NEW YORK (WFAN) — Is Jose Reyes a goner?

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson says, despite all the hubbub surrounding the All-Star’s visit to Miami last week, it’s too soon to come to conclusions.

“I still think it’s early, notwithstanding all the background noise of the past week,” he said Monday after arriving for the annual GM meetings in Milwaukee.

But the situation is evolving — and quickly. According to, the Marlins have made Reyes an initial offer for six years at $90 million.

That’s bad news for fans of the cash-conscious Mets. The New York Daily News reported earlier this month that Alderson is “not comfortable” offering more than four years to the shortstop.

“I don’t think Jose ending up anywhere outside the borough of Queens is ideal,” said Alderson, who is looking to trim around $30 million from New York’s payroll. “So in terms of in the division or out of the division, that is not something we can control.”

He added: “I wouldn’t say that’s strictly the case — that if the payroll were higher we would definitely re-sign Jose. I wouldn’t say that was necessarily the case.”

Reyes is “intrigued” in playing for Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen, reported Also in the Marlins’ favor? The Florida heat, which could be an ideal climate for Reyes’ troublesome hamstrings.

“Nobody has promised us we’ll have the last clear chance,” said Alderson. “But I would expect we’ll have a chance to talk with Jose’s agents.”

Six years, $90 million: Should the Mets up the ante? Sound off below…

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  1. Joker, Joker, Joker says:

    here’s the starting line-up for the 2012 Mets if the Mets resign Reyes

    1B – Jose Reyes, 2B – Jose Reyes, 3B – Jose Reyes, SS – Jose Reyes, C – Jose Reyes, CF- Jose Reyes, LF – Jose Reyes, RF – Jose Reyes

    and your starting pitcher – Jose Reyes

    batting lead off – Jose Reyes, batting 2nd – Jose Reyes, batting 3rd – Jose Reyes
    batting clean-up & 4th – Jose Reyes

    you get the picture Mets fans. Jose Reyes is a good player,he’s not great player and he’s not Bug Bunny.

    Mets fans think Reyes is a great player, a one man crew, only in your Mets dreams.

    Giving this guy 20 mil a year is not worth the money. The Mets have been a terrible team in the last 3 yrs with Reyes and have never won a title in his 9 yrs of service.

  2. MR MET says:


  3. Steve G. says:

    Let’em go.. The Mets can’t win with him at this time anyway.They need Pitching, Pitching & more Pitching.

    1. daveh says:

      I was just saying, Let him go, when I scrolled to your commet.
      Let the Marlins pay 15 mil/yr. for a guy who will miss
      120 games over the next 6 yrs.

  4. Rich Scorce says:

    would rather see them spread that money around and plug up some holes on the team.

    1. Jeff says:

      that sounds about right. You hit this one right on the nail

  5. Verineer Boocannon says:

    Reyes is a very good player but he has shown over the last two seasons that his body is beginning to fail him. The Marlins are making a mistake offering Jose a 6 year contract.

  6. T says:

    Been a fan since early 70’s. They can’t at least make Reyes an offer. I’m a big boy I know he will probably leave but stop asking me to buy a brick and make an offer, do something. I have had enough, it has become embarrassing to say your a fan of this team. We went from one set of lost owners to another. Good Bye and good luck, you’ll need it because I don’t see any leadership now or coming down the road.

  7. AnneNin says:

    Sign Jose today!!! He is the best player om the team, is alderson nuts???

  8. gary says:

    Offer Reyes a 4 year deal at $20 million per with a 5th year team option (buyout of $7.5 million). Jose would be getting almost the equivalent dollars as the Marlins’ offer over 4 years, with the opportunity of exceeding it over 5 years. Look, the Metsies are losing about $50 million of payroll with the attrition of Beltran, KRod, Castillo and Perez, plus Reyes is already getting $11 million. So, even with a $20 mil Reyes deal, they are still ahead by $41 million. Keep him.

    1. SYN NEWS FLASH!!!! says:

      Where have you been? Haven’t you heard, the Mets are REDUCING THE PAYROLL to about $100 mil. They already have Santana at $23 mil, Bay at $17 mil, Wright at $16 mil, that’s half the payroll. You still need to pay 22 other players, some like Pagan & Pelfrey are due arbitration, meaning even if they did not have a good year, they still will be getting a rise, so that will rise the payroll more.

      Right now the Marlins are a better team than the Mets & Reyes knows that.

      Mets have no room for Reyes. Besides, he’s not worth the price the Marlins are offering, so that leaves the Mets out.

      Alderson will not have 4 guys clog up the entire payroll, that’s not how he works. Look for Wright to be a goner by mid-season next week.

      1. scorp says:

        Right now the marlins are a last place team!

        1. ? says:


  9. The Fuj says:

    Let Jose go! he ain’t nuthing but a Derek Jeter wanna be!!!


  10. don p says:

    your an idiot Jose hit 337 last year rey ordonez hit 100 points below that

  11. Anton Liebzeit says:

    no way the mets should match or even come close…….im a huge mets fan, BUT , if jose cant run or loses that speed, what do you have ?? i will tell you. then they have a 15 million a year rey ordonez !! NO THANKS .

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