NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Bullying isn’t limited to colleges or even classroom. It happens everywhere. In fact, more adults are reporting being bullied at work. Now, New York State is taking steps to help employees fight back.

New York Healthy Workplace Advocates

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  1. gg says:

    Did you guys do a video report on this recently? Please post it if you did. Thanks.

  2. Lisa says:

    I hope that New York gets on the ball with this subject. I live and work in New York and have been bullied by my boss for several years. He is the clssic bully; unwarranted critisnm, finds fault with everything anyone does, and yells and screams while throwing his little tantrums. No one wants to speak up for fear for losing their jobs, especially in this weak economy. I finally had the courage to speak up and now he won’t speak to me and is isolating me. It is a terrible situation to be in, but I have to find other gainful employment before I can leave. I take medicine to cope with the anxiety and depression this causes. Sometimes I take it home, although I try hard not to. Please NEW YORK, DO SOMETHING!

  3. gurdy says:

    I was an administrative assistant at a major pharmaceutical company when I was bullied for over a year by my manager. I had to let her know where I was every second of the day. I was reprimanded if I was one minute late for work. Your story indicated that you should contact HR when you have this issue. Well, I worked in HR and no one wanted to get involved. I had to go see an outside counselor to deal with it. Through my own efforts I was finally able to get another job within the company.

  4. Finesse1008 says:

    I worked with an organization that did nothing about bullying. As a matter of fact, when the 3 recruiting manager lost their roles for running the department like a mafia, they still try to ruin this one lady’s life by telling other companies that she is a bad employee so she can’t find work. Horrible situation.

  5. MrPhilip Philip Philips says:

    A school head master once told us . If there is any one out side the school who threatens you call me . This a strong message to you your teacher and those out side the school . Have no doubt I will come all the way to meet you on your ground . Here is a school that is the community that is the school.

  6. Philip says:

    Community response must be made compulsory in all institutions including the work place .It cannot be confined to labour unions alone or it is a useless union and they don’t deserve any claims and you are a worthless worker. If you cannot control your compound it is better you leave. A class with a bad hat must respond as a class, a whole that will control its subjects and the teacher is responsible or she or he better leave or go back to be taught again how to be a teacher. Or is it your certificate is a fake. A student replays the image of his teacher in his life style, And if this does happen then you are not fit to be a teacher I was in school when our teacher was threatened by a student . and the whole school stayed back to fight against the student when he came back with a armed gang. They turned right round and fled and we never saw that student again. How much do you know your teacher and that much must your teacher know you. And if there is none of these then there is no family and no comunity ,You are alone. It is not worth a school of children. And finally the noose is placed around the head master. I was in the work place and it was 12 midnight and there was one girl and three boys and the supervisor just left and no sooner the boys took advantage of a willing women , You find your own place to do whatever you think but not in front of a seeing eye or the situation will change for you. By this incidence my safety of my compound my work order and my control over the area had been trespassed on, that might imply my lack of control over my work place and my work .I scolded all of them and never went back to work because by scolding them I had also hurt the girl and embarrassed her in front of all the others who also behaved the same way with her . I’ve retired since.

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