During a conference-call with the San Diego media yesterday,  Rex Ryan spouted off once again.

When asked how things would have turned out had he been hired by the San Diego Chargers back in 2007 rather than Norv Turner (who still currently holds the position), Rex just couldn’t help himself.

The Jets’ outspoken head coach responded by saying, ‘Well I think I would have had a couple of rings, those teams were loaded.’  And it was because of that, Craig declared ‘Fat Rexy is back.’

Ryan went on to praise the job Turner has done in San Diego, but clearly the damage had been done.

Boomer was thrilled that Rex said what he said, because he makes Craig’s and his job that much easier, calling Ryan a media dream.  Craig went on the take a few shots at Rex’s numerous detractors, stating emphatically that he has Rex’s back.

The guys also talked about the NBA Lockout and the inflammatory comments made by Bryant Gumbel about NBA Commissioner David Stern.  Some more on the Boston Red Sox players whacking back beers and Craig takes issue with a Doc Gooden story now circulating focusing on a factoid that was brought to light right here on the Boomer & Carton Morning Extravaganza back in May.

But the majority of the guys’ focus today was squarely on the Jets, specifically the wave-making Ryan, although we did get the details on Craig’s latest emotional break0down – which occurred yesterday during Spin class

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