Health Officials: Early Detection, Antibiotic Treatment Are Keys To Better Health

LINDENHURST, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — An alarming rise in a potentially fatal bacterial infection known as whooping cough has prompted a warning from the Suffolk County Health Department.

It’s a tell-tale sign winter is coming — children and their colds.

But what’s going around this year is a potentially fatal bacterial cough known as pertussis or whooping cough, reports CBS 2’s Emily Smith.

It’s a chronic cough, almost a barking sound, that can last more than three months, and it is spread easily through droplets.

“My wife is on a bus, educational bus, so she is with kids all the time every day. But she hasn’t been sick yet,” local resident Steven Piering said Tuesday.

WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs On The Story

The whooping cough outbreak started with 13 cases in Smithtown on Long Island in June. Since then it has spread to more than a dozen districts in Suffolk County.

The most recent case of whooping cough involves a student at 5th Avenue Elementary in Northport, where 11 cases have already been reported. On Tuesday night, parents told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez they are growing concerned.

“That’s kind of scary. I wonder what’s going on, why this outbreak started. What’s going on?” one resident asked.

“They get colds at home. They bring it on the bus. They bring it to school. They’re bringing it home,” a school bus driver told WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs.

And what’s particularly concerning to health officials is this most recent outbreak has the highest number of cases reported since 2006 when there were 110 for the year. Now it’s 216 cases of whooping cough for the year so far.

What’s causing this sudden and sharp rise in whooping cough has yet to be determined, said Dr. Dennis Russo with the Suffolk County Health Department. He said it might be as simple as more doctors are detecting and diagnosing it, or it could be an increase in some parents’ decision to forgo vaccinating their kids.

“We like to have everyone vaccinated and create a cocoon effect, so that everyone around them is vaccinated and the disease is milder,” Dr. Russo said.

“I’m not too concerned because my son has the vaccine,” added Maria Sangiorgi of Lindenhurst.

Health officials said early detection and antibiotic treatment are the keys to better health and preventing the spread of whooping cough.

The majority of the students who have been infected with whooping cough had been immunized, which health officials said may account for their milder illness.

Babies who are not yet fully immunized are the most at risk of death from the infection.

Have you or someone you know ever had whooping cough? What was it like? Please share your story in the comments section below.

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  1. Christie Lynn Edds Cali says:

    There are not enough un -vaccinated children out there to spread this disease as it has been spread. There just aren’t. We need to look at the problem, this disease is being caught and spread by those that have been vaccinated against it. That means there is a problem with the vaccine as it is not conferring immunity. Instead of sticking our heads in the sand and saying “get your shots it is the cure-all” we need to see why the vaccinated kids are able to contract and spread the disease. If we want people to vaccinate we have to show that the vaccine is effective and as of now it is significantly less effective than originally thought.

    1. Dave says:

      I think that there are more unvaccinated children out there than you think. As the economy worsens, people will stop bringing their children to the doctor because they can’t afford the office call or in some cases can’t afford the co-pay. Also, Jehovah’s Witnesses are given exceptions because it’s against their religion to have vaccinations. So, if you want to blame someone, blame governments and private employers who are starting to force workers to subsdize their own health care which technically should be considered part of their total compensation package.

      1. Christie Lynn Edds Cali says:

        That is a guess, and a big one at that.

        However the article states that most of those who got sick had already been vaccinated. That means that the vaccinated were catching and spreading the disease, and it also means that the vaccine did not work properly. There is a problem with the vaccine and we had better darn well find out what it is. Is this a different strain of whooping cough? Is the vaccine not providing effective protection? Is the vaccine working at all? Instead of yelling about immigrants and the few un-vaccinated people out there we need to really look at what is going on here. If we don’t we are really setting ourselves up for a very serious problem.

      1. Christie Lynn Edds Cali says:

        So you have more immigrants. The article did not state that the outbreak was centered in an immigrant community. It did state that most who caught whooping cough had been vaccinated. This is a problem. Why is the pertusis vaccine not working effectively. We need to find out and not guess at this.

    2. xander says:

      prove it. you’re the one making the outrageous statement from a medical perspective, so you should be the one who has to prove that the efficacy of this vaccine is low. even if that is true, which it isn’t, what does that mean? that we shouldn’t vaccinate at all?

      you don’t make any sense.

      /medical student

    3. Stephanie Mauser says:

      Young children who receive vaccinations against whooping cough are not fully protected against the disease three to six years after their shots, a new study suggests

      Read more:

      so aside from people who don’t get their kids vaccinated, you have to question when the vaccinated kids had their last dose. vaccines are not 100% effective in all children either. there is a girl at our school who contracted chicken pox even tho she was vaccinated, tho it was a mild case, and they never did figure out where she got it. read up on the polio vaccine, the medical community knew for years that it could actually CAUSE polio, not just in the child, but in any adult that came in contact with the child within 2 weeks of being vaccinated. how many of those vaccinated children who got whooping cough were off the regular vaccine schedule because they are immigrants? this IS also a problem, whether the children are here legally or not, they don’t follow the vaccine schedules set in this country. there are reasons why we are told to have such and such vaccine at such and such age, and follow up boosters further down the road. the protections don’t last forever. most adults should be getting boosters for almost everything we vaccinate our kids for, and next to none of us do, so perhaps the spread in this outbreak is not due solely to the children. lately there has been at least one report a day about the number of parents NOT vaccinating their children. this has been a growing trend over the last decade, if not longer, religious exceptions, those that swear the vaccines cause autism, those that can’t afford and for whatever reason don’t get the freebies from the health department clinics. there are far many more children who don’t get vaccinated than you think. however, there are a number of children who get whatever they have been vaccinated for anyway, so perhaps this means that MORE people are actually getting their kids vaccinated, so more kids are getting it. i don’t think people think “get your shots it is the cure-all”, when you are told flat out by the pediatrician that your child MAY still get infected. i don’t think the efficacy of the vaccine is the problem.

  2. t.paine says:

    If parents are not having their children vaccinated-how are they enrolling them in school???
    I’d like to know what the ”illegal” population is in these areas.

    1. Ratt says:

      BINGO Paine, CBS doesn’t even mention it.

      (According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Suffolk County’s Hispanic population has grown by 40 percent since ‘2000’)

      Everywhere in the USA diseases are in higher proportions because of Illegal Immigration from the Southern Borders. It has got to stop. One way or another it has to stop, because if We The People have to stop Illegal Immigration it’s gona get ugly real quick.

    2. jabwatchdog says:

      It’s called an exemption. Something they don’t like to pass around. You do not have to be vaccinated to be in school

  3. Bronx63 says:

    You can get whopping cough again. I was vaccinated in the 1940’s and in 2001 I got it again. It’s not fun. I had read an article on the resurgence of whopping cough and called my doctor. He said I couldn’t have it because I wasn’t vomiting. On the contrary I said. I have been vomiting because the cough for so bad. He then gave me antibiotics. As soon as the adult vaccine was available I made sure I got it.

  4. PL says:

    Some think that it’s the number of vaccines given at the same time. “They” administer all the vaccines trying to save money rather than scheduling them over a period of time

  5. George N. Weezie says:

    So the fact that in the past 30 years the risk of autism has gone from 1:2500 to 1:200 is due to genetics? Riiight. In the 40’s it was 1:200000. I guess our genes have gone “full retard”. The genetic argument is ridiculous.

    Notice that the pool of infected is “mostly vaccinated” which means more than likely it is isolated to the herd immunity crowd. Vaccines provide short term “immunity” at tremendous risk unlike natural immunity that lasts a lifetime. The mortality rate for pertussis is around 1/2%; its not the killer it once was and is rather mild now thanks to antibiotics. We would be better off in the “herd” if we suspended this vaccine as well as all other non-life threatening vaccines as it would bestow lifelong immunity. But, alas, Merk and the other vampire pharmas must make money or the world would end.

    1. Scott Batten says:

      you do know that this vaccine is mixed with the tetanus, so what do we do with this part? My sister, who was vaccinated as a child, got whooping cough recently. There is no guarantee that the vaccine will prevent(but since this is bacterial not viral), you can get it again and again and again…. The vaccine however forces your body to be prepared for this bacterium by creating a “false bug”. If you want to suffer with it, that is your choice. I am getting a booster rather than risk the disease.

      1. George N. Weezie says:

        The disease is relatively benign and once you return to health you’ll never have to be concerned again. I forgot to mention that the 1/2% rate of death is for children under the age of 6 months. The vaccinated crowd, however, often develop “complications” with the infection much as the measles vaccinated crowd now gets “atypical measles” which can be life threatening. Your risk of injury for the vaccine or booster is substantial and rather nasty such as Gullian Barre syndrome as well as a host of other auto-immne diseases. Do your own research before believing the CDC propaganda. Has anyone ever wondered why the CDC has a PR department? How about the 1986 vaccine injury (tax payer funded) act that removes all liability from the vaccine manufacturers? If vaccines are so safe, then why do we need that law? It’s crony-capitalism at it’s finest and they are playing their game with you and your children’s health.

        1. info_bomber says:

          Couldn’t say anything better myself, but no doubt the sheep will continue to follow the judas cow to the slaughter floor and trust the thinking has been done for them and can trust the leader of the herd.

    2. Scott Batten says:

      I also noticed that you would rather use antibiotics, ever heard of MRSA? How did we get this beast? By over use of antibiotics. Better one shot every twenty years than taking antibiotics over and over.

      What has changed in autism is the DEFINITION of it. Kids watch far more TV now than they used to, at a earlier age and as a substitute for parental or friend attention. Has anyone looked into this as a possibility for autism? How about all the crap that we put into our food(I bet chicken nuggets from MCD’s are great for children’s health). Any looking into this as a possibility?

      To automatically say, it must be the vaccines is to ignore ALL other potential life influences. Since the number has spiked recently, and not in the past(since this shot has been around for over 50 years), it could just as easily be anything else in life. Perhaps all the crap that we put into our drinking water. et al.

      1. George N. Weezie says:

        We got that beast because physicians knowingly prescribed antibiotics for viral infections just because the patients felt they needed a script.

        No, I’m not ignoring other “influences” as there are a number of culprits. What I do base it on is the research out of Japan. They do not vaccinate children before the age of 2 which broke from the American model back in the 80’s. Their infant mortality rate plummeted until now they are, if memory serves, 3rd in the world for the lowest infant mortality rate. The number one (Sweden I believe) has no childhood vaccination program whatsoever. We have one of the highest infant mortality rates in the western world. Coincidence? Not likely.

        So, to interpolate from that data is to arrive at the conclusion that our entire vaccination policy is flawed. Now we not only have auto-immune insults to our systems as infants but we are unknowingly consuming toxic compounds whether they be fluoride in the public water systems or aspertame in chewing gum (even the sugar varieties now ALL contain aaspertame). I believe these things have a synergistic effect, but vaccines for non-life threatening diseases just don’t make sense and the risk of disease does not justify the risks of vaccination.

    3. Diane says:

      You are so misinformed! Check out Madsen et al. NEMJ 2002; 347: 1477-82. The risk of autism spectrum disorder is no higher in vaccinated children than it is in unvaccinated children. There are multiple other suudies that came to the same conclusion. You are right: the rate of autism is increasing at an alarming rate. But we don’t know why and there is just no proof that vaccines are the cause. The Wakefield study was fradulent!

      You’re right about natural immunity being better and loner lasting in some/most cases. But at what risk? Would you rather see children in pain, with potential serious complications, disability, and even death? I don’t think it’s worth it.

      Vaccinations are held to a higher level of safety than any other drugs in this country. They offer excellent protection. Just look at the rates of infection and death for all of these communicable diseases before and after vaccination programs. It is one of the biggest public health successes in the world.

      1. George N. Weezie says:

        “Vaccinations are held to a higher level of safety than any other drugs in this country.”

        I see. If this is the case than why did we need a pay-off, hush money slush fund to compensate vaccine injuries, while at the same time absolving the mega pharmas from any liability, in the form of the 1986 Vaccine Injury Act? And you must be claiming that mercury is “safe” now because the CDC says so?

    4. MadMtnScot says:

      After 24 years of experience in healthcare and after reading over a dozen texts on vaccination an dozens of articles, I am opposed to vaccinations. We decided not to vaccinate our kids, who are all adults and all healthy. If vaccinations worked, those kids mentioned in the article who had been vaccinated would not have been sick. If you choose to believe that vaccinations work, then you have nothing to fear from non-vaccinated individuals. Herd immunity is not what you think it is. Research the concept, as it has been twisted since it was first conceived. Check out Niel Miller’s books. Look at the graphs that show that these diseases were on the decline long before introduction of vaccinations.

    5. BarrysHypocrisy says:

      I guess we should all start having “whooping cough” parties to expose our kids to it early on so they develop natural immunity to it right? Kind of like those dopes who used to have “chicken pox parties” in order to expose their kids to that virus.

      Vaccines work. Get your head out of the sand.

      1. George N. Weezie says:

        Why yes. That would be an awesome idea and it would provide children with life long immunity as well as providing immunoglobulins from colustrum to the next generation during a time when their immune systems are weak. That’s how God designed it; kinda cool, no?

        If vaccines work, then why is this story on line as it is about vaccinated kids getting the very disease they were vaccinated against? Who is it that needs to get their head out of the sand? Don’t believe the hype dawg!

      2. MadMtnScot says:

        I went to a chicken pox party as a kid in the early 60’s. I got chicken pox. I was also vaccinated for all of the childhood diseases. I had my titres taken in my 20’s and found out that I was still had immunity to chicken pox, but none of the other diseases that I was vaccinated for. So, scoff at the “parties” if you like, but it worked and it worked better than the vaccines. Vaccines DON’T work, or this article would never have been written. As for head in the sand, I think that is you more than me. I have studied this for years, you are running on emotions.

    6. Zawa Warsch says: Just going to leave this here for you to read in your spare time.

      1. George N. Weezie says:

        Ah yes, the contrary position. I never said that mercury, though harmful at any dosage, was causing autistic spectral disorder. My position is that infants’ immune systems cannot handle such a load, especially the combo vaccines that are used simply out of fear that the parents will not seek vaccinations later. Their CNS tracts are not remotely myelinated (think insulation on a wire). Inflammation is the principle response of the body to vaccines as the immune systems is challenged. It is the inflammation that leads to meningitis-like brain swelling which leads to ASD, including the mild form of MBD (minimal brain damage). The adverse vaccine reaction form that physicians use do not even consider this inflammatory reaction as abnormal. I’ve read all of these studies for 20 years. Japan’s data is damning regarding our current vaccine schedule and choice of vaccines. Has anyone ever wondered why America has such a high infant mortality rate compared to the rest of the western world? The reason is swelling of the brain and pressure on the brain stem where autonomic BP and breathing centers are located. Suspend the childhood vaccine program and voi’la you stop killing babies. Ya’ll go ahead and line your kids up for this poison. Oh yeah, also get your flu shots every year and don’t worry that its the leading cause of Gullian Barre. I’m sure you would rather be paralyzed and unable to breath on your own than to be inconvenienced by the flu for 3-5 days.

  6. bob says:

    My daughter (under the influence of my son-in-law,) refuses to vaccinate my grandchildren ages 2 and 4. Every mother should visit an old cemetery and view the graves of infants and young children who died, most likely, from infectious diseases that can now be prevented. It’s not the illegals folks, it’s the sophisticated and college educated who believe they have special knowledge.

    1. jabwatchdog says:

      Your son in law is very smart and your grandchildren are lucky to have him as a father

  7. SurferDoc says:

    Let the followers of Jenny McCarthy go their way and purify the gene pool. Darwin never sleeps.

    1. MadMtnScot says:

      Then why does one get life-long immunity from the disease, but not from the vaccination? Darwin said that strong survive. Nietzsche said that which does not kill us makes u stronger. If I got the disease as a child and didn’t die (and dying from a childhood disease rarely happens in developed countries), and I have a stronger immune system than the vaccinated kids, then Darwin would favor me getting the disease and not the vaccination. I AM the purified gene pool, my friend.

  8. Texasbil says:

    Bring on the illegal aliens and we get the infections they bring with them. This is something that has been going on now for many years and it is going to get worse with the intrusion of illegals we are putting up with.

    1. Michael H. says:

      Blame Jenny McCarthy and Andrew Wakefield.

      If you don’t know what I’m talking about, do some research before you open your mouth.

      1. jabwatchdog says:

        I think you need to do your research. Outcries about vaccines have been occurring long before these two came around. Most parents who claim that their children are vaccine injured don’t or didn’t know who the previously said were at the time.

  9. Frank says:

    Ground zero for the epidemic is obviously people from foreign nations. This disease is one of many that was virtually wiped out in this country due to generations of vaccinations.

    Now there is another health care crisis with significant resources and money being spent. Just another unaccounted cost of illegal immigration.

  10. pinky lee says:

    Just another example of how liberalism and political correctness are destroying America. The causes of this destruction are constantly evident all around yet denied recognition. Long Island is LOADED with illegal aliens!!! These illegal people are LOADED will all manner of third-world diseases, they are walking petri dishes!! They come from countries where municipal sanitation and the simplest hygiene practices are non-existant! Their children sit in the public school classrooms coughing and sneezing without covering their mouths! Ever wonder why Americans visiting third world countries are told not to “drink the water” but the natives there do and don’t get sick? because their digestive and immune systems have adapted to the filth! Yet they bring that filth with them when they sneak across the border into America! They work in the back of EVERY diner on Long Island preparing food when they are not cleaning the bathrooms, and he ones who can half-speak broken English are your waiters! Americans are blind to the near completion of their destruction because they are either too busy watching football, Oprah Losefry and Ellen Degenerate or trampling each other in a store to buy junk made in China! All while the marxist muslim bi-sexual chief illegal alien “occupying” the Oval Office is giving away America’s military secrets to China!! Turn out the lights America….the party’s over!!!!!

    1. nrichard says:

      you are completely insane and honestly quite frightening – you are the type of person that the rest of society needs to be concerned with – the lunatic fringe.

      1. John W says:

        @nrichard – I hate to be the bearer of bad news; however the fact is the reason we are seeing a resurgence in previously eradicated diseases in the United States, is due largely to immigration; both legal and illegal. Unfortunately, because many emerging countries do not have any sort of modern day health care practices in place [including immunization]. Immigrants arrive in this country carrying all sorts of infections, which are highly contagious. The United States used to deal with this to the best of their ability at the turn of the 20 th century by enacting stop gaps such as Ellis Island, and other large scale ports of entry, where immigrants where required to go through a preliminary medical exam to before even touching US soil. Since we no longer engage in this practice, and since people who cross illegally will never volunteer for any sort of an exam, this problem will only continue to worsen.

    2. Ben says:

      While you will most likely be blasted for you CORRECT comment, stand strong, you are 100% correct…..the brain dead among us will deny reality regardless of pesky ‘facts’……………Lets also don’t forget the new resistant strains of TB that our ‘guests’ have reintroduced to America….we’re so lucky!

    3. fretsward says:

      Living in Los Angeles, Mexifornia, I can vouch for you. We’ve had the whooping cough epidemic here as well as TB. Just wait until you guys experience Chagas. All of the bledding heart liberal morons will feign they have no idea where these maladies come from, just as they tried to sweep H1N1 under the radar when we know where it came from — the Mexican town that has the sculpture of the boy known as patient ground zero. Good luck with the globalist, androgynous university-think liberal pricks who fill the East Coast to the rafters, and please tell them to stay there. They’ve already doomed California with their stupefying logic and we are the world mental disease…

    4. Bawlamer Merlin says:


  11. Published PhD Biochemist says:

    The people who think vaccines don’t work need to take an entry level microbiology and immunology class.

    Of course, they also believe that doctors and pharmacists are evil robots out to get them, so maybe they’re too far gone.

    Since reputable sources don’t seem to be anyone here’s strong point… try wikipedia for a few things: herd immunity, virulence factor, and transformation (DNA transfer).


    1. Sorely Frickey says:


    2. Most Worshipful Doctorate of Everything says:

      Please, by all means, take as many vaccines as you can, Published.

    3. jim stone says:

      so, go get vaccinated for the bubonic plague

    4. logic says:

      The second to last paragraph says it all.
      The majority of the students who have been infected with whooping cough had been immunized, which health officials said may account for their milder illness.

      If you take the vaccine you will get sick.

      1. Scott Batten says:

        Um, shouldn’t you use logic for this then, as your name implies?
        If most people in the US are REQUIRED to get this shot before school(the tetanus shot is mixed in with it), then shouldn’t we EXPECT that those that get it would be of that group? Numbers are numbers, they don’t lie. If 1000 people exist, and 950 have the vaccine, then wouldn’t it be logical for the majority to have been vaccinated?

        An answer does not a cause make. Logic would say, “95% have the shot, if less than 95% of the sick have had the shot, then the shot is more effective, not the other way around”.

        1. MadMtnScot says:

          Scott, you missed the point. If the vaccines worked, then NONE of the vaccinated kids should be in the group of those who got sick.

    5. jabwatchdog says:

      maybe you should read the inserts of the products you are putting into your body and perhaps actual studies instead of wikipedia

  12. stevefraser says:


  13. Jacky Pedrosa says:

    Funny thing,my son got vaccinated for flu begin of oct. I got flu shot begin of November. I have been back and forth on metro-north this month.Last week he caught a cold,I caught it.His cleared up but I’m still sick and I have this bad ass cough,out of nowhere and like cant sleep bad. I was going to make time 4 doc tomorrow cuz its f’n incredible.I feel like I’m coughing up a lung.He had NO cough.I felt fluish first 3 days after I got this kick ass cough.dammit I hope it’s not some mutant supercough virus from the flu vaccine. cuz this chit hurts and when I start coughing I can stop.I knew I shouldnt have taken the shot cuz I can deal with the flu cant deal with this cough!

    1. Jacky Pedrosa says:

      \I can’t stop

    2. Lyndsey says:

      Flu shots don’t contain live virus, so it’s likely you were carrying this before you got the shot or he brought it home from school, etc.

    3. Scott Batten says:

      Could be that you needed a booster for your childhood diseases, about 20% of adults need a booster. My sister just went through this as well.

    4. viralsense says:

      The cold and the flu are two completely different viruses. A flu shot will not protect you from a cold. It sounds like your cold weakened you to the point a different bug set in, like pneumonia. Pneumonia, again, is not flu nor can it be prevented by a flu shot. It can have many causes and can be viral or bacterial.

  14. d silver says:

    some of you people obviously can’t read. the article states what is clear regarding all of these outbreaks of diseases which have supposedly been eradicated through vaccination. most of the people who contract the disease HAVE BEEN VACCINATED. got the picture? they always surmise that those people get a “milder case”. yeah, right. I see an awful lot of careful research being dedicated to proving that supposition. the whole “my kids are protected because they are vaccinated” is a myth. vaccinations don’t last and can have serious side effects which have nothing to do with autism.

  15. mark says:

    Wow, this thread is one big Alex Jones paranoid reader comment thread. Amazing.

  16. JT says:

    AUTISM OUTBREAK HITS ONE OUT OF EVERY NINETY KIDS IN LONG ISLAND! But of course this didn’t make the news. If someone had taken a sledge hammer, lined all the little children up, and bludgeoned every 90th kid, that would make the news. But giving them one shot a month for the first two years of their lives, and screwing up 1 out of 90 kids, and 1 out of 90 families, doesn’t matter. By the way, whooping cough could be cured easily with vitamin C. Just Google “Robert Cathcart”.

    1. mark says:

      How’s that tin foil hat fitting you?

      1. Brandon says:

        What’s your education level mark. More importantly, how’s that dunce hat fitting you. Do yourself a favor and read up on the mechanism of action of vaccines, b and t-cell, active and passive, natural and artificial immunity.

        After that, ask yourself, why are infants vaccinated? They’re dependent on their mother’s breast milk for generalized, non-specific immunities to protect them from infections. They can’t produce antibodies till the age of 12 months, which is what vaccines are given for. How can one strengthen the immunological response of a non-existent antibody? But don’t my word for it. Look it up.

        Also, while you’re at it, check out the biological affects of aluminum. You sir should be careful who you insulting, especially since its obvious you’re the perfect example of glib.

        1. DUce says:

          Half-baked knowledge is much more dangerous than no knowledge Mr. Brandon!

          Most vaccines are given when the baby reaches two months old because this is when the high level of antibodies passed on by the mother begins to decline. Many vaccines require more than one shot. These additional shots, also called booster shots, ensure that enough antibodies are produced to make the vaccine effective.

          1. URALiar says:

            if you are saying that we give baby vaccines because after two month the antibodyies passed on by the mother started to decline. Then you are a stupid dumfook.

            Vaccien does not contain antibody. It containes live virus. Babies can’t make antibodies no matter how much vaccine you give them. Stupid idiot.

            1. Balth says:

              How about you read his statement again so you dont embarrass yourself further.

            2. Scott Batten says:

              I think that you missed the word PRODUCED in the above comment. Better swallow your own… Stupid idiot.

    2. BobF says:

      My infant son is dead because of idiots like you. Because some asshole didn’t get their child immunized, he contracted pertussis in the first few weeks of his life, and died, having been misdiagnosed several times by both his doctor and the hospital (“It’s just a cold, sir. Your son has a cold.”) Idiots such as you, JT, don’t understand that your so-called intelligence is responsible for not only my son’s death, but scores of other babies every year in the United States. You’re no different than a terrorist if one ignores the fact that your type is just more cunning… asshole.

      1. Franklin Lopez says:

        Bob, you have my deepest condolences for your painful loss. I am sorry that some try to pass themselves off as human but in fact they are animals.

        I am going through it (Whooping Cough) right NOW in San Francisco as there has also been an outbreak here. Who I came into contact with is beyond me as I pretty much stay home alone for myriad reasons.

        But Bob, please know, those of us that ARE human, we empathize with you and pray for your peace.

        God bless and give you peace.

        1. fretsward says:

          Living in the liberal moronic anything goes nanny city of San Francisco (where an illegal alien can be a city council member) you’re lucky to just have whooping cough. Liberals have basically banned smoking, and testosterone, but embrace illegal aliens. Yes, we are human, but that doesn’t mean we have to be stupid because it makes you feel good…

      2. cactus02 says:

        My condolences BobF.We now live in an age when children can be expected to live well into adulthood.Some dolt comes up with a theory about vaccines being “bad” and and folks eager to know better than doctors and immunoligists put thousands of people at risk and sicken many.If you are not going to immunise your family move to a farm in Wyoming and stop putting the rest of at risk.

      3. M Chandler says:

        Sorry for your loss – but I must point out your son could have been infected by any one of these kids with the disease who WERE GIVEN THE VACCINE but got it anyway.

      4. Scott Batten says:

        I am sorry for you loss, but doesn’t the fault also lie with the doctor that missed this OBVIOUS cough? If the doctor that treated your son could not pick out whooping cough, then he should be kicked out of the AMA. The wheeze is undeniable. The bug could have been picked up anywhere, the doctor is more at fault here than those that don’t vaccinate(and I am a firm believer in vaccinations).

      5. Toni says:

        I feel your pain. I got whooping cough (I was immunized as a child) and passed it onto my infant daughter and also to a infant niece, both of whom had not been fully immunized yet.

        The doctor I went to mis-diagnosed my condition as a bad cold due to my asthma, I don’t think he had ever seen a case of Whooping Cough before.

        It wasn’t until my brother saw/heard a video of a child with whooping cough that all of us were able to get a correct diagnosis. It nearly put me in the hospital as double pnemonia also set in (my doctor took pity on me and didn’t admit me though he wanted to). My baby almost died. It was 6 months before I went a day without a coughing fit.

        I am so sorry for your loss.

    3. Scott Batten says:

      Um, how many of these kids eat MCD’s on a weekly basis?
      How many of these kids watch TV for tons of hours daily?
      How many of these kids eat junk food daily?

      Any of these are just as likely to be the cause. There is NO direct link between vaccines and autism, only speculation. That is not good science, that is how we got global cooling in the 70’s and global warming now.

      10% information and 90% assumption.

  17. jnsesq says:

    “What’s causing this sudden and sharp rise in whooping cough has yet to be determined, said Dr. Dennis Russo with the Suffolk County Health Department.”

    I have a theory: Illegal immigrants from Third World countries — unvaccinated, of course — are bringing it with them as they have tuberculosis in border states.

    Guess that makes me — what? A medical racist?

    1. crossbow1 says:

      The sheeple are easily conned – take the vaccine and die a slow death. You are being scammed.

    2. mark says:

      Or it could be ignorant parents not vaccinated their children and thereby threatening the health of all the other children within the district.

      1. ComradeNobama says:

        Who vaccinates for Whooping cough? It’s obviously being brought in by all these illegals Obama and his Justice and State departments are coddling…and encouraging. We’re having outbreaks of all the diseases that were wiped out in the 40s and 50s: Whooping cough, tuberculosis. We’re having outbreaks of Ecoli, Lysteria. Next, it’ll be Smallpox. Obama and the Progressives are allowing America to turn into a Third World country. That’s what they want. They call it: social justice.

        1. Michael H. says:

          Pretty much every pediatrician will vaccinate against pertussis as it is done in combination with the vaccines for tetanus, diphtheria, polio and haemophilus influenzae type B. All of these vaccines and their boosters are done together. You don’t go in and say “I want the whooping cough vaccine”. You get it with the others. Remove your head from your ass before posting next time. This has nothing to do with immigrants and everything to do with idiot parents who think they know better than trained medical physicians because Jenny McCarthy told them so.

      2. Brandon says:

        You should read the part of the story where it said that the kids infected were vaccinated, which may be the reason the infections were so mild. Maybe? Logic would also lend itself to “maybe not” as well.

        I love it when people make comments when they obviously haven’t read the whole story.

        1. mark says:

          I did read it and saw that those who were vaccinated had milder cases. But not all were vaccinated.

      3. Vaccinesarepoison says:

        If the vaccine worked, exactly why are all the other children in the district threatened? If they’ve been immunized, they should be protected, right? And if they really aren’t protected, then why bother getting the vaccine in the first place and expose them to a potential vaccine injury? Just so they could have a “milder” version? Come on. Vaccines are not safe for everyone. If they were, there would be no need for the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund which has paid out BILLIONS since its inception? Also, you should check out the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) to see exactly how many adverse events are reported due to vaccines. Do some research, please.

        1. Scott Batten says:

          Immunizations do not always take, especially if the boosters were not given, or if they were given too closely together. Some people simply do not produce the long term antibodies needed to fight a bacterium(this isn’t a virus so it isn’t a one shot deal).

          Learn the difference between a bacterial and a viral immunization, that will explain why.

      4. jabwatchdog says:

        Really? Because I don’t hear of that many unvaccinated kids contracting whooping cough. In fact most of the cases reported are from vaccinated children getting it and spreading it to other vaccinated kids.

    3. Franklin Lopez says:

      A Realist.

  18. Vinko says:

    Have you ever noticed stories like this always pop up around the end of the year, they talk about the flu season and getting vaccinated, I didn’t know that diseases cared about what season it is…. go get vaccinated if it makes you feel better, it will make big pharma pockets feel better.

    1. D Jamison says:

      My brother in his mid 50’s contracted whooping cough…it almost killed him. Difficult to diagnose because it is deceptive..appears as a “cold.” It gets progressively worse and becomes one hellish nightmare. The Chinese call it the “100 Day Cough”… lasted 6 months for him. Did permanent damage to his lungs. He is diabetic & non-smoker. Hospital Epidemiologists determined that he likely contracted this by coming in contact with Mexican immigrants. To hear the sound of this horrific illness, go to My heart goes out to anyone who ever contracts this nightmare illness.

      1. RS says:

        I am with you there – I had whooping cough a few years ago (I’m in my late 40’s) From Jan til Sept. I had it. Bad part is that Emergency Clinics had no idea what it was – I was treated for a cough – not whooping cough (looking back there were at LEAST 3 others in that room with the SAME type of cough too!!)

        After breaking my second rib, not being able to breath while trying to even get air into my lungs to cough – I ended up at a Lung specialist. She invoked my cough (you don’t cough all the time – it only comes in fits and every two hours it seems at night) and she told me her years as a children’s Doc made her really sure I had whooping cough and/or something in my throat that obstructed my ability to shallow. Yep – Right on both counts. I had it and also had throat surgery as well to remove that inflamed growth that was a result of the cough. Sleeping in a chair for three months, learning how to suppress the start of a cough and holding on to an inhaler (which is no longer on the over-the-counter market) 🙁 made me realize – after my lung doctor told me after I was cured this time – I had to get that DTAP vaccine as there are EIGHT different strains of this stuff and I could still get the other 7!
        NEVER want to go through that again – I feel thankful I can actually sleep through nights now!

      2. Scott Batten says:

        This is what many people miss. Just like the tetanus booster, you should get a pneumonia and a whooping cough booster every so often. Bacterial vaccines do not last for your whole life(and really many vaccines wear out eventually).

  19. ANNA BELLE says:


    1. Huh says:

      Hey Anna Belle are you a Native American?…where did your grandparents come from??

      1. Kip Noxzema says:

        Her grandparents were legal citizens who knew it was their duty to get vaccinated. That’s the difference.

        1. Huh says:

          Oh really?…I guess back then they weren’t like todays idiot parents who won’t vaccinate their kids because they’re afraid they’ll become autistic…

          1. Scott Batten says:

            There is NO real proof between the two.
            In the last 40 years, we have MSG’s in our food, we have deep fat frying, we have TV on consistently, we have multiple food preservatives, and we have lazy parents that would rather fix microwave food, than real food. And let’s not leave out the GMO’s

            Now, were all of the above removed from the “experiment” before making these conclusions? If they weren’t then, sorry, but it is only an assumption. These shots were around before the modern food issue. If you are looking for something that is a cause, I would look at the food before the vaccines(one is done one time, the other is done daily.

        2. Michael H. says:

          There are thousands of legal citizens who are ignoring medical science and refusing to get their children vaccinated. Why aren’t you attacking them?

    2. crossbow1 says:

      It looks like this is your way of saying you don’t like illegals. It is a scam by our govt to get people to take harmful vaccines.

  20. Jewfromhell says:

    If your kids are sick send them to the White House. Our Dear Leader needs another vacation!

  21. skye says:

    Had pertussis, in 2009, as a 56 year old. Sickest of my life, said as a “cancer survivor”. Four months of hell: incredibly violent coughing attacks, often ending in vomiting and always with scary feeling of suffocation. The suffocation sense, which leads to the violent attempts to inhale which lead to the whooping sound, is not the feeling of congested breathing passageways. It’s deeper, with the feeling that an electrical switch has been turned off and the inhale step of normal breathing just doesn’t work at all, like a dead engine. Prolonged periods with a total, absolute inability to get one puff of breath. In addition to the discomfort/disruption of any illness, you’re also always working, trying to manage the cough attacks so you can ultimately breathe, an exhausting, stressful ordeal. I thought I was going to check out many times despite having been a runner for 40 years and being able to swim 50 yards, or two laps of a full length pool, underwater, so have good lung capacity and breath control. I have no idea how any children or elderly people are able to survive it. Based on my experience, if I hadn’t researched the matter, I would have guessed that the fatality rate for infants would be 100%, with some number of healthy adults checking out. Do whatever you can to avoid it.

    1. ladysforest says:

      I live most of my days like that. I get along. I have been this way for 25 years.

  22. Hiheels says:

    Kids do not get into school in Florida without a shot record.
    From what I have seen and read about NY, I would think that worse creepy
    crawly things like bedbug and hanta virus from rodent droppings. Rodent fleas
    causing plague and such.. I dont think the big city piling people together on top of each other is a healthy way of life. Communitarians are the disease breeders.

    1. Jacky Pedrosa says:

      NY requires Vaccine records.Timely or your kid will be kicked out. NY takes vaccines seriously.I’m hoping and praying this isn’t what I picked up on the metro north.I’m a fully vaccinated adult. I just got the flu vaccine right before I got sick.I thought it was flu. I said,I just got flu vaccine how do I got the flu? but it morphed 3 days later into this kick ass cough.Hurts so bad ! can’t breathe during attack and I breathe funny afterwards.I came across this articles looking online for answers.If by chance I picked up this bug,I’ve pretty much infected parts of ct,manhattan and brooklyn my damn self. Yesterday I thought my brain was gonna bust. .today I’ve been strung out on Buckleys(woohoo). People need to cover their damn mouths and wash their hands!

      1. Scott Batten says:

        Whooping cough often needs a booster, just like tetanus, because it fights a bacterium and not a virus.

      2. jabwatchdog says:

        You should re-read your own statement…I just got the flu vaccine before I got sick….sorry to inform you but you are the one that is probably spreading it to other ppl. not the other way around

  23. Dr. America says:

    Hopefully only kids of liberals and illegals get sick.

  24. Jeff says:

    Lets stop ignoring the cause of the problem. The rise in all these infectious deseases is primarily do to illegal aliens. Weh you turn the US into a Northern provence of a dirty 3rd world country, we get to be “culturally enriched” by millions of people with a 2nd grade education and every disease known to man.
    I live in the toilet known as Southern California

    1. Sam says:

      The rise is also from idiot parents who don’t vaccinate their kids, not just illegals. These dirtbag hippies are still believing the bull about vaccinations and autism. Even though it’s proven to be complete lies, it created a domino effect with all the morons worldwide.

      1. Ryan says:

        Sam, you clearly didn’t read the article. The majority of the kids who got infected were vaccinated. This is more proof that vaccines are garbage medicine and only serve to fill the coffers of the pharma companies.

        1. mark says:

          It also states that the reason that the attacks are milder is because the children that are vaccinated aren’t having as large of a reaction.

        2. Michael H. says:

          Herd immunity. Do your damn research.

        3. Michael H. says:

          Herd immunity. Do your damn research.

          1. jabwatchdog says:

            Herd immunity is theoretical only and based on actual immunity not what happens when you get vaccinated. there is a difference. so please. you do your damn research

    2. Tanya says:

      Jeff it isn’t just “illegal aliens” the late Paul Harvey warned America as far back as the early 1980s about the return of diseases that we had ELIMINATED in this nation, Harvey said it was due to immigration, he focused on LEGAL immigration on his broadcasts at that time.

  25. comenovember says:

    Alex is correct. The immigrants, illegal and legal and the refugees bring horrific diseases. It is our fault– we need to stop all immigration, deport all illegals or this country is finished. At least 85% of them hate America and have no intention of assimilating. Leprosy, bubonic plague, TB have been rampant in big cities for years.

    1. LogicNotHuff says:

      MAN YOU HAVE THE PLAN. The age of immigration is over. Immigration was one thing in the old days when people were normal, but now that there is the engineered takeover by the Islamics on the east side, here to build numbers until the time of massive bloodletting (death threats for free speech already today) as they are training for the attack in Islamberg NY, and the engineered takeover by reconquista on the southwest coast, immigration is just rolling over to let the perps have their way with this great nation. Dwight Eisenhower said of the communists [sic] it is not going to be tolerated to let invaders and enemies use our free society against us in aggression, and that’s just what the Islams and the Mexicans are doing to us. Immigration is now CANCELLED!!

      1. mark says:

        Is that tinfoil hat to tight?

        1. artemis133 says:

          Mark, you just keep right on drinkin’ that kool-aid.

          1. mark says:

            Actually, it wasn’t Kool-Aid. It was Flavor Aid that those poor folks at Jonestown drank.

        2. Michael H. says:

          Keep buying stock in Alcoa. These nutbags are going to make us rich!

  26. Carol says:

    In 2000 my 4 week old son had a loud barking cough. It was not constant however but I did go to the doctor twice that week. She checked him and of course he didn’t cough while at her office. She could not find anything. The following day while in my arms he coughed and his body just went completely limp. I shook him very gently and he came around. At 1am I awoke to him coughing beside me. I checked and he was not breathing. Infants are too young to get their breadth back. When we got to the hospital there was a doctor from India there. As soon as she heard him, she knew what it was because she had heard it so often before. Up until recently most American doctors have never been in contact with it. Whooping cough can cause severe brain damage in a young baby or death. His DTP shot was not due for another month. When you look at your infant in an oxygen tent for 5 days on antibiotics, you thank God that the medicine is there. Our older son who does have his DPT vaccines got a very mild dose. Happy to say 11 years later he is a very healthy, happy boy.

    1. mark says:

      Wow…being the father of a 19 month old daughter, your story scares the bejeebus out of me. I feel your pain and panic just reading it…thankfully it turned out well…and is why my daughter is being fully vaccinated.

    2. Scott Batten says:

      To all people that think vaccines are not a good thing, READ THIS.

      1. jabwatchdog says:

        Yes please read this and know to stay away from those newly vaccinated

  27. Alex says:

    What a shock – article is careful to not mention the immigrant filth.

    1. serenity says:

      Hey Alex, You are a racist. Your attitude towards other human beings is VERY UNATTRACTIVE. And guess what,? This is an educated (Paralegal) middle class, catholic school girl (white), born and raised in america girl talking to you. Remember, Jesus Christ says very clearly in the bible that we will be judged on how we loved others. Guess what Jesus and God are not racist. as a matter of fact God made every human. Just because you may not choose to believe the Bible does not mean God is not holding YOU to it. Change your heart before it is too late. May the Lord be with you.

      1. jdude says:

        blah, blah, blah, Jesus also said to follow the laws of the land, something Mexicans clearly don’t understand!

      2. LogicNotHuff says:

        Jesus said that a kingdom divided cannot stand and all the Islamic and Mexican invaders are not here to become Americans, they are here as the advance troops for when they get their Bolshevik window. Immigration is now CANCELLED.

      3. JoeG says:

        get the word RACIST out of your vocabulary. Alex is angry we have treasonous politicians that wont defend our borders. As a result, Americans are dying from diseases bought here by 3rd world migrants that are also a huge drain on American taxpayers. Our infrastructure is overburdened, quality of life due to overcrowding has nosedived, instead of open green areas we get more strip malls, apartments, and crime. So your whole argument relies on the meaningless word RACIST. If you want to be Jesus-like, sell everything you own and give away all your money to the 3rd world migrants. Obviously you haven’t, because you have a computer. You are a hypocrite. You are a valley girl that never had to live in a migrant neighborhood.

    2. Timin Phoenix says:

      You didn’t have to be so crude in the way you put it, but you are still essentially correct.

    3. Jeff says:

      Alex, You may want to check your facts before you spout. Immigrant hispanic populations have a high trust in modern medicine and boast very high immunization rates. It is generally the white middle/upper class that are forgoing vaccines for their children and raising the risk of spreading vaccine preventable diseases such as pertussis.

      1. Dr. America says:

        Wrong again Jeff.

    4. Huh says:

      What about the filth of parents not vaccinating their kids…

  28. BadPenny says:

    All I can say is anyone out there who refuses to vaccinate their children get exactly what they are asking for. Sure, they have a right to choose, but don’t whine and give me a sad story when your infant dies!

    1. serenity says:

      Quit judging people, the real truth is that vaccinations have been shown to cause autism. Go look at the stats and get your facts straight before you go calling people names with your mean spirit. The real truth is our government along with the pharm companies are money hungry, and corrupt. Just like big tabacco was lying and the government makes a killing off of tabacco tax. They own the media and make bad press about parents who are afraid to vaccinate because of the link to autism. Court cases have already been won concerning this issue.

      1. Serenity Conspiracy Fool says:

        Where’s my tin foil hat.

        1. serenity says:

          Come on dude. i am not being unreasonable. i have done my homework, you can too. educate yourself so that you can know the facts too. May the Lord be with you even in your ignorance. i will not be quarreling with you. i am only here to shine some light into darkness. the lord says “you will know them by their love”. I am not here to fight with anyone. hating on people is wrong period.

          1. Shane Morris says:

            That “autism” thing has been wholly debunked. You do YOUR homework.,9171,1960277,00.html

      2. Timin Phoenix says:

        You are playing a part in your own little self-manufactured drama. Sort of like: “Tin Foil Hat Productions Presents!”

      3. SlimShady says:

        your information was done by one Dr.s’ flawed study 15 years ago. Thanks to Luddites like you, measles have come back, mumps, whooping cough and one that should terrify you if you have children is Polio. That word alone terrified parents until the Salk vaccine was developed but now it’s back. You are just sliming off the backs of responsible parents that did vaccinate their children, thinking you’d be safe. You had better hope that polio doesn’t cripple your kids because you were too ignorant or lazy to get them vaccinated.

      4. Jeff says:

        Anti-vaccinators are very foolish people. You have the luxury of being able to be ignorant (thanks to 100 years of vaccination in this country). How are you going to feel when your kid gets Polio, Measles etc?

        Don’t make your kids pay for your ignorance.

    2. Margaret Pickett O says:

      Did you read the article? It states that the majority of students who came down with it, HAD been immunized.

    3. Slim Pickens says:

      My infant son almost died hours after recieveing a vacine. Can you show any scientific proof that vacines actually perform as suggested.

      1. Just Asking says:

        While I sympathize, can you show proof that the vaccine was the cause of death?

        1. jabwatchdog says:

          Can you show proof that it wasn’t?

  29. joeseppie says:

    Isnt diversity wonderful!!!!
    Thanks to all the illegals in this country and their usefool tool moron liberals for enabling this crap!!! liberals and illegals suck!!!

    1. serenity says:

      you are a racist and a mean spirited person. no one can be happy while hating on others. what a pity.

      1. Serenity Dingbat Hypocrite says:

        Illegals are not a race you ignorant piece of slimy dog crap. You call him a racist, then try for the high road? HYPOCRITE!

    2. Huh says:

      I think I missed that part where it said illegals were responsible for this…

  30. Madelaine says:

    TrueBlue, Lisa B and Petey are the only ones who know what they are talking about, people. Whooping cough is HORRIBLE. I thought I was going to die when I caught it, source unknown since I had not been around any children and no one else I knew was ill. The DTP vaccine is one of the oldest, safest vaccinations we have, use it or the consequences may prove more than you and your children can bear.

  31. Gene Franklin says:

    Come On! Did you see what the public health doc said? He said if everyone were vaccinated the disease would be milder, not gone.

    Three things people do not know about whooping cough and the vaccine.1) The old pertussis vax killed and maimed children but did give unaffected children immunity for about 12 years. After that, immunity wore off so many adults who had that vax are currently at risk. 2) The new DTAP is only effective to reduce the symptoms so many Doctors and public health officials are content to allow the bacteria to be spread as the real truth that it is only semi-effective would cause a reduction in vaccinations,3) Currently WC is mostly diagnosed as bronchitis and the wrong antibiotic given thus allowing those unvaccinated babies and older people to come in contact with the sometimes fatal disease.

    I’m thankful for the doctors in this story who are aware enough to swab kids with an early cough thereby catching an outbreak and making people aware of the possibility; giving them a chance to isolate their little ones or get a booster for their older kids or themselves..

    Tina in TX…fully vaccinated and mom to an autistic child who was gestated during my horrible bout with adult pertussis

  32. Walter Billings says:

    Was this not brought into the NY area by a Third Worlder? Along the Texas border with Mexico there has been a marked upswing in TB cases, Hepatitis, and menigitis.

    1. BadPenny says:

      Does it really matter where is came from when it came continue to come for all over…..or is it more important to know how to stop it from spreading or stop from getting it?

      1. Alex says:

        Yeah, stop immigration and you don’t have to worry about this along with crime and many other social ills that come with immigration.

        1. Huh says:

          But we still have to worry about the Jeffrey Dahmer’s and the Ted Bundy’s who are already here…

  33. phillip mckann says:

    “…it might be as simple as more doctors are detecting and diagnosing it, or it could be an increase in some parents’ decision to forgo vaccinating their kids…”

    Dr. P. McKann, not interviewed for this story, adds: “It could also likely be the huge illegal immigrant population, but nobody has the nuts to say it. They’ll blame it on yuppie moms forging vaccinations instead. Ignore the elephant in the room.”

  34. Chuck says:

    Funny how the vaccine pushers can’t explain why the whipping cough vaccine doesn’t work.

    1. TrueBlue says:

      Vaccinations don’t prevent you from contracting, they only lower the chance you will get it and then produce a generally milder infection because you already have antibodies. The main reason vaccinations work to protect large populations is that if everyone is vaccinated it reduces the chances of someone contracting it in the first place. Once one person gets it the disease tends to gain strength, and repeated or prolonged exposure increases the chance of someone else catching it.

      If vaccinations were as useless as some people claim we would not have nearly wiped out Small Pox in the civilized world. The only reason it exists at all anymore is because there are places that do not have access, or cannot afford, the vaccinations. That and they keep samples in the lab to continue to produce the vaccines from.

  35. bobby says:

    Bring in more illegal aliens we need more diseases we need more poverty we need more famine

  36. doctor doctor says:

    I have some serious reservations about vaccination. in fact what the article does not state is that there is an increase infection rate with those who are vaccinated with acellular pertusuis , the vaccine is not longer as affective, my guess is that the bacteria has mutated in a way such that the vaccine does nto fully immunize you to pertusis.

  37. Lisa Brend says:

    I got whooping cough in 2006, and after a month developed pneumonia. I was out of work for 2 months and it was over 4 months before I got my energy back and could walk up a flight of stairs without gasping for breath. I live in NC, do not have chiildren in school, and not sure where I contacted it from.

  38. Massimo Deportado says:

    Vaccines kill and maim more people than you think.

    You trust the FDA? LOL sheeple…..

    Diversity is perversity and the Japanese earthquake proved it.
    Show me ONE report of looting. You can’t.

  39. joey bag o'doughnuts says:

    Can anyone say; illegal aliens? I remember when we were to visit family in Brazil, we had to get all sorts of shots and when people from Brazil came to visit here or family in Bermuda the same thing applied. I call like I see it.

  40. BillYBoy says:

    We need to pair this story with the Anti Vaccination crowd in the news this week. Maybe they can all go for a bus ride together.

    1. serenity says:

      Quit judging people, the real truth is that vaccinations have been shown to cause autism. Go look at the stats and get your facts straight before you go judging people with your mean spirit. The real truth is our government along with the pharm companies are money hungry, and corrupt. Just like big tabacco was lying and the government makes a killing off of tabacco tax. They own the media and make bad press about parents who are afraid to vaccinate because of the link to autism. Court cases have already been won concerning this issue. Jesus said love would run cold at the time near his return. what is up with all these people haters. what a small mind to think this way about other human beings. shame on you.

      1. karl says:

        No, they never have.

        Autism has been definitively shown to be genetic in origin, morphological changes occur in utero through the first 6 months of development.

    2. mark says:

      On the short bus?

  41. alan says:

    Lets hear it for the liberal idiots who dont vaccinate their children. MORONS

    1. serenity says:

      Quit judging people, the real truth is that vaccinations have been shown to cause autism. Go look at the stats and get your facts straight before you go calling people names with your mean spirit. The real truth is our government along with the pharm companies are money hungry, and corrupt. Just like big tabacco was lying and the government makes a killing off of tabacco tax. They own the media and make bad press about parents who are afraid to vaccinate because of the link to autism. Court cases have already been won concerning this issue.

    2. JCur says:

      Let’s not judge all liberals together, I am a social liberal and I DO vaccinate my children. I understand some of the concern of folks who are afraid of vaccines, I still believe the benefit outweighs the risk. I also don’t buy into the autism link to vaccines, if the “science” linking vaccines and autism were true how do you explain vaccinated children who DON”T have autism and UN-vaccinated children who DO have autism . . . I believe autism begins during gestation and the most recent reliable science available supports that.

  42. dave w says:

    My 7 yr old granddaughter became a diabetic, type 1, within weeks of getting whooping cough in elementary school. Doctor/Specialist said there was a causal relationship.

  43. petey says:

    As a nurse for over 30yrs,this has to be one of the nastiest diseases for an infant.An infant who has pertussis, can go from the color pink to purple in a matter of seconds with the near strangulation on secretions and the inability to catch their breath from the cough.Get vaccinated!

  44. Kristine K-Hassan says:

    Some of the ignorant comments here don’t take into account how serious whooping cough is, especially to infants. This summer, myself, my husband and our then 5 week old infant son contracted whooping cough, The only member of our family who was unaffected was our 5 year old daughter because she is up to date on her immunizations. Our son spent a week in the hospital and we all coughed for over 3 months. Some babies die from it. Immunity from childhood vaccines can wear off (my husband and I were vaccinated as children), We are in Staten Island and haven’t been to Long Island in ages, so don’t think you’re safe if you live elsewhere. It is especially dangerous for infants, so anyone who is in contact with infants should receive a Tdap (tetanus, diptheria, and pertussis) booster.

  45. raf says:

    Whooping Cough is very bad. My wife’s co-worker got it and she was out sick for 8-12 weeks. Coughing until she vomited. If you notice LIRR no one covers their mouth when couging or sneezing. Personal Hygiene is job #1.

    1. KL says:

      It’s Long Island…what do you expect from those people

  46. veenieviper says:

    plumb island burped again

  47. Huh says:

    Always some drama happening on Long Island…geez

  48. SFede says:

    That’s because people are not vaccinating their children and diseases spread!

    1. Otis says:

      Can you back that up with scientific proof? I think not.

      1. Peter says:

        todays paper 1 in 20 not getting there shots !!!

        1. Slim Pickens says:

          Perhaps people are becoming enlightened by the dangers and bogus claims of big Pharma.

          1. BadPenny says:

            LOL seriously? I think more people are being enlightened to the dangers of not vaccinating their children, hence this article. Whooping cough was once unheard of, now it seems outbreaks everywhere. Do really think parents should putt ehir children through that? More infant die, I bet the liberals who don’t vaccinate will be the first to stand in line and then demand it be a law.

      2. Huh says:

        Yes, I can prove it…It’s because people are not vaccinating their children and diseases spread!

    2. serenity says:

      Quit judging people, the real truth is that vaccinations have been shown to cause autism. The real truth is our government along with the pharm companies are money hungry, and corrupt. Just like big tabacco was lying and the government makes a killing off of tabacco tax. They own the media and make bad press about parents who are afraid to vaccinate because of the link to autism. Court cases have already been won concerning this issue. as people are probably noticing by now i am countering almost every ignorant, mean spirited comment out there until i get my point accross. Stop hating on people. in case none of you are familiar with bible prophecy. it is going down now. Jesus said you overcome evil with good. love one another. we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but current dark rulers of this world. Do not be self deceived. Each person will give an account of themselves, not their neighbor, and the bible says we will give an account to EVERY idle word spoken. Guess What? Jesus and God are anti-hate. God has created every human being and race. According to the bible, they take this “hating on other people/ judging” VERY SERIOUSLY. if you don’t believe me look it up yourself. and if you say “I don’t believe in that stuff” too bad cause it still applies to you anyway. there is more evidence of the Bible being true and accurate than anything else. it has NEVER been wrong in it’s prophecy for those familiar.

      1. SlimShady says:

        The study you cite was proved false and is over 15 years old. I think you should remember that the average life span in the 1st century BC and AD was about 35-40 years of age and they died from the same diseases or even more minor ones. You can thump your Bible all you want, but you benefit from science every day. Don’t try to tell me that if you are seriously ill or injured, you just pray to cure or heal whatever has afflicted one in your family. See if you can find vaccinations in your Bible and where God said “Thou shalt not vaccinate.” Why does it seem that stupidity about earthly things bother you so much, yet you think God is going to save your dumb self? Who sais “Suffer ye not the children, but bring them unto me?”

      2. karl says:

        Stop spouting that nonsense. Autism is a genetic disorder — it is not caused by vaccinations in anay way shape or form.

        What does seem to have some causality is advanced age of the father results in higher incidence of autism — in the same way advanced age of the mother is a proximal cause of downe syndrome.

        1. TheNTmom says:

          SO thats why my 26 year old husband at the time produced an Autistic child….please read a little and dont rely on EVERYTHING the news tells you

  49. Yo Yo Ma says:

    Whoop there it is.

  50. CLOROX and MR. CLEAN says:

    Nothing that a $1.50 gallon of CLOROX and MR. CLEAN can’t fix. Please, this is worth the investment.

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