NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — City councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, who was arrested during the Zuccotti Park eviction, said he was detained for more than 17 hours and denied access to his lawyer until just before his release.

PHOTOS: Zuccotti Park Raid

Rodriguez said he went to the park early Tuesday morning as it was being cleared out by police to act as a legal observer.

He claims he was assaulted by police officers a block from the park.

1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck with Ydanis Rodriguez

“A group of police officers, they took their batons and start pushing me back,” Rodriguez said. “Suddenly, a police officer jumped from the middle of the street, threw his body into me and started hitting my head in the street.”

Rodriguez claims he was left alone in a police van for two hours before he was taken to central booking, where he was denied access to his lawyer for over 12 hours.

Council speaker Christine Quinn is demanding answers from Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

“Why was he pushed to the ground? Why was he held in a van for two hours when no one else was in that van with him? Why did he ask to see a supervisor and was never granted that right? Those are troubling, troubling questions,” Quinn said. “Why was his attorney not given the ability to see him?”

Rodriguez was charged with resisting arrest  and disorderly conduct.

Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne said Rodriguez tried to push past a metal police barricade and resisted being handcuffed.

Rodriguez was released on his own recognizance. He is due back in court on Jan. 20.

Rodriguez said he will take part in Thursday’s planned “national day of direct action.”

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Photo credit: DNAinfo/Shayna Jacobs

Comments (15)
  1. AS USUAL says:

    A lying deSPICable.

    If his empty head was shoved onto the sidewalk, how come there’s no injuries in the pic?

    deSPICables… send them back to PR.

    1. Berto says:

      Just as a possible answer: Maybe the picture was a stock photo?

  2. joseph desrosiers says:

    As a citizen I have a problem with police brutality and the right of citizen to protest under this bastion of democracy. the NYC police Dept under Kelly is becoming unbecoming of law enforcement,Paul browne is a disgrace chief ,where are the ;awyers that should reinforce these police chief under the Dept. What is happening here in this country today is reprehensible .Syria is doing exactly what police dept in America is doing .Shame on Blomberg and shame on the NYP

  3. Jackson says:

    If this A–Hole is blocking you tomorrow just get out of your car and kick him in the BALLS. He’ll move.

  4. Billy says:

    Give him one good kick in the BALLS. He’ll be quiet for a while.

  5. Saltine says:

    This dude’s an AGITATOR, as in, he has a history of doing things like this!!!

  6. fed up with the hypocrisy says:

    Hey look another relatively unknown looking for his 15 minutes of fame. Who’s his barking dog Christine Quinn who was virtually a ghost during the OWS protest. What a cast of characters ruining our great city. I guess if you can’t fun on substance, run on controversy.

  7. Amtracmarine says:

    This guy is a lying butt-puppet.. He spoke to TV reporters when he got arrested,I saw him give a Cop’s badge #. Less than 12hrs later he was giving another interview. NYPD says he was released on his own recog.

  8. 2gruesome2b says:

    did not he learn at ccny that all he had to do was to go down to times square, buy the latest edition of pravda, and use his decoder ring to determine what new agitation the party needs him to indulge in? he might do better if the volkischer beobachter were still being published, but i think they were put out of business in 1945.

  9. electronica says:

    Let the protestors camp out in front of his home and see how much he likes it.

  10. kostik says:

    At some point a group of students, including this guy and Suker, were going to occupy an administration building, the one across from NAC, in a protest against something. There was a stand off with CCNY security, but the building was freed by students based on suggestion of some shabby looking lawyer Suker got on the scene. Suker was eventually suspended or maybe even kicked out from CCNY, don’t remember. This was like in 1997 or 1998. Some people are career trouble makers, really…

  11. kostik says:

    I was in CCNY when this guy was there as a grad student. He seemed at the time like nothing else but a career politician. He and another guy Suker were always protesting against something, getting in trouble with CCNY security. I am totally not surprised to see him being arrested during the protest. Very typical of the guy. Whatever he can do to get his career going…

  12. Jeff Ssayin says:

    Very disturbing but typically of how the NYPD treats citizens.- manhandle, humilate,and little regard for basic rights.

    Only getting much needed publicity since ithe victim is a member of city council.

    1. NYPD great job says:

      NYPD did everything by the book on this one .The only blame goes to those who did not listen and follow the law.

    2. Amtracmarine says:

      The guy is full of bull. he was on TV when he was cuffed where he said the Cops hit him in the back. About 3 hours later not 12, he was was giving an interview to the media on the court house steps.,this time he said he was pushed. Now he says he was beat up. What a “Fin” drama queen.

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