NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Occupy Wall Street’s “Day of Action” slowed down Thursday night, hours after a large numbers of protesters headed from Union Square to Foley Square before heading to the Brooklyn Bridge.

At the entrance to the bridge, a symbolic stand — 99 people sat in the street and were quickly arrested. They, however, were the only ones.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones Reports

As thousands flexed their message while crossing the city’s iconic landmark, they flashed signs and summoned the support of those traveling below, CBS 2′ s Sean Hennessey reported.

As the trek continued, so did the peacefulness of it all. Police were ready in case anyone jumped onto the road, much like they did just a month ago when the bridge was flooded with protesters. But Thursday night, they occupied just the walking path, and never challenged police.

Earlier, CBS 2’s Lou Young described the atmosphere inside Foley Square as “peaceful and festive.” Protesters also told Young that much of the violence and incidents that were highlighted from earlier in the day obscured the message of the movement.

Chopper 2 HD was keeping an eye on protesters as they marched toward Foley Square being shadowed by police officers on scooters. The police were trying to ensure that protesters stayed on the sidewalks and off of the streets.

Despite some widespread fears of protesters severely disrupting the New York City transit system, nothing of the sort transpired.  Protesters said they had no intention of disrupting subway service.

The group “99 New York” said they will be holding “subway speakouts.” According to the group, the speakouts will consist of unemployed and underemployed people telling their stories in the subway system.

“The Mayor’s office has been characterizing the Subway speakouts as an attempt to ‘shut down’ the subways. THIS IS FALSE. The Subway speakouts will not involve any attempt to disrupt subway operations,” the group said in a press release.

The clarification came after dozens of arrests in lower Manhattan at the beginning of Occupy Wall Street’s “Day of Action.”

About 250 people were arrested on Thursday and seven police officers were injured in clashes with demonstrators.

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  1. Jody from NYC says:

    I hope I see some of them on the way home from work today so I can can call them losers to their faces!

    1. Fascist Jody says:

      Fascist Jody from NYC would rather go through a public police check point to be searched and violated like a common criminal than to face a protester who is angry that International Banks turned Millions of American homes into Casino Chips and then took billions in tax payer money only to give themselves hundreds of millions in bonuses.

      1. Mike says:

        So you’re protesting the banks instead of the President and legislators who pushed for and approved the bailout given to the banks? This is where Occupy loses me. I’m still waiting to see a protest outside od the White House demanding the resignation of the President who signed the bailout bill into law!

        1. nick says:

          the president who signed the bailout is already out –

          1. Louis Farrakhan says:

            it’s true. TARP passed under Bush the idiot, and was totally mismanaged by Obama the moron. F them all.

            1. goodspkr says:

              Actually the TARP money that Bush Passed out has been repaid with interest. The organizations that haven’t paid it back are Fannie and Freddie ($185 billion) and GM ($85 billion–they figure the taxpayer will be on the hook for about $26 billion).

              So according to LF, the idiot made a profit but the moron lost a lot of money.

              1. What says:

                @ goodspkr
                That is absolutely not true. What facts do you have to back that up? Some of the money may have been given back just to show face and to cover up their dirty dealing in the eyes of the public. 185 Billion + 85 Billion + 26 Billion doesn’t add up to 6 Trillion any idiot knows that’s.

                1. jgalt says:

                  it is absolutely true, the banks paid back the money with interest. however the money to Fannie and Freddy will never get paid back, nor will the pay off to the GM unions. do some research on that Mac Book you bought from the evil corporations! you are a walking contradiction, AKA moron

                2. Beylerbey says:

                  It’s also worth pointing out that the losses at Fannie and Freddie (which the go’t had to bail out)came from people who borrowed money for houses they couldn’t afford (as the agenices guarantee the debt to investors). How many of the 1% do you think defaulted on their mortgages?

                3. DJH says:

                  Weeee – look at me, I can fly and pixie dust is real.

                  It always cracks me up when an obama lemmings starts accusing others of being wrong only to prove how far out of touch with reality they are.

              2. Mark Langley says:

                Does not matter. And that repayment is more a trick of the books than actual payment. It was illegal. Both the banks and the politicians who were involved should be jailed for life. Bush and Obama.

              3. Mark Langley says:

                @ goodspkr
                TARP was the act that trashed the constitution, after that we need not hear more. Jail them both, immediately.

            2. Snitch-in-Time says:

              goodspkr & jgalt – You are arguing against invincible ignorance. Thanks for telling the truth but do not expect it to make it 4 inches past the ears or 12 inches below the chin. Liberals have neither the brain nor the heart for truth.

              1. Henry Thoreau says:

                You can’t teach the insane sanity. Don’t bother.

                1. back in England says:

                  What a bunch of fools. “The banks paid back the money”. sure they did. The whole world is laughing, the whole world is laughing.

                  America, land of fools.

            3. Il Bui says:

              HOWEVER, the legislation was written by the Dems in the House AND, voter for by Obummer.

        2. Just me says:

          Mike, The bailouts were approved and by provided by Bush and then continued on with Obama. The banks specifically blackmailed the government and told them that if they didn’t provide the bailouts that it would implode the American Economy.

          Protesting outside the Whitehouse is not an option for most if not all Americans, what about people on the West Cost? This is what the System wants you to think, you don’t need to travel all the way to D.C to protest, most if not all Americans just can’t do that.

          Also, the movement is not just about the bailouts. It’s about the Corporate and money influence in the Government. What kind of country do you think you live in when the Government serves and makes laws for the Corporations and not the people?? The American people should be outraged and taking to the streets.

          1. Snitch-in-Time says:

            I have read the list #OWS demands. It is not about corporate influence on the political process (corporations cannot give political contributions anyway), it is about socialist greed, liberal power and Marxist ambition. Nothing more, nothing less.

            The Truth About Liberals:
            The issues are never the issue, the issue is always power.
            The policies are never the policy, the policy is always control

            1. JoeAmerican says:

              You left one thing about liberals out… Their policies ALWAYS produce the EXACT OPPOSITE of the stated intent.

              1. Pamela Algea says:

                That’s because “the stated intent” is always the OPPOSITE of their REAL intent! Liberals’ real intent is to get, grab and HOLD as much power as they can — for as long as they can!

                1. e says:

                  It follows then that their real goal here is to destroy freedom of speech ( religion) and to sanctify the relationship of government and commerce ( communism ).

              2. Mark Langley says:

                @ JoeAmerican. The Republican party has very few conservatives left. It’s sad to watch them support socialism under the guise of “security and stability”. There is one christian conservative (Bachman) and one libertarian conservative (Paul). The rest are RHINO’s and liberals who support the fed. RHINO voters are usually in the government sector now. Cops, fire, EMT, local, city, state, Fed governments. They eat up tax revenue at a 100% rate while creating or returning nothing to the coffers. They bend the reality of our tragic situation by intimidating the rest of the public, both in uniform and with their insult in public forums.

          2. Tmaxx says:

            Banks were forced to accept the bail out money. “How would you like 5 years of government audits?” Do a little research.

          3. Mike says:

            Not true. I know that Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, and one other bank that I cannot remember did NOT want TARP money but were forced to take it in order to keep the other original recipients from looking “weak”.

            1. Abe says:

              Well the truth about your protest is that you are NOT the 99%. You are in reality a tiny percentage of Millions of Americans who go to work to support their families. I am well off financially, but nobody gave it to me, I went to scholl and worked VERY hard 15 hour days to become successful. For WHAT REASON should I share it with YOU?!?!?!
              This is why your protest will fail, you represent a tiny fraction of 1% of Americans, most do not want Socialism, if you want something go get it, do not depend on the government to support you. Your violent and disruptive ways have turned millions of New Yorkers against you.

              1. Ezra says:

                Abe, absolutely agree with you!

            2. Beylerbey says:

              Treasury secretary Paulson and Fed Governer Bernanke forced all the major banks to participate in TARP to prevent a panic at the banks who would have needed the program. There were certainly banks who needed it, but there were many more who did not. And, the banks gave assets as collateral against the cash – that’s not really a “bail out” like we saw with AIG, Agencies, etc.

              1. DJH says:

                Exactly – and those banks who were FORCED to participate by the corrupt gov’t paid it back immediately (IIRC the gov’t had forced them to keep it for x days before it could be paid back).
                We don’t want a little thing like facts to cloud the discussion though, ‘free’ everything (at the expense of others, of course) is the agenda and there is more than enough video evidence of this fact!

        3. Chris says:


          They’re protesting on indirect orders form the president and legislators in question. So why would they turn against them?

          1. Just me says:

            Hey Chris,
            Perhaps the protesters have figured out that they need billions and billions of lobbyist dollars to go to the president and legislators so they figure they’ll try and hit the next best thing that represent’s that, “Wall Street”.

      2. goatley says:

        the 1%dont use the subway, what are you accomplishing?

        1. goodspkr says:

          Goatley, I was wondering how making it inconvenient for the 99% is supposed to “to galvanize public support for the Occupy movement.” Obviously these folks have never read “How to win friends and influence People.”

        2. Snitch-in-Time says:

          Those of us in the 53% (tax payers as opposed to tax consumers) find all this 99% rhetoric laughable. Those calling themselves “The 99%” are in reality the “28%” of the body politic known as Liberals. They may be 99% certifiablely insane, but they are not 99% of humanity. That is hubris.

          1. DJH says:

            Actually, liberals wish they were as much as 28% – most recent polls show roughly 21-25% of the population is liberal. But something like 92% of the integrity challenged, biased media is liberal so the deceit and disinformation is constant and wide ranging.

      3. We luv Jody says:

        And how many 1%ers take the subway?!?! Way to screw the rest of the 99%ers.

        1. We hate Jody says:

          @ We luv Jody.
          Perhaps it a very small sacrifice compared to the millions of Americans who were forced from their homes by International Banks who turned them into Casino Chips. But since your’ American it’s not surprising at all that all you can think about is yourself.

          1. goodspkr says:

            You have it wrong. It was the government that turned the homes into chips.

            From 1992 through the height of the housing bubble, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac used their monopoly position in the mortgage securitization industry to reward firms like Countrywide for making bad bets in the housing market. COUNTRYWIDE’S SUCCESS WAS A SIGNAL TO OTHER MARKET PARTICIPANTS TO LOWER THEIR STANDARDS AS WELL.
            Wall Street banks are not blameless for the financial crisis. BUT THEY WERE ONLY RESPONDING TO THE INCENTIVES SET UP BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Ignoring this history will help no one


            1. Breaking News says:

              The Government, the Banks, the corporations, who cares they are all the same.

              I don’t guess in your book the corporations who spent billions on lobbying for the incentives counts for anything.

          2. Lee says:

            Dear We Hate Jody
            That’s what happens when you’re making $25,000 a year and buy a $7000,0000 home. Live with. Your means!

            1. Mark Langley says:

              Use real examples, or you invalidate yourself. The Republicans have been 50% of our government, too. Bush spent 8 billion dollars on condoms to Africa. McCain left the campaign trail to return to Washington to DEMAND the passage of TARP. Stop defending the way we got here. I know the Dems are worse, but not by much.

          3. Heather Mae says:

            I was forced out of my house because I wasn’t making enough money to make the payments on the loan that I signed. I was going into foreclosure and sold it for only what I owed. Living on the Space Coast you can imagine how much it hurt when Obama turned out the lights on Kennedy’s greatest achievement. NASA is the only Government program that has given back to the people as much as was put into it. What has the department of education achieved? Their money has doubled yet the results stay the same.

          4. DJH says:

            You really should get the background on the housing crisis if you intend to use it in your flawed arguments.
            The fed (Congress) forced mortgage lenders by threat of over-regulation (see dems) to make the risky loans because ‘everyone deserves the American dream’ – whether or not they can actually pay for it! The lenders in turn KNEW problems would arise and tried to spread out the potential risk, it backfired.

            It is an absolute fact that many people took out loans they could barely afford at the extremely low interest rates and no or low down that they could not afford the moment the interest rate climbed just .5%

            1. Cameron says:

              you are 100% Correct I purchased a home and the leader kept telling me I qualified for alot more then I wanted to purchase . I told them they were crazy. I knew not to buy more then 25% of my monthy income.

              1. Mark Langley says:

                It’s more complex than that. Because of the housing boom, prices soared. Young people took out huge loans, not to live in luxury, but to but two bedroom home in the hood. And that was if you were lucky. It was the people in their 40’s and 50’s that bought the MC Mansions. They are also the ones that just walked away, too, killing the entire market. But, since they had higher levels of wealth, they were able to readjust. Now they are paying cash for the homes that young people are being evicted from. And, not caring a bit about it.

      4. Truth Hurts says:

        The focus is lost and is part of the Soro’s/liberal concept to screw America over. Obama and crew is to blame. These people want to mimic Europe. It takes “work” to get somwhere. And bankers that cheat should go to jail. The corrupt lobbyist, politians & mainstream media is to blame too.

      5. Amy Cole says:

        I’ll bet the Fascist ‘Fascist Jody’ commentor supports the Democrat party and all of their tyrannical policies. The Fleabaggers of the OWS movement all all bought and paid for by the Obama administration and their Union overloads

        1. Who is Amy says:

          I’ll bet Amy Cole is brainwashed idiot who believes in the lie and illusion of Republican vs. Democrat, Conservative vs. Liberal and Right vs. Left.

          Hey Amy did you come up with that “Fleabagger” name all on your own or did you get it from someone else?

          Let’s just vote for Michele Bachmann, she’ll fix everything and stop the destined destruction of America.

          Hey Amy shouldn’t you be voting for your favorite circus freak on Dancing with the Stars?

          1. Snitch-in-Time says:

            Fleabaggers is funny but lice-baggers would probably be more accurate.

          2. chicagotaxslave says:

            who is who is who won’t use his own name ……???????? after reading your posts i know why

      6. DJH says:

        You don’t seem to be to adept at this. You do realize you’re protesting the wrong people – but then it’s really not about holding those responsible accountable at all but about entitlements and socialism by a bunch of whiners.
        Let me guess; free health care, free education, free rent, free food, free transportation – never mind that someone has to pay for it.
        Oh that’s right – the rich who pay most of the taxes in this country while 47% PAY NOTHING are the problem.
        What a joke!

        You obviously don’t know what fascism is or that your little ows twits are engaged in something far closer to fascism but let’s not let a little thing like facts detract from you proving why you should be ignored.

      7. emily says:

        Please do americans a favor and move to Europe where you will fit in easily.

      8. Casper says:

        Moron Jody is more like it! Can we raise the intelligence level, please!

    2. eve says:

      better watch out annoying workers going or coming to work. someone could get seriously hurt. people get quickly annoyed with goof balls getting in their way. tempers are short at the end of a work day.

      1. Whoits says:

        @ Eve.
        Yea, it’s sad, but they won’t say anything about the massive Policed State in NYC with Public Police Check Points where people are stopped and searched for no cause and treated like common criminals. Meanwhile Corporations are sucking the Treasury dry while giving themselves hundreds of millions in bonuses.

        1. themadjewess says:

          Stop ACTING like common criminals

          1. S2 says:

            We all Know things are not right, but lets try to come up with some solutions to the problem. Thats the only way out of this mess


        2. Vince says:

          Owe-bama is sucking up the treasury fool. He spent 5 TRILLION dollars in the past 3 years. FACT! Occupy the WHITE HOUSE fool!

          1. Lily says:

            Vince, that is so true. Obuma is the one who is using tax payers money as his bottomless bank account, and so are his cronies All these bailout have been paid by Obuma, because it he has used it, and will use it as a quid pro quo!!!. If there is any protesting to be done, they should go after the current president, and congress. The OWS have eyes, but cannot see. They have ears, but will not hear!! As for brains, the OWS are completely devoid! Nuff said!

            1. Lily says:

              Vince, that is so true. Obuma is the one who is using tax payers money as his bottomless bank account, and so are his cronies All these bailout have been paid by Obuma, because he has used it, and will use it as a quid pro quo!!!. If there is any protesting to be done, they should go after the current president, and congress. The OWS have eyes, but cannot see. They have ears, but will not hear!! As for brains, the OWS are completely devoid! Nuff said!

            2. lorraine says:

              I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you!

          2. Miguel says:

            Vince, you are 100% RIGHT! Out here in California this one-time democrat has seen Owe-bama’s friends totally wreck our one-invincible economy where one every kid could get a job within a couple blocks of home, where everyone who wanted to work could work toward his/her hopes and dreams.

            My former party is also 100% to blame for destroying our school system, our freeway system in addition to wrecking our employers, killing our hopes and dreams.

        3. Mike H says:

          You mean like the Fanny and Freddie Execs who the Democrats put it charge

        4. MikeB says:

          Corporations are not sucking the Treasury dry, your bosses in e democrat Party are.

        5. ClashWho says:

          Corporations are sucking the treasury dry? Without corporations creating wealth, there’d be hardly anything in the treasury in the first place. Entitlements and a bloated government are sucking the treasury dry.

        6. JL says:

          Which corporations are sucking the treasury dry? Last time I checked Social Security already did that. Since you’re so misinformed, I’ll try to help you out. The Tarp bailout for the banks was paid back plus interest. The huge profits people keep complaining about from those banks ends up contributing billions to the treasury, not taking from it. Businesses pay taxes on their profits, so huge profits from banks put huge profits into the treasury. The corporations that are still in the red are the auto companies which were illegally given to the unions. Get a clue.

          1. George says:

            Right on. Also need to also consider that when government picks the corporations they ‘like’ the tax payers get stuck financing, tax loopholes, graft and corruption. If these idiots had a clue they would demand smaller government which would result in more opportunity…but they want their share of the pie given to them rather than creating a piece for themselves.

    3. AGF123 says:

      Just remember these are people. They are promoting equality and love. In my short experience of OWS I heard people talk about the real goals. They accept anyone to join them without exception, this means taking in the good the bad and the ugly. I have seen Millionaires supporting the movement and OWS showing no hate to the 1% that understands the problems. Its not a fight between the 99% and the 1% but rather a revolution to try and regain control of the government so that true problems and inequalities can be solved rather than sticking with the corporate agenda. Our govt is bought and paid for and there is something very wrong with our system. It is time to work together to fix these problems and to never forget that at the basic level we are all humans.

      1. Gangbuster says:

        Ut is NOT love to defecate on a police car; it is NOT love to rape; it is NOT love to be vilely abusive. It is NOT love to keep people from work or home when they have the right to travel. IT is nto LOVE to keep them fro their children.

        THey don’t understand anything. They are lazy, arrogant, dirty addled slobs who speonge off everyone else. They had their say–months ago and need to shut up and do what thoe who provide them with everything do—go to work and earn what they need.

        1. Pauli Gela says:

          Defecating and rape to them is love. It depends on what the definition of what love is.

      2. OWS r losers says:

        Ha ha ha. If we followed the politics of the OWS crowd we’d have a government that treated us like cattle and would execute those who opposed the government. Your comment is pure nonsense. The OWS is primarily anti-capitalist. That is very clear to anybody who wants to see the truth. And OWS is nothing but a problem. They have no solutions. Their “solutions” would create a totalitiarian state like all commies have done in the past. Get a job, losers.

      3. rip300rog says:

        How are the OWS treating the homeless, the ones who formerly occupied the same parks?

      4. Scott Chester says:

        Problem is, with all of us being humans is, some humans are rational & use their brains to figure things out, then there are the majority of the OWS sheep & their leaders.

      5. John says:

        AGF123, throwing vinegar in the eyes of cops, slashing one so he needed 20 stitches, yelling anti-semitic remarks and following scared children and screaming at them as they try to get to school are not the actions of people promoting equality and love.

      6. SickofOWS says:

        @ AGF123..ok, let’s work together to change things by voting in the people we think that will represent us the right way. Not through some revolution where people like the Bowel Movement aka OWS make the life of real working people hell. It’s hard enough having to get up everyday to go to work to take care of our families and pay our taxes without having the Bowel Movement people stopping traffic. Go get a job and pay your taxes so we can share the burden of taking care of our country before you preach to us that we are all human. My dog acts better that the people of the Bowel Movement.

      7. MikeB says:

        How about them, the 1% to get in line with the rest of 99% of us?
        How about to get hold of real life and try to integrate into society ?

      8. TheChairman says:

        These fools ‘believe’ they will share power with their leaders of ‘hope & change’.

        Nothing could be further from reality… totalitarian communists already -know- these protesters are “trouble-makers” so they will be the first ones sent off to the gulags.

      9. e says:

        The whole purpose of this group is to terrorize, we are to fear their presence and the lawlessness that it brings. The threat of “flash mobs” is a real and present danger, these people are organized and they are using “OUR OWN ISSUES” to generate mass disruption and chaos, do not stand puzzled at their “lack of message” for they have none, this is chaos.

    4. themadjewess says:

      Amen Jody, the only ‘fascist’ is the Bolshevik revolt of slobs that are ‘occupying’ NYC and thinking everyone is ‘with them’.

    5. Gangbuster says:

      Dontt do it Some of them are insane (Many) and may hurt you.

    6. Mark Langley says:

      The Republican party has very few conservatives left. It’ sad to watch them support socialism under the guise of “security and stability”. There is one christian conservative (Bachman) and one libertarian conservative (Paul). The rest are RHINO’s and liberals who support the fed. RHINO voters are usually in in government sector now. Cops, fire, EMT, local, city, state, Fed governments. They eat up tax revenue at a 100% rate while creating or returning nothing to the coffers. They bend the reality of our tragic situation by intimidating the rest of the public, both in uniform and with their insult in public forums.

  2. UpChuck.Liberals says:

    Want school to cost less? STOP paying these left wing professors $200k/year or Coaches $500k year to retire. These idiots are ‘protesting’ at the wrong places.

    1. Stupid UpChuck says:

      Want the seat for U.S. Presidency to cost less than a Billion Dollars. Stop Fascist Corporations from buying off the Government.

      1. BOSTINKS! says:

        LIke Goldman Sachs and MF Global…

      2. A-Rod says:

        It didn’t cost a billion pre-Obama.

        1. Said what says:


          Yea your right it was only 999 Million. Guess the Federal Reserve had to raise the price.

      3. occupy = nothing anymore says:

        Don’t get made at a corp trying to make a profit… get mad at the politician that sells you out

      4. Josh Biggs says:

        LIke GE and MSNBC?

        1. John Thomas says:

          Yes, and don’t forget Solyndra. Oh, and what happened to 0bama, Eric Holder and the entire DOJ, DHS, ATF and part of the FBI? Have they been charged and convicted of TREASON for Gun Walker yet? Oh, wait, the Treasonous-MSM is covering up the crime and not reporting it. Nevermind.

          1. Mark Langley says:

            What’s wrong with you? You’re just naming elements of the same problem from the other side of the isle because you think it helps your political side. There are politicians, companies, governmental departments that have been acting criminally for decades and you still try to differentiate between RHINO’s and libs. The old Republican party is 100 years gone.

      5. Gangbuster says:

        Put Corzine, Emelt and Buffet all of whom did not pay their taxes — us working slobs would be in jail and they’d take our homes.

        Corporations are not bad, whether large or small Imost are small) what is evil are the stalinist socialist demoncrap corporate socialists who, like all socialsts use govt to steal and kill off the competition which results in lower prices, better quality and more variety.

      6. eliminate OWS says:

        Don’t like corporations? Don’t do business with them. I like corporations. All of the best jobs my family and I have had have been at big corporations and I appreciate the products they offer.

        Corporations have interests and have a right to protect those interests by lobbying the government. The interests of the corporations are aligned with their stockholers, employees, suppliers, customers, etc.

        Take your pinko-commie anti-capitalist nonsese to Cuba and leave the rest of us alone.

        1. Gangbuster says:

          Great comment. I too, was treated well working for corporations.

      7. Lee Boice says:

        “The message is really about who gets what in this country
        It’s the people that EARN who get what ..

        Where do these entitled morons come from ?PS Very dangerous stuff here. Bill Ayers is teaching riot techniques( Obama’s terrorist buddy ) and the movement is being funded by Marxist groups and Soros organizations. Do some home work folks
        this is obamas pre election riots Do NOT doubt he will leave the White house easily in 2012..This is only the start ..This is a revolution..a dangerous one

    2. TheChairman says:

      Don’t forget, most of these fools also support “in-state” tuition for illegal aliens.

      Clearly these idiots didn’t consider that -they- would be paying the difference.

  3. jgalt says:

    where were these people when TARP was passed? why are they protesting wall street and businesses? THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS THE ROOT OF ALL THESE PROBLEMS!! GO TO DC AND PROTEST THE PRESIDENT!! but they won’t do that because they voted for him in ’08 and their gonna vote for him in ’12. OWS is fraud and a joke perpetuated by the liberal media

    1. Sly like a Fox says:

      So are you saying we all should just watch Fox News??

      1. jrey762 says:

        You shouldn’t watch ANY television. If you believe what the television says (ANY channel) then you have my pity. Playing other people’s games with their toys and their rules and expecting the outcome to go your way is sheer idiocy.

      2. jgalt says:

        hell no, don’t watch TV ‘news’, read books and articles from people w/ different perspectives, and quit being a follower. learn the facts yourself, and then develop your opinions. finally, quit voting for a person just because there is a R or D next to their name.

        1. Just me says:

          Well I agree with you, I was just taken back by the “Liberal” comment. I agree with you about the Federal Government being the problem, however it’s also these Fascist Corporations who is spending billions in buying the government.
          I think that a lot of people feel powerless in thinking that they need to go to Washington D.C in order protest, that is not true, by the millions and millions Americans need to take to the streets and occupy everything. In a Peaceful manor we need to occupy everything staring with local city hall, media, streets, occupy everything.

          1. Mike From Austin, Texas says:

            Look, at the start of the OWS I said “This has some meaning, I kind of like what these guys stand for.” Then it got completely out of hand and turned into homeless people and morons yelling. Yes, morons. I have seen so many interviews with kids with mohawks, peircings in thier faces, etc. (not all, but most) complaning they are making minimum wage. I’m sorry, but when you look like that who wants to hire you? Think about it. I liked what it stood for but now its pointless and its turning rather racist.

            You want to protest something, how about insider trading being done in Congress which in turn leads to bribery by the ‘facist’ corporations. Corporations can only do what our law-makers let them do. They are the root of all evil in this country. The people y’all are protesting are what our politicians have made them to be. This coming from an anglo, Christian, moderate, and a big advocate of our constitution, including right to arms and free speach.

            1. says:

              There were only two occasions when I made minimum wage—when I was on college work study, and when I was doing volunteer work and had to take some part time jobs.

              If you are literate, can do basic math and have any kind of skills (typing, cash register, ) you will make more than minimum. Oh, yeah, you have to be able to speak civilly with people. Most retail and fast fooid places pay more than minimum.

          2. PWR says:

            In just one paragraph, I can see that you are one of the “99.” Let’s see
            1. “Fascist Corporations”: Please look this up. Fascism refers to a governmental philosophy that puts the nation above individuals.
            2. “…spending billions in buying the government…” Nice grammar.
            3. Americans need to…occupy everything.” OK, then what?
            4. “In a Peaceful manor…” Perhaps you meant “manner.” A “manor” is a house or an estate – usually in England.
            I think you should consider occupying a school.

            1. Chris says:

              I would love to occupy a peaceful manor. That sounds very pleasant.

            2. goodspkr says:

              LOL. Well done, PWR, well done.

            3. Free England says:

              at PWR,
              Perhaps you should occupy a pistol in your mouth and pull the trigger.

              A Fascist Corporation is a philosophy that puts corporations above the nation and the individual.

              Once Americans occupy everything and take back the republic they put people like you in jail.

              1. jgalt says:

                another internet tough guy making threats from his mommy’s basement, spouting off about corporations, while typing on his Macbook. you are a walking contradiction, AKA moron. when Americans take back this country we are cutting off welfare to you and all your parasite friends.

              2. Mike H says:

                You’re right you’re not a fascist you’re a Communist! As soon as the commies have power they put everyone who disagrees with them is Jail or they just take them out a shoot them. Democrats and OWSers are acting more like Commies every day. I’ll keep my guns, and my freedom, you can keep the “CHANGE”

          3. ironchefofmunchies says:

            “Fascist” corporations?

            In the words of Indigo Montoya:

            “You keep using that word.I do not think it means what you think it means”.

            1. goodspkr says:

              Corporations can’t be Fascists. Only government can be fascists and fascism is a left wing crony capitalistic system.

              1. Who said what says:

                In Fascist AMERIKA anything is possible,

            2. Hello from Swiss says:

              It’s sort of like Freedom, Liberty and Justice for all when your government looks you in one eye and tells you that you live in the land of Freedom, Liberty and Justice for all, then looks you in your other eye, blows your brains out and tells you sorry your rights don’t apply.

              America keep’s using these words, freedome, liberty and justice for all but I don’t think it means what you think it means.

          4. jgalt says:

            you don’t agree with me, you saw the words ‘liberal media’ and got offended. i live in a city of a million people, but the 20 morons camping in front of city hall are on the news every night, thats the ‘liberal media’. who do you think empowers these corporations? THE FEDERAL GOVT. if these people have time to camp out at city hall for 2 months, then they can get to DC to protest the FEDERAL GOVT. occupy everything? WTF is that going to accomplish? take my previous advice and try to learn something for yourself, you sound like a moron.

          5. Gangbuster says:

            And all that will do is hurt your neighbors. Go to work, read THe Founder’s Constitution, the Fedralist Papers, Notes on the Convention, LIberty and Tyranny, Liberty versus the Tyranny of Socialism and bring govt back into line. THe feds are way out of control thanks to demoncrap and wussy reps.

            Do soemthing productive instead of hurting the taxpayers. BUt it ‘s so easy and requires no throught to park your butt somewhere and screech., “I want I want I want. Those of us who work and pay the oppressive taxes (worst in the world) were trained out of that by the time we were 4.

      3. dan says:

        Yes..Im sure it couldn’t hurt you any!!!!!

      4. SoupSandwich says:

        No way, always listen to the hippy soc prof that your parents pay 40k a year to. Man, common sense in short supply these days. Listen to the company that is in the pocket of the most powerful-the pres/ge/imelt/nbc-always stick with their talking points and don’t venture off to think or feel on your own. Be a proud victim and maybe even get a black bandana to get the hipster down with revolution feel going. Chicks with armpit hair dig that. Isn’t it faux news now or have they not repeated that enough for it to stick? Moore, Trumpka, Stalin, Mao, Che and Pelosi can’t all be wrong, all the time. Adopt a hyphen when you fill out your govt forms too.

      5. Adam Wentworth says:

        Are you saying we should all watch MSNBC?

  4. Dave D says:

    These Occupy people are all LOSERS. Their 15 minutes of fame is long past……There should be zero tolerance by the City for any more of this lawlessness. OWS should nominate some Marxist for president and try to win the election. They are for democracy……….NOT.

    And take a bath already………

    1. Dave D is a Fascist says:

      In Dave D’s Fascist AMERIKA Stampeding to death your fellow countrymen in “Black Friday Sales” for a discounted TV is how a good Fascist Corporate Controlled Amerikan should behave. David D will have a zero tolerance policy for protesting against International Banks for turning millions of American Homes into Casino Chips and Fascist Corporations controlling the government and turning pizza into a vegetable.

      1. BOSTINKS! says:

        Take a look at the stampeding crowds, they are most definitely BO Supporters like you and look like the OWS fleabaggers. Go away dirtbag.

        1. Puck Bostks says:

          Looks like someone is upset perhaps they are renting and they’re upset they don’t have a home that can be turned into a casino chip. Maybe you’ll feel better when they raise the price of the Presidency’s seat to 2 billion dollars.
          Go away Fascist Corporate Controlled Freak. When “We The People” take back our Republic we’re going to put you jail.

          1. Mike From Austin, Texas says:

            You saying these things to people who don’t believe in your cause is pretty ironic. Your attempting to take away thier freedom of speach? Even though thats what your practicing in your protests? This is unreal.

          2. BOSTINKS! says:

            Yea, sure the OWS crowd can’t manage to take back a bottle deposit much less get elected to anything. OWS will be over when BO has no more use for you and that day is coming because the ugly lefties are showing through the card board sign veneer. Go play in the tracks with the other rats, it’s where vermin like you thrive.

          3. Jmac5280 says:

            Unions are the fascists you stupid Puck

      2. Dave D says:

        You are an ignoramus. Read the book “Liberal Fascism”…..the one with the smiley face on the cover. Of course now the smile is going away…The Left is the biggest threat to democracy and freedom in the western world. OWS is less than 1/10 of 1 percent of anything.

        1. BOSTINKS! says:

          OWS is a tool of the LEFT!

        2. Itsjustnuts says:

          @ Dave D, the biggest threat to Democracy and freedom are idiots like you who continue to believe in the lie and illusion of Republican vs. Democrat, Right vs. Left, and Conservative vs. Liberal. Meanwhile the Fascist Corporations are spending millions to turn pizza into a vegetable.

          The Revolution is starting, it’s very obvious that many will be left behind.

          1. BOSTINKS! says:

            Wow, your ego is Huge Man, I bet that ego gets you lots of filthy hippie chicks and dudes like Barney Fwank. THE Revolution Is Starting…Wow sounds so profound and ominous. You are so smart but smell like sh!t, not good for finding a job but what do the all Powerfull and Omnipotent OWS fleabaggers need jobs for.

          2. Perfect says:

            Many will indeed be left behind. About 300 million of us who don’t give a sh!t about you. Hopefully you all will leave us behind and move to Canada. Problem solved.

            1. USA says:

              Perfect, you won’t survive the rise of Vaseline prices with all the pig fisting going on in you’re mouth. When “We The People” take back the republic, we’re going to exile you to Afghanistan, you can do all the nation building you want.

              1. Perfect says:

                AAAAAAAAHAHAHA, so delightful. I’m pretty sure the only thing all of you will be begging to take back is your jobs at Starbucks in a couple weeks. But I like the creativity. Points for civility too, I’m sure the United States under your watch wouldn’t look anything like 1940’s Germany.

        3. Gangbuster says:

          Schweizer’s new book, THrow Them ALL OUt–about how Congress allows themselves super insider trading is a must read—lets’ go with RIck Perrys proven and tested and Constitutional idea of a part-time legislature and term liimis.

          Texas added more jobs than the entire country and has the 13th largest economy in the world. IT works–read his book, FEd Up

      3. Jono Johnson says:

        I’m sure you’re typing this comment on your iPad or shiny new Mac computer. You think Apple would make these products for free just because? This group claims to be the 99% vs the 1%… I’m not a millionaire/in the 1% but I am certainly not part of the 99%! I’m for the ‘other 10%’! These 99%ers automatically bash anyone that disagrees with them and calls those people facists.

        1. Just me says:

          @ Jono J, The movement has nothing to do with an iPad or new Mac computer, and it’s a very sad day in this country where someone like would equate their “Life, Liberty and Pursuit of happiness to an Apple or any of these product. And it has nothing to do with people making an honest living or having money. It does on the other hand have to do with all the corporations buying off our government.

  5. Suzanne says:

    Lazy, spoiled rotten, me-me-me, whiny, gimme-gimme-gimme, waste of the air they breathe brats. Let the occupy the tracks

    1. Jeff Scott says:

      you are an idiot

      1. Barry A Kenyan says:

        Suzanne is right……….join them on the tracks jeffy

    2. Suzanne is a Freak says:

      Are you talking about the Protesters or the International Banks who turned millions of American homes in to Casino Chips and then took billions if not trillions in tax payer bailout money and then gave themselves hundreds of millions in bonuses?

      1. Barry A Kenyan says:

        and your a dumbass………… get a job……….. I forgot you DONT WANT ONE, loser.

        1. CH says:

          Obviously spelling doesn’t come into play on your job.

          1. Suzanne is a Freak says:

            Well CH, I live in Norway and speak Norwegian as a first language. English is a 4th language for me behind French and Spanish. I do well with the English language as a 4th language. How many languages are you proficient in?

      2. A-Rod says:

        They got turned into “chips” by Barney Frank, the Affordable Housing Act, etc. Are you foolish enough to believe that Wall Street will not take the money the Feds dole out. Go occupy the Capitol!!!

      3. Mike From Austin, Texas says:

        Our government GAVE them the bail out money. Your protesting the wrong thing.

      4. Dumbazz says:

        Hey moron, the banks paid back their bailout money. And was billions, not trillions you idiot.

    3. Gangbuste says:

      Well put, Suzanne. For the past week or so they have been overoccupying the STD clinics

  6. JML says:

    I hope they get their assess beaten. Because that is what will happen on the NYC subway if they get in the way or start annoying folks.

    1. CH says:

      They won’t be anywhere near as annoying as the break dancers and wind-bag evangelists.

  7. b da truth says:

    OWS Team Obama the Obama re-election kick off Party. Kill the 250 000 jobs Keystone XL pipeline might have produced and demand another half trillion form Congress to keep Union teachers failing our kids, yeah there’s a good deal.

  8. Dandaman says:

    1. You want a job – what’s your salary range? Got any experience?
    2. Corporations make too much money – what’s the maximum acceptable limit you want them to have?
    3. Want to abolish payment of school loans – who takes the hit for payment?

    Summary – I want to go to school for free and get paid lots of money without having job experience and I don’t like rich people because they get in the way of me having my way about things. Conclusion – wall street is my enemy???

    Why not go ask your buddy in the WH. I’m sure he’ll throw some money your way. Being lazy and out of touch with reality works for him.

    1. Lee Boice says:

      Excellent post..Notice the names of the speakers in the subway.

    2. CH says:

      Yes, Wall Street is your enemy. Why? Because no matter how hard you work, how carefully you plan, or how careful you are with your money, all it takes is one bad call by a corporation or a bank and your life’s savings are gone, your mortgage sold downstream to another bank who raises your interest, your employer discontinues your benefits, or your company downsizes you into the unemployment line. Capitalism used to work, at least somewhat, but that was before the rich got richer and decided to game the system.

      1. says:

        You re an idiot!

        1. CH says:

          Nice comeback, Sparky. Witty, well reasoned, and it offers a substantive rebuttal. BTW, the apostrophe is just to the left of the “enter” key. You’re welcome.

          1. Louis Farrakhan says:

            no one uses serial commas anymore.

          2. Jono Johnson says:

            It wasn’t articulate, but he’s right, you’re an idiot. No one makes you invest your money, no one makes you buy a house you can’t afford. Going back to 2005-2008, when banks were incorrectly handing out mortgages to people who couldn’t afford them, the people should know if you make $75,000 a year, you SHOULDN’T buy a $1mil house. But, the bank Ok’d your mortgage, you couldn’t afford the payments and its everyone’s fault but you’re own. Sure there is corporate greed which is not good, but blanket blaming Wall Street is so assinine. Wall Street creates more money and more jobs for ALOT of people. Big government is a problem. These 99%ers want hand outs and believe they deserve it just for the mere fact that they are alive. If alot of these people put the same effort into finding a job as they do yelling at cops their lives would be better.

      2. Louis Farrakhan says:

        with one simple post Lee Boice shows what a failure in life he is. no drive to become successful, only envy for those who are.

        1. Louis Farrakhan says:

          dang the man! i meant CH. nation of islam has my brain clouded.

      3. JenB says:

        Yes, because all of everyone’s woes in the world are the fault of rich people.

        If they these rich people can game the system, maybe you should be angry with the rules that allow for the gaming. Maybe you should be upset with those who enabled people to game the system. You think that the rich are the only ones who game the system? Maybe on Wall Street, but what about those gaming the SS system?

        There will always be people who game the system. Whether they are rich or poor. They want something for nothing. Be angry at the those that enable people to game the system. Be angry at people who want all these riches without having to do any work to get it. Be angry at people who want something for nothing and go out of their way to get something for nothing. This is NOT limited to the uber-rich.

      4. Snitch-in-Time says:

        The US economy ceased to be capitalist in a meaningful sense by 1934. Since that time it has been somewhat of a Merchantilist economy much like that which was decried by Adam Smith in Wealth of Nations. The lice-baggers of OWS , however, seem to want something new, something fresh, something like Communism! Now there is a system with a track record to be envied. NOT! Here is a plan that will succeed: Let’s get rid of the government regulation and let capitalism work its magic. As for all the bloated, unprofitable businesses, they will fall by the wayside when they can no compete in an environment free of government favors. Problem solved.

      5. Lee Boice says:

        No actually if yo uhad a brain you’d realize that DEMOCRAT policies gutted anything I had saving for retirement. Obama is the cause . Get your head screwed back on son. Go look at Barney Frank and Chris Dodd and tell me where my money went.
        I DARE YOU to tell me where Socialism/Marxism has worked. Go ask a Cuban how well THE REVOLUTION worked for them .
        You do know that this OWS movement is backed by Marxist organizations , right ..No , yo udon’t because you don’t even read you idiot.

        1. Mark Langley says:

          You act as if the RHINO’s are any better.

    3. from Russia with LOVE says:

      Well said and right on target. These OWS people are ignorant and don’t have a clue about economics or history. This “fair” and “equal” and “spread the wealth” ideas already have been tried over and over in different countries around the world (USSR, Cuba, China before it adapted capitalism and so on) and every time it led to economic disaster and human misery. STUDY YOUR HISTORY, you idiots!!!!!!!!!

  9. DennisKathy Baldwin says:

    So where is the liberal Mayor Bloomberg, hiding under his desk??? The Governor should call out the National Guard and arrest all those that protest and disrupt the lives of others in the city…….

  10. BOSTINKS! says:

    If OWS get in the way of commuters, commuters should shove OWS into the subway tracks. OWS can run around down there with the other rats. Uh oh here comes the train….

  11. Louis Farrakhan says:

    well…that’s it. the subway is going to have to be fumigated, sanitized and disinfected.

  12. Occupy Everything says:

    Occupy Everything!!!

    1. Barry A Kenyan says:

      You can occupy the front of my AR15…………. dude.

    2. A-Rod says:

      Yeah – occupy everything. Now you are only accomplishing nothing in the small scale. Go for accomplishing nothing on the GRAND SCALE!!!

  13. Cheryl says:

    Obama is doing such a bad job that people are rioting. This is all the more reason he’s got to go.

  14. Willits says:

    Occupy Wall Street protesters should become Wall Street PARTICIPANTS rather than critics. I made that choice about 20 years ago and have never regretted it. I’m certainly no one special, and if I can do it, anyone can. All it takes is a period of sacrifice (for me it was about 18-months), focus, and adherence to a program. If you are lucky enough to be working now, I advise it.

    Find a company that has a strong balance sheet (lots of cash with respect to assets), current profitability and that has been profitable for many years, and a board of directors that is nice to shareholders. That last is especially important. What I mean by that is that they pay CURRENT DIVIDENDS. Look for one that has a long history of increasing dividends over many years, that pays between 2-5% annually, that is not paying out more than 50-60% of its current income, and has a reasonably strong cash position (cash to total assets). As a check on yourself, make sure the company has one of the top three financial ratings (A++, A+, or A). You will start increasing your own current revenue stream within 3-months max. I really started noticing it after about three years, and I started by investing only $2,000 every three months.

    It takes initial sacrifice. You have to believe that it will work (it will) and don’t worry about the day-to-day, even month-to-month swings in the market. The reason is that you are working on a different level, the dividends that have a long history of increasing, orchestrated by a company that has a long history of increasing their profits to get to that point. It works. Why not JOIN them?

    If a regular Joe Shmoe like me can do it, I’ll bet you can, too.

    1. The Sage Waitress says:

      Sounds like my father-in-law’s plan. Sound investments over time. No get rich quick schemes and working hard. He retired the year the dot-com’s went bust and watched as many of his colleagues squandered their retirements on that boondoggle.

      I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the 1%. They are decent people who worked hard their whole lives and believe in giving back to others. I asked Dennis Washington recently his opinion of OWS and he said “No one is denying them opportunity.” Sound words from a man of humble roots.

      It’s time for the media to start ignoring this group and their stunts. A few hundred people in LA today? A bagpipe concert would draw a bigger crowd.

  15. trajan long says:

    A bunch of useless whining malcontents. Didn’t their parents teach them how to succeed? This is the legacy of liberalism: Somebody owes you EVERYTHING. What a pathetic joke and the pandering by the left wing to these nitwits defecating on the street is :Oh poor babies. We must give them something. Enabling dysfunctional behavior gets you NOWHERE.

    1. The Realist says:

      No more American Dream. Now it’s the American Entitlement.

  16. DawgByte says:

    Why are these people wasting their time in subways. They should be protesting at the WH, where Obama continues to fail in bringing jobs to this country. The Canadian oil pipeline is a great example.

    1. cogito ergo sum says:

      They should protest Congress as well. Congress has been caught red-handed engaging in insider trading. Our politicians must answer to us, not Wall St. Wall St. is just taking advantage of what they’re allowed by the government to take advantage of. It’s the government that must be held accountable. Particularly, the Federal Reserve (and the private banks that make it), Congress, and the President, who has more than overstepped his bounds, acting outside of the Constitution, a trend that was accelerated by the Bush Adminstration, and has been continued, at full-force, by the Obama Administration. It is the job of Congress to not allow the President to become a dictator, there is no separation of power or checks and balances anymore, and this is the fault of our Congress. Their greed is responsible for the “selling out” of America. The fact that they allow the Federal Reserve to run unchecked and do not insist upon an audit proves that they do not care about the economy or the taxpayers of this country. Also, by allowing the President to make up executive orders that bypass the Constitution in every way proves that they care not for our liberties. I am disgusted by the 3 branches of government more than I am with Wall St. These people terribly disillusioned if they think that storming Wall St. will change a damn thing.

  17. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    It’s the Federal Reserve that prints money out of nothing and then lends it back at interest that is the enemy. End the Fed.

  18. The Realist says:

    Where is the forensic audit of O.W.S.’s books?

    1. cogito ergo sum says:

      I really don’t care about OWS. I want an audit of the Federal Reserve.

  19. pr says:

    I’m bored with OWS. Get a clear message and plan. All I keep hearing is “We are the 99%”, OK, now what?

    They are wasting their 5 minutes of fame on empty rhetoric. You want something to change, then initiate it. Tell them what you want. Do you want a federal limit on executive compensation, do you want corporations to be forced to donate a percentage of profits to social programs, do you want cars that can fly.

    Tell them what you want!

    1. GinaR says:

      Better yet – how about taking some of the money that’s supposedly flowing in to them and organize a real, valid political campaign? Surely there’s someone there qualified to run for an office – maybe you start small, but at least you’re actually taking action and working for the change. But maybe that’s the root of their problems and the reason many people no longer think they’re doing anything good – they give the impression that they don’t want to work at it.

      1. Just me says:


        When was the last time you made out well from a political campaign?

        1. pr says:

          Just me, you are right but when is the last time you made change just but shouting at the wall.

          I agree don’t run a campaign, but realistically that is what OWS is doing right now. They are giving us sound bites and rhetoric just like the politicians. I’m tired of both the politicians and the OWS of not giving us solutions and just giving us sound bites.

          Do something besides just shout at the park bench, because you know as well as I do the park bench isn’t listening. Wanna make change, have ideas along with a PLAN. Tell the idiots in DC what needs to change and how to change it. Don’t just tell them you hate how much money other people have.

          1. Just me says:

            I totally agree it’s obvious that in Fascist Amerika free speech is useless when the enemy doesn’t give a F**K about your opinion.

            You are not going to be able to tell the so called “Idiots” in DC anything because you don’t have hundreds of millions if not billions in lobbyist money, so we know that’s not going to work.

            The problem here is that there at not Millions, and Millions, and Millions of people in the streets occupying everything, streets, banks, TV stations, especially Fox, CNN and MSNBC. If not it’s only going to be a matter of time before the Fascist Corporations turn Dog Food into a consumable vegetable.

            No one is upset at how much money other people have; Fox, CNN, MSNBC and other Fascist Corporate Controlled media would have you believe that. People are upset because international banks turned millions of American Homes in Big Fat Casino chips, then took billions in bailout money and gave themselves hundreds of millions in bonuses. People are also upset that we’ve been told that the price tag for the U.S. President’s seat will now cost a billion dollars.

            No one is upset with how much money people make in an honest day’s work.

            1. Big Bear says:

              The only thing DC is going to understand is a tax revolt backed by the 2nd Amendment.

              As for Wall Street, don’t invest there.

      2. Penone says:

        Hmmm..this sounds soooo familiar. Now let me think….who actually did this? Make a real political change as a grass roots movement? hmmm….maybe the tea party?!?!?

        1. b.bierwerth says:

          hmmm lets see, and organized movement that used the system to win elections a movement with an agenda built on the foundations of how this country was started,

          as compared to…….

          fleas, drugs, and whatever else they were picked up in the tents squatting in the park?

          if you find the revolution, GET IT IN WRITING!

          things tend to go bad once the dictator that used your movement to achieve power turns on you as your usefulness is over

    2. highdomer says:

      Do you want the government to quit spending money on stupid stuff? Eliminate fraud and corruption in the government? Business big and small could hire more people if the government wouldn’t waste our hard-earned money!

    3. b.bierwerth says:

      they obviously spent years at publicly funded education NEVER LISTENING to their teachers, so why would we expect them to LISTEN to anybody now?


    4. R says:

      I’m bored is the worst argument I’ve ever heard.

      Would you like the message packaged to you in video game content instead?

    5. e pluribus unum says:

      They don’t know what their message is until the unions and community agitators, and university professors like France Fox Piven , who have been planning this since early this year, tell them what to say. (YouTube has video of a Piven planning session from March 2011).
      Frankly this will backfire because the last things a bunch of rush hour subway riders, on their way home from a hard day’s WORK want to hear, is “dialogue” from the Zucotti Park squatters. Of course the media will try to dress this up and make it all so positive as they have been doing for 2 months now.

    6. D. Scott says:

      If this was a police state – which it isn’t – you naive, stupid toddlers would be in jail for life. It’s only a matter of time before ordinary citizens turn on you for being a nuisance in your meaningless little whine-fest.
      Protest and civil disobedience have their place but you and your self-absorbed, self aggrandizing kind give genuine protest movements a bad name. Go home. Grow up.

    7. mistyone says:

      why is anyone paying attention to these welfare suckers?…they want me to pay their student loans?…I worked hard for my retirement…do they think I am going to give it to peple who aren’t working or looking for work and have all this free time to scoff at those of us who put in a day’s work??????????

    8. Patriot says:

      Its called the First Amendment and we should be damn grateful that groups such as OWS are fighting, on our behalf, to uphold the most important rights we have as American Citizens (before these rights are taken away for good). “I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it” -Voltaire.

    9. e says:

      The whole purpose of this group is to terrorize, we are to fear their presence and the lawlessness that it brings. The threat of “flash mobs” is a real and present danger, these people are organized and they are using “OUR OWN ISSUES” to generate mass disruption and chaos, do not stand puzzled at their “lack of message” for they have none, this is chaos.

  20. None Of Your Business says:

    Maybe I’m missing something: please fill me in: how does occupying subway lines and disrupting passengers who need to get around the City make Wall Street change its ways?

    What will the Occupy

    1. None Of Your Business says:

      forgot to finish my comment:

      What will the Occupy Wall Street crowd think of next? Maybe I don’t want to know.

    2. James Bong says:

      We have a government that refuses to do anything but pander to the rich. We don’t intend to make Wall Street change its ways–we intend to get the government to act on a national disaster that Wall Street created, and restore democracy to this country. Wall Street WILL BE CHANGED, but the government has to listen, which it refuses to do until it is confronted and forced to heed. YOU have to listen. And you will….No more puppet, one party Congresses and government. No more freezing out of 99% of the people from the political process.

      1. Better Dead than Red says:

        Your a complete idot. Only one reason we are in this mess is liberalism and socialism. I believe you Mr. Bong which explains why your an idiot. You need to leave the Bong alone maybe you will think strait. First of all your are not entitled to anything. You have to work to get what you want. Not taken fron others to be given to you. You need a one way ticket to Communist China. Then you may be more careful of what you ask for.

      2. Penone says:

        James – did you vote in the last election? Or the one before that? If no – then you froze yourself out of the political process – if you did then welcome to political process of this country. It may not be perfect but at least you have the ability to vote without worrying about a suicide bomber coming on line with you to blow you to kingdom come because you had the audacity to want to vote.

      3. Mike From Austin, Texas says:

        WASHINGTON WON’T CHANGE ANYTHING BECAUSE THEY PROFIT OFF OF WALLSTREET. Again, your protesting the wrong group of people. Our government lets Wallstreet do what they do. Don’t you get it? And as for our government refusing to do anything but pander to the rich? Seriously? I guess welfare goes to the rich then huh? Your need to not post with the last name Bong, even if it is your real last name, because no one is going to take you seriously.

  21. James Bong says:

    I think it’s a great idea! The time of the “Silent Majority” is over. We the 99% are speaking now. The real welfare bums are those million dollar bonus bankers paid by the raid on the U.S. Treasury known as the bailout. Losers! The government must be made to work for the majority and not for the rich few. There can be no political democracy without an economic democracy. End the Kleptocracy! End the Plutocracy! Restore Democracy!

    1. pr says:

      James those are great sound bites! Now tell me what you want. I’m part of the 99% and I don’t get what you want.

      You want economic equality great, now put that concept into an actionable change. What laws need to change, what policies need to change, who needs to change this? There are some fundamental questions that OWS is not answering “Who, What, When and HOW”.

    2. Zach Bartlett says:

      This 1% you speak of pays 36.7% of the taxes in this country. The top 10% collectively pay 70.5% of the taxes.

      Where is your argument?

    3. Penone says:

      I;m sorry – but with a screen name of James BONG how – or better yet WHY – should anyone take you seriously?!?!?! Your movement does not like to be called losers yet you use a screen name like that. What else are we supposed to think?

      Oh – and how do you define economic democracy?

    4. Becca says:

      oh James Bong, your name says it all. I realize you may have surrounded yourself with those chanting “we are the 99” or whatever it is but you are in fact not. You are a smalll segment of the 99, very small. Your small segment is not the silent majority or even taken seriously so have fun, write down your stories for your kids/grandkids but stop thinking just because a few of you gathered, didn’t shower and are loud you are somehow much bigger than you are. You only feel that way because you can’t see beyond your like minded group- the rest of the country is working, raising our kids and you are just a comical little break in our day. I remember being young and thinking I had it all figured out and everyone else was just so stupid for not getting it and I remember my parents looking at me, much like we adults are looking at you guys, shaking their heads. This movement doesn’t even know who to be mad at or how the country got into this situation. You will be me someday looking at the younger kids with their “the world should be this way” ideals but no working knoledge of what it takes and you too will shake your head and look back at the time you were so stupid.

    5. Better Dead than Red says:

      Another proof of the failing school system we have. America is and never was a democracy. America is a Republic. Not a Democracy Republic. A Republic. We do not live by majority rule. We live in a Representative Republic. Anyway Obama and the democrats was behind the bailouts the Republicans all of them was against it. It was the democrats who caused it all.

  22. vigilantechronicler says:

    Want to know why I still believe Bill Murray is dying (even after his PR control/visit to the last Clemson game)?

    No profit is sought from this. All I want, is for Bill Murray to step forward and start talking about this.

  23. joe_mamma says:

    Billy Dobbs


  24. NYC says:

    u ppl should stop, it wasting our $$$ for this ****.

  25. GinaR says:

    Except that on the radio this morning, I heard one OWS protester being interviewed and he stated that the plan was “absolutely to shut down the subways and disrupt the rush hour.” He went on to say they wanted to prevent as many people from getting to work today as possible These people don’t want to actually do anything other than stand in the street and scream at others and impede the very people, the 99%, they claim to be working for. I agreed with their message at first, but now they’ve become a bunch of lazy bullies who want a handout.

    1. Michael H. says:

      If the person was saying “we want to prevent people from getting to work” he meant the 9am march on Wall Street, not the 3pm subway occupation.

      If you’re calling them “lazy bullies who want a handout”, admit that you never agreed with their message and are just using that to seem like their actions have turned you against them, when in reality you’ve always been against them.

      1. The Realist says:

        Not everybody works a “typical” 9-to-5 job. Some jobs have evening shifts, and the protesters DO want to disrupt them.

      2. Susan says:

        Who the heck even knows what their “message” is? I get that they don’t like the shape the country is in — neither do I — but what exactly are they proposing be done about it? Are they proposing a sort of French revolution where the property of the 1% is wrested from them and divested to the rest of us? You know what? I don’t agree with that. Not one bit. Not everyone who is rich is a crook, and not everyone who is poor is deserving. When they propose solutions instead of ranting about the man, I’ll evaluate them. In the meantime, they’re just a mob making a mess and a lot of noise.

        1. Lizz7465 says:

          I agree w/ Susan. Very well said.

        2. GinaR says:

          Susan, I agree wholeheartedly with your points – wish I could have put it that way. They haven’t done anything but disrupt those people who do work hard and struggle to make ends meet – how is impeding their lives helping anyone? Who said anyone who works hard to make what they do has to give it to anyone else? Paying their fair share in taxes and eliminating the BS corporate greed – great ideas. But DO something already!

          Give me a solution – WORK for a change. Don’t just stand around screaming at people and trampling on others’ rights to live and work.

        3. James Bong says:

          Let ’em eat cake, eh Susan? Let’s face it, we live in a pre-French Revolution situation. People who don’t have a roof, can’t shop at the GAP, and are hungry tend to act mobbish. The 1& FAILED! Bankrupts! Yet they get trillion dollar bailouts and million dollar bonuses paid by US, the taxpayers. If they’re not crooks, then they give a whole new meaning to the words “bank robbers” and “inside job.” Meanwhile, the rest of us get a blind eye turned to our needs by the puppet Congress and President. Men with no money are slaves. We live in a “democracy”. Let’s make it a democracy again.

          1. AWG says:

            “Us the taxpayers?” How many of these protestors actually pay taxes? The duty to pay taxes is shouldered by less than 50% of the country. While there are many questionable practices in the use of tax dollars, you have no right to disagree with how they are spent if you haven’t personally paid into the pool.

          2. James, get off your high horse. Have you done anything to volunteer to help those families who are REALLY in need? I’d like to know why some of these protesters were sitting in the park on their iPads, carrying LV purses in one hand and a cardboard sign in the other. Have they reached out a hand to volunteer or help those who are homeless and/or less fortunate? Was it fair for me to get spit at on my way to my NON-PROFIT job this morning, being called a sell out because our offices just happen to have a Wall St address?? I’m sick of people in this country feeling as if they’re entitled just because they exist. Didn’t your parents teach you about hard work and success? Not EVERY person who is rich is a crook, and if people are so bad off that’s what welfare is for. But too bad that system is just as f’d up.

        4. Susan you are absolutely right, and I wish more intelligent people would realize this!!

      3. GinaR says:

        I did agree at one time – the state of this country is deplorable and something needs to change. But not by screwing over the working class and just shouting at people. Their actions and behavior have indeed turned me against them – who are you to know what my opinion is and how it’s changed?

      4. Penone says:

        Don’t you realize that the workers at wall street also consists of janitors, food vendors, security guards, secretaries, interns (ie. college kids) – regular people who NEED to get to work so they can get a pay check to feed their family, pay rent and have a little extra to save and/or spend how they see fit.

        And you know what – I don’t agree with the message or their tactics and – just like they do – I will exercise my 1st Amendment right to call then “lazy bullies who want a handout”.

  26. joe_mamma says:

    come OWS be REAL PROTESTERS….don’t be outdone by the Chinese

    Man sets himself on fire in iconic Chinese square
    November 17, 2011 | 8:28 am

  27. David says:

    This makes a lot more sense,

  28. Frustrated says:

    When will these idiots realize that they do not speak for the 99% but for their own self serving agenda. I work hard and need to struggle but I am proud of wht I do and who I am. IUnfortunately they feel that by doing this they will get support but they are screwing the 99% more that the financial institutions ever have because they are taking our city hostage and jeapordizing our children. The difference between these idiots and the people protesting in other countries is that these idiots do it in luzury and with the safety of know ing they won’t be tortured and shot (as mouch as they want you to believe they are persecuted.) At least there support will wane after this idiotic move.

  29. Ray Caldwell says:

    If they make me late for work…SOMEBODY is getting their arse kicked!

  30. Meghan says:

    This is getting retarded.

  31. David says:

    This is just plain stupd. Let the 99% go home.

  32. SoSo says:

    “It’s all planned just in time for school dismissal and the evening rush.”

    “Bill Dobbs is one of the organizers of the day of action. He says the massive protest is meant to galvanize public support for the Occupy movement.”


  33. netty611 says:

    Sometimes when I read these posts, I simply can’t beleive what it written. People take you behinds off the chairs, look up from your computers and look around at your country. I know it’s the best there is in the world. The protesters are you and me people trying to keep it from being destroyed by human greed. If you lost your 401k after working for 10+ years because your company gave your job to another person sitting at a desk in another country, you would be angry to. Lazy? No. Professionals, White coller working class people pissed that your President handed out Millions of dollars for war and Millions of dollars to the Wall Street Bankers who should be in jail or on unemployment. Students who have to pay Student loans back and now have no jobs. While a student from another country gets free tuition. Maybe if your train is delayed or your bus is delayed and your drinking your latte’, you might think a little. Put your bat down and think. Your kids will grow and need jobs and homes. Where is it going to come from.? You should be supporting your fellow Protesters who are making “your” voice heard. Oh, yes, one more thing to Mak, Truth & Vivid, I do for now have a job. I am not a bum. I am a 58 year old woman in total support of making my country stronger and better.

    1. donotlumpmein says:

      “The protesters are you and me”

      That right there is the problem – they don’t speak for everyone, they don’t speak for me – they speak to their multitude of agendas and while you may agree with it as is your right, don’t claim to speak for anyone else. If they have a coherent message bring it to the people who can affect change, don’t disrupt the lives of every day working people – the people they claim to speak for.

      1. Chester West says:

        The O.W.S. protesters don’t speak for anybody other than O.W.S.’s top executives.

    2. James Bong says:

      Thank you, Netty!

  34. Pete says:

    We all know the real reason this is directed at “NYC” instead of Obama. It is because they voted for Obama and now they would feel stupid after their ‘history making’ choice. Instead they must blame ‘others’ as to not look foolish but still wreak havoc, to avoid the fact they are nothing more than anarchists.

  35. Eileen says:

    It’s ridiculous!

    1. Ellen says:

      Eo;een and stupid as well.

  36. The Realist says:

    How does keeping ME off a train make money for THEM?

  37. prettylady says:

    just like them to be stupid again, first of all you don’t let the world know where you are going and what you are planning to do. We will not let you shut down our city. So go home and leave us NY people alone. this is only going to let us hate you more. We get what you are trying to say but come on now lets do it the right way and maybe you should think to go to Washington where maybe someone can hear you. We are just trying to make a living and go to our job, oh you do know what that is right. Listen I work down wall street and have seen what you call a protester. Nothing but homeless as far as I can see so maybe you should go back to the drawing board and do it the right way this time. Making life hard for the 99% that work here is not the way to go. Trust me I am also the 99% .

  38. Obamasllama says:

    Grab your hats and bats!!! Its time to knock some sense into these parasites and their Union goons.

    1. CT Native says:

      So violence solves problems. Very sad (and sick).

    2. Ha Ha says:

      You are absolutely right the 1 Billion dollar price tag for the U.S Presidency seat is just not enough, it should be 2 Billion.

  39. Chester West says:

    Public transportation has no place in a great country like ours because REAL Americans drive everywhere. People who ride subways are worthless traitors.

    1. Anon says:

      What the hell are you talking about? Have you ever been here before? Do you know what it like for parking? The nerve of you to come on here and sound like the narrow minded – uneducated bigot that you are.. grow up and open up a book.

      REAL Americans? Who are these “REAL” Americans you speak of?

    2. kezinic says:

      You are obviously a very ignorant person who apparently have some emotional issues going with you. Seek help!!

    3. Janet says:

      I take this to be ironic and humorous, not serious

    4. Clark A says:

      Hey “Chester West”, have you ever been in NYC, regarding you saying, People who ride subways are worthless traitors! Again, have you ever been to NYC?

  40. ken88 says:

    Doing this to “galvanize public support “? Indeed it will, with the police. Strange how the “99%” seem to be the few hundred people who make trouble for tens of thousands of people. I’m the real 99%, a guy just trying to make it home after work. These carpet-baggers need to go back to to bo-dunks-ville, and leave NY to NYers. If they clog up the city, call in the National Guard, and fix bayonets!

  41. Michael H. says:

    This is a misguided move by OWS. When the trains are delayed the 1% will just get in cabs.

    1. NYC Girl says:

      The 1% never even bother taking the subway. It’s the 99% working class they are going to be bothering.

      1. Michael H. says:

        They most certainly take the subway. I see it all the time at Grand Central. Get off the Metro North or Amtrak and head downtown on the subway. It’s often faster than heading outside to catch a cab.

      2. kezinic says:

        The mayor supposedly takes the train. Ha ha! He’s the 1%. He won’t need a cab he will just send for his limo.

        1. Really? says:

          Bloomberg is on the subway all the time. Shows what you know. For part of the “1%” he is certainly sensitive to the “99%”

        2. Robert Richardson says:

          Limo? Screw that he will call in his helicopter

  42. lvh says:

    This type of activity will only turn public opinion against them.
    Better go to D.C. and leave working people alone. They have jobs.

  43. marcello says:

    Bring back Bull Coner and the dogs. Tase them. Do whatever is necessary to keep the subways running.
    And when they are arrested – (1) no desk appearances; hold them for the longest permitted time before sending them to a judge and (2) no bail for assaults on plice officers.

  44. simon says:

    Subway when it is too crowded is very dangerous place to be.
    To create this condition in time for children going home is criminal.
    It is not too different from terrorist activity.
    Those OWS protesters, who would be involved such actions in subway, deserve to be pepper sprayed, arrested and prosecuted.
    They lost my sympathy with their cause the moment they endanger lives of other and especially of minors.

  45. Paulina says:

    High pressure hoses work wonderfully!

  46. DanTe says:

    Because only the 1% take the subway. 99% my arse. More like they represent 99% of the welfared parasites. The liberal majority.

  47. mak says:

    Causing commuter delays is always a good way to get a New Yorker on your side. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    Boy, you can tell these noobs aren’t from NY. They would know that New Yorkers even get mad at accident victims because they cause delays. What makes them think that this will win over our hearts?

    Stupes, all of them.

    1. kezinic says:

      Mak, do you think we (New Yorkers) are really that cold? Contrary to popular beliefs we do have a heart.

  48. truth says:

    those idiots need to get their lazy behinds to work!!! it’s just outrageous that their stupid uneducated cause will affect millions of honest hard-working new yorkers who rely on the subway system to go to work and go home!

  49. Vivid says:

    What an idiotic move it is to disrupt the commute time of students and workers. This is not your opponent. The movement leaders have lost their minds.

    1. James Bong says:

      You can WALK TO WORK, just like unemployed people who are looking for jobs must do. Oh, you might get your Gucci shoes dirty or wet…..what are you going to do when the General Strike comes?
      We’re not going away, because there is nowhere to go. And we won’t quit, because we have the same rights as you do, except the government won’t listen to us because it is too busy pandering to you. If you are a worker or a student, you understand that you need to join us to have a future worth having.

      1. Andy says:

        No thank you, a future in which anybody who is hard working and has a job is considered a rich snob by people who spend their whole day sitting around on their asses doing nothing is not a future I consider worth having.

      2. Pedro Cao says:

        I worked damm hard for my Gucci shoes, and I am not iin the so called 1% far from it, you are just a bunch of lazy Communist Anarchists that want everything handed to you, throwing a temper tandrum and messing up everyone’s day, you are not going to win

      3. worker bee says:

        You’ve clearly got a lot of credibility, James “Bong” ….. How about you do something with your life instead of sitting around public parks smoking weed all day and asking for free sh!t. This whole OWS thing is a bunch of children that didn’t get disciplined by their P**SY A** parents growing up. Oh wait, they still haven’t grown up, they’d have a job if they did..

        I’m sick of hearing “Durrr there’s no jobs anywhere” Sh!t, get a lawn mower, wash some dishes. Work needs to be done somewhere, go look for it.

        1. MichaelL says:

          Here’s a great way to occupy the Subway: Get on a train to WORK, and then ride one BACK from your job to the home that you PAY for, with the money you EARN. Radical suggestion, I know; but it just. Might. Work.

          No jobs. Jesus H. If I lost my career tomorrow, I’d be working in ten days, flat. If nothing else, I’ll start my own business doing lawn care, or house sitting, or SOMEthing. Instead of living in Mom and Dad’s spare bedroom, whining.

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