Zuccotti Park Not Cleaned In 3 Weeks; Local Businesses Getting AnnoyedBy Dave Carlin

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — On the 20th day of the “Occupy Wall Street” protest, Mayor Michael Bloomberg weighed in on the movement. He mostly criticized the group and said their actions are hurting the economy and tourism sector.

On his weekly radio show Friday, Bloomberg said long-term chaos and a prolonged money drain are bad for the city. He said he is sympathetic to some protestor complaints, but certainly not all.

“What they’re trying to do is to take the jobs away from people working in the city. They’re trying to take away the tax base we have because none of this is good for tourism,” he said. “There’s no easy solutions here.”

The mayor continued his criticism saying “if the jobs they are trying to get rid of in this city, the people that work in finance — which is a big part of our economy — go away, we’re not going to have any money to pay our municipal employees or clean the parks or anything else.”

However, he showed no inclination to put a stop to what has been going on.

“From a practical point of view, I think we want to let some of this not ‘play out’ isn’t quite the right word, but let them express themselves,” Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg Says There Aren’t Any Easy Solutions. 1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks Reports.

When asked if he would allow the demonstrators to stay, the mayor replied “we’ll see what happens, we’ve got to focus on making things better.”

The cramped and noisy protesters in Zuccotti Park does not appear to be going anywhere soon. To date, the occupation has cost the city an extra $2 million in police overtime alone.

The owners of the private park, Brookfield Office Properties, cannot simply eject the demonstrators because the charter for the park allows 24-hour public access. But the owners never counted on this and appear to be getting fed up.

In a statement they said “because the protestors refuse to cooperate…the park has not been cleaned since Friday, September 16th and as a result, sanitary conditions have reached unacceptable levels.”

“They’re just making life miserable for the working guy,” bar owner Mike Keane told CBS 2’s Dave Carlin.

However, demonstrators insist they are being good neighbors, making an effort to be quiet in the overnight hours and cleaning up after themselves.

“The people that have been here, have been making sure to clean up. You can walk through and see, but I’ve seen multiple people sweeping,” demonstrator Michelle Rafic said.

Demonstrators have also taken issue with Mayor Bloomberg’s statements that the occupation is detrimental instead of positive.

“I think the more we talk about and get all the issues out there that need to be discussed, need to be confronted, obviously whatever we’re doing right now isn’t working. So until we figure out something that leads to a better America for everybody not just a small percentage of Americans,” Joshua Durham said.

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Dave Carlin

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  1. Mitch Ring says:

    Just another ploy for unions to get paid overtime for cleaning up a mess that they, the union, is also engaged in.

    1. Norwegianbear says:

      where is you tongue right now? In your cheek?

      1. Norwegianbear says:

        that was a response to Edgar

        1. Ronny Hollywood says:

          Support the Youth for Western Civiliation, and let’s stop college campuses from indoctrinating kids with Marxist ideologies!


          Do it today!

    2. orion67 says:

      How come when liberals congregate in one place they trash it, wallow in it, then leave without picking up? And all the gop or conservative oriented functions held over the last couple years the exact opposite occurred. Maybe Rush is right, it is a wiring thing, or more specifically, mental deficiency. Self-respect is the most telling of virtues.

      1. Dante says:

        Well said. These are sad little people who are prone to lazing around being slobs in their parent’s homes and now they have congregated to perform their two skills for all the world to see.

      2. Mace says:

        It’s easy to see why. Conservatives groups such as the Tea Party tend to be made up of responsible, thinking adults concerned for the country while liberal groups tend to be unthinking, emotional, naive, and childish twits out to get a free ride while blaming their failures on anyone else that actually works for a living. Make sense?

        1. dwstick says:

          Some bloggers are referring to this rabble as the Flea Party. The name fits!

          1. John Politano says:

            Fleabaggers! Spread it!

          2. Alice Polarbear says:

            Oh, EXCELLENT!!!

            1. colin says:

              Well, you own computers and have to hate *somebody* on a daily basis to counter your own unhappiness, so may as well be juvenile together. Keep championing against your own best interests.

      3. Claude says:

        The important thing is they are getting their message out…er…what is that message again?

    3. KRM says:

      The birth of the “Pee Party”. adds exactly nothing to civil discourse

      1. mila says:

        …..and these protests do? Your name calling is indicative of your lack of maturity. Grow up, and go get a brain

        1. Frank says:

          I think you misunderstood the earlier post. The “Pee” Party is what we are calling “occupy WS”. They’re peeing in the parks, wrecking the place in every city they gather.

          1. herdzcatz says:

            And one gem deficated on a police car. These are True Patriots. Right.

            1. ASterling says:

              A few years ago, a homeless guy with a brain disorder did the same thing several times on the mayor’s car in a nearby town to where I lived. When he was finally caught in the act, the guy swore he couldn’t help it – it was his mental problem. First thing I thought of when I heard about this.

        2. Big G says:

          I think “Pee Party” is quite appropriate given recent news reports of public urination by the “occupiers”. But the only thing “occupying” the thoughts of this massive collection of freaks is the huge debt they all rang up wasting four years soaking their little minds in concentrated vats of political correctness at one of our increasingly discredited universities. All they really want is for someone else, and it will end up being some poor guy who works for a living, to pick up their $200,000 tuition debts. Talk about greed. It’s getting colder as winter comes on. Let these characters freeze.

        3. Hudrum says:

          I’m loving Bloomberg’s pain, Mila’s too. I’m a tea party guy but, I’m with the protesters too. Pee on.

          1. Joe says:

            Hudrum … if you’re a Tea Party guy, there’s NO WAY you’re with the protesters. You may say it, but you are no Tea Party guy.

            1. Kevin Pearson says:

              Precisely. “Arab Spring” was inspired by protests against overbearing corrupt and unwieldy bureaucracies.. This bunch is protesting for MORE bureaucracy.
              It;’s like what Mark Steyn was saying about some protesters in London pre-riot, that were staged by anarchist “Back in the day, anarchists wanted to get rid of government but today we have anarchists protesting in favor of MORE government.”

              No way a Tea Party guy that isn’t bonged out on pot would have any support for these clowns.

        4. joe says:

          Uh …. he’s referring to the protesters, not the Tea Party.

      2. Dante says:

        The only thing notable about that comment is the horrible punctuation.

      3. lordanson says:


      4. Tired Man says:

        And hopefully when one of these deadbeats go pee in the park on a bush some place, they are arrested just like any other homeless person and taken to jail. They can use some of the fines money to clean up the park.

        1. Kevin Pearson says:

          Police cannot arrest a homeless person for peeing or sleeping. Homeless advocates have sued and the activist courts have set down the ruling that they cannot be arrested for an activity that is required for remaining alive, or something like that.
          At least that is the case in Miami.

    4. Edward Boothe says:

      Maybe the like the smell of each others Communist feces

  2. Tom Donovan says:

    The protesters are primarily white. Based on the standards used to judge the Team Party, these protesters must be racists.

    1. Peter J Augusta says:

      What about the TV interviews with those protestors carrying english signs they can’t read. Are they all lilly white Americans or paid protestors of color?

  3. paperpushermj says:

    Don’t they have to water the lawn in the park?

    1. Ty Harris says:

      I wish they would turn on the sprinklers and give all the stupid, smelly hippies a much-needed bath.

      1. DH says:

        Yea! Especially this guy…. he’s obviously a stinking hippie communist.


      2. Chad Claflin says:

        ty are u that stupid to think that they are all hippie that need a shower?? if u do then i would suggest reading something other than Main Stream Media’s lies.. if they are all hippies then why not just arrest then for drug’s…BECAUSE THEY R BOT ALL HIPPIES.. THEY ARE TEACHERS,POLICE,LIBRARIANS, WHITE COLLAR AND BLUE COLLAR WORKERS, ITS PEOPLE FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE.. TILL U HAVE BEEN THERE AND KNOW WHAT THEY ARE REALLY ABOUT.. GO BACK TO SLEEP, AND THINK UR GOVT. KNOWS WHATS BEST.. AND DONT LOOK WHERE THEY HAVE TAKEN US SO FAR!!

        1. Bruce Frykman says:

          Really? How many from the conservative walk of life?

        2. Mace says:

          Chad is right. These aren’t all hippies, many, as he lists, are actually just your run-of-the-mill union thugs. As far as what they’re about, even they don’t seem to know. At least one thinks it’s all about the Jews running Wall Street while most just seem to be looking to blame someone for their own failures while ignoring three years of inept political leadership by their Messiah.

        3. Peter J Augusta says:

          yea sure, they are all teachers, police, librarians, and you forgot, also union workers paid to protest fro SEIC, Move on .org all [paid by Soro. How these prefessionals can live ampng these slobs is beyong me!

        4. ASterling says:

          I heard they were all brave nurses.

        5. Edward Boothe says:

          They are Communists

          “Communism is a philosophy of failure,
          the creed of ignorance,and the gospel of envy
          Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”
          Winston Churchill

    2. dontbombmebro says:

      Good One! I believe watering it daily, especially well on the cool evenings, would bring about positive results.

    3. doug says:

      i hear fire hoses are a particularly efficient means of watering

      1. Ty Harris says:

        Nah…using fire hoses just gives them a PR victory. Just have the groundskeepers turn on the sprinklers at night to water the grass for a few hours… problem solved. It’s a tried and well-used trick to get rid of smelly hippie protesters that has been sucessfully employed since the vietnam war.

        1. doug says:

          it’s worth it. i would gladly trade a hippie PR “victory” for a hilarious youtube video of a bunch of hippies getting hosed. similarly, the hilarious pepper spray video was well worth any PR “win.” ultimately the hippies can’t “win” any PR battle as the vast majority will continue to see them for the jokes that they are so in the meantime we might as well have some fun with them.

          1. "That Guy" says:

            Pepper spray in the sprinklers!

            1. Lanceman says:

              Like when Homer kept getting gassed on that secret island? Heh.

      2. orion67 says:

        I think waterboarding is the best way to clean a hippy. Gets all that ground in dirt and ugly truths out at the same time.

        HIPPY BATHDAY, f’ers!

        1. colin says:

          How’s that whole ignorance thing working out for you?

      3. Marines1 says:

        Fdny is to busy sleeping or shopping or protesting with theses losers to spray water at these losers

  4. MH says:

    Losing tourism? All the tourists I saw saw down there were stopping to take photos.
    Tour buses are actually slowing down to get a better look at the whats is going on.
    It’s a tourist attraction.

  5. Northlander says:

    Wall Street should be renamed Bedbug Row.

  6. Bill says:

    These people have not heard of the golden rule. Them thats got the gold make the rules. If they want to change the rules, they have to get some gold.

    1. Ty Harris says:

      That would require moving out of their parents basement and finding something useful to do for society with their bachelor’s degree in environmental justice or ethnic studies… not gonna happen. They want to be taken care of with somebody elses’ gold.

  7. Claire Fraser says:

    i want a pony

    1. Thomas B says:

      Me too!!

      1. Justy says:

        hell yeah!!! We should occupy texas, and demand ponies!!!!!!!!!!

        1. IGetItAlready says:

          Funniest thing I’ve tonight!
          Grab me a white one while you’re down there. Think I’ll look into having a horn surgically implanted on its head. .

        2. Bruce Frykman says:

          “Hope and Change” now no longer an operative slogan; Obama has a great new one:

          “A Pony in Every Garage”

    2. Ty Harris says:

      Every American has a basic fundamental right to a pony!

    3. Lisa says:

      Great idea! I’m in California, but I want one too. A pony would rock! Please tell the protest people to include ponies in their demands.

      1. gettinbuy says:

        No ponies for you! All the fat cat ranchers are hording them for themselves. They are so greedy! No one should be alowed to have more than 1 pony!

  8. Kelly Florida says:

    HMMM…I dont remember this being a complaint when the tea party gathered…

    1. Ken Heins says:

      My girlfriend was at the Glenn Rally last August. They cleaned up after themselves, right down to the last gum wrapper.

      Well not totally true because, according to her, no one threw anything on the ground anyway.

      Then, on her way out, they passed the counter-protest area. A few hundred people. Who created far more garbage on the ground that the 100,000 or so Tea Partiers.

      Ex-girlfriend in San Antonio confirmed the same for the Tea Party rally there.

      1. Kevin Pearson says:

        People are complaining about the lack of sanitation after three weeks. EVERY YEAR on South Beach, there is the same problem, but not in 3 weeks, but in 3 DAYS.
        Since 2000, every Memorial Day Weekend, there has been an official gathering alternately called “Hip Hop Weekend”, “Urban Beach Weekend” or “Black Beach Week”. where essentially about 300,000 people show up for a three day long picnic
        in a town that accommodates about 120,000 residents. In only 3 days the place gets demolished Residents are up in arms about the event and want it stopped, but because it is unofficial (no permits. etc) there is no way to stop it.

        I have proposed and begged that there be a weekend long Tea Party Rally on South Beach next Memorial Day. Remember, Marco Rubio is from Miami so he can be the head liner. The idea is to have every hotel in a 100 mile radius sold out, so that there would be no place for the “picnicers” to stay and so they avoid coming.
        And if any of them DO manage to come, then they would be sharing place with the Tea Party, and they be instructed on how to behave and they would be exposed to the likes of Herman Cain, Lee Scott, Allen West, Zo, Thomas Sowell etc, and would be in line for a real attitude adjustment

    2. mak says:

      That’s because the tea partiers WENT HOME.

    3. B. Jones says:

      The tea party didn’t STAY. They actually had jobs to get back to.

    4. Jeff says:

      Tea party only held a rally for part of one day. Can you see the difference? The Tea Party leaves everywhere cleaner when they leave, how about these lazy whiners?

    5. Ron says:

      hey Kelly, When the Tea Party had their events permits and insurance had to be obtained, bond had to be posted. Costs for police and security had to be posted, porta potties had to be rented. What have these losers done to be legal?? They should be swept aside like the garbage they have undoubtedly strewn all around themselves

      1. Kevin Pearson says:

        Unlike Urban Beach Weekend on South Beach every Memorial Day. Since there are no permits issued, there is no way to ban the event, and the Beach gets trashed and destroyed every year.
        This is why I have been BEGGING that there be a Tea Party Rally on South Beach next year. Miami is Marco Rubio’s hometown. If every hotel room is booked for a 100 mile radius, like at the Glenn Beck thing last year, then there would be no place for the “Hip hopper to stay and they just wouldn’t come to South Beach next year. And if they did, and they tried to make trouble with the Tea Party, they would run into the likes of Allen West, Thomas Sowelll, Zo, Herman Cain, Bo Snerdley, Walter Williams, Scott Lee. etc. and it might be an epiphany for some of them.
        Jesus went to where the sinners were, so I am BEGGING the Tea Party to hold a rally next year on South Beach on Memorial Day.

  9. bonkersinyonkers says:

    Have you BEEN down there? NOBODY is paying these people to do ANYTHING!

    1. Walt says:

      Really? You might want to re check your sources.

      1. SickOfLibs says:

        That’s true. The unions are paying people to be there.

      2. Bruce Frykman says:

        Explain how these people buy food?

        1. uncleherbert says:

          The unions are paying, one more time the unions are paying. If they go back home they are unemployed.

  10. sagit says:

    Make them live there.

    Give it a few weeks.

    And give them instructions on how they could clean it themselves.

    Publish the results. They really don’t have muse else to do, do they?

  11. Edward Anthony says:

    Kelly’s right & I’m right. I’m tired of this bleeping garbage & I’m tired of seeing it continue.

  12. Diego Roswell says:

    These protesters, this mob, they just want to play by different rules than the rest of us. 99% of Americans need to get up every day and go to work, we have to pay taxes, we have to buy food, we have to take care of our families and homes, we do not like this attitude coming from this mob. This mob is like a group of spoiled children of spoiled children (yes I said that twice because it is generational) that have failed at managing their lives. They want a free pass to restart. They want the government that they worship to fix their failed broken lives. They are praying to a false prophet.

  13. Klaus says:

    End the Fed now. Reinstate Glass-Steagall. Bloomberg, we’re coming for you. Ron Paul 2012.

    1. Ty Harris says:

      Ron Paul is a disgrace. Why we republicans even allow him into the debates is beyond me. His statements that we are to blame for the september 11nth attacks and that Iran has a right to nuclear weapons are disgusting, ignorant and appalling. As for the federal reserve, Jefferson and Hamilton had this debate over 200 years ago. Hamilton won, and more economic prosperity has been created with our economic system in those 200 years than ever has been created in every other nation in the history of the world combined.. The federal reserve is not the problem. Only people with tinfoil hat-liners and college kids with their heads full of mush like Ron Paul because they are too stoned and ignorant to know any better. Ron Paul is a loser and so are you Klaus.

      1. marshall1963 says:

        Hey Ty, try reading history for a change. Hamilton temporarily got his precious central bank only to lose by the hand of the great man Jefferson. A central bank was tried again and was lost to Jackson which ushered in the greatest time of prosperity this nation has ever known until the creation of the Fed in 1913 and the creation of the INCOME TAX for the first time. Ron Paul is not a disgrace. He has single handedly made the mind numb masses aware of who truly runs the show…those who create the money and the expansion and the contraction of it.

        1. Ty Harris says:

          A lot of people have lived and died free, happy, and wealthy since 1913. The federal reserve bank is NOT the problem. How about entitlements where everybody puts in one dollar and takes out five? How about politicians who spend 1.5 trillion dollars a year more than they have? How about a national energy policy that consists of starving to death while sitting to death on a ham sandwich? How about spending more money on education than any country in history and having half our kids graduating not knowing how to add 2+2 and voting for Ron Paul? Arent there some other obvious problems that could use some attention before we start demonizing the guys who manage the money supply? It’s ridiculous.! Get serious! Blaming the fed for everything that goes wrong in the economy is the intellectual equivilant of blaming global warming every time we have a wildfire in Texas or a tornado in Missouri. It’s nothing more than a convenient scapegoat and a way to incite the ignorant against the system. The system is not the problem. It’s the wicked men we have elected to run the system.

          1. Brian says:

            Wrong. Mensa, whose only membership requirement is an IQ in the top 2%, has a disproportionately Libertarian membership. These are the Ron Paul supporters not your friends who can’t add 2+2.

            1. ronPaulResource.com says:

              I’m starting to think that Ty Harris is paid to post here. The comment “The Federal Reserve is not the problem” is a true sign that something is up. He equated blaming the Fed to blaming global warming!!! I think the problem is the system AND the men running it!!!

            2. Kevin Pearson says:

              UH, I am a Mensan, and I AM part of the top 2% of IQ, and at the meetings that I have gone to, the attendees are just hard core radical leftists. I just had to roll my eyes listening to every disparaging comment about Bush, they clearly took in all the of media’s propaganda as if were carved on stone tablets.

              Andrew Carnegie is quoted to have said, “There are people in this world that know more about making steel than I do, but I make sure that they work for me.” A true leader is measured NOT by what he knows or does, but by the men that he hires.
              Ron Paul would make a fine Treasury Secretary, but NOT a President.
              Congress if part of the Legislative Branch. The President is the head of the Executive Branch. Two different jobs.
              A sitting Congressman has NEVER defeated a President running for re-election.A Ron Paul nomination is a guaranteed 4 more years of Obama.
              Our best bet is a governor, especially a sitting governor
              Reagan was 77 when he left office, Ron Paul will be 76 before the election is even held. He is TOO OLD to be President

              1. Brian says:

                At the Mensa meetings I’ve attended, Ron Paul supporters are everywhere. Just Google it, nationally Mensa are more Libertarian than your little group.

      2. uncleherbert says:

        I use to think I was a republican, I now know I am a libertarian. Your 200 hundred year assessment is wrong. Woodroow Wilson is the villian who started the FED.

  14. lel says:

    “STOP the Corporate GREED!” – Now there’s an original. The comrades have their script to follow. obama’s army of canon fodder.
    I wonder how many political science, art appreciation, and sociology degrees the market can bare.

  15. mablanco says:

    Mayor Bloomberg and the President are simpatico, que pasa, Bloombito no problema, CALLATE!!!

  16. AlexxelA says:

    The City of New York should give the protesters some housing apartments and city buses. They can give them some food and free movie tickets. They should put in a large screen TV and speakers. Maybe a large tent with a heater for the winter. Then they can plant a victory garden and have a stage put up. This way they can have the drama acted out! Maybe Shakespeare on wall street.

  17. lel says:

    Besides being obama’s army, these buffoons are Bloomberg’s kind of people. Why’s he getting are worried now?
    Leave the park cleaning till after protest season. Let the ignorant pigs wallow in their own filth until it over.

    1. orion67 says:

      Why arent they being arrested for assembling without a permit? Is that only for non-liberal functions like feeding the poor or tea party events?

  18. Paula S. says:

    Lets see how long they can stand it. Maybe someone should explain economics 10 to these fine students. They have absolutely have no idea that the banks were bailed out only because their representatives (oh wait di these students bother to vote?) allowed TARP to happen. Do any of them have any idea what role the Dodd-Frank bill had in the financial meltdown? I’d bet you dollars to donuts you couldn’t find a dozen among them who could even identify Chris Dodd or Barney Frank in a police line up. This is a bought and paid for protest to distract from the administrations policies and the economic mess they’ve put us in.

    1. edinfred says:

      Don’t forget the Clinton admin telling Fannie Mae and Freddie mac that more people needed to be home owneres. They didn’t care if people could afford them and fudged the numbers to own homes. That also tanked and caused alot of this mess. The unions and moveon.org supporting this group is a pretty good idea of the dirty dealing going on trying to make O look like he is really doing something. Get a job, nevermind, employers don’t hire lazy stupid people.

  19. Gail says:

    If offered a job on Wall Street tomorrow most of them would take it in a minute! They have had their say in a Democratic society. Now they should go home and start looking for a job instead of whining because they don’t have one! There are no job interviews in Zucatti Park!

    1. Kevin Pearson says:

      This because extremely clear to me when I was watching the presidential campaign between Papa-san and Beetle Bailey.

      When a Republican refers to “good jobs”, he means opportunities to be engaged in a constructive activity to actually produce something

      When a Democrat refers to “good jobs”, he means opportunities to be paid handsomely while spending the whole day sitting on one’s hind quarter and reading a newspaper. Any job that that actually requires a worker to actually DO something to a Democrat is NOT a good job.

      If this kids were offered a job on Wall Street where they could sit and do nothing and be paid, they would do so, but if they actually had to DO something, no they would think that it was beneath them.

  20. NVRAT says:

    But Mikey, this is Obama’s boys helping you out. George Soros is proud of them

  21. Paradox says:

    New York, New York,
    With apologies to Frank Sinatra

    Start spreadin’ the waste,
    “We ain’t leavin’, no way,
    Let’s make a trash heap out of it,
    New York, New York,”

    These socialist thugs,
    Say, “your gonna pay!”
    Like a knife in the heart of it,
    New York, New York

    Who wants a city overrun,
    With these creeps,
    Who litter up the place
    And bellow like sheep.

    We want to wake up that city,
    That never sleeps,
    Before the mob violence starts,
    And the poop get’s too deep.

    Call out the police,
    And take them away,
    Remove the stench and whine of them,
    From old New York

    For if they can protest there,
    They’ll protest anywhere,
    ‘Cause they’re a rent-a-mob,
    New York, New York

    1. Ty Harris says:

      Bravo! Well Done!

  22. BossMan says:

    Its gonna end badly, they are too stupid to see it coming

    1. lel says:

      Ending badly is exactly what their handlers want.
      These little pigs occupying Wall Street have little or no idea why they’re there. Herd them into the park at let them wallow there. Maybe Bloomberg can come up with a ‘special’ tax for New York protesters.

  23. Henri Le Chien says:

    When protesters came out in Egypt and Libia the international community supported them and helped overthrow the standing government. Do you theink they will help here?

    1. Brad Roether says:

      Well, to be fair, the protesters in Egypt and Libya weren’t unemployed for reasons that were their own fault… I doubt anyone abroad will have any sympathy for these fools (unless they are as mindless as the protesters themselves, anyway…)

  24. David Bennett says:

    They are targeting the wrong body – wall street. End the FED. That’s the real enemy of true capitalism, true free market and true American freedom. END THE FED!! NOW!

  25. Hank Warren says:

    Endless bailouts, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    1. David Bennett says:

      RON PAUL 2012
      RON PAUL 2012
      RON PAUL 2012
      RON PAUL 2012
      RON PAUL 2012

      1. lel says:

        Impeach obama, YES, ABSOLUTELY!
        Ron Paul 2012? There are better options.

        1. B. Jones says:

          Totally agree!

          1. ronPaulResource says:


            Go Ron Paul!!!

            Time to oust the neocons and liberals!!!

            1. Warrior 07 says:

              Ron Paul is a Libertarian, [Small Government Liberal}

              1. ronPaulResource.com says:

                And your point is?

                Small government and not invading or policing the world is bad how?

      2. Ty Harris says:

        Ron Paul is an ignorant loser just like most of his mindless minions. Our banking system has been working just fone for 200 years. It’s not the problem. It’s the political leadership. Why dont you cruise on over to wikipedia and inform yourself about the actual basic and beneficiall functions of the federal reserve system. Hamilton and Jefferson had this debate 200 years ago. Hamilton won and the result has been more economic wealth and prosperity being created than in all of the rest of the nations of the world combined. The problem with you Ron Paul types is that you have just enough knowledge to be dangerous. And God Bless Rick Santorum for standing up to this a$$-clown at the debates when he claimed America was responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks. Why dont you pull your head out of your a$$ Bennett you know-nothing chump.

        1. ronPaulResource says:

          Can you name a time that Muslims attacked us when we didn’t have troops on their soil?

          Wouldn’t you attack someone who invaded our soil? How do you intend to fix this problem if you don’t even acknowledge what the problem is?


          1. zippit says:

            Uhhh…we were attacked by asymmetric Islamic terrorist groups…not a country. So by your logic, any fringe group (let’s say any militia in the US) could proclaim that Citgo (Petróleos de Venezuela) must leave US soil or they will target their nationals…so you see, you are not just a moron, but a f’in moron.

            1. ronPaulResource.com says:

              Great analogy, I guess I’m too much of a moron to get it. If we weren’t attacked by countries, why are we invading them? Perhaps a letter of mark or reprisal would be a better, and constitutional way do deal with the problem.

              By my logic, following the Constitution is not optional.

              Great job name calling. Instant fail!!!

          2. Ty Harris says:

            We were on their soil because the maniac dictator Sadaam Husein invaded Kuwait and had troops massed at the border of Suadi Arabia and the other gulf states. We went in there to keep that whack-job from stealing half the world’s oil supply, and were ASKED to come in there by the Saudis themselves who didnt want to have their country invaded. Islam is the most retrograde force on the planet. If you are looking for poverty, ignorance, intolerance, opression, injustice, and mindless hatred for all that is free, good, and decent, you need look no further than your nearest muslim nation. Screw Ron Paul and screw you for defending these people and for saying we deserved to be attacked like that on September 11. Shame and disgrace upon all supporters of the ignorant turd Ron Paul.

            1. ronPaulResource.com says:

              Do you think that a country asking us to protect them is enough justification to commit US troops? Have you heard of this thing called the Constitution?

              Do you believe that Saudi Arabia is worth our blood and treasure to defend? Have you seen their human rights record.

              We pay to defend them while they build palaces made of gold.

              I’m not defending islam, but if the USA was invaded, what would you do?

              Kind of childish calling names to those you disagree with.

          3. foreman says:

            yes–in the early years of our country off the north African coast. American sailors were taken prisoner and never seen again. The president fought back.

            1. ronPaulResource.com says:

              The founders addressed the pirate problem and provided Constitutional means to deal with them.

              Do you have an example besides this?

              I think that short of a declaration of war, a letter of mark or reprisal would be a better, and constitutional way do deal with the problem.

          4. Dette says:

            I’m curious as to what you mean by “Muslim Soil”, are you referring to any country that has Muslims as a religious majority? Any land, no matter it’s national borders, where Muslims have lived? Are you perhaps using the word Muslim to describe anyone that lives in a certain portion of the globe no matter how the people who live there describe themselves? Does this mean that you think that Hindus, Christians, Jews, Buddhists and so on can attack countries because they have troops on “their” land?
            Oh, and what “Muslim” soil did the United States have troops on when 9/11 happened according to you?

          5. Kevin Pearson says:

            The Barbary Pirates. Ever heard of the “shores of Tripoli”? Yeah, we have been dealing militarily with one Muslim group of another since 1802

        2. ronPaulResource.com says:

          The question still stands: Can you name a time that Muslims attacked us when we didn’t have troops on their soil?

          1. Kevin Pearson says:

            Once again. The Barbary Pirates were Muslims. They attacked us in 1801. They disrupted U.S. commerce There were no U.S. troops on Musilm soil at that time. Thomas Jefferson acted accordingly to protect U.S. interests abroad, just as was done in Operation Desert Shield.
            You Paulbots are so stoked on weed that you cannot hold an argument, just repeat the same droning chant “Hope and Change” , Hope and change… same difference

            YOUR QUESTION HAS BEEN ANSWERED TO THE LETTER. There was nothing in your question about “consitututionality”

            Ron Paul is a MALE OB/GYN which means he is a dirty old pervert. Reagan was 77 years old when he left the White House, Ron Paul will be 76 years old by the election, HE IS TOO DAMNED OLD.

            1. ronPaulResource.com says:

              Again with the name calling?

              Just for the record, I am not high on weed and was a soldier involved in operation desert storm. I would go along with the wars if there was a declaration of war.

              Does somebody expecting the government to follow the Constitution offend you so badly that you have to call names.

              What US interest were we defending in Desert Storm?

              Does the constitution state that any time one of our allies is threatened that the US MUST commit troops?

              Does the thought of following the Constitution scare you this badly?

              If you can just ignore the Constitution to suit you, who cannot?

              1. ronPaulResource.com says:

                Anyone with a more recent example?

                1. ronPaulResource.com says:

                  I mean one from between 1802 and 1982.

                  I’m not saying there isn’t one. I am open to the fact that I don’t know everything. Are you? Maybe they don’t teach that at your mensa meetings.

  26. George1 says:

    Flu season is just about starting. If a couple demonstrators should come down with a case of the Flu, the overcrowded, filthy conditions will cause it to spread into an epidemic in a matter of days.
    You rabble rousers better include a flu vaccine with whatever else you’re shooting up with. Just a friendly advice.

    1. Atheist says:

      Wow, how’s your Merck stock doing dingbat?

  27. jeff says:

    If they REALLY want to protest and make a difference, they should take a page out of the Tea Party’s play book…… Assemble to make your protest, clean up after your event, go home, vote in the elections to remove those you disagree with. The Tea Party is a perfect example of civilized behavior that made a genuine difference. Just take a look at the last elections…..a truly historic election with the biggest turnover in 70 years. Now that’s the way to do it. If liberals don’t get their way they get violent, act like animals, break the law (and get arrested) and whine like babies. The Tea Party has had hundreds of gatherings with not a single arrest and the place they gather is just as clean or cleaner than when they arrived.

  28. RS says:

    Notice the striking differences between liberal rallies and conservative rallies.

    At conservative rallies:

    No one is trying to disrupt other people’s lives to get their point across

    No one is trying to get arrested to get their point across

    They are typically done off hours since conservatives have real private sector jobs or businesses to tend to

    They clean up after themselves

  29. lordanson says:

    Mayor Bloomberg should ask George Soros to notify his son down at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to set up a few Port-A-Johns on the White House lawn and transport their friends there. Scatter four or five wash tubs (catching rain water, if possible) about the premises for those needing their monthly dip. Everybody then can be as one with nature. All would be well.

  30. Ronnie from Morris Park says:

    1 billion for a one stop subway ,600 million on City Time,100 million break for the Nets,30 million a year tax break for the Mets and Yankees and now our billionaire mayor lays off thousand wants to blame these protesters. His money mismanagement has caused all of the layoffs. A third term because he’s a financial wizard. NOT

  31. Dave says:

    I had to walk by the park the other day to get to work and it smelled pretty bad. These people need to go home, get cleaned up and start trying harder to look for a job. No one is going to walk over to them and hand them a job. They are living in a fantasy world.

  32. anythingnyc says:

    Mike Bloomberg had better wake up. Obviously the wuss cannot take a pinch and there are more to come. Let’s see how the greedy can survive without money!

  33. Barry's CT. SSN 042-68-4425 FAILS 'E-VERIFY' says:


    1. David Bennett says:

      Haha. That’s pretty good.

      1. Terry Furlough says:


  34. liz says:


  35. steve baker says:

    Definition of relevance: “the relation of something to the matter at hand.”

  36. Diane says:

    Hmmm….here we have these probably mostly liberal NYC property owners getting a taste of their own politics…Lawyers have created the fact that these “protestors” can’t just be kicked out. Kind of ironic don’t you think??? Hmmmmm

    1. Marvelicious says:

      Lawyers? Are you familiar with the Bill of Rights? I’ll make it even easier. You don’t even have to read the whole thing, just the First Amendment.

  37. Stan Brown says:

    Since most are getting paid to protest are they still eligible for welfare and unemployment insurance?

    1. Diane says:

      good point –

      1. ronPaulResource says:



  38. Mr. Churchill says:

    Let them stew in their own juices

    1. Scott K. Smith says:

      Juices ? . . . . OH MY !

    2. ronPaulResource.com says:


  39. Tim says:

    These protestors are hippies with nothing better to do.

  40. Henry Thoreau says:

    Communism and poverty you can believe in.

    1. jeff says:

      You hit the nail on the head.

  41. Mary Wright says:

    Bloomberg-the idiot who gives idiots a bad name. Why do you keep electing junk like him? Is it that the unions have you totally by the you know whats? This is insanity and you seem powerless over it. Not going back to NYC for a long time until city hall gets cleaned up. The parks are low on the list compared to the administration.

  42. Tom in NY says:

    And the protesters have not been cleaned in at least three months.

  43. Occupysomeotherspace says:

    Spoiled privileged kids with no real ambitions or any interest in “earning”a living. Once they realize no one rally cares about them or their pointless crusade, they will be a memory.

    1. Rudolph Schubert says:

      These are people I would not hire! From what I have seen, none could pass an interview with me. This is just a sad example of “Find Fault, Shift Blame”.

      1. Kevin Pearson says:

        I think the drug test is the real issue.

  44. Scott K. Smith says:

    The park hasn’t been cleaned in weeks ? Well, HEY ! Most of those hippies haven’t BATHED in weeks, so what’s the problem ? ? !

    1. Rudolph Schubert says:

      Haven’t bathed in months…maybe years!

    2. lel says:

      Send in the union park cleaners and impose a ‘special’ tax to cover the expense.

  45. Rudolph Schubert says:

    Whose toilets are they using? If they are cleaning up after themselves, where are they putting their toilet papers and tampon? We have have enough problems here in my hometown already.We don’t want them in Chelsea! All protestors GO THE F___ HOME!

  46. Randy says:

    Perhaps Eric Cantor could clean the toilets.

    1. Terry Furlough says:

      Perhaps ANTHONY Wiener could clean the toilets.

  47. betsp says:

    Let them sit and sleep in their own filth.

  48. The Realist says:

    Where can I be trained as a PROFESSIONAL ACTIVIST? I want to get a high-paying job as a protester complaining about unemployment.


    I would round up the protestors and put them on a ship and send it to Africa.

    1. londi says:

      what do you have agains africa? send them to LA and San Fran with Nancy

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