New ADL Poll Shows Anti-Semitism On The Rise Across The United States

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police are checking surveillance cameras to see if they can identify who painted swastikas on two libraries and a synagogue in Queens.

The vandalism happened sometime Thursday at the East Elmhurst Library, the Jackson Heights Library and the Congregation Tifereth Israel in Corona.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reports: Leaders Stand Together Against Hate

On Friday afternoon, the swastikas were cleaned from the libraries and covered up at the synagogue.

In all, four were found on the walls and windows of one of the libraries.

“I just couldn’t believe it because it happened a second time in the week. It happened earlier in the week, Monday,” Jackson Heights Library custodian Charles Zussman told CBS 2’s Emily Smith.

This isn’t the first time this type of vandalism has happened in the area. A similar incident happened in July.

“We’ve had swastikas painted on houses of worship in Flushing and in Bayside and we fought it,” State Sen. Toby Stavisky said.  “The perpetrators were arrested. There were tips that led to arrest and convictions.”

Councilman Daniel Dromm and other elected officials held a rally Friday at the Jackson Heights Library against hate and bias crimes.

“Jackson Heights is a beautiful, wonderful, tolerant, accepting community,” Dromm said. “What happened here…is something that we in Jackson Heights and the rest of the people in the city of New York deplore.

“We want to know who did this. We want them arrested captured and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

“This is a wonderful community,” Queens Borough President Helen Marshall added. “It is a community where people of all different nationalities do so much together — you can’t do anything here that’s just only one-sided. So, whoever did this, they’re not in connection, they’re not in connection with any of us.”

Despite this part of Queens being an area with a lot of diversity, resident David Kraft said he’s  not surprised to see swastikas, but that it hurts.

“I’m an 87-year-old vet of World War II and I’m Jewish. It just leaves me speechless, outraged,” Kraft told CBS 2’s Smith.

According to a new Anti-Defamation League poll, anti-Semitism is on the rise.

In 2005, 14 percent of Americans admitted to having anti-Semitic views. The numbers dipped in 2009 to 12 percent, but are at 15 percent today. That’s roughly 35 million adults polled saying they hold anti-Jewish views.

“I get the feeling that many people end up thinking the Holocaust ended too soon, and I really don’t know what else I can say,” Kraft said.

Police are investigating the incidents as hate crimes. If prosecuted, the perpetrator faces up to 10 years behind bars.

A $2,500 reward has been posted for information leading to an arrest.

Anyone with information should call police or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS or visit

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  1. ADOLF SCHULTZ says:


    1. Inagaddadavida_loca says:

      Jesus hates you.

  2. Albert Right says:

    This is what happens when you give so much support to the palestinians. thinks like the Ghilad Shalit deal happen. read more about it on my site.

  3. Eric Sanders says:

    This is so unfortunate and equally bad as a ‘noose’ or ‘KKK’ symbol. Discriminatory symbols are just as bad or even more damaging than actually physically hurting a person. Damaging a person’s psyche results in irreparable damage that is immeasurable.

    Eric Sanders, Esq.
    The Sanders Firm, P.C.

  4. Anon says:

    Why is it that whenever an ignorant pre-teen or teenager spray paints a f*cking swastika, it is front page news? I am tired of this NAZI/Jew propaganda that has been dominating NY thought for 50+ years. Get over it already. It’s just teenage mischief.

    1. Inagaddadavida_loca says:

      Why is it when it involves Jews, it’s just poo-poohed, while if it was a cross on someone’s lawn, it’s not just “a bunch of teens”?

      Oh, I know – you’re just a moron bigot.

    2. Liberals Are Evil says:

      Just teenage mischief, huh? This kind of behaviour leads to more hatred. As far as getting over it, if you were being targeted, would you get over it? You are an asshole!

  5. Foreign Aids says:

    So we send a few more billion over to Isreal, ya think thata’ll shut’em up?
    for Gelt, always seems to be the answer (or penalty)

    gelt gelt gelt

    pound of flesh in the form of guilt inforced sublimally by the fed owned media till then

  6. Jefferson Davis says:

    The only way to fight hate is to horsewhip every Negro in New York City till they cry for their black assed mommas.

  7. sdelmonte says:

    I grew up in Jackson Heights and went to that synagogue for a long time. And this happened years ago, as well.

  8. Steve says:

    So many fools!When is an injustice not an injustice?When it’s done to someone else.If you make excuses for the low life who commit these acts,don’t look for justice when someone causes you harm….

  9. GoyWonder says:

    Hey Rabbi,

    Whatya doin over there?

  10. p8nt says:

    Oh all the horror!!! Why is this happening to us, we are the “Chosen One” !!
    PLLLLEEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!! Why is racism still so rampant?? Because people use it as an excuse for EVERYTHING!! They all cry holy Jesus as if they are being vicitmized. People also use it as a reason for why they are entitled to this and that. Everyone wants to be treated equal, but when someone tells them no, they all say its because of their race.
    It even goes beyond that to “stereotypes.” Its not a stereotype if that is the general consensus for that group. Asians are good at math, black people like fried chicken, Jews are good with money.
    People need to really wake up !!!

    1. Inagaddadavida_loca says:

      To quote (The Artist Formerly Known As) Prince, “U R A Moron.”

  11. Marina Ios says:

    i think these idiots who did this stupidity are some kids or drunks or something
    i lived in jackson hts for 20 yrs, until couple of years ago, i know by heart that public library, i used to go there many times.
    besides this, i dont see any connection between jewish and that library or any place in jackson hts and/or corona
    those 2 neighborhoods- believe me, i lived there- are consisted of: corona-majority spanish, phillipines, and jackson hts- spanish, russians, indians, pakistani,
    so…it really does not make sense, unless, some kids got drunk or stoned…anyways, ugly, no matter matter how you look at it

  12. iggy says:

    the idiots paint swastikas because GOP is too hard to spell.

    1. Sonya Blumpkin says:

      Actually, I think this was done in response to the Kardashian wedding debacle. But I wish it weren’t so.

  13. ze forte says:

    And this is news? You all are a bunch of overreacting brainless widgets! Get a life!

    1. No Re Runs? says:

      WHAT? No re runs of the atrocities at Auswitz?
      Where is the sympathy supposed to come from without the concentration camp reruns, already?
      Sombody, cue the re runs for effect!!

      1. jim says:

        5 star comment!

  14. John says:

    Jews are the Heavy Weight, Olympic Gold Medal World Champions at self-inflicted wounds.
    100% guaranteed this was committed by a jew trying to raise sympathy. Or for some other nefarious reason.

    1. drny says:

      Back that up! Where is the evidence? If you can’t, then keep quiet!

      1. Cassidy says:

        You know Adolf Hitler was a “Jew,” right? At least according to his own Nuremberg Laws!

        The BBC did a DNA test of his closest surviving relatives a few years ago, these folks in Belgium, and it was found that they had a genetic marker that’s only present in like 2% of Europeans but 96% of North Africans and other Semitic peoples!!

        Besides, anyone so obsessed over Jews must be Jewish, just like how those anti-homosexual folks usually turn out to be closet homos….

    2. eddie says:

      F*ck You John… You’re no better than an anti-semite


      I was thinking the same thing John.
      Endless hollowcau$t films.
      Six million dollar man
      when does it end?

    4. The Tea Party Did it says:

      Don’t be stupid,

      Be a Shmarty;

      come and join our goym Tea Party

  15. Guy who once saw Lyle Alzado at Newark Airport says:

    Target has Halloween candy at half off. Act fast as it is being removed and being replaced with Xmas stuff.

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:


  16. Tbone says:

    Looks like the black panters are up to there old tricks

  17. AB says:

    thats not a swastika

    1. Flynn says:

      What is it then AB — Two letter “Zs” making out?

      Either you are trolling…completely oblivious…or racist. Which one is it?

      1. Brucie says:

        AB is right. A swastika has all four bars facing the same direction. The one shown is half going the wrong way. LOL, stupid kids did it, no doubt.

        1. Brucie says:

          And alas, the news has now switched the photo. The original photo posted was not a swastika.

          1. DD says:

            AB is right. The image this morning was clearly someone who was not aware of what a real swastika looked like. Which also leads me to believe it is some morons doing a prank not legitimate neo-nazis/white supremacists trolling Queens. They know how to draw a real one.

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