YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, N.Y. (1010 WINS) —  Some suburban residents are fuming over the absence of gasoline pricing signs that indicate a higher price for debit and credit customers.

As a result, one Westhcester County lawmaker is calling for a revised law that would levy a $1,000 fine on gas station owners who don’t post both prices.

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Legislator Michael Kaplowitz (D-Somers) said Thursday that he wants to draw attention to the issue and end what he and others believe are “deceptive” practices with regard to gas prices.

“When the prices went up over $4, it became a price point that really was painful for many, many people. And at that point, at the same time, recently this cash vs. credit pricing has gone into effect and that’s where people really feel like that’s just not fair,” Kaplowitz told 1010 WINS.

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Kaplowitz also feels that displaying the signs would act as a catalyst for “more competition” amongst gas stations, creating a better environment for consumers.

“Because people will then naturally go to the lower price and stations will then be forced to lower their prices to match their lowest competitor. Consumer wins and there’s almost no cost to put these signs up,” he said.

Kaplowitz says that consumers will have no doubts about price discrepancies if stations have an incentive to follow the rules and that customers “will know precisely what the price is” because “everybody will be pricing it exactly the same, fair way” if the proposal is passed.

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