(NEW YORK) CBSNewYork – It’s been five days since a freak October Nor’easter blew through the Tri-State Area, leaving hundreds of thousands of customers without power in its wake.

Here are the latest restoration estimates and outage maps per power company, per state.

Connecticut: Click Here for restoration estimates per town from CL&P

New Jersey: Click Here for Updated PSE&G outage map. Follow PSE&G for latest outage info @PSEGoutageinfo

Click Here for  JCP&L Outage Map

New York: Click Here for ConEd Outage Map | Click Here to check your outage status

Click Here for LIPA Outage Map | Click Here for Orange & Rockland Outage Map

From all of us at CBSNew York.com, hang in there and good luck. And if you need to vent about the storm and power outages, do so below.

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  1. susan says:

    I also live in East Rutherford. There is pocket of 50 homes without power now SIX days. Our power outage report has said wed 11:59pm all along, and midnight came and went and still no power.

    I am shocked and appalled at this restoration response.

    There is no competition for service, so they do not care. I called PSEG to inquire about a database mistake (their computers stated power was restored!) and the representative was extremely rude. She told me to basically too bad, deal with it, ma’am.

    I would say 3 days for this extensive of an outage is understandable. But close to a week? How is that acceptable?
    Is this a third world country? NO. We live 11 minutes from the biggest city in the world. This is not the boondocks by any stretch of the imagination. This was a predicted storm, and with predicted consequences.

    We keep getting emails from PSEG stating they are working around the clock. They hired extra crews. HIRE MORE! If PSEG can not afford to hire more crews, then they should ask the Governor or the President for aid.

    My anger does not end with PSEG.

    What is the mayor doing for our town? Why is the mayor himself still without power? Is he that weak and ineffectual that he can not pressure PSEG to hire more crews and get his residents rescued? This very mayor is up for re-election next week. Why did DPW not clear away branches on the streets to aid in this recovery effort? Are they just overpaid trashman? NO. Where are the police patrolling this pitch dark neighborhood? Nowhere to be seen. They assure us they are patrolling, but I have not seen one patrol car on our block..and I have been looking. If they position one car right under the blown transformer, that would be the perfect vantage point to monitor the entire affected pocket. What is being done for residents who have nowhere to go during these freezing nights? Where are the temporary shelters?

    Let’s continue. What is Governor Christie doing about this? His power was restored in one day, so he does’t care anymore. Where is the state aid to help PSEG hire more crews perhaps?

    Red Cross maybe? First the town was hit with devastating floods, now a week-long power outage. Where is the help? Anyone? The churches? Is ANYONE going to help?

    Don’t get me wrong, I understand restoring half a million customers is a daunting task, and obviously will take time. What I object to is that nothing at all was done locally to assist in that effort, and to provide relief for affected residents. And I object to the LENGTH of time the restoration is taking.

    The only thing positive through this whole ordeal is that our immediate community has come together to look in on each other, support each other, help each other in innumerable ways.

    For my husband and I, this is an inconvenience and a financial hardship, albeit minor ordeal. But for many, this is no small inconvenience. IT IS COLD. What about the elderly lady next door who is shivering in freezing conditions because she has nowhere to go (no hotels would take her cat)? What about the 2 pregnant ladies on my block? What about the 4 babies? What about the poor guy with multiple sclerosis? What about the unemployed guy down the block who can not afford to stay in a hotel? These are real people, and be assured, this is a real hardship.

    But noone cares. They have heat, they have hot water, they have cable tv, and who cares about a small pocket of 50 people forced to live in dangerous conditions for a week.

    Does anyone care about anything other than Kim Kardashian’s failed 2 month marriage? Anyone?

  2. Meme Meyagi says:

    affirmative action in action. enjoy your 3rd world diversity

  3. Fido says:

    PSE&G has handled this outage pathetically.
    It is disgusting what they are doing to customers.

    We in East Rutherford have not even seen 1 PSE&G worker fixing lines & PSE&G keeps giving false dates of power restoration.

    All PSE&G does is give preferential treatement to the richer towns.


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