NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The United Way of New York City announced results of a survey last week that polled city residents on the problem of hunger in the Big Apple.

According to the survey, 50 percent of New Yorkers consider hunger to be a “major problem” and 78 percent said they felt the federal government had a responsibility to step in to help.

WEB EXTRA: The United Way of NYC Hunger Survey

Among the other significant findings in the study include numbers showing that 33 percent of those surveyed saying either they, a family member or both had to choose between paying for food and rent or some other household expense.

In response, the United Way is focusing its efforts on a comprehensive approach to tackling the problem of hunger in the city.  UWNYC said that it has increased funding to food pantries and efforting to increase access to more nutritious food.

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The non-profit has also launched a 90-day social media campaign, called “What’s on the Table?” to increase the awareness of New Yorkers to issue of  hunger in New York City and how people can donate, advocate and volunteer.

What are your thoughts on the problem of hunger in New York City?  What efforts can be made to combat the problem?  Tell us in the comments section…

  1. Andrea says:

    Well, they could start by not finger printing hungry people in order to get food stamps. What a crock. They have to make people feel worse about their situation by making them do something that humiliating when they’ve done nothing wrong. I would never apply. I’d rather go to a food pantry or soup kitchen.

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