STAMFORD, Conn. (CBSNewYork) — Residents in Stamford and the rest of Connecticut are waiting for the Powerball winner to come forward and claim the $254 million prize.

Suni Patel and her husband Mike have operated a store in the Belltown section of Stamford for 17 years. Thursday, word spread that the winning ticket had been sold there, and a man actually came in and told Mike he was the big winner.

“You sold me the ticket, but I can’t find my ticket. That’s my number. I said ‘I don’t know. Is it a story? I don’t know what to say’,” Suni Patel told CBS 2’s Mark Morgan.

With the winning ticket having been sold in Fairfield County, speculation is rampant as to who the big winner is.

“Everyone wants to know who it is and where the ticket was bought, because that’s been the big mystery. They haven’t announced that,” said resident Rachel Bethel.

“Everyone is excited because we’ve never had a big winner in Connecticut and this is a big one,” said Jani Kantorova of Beacon Falls.

Not only is there major buzz, but word on street is the winner lives in Stamford.

“I’ve heard it’s from this area, I’m pretty confident it is,” said Ann Sherwood of Kent. Asked why she believes the rumor, “Because everybody’s talking about it too much,” she answered.

“Truly if it was me, I would remain anonymous if at all possible, set up a trust, have a lawyer pick up the winning ticket and never let anyone know I won,” said Jerry Sposato of Norwalk.

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