working people to supply them with FREE food, free everything up to and including toilet paper!

      9. Casper says:

        My God! Another ‘glittering jewel’ idiot. Nothing more pathetic than an old socialist. Something I hope you live long enough to realize.

      10. susan says:

        Sounds like a paragraph out of Marx;s Communist Manifesto to me! Have fun living in your hippie commune loser!

      11. Mary Wright says:

        Moochelle and her husband’s administration did away with the pyramid…oh. Nevermind. That was the FOOD pyramid. The political contribution ponzi scheme pyramid ala Solyndra is alive and well. How come Barack won’t diss them or his own folks for kissing them up? Oh, naive me. The administration is up to its you know what in the racket. Wall Street is their friend. This is for show.

      12. H. Sanders says:

        I can feel the love, bearface. Good luck with finding food in the dumpsters, since you are so secure in your self-worth that you need no money.

      13. Browniiz says:

        I was looking for a point in your comment WRT the opinion your replies to.
        My gues is your opinion of Cain is lower than your opinion of Obama.
        Both of which have been elevated to positions of authority by those who both respect them, and those too ignorant to know better.
        As for the rest of your opinion WRT to the boomer generation. The major problem they have is vanity and the inability to live within their means.
        Credit is a form of slavery, choosing credit over saving to purchase is stupid.
        Prices would drop drastically if credit was used less.
        Want a proven example, look at housing prices.

    3. stopthe says:

      Herman Cain was wrong… but obviously, the class warefare rhetoric is working. When you respond to Cain’s comments positively, despite the fact that he has mistunderstood the (non-union part of the) protests, it is clear that we’re “arguing amongst ourselves,” as the elite would have us to do, instead of focusing on the real problems.

      The problem is not individuals. The problem is the system and how it encourages individuals to behave. It rewards pernicious behavior, not healthy behavior.

      Btw the protestors don’t want to be “rich.” They just want a job and participation in the system of power that excludes them. It’s eerie how no one commenting here seems to understand or address that. Just keep shouting… it’ll all be fine, you don’t have to hear any real challenges to what you believe.. just shout louder…

    4. Danny says:

      That’s a lot of work, I know. and sometiemes it pays off and sometimes it takes a lot longert, and sometimes it doesn’t work. Sure neats sitting around complaining.

    5. Desertman says:

      well said Apple 241

  3. Bob says:

    We had our version of the band of Marxist dirt bags here in Boise yesterday Approx. 325. It looked like a Halloween parade for the homeless, and mentally challenged. I felt sorry for the frightened small children that were force to be there by their, I hate to use the word, parents. You can see how the dirt bags got to where they are. Look out America, they are coming to a city near you.

    1. Not My Government says:

      And I and others will join them when they come. The cointel is deep here – must be some seriously worried government workers and bankers.

  4. Bcp says:

    Why aren’t you marching on Washington and demanding we get rid of corrupt politicians from both parties? This goes way beyond Wall St

  5. thegoat1970 says:

    come on people… there is no need for this nonsense… go home to mommy & daddy… all will get better, you will see… this is america home of the brave, home of the free….

  6. Chippy55 says:

    It’s all funded by Soros and the web site is a Canadian anti-semite organization. One of the heads full of mush said he wanted “to replace Capitalism” and when axed, with what, he said, “Uh, duh, duh”. The riots should be starting any day now, this is what BHO wants.

  7. Ben says:

    Haha! How about the protesters sign declaring “I could lose my job for having a voice” No, you could lose your job if you do not go back to work. If you really have a job, that is.

    1. She says:

      I was going to say the same thing! LOL!

    2. bearface says:

      Oh classy. Insulting people without jobs. You really make a point by showing how bitter you are ha. these “kids” really touched a nerve, didn’t they? Face it, your youth is over. Time to move on, and make way for those who know how to use a computer to do something other than rant on mainstream media message boards. “trickle down” is soon to become nothing more than something you do in your diaper at the nursing home. hah.

      1. stan says:

        Do you talk that way to your grandmother, mother or dad?

        1. Eh2Zed says:

          He wouldnt dare. mommy and daddy, if he has one or even knows who it is, would kick his ass out on the street and he would lose his cell phone, Wide screedn HD TV to plug his X-box in. Nor would he have wireless for his iPad, iPod, Lap Top, and X-Box. He would also lose his nice Nilkes, designer jeans, and other products. You know. all of the things listed above that were created by GREEDY CORPORATIONS that he seems to forget, someone had to pay for. Wait until he grows up and has a job and pays for other selfcentered, selficious, ego centric useful idiots.

      2. DJJ says:

        Bearface: Yours seems to be the only “rant” posting and a somewhat immature rant at that!! Also, if you want a job, get off of your couch and go make it happen!! Start relying on yourself instead of someone else! That’s the “adult” thing to do!

      3. sam says:

        Hey Bear, I just hired 6, How many did you hire? And since im in oklahoma, and our economy is the best in the US, I had a very hard time finding people to work. Grow up and get out of the basement.

      4. SineQuaNon says:

        Dunning-Kruger effect…..yes i’ll wait while you look it up….it describes you and Obammi 2 a t

      5. artemis says:

        What is up with all of this age-bashing? It’s getting a bit “old”. HAHA. No, but seriously. Stop being such a child. I’m ashamed to say I’m most likely in your generation. Which really makes me sad about who will end up running our country (into the ground) when the baby boomers are gone.

      6. ed, 'Mr.' Jones says:

        Ageist. Victim. Holier-Than-Thou. Utopian Dreamer. Darwin-Denier.

        I can see “The Content Of Your Character”. – you appear ‘Wanting’.

        And that is the bottom line with most of “The 99%”, they “Want”. Too bad that they don’t get this: They are “Pawns in a game.

        Can you name one Major character from ‘Atlas Shrugged’?

      7. Casper says:

        My God! You are really are a fresh slice of ugly every hour or so. You remind me of Typhoid Mary.

      8. X says:

        What is this generational obsession you have?? Work out your daddy issues elsewhere. I’m right in the middle of Gen X. and nothing you say makes an ounce of sense.

  8. Tinylitess says:

    Lets remember these people are the failed revolutionaries of the the 60’s. Now after brainwashing their children and grandchildren now they are doing the marching but instead of burning draft cards and bras they are throwing poop and urinating on the sidewalks. http://tinylitess.blogspot.com

  9. Foster Glenwood says:

    Ray Kelly should be more concerned with the $27 trillion stolen by the Federal Reserve and given to foreign banks, businesses and individuals. He can take his demented frown along with his fascist Nazi police force and his degenerate mayor and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine. http://911essentials.com

    1. Ben says:

      Foster, my man. You are aware that once you use “Nazi”, your entire argument ends? Or, you had no argument to begin with?

      1. Foster Glenwood says:

        When you’re on the end of a baton and have your face smashed in, come talk to me then.

        1. Jordan says:

          I’d much prefer to be on the good end if the baton and smashing worthless hippies’ faces in. I for one do not believe in redistributing misery and laziness up from the unproductive protesters to the producers of society.

          1. Early ardmore says:

            You are so clueless, degenerate and mentally decrepit that it’s obvious you have no idea what’s really going on and never will. Ergo, mental deficients as you aren’t worth trying to explain complex financial problems to.

          2. Kevin Pearson says:

            I would rather be using that baton and applying it to the crotch of THE NONE when he is dragged out kicking and screaming out of the White House.

          3. Edgar N Valderrama says:

            You would have made a perfect “brown shirt” Nazi Storm Trooper. There’s a place waiting for you among the N. Y. ”
            white shirts. You should apply.

      2. Casper says:

        Baloney, Nazi is legitimate and acceptable word when used appropriately.

    2. John Corn says:

      You’re worse than the anarchists.

      1. Foster Glenwood says:

        Please explain your laconic reply.

      2. Edgar N Valderrama says:

        What’s wrong with Anarchy? It just means we don’t want to take orders from a bunch of holier than thous!

        1. Winston Smith says:

          Definition of ANARCHY
          1 a : absence of government
          b : a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority
          2 a : absence or denial of any authority or established order
          Everything you eat, wear or use in any capacity (the computer you’re ranting on) is the product of a world-wide net of production and distribution that is held in place by an established order made of governments and businesses! Anarchies only last a few months, at most. They, then, rapidly devolve into a feudal system controlled, mercilessly and absolutely, by local warlords.
          The choice, then, is simple: “restore the Constitution” or “buy a gun and a shovel, grow your own food and defend it from your neighbor.”

          1. Edgar N Valderrama says:

            I use definition #1

    3. stan says:

      He wasn’t aksed by the mayor to be concerned about the federal reserve, he wa asked to and is charged with protecting the citizens of NYC. If you read thearticle he stated as long as the protestors were peaceful there would be no trouble. If the police were assulted and damage is done to public or private property he would authorize the force necessary to bring peace to the strreets.

      1. Edgar N Valderrama says:

        Ever hear of “Agents Provocateur?”

    4. Rod Anders says:

      Why would the Fed Reserve steal money? They don’t have to steal. They have a license to print money.

      1. JP Warchild says:

        They steal value from existing money when they print more money.

        I am JP Warchild, ghost of 1913.

    5. glassyeyed says:

      oh, god please don’t tell me you are a “truther” too, get over it, grow up

  10. ontie1 says:

    The finale is coming, the more uncomfortable this great unwashed crowd becomes the more irratable and surly they will be and the more manipulative will be those assigned to create the frenzy. This is text book commie manifesto and the same tactics Mao used to purge his government. The property destruction will be coming if the leaders and the money sources are not spotlighted and held accountable. Soros is a money man, the unions are supporters and the Deemers will chip in more if they see a opportunity of benefit. A good turn of weather , rain,snow could really make the crowd uncomfortable and could drive them out of the mood to riot…

  11. SineQuaNon says:

    This has been so OBVIOUSLY PLANNED, it is a politically connived ‘response’ to the true grassroots tea party movement. The brown shirted public union thugs and anarchists together pulled by the more-visible-every-day puppet strings of Soros. They (MSM, lefties, et al) WISH DESPERATELY that this will become what the tea party IS.
    Sitting back and watching this circus objectively only reveals the concerted push to make this ‘protest’ bigger than it will ever be. It is not even logically viable if they succeed in drawing larger numbers, and from the looks of it they are already straining to push the numbers over a few thousand…ROFL

  12. Ben says:

    My “non-union” pension is invested in Wall Street. I have made it my responsibility to care for my own retirement and if these penniless protesters have their way, I may well see my hard earned retirement go up in smoke. That is why I can not support them.

    1. JP Warchild says:

      You invested in a ponzi. Buy assets that have no counterparty risk if you really want the responsibility for your own retirement.

      I am JP Warchild, and your bank is insolvent.


    Obama is to blame, not a street. Wall street is exactly that, a street. Who are they blaming? The protesters are LOSERS who do not want to work.

    1. Josh Biggs says:

      Its the fleabagger liberal revolution…. Planned by Obma ans SEIU. These tools are nothing more than Union shills.

      1. RuRu says:

        I Love That “Fleabagger” Brillant, good for you.

  14. P. Joseph Raju says:

    The political leaders who are indirectly influencing and inciting these protestors will live to regret. They are trying to reap the dividends at the cost of these protestors and at the cost of NY city, but they are playing with fire. Any peaceful protest is commendable. I don’t think this group is looking for peaceful protests. They are sawing the seeds of violence. Soon it will flare up and it will bring uncontrollable violence which will affect the major cities and then the country as a whole. The politicians who bless these violence will regret then.

  15. jasperddbgghost says:

    I KNEW one of Ron Paul’s TWO supporters were behind this!

  16. Ken Puck says:

    These cosseted sons of plenty can’t even articulate their manifesto, although they believe in some vague, ill-defined way that Karl Marx wqas right after all. They are defeating their own purpose, whatever that is, as support for the anti-Obama hardens.

  17. olegunny says:

    Turn fire hoses on them and then use snowplows to pile them up – put the remains on a barge to be dumped at sea with the other garbage. Normal clean up methods will not remove this filth.

    1. jasperddbgghost says:

      Let’s bring in Dr. Curb S. Tomp. He’s got the cure for these smelly hippies!

    2. Re Re says:

      Excellent! They are nothing but dirtbags anyway. Lazy, stinking bums.

      1. Rod Anders says:

        They are the Flea Bag Party … a term brought up by an earlier poster.

      2. Edgar N Valderrama says:

        You guys human?

        1. Winston Smith says:

          How typical: when someone cannot refute an idea with logic and common sense – hurl mindless insults.

          1. Edgar N Valderrama says:

            Just a question elicited by their caveman comments.

          2. Edgar N Valderrama says:

            Are you REALLY defending Re Re above with his carefully considered “stinking bums” comment?

    3. bill mantooth says:

      Like Heston said in Soylent Green: “Get the Scoops”.

    4. Kevin Pearson says:

      NO just let them stay… Hopefully soon someone from Berkley will show up and any male in Zucotti park will be rendered infertile and the next generation would not have to put up with the genes that turned them into such freak jobs.

  18. Not My Government says:

    Support from Southern Oregon. Wish I could be there!

    1. jasperddbgghost says:

      But you had more important things to tend to. Like smoking a bowl.

      Pooregon: Highest unemployment. Highest on welfare and (I’m too fat) disability.

      1. END THE FED says:

        They paying you overtime to post comments? Part of the new initiative of this illegitimate government to try and discredit all opposition and steer message boards. Won’t work I’m afraid.

    2. PRJ says:

      You could abandon your responsibilities and join the others who have done so.

      1. END THE FED says:

        Witty. What are my responsibilities according to the government? Pay property taxes, pay income taxes, pay for Obamacare, pay for illegals and welfare queens and then shut up? Am I supposed to believe inflation is negligible when everything has gone up so much? And the Kenyan usurper tells me to ‘Eat my peas” and the recession ended.

        This government and their banker masters will be reigned in one way or another.

      2. Kip Noxzema says:

        “Abandon your responsibilities.” Riiiiiight. Funny how you’re using a computer to type this, made by a Wall St. Corporation. I’ll bet y ou need your cell, too, made by a Wall St. Corporation that you gave money to. Should I continue?

        1. Browniiz says:

          Maybe you should since my phone was made in Taiwan and my computer in China.

  19. Infidel4ever says:

    I find this hypocrisy of the left supporting the AstroTurf, I.e., Soros and SEIU funded demonstration against the free market annoying! The left dismissed the real civilized grassroots movement of the Tea Party, calling us racist, bigots, terrorists, etc. I can’t wait for the wave that will surge 2012 and throw these Marxist morons out on their cans permanently!

  20. AtlasObjectivist says:

    Time to start rounding these radical communist losers up – send them to Gitmo for a vacation and water boarding.

    1. Randolph says:

      Yeah…..round up the Wall Street execs and throw the SOBs in Gitmo.

      1. Jmac5280 says:

        They can share a cell with Obama and Holder Randolph. Silly fleabaggers.

    2. Re Re says:

      Can we sell tickets to the waterboarding? Would love to watch their reaction when water hits them! Probably they’re first access to water in a loooooong time!

    3. MayfaireOquinn says:

      Un-American. Un-Patriotic. Hater of the Constitution. Hater of free rights.

      (Oh, sorry, that was just me summing up your fascistic post. By all means, carry on.)

  21. Randolph says:

    Give ’em hell folks. The same hell Wall Street has given average middle class Americans

    1. Dufus says:

      What specifically has Wall Street done? How do you define Wall Street? What is your level of education?

      1. tryster says:

        Wall Street? They’re the ones who pay the capitol gains taxes and take risks by providing money to businesses to expand or start-up. They actually create “jobs” on their own without the need to have the government seize someone’s assets first.

        So, of course they’re a threat to these losers. How can it be that “jobs” don’t come from the government in bed with a public sector union?

      2. Ect says:

        You should not intimidate someone by asking their level of education.This type of bullying tactic is not acceptable. Besides anyone that has to ask what Wall Street has done is in dier need of education.

        1. Rod Anders says:

          So is someone who can’t spell “dire” … or “etc.”

        2. Browniiz says:

          Wall Street is a location. It is not a vocation, it is not the N.Y. Stock Exchange, It is not the DOW or S&P. Wall Street is not the brokerage firms, banks, or exchanges.
          Now if they wanted to protest TARP, or perhaps the stimulus bill, which gacve money to banks and other businesses in an unconstitution manner, they might find a specific following that grows instead of attempting to create a new Kent State incident.
          At least those at Kent Sate were protesting government fighting a war they did not agree with Instead they protest a street located in NYC having no idea what is even located on that street.

    2. jasperddbgghost says:

      Right – and in your happy ending world, Wall St. caves in and starts throwing out bags of money to pay all the hippies for their “peaceful and organized gathering”, right?

    3. Adam Wentworth says:

      Randolph is the typically ignorant fleabagger. These unions pensions are invested on Wall Street. The majority of Americans have money invested on Wall Street in 401ks, mutual funds, various retirement accounts, or by simply Day Trading. Wall Street has been providing the middle class with historically good returns up until this fleabag in chief came to office

    4. Kip Noxzema says:

      Yes, we hate the cell phones, HDTVs, life insurance companies, health insurance companies, toys from companies your kids play with, game software companies, and food companies you buy from every day. Too bad you were forced to buy that stuff, right? It should all be FREE, huh? Man, we just hate it when companies get in a price war and we get goods and services at a ridiculously cheap price. That’s just not fair!

    5. Casper says:

      Wall St. IS us. Sooooo much ignorance!

      1. Edgar N Valderrama says:

        I believe you are correct and we all share equally in its culpability in the same measure as we share in the benefits of its ‘rapacious rape’ of the third world as well as of the citizens, environment and resources of their own country.

  22. Satchmo says:

    I’m sure that park is ruined by now…another thing paid for by taxpayers, ruined by non-taxpayers…

    1. Phil says:

      Yeah. That park is very much a symbol of what liberals/democrats/Marxists/socialists/communists/anarchists want to achieve. The condition of the park is exactly what they want to happen to the USA. All they seek is to tear down, and to tear down those who create and build up. The two sides could not be more contrasting. If anyone ever had a doubt about what Obama/Pelosi/Reid, the democratic party, and the thug Unions are all about, just take a look at the park.

      1. Re Re says:

        Glenn Beck and Mark Levin have been warning about this for a long time. Once again, they were right. This is all orchestrated by the union thugs, the SEIU,Moveon.org, that pig Soros and, I bet, the Welfare White House residents. All these slugs want is everything for free; read their “manifesto”. It’s right in there.

        This country is doomed, which is exactly what the Pivens, etc. wanted — destroy from within.

    2. Michael H. says:

      That park is privately owned…

      1. artemis says:

        So “privately” owned that the “private” owners can’t kick them off? Doesn’t sound so private to me.

    3. X says:

      Probably not. I catch my bus right in front of the park on Broadway (or, I did, before the insanity started). It is really just a pedestrian plaza, not so much a park. Wall to wall concrete, so unlikely there will be any serious damage.

  23. Truthmonster says:

    One more thing Soros is funding this malaise. He is the biggest most warped ruthless capitalist on this Earth. Something is not right about this. Obama is trying to cause an uprising he can capitalize on just to get elected. When out right lying just isn’t enough try to manipulate the mush brained youth.

  24. Paige Cohen says:

    They don’t even know why they are there. Pawns of Obama. 2012 election = Obama vs Wall Street. Wall Street drives the economy and Obama has put the brakes on it. Obama is the person to be protesting against. Luv the millionaire celebs supporting these idiots.

    1. Edgar N Valderrama says:

      What rot. Obama VERSUS Wall St! The guy is a front for the Wall Street warmongers or he wouldn’t be enriching them with wars and war contracts.
      Innocent. You think anyone but a Wall Street puppet has a chance of making it into thr White House these latter days of empire?

  25. lvh says:

    Isn’t there a nice “meadow” they can visit? I kinda remember that..
    What was it called..Woodstock?
    But that was supposedly against a war.
    They have no idea.

    1. steve says:

      They are all squtters looking for an excuse to stay in the park.

  26. Rick O'Shea says:

    A collection of ne’er-do-wells who live in their own garbage.I wonder what percent are living on some sort of government handout or mama’s teat?

    1. Paige Cohen says:


    2. RuRu says:

      Watch out now that Obama’s Union thugs are joining in. They will try to start up some violence. Mark my words!!!

    3. JP Warchild says:

      JP Warchild is inclined to believe that percentage is lower than the percentage of banking institutions that received TARP and other FED welfare.

      I am JP Warchild, and I overturn moneychangers tables.

  27. John says:

    I drove through New York City two weeks ago. The metal around the place is looking rusty and unkempt. Why doesn’t the city round up these folks and hand them a paint brush?

    1. ollie says:

      Seriously good idea!

    2. Jennifer says:

      While a nice idea, I hate to see what lovely “painting” they come up with. Maybe some pot leaves painted on the sides of building, peace signs…OH and pictures of Che…you know he was a “freedom” fighter…not a murderer. Plus his face looks really cool on bikini bottoms. what a bunch of morons.

  28. URADUMB a$$ says:

    Just listen to them during interviews, down with Capitalism.
    #1 Most can’t spell it
    #2 Most dont know or even define it
    #3 OK out with Kaptlesict bojwah caporayshuns, replace with [silence]
    #4 As soon as midterm come they’ll be gone [preparing themselves for a JOB?]
    #5 Who actually cares what they think or want.

    1. jasperddbgghost says:

      Heh, yeah down with capitalism as they listen to NPR and MSNBC on their soy-lent green produced Apple iProduct that, of course, NEVER would be the idea of capitalism.

      1. Dee Smith says:

        that are made in CHINA
        truthmonster has it right Thanks to Barney Frank and Company

        1. MayfaireOquinn says:

          EVERYTHING is made in China. Where have you been? News flash – BOTH of these corrupt-to-the-core parties are working to make this a one-world government. Open your eyes and smell the coffee!

    2. Edgar N Valderrama says:

      Maybe they ARE being manipulated but I bet you don’t have the balls to put YOUR delicate ass on the line for your beliefs.

  29. Sue says:

    Selling NYC protestor T-shirts. Front reads: Team Pee Party. Back reads Barry’s Useful Idiot.

    1. Paige Cohen says:

      luv it

    2. Dufus says:

      Please do not impugn idiots by comparison to Obama.

    3. Rod Anders says:

      They need one that says … I’m a Flea Bagger

  30. Truthmonster says:

    I wonder who the brain trust that came up with this is the same nimrod that came up with Fast & Furious. Trying to create discord with these whiny brats so funny. It’s comical they don’t know what they want. Liberals created the housing bubble which created the banking bubble which created the foreclosure bubble which created the economy bubble DUH this ain’t rocket science.

    1. Paige Cohen says:

      God bless you. So cool to know there are people like you still around.

    2. JP Warchild says:

      Fast & Furious has been around since 2005 or earlier.

      JP Warchild suggests reading the federal court filings.

  31. Tom Avacado says:

    Cull the diseased heard of losers, or let a militia take over.

  32. Mary Wright says:

    Where is mayor Bloob whatever his name is on this? Where is his leadership or is this part of his plan to self fulfill prophecies of civil unrest or worse? He should be down there with a bullhorn doing his own countodown: Don’t block public streets or sidewalks or you will be arrested. You strike or assault anyone, you will be arrested. Bada Bing.

  33. S. Turner says:

    It is pathetic and scary that these protesters are the true faces of the democrat party. As these wackos chant against prosperity and capitolism, Wall Street is one of the biggest backers of the president… A COMMUNITY ORGANIZER. What a twisted time in which we live.

    1. hazeylee says:

      Stupid is as stupid does.

    2. Paige Cohen says:

      it’s crazy

  34. Henry says:

    It’s getting more and more difficult to tell the difference between a union wuss from a homeless person. I guess union bosses have been on the losing end of most negotiations…punks!

  35. Mike Alright says:

    After these fools give up after it gets really cold out, my suspicion is the “real American Spring” will come once the weather gets nice again early next year. By then, everyone (except government workers and retired baby-boomers) will be unhappy with the state of the union.

    1. Bunky says:

      Excuse me but why would retired baby boomers be happy with the state of the union?
      What do you know that causes you to say something like that?

  36. not sure says:

    where’s mayor yutzberg? the silence is deafening

    1. Paige Cohen says:

      in the Bahamas

  37. Let EmFreeze says:

    Let these homo’s sleep there through the winter and die of frostbite

    1. jasperddbgghost says:

      Frostbite, G(AIDS) …. take your pick.

  38. Max says:

    I’m not going to let a few union goons hold my city hostage. Just ignore these dweebs and they will go away…

  39. change0 says:

    Are these “protestors” protesting Obama’s spending 1/2 and a billion dollars to prop up Solyndra at tax payers, who are working, expense. This is because FAT CATS who knew Solandra was failing donated to Obama. Would they protest our Dept. of Justice selling guns to drug cartels in Mexico. Our people were killed by these guns! Do these “protestors” really know who George Soros is?

  40. Jamaal says:

    So these are obama’s foot soldiers, no wonder obama knows he’s an underdog!

  41. mr e. fudd says:

    {t is plain wrong that the taxpayer must fund this event. The protesters should be paying for it, or the NYP should not be there.

    1. Kevin Pearson says:

      It would be worth if the end result is that they start to riot among themselves once the stench gets so bad and they start to cannabilze themselve.

  42. Brian Wilcutt says:

    Gerald Celente, 3 years ago, said we’d have a “revolution by the end of 2011”. He said 3 months ago, “Civil unrest in Oct/Nov, civil war in Dec/Jan”.

    He’s never been wrong, either. Google ’em and get a chill. He’s not a mind reader or anything, he looks at statistics and trends.

    So what I’m seeing here is the beginning of the end. I don’t care who those people are that are protesting NOW, in the end all of us will be.

    1. jasperddbgghost says:

      Especially after the election. If OMoron wins, there will be riots. If OMoron loses, there will be bigger riots. Think Planet of the Apes… cept’ in the movies the Apes were smart…..and not on welfare.

  43. A. Brown says:

    City officials are reaping what they’ve sown. This is what happens when Democrats buy votes by promising their constituents other people’s wealth.

  44. tomSERVO says:

    The people protesting are just what Marx labelled “useful idiots.” They are being used by forces they do not understand. Once the hidden agenda is achieved and the idiots are no longer of any use, then they will be disposed of like every other example of similar events in history.

    1. Crow T. Robot says:

      Well said!

    2. Barbara Hedges says:

      Obsessed with age is right. They will fall apart and sit in their Momma’s house, in their room all alone and depressed when they turn 30.Or do they think they will be young forever ? They are not against anyone working hard and getting rich. What they are against it seems is do nothing for your family and give it all to them. They are to dumb to realize the rich hard working smart people are the one’s who build a business and give them jobs, decent pay and benefits. They won’t leave anything to their families as they won’t have anything. They spend their time on welfare and trying to figure out how to get other peoples money. By the way the rich give tons of money to charity to help those in need.

    3. Shelb says:

      Everyone can assume they are using these people, but obviously you are a moocher who is happy when others do so you can have.

  45. jasperddbgghost says:

    Let’s fend them off with morally straight dialogue and deodorant.

  46. Jade says:

    I am embarrassed by the mindless madness we are witnessing…I haven’t heard a compelling reason for their silly efforts yet!

    1. JP Warchild says:

      JP Warchild will generously enlighten you as to the unified reason, which is usury fatigue.

      I am JP Warchild, and gold is money. Everything else is credit.

  47. Death on a Stick says:

    One can only hope that a geographically highly concentrated disease will break out and thin their ranks.

    1. Kevin Pearson says:

      That’s why I say leave them be. With the sanitation issues, maybe they will all get cholera, and if someone comes from Berkeley and brings mumps…. then the whole lot will not be bothering the next generation.

    2. Shelb says:

      You are an ugly person and what goes around perhaps will come right back to you.

  48. Barry's CT. SSN 042-68-4425 FAILS 'E-VERIFY' says:

    “All We Are Saying…Is Give Us A Bath”

  49. Roy Smith says:


    1. Johnny Handsome says:

      Why they hell would anyone care what the people in India are doing? No one is laughing at us believe me. They are saying “its about time those wimps got up and did something.” About time they put the Big Macs down and got off their fat butts and stood up for themselves.

      1. jasperddbgghost says:

        When I think of wimps, the first thing I think of are the liberal limp-wristed phaggs in San-Fran-Sicko. Friends of yours, right JH?

        1. Johnny Handsome says:

          jasperddbgghost – Gee, what a come back. You are so profound. You are right up there with best thinkers of all time! You told me boy! I think I’ll go and cry in the corner now! Fracken idiot!

      2. hps says:

        Soooooo funny YES we and others ARE laughing at you.>> know why?? YOUR NOTHING MORE than a USEFUL IDIOT.. for the UNIONS.. RADICALS.. SOROS.. etc.. and your to dumb to KNOW it.. I was around in the 60’s when this SAME GROUP of (NOW OLD PEOPLE) did the same thing right from the OLD GRANDMA PIVIN to VAN JONES.. only NOW they have USEFUL IDIOTS like you doing their bidding.. HECK they don’t even have to work.. BTW nice newspaper put out by the SORO’S funded .. TIDES FOUNDATION .. AND you really THINK ANYONE with a REAL EDUCATION thinks this is GRASS ROOTS.. it’s more like HILARY’s WOODSTOCK.. SEX .. DRUGS AND ROCK AND ROLL… Now it is nice of you to support CAPITALISM .. with your iphones.. internet.. Facebook.. buying food..etc.. you are adding to the incomes of MANY on WALL STREET fool.. Hope everyone of you that is getting their education paid for by parents that your parents LOSE all their money so YOU don’t waste their money any longer.. and IF your taking out loans..LOL.. well all the banks did was GIVE you the loan.. it’s YOUR school and HIGH TEACHER pay and pension that makes school so costly.. NOT the bank.. Can’t find a job look to CLINTION who signed NAFTA.. and BUSH one who signed CAFTA.. I don’t feel sorry for ANY of you.. I was raised POOR and for the levels the government has set I still am HOWEVER I am better off now than when I was a kid.. and I have what I need.. APPARENTLY you don’t.. to bad for you .. BTW what have you been eating while out there BIG MAC’S I bet..LOL.. ..

        1. Johnny Handsome says:

          Okay…. What? Around in the 60’s? What? I’m not sure where your senile old rant is going? What are you talking about Methuselah? Take your meds and come talk when you’ve relax a tad. Someone get this man a Depends!!!

  50. Johnny Handsome says:

    Protesting is a RIGHT every American has but please keep in mind, this is NYC. You don’t want to antagonize the NYPD. I know some of you kids have this “I can’t be hurt” or “Later for the police, I’ll do what I want” attitudes but believe me, the cops in this city need little reason to bust your head. I’m rather amazed they are being as restrained as they are – except for the case of little Mussolini spraying unarmed women crowed in a bullpen with pepper spray. Say , has he been demoted yet?

    1. dat'l do it says:

      why? he’s a national hero.

      1. Johnny Handsome says:

        No, he’s a criminal and should be jailed and charged with Assault and attempted murder.

    2. TonyZ says:

      Only the left has rights in this country huh? Are you that accepting of the Tea Party protests or do you just pick and choose?

      1. jasperddbgghost says:

        With a name like Johnny Handsome it probably picks it’s nose.

        1. Johnny Handsome says:

          With a name like Johnny Handsome, I let your mother pick my nose. And she is very good at it silly girl.

      2. caconservative says:

        How many arrests have been made in over 300 Tea Party rallies? Answer – Zero. Have you seen what an area that held a Tea Party protest looks like afterward? The cities don’t need to even bring in a clean up crew. The nothings on Wall Street are dirty, lazy pigs. These losers simply want others to pay for them. They want free college, incomes, housing, food, etc. What do the Tea Party people want? Government restraint and accountability. Pelosi has the nerve to call them Tea Partiers terrorists and asks God to bless the Wall Street goons.

      3. Johnny Handsome says:

        TonyZ – I am ALL FOR these folk getting out there and sticking it to the man. I’m headed there myself after work. I am not for egging the cops on so as to bring disorder to an other wise peaceful sign of revolt. Also,I can’t stand the teabaggers. Prior to them, being taken over by the Republican party, they were a voice to be heard. Now they are full of idiots and Klans men – The GOP in other words.

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