NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — An argument  between a cashier and two irate customers at a Manhattan McDonald’s turned violent, leaving both customers injured and all three facing charges.

The entire incident, which was captured on video, happened Thursday morning at a McDonald’s on West Fourth Street in Greenwich Village, CBS 2’s Chris Wragge reports.

It appeared to have started when two female customers argued and yelled obscenities at the cashier when he questioned a $50 bill they gave him.

One of the female customers then slapped the cashier. A woman is then seen jumping over the counter while the other woman goes behind the register.

That’s when the cashier can be seen on the video disappearing into the back of the fast-food restaurant. He comes back with a metal rod and begins hitting the women.

Other customers watched in horror as McDonald’s workers tried unsuccessfully to stop the violence.

One female customer had a fractured skull that required surgery and a broken arm. The other has a deep laceration.

Rayon McIntosh, 31, was arrested and charged with two counts of felony assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

McIntosh served more than a decade in prison after shooting and killing a high school classmate in 2000. He was being held on $40,000 bail.

The female customers were charged with menacing, disorderly conduct and trespassing.

The owner of that McDonald’s said in a statement that she was “disturbed” by what happened and said the cashier is no longer employed there.

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  1. MRA-Truth says:

    Had they been men, McIntosh would be walking free right now. It’s bad enough the police don’t want you to defend yourself, but you quickly become the accused when the perpetrators are women.

    1. Kenneth says:


    2. bob says:

      This guy who found a job after serving time…
      Questioned two intoxicated women, in Manhattan, about a fake $50…
      They snapped and slapped him, then aggressively jumped over counter, to assault him further…

      Fear in anyone’s position will cause the basic instincts to kick in…When they accosted him; he reacted, he could have probably swung the metal rod a few times less… Adrenalin kicks in, and its like the police chasing a person in a car… people get hurt….

      This guy should get less time than these two women….

        1. john says:

          CBS: “The cashier disappears into the back of the fast-food restaurant”.

          If you watch, he was actually followed/chased to the back by the girls. I hope they enjoyed what they found!

          1. steve says:

            If he was my employee I would give him a raise and thank you. He defended him self the store, fellow employees and customers from a brutal attack by two females. He will however be fired and go to jail and the McD will be sued by two poor little black girls who never got a nugget that night.

            1. steve says:

              I will also say — if the same cops that arrested Rayon were in fact the ones that these two Ladies attacted — they would have been shot or at the very least tassered and beat down/clubed to the floor. Six cops would then kneel all of thier weight on thier chest while each girl was hand cuffed and hog tied. Cops call it subduing if they do it — for the rest of us it is battery and assult.

            2. Richard Ackbar says:

              Steve you’re my hero today.

            3. Randy says:

              It sucks doesn’t it?

            4. yet another John.... says:

              You said it all.

              Although I was totally on the guys side until the very end when they said he killed someone in 2000. Kill someone and only serve ten years? How far we have sunk….

              But in the end, yes the dude should get a friggin’ medal for his actions.

              Hey CBS with your incredibly biased piece, how about letting us know how we can contribute to this guys defense fund? I would kick in…

              1. Winston Smith says:

                Yes, he “killed someone” but according to the CBS News story at the time it was a bunch of kids playing with a gun and it went off. “Depraved indifference to human life” was the verdict NOT MURDER! See: .

            5. Jim Smith says:

              Got it in one.

            6. WonderBread Brother says:

              I love you man!

          2. saloirse says:

            THANK YOU and everyone out here SHOULD HOLD seeBS’s “feet to the fire” for THEIR SKEWED scatology that he ran back there to get something–animals chased him and got the suprise of their subhuman lives when he started swinging… and to all these junior mystics so distressed that he kept on hitting them–you DON’T KNOW if they were armed or WHAT – they were acting out like they were cracked/cranked/dusted etc and he did what he had to do to keep THEM DOWN.

          3. Jewel says:

            I laughed loudly when the reporter describes the women having slapped the cashier repeatedly, jumped over the counter to continue assaulting him, and when he comes out swinging, the dingus says, “He attacked.” What the eff? HE attacked. poor wimmins.

            1. Avis Hardy aka 1st Autumn says:

              Those low life crack hoes with their fake $50 got what they deserved. Old boy did the right thing; busted them up. He should get no jail time. Itches should get the book thrown at them, locked up, melt down the key and throw the cell away. Give The Man A Medal.

      1. Steve says:

        He shouldn’t get any time. This is clearly self defense.

        1. teaj says:

          he should get a trophy. youtube video of the year.

        2. Daniel says:

          Self Defense only allows reasonable force to stop the attempt, unless there is a threat of death or serious bodily harm. Some amount of defense in this case would have been acceptable, but he took it to far.

          1. Daniel says:

            However, if it goes to trial, the jury will probably be instructed to determine if his self defense was reasonable, and if there was a threat of serious bodily injury or death. Hopefully they find that there was, because the ones who caused this are the women and they should be charged as well.

          2. saoirse says:

            you can see behind that counter ? exactly what’s going on ? and i wonder IF the admitting hospital had the brains to RUN A TOX screen ? if they weren’t on meth/pcp whatever they’re truly dangerous and need a 2PC and forensic psych unit.

          3. John_B says:

            If he just got out after a 10 year sentence at Rikers, I think he showed restraint. After a stint like that in prison, you do not take half measures when you feel your under threat. I hope he gets no time and his job back

        3. Berto says:

          The drunk females are lucky the employee only had time to grab the thin rod. They certainly deserved worse. Mikey Ds should thank this guy for protecting his fellow employees, their patrons and the facility. Dumb ho’s should have just stayed on the floor until the PD arrived. Way to go dude!

        4. slobo says:

          Yep! Hope he taught them some respect!

      2. F. Douglas says:

        My thoughts are why are you so scared to say that they are BLACK??
        More savage public violence committed by black americans, and more heads in the sand trying to pretend like black america doesnt have some serious straightening up to do.

        1. Tiglath Pileser III says:

          Amen, Mr. Douglas! Eric Holder is right about one thing – when it comes to the subject of race, Whites are cowards! None of them want to talk about the 600-lb gorilla in the room – rampant black criminality.

          1. Aaron says:

            God forbid somebody be ashamed of their own racism.

            1. Grape Ape says:

              Just S TFU, libt ard.

        2. Emma Davidson says:

          If holden said he will not persecute tha black panthers, they now feel untouchable. You can this kind of attacks happens every day. Nothing will happen to them, regardless.

        3. Aaron says:

          Why are you so eager to say that they are black?

        4. Kay says:

          I agree. I hate to say it, but it’s true. Someone posted above that it’s women who are getting more violent, but it’s not, it’s a certain demographic and it’s not just women. I’m a white woman, 25, college-educated, and I would never act like that. So, it’s not all women who are getting violent. It’s men and women of certain demographics. When people are afraid to talk about the problem it prevents it from ever being solved. It needs to be dealt with, the violence is out of hand lately.

          1. Ann says:

            Excuse me “Kay.” I am 25 year old black women with a Bachelor of Science degree and a hard working professional. I do not go around hitting people or cursing people out.

            I think you should be careful when using the word “demographics.” It’s cruel to generalize an entire race because of situation.

            Don’t be narrow-minded.

            1. P W says:

              how do u know the demographic she speaks of isnt low income individuals?

              1. BW says:

                Because she makes a point of saying she’s a white woman, not a middle income woman. I’m not picking sides on this just point out the demographic she’s referring to

        5. wes says:

          It’s called media racism and that’s CBS for you. AS someone is allowed to act like these woman, CBS endorses it, and it becomes acceptable in their culture. The media want blacks to fail to have control over them. But alot of Americans don’t get it.

          1. kevin finnerty says:

            you people are so ignorant and totally missing the point! why would you hire a felon who also has had previous incidents with customers (throwing hot grease in a customer’s face while working at Mc Donalds) lets lower the standards some more so ignorant minorities can have a job.

            1. Tweetie says:

              What would you have done? He paid his debt to society for his crimes. What good is a second chance at life, if you are condemned by your past. That could have easily been a female cashier that beat the hell out of two guys and she would be viewed as a super f***ing hero. This world is so messed up, now you can’t even go to work without fearing for your life!

              1. Junebizzle says:

                Self Defense Case closed. Lucky they didn’t get shot. When seconds count the POLICE are only minutes away.

        6. Perry says:

          Wow, you’re soooo right. Being black plays such a big role in violent acts in america. Kasey Anthony, Jared Lee Loughner, Timothy McVeigh, Scott Dekraai (Seal Beach shootings), Charles Carl Roberts IV (Amish shool shootings), Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold, etc… all committed unspeakable acts of violence and murder. Look in the mirror, you ignoramus…it’s not a black or white thing. It’s simply called violence. If you want to lead the charge in straightening things up, start by not being a part of the problem…stop acting as though race predetermines people’s behavior. You guys created the Klan, and you don’t see me sitting here claiming all white people are racist, hate-filled, genocidal, monsters…do you?

      3. Dave says:

        Thoughts are – Your basically right, white folks do the same, yes, but it seems to be not as prevalent.

        1. jazzlover says:


          1. Berto says:

            Jazzlover, take a breath. CAPS = yelling. Are you really that hostile? You who accuse caucasians of hostility. Wait a minute while I laugh at the irony. Then wait another minute while I re-read each of your vignettes and ask myself, ‘wait a minute, didn’t I just read a news story about a black doing that?’ Perhaps the reason you seem to be more aware of caucasian crime is because we have a racist federal AG who refuses to prosecute his fellow black men, AND IS QUOTED AS HAVING SAID EXACTLY THAT (excuse the yelling; I feel better now).

            1. lopfer says:

              Sorry I forgot that Hitler and basically all major criminals in recent history were white… Lenin, Stalin, Your german heroe, most latin american dictators, (at least the blooodiest ones), conquistadors (the greatest genocidal murderers ever), a one by on toll… now compare that to those killed by all black criminals in history… make the numbers… and you´ll stop saying black people is more violent.

              1. Sean says:

                Black ARE more violent. Don’t be a fool. The whole world can see that. It only makes us look dishonest and stupid when we maintain otherwise. (Yes, I am black.) Why don’t we try to deal with the problem instead of pretending that it doesn’t exist.

          2. joebob says:

            Little emotional, are you? You’re also irrational and delusional. Face the facts, man.

            1. Lee says:

              Yeah, he’s just a typical one, just like those two women in this video. Wouldn’t expect anything different out of them.

          3. anotherminority says:

            It’s almost as if you’re saying that the white folk are like machines in their dedication and planning, while these “others” act on animal-like instincts.. gotcha.

          4. TJ says:

            Hello? Is someone just a bit paranoid?

      4. Francis says:

        Rayon McIntosh ask for a jury trial. You will get off because no one in this country believes you were at fault here. You were just defending yourself and quite well I may add.

        Then after your trial you can sue those two women for damages. That is if they have any money at all after their hospitalizations. McDonalds should have stood up for you.3

        1. Victor Ruser says:

          They got that fake 50 dollar bill he might can go after

        2. Dave Haze says:

          The jury will have women on it and he will fry. The women in question will probably be rewarded hansomely in civil court also. Its the world we live in.

      5. Brian says:

        Your right. What a beatdown… maybe next time they will think before they slap someone.

      6. bikertrash says:

        So what’s this guy aupposed to do let these two wacko bitches beat him up or stab him or god knows what? what the hell ever happened to self defense?

      7. PsyGuy says:

        Actually, how about the case where the off duty white cop beat the female bartender because she wouldn’t serve him any more alcohol. It happens. I am just not sure how much more/less it happens.

        @F. Douglas – look what happened to Bill Cosby when he said the same thing. They turned on him like a pack of animals. Obama said it and he gets a pass. Go figure.

      8. Down South says:

        he might have gone to far, but I think given the fact he was attack. I believe what happened does meet the standard for an assault charge against the women.

        As far as his prior time in jail he did his time and appears to be trying to get on his feet. I hope his charges at least get reduced.

      9. Harry says:

        You’re kidding, right? “Fair skinned people” never heard of doing violence? Must be nice to live in a world where you get to make up your own facts.

        1. Ron Langevin says:

          FU harry

      10. cliff says:

        I agree, the women should not have attacked him, what did they think they would walk away?

      11. Byron says:

        damn right

      12. gary-bg says:

        Less time I don’t think so I think he should get off scot- free

      13. Ryan says:

        Where was this guy during spring break at Daytona Beach, Myrtle Beach, and when that tranny was attacked at McDonalds? Could have stopped swinging earlier, but good for him.

        Those girls are lucky they didn’t pull that act in a state that allows its citizens to carry. This type of thing needs to happen. See a flash mob, grab a steal rod and beat the ever living snot our of em. This type of behavior will stop when the general public no longer accepts it.

        Jackass: Hey I think Im gonna rob this McDonalds.
        Devil on right shoulder: Yeah, thats a great idea. Grab that gun outa your pants and that clerk will fork over the cash. GET PAID
        Devil on left shoulder: Wait a second. That clerk looks kinda crazy. And, that guy behind you had an NRA sticker on the back of his truck when he pulled in. Wonder if he’s packing?
        Jackass: Good point, what if he’s not the only customer in here that’s armed? I don’t think I can cover the entire place (with my Hi-Point that is held sideways).
        Devil on left shoulder: Keep it in your pants genius.

        Second amendment =problem solved. Nothing needs to be brandished. The threat of an armed public will act as the deterrent.

        1. Walljasper says:

          Good points about the value of potential retribution in actually preventing crime.

          As a footnote for anyone pointing fingers at your very valid points, even if this cashier lived in a state that issues conceal carry permits, he could not legally purchase or posees a firearm as he is a convicted felon.

      14. Randy says:

        I agree with you. But I don’t think he should get any time. Thy attacked him, they were animals. They got what they deserved.

      15. eddieVroom says:

        Less time? This guy shoudn’t get any time at all. And if these women sue, I hope they get sent home with no dinner.

      16. Ms. Tammi says:

        It is sad that he is being charged for a crime..if you look closing the lady that jumped over the counter is swinging at him and then he swings the metal rod. He will be sent back to prison just because he is on probation and that is the sad thing. People in the world today are so use to acting unruly and then they become victums…….what is the justtice system coming to

    3. John says:

      Really CBS? What a misleading headline. Those two ladies had it coming! They assaulted him, he had no idea if they were going to shoot him, stab him, etc. SELF DEFENSE CBS JESUS CHRIST

      1. Meg says:

        Amen! Savagely beat them/ They hopped the damn counter to attack him! What’s he supposed to do? Just stand there and take it?

      2. Dave in Texas says:

        I agree. After slapping the guy, the two women were clearly coming after him; he ended their pursuit. If I lived up there, I’d volunteer for the jury at this guy’s trial.

      3. Cookie says:

        I agree. McDonalds fired him and I think he should sue for wrongful termination. This guy was just defending himself. People think because its women that he used excess force but women are more vicious in their attacks. They had it coming. He should find himself a good lawyer.

      4. greyeyedgirl says:

        I am a woman and they were in the WRONG! Im on the employee’s side. they attacked him…now he is going back to jail…

    4. art says:

      THESE WOMEN DESERVED IT! The clerk deserves a medal. Why do they bring up his past……They ignore Barney Frank’s Past……They ignore Al Sharpton & Tawana Brawly!

      1. Tom says:

        Art you have it right, the “women” deserve some metal and he deserves a medal.

      2. Mark Spray says:

        A medal indeed! Those girls got what they desrved. I would never convict this guy if I was on the jury!

    5. IVillageIdiot says:

      I wonder it they were trying to incite a lawsuit?

      1. swissik says:

        You have to ask? Of course.

    6. Big Nards says:

      They hit the guy and both went behind the counter and tried to attack him.
      They got what did deserve a beatdown swift and hard.
      These days I notcie more women attacking men.

      1. peter says:

        females get away with alot more crimes these days. this guy was defending his self and the employees. what about the fact that there was a counterfit $50 dollar bill involved. that is a felony and the ladies are not being charged with that. they started the assault and the stupid police say he went too far. the right to protect yourself is not divided by gender or nationality. they were females so the law automatically charges the man. screwed up just that a man serves his time for his crime and the stupid news media uses that against him to get the right to say they reported it first. dumb ass b–ches got what they deserved. lock them up and see how they are when they come out of prison. the rule in prison is to defend yourself or get killed

        1. greyeyedgirl says:

          How do you know the money was counterfeit?

    7. speedstan says:

      In fact, women take advantage of that situation on a regular basis, as do adolescents. We have a number of young little punks where I live who regularly shower adults with insults and obscenities merely because they know the cops will detain and arrest anyone who takes the bait and gives them the b!tch-slapping they truly deserve.

    8. Shooter says:

      No mention if the women had criminal record…

    9. Michael Pelletier says:

      Those last four swings would have put him in jail even if they had been men and weighed 300 pounds each.

      1. Another one bites the dust says:

        They were biting his ankles you could not see it on video so those last 4 swings were justified.hope they did not have rabies.

      2. mike says:

        Would you be counting your swings if you were attacked? If I was in survival mode, I would be set on killing my attackers. The military teaches “shoot to kill” not “injure” if you are threaten

    10. Sid says:

      Absolutely, they slapped hom and then jump over the counter . he doesn’t know if they are armed with knives or a gun. They got off easy and got what they deserved. bet they won’t try that again.

    11. Down South says:

      agreed shame on CBS. If this had happened down south the headline would have been much different. “Cashier assaulted and fended off attackers”

    12. geoff says:

      Screw these chicks. Rayon good luck and life to you! They got what they deserved and the CBS jerks make it sound like it is his fault. Please some lawyer stand up for what is right here and defend him!

    13. Gyant says:

      That’s my exact feeling on this. While I don’t condone violence at all, women need to stop trying to play “victim,” when video clearly shows they started it. Why women have this weird notion that they do whatever to a man and he can’t do anything back is RIDICULOUS. Was the steel rod a bit excessive? Sure. But clearly he lost control the way anyone else would have. I’m very pro women, and I think I would’ve beat their ASS for slapping me and hopping a counter trying to attack. This man did what he had to do. Period. Mcdonalds shouldn’t punish him. Although of course they will. Its crazy

    14. Christopher Erlinger says:

      Totally Agree! I read this on my phone, and got so angry I hopped onto my computer to point out this hypocrisy. If two men jumped a mcdonald’s counter and hit a female cashier, who then fought back, she would be a hero. What should this guy have done? Stood there and been slapped? I hope the two women go to jail, and the poor guy gets a medal.

    15. mac says:

      Had they stayed on their side of the counter this would not happen they started it and he ended it.

    16. BrokerBruce says:

      Look, I’m sorry but it is what it is. Customer behavior at fast food restaurants – NOT suprisingly predominantly black customers in our inner cities – has skyrocketed out of control. Yes, the guy overdid it but this 31 year old McD employee did more to prevent future attacks on fast food restaurant employees than any sorry-ass wimpy politician, police force (their hands are tied) or court. Give him 30 days and then promote him to supervisor. I’d also issue baseball bats to all behind the counter employees. Wanna bet nobody crosses the counter at this McDs anytime soon? I will.

      1. Emma Davidson says:

        Those people are ruining it for the rest of us. I won’t be surprise if fast food restaurants will have to install a special window, bullet proof, like the banks, to prevent that kind of attaks and robberies.

        1. greyeyedgirl says:

          Actually, they ruined it for all black women, who will be violently attacked even more and there will be men falsely claiming self defense…all because of these two hoodrats.

      2. Dreamtime says:

        Love this comment

      3. Gangbuster says:

        Excellent point Bruce. Wonder if they came from the occupy Wall Street swamp.

    17. Product of Prison Life says:

      These 2 intoxicated women happened to pick on the wrong guy. He’s been in prison defending himself from Bubba for 10 years. You don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit in the wind….you don’t mess with McIntosh.

    18. John Doh says:

      Sad but true.

    19. Shakazulu says:

      This is about the 5th incident in a McDonald’s this year and every single time it has involved black on black violence. This is not meant to be a racist post but facts are facts. What is wrong with ‘black” America? All of the flash mobs in Philadelphia, guess what color the criminals ar ein every security video? Black. Black as the night sky. Perhaps we need a citizens committee charged with protecting law abiding citizens from the out of control jungle hordes. Himmm, seems to me we had something like that once.

      1. Aaron says:

        “Out of control jungle hordes” ?

        Your racism is showing.

        1. MsIn says:

          People’s true feelings are showing up all over these comments. Unfortunately, it’s innate to them. If the perpetrators were white (notice not “a white”…I still can’t figure out what “a black” is *rolls eyes*) we would be speaking of them as INDIVIDUALS and not as a race of deviants.

          Unfortunately this mentality is a vestige of slavery. See all the unnecessary references to black people as “animals” and the “jungle.”

          I bet these people would hesitate to repeat these comments in a public forum or during their daily interactions. No one is a racist.

          1. Crashman says:

            Here in Alabama we would call this an ol’ fashioned “Ho Down”. Can you super size my Whoop Ass, please? Yeah! Score one for the little guy!

          2. JoeMich says:

            99% of incidents like this are caused by BLACK people. White people are sick and tired of BLACK people coming into their neighborhoods and communities to rob, rape, carjack, home invade, and murder. If the situation were reversed, and BLACK people were forced to pay 2 full months salary for white welfare, only to see that most whites were preying on blacks, blacks would riot.
            Blacks have made large parts of North America unlivable for white families. Every majority black city built and paid for by whites might as well be radioactive for white families. They are no-go zones for whites.

            1. MsIn says:

              There was a time when black people paid for white welfare. It was called SLAVERY, and later on Jim Crow. I wonder who the Native Americans and other indigenous populations that have been wiped out across this world are “sick and tired” of.

              Don’t hide behind the internet with your feelings, be bold enough to declare your feelings in public.

              Take your racist diatribe to your local KKK chapter or to Those are the only people who will understand and co-sign your ignorance.
              White welfare? I’m not sure what you mean, because I thought welfare was open to all American citizens…any yes White people make up the majority on the rolls. You’re showing your racism again dear heart.

              You’re an idiot.

            2. greyeyedgirl says:

              Your racist horns are showing twerp! Blacks were brought here by force, by violent, lazy whites. you are in no position to talk about Blacks when whites are the most vicious and violent beings on earth. You are very ignorant and pathetically stupid…you are why inbreeding is wrong.

              1. Veritas says:

                Ah but it was Gold Coast blacks who CAPTURED and SOLD their “fellow blacks” into slavery. And they had been doing it for almost a THOUSAND YEARS before they were sent to the Americas! SEE:

    20. Kevin says:

      I agree with you. And those girls should have been charged with assault just like he was.

      Two crazy drunk girls attacked him and he defended himself. He was too aggressive, but so what.

      If the cashier was a girl and a drunk guy walked up and slapped her, then it would be a lot different right? Do you really think a guy hitting a girl would get off with disorderly conduct? I’m sick of the double standard.

      1. MarkInAtlanta says:

        He shouldn’t have been charged with anything. Jump the counter, you get what you get.

        1. Tyler M says:

          He should have received a combat medal for heroism for his beat-down of the advancing enemy bitches.

    21. Ghost says:

      He should get a promotion….

    22. Tammy says:

      totally agree.

    23. mike says:

      Yes, I agree BDDD, CBS should fire that reporter for the shoddy and biased way that he reported this. What he reported and the video were completely different. Send that fool back to journalism 101 and hire somebody competent.

    24. DJB says:

      You can’t keep beating a person once he or she is down and defenseless. If this guy had stopped after knocking the two idiots to the floor, he wouldn’t have been charged with anything. It would have been self-defense. And it wouldn’t have mattered if they were men or women. The guy took it way too far.

      1. Mark In Atlanta says:

        Really? Apparently you do not know what it is like to have a person attack you. You don’t stop until you’re sure it quits moving. Just ask the cops if they shoot one round or the magazine once they have been attacked. Better yet, if someone slaps you. bum rushes you, THEN chases you down after jumping the counter, are you going to hit them once or twice? It is VERY easy to armchair quarterback in this situation. This guy’s criminal record has nothing to do with this story. Get him a jury trial and he walks, as he should!!!!!!!!

        1. Ken says:

          Here! Here! You are correct sir. Beat it in the head until it quits mving and can’t even moan. Then call the police and let them know you were attacked in front of witnesses; you felt in danger for your life and protected yourself. THAT is CLEARLYwhat the man did from the video. He should not only walk, but he should also get his job back. He had NO WAY of knowing if they were concealing a firearm, knife or any other weapon. His past should not be used against him. That would be double jeopardy in every sense of its intended meaning.

        2. greyeyedgirl says:

          I agree with you, but I wonder would he have defended himself to that degree had they been white women…most likely not…yes there are white women that are violent. google the incident where a white woman attacked a black mail man, hitting him and calling him ni66ers. Oh and nothing happened to her and I think it was HIM that got in trouble. oh and the crazy white chick that attacked workers at a mc donalds because they were not serving chicken nuggets during the morning hours!

      2. Carl says:

        We are living in a crazy they are telling me that if some one slap me then come behind the counter were i work I should not defend my self?ho i almost for got he should have just wait for them to kill him. crazy world.

      3. JustFollowing says:

        I am not sure that the courts will agree. They smacked him, and they chased him in his workplace. Fear is a strong emotion. Once he started he may not have had the ability to reason to stop with the adrenaline pumped up so high defend himself. With a good lawyer, he will walk even if they try to use his past criminal history against him. There is video and witnesses. He may lose his job at McDonalds, but he is not going to prison for anything. We just had two women attack a woman customer, and they were busted big time. Customers should know that employees have the right to defend themselves to the end.

        1. greyeyedgirl says:

          He already lost his job… and yes his prior record will be used against him. he will be viewed as a repeat offender, a violator of parole and with this being another violent incident,this will also be viewed as what is called; “pattern of practice” this is a true legal term. The law is both fundamental and screwy all at the same whenever it comes to self defense. This is due to the various degrees of what constitutes self defense.

          1. Winston Smith says:

            Doesn’t anyone research accusations? According to the New York Times: “”They knew each other,” said Capt. Peter A. Viviano of the White Plains Police Department. ”They were in the mall, hanging out, walking around, getting something to eat before the shooting took place.”” … “The murder charge specifies that the shooting demonstrated ”depraved indifference to life” rather than intentional killing …”

    25. Kay says:

      I don’t appreciate the assumption that “women” as a whole are getting more violent. I think you can narrow it down to a certain demographic of women. I am 25, finishing my degree, and am starting my own family, these are my priorities, not beating up people. I cannott possibly conceive of committing such heinous and barbaric act. It’s not all women. It’s certain women. Believe or not, some of us out here are still ladies. 🙂

      1. James says:

        Thank God… 😉

    26. SMFJJACK says:

      Those chicks messed up big time…slapping the wrong dude. They brought this on themselves.

    27. Nooch says:

      I agree, CBS spun this completely the wrong way.

    28. Daniel says:

      Man ny sucks let me get this straight these women can come over the counter and attack the guy but he’s at fault cause he has a violent past. Ny home of the libtards who love criminals.

    29. Al Gosia says:

      I was just a short time ago when those women beat that trans gender person to a pulp. Someone needed to teach a lesson you can’t just attach people when you get mad or sooner or later you attach the wrong person.The got what the deserved

    30. Sweatypalm says:

      I want to shake this guys hand.

    31. C. Buck says:

      I totally agree!

    32. Auntieof1 says:

      I’m late catching up on these comments. My brother fought in Vietnam. He suffers from severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. After serving 10 years and defending himself every day is it not possible the man just snapped after being attacked in his face? Then the “woman” had the nerve to jump over the counter and bite him. Where can I send money?

    33. Shavern says:

      I agree these women had it coming. What made them think they could slap the cashier and go behind the counter to continue the assault? I bet they won’t be jumping over any more counters.

    34. Fred says:

      This guy is just an employee. When the chick started cursing him out the MANAGER should have stepped in then to handle the situation. This is what being a manager is all about. Companies are supposed to protect their employees from getting themselves in a situation like this. McDonalds did not come to his defense and failed at protecting him. He shouldn’t have had to fight the chicks off by himself. Good for nothin coworkers! Never know when its going to be their turn to get attacked by a customer. McDonalds is liable. Fire the manager, not this guy.

  2. Brutus says:

    Gotta love the spin the headlines put on it.

    Sounds like they asked for it and finally someone gave them what they were asking for.

    Be careful who you slap and vault over a counter to attack is the lesson here. That, and stick to the drive-thru at McDonald’s.

    1. yarply says:

      Sooooo True

      1. GREG says:


        1. Libby says:

          Greg You are a PUTZ that should have his PUTZ cut off for bring up OBAMA in this story!

          Why is it every NUT JOB in this country feels the need to bring OBAMA into every story?

          You have no life GREG, might as well end it now!

          You are OBAMA obsessed!

          If this was about a BARBIE DOLL RECALL you would say its OBAMA’s fault!

          1. LF says:

            Amen!! Maybe Obama should kick Greg’s ass, then he has a right to bitch. Otherwise, he just IS one.

            1. mike says:

              Obama couldn’t kick anyones ass… he’s too busy bowing down and apologizing. Thanks to all of you 57 million morons who voted for this schmuck

          2. TJ says:

            Obama does blame everyone else but himself for all of life’s problems. He’s just an empty suit put into office by people with empty minds.

            1. Vicky Bevis says:

              Well said! Nov. 2012-payback time!

          3. Richard says:

            Libby, why did Obama get involved in the episode in Connecticut with the cops arresting that prof? He said that the police acted stupidly without knowing all of the fact. He just has a history of sticking his nose where it don’t belong? Besides he blamed Bush for everything else when there was no need!

          4. urty says:

            whiney biatch

          5. The Bobster says:

            Libby? Yes, you are.

            1. fgj says:

              huh? Did you done gradeeated da 3rd grade?

              1. The Bobster says:

                Huh? Libby isn’t a libby?

          6. annieo says:

            no honey it’s bush’s fault, get with.
            the violence in the hood is Johnson’s fault expanding welfare destroying the family so you have poor kids growing up with no dad.

            1. Thomas says:

              3 years later “It’s Bush’s Fault.”

              2 years of DemoKKKrats controlled all of Congress and the White House “It’s Bush’s Fault.”

              1 Useful Idiot still blaming the world and never taking responsibility for their actions “It’s Bush’s Fault.”

          7. Dave says:

            This is so funny. January of 2007 we had a growing economy and 4% unemployment in spite of Sept 11 and other problems Bush’s administration. Now what happened in January of 2007 to change the economy. Oh yeah, democrats took over both houses of congress and the purse strings of America. You guys blamed Bush for everything from the collapse of Frank’s and Dodd’s Fannie Mae to your daughter’s pregnancy. Now you think BO is getting blamed for the influence of black violence in America. LOL

            1. me says:

              How ignorant are you? The economy is in the sewer because we were robbed over a period of 20 or 30 years.

          8. Kyle Cooper says:

            I want to donate money to his legal defense fund. Why is it everyone of these incidences involve b l a c k women? No wonder black men want white women. B l a c k w o m e n are i d i o t s.

          9. Rod Anders says:

            MOOOchelle, Obama’s cow, should have counseled these young ladies on how to act when ordering some of the MOOOch’s favorite cud.

          10. pitter43 says:

            Greg brings it up because these are obama’s people. They’re just doing what he’s advocating. It’s too bad the casher didn’t have a CCW and just shot them.

        2. jjv says:

          LOL. a man? Obama? In his family Moochelle is the man and he’s just the big eared no class Dumbo.

          1. Cee says:

            The guy may of taken it too far but we don’t know anything about those women. In what mindset is it to assult a cashier and only get off with what they did. It is a BURGER place people. He was checking a 50.00 bill like Corporate says to do. Why would someone get all upset over a 50, if it was real?!

            Off topic: Really does the President no matter which always have to get pulled into comments? Every President since the begining has made good and bad decisions. It is short sided to think that one President is 100% better than another. Read your history.
            Lastly, can people stop using fake names like “Moochelle” , Obummer and Windoze.. it doesn’t make you look funny. It makes you look like your 7 and belong back in grade school.

        3. kdog says:

          I thought I saw Michelle O. scafing down a large order of fries in the video…

        4. Andrew says:

          1) it’s ‘you’re’ – as in you are

          2) it’s ‘than’ – than is comparative, then references chronology

          3) Either you’re (see?) an idiot or you’re (again!) terrible at typing

      2. ALLEN says:

        what if those crazy girls were carrying a gun? he did not know, especially at the time what they were capable of doing after they demonstrated that they were on the attack and even jumped over the counter, as far as the employee is concerned, he ran away knowing that they were coming and HE DID NOT HAVE TIME TO STOP AND PONDER over which would be the closest item that he could select to use for either a defensive or offensive weapon, nor did he have time think of the untrained procedures of self defense that the law permits. what if they were coming after him with a gun? I WOULD HAVE ASSUMED THE WORSE AND DEFENDED MY RIGHT TO BE UNHARMED AT ANY COST OF THE ATTACKER. what if they were carrying a gun as he was hitting them, should he give them another chance to attack him or possibly kill him? I Would Have Knocked Them Unconscious And Then Re-Evaluated What To Do. this is 100% self defense and i would like to know why he is being charge at all. are the laws there in defense of the guilty and against the innocent?

        1. BewareTheBelievers says:

          ABSOLUTELY AGREE! CBS coverage on this is grossly unfair to the employee who was being attacked by crazy people jumping over the counter and coming after him! CBS gives the impression that this was a “violent” employee who attacked some customers! How ridiculous! And, I don’t care what kind of past this employee has; it makes NO difference whatsoever! Anyone has a right to defend themselves and it does not matter if the one defending themselves has been in prison and paid his dues! Come on CBS! Give us all a break; we can watch the video and see what really happened! I find it hard to believe there is a person anywhere who watches this video who is not rooting for the employee!!!! So I say: FREE Rayon McIntosh! FREE Rayon McIntosh! Put those two women who attacked him in jail and charge them with something besides a silly menacing charge! One JUMPED OVER THE COUNTER AND THE OTHER ONE WENT AROUND THE COUNTER to go after this employee! Who’s to say what they would have done to him if he hadn’t have been able to defend himself AND HIS FELLOW EMPLOYEES!! FREE Rayon McIntosh!!!!!!

          1. Joseph from Bklyn says:

            I agree with you a 100%. CBS grossly under reported this story. I can’t believe CBS is worst than FOX on this one. Instead of playing the clip from the beginning they jump to the middle of the clip and then started at the beginning. The criminal in this case is CBS, wrongfully telling the story. Anyone that watch this video from the beginning would understand this employee’s action. Customer service is not an easy job, it’s easy to sit back and judge. This man paid his debt to society, someone at McDonalds gave him a chance he could of been out on the streets selling drugs but he chose to work and instead of commending him you condemn him. The women attacked him first and climbed the counter with the intent to do more harm. They messed with the wrong person that day.

            1. BeeMan says:

              I agree this guy had every right to do what he did,but why only 11 years in jail for murder? To sum it up, two thuggettes picked a fight with a thug.

            2. The KId says:

              Agree 100% with you here, Joe. there are some out there that are saying that Mcd’s is in the wrong for hiring him. Then who will. He will just resort to other crimes. He was turning his life around and was reformed. did he use excessive force, he did,,,but after being birated for several minutes and then being slapped, look he was just acshier looking out for his emplyer with fake money. How much crap could you take and then be slapped, before you lose control. If you witness the clip again , the girl shuts out yet another thing, then he drops another beatdown on her. I do not care if its female or male…PPL need to respect others. I hope he does not serve any more time than he has.

              1. Pasha says:

                He shot and killed someone eleven years ago. Why was he not executed or still in jail? Now he did have the right to protect himself, but…

          2. Ja Pudge Hamlin says:


          3. steel says:

            What do you expect its a liberal news station.

        2. Jared Anderson says:

          What a clueless schmuck you are. There are limits to self-defence, and it takes a lot more than “what if they had a gun” to justify raising those limits. Either he had reasonable cause to believe they had a gun, or he didn’t. And he did not. Even if you get slapped and chased behind the counter, that simply isn’t reason enough to beat people repeatedly with a weapon until they are unconscious. What if he had the gun? Would it be self defence if he was allowed to shoot them for coming behind the counter?

          1. American Social Justice says:

            You are the clueless schmuck.I agramericanee 100% with whipping their butts. They got what they asked for.

            1. kiss steel says:

              What you fail to realize is these two thugs would have never attempted this had someone set them straight years ago. In other words a good old fashioned az z whoopin when they were young. As far as the clerk hitting them more power to him. Agreed he should have stopped once the lady hit the floor but up until that point he had every right to defend himself. Thats the problem with liberals such as yourself. You want to wait and see in other words be reactive instead of proactive. In these type of situations that can get you killed. The clerk was in fear for his safety. Thus a fistfull of steel touched their lips. It was their direct actions that started this and they got the cards that were dealt to them. So ya i guess i am a di ck but hey rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Only in NY could they be so dumb.

          2. Wayne says:

            If they attack, they are subject to whatever they receive. I’m not going to wait around to see if they pull a gun out of their shirt. I may not survive the initial shot. This “proportional response” idea is garbage. You slap me, I slap you is stupid. This could go on forever, slowly escalating and drawing in others. If attacked, I’m going to put a stop to it by any means at my disposal. It’s now over, quickly, and it doesn’t get escalated out of control. Even if the don’t have a gun, it’s 2 on 1. All it’s going to take is one lucky shot from either one of them and I may go down, hitting my head in the process, and now I’m out of it. Sorry, but once I’m attacked, anything goes. PERIOD. Waiting to see who’s the luckiest in the tit-for-tat is NOT acceptable. If attacked, I will defend to the full extent of my ability.

          3. Jay says:

            The cashier, Jared had a history of problems, like getting charged with Manslaughter. Can we expect a troubled individual like Jared to have the same judgement as you an I? This attack was heavily incited and Jared was defending himself. I would have personally stopped 2 or 3 smacks before him, but you can’t blame him. Good lesson for the punks who attacked him…

    2. Helen Westover says:

      Welcome to the island of the Lord of the Flies.

    3. Paula says:

      I agree. When someone hits you, you have the right to defend yourself. Think about it before you start the violence. They got what they were asking for.

      1. Ja Pudge Hamlin says:


      2. jumperk1 says:

        Exactly, there are no rules in violence! This is where all these progressive liberal types are screwed up. If somebody raises a hand to somebody else then they must accept whatever consequences comes afterward. Violence isn’t a tit for tat situation. The victim will lose every time.

    4. Manic Vice says:

      What spin?
      “Video Shows Violent Confrontation Between 2 Customers, Cashier At Manhattan McDonald’s”.
      Seems pretty accurate to me. It WAS a violent confrontation, wasn’t it? Were you watching the same video I was?

      They (the two initial agressors, the women) did have some violence coming their way. I agree, but not to that level.

      I’m not going to bother posting what I would do here because intelligent debate has been met with nothing more than flaming insults and vitriol. (With very few people showing some semblance of reason)

      I would not have objected if the employee beat down the women with his fists. NO PROBLEM. Self defense. I agree. Knock them out, call the cops.

      Fracturing someone’s skull with a heavy metal rod was UNCALLED FOR.

      Up here in Canada that’s called “Excessive Use of Force”.
      If someone comes at you unarmed, you have every right to MATCH their force and exceed it only enough to take them down. If you cause great bodily harm (A fractured skull would definitely qualify.) It’s assault, whether you are defending yourself or not. This guy wasn’t just defending himself, he SNAPPED on them and let his anger take over. Self-control, even in a situation like that, is ALWAYS called for.

      If they had come in with guns intent in robbing the place, I’d say shoot them. Force matches force in that case.

      Some are saying “You didn’t see behind the counter”. No, I didn’t. Did you watch the video? He wasn’t just hitting them, he was WHALING on them at full strength, with every intention of doing maximum damage and killing his attackers.


      His own bloody co-worker tried to stop him… TWICE, and them backed off because the dude was swinging WILDLY.

      He’s a psycho that needed any excuse to snap. Lock him up, put him in solitary and throw away the key. He’s a danger not only to himself, but to everyone around him. Who knows what will set him off next time? Could be something as small as someone bumping into him. He’s a criminal. Maybe he did his time, sure, but it sure doesn’t look like it taught him anything except how to just react and be violent.

      And to those of you throwing insults, throw away. It doesn’t bother me one bit, but it says a lot about you.

      I’m glad I live here in Canada, not with the neanderthals in New York. (With a few exceptions) You may go back to your communal grunting now.

      1. jumperk1 says:

        Yes, please stay there in Canada. And if you wouldn’t mind please take Celine Dion and Mike Bolton back with you. You are a mindless drone living in a world without fences around their yard or bars on their windows. You have no reference for the posts you vomit, only what you read in Cat Fancy.

      2. John Smith says:

        He was out numbered. In a case like that, you take at least one down as quickly as possible, before they take you down and leave you in a position where you can’t do anything about it.

      3. Kevin Liu says:

        Have you ever been in a violent altercation before? Because from what I can gather from your post it would seem that you have never been. First of all, from the video we can clearly see that the cashier was attacked first, I’m sure we can all agree on that. Now here’s where you clearly have no experience in a brawl. If someone or a group of people assault you, you must do everything in your power to neutralize your assailant. You do not know what your attacker is capable of or what weapons they may have on their person. You put them down quickly and make sure they cannot get back up to continue the fight. The assailants got what was coming to them. The fact that they were women or that the cashier has a previous criminal background is completely irrelevant to this scenario. The initial slapping and the vaulting over the counter and pursing the cashier to the back of the kitchen are unmistakable acts of aggression. Beating them with the stick is perfectly acceptable, considering that no one came to his aid.

        1. eve hunter says:

          i’ve heard a cop say he would rather fight a man than a woman. these bimbos got what they deserved. if the cashier had not defended himself they might have killed him. then too, they were two against one. they were out for trouble and drunlk. the cashier was working…they were not…bet they have a record.

        2. Gangbuster says:

          After reading your, and several other’s comments defening the cashier, I am inclined to give him more of the benefit of the doubt. For those of us who don’t act like this, it’s shocking and disturbing, and the fact that the women were seriously hurt is upsetting.

          That said, they did get what they deserved. You are right, when it’s two on one, your life is in danger. You do what you have to do.

          Thank you for your articulate comments.

      4. Der Teufelhund says:

        Wow, I wasn’t even joking about bailing to Canada. Why interject then? Canadians are rude, obnoxious poms. Of course Canadians never experience violence…

      5. Bad Bob says:

        Canada, we forget you’re even there until some Canada punk open his mouth the remind us.

        1. Go Knicks Fan says:

          LOL! You are so so right

      6. Pure Hardcore Candian says:

        As a proud Canadian, let me just say that Manic Vice does not speak on behalf on all of us. He’s a liberal c**t suffering from “white guilt” who gives a group of certain minorities special rights, while other minorities (like the minority group) I’m in suffers from their prejudice and inequality.

        If you clearly watch the video, one of those black aggressors was calling one other customer a “P*ssy” and being rude to both customers AND the employees. The employee who put those women in their place deserve a medal for self defense and making sure those two aggressors didn’t smash things up more. THEY ATTACKED FIRST. THEY JUMPED THE COUNTER. You DO NOT DO THAT. That man should be rewarded. He put them in their place, and bruised their massive egos as well.


      7. The Bobster says:

        I’m glad I don’t live in Cannuckistan, the land of the thought police, where you can be thrown in prison for expressing a non-PC thought. You just stay there. They deserve you.

    5. John Smith says:

      This is New York. They have a very strange mentality over Self Defense. It appears that two large dangerous thugs jumping over a counter and coming after you with who knows what isn’t dangerous enough for self defense.

      No, it isn’t self defense until you have already been shot at, or they pick up a frying pan and bash your skull in. Then you are allowed to defend yourself.

      Slapping someone, in my state, is considered assault. Menacing someone is considered cause for self defense. However, this is New York.

    6. JustDoIt says:

      “Be careful who you slap and vault over a counter to attack is the lesson here. That, and stick to the drive-thru at McDonald’s.”

      well said..

  3. Hazel Burke says:


    1. Michael R. says:

      The wrong party was arrested. These ghetto chicks got just what deserved an ass whopping. Poetic justice. Something tells me they will think about jumping over counters to settle a score…….

      1. Ron Zaks says:

        The women are hurdlers and they were practicing for the 2012 olympics. You know qualifications are just around the corner and they do not have that much time to sharpen their persona for the competition.

      2. Sourpuss says:

        I agree 100%.

      3. John Smith says:

        I honestly doubt it. People of this calibur never ‘learn their lesson’. They are out on the street doing it again.

  4. Brad Donald Lannon says:

    What the hell CBS, they attack HIM and you make it so that he attacked them instead. They jumped the counter.

    And what was up with that bringing up his criminal past crap what purpose to the story did that server. You guys are sick if this is the standard of reporting you endorse.

    You and your team are disgusting with such transparent disgusting spin.

    1. Brad Donald Lannon says:

      Though The guy did go a bit far in his self defense. But still….shoddy disgusting spin reporting.

      1. Dorothy Persiflage says:


        Disagree. You’re making that judgment in the comfort of hindsight, at your computer. The cashier had no way to know what these bitches had on them – knives? AIDS-stained syringes? Whatever. If it happened to me here in Florida, I would have shot, and very likely killed, them both.

        1. Brad Donald Lannon says:

          Im talking about the last few whacks. But he stopped when the other guy put a hand on him.

          Im on his side in this and wrote to CBS corporate and McD corporate. If they fired this guy Im boycotting McDs.

        2. DocChuck says:

          And if it had happened in Texas, both of the pigs would likely have been shot … DEAD!

          My congratulations go out to the Dude for defending himself and the business for which he works. Hopefully, the rest of the New Yawk City hos will think twice before slapping some Dude.

          As for CBS new reporting, it just keeps getting worse and WORSE.

          1. Manic Vice says:

            They would have been shot dead in Texas. That’s it. Matter closed, right?

            No wonder Texas is the taint of the US.

            They were drunk, which I realize wasn’t an excuse for their behaviour, but does that mean they deserve to DIE?! Hell no!

            Okay, you run a red light. You could have killed someone! Should I walk up to your window and shoot you for it? You broke the law! You’re a criminal. Your rights are forfeit, right?

            Not that simple, is it?

            Making idiotic blanket statements not only makes you appear stupid, it MAKES you stupid.

            1. Clearreason says:

              Manic Vice is correct in one sense, that it appears he begins to taunt the stupid bitches once he has them on the floor and again hits them for reasons yet unkonwn (no camera view) and this along with his prior murder conviction will get him a long prison sentence.

              Having said that, I totally agree with his actions. He had a right to defend himself and in my opinion to use the wire bar in that defense. And it personally made me HAPPY to see him beat the crap out of those two idiots.

              Manic Vice, if you dont like Americans or the USA, then go back to England. I dont read anyone here condemning the UK or any other country. So why you choose to bring the argument down to that level confounds me. Maybe envy, it seems to be prevalent in the world. Everyone outside the USA seems to secretly cheer for our down fall. But the world should be careful what it wishes, give it some thought, your self proclaimed intelligence will guide you to the correct answer.

              To the two bitches, I hope you get 10 years in prison. What makes these types of personalities think they have a right to verballly and physically abuse another human being over a hamburger or questionable piece of currancy? I hope those lashings you recieved serve you well into the future and are a witness to other moronic idiots that you reap what you sow.

            2. Bad Bob says:

              those women got what they deserved. Maybe a little overboard, but they brought it on. Heck with Texas, if the were in Iran they would have been beheaded with the french friies scoopen. Like that better Manic Vice.

        3. Amber Skye Forbes says:

          Exactly, you don’t know what they’re going to do, which is why killing would have been too far. Self-defense is supposed to cripple your opponent, not kill unless there is blatant evidence your opponent intends to kill you first. There was no such evidence those women intended to kill.

          1. Rob Fogg says:

            Amber, self defense has nothing to do with how the aggressor ends up. It’s all about how the would-be-victim departs the scene. On his/her own two feet, or in a body bag. Once an attack begins, I recommend you go feral in a 1/4 heartbeat. Do not waste precious time trying to determine the intent of the aggressor. That is stacking the odds against yourself. If you want to live, break something inside them, repeat as often as YOU feel is necessary. Only when YOU feel it is safe to walk away, should you stop.

            1. 2shelbys says:

              You are totally wrong and your advice will land you in prison for a very long time. Every state has self-defense laws that require your response to be commensurate with the level of the attack. I am all for self defense (and I am a CCW permit holder) but you can not beat someone’s brains in with a metal pipe when they show no sign of being armed. You also can not continue to attack someone when they are down. You are required to escape at that point. Especially when you are a fairly large guy fighting two women. Did he really need a weapon or is he just a violent thug who just got out of prison for murder? Oh, that’s right. he is. Yes, you have to love when two out-of-control thugs get their butts kicked, but he went WAY too far.

              1. Aaron says:

                And your lame advice will get someone killed. Unless you’re a practicing attorney, don’t act like you’re an authority on the law, mmmkay?

              2. Blackeyesiouxz says:

                2shelbys, I agree with you. And I have a friend who is a policeman who also agrees with you. This employee took it too far. We are both proponents of self defense. Who wouldn’t be? But the CONTINUED attack he performed was excessive.

                1. McDonaldsPRDude says:

                  I do not agree here at all,,, I thnk he should have taken it to the next level. I remember when ppl had to show respect to others, or face a beatdown. Society is protected far too much by the law. OK where is it ok for them to birate him and then slap him,, sure his life was not in danger, but where is that ok. I think he did a great job of keeping his cool. BUt every person has a breaking point,, and these lowlifes found his.

                2. RonnieReagan says:

                  BlackEye….you and your LEO friend are wrong. If it were a cop being pursued to the back room of a store by two drunk women, he would’ve had the right to shoot and kill, and would’ve been fully defended by the police department. The same rule stands for the employee. We are the 99%.

                  While it disgusts me that this guy got out of prison in 10 years after having killed someone, in this case he is right and I would contribute to his defense fund.

              3. Mark s says:

                better prison than dead, better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Rob Fogg. has the real answer. there is no time to weigh and measure. unfortinatly the courts are sick, especially in New York, UK, Canada, and Australia

              4. John Smith says:

                Incorrect. If two big thugs are bearing down on your rear, you are out numbered and they could take you down. Once down, it takes no effort to… let’s say, pick up a metal rod and beat your rear inside out…

                Better them than him. He defended himself, they had no justification.

                Boy these New Yorkers have really weird laws….

          2. roadk9 says:

            Where did you read the rule SELF DEFENSE IS SUPPOSED TO CRIPPLE YOUR OPPONENT? You are as sorry as the the two perps who think there is a rule allowing jumping on fast food clerks while drunk. Blatant evidence my A S S.

            1. Philip Inuhoff says:

              You are correct. Self defense rules dictate that you incapacitate or kill your attacker, never just wound. A wounded attacker is much more dangerous.

    2. Brad Donald Lannon says:

      What is the criminal past of the two AGGRESSORS CBS? Im sure that is colorful.

      1. Mark8131 says:

        CBS probably found out he was a member of the tea party.

        1. Steevo says:

          Very astute Mark 🙂

    3. Kenneth says:

      Hey lets pay he guys legal fees, and bail, and give him a mllion bucks. He should of stopped hitting them but two women came at him, he was doing what he should.

      1. michelle says:

        I totally agree with you !!!!!

    4. bob says:

      Now a days everyone thinks they are a journalist….
      What happened to; stick to the story, and double checking your fact….
      How about spell check… more articles today have many spelling errors….
      I’m sick of these news companies and their teams of modern journalist….

      how about: Two drunk women in New York assaulted a team member of a McDonald’s. The employee defended himself and the adrenalin got the best of him. He stopped there advances by hitting them repeatedly….

      1. Neil says:

        ummm….that’s “stopped ‘their’ advances” bob. grammar and spelling go hand in hand

        1. The Bobster says:

          Did you every hear of capitalization and commas?

        2. Guys Against Women says:

          i love how libitards like to become self appointed spelling nazi’s…

          How do YOU spell “libitard”, Neil?

      2. Gman says:

        Before you criticize other people spelling mayb YOU should learn the difference between “there” and “their.”

        1. ztebyllek says:

          It’s maybe, not mayb.

      3. Michaelh says:

        When the going gets “tough” for a liberal, they frequently fall back on personal attacks. Bad spelling or punctuation? C’mon.

    5. Tex says:

      I agree Brad. They were CHASING HIM, and the reporter says, this is when the victims were attacked…” Um. I don’t see them as victims. Also? I didn’t see any employees trying to stop him. I saw one guy sort of go “C’mon, man…”

      I doubt the customers in the store were watching in horror. CBS, you’re full of it. At least TRY to report accurately. It is kinda funny when you’re playing a video, and doing commentary, and what you are saying is exactly the opposite of what is happening.

    6. gbo says:

      Well, the reporters did warn you the story would be a disturbing presentation.

    7. Vicky Bevis says:

      I wondered why the black girl’s names & a ck. of THEIR crinimal past wasn’t mentioned. Seems like CBS has already tried & convicted the cashier with their “slant” to the story.

      1. MichaelH says:

        Exactly. They do it all the time. Their credibility is in negative territory already, and this kind of crap does nothing to improve it.

    8. Jeff K. says:

      That guy, McIntosh, had every right to defend himself. Those women came over the counter and attacked him. Those women would have hurt him bad if he would not have defended himself. I would have done the same thing. Good job CBS putting our liberal spin on the story. Good job McIntosh defending yourself because the definitely would have tried to kill you. Those women deserved what they got.

      1. yolie says:

        i guess they mess with the wrong guy. i agree with the employee, he was defending himself.

    9. Gohan says:

      EXACTLY! If this had been a female cashier, she would be walking. Hell, the two attackers are practically walking themselves. God forbid a man defend himself without being seen as an aggressor.

  5. Blake Brannon says:

    I think it’s an atrocity that CBS is trying to make the McDonald’s worker look like the bad guy. Ya, maybe he shouldn’t have used a metal bar, but these ladies had it coming. This is the problem with America, no one has any RESPECT for others or others feelings.

    1. Tyler M says:

      He only used a metal bar because there weren’t any bricks available to smash into these bitches’ skulls.

      1. Herman Muenster says:

        LOL! Fantastic!

        1. Go Knicks Fan says:


  6. Anon says:

    This guy was clearly defending himself.

    1. Tyler M says:

      McDonald’s in areas like this should provide its employees with either Tazers or semi-automatic handguns… Just in case.

      1. Jason B says:

        You know Greenwich Village isn’t exactly the slums, riiiight?

        1. Mark s says:

          they brought the slum with them

  7. Matt Power says:

    So, what are the criminal records of those two nuns?

    1. john says:

      This is a funny comment. If I had a facebook account I would thumbsup it.

  8. tee pod says:

    I support the cashier 100%. HAHAHA dumb bitches

  9. Chris says:

    B!tches asked for it, and boy did they receive it! Maybe next time they won’t pass counterfeit money.

    1. Tyler M says:

      The only thing that I didn’t like about this was that he didn’t hit them with the metal rod even faster.

      What were they expecting that he would do after they slapped him & jumped over the counter to go after him?

      1. Tyler M says:

        All I’m saying is that I’m proud of this guy for standing up for himself.

        A conviction for a crime ten years ago is a long time ago.

  10. Hazel Burkec says:

    They got exactly what they deserve!!! Tell me why he shouldn’t have fought back?

  11. Matt Power says:

    Would you like a smack down with that assault?

    1. Ib Snooker says:

      Good one, Matty!

      Here are some more…
      Would you like to supersize that contusion?
      What kind of (wound) dressing would you like with that laceration?

      1. Dorothy Persiflage says:

        lb – Aw. You stole my lines before I could write them!

      2. Right Is Right says:

        Would you like some assault and pepper with your Big-Smack attack?

        1. Smack Down says:

          Some funny comments here. This one made me laugh out loud !!! Right is Right.

        2. Greg says:

          I am still laughing at this one. You made my day!

          1. Tyler M says:

            He fixed them up that meal that used to only be served on Fridays for those Friday non-meat-eaters: the Fillet of Bitch.

            1. Ronald Mac says:

              Today and one day only, a little something extra to go along with your happy meal.

              1. Hold the Metal please says:

                He told they ass to take that fake 50th too Burgar King , they didn’t listen so he gave them a Whooper……

        3. Bud Redden says:

          I COULD see the metal metal rod in my happy meal, rather than on my freakin skull LOL. GREAT VIDEO, BETTER COMMENT ON YOUR PART.

    2. Arlis says:

      How about, “Would you like some assault with those fries?”

  12. Kristie says:

    What fast food restaurant accepts $50 bills? That’s probably what he was telling them. They started it…he finished it….the end!

    1. blupill says:

      they all do where i live

    2. Pete Schwegel says:

      $50’s the new $20

  13. sally says:

    He did his time and is trying to somehow make a llife for himself. NOW These two drunk, disorderly wrenches come in and jump over the counter and slap and attack him and he is being charged with a felony????????? I love how they spin the story against this guy because he has a conviction in the past. He defended himself. at his workplace. Sad…

    1. John says:

      Agreed, those women got what they had coming to them. Maybe he should have stopped a bit sooner, but he was attacked. I would like to be on his jury, I would acquit.

      1. free` says:

        It looked to me as if he did stop, until one or both tried to get back up. Then he hit them again to keep them on the ground, I would assume until the police arrived. I would have done the same thing.

    2. Aaron Self says:

      I agree with you, but I have to ask, who uses “wrenches” anymore?

      1. Buster Keaton says:

        No one, since the correct word is “wenches.”

        1. Dan Aldridge says:

          Come on Buster… I use the words “wrenches and wenchs” regularly. Like when I use my wrenches to loosen the pipe so I come slam those wenches.

      2. Grim Spirit says:

        I use them all the time. I have a standard and metric set.

    3. bigsteve says:

      I know man, poor guy got out of prison not long ago and is he robbing people for money? No. Is he burglarizing houses? NO. He is working at a no-respect fast food restaurant where many people I know say they would never work, and he’s trying to restart his life. This guy paid his debt (10 years for murder? that’s all?? – but that’s beside the point) and he’s a working man. He was the victim but he won the fight. Good for him! Make him a manager for giving a crap about if they were trying to pass off fake bills, right?

      1. BrianW says:

        On another site, they reveal his conviction was for manslaughter, not murder. He accidentally shot a friend when he took a .380 pistol out of his pants before going to confront some people they had a dispute with. the gun went off and the bullet passed through the aorta of his friend and then hit an 8 year old in the leg. Not murder, and not intentional.

  14. Kevin says:

    Looks to me like he was acting on instinct.. probably thought the store was being robbed.. I dont think he should be charged at all… The two women though should be in a parade on a float called “Stupidest Dumbest Bitches of 2011”

    1. Kristie says:

      LOL love it!!

  15. MissKitty says:

    when they hit him it became assault then one both of them ended up on the employee’s side of the counter.. GOOD FOR HIM! Those two customers were assaulting him and trying to gain up on him.

  16. Mike says:

    The cashier did nothing wrong. They were attempting to pass a counterfeit 50 dollar bill. They were intoxicated. They physically attacked him. They came around to the wrong side of the counter to continue attacking him. He did nothing wrong, IMO.

  17. I’ve been saying for a while the fast food industry needs to integrate with UFC….

  18. adlibn says:

    It’s clear that the cashier was being attacked.

  19. p8nt says:

    those women deserved the beating they got, and then some. If you go after me, you better be prepared for a beating.

  20. Perry Williams says:

    If you are stupid enough to attack a McDonalds cashier and slap them, IMO you get what you deserve in return. I work as a security officer….and am both courteous and professional at all times; even when a trucker, etc loses their cool and curses me. However, if anyone ever puts their hands on me, I reserve the right to respond with force to stop the attack and incapicate the attacker. No one should have to put up with being slapped, punched, kicked, etc on the job; I won’t tolerate it, nor will my supervisors. No job is worth it..

    1. spork says:

      Absolutely right.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Agreed. They got what they deserved.

    3. Lorene Kelly says:

      Well said Perry. This was nothing short of violent aggression towards the cashier. He was just doing his job to check the bill and that is no reason to assult him. It is they who should have been arrested! !! ! ! !

  21. Art Agel says:


    The Mcdonald’s employee was right to defend himself. You don’t go behind the cashier and if you do, the people behind the counter have the right to use force – ESPECIALLY if you’re the one who initiates the force and slaps him.

  22. raj says:

    I would have done the same thing and more… GOOD for him Bitches had it coming

  23. KPRO says:

    Big Mac attack…

  24. chester field says:

    Good for him!!

  25. Anon says:

    The twit from Ch 2 says they were attacked? It looks like the McDonald employee was defending his life against two robbers who had already physically attacked him! He was protecting himself and his fellow employees! He should be hailed a hero!

  26. Gunny G Alz says:

    Hire an ex-con, works every time.

    1. Gunny G Alz says:

      My bust, he was good to go. Glad he issued out a beatdown. Kudos Bro.

  27. Nick says:

    “They were than savagely attacked”???? More like they were than vigorously defended against.

    1. David Conard says:

      I agree he did have a weapon but was attacked and charged by more than one person. He should get off the charges. I don’t care what his record is.

      1. Kristie says:

        I agree his record has nothing do with what those bitches started!

        1. tim ach says:

          I think they mentioned his record to show he may be of the tiype that had been prone to anger and violence and was a hard dude that was the wrong person to bitch slap,the fact that he was working at Mcdonalds and doing the job right shows me he’s trying to get on track and start new. I really hope he gets out of this. His energy could be used somewere in society.

          1. Smith says:

            The conviction was for manslaughter. He took his gun out and it accidentally discharged, hitting two people.

  28. MICH says:


  29. OFFSET says:

    dont you understand the media must spin this article in favor of customer so the cashier can be criminalized and disassociated from mcdonalds. had it reported correctly then the consensus might be that the mcdonalds cashier who beat two woman was somewhat justified and then SUE MCDONALD SUE MCDONALDS AND BOYCOTT MCDONALDS STARTS who mcdonlads im sure has ties to these media networks in some way shape or form.

    1. rightsaidfred says:

      Those beoches deserved worse than that. WOW people freak out when others decide they aren’t going to let black people get away with attacking them. Hurray for the worker, he should be given an award.

      1. The Questioner says:

        Hey racist—the suspect himself is black. But I guess that doesn’t matter when you’re defending men attempting to murder women with metal rods, does it?

        1. Sal Manella says:

          Hey, libt ard, it’s time to embrace your inner racist. It’s not a bad thing.

  30. richard alllen says:

    Ill bet those girls KNEW Rayon and this was just setlling up an old score….

    they figured Rayon wouldn’t fight back since it looks like he hasnt been out of the slammer very long.

  31. Jimmney says:

    The women clearly didn’t get it “their way”, they should have went to Burger King instead.

  32. KMD says:

    Yes I have to question the interesting spin on the story. The gentleman does have a record but this was not a case of him having a record or not. We don’t know the specifics on his past other than it was a rough come up. He served his time for his crimes. What I see here is a man who was minding his own business and provoked into defending himself. Though I don’t agree with the extreme use of force, I was not there myself. I can only imagine if I am ever assaulted at work how I would react. Should I turn the other cheek. How far would you go to defend yourself everyone? Ask your self that question.

    1. arnisfighter says:

      I would have used that kind of force even if they are women attacking me. Those black women were so full of energy and could kill anyone. It’s a horrible story. The women deserved what they got from an ex-convict. Good for them, ha, ha, ha!

      1. The Questioner says:

        What the heck does their blackness have to do with anything? I swear—the number of outright racist comments on this thread is mind-boggling. Seriously folk—the women’s violence is no excuse for leaving racist and sexist comments!

        And don’t even try to pull some “stop playing the race card” nonsense—once you post comments on a public forum filled with racist and sexist slurs, all bets are off. “Post-racial” society? Not even close.

        1. Go Knicks Fan says:

          I’m black and I saying the same thing that the whites on here are saying. For some reason Black females think they can act, say and do what is ever on there mind. I don’t know where you live; in NYC black females has lost their mind!!!

  33. Brother Crane says:

    No problem at all with the MacDonald’s employee. He was protecting himself after being attacked. How could he know if these assailants were armed?

    1. Egor says:

      Even befor they came on TV.

      I knew they would be black.

      1. mark s says:

        I was willing to bet they were.

    2. Daniel Bryant says:

      This is a VERY misleading headline.

      He was defending himself.

      Bullies don’t become victims just because they loose fight they started.

      As for the racist ‘black people are so violent’ nutwicks, the country is conducting 5+ wars. Started a new one in Ughanda 5 minutes ago.

      1. Brutus says:

        Yes, because wars are exactly the same as assaulting cashiers over trivialities..

        And Uganda was such a peaceful place before. Tsk, tsk.

      2. Mark s says:

        yes, the president is Black

        1. The Questioner says:

          And the old money kleptocrats he and the rest of the federal government work for are white. What’s your point?

          1. Grape Ape says:

            The point is your a ni qqer-loving comm ie d ouchebag.

  34. Jakes says:

    McDonald’s is getting more ghetto by the day. Who eats there besides the losers whose entire family lives off government assistance?

  35. gonzo bear says:

    CBS got the reportage completely wrong. What idiot wrote the story, they need to be fired.

    1. Perry Williams says:

      Agree 100% percent

    2. Anonymous says:

      They couldn’t get past their emotions over a woman getting beat. Sometimes, even a woman, deserves to be beat. This is one of those times. Fools.

  36. terry says:

    chris weegee is an azz****.

  37. D-COMPOZE says:

    Bitches got served.

    1. shorty says:

      ha……yes they did…omg!

  38. WOWPOOPOO says:


  39. Scott says:

    Is that the metal rod they make the chicken nuggets with? You go Charles Bronson..

  40. SEE says:


  41. Ronald Mc says:

    He was just sticking to the slogan “You deserve a BREAK today”

    1. Mark s says:

      too funny

    2. Hold the Metal please says:

      But after that beat-down they couldn’t get away…LMAO

  42. Claudia Colella says:

    What is wrong with people? I hope they all go in the slammer!!!!! And these are the so called “uneducated” folks, that are allowed to walk on the streets and vote! Shame on them!

    1. Dennis Rutherford says:

      These are all bama voters

    2. p, Tom says:

      Claudia , this is the result of the democrats 60 year war on povetty, that has let to the entitlement mentality and these folks are just an example of those that live on the goverment plantation with the Democrats as their slave masters… They do not have to think , ,Just vote for the socialist democrats

      1. Mark s says:

        …and paid to breed these things…

      2. Zig says:

        Are you seriously blaming the Democrats for this?

        Jesus Christ, I give up.

        1. The Bobster says:

          He’s right. Neg roes never would’ve dared to act like this 60 years ago.

        2. dsgfsfd says:

          Amen – off yourself sc\/mbag. Dems to blmae for all of it and apparently you as well you worthless piece of garbage

  43. B. Goetz says:

    No one deserves a fractured skull. He went way too far.

    1. Gina Davis says:

      He should have asked then if they wanted fries with that whooping.

      1. Joan Hart says:

        Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You funny!

    2. jj. A says:

      you never know who you are attacking and how they might defend themselves. just dont go attacking people, because some people hit back a lot harder than you may think

    3. Ann Thomas says:

      WRONG! It WAS a case of self defense! These so called woman, were drunk, slapped the cashier in the face and jumped over the counter to attack him. He was simply defending himself from 2 against one.

      CBS should be sued for not only false reporting but reporting the cashiers past criminal record. They reported it was a savage attack, but turns out one loud mouth was not even hurt and the other only slightly.

      There is a limit to what abuse you have to take when you are waiting on moronic customers and chances are the $50.00 bill was a fake.

      I would have done the same thing, had I been the cashier.

      1. Cee says:

        Well said Ann! If I was the cashier, I would of done the same thing. No job is worth loosing my life and that was assault with 2 people.

        I thought news reporting was about being unbiased. The reporter needs to go back and take some journalism classes.

    4. Vigilante Justice says:

      Really. B Goetz? You’d prefer 4 bullets in self defense, to a beating with a metal bar.

    5. Gary Howard says:

      Bernard, I thought you’d died. Welcome back! Shoulda busted a cap in their asses, right?

    6. Casper says:

      Baloney! In restaurant lingo, he should have 86’ed them.

    7. Jdub says:

      No, your dad went way too far when he hooked up with your mom.

    8. Calhoun da anthropologist says:

      Don’t worry, B, they have very thick skulls…, probably won’t suffer any brain damge, but then, who would be able to tell

      1. The Bobster says:

        Their brains are like a peanut inside a bowling ball: very small, hard to find and well protected.

    9. Anonymous says:

      Right. He should have been more careful defending his life. They are lucky to be alive, let alone a fractured skull. They got what they deserved, women or not. Get past your emotions and think for a minute.

    10. scott says:

      You come after me where I work, with a friend, and you’ll wish later that you had only gotten a fractured skull.

  44. nells says:

    They deserved every little bit of what they got. Bet they didn’t expect that! That’s what some of these trifling females get thinking they can step to whomever they want in whatever manner. He went to town! I don’t see what the problem is. Don’t put me on that jury. He would walk!

  45. schooled giggers says:

    Lets see, these 2 whales slap him, jump over the counter and attack a cashier, and he’s the bad guy. He should of dumped the deep fryer over their heads. Good for him, if it goes to court he will get off.

    1. bigsteve says:

      “He should of dumped the deep fryer over their heads.”

      i LOLed

  46. Jack Browne says:

    They attacked him first! He was just defending himself! Unbelievable how you guys tried to spin the story. He should sue you for defamation and trying to influence the jury.

    1. Sourpuss says:

      My thoughts exactly. How many prospective jurors might read this article and now have a biased opinion on the case? This guy needs a change of venue for his case to somewhere without the internet. Arkansas maybe?

    2. Smith says:

      I went back and looked, and they carefully phrase what the woman did along the lines of “alleged” and “appears”, while everything the guy did fighting back is couched as definite.

  47. whatthef says:

    Whats the problem? The customers are the ones that are wrong, the guy was defending himself.

    How did I know what type of people these were going to be before I even watched the video. Animals should be kept in cages

  48. boogie says:

    How is this considered the McDonalds worker attacking the custumers? The customers jumped over the counter after slapping/assaulting the worker. This article is way too slanted in favor of the customers which is BS

  49. Gina Davis says:



    He was doing his job, and was subjected to verbal then physical (the slap) abuse. Then HE was attacked by those women who jumped over the counter to get him.

    He beat them exaclty how he should have.

    They were the aggressors and because they got the worst of the attack no one should feel sorry for them.

    1. Kristie says:

      I so agree with you. Any woman who thinks she is “man enough” to start something like this better be ready for a “real man” to finish it. Any jury that convicts this man is incompetent those women started it and they got EXACTLY what they deserved.

  50. John A says:

    Though I do not condone violence most times violence begets violence. Perhaps, in the future, these women will think twice before they assault someone.

    1. bsm says:

      I absolutely condone violence when it comes to these hags attacking him. There is enough recent evidence to show how vicious these types of people can be in public places. What was he supposed to do…Wait for these two dumb bitches to beat or kill him instead???. Like others have said…I would of shot both of them without hesitation. Women can kill someone just as easilly as a man. When they slapped him and jumped the counter…he had no choice but to neutralize the situation, by which he did so convincingly. I hope both these hags are currently in agony.

      CBS…you are full of $hit.

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