Craig’s buddy, comedian-slash-actor Joe Piscopo, made the trip to the Allstate Studio on behalf of Rawlings this morning.

He came bearing a gift to present to his old friend in the form of a ‘Golden Baseball.’

Craig was very excited to get his hand on the ‘Golden Ball,’ while Piscopo was very excited to cross paths with Dominique.

During the visit, the name Jerry Seinfeld came up and Craig informed Piscopo that he doesn’t get along all that well with the iconic comedian. He explained it all stems from a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Craig gave to the funny man as a gift and never received a thank you for.

Piscopo is pretty tight with Seinfeld and he vowed to make things right between him and Craig

LISTEN: Joe Piscopo Presents Carton with a Gold Ball (10/13)

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