RIVERHEAD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – Life in prison without parole. That’s the sentence for David Laffer, the man who executed four people at Haven pharmacy in Medford on Father’s Day.

Laffer, 33, and his wife Melinda Brady were both sentenced Thursday in Suffolk County.

Laffer pleaded guilty in September to all charges of committing first-degree murder and robbing the pharmacy of thousands of prescription pills.

He was sentenced to five consecutive life terms for the deaths of each of the victims plus an umbrella charge for multiple murders.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reports

He seemed to show no remorse as family members addressed the court prior to sentencing.

CBS 2’s John Slattery reports a couple dozen distraught and angry family members showed up to see the killer of their loved ones face-to-face at sentencing. Five rows of seats in the courtroom were filled with relatives of the four victims.

“He is a coward. He has no soul,” said the grandmother of victim Jamie Taccetta, Mary Moran. She later turned to Laffer and said “Burn in hell.”

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall: Laffer Ordered To Solitary Confinement

Laffer also addressed the court.

“I know that it doesn’t begin to explain or excuse my horrific actions that day. However, if a discussion and recognition of prescription pill abuse and doctor shopping will be generated among the public, then maybe something beneficial can come from this,” he said.

He also spoke to the victims’ families. “To ask for forgiveness from them would be a selfish act,” he said.

Laffer’s attorny, Eric Naiburg said, “It didn’t appear he was remorseful. Whether he is or not, I have no idea.”

Judge James Hudson recommended that Laffer be placed in solitary confinement for his entire sentence.

Brady was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

She also pleaded guilty in September to robbery charges in connection with the June 19 hold-up of the Medford pharmacy.

She was sobbing and tearful as she listened to families’ impact statements to the court.

“I wish the death penalty was in the State of New York because I would sit there and watch them both take their last breath,” said Taccetta’s brother Daniel Taccetta.

“She should’ve got what he got where she will never walk on this Earth again and stay in prison for the rest of her life too,” John Brown, Taccetta’s uncle, said.

Before she was sentenced to the maximum 25 years, she gave a statement to the court expressing sorrow for the families.

“That awful day that will haunt me for the rest of my life,” she said.

But Judge Hudson called her remorse insincere, saying “You’re more sorry for yourself than for the victims.”

Brady admitted to helping plan the robbery and driving the getaway car, but claimed she didn’t know the plan would involve killing.

Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said the guilty pleas spared the grieving families from having to endure the drama of a drawn out trial.

Killed were 45-year-old pharmacist Raymond Ferguson, Jennifer Mejia, a 17-year-old store clerk due to graduate high school days later, Jamie Taccetta, a 33-year-old mother of two who was planning her wedding, and 71-year-old Bryon Sheffield, who was picking up medication for his wife. Sheffield and his wife were planning their 50th wedding anniversary in July.

Assistant District Attorney John Collins had called the shootings “the most cold-blooded robbery-homicide in Suffolk County history.”

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  1. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

  2. Jerri says:

    They should be dead. Period. I could execute the likes of these and sleep like a baby the same night. My niece was at her boyfriends house and an arguement broke out with two adults there….one was a visitor trying to get some pills from the elder man. The arguement made her very nervous so she went to take a shower and thought that by the time she got out the hostile visitor would have gone. Instead, he broke into the bathroom screaming “you’re next bitch” and drug her wet, screaming and naked into the hall, he put her face down and shot at her head. It went through her neck and out her jaw. She still fought him after she’d managed to flip herself over. She got up and ran outdoors naked and bleeding. The man ran out behind her and she panicked and ran back in the house. She collapsed then and remembers waking up in the hospital. She lived thank God. She was 16 at the time. Turns out the man was “drug sick”. from oxy withdraw. He also robbed a pharmacy and others got hurt. He’s in jail now but that’s not good enough. It is just not enough. He should be dead too. Why?? Why are these people allowed to continue living? You can’t rehabilitate them. They mean nothing, they are nothing. They are parasites in society!! Kill them for goodness sake! Just get RID of them!!

  3. Andrew Nutra says:

    Life in prison is too good for him. They should send him to live with OWS protestors at Zuccotti Park (too harsh!?)

  4. Liberals Are Evil says:

    I don’t undestand something…why don’t these two miserable maggots get death? They planned to murder and they carried it out. They deserve to die. They are nothing but human waste!

  5. Brandon says:

    It’s a Damn sham David Laffer will be in solitery confinement because I wanted him to get beaten and Raped every hour on the hour and if he is not getting raped then he will be beatened by the Correction Officers BUT instead he is in solitery confinement which means he will be in a Pitch Black Room for the rest of his life! They should tie up his legs and strap him down like a Piece of Viel
    but he is not a piece of viel,He is a Piece of Sh** !!!

  6. Peter Jakubowski says:

    Before WCBS comments on how these murders were far worse then the Amityville Horror muders, can you please at least make an attemt to know what you’re talking about. Robert Defao Jr. is the son/brother convicted of the murders, NOT THE FATHER! Walter must be rolling in his grave with the amount of facts CBS gets wrong.

  7. thor's hammer says:

    time for the good people of ny to hold the feet of their legislators & governor to the fire and develop the spine to have a death penalty on the books for select felonies such as this. there is no value to us paying on average $30,000/yr for lowlifes such as these to have 3 meals, healthy benefits & other “perks.” 1 meal a day, no tv/computer/education/phone/visitors, etc. aclu – just sit down & shut up! they should be in a cell no bigger than 6 feet in diameter, no windows and only limited electricity. the certain inalienable rights of the 4 victims were destroyed by these criminals, we owe them NOTHING. justice for the victims & their loved ones.

  8. DANIEL says:

    Unless there was a 7 ft tall guy in a black robe holding a very sharp axe they got off too easy.May these two live out their lives and recieve the same compassion that was shown the 4 victims.They will now get free food,shelter and all the medical care they need.Justice was not served.

  9. 123 says:

    Blu Genes… you’re a hateful ass. How is “Jew” a comment which means, or relates, to anything?

    1. Liberals are Evil says:

      Blu Genes, you are a total asshole! Your filthy kind is so pure, huh?

  10. STP_THE_INSANITY says:


    1. 123 says:

      Blu Genes… you’re a hateful ass. How is “Jew” a comment which means, or relates, to anything?

      STP_THE_INSANITY… are you serious? 6 months for 4 lives and the potential generations ended from those lives? Check your dictionary… cold-blooded murder is NOT an “indiscretion.”

    2. jtorres says:

      Place yourself in the shoes of the devastated family members left behind to miss and grieve forever their lost loved ones. How sorry would you feel for them and their “indiscretion” then?

  11. Andrew Nutra says:

    May they send him to hell, or better yet Occupy Wall Street Zuccotti Park (too harsh?)

  12. Johnny Handsome says:

    Justice is served – somewhat. Now we must go after the doctors that got this animal hooked on these drugs.

    1. Jay Pee says:

      @ Johnny; people get themselves hooked. The docs do certainly contribute to it but most of the drug abusers start off from getting the drugs on the street.

  13. Malcolm says:

    This is disgraceful…. They should die!!!!…. They killed 4 innocent people!!..not 25 years…..not 12 years on death row…..death now!!!… If they were convicted at 12:15pm… Their asses should be in a chair by 12:20….some may let the families say their last goodbyes…not me…. no gas either…. straight electricity!!….if these animals knew they would die immediately after they were convicted…..I believe there would be a lot less senseless murders….. but they are too easy on them….

    1. Daniel says:

      @Malcom.Perfectly said.4 victims whose families must live with this void in their life forever.I say as soon as they were found guilty it must be quick and painful like you said.

  14. Sam says:

    25 years for 4 lives. Seems like a pretty good deal to me. Hope she gets her butt kicked every day.

  15. Paul Polar says:

    They should get 30 days max in prison. I believe in chances, not prison

    1. Mary Catherine Ham Sandwich says:

      If that’s supposed to be funny it’s not. If you are serious, you should be steralized so you can’t continue to infect the world with your stupidity.

      1. Paul Polar says:

        They shouldn’t go to prison. they should get counseling so they learn

        1. patrick r says:

          they should get the same wrath the victoms got.
          they had a choice, and picked the wrong one ,now pay the price!!

  16. Apathy says:

    We have all grown too soft. Two Words: Firing Squad.

  17. bubba says:

    hermn cain is the man

    1. Wow says:

      For the educated like yourself there bubba, hermn is the man!

  18. SIGMUND FRUIT says:


    1. cathi says:

      Do you know what the word fool means?

    2. ace11 says:

      Hopefully they keep you in the LOONEY BIN

    3. Blasterific says:

      Will I get a can of Dr Pepper If I sign?

    4. Paul Polar says:

      I will

  19. PaPa Joe says:

    They took the lives of people who chose to serve the health needs of the public when most others were enjoying the day. They have no morals, ethics or conscience. As a retired pharmacist who faced a similiar situation I have no feeling for them. They will spend time in jail being fed, clothinged and sheltered.
    What about the families they tore apart? These two shiould be treated the same way they treated Jamie, Raymond snd Jennifer.

    1. Common Sense says:

      I blame the government for the killing of those 4 people. They created the violent, immoral, cold blooded drug addicts.

      When you’re addicted to a substance your brain loses all sense for right and wrong and goes into survival mode to obtain that substance by any means necessary. I’m not saying this is OK and should be tolerated, but it’s just biology its how humans work.

      I.e. if drugs were legal and addicted people can just purchase them from a pharmacy this wouldn’t have happened. Drug addicts spend more time in crisis looking for drugs than enjoying the drug itself and its then when they rob, mug and kill people, not while they’re high.
      And on the streets they get inferior quality even poison with an inflated price, this is all avoidable if ALL drugs are legal and controlled accordingly, rather spending millions of tax payers dollars to fight some never-ending “drug war”.

      1. YECK says:


      2. Mary Catherine Ham Sandwich says:

        Hello Ron Paul.

      3. CS You're an Idiot says:

        I think you lost your common sense here. What makes you think that these 2 would be able to afford the drugs you think should be legal? These 2 took the lives of 4 people and you blame the gov’t. What a fool

        1. Common Sense says:

          You sir may not be an Idiot as you easily labeled me to be, but you’re indeed an narrow minded person who is most likely illiterate as I never said nor implied that I justify or condole with these two citizens actions. I simply explained why this tragedy occurred in the first place.
          And yes these 2 who took the lives of 4 people would be able to afford to keep their addiction under control if those substances where legal. Making them illegal makes these people go into survival mode and rob a pharmacy like it just happened.
          So sir that is my suggestion to society how to prevent these random killings from happening ever again. What are you suggesting? Hiring more DEA agents? More police? More border patrol? More teenage potheads in jail?
          What is your suggestion sir?

        2. Common Sense says:

          Here’s a simple example. Coffee is somewhat additive substance, even more addictive than some illegal substances such as DMT.
          But I’ve never read a news story that someone killed 4 people because he wanted to rob to store for coffee.
          And believe me I would almost kill someone if I didn’t have my coffee in the morning, but thankfully I haven’t killed anyone yet because I can just purchase coffee from just about anywhere.

  20. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:



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