NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — As hundreds of protestors continue to camp out in Zuccotti Park and Occupy Wall Street, their movement is getting support from some unlikely places.

On the other side of the world in China’s central Henan province, a small group of pensioners rallied in support of the mounting U.S. demonstrations, according to published reports.

Pictures of the protest show that flyers were handed out with images of demonstrations in New York City, the arrests of protestors and of the campout in Zuccotti Park.

According to the Wall Street Journal, pensioners shouted slogans like “United, proletarians around the world.”

One banner also reportedly read “Resolutely supporting the American people’s mighty ‘Wall Street revolution.’”

Reports say video footage of the protest was posted online and was covered by the leftist website Utopia. Photos were also posted the website of The Global Times, a nationalist Chinese paper.

According to various reports, the Occupy Wall Street movement has been closely followed by media outlets in China, drawing mixed reactions from locals, journalists and officials.

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  1. blinded1 says:

    It will be interesting to know what Jon Huntsman think. What Huntsman and many Americans have been so eager see and wished did not happen in Wangfujing Beijing but comes to Wall Street in US.

  2. Bernie Sandoz says:

    The protests are getting worldwide coverage better than inside the U.S. There are people all over the planet who are saying, “Enough!”

  3. Peter says:

    People in China should be demonstrating about their own country’s human rights policies and use of child labor.Just an attempt by Chinese leaders to deflect home grown criticism about issues that have an effect on about a gazillion Asian people.

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