NEW YORK (CBS New York/AP) — Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly announced Thursday that a Manhattan woman has been charged with self abortion.

Yaribely Almonte, 20, is accused of wrapping the fetus of her unborn daughter in plastic and dumping it in a garbage bin outside of her West 191st Street apartment.

Authorities are investigating whether the woman ended her pregnancy by drinking an herbal concoction billed as an abortion-causing tea, a person familiar with the case told The Associated Press Thursday.

The body was found on Tuesday by the building superintendent, who was sorting recyclables, police said. Almonte was arrested and charged on Wednesday night.

Under New York state law, an abortion can only be performed on a fetus older than 24 weeks if the procedure is necessary to save the woman’s life.

The Medical Examiner has yet to determine the cause of death. Almonte was released with an order to appear in court in January.

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  1. TallTaleTea says:

    I really can’t believe the things that I am reading. If your pro life your going to have some smart comments to say because you feel that either way its wrong. so why is it okay for you to go to clinic but not for you to do it yourself….really pro lifers since its legal to do it in a clinic you should be able to throw it out in the garbage…….. absolutely crazy suggestion.
    If your pro life your view is all the way around its murder I get it we get it your entitled to your views just as pro choice are entitled to theirs. Frankly abortions are legal, free for most low income woman, and confidential so there were other options.
    I know someone from this neighborhood in the same building and its been said that from the moment that they found the baby neighbors knew it was her despite families denial.Its rumored among other tenants that the super made complaints to her family about her having sex in the building and leaving her mess of condoms behind. She is known for being a very promiscuous careless young mother of one who has had several abortions.So she knew where to go and how to get it done without anyone knowing if that s what she was afraid of. Word in her building is that she miscarried and threw her baby away and the herbal tea story was well a story.
    Whether she drank the tea or not I’m sure a toxicology report will be able to prove that. Its a matter of did she have a live birth or a still born. Hopefully an autopsy can tell. If her baby was still born either way its wrong to throw body away in garbage and she knows that so charge her;jail time probation get help. She knows doing an abortion at home is illegal so charge her;get a psych, counselling get help. We know that if she had a live birth premature or not and she threw her baby away that’s MURDER so throw the book at her. At 24 weeks there is a 50/50 chance of survival. I’m sure the ladies in jail will giver her a warm welcome!

    1. Jimbo says:

      The issue is how far along the fetus was. Over 24 weeks old?

      1. John Frykman says:

        My goodness. It is all so simple: Under 24 weeks old, not human. Over 24 weeks old, human.

        Why not 23 weeks? Why not 1 week? Same human DNA, same person, just as human.

        1. Ben Dover says:

          No. That fertilized egg could develop into any animal. A dog, a giraffe, a shark. Science has proven that at 24 weeks it is definitely a human.

          But seriously. If you prosecute this woman for what she did, why are we not prosecuting abortion doctors for what they do? Is it that she is practicing “medicine” without a license?

          What purpose would really be served by putting her in prison. I think it would be better if her sentence be sterilization.

          What this woman did was horrible and tragic, but do we really need to put her in prison?

          1. DrEdu says:

            “That fertilized egg could develop into any animal. A dog, a giraffe, a shark. Science has proven that at 24 weeks it is definitely a human.”
            WOW….Where did you go to school?

            A human fertilized egg, also known as a human zygote or human embryo can ONLY continue developing into a more developed HUMAN. A dog fertilized egg…into a more developed dog…and so forth. A dog fertilized egg can’t become other that a more developed dog.

            The 24 week (actually 25) is just the official viability week. It only means that the Human Individual has not yet sufficiently developed to sustain life outside the womb. Achievement of that developmental landmark makes the individual more developed, NOT MORE HUMAN.

            1. Amazed says:

              I was going to tell him to read a book, but I figured maybe he would get more “education” from watching South Parks “Elephant Makes Love to a Pig”. Either way it is scary their are people out there like him. It’s one thing to not know, its another thing entirely to talk about it so “as a matter of fact”.

              1. Amazed says:

                lol sorry on the typo, DYAC!

            2. val says:

              “That fertilized egg could develop into any animal. A dog, a giraffe, a shark. Science has proven that at 24 weeks it is definitely a human.”
              WOW….Where did you go to school?

              Seriously, I think he was being sarcastic. Come on!

            3. My wasted time dealing with fools says:

              Well said, and let me add this…..human beings are NOT “viable” even after they are born. They MUST be cared for by LOVING parents. Obviously we would die without such care. The wording used being “officially viable” is just an attempt to rationalize the act of killing another human.

              1. SandyLester says:

                You are correct look at those morons at OWS none of them are viable yet.

                1. John says:

                  Gee Sandy, it seems that you have 1%’ers syndrome. It is when you THINK you are part of the elite one percent, while in reality you are a scared sheep that is in the same position as most of us. I can’t believe comments like yours when they iterate like explosive diarrhea from your facial orifice. If you don’t know what you are against, how do you know what you are for? .

                  1. Erzulie DuBois says:

                    Thank you, John, I don’t believe that these folks will ever ‘get’ it.

                    Too mired in their own delusions of importance.

              2. Heather says:

                They are viable once born. They are no longer dependent on the uterus and umbilical cord for its lifeline. Once born, medical staff, medicines and machines can keep the baby alive, along with any responsible adult. Viability has to do with whether a fetus can survive outside the womb.

            4. LindaInNY says:

              He started the next paragraph w/” But seriously.”
              So …he was being sarcastic… geesh…

          2. Amazed says:

            Wow, so you really think that a fertilized human egg can develop into something other than a human? Amazing.

          3. John says:

            It is categorically false that a fertilized human egg could develop into any animal. The idea that it could is so absurd it’s hard to believe that anyone with even an elementary school education could suggest it. It has human DNA and only human DNA from conception. It cannot possibly become anything else, let alone a shark!

            Science has not proven that at 24 weeks a fetus is definitely human. That is another laughable assertion. If it had there would be uniform abortion term limits across the U.S. and there is not. Any criterion for the baby being other than a human and a person is arbitrary, not scientifically objective.

            1. stee says:

              Hi, I’m Sarcasm. Have we met?

          4. jack says:

            You are as crazy as she is. That is not correct. The human fertilized egg cannot develop into an animal. Are you a nut?

            1. Ted says:

              A human is an animal. We are part of the primate species.

              1. Erzulie DuBois says:

                We are all mammalian, like it or not.

                And we are all animals, in the grand scheme of things.

                Humans are no better than any other animal…or any worse.

          5. sally carson says:

            DNA establishes hair colour etc, (everything) from moment of conception-cant be anything but a human beig, afeter our kind. God’s Word says that He knows us even before our parts are properly formed. Feotus is a wrong word, it is a growning child, not even fully grown when birth occures, not grown until late teens or for some even later. Abortion kills babies and hurts the parents. Midwife, so I know

            1. Erzulie DuBois says:

              Guess what it’s a SCIENTIFIC WORD.

              A deformed child is by medical definition a ‘MONSTER’.

              I don’t know why you people bother w/modern medicine, perhaps you should all go to … an old hag in the woods that doesn’t wash her hands.

              Oh that’s right, you’re the ones also against a form of National Health Care.

              “No country could be strong whose people were sick and poor”

              Theodore Roosevelt
              Advocate for Universal Healthcare

          6. Edgar Friendly says:

            wow, our public screwel education system on fully display.

            While what happened and all the story behind it is sad, what is more disconcerting is the stupidity of America now.

          7. Erzulie DuBois says:

            Give the man a vasectomy.

        2. Kevin Stowell says:

          The simpleminded have a difficult time bringing order to their “thinking,” so they relegated that job to a bunch bitches in black dresses.

        3. Bob M says:

          That is a complete and utter fallacy. Human life begins at conception period. Even the NARAL group admits that. It doesn’t stop them from promoting abortion however. We wouldn’t want to interrupt that money making machine Planned Parenthood (AKA- the abortion mill) now would we?

          1. Alora says:

            How is Planned Parenthood a “money making machine”? I am truly interested in the statistics, logic and reasoning behind that statement. (Honestly, I am not being sarcastic, just interested.)

        4. Vik says:

          You’re another vile piece of sheet as that rotting mudering beach!!! The heart starts beating at just a few weeks’ old. She killed it. ‘ Nuf said.

        5. Heather says:

          Viability becomes an issue. If the fetus would be able to survive outside the womans womb, meaning that it has developed enough to be born. Before 24 weeks, viability is about 0, it would not survive outside the womb, as it has not begun to fully develop yet. It’s human no matter what, no one is stating that it’s feline or canine before 24 weeks, but it’s not viable before 24 weeks, most generally. Even after 24 weeks, the chance of survival outside the womb is fairly small.

      2. Clearhead says:

        No, ‘Jimbo’ boy.. The issue is MURDER. Your unfounded ‘reasoning’ makes us think that you may have been born prematurely st, say, 23 weeks.

    2. Matt H. says:

      Thankfully, your mother did not abort you. Unfortunately, she didn’t teach you how to spell or articulate concepts very well. Please note: “your” is not “you are.”

      1. Fuggin says:

        Wow grammar and spelling police watch out! Thank god you are here to admonish people for their typos! Thank the lord!!!

        1. John Frykman says:

          Not a typo. Hard to turn “you’re” into “your” with a simple error in keystrokes.

          It is a misspelling of a word so basic to our language it strongly suggests the writer is semi-literate, at best.

          1. Fuggin says:

            No it’s pedantic BS. Ohh my they picked the wrong heterograph! Where’s the humanity?

            1. Grammar Cop says:

              While we’re at it, you should look up how to use commas; you need two of them in your post.

              1. Fuggin says:

                git A lyfe u loooooozer

          2. Kathy says:

            It’s actually a common error that people who are lazy or poorly educated make.

          3. jack says:

            John Frykman – You are a jacka$$$. Why do you start that? Usually idiots who cannot debate facts start picking apart other things. LOSER

        2. Clearhead says:

          We notice that you capitalize the first letter of your repulsive name. Why do you not capitalize the first letters of the names of God?

        3. Grammar Nazi says:

          A little too much defense here? Ironic how touchy so many are with poor English, but never realize that they were cheated in school by not learning to express themselves articulately.

      2. Ron Hebert says:

        Thank you!

    3. sueinmi says:

      First of all TTT, abortions are not FREE. Taxpaying people, including the religious who disagree with it, are forced to pay for them by our government. For pro-life believers, it’s not “ok” to go to a clinic or to kill the unborn child yourself, period. Too bad..there’s so many people out there wanting to adopt children and this child would’ve made someone very happy.

      1. Fuggin says:

        It’s not pro-life its anti-abortion. Pro life would imply anti-war and anti-death penalty. You know, pro-life, which clearly the majority of these people are not.

        1. John Frykman says:

          So pro-choice would imply that the baby has at least an equal vote in whether it is to be killed or spared by its mother, right? Pro-choice means in favor of infanticide. So let’s call it what it is: MURDER. The death penalty is reserved for people who have taken a human life. It is just retribution.

          Anti war? Whose wars? I suppose you would have told Hirohito, “Please don’t bomb our harbors. It isn’t nice?”

          It’s all so simple, Mr. Fuggin. Love the pseudonym. Is that how you demonstrate how clever you are?

          1. Fuggin says:

            -It shouldn’t be pro-choice it should be pro-abortion, which is the opposite of anti-abortion which is what I previously stated.

            “Pro-choice means in favor of infanticide”

            -Yep. Pretty obvious no?

            “Anti war? Whose wars? ”

            -Every war. If i were to call myself “pro-life” but then back the killing of people whether it be via death penalty or war or whatever is pretty hypocritical, no?

            “It’s all so simple, Mr. Fuggin. Love the pseudonym. Is that how you demonstrate how clever you are?”

            -Go crawl back in your hole now…

            1. Clearhead says:

              On the other hand, Mr. whatever, if it’s not ‘Pro life’ then it must logically be ‘PRO DEATH’ — not “pro abortion”. If that concept is a little too complicated for you, Google it.

              1. Fugin says:

                I am talking about the act of abortion. You are either for it or against it. Labeling it pro-life, pro-death whatever is stupid. I am anti-abortion but I am sure as h3ll not “pro-life”. I am all for killing people just not unborn babies… See how that works? Simple…

                “If that concept is a little too complicated for you, Google it.”

                -Wow glad to see such witty repartee. Way to show your true colors you half-baked mongoloid. You would have been better off being a brown stain on your mommas mattress.

                1. Fugin? says:

                  “Half-backed mongoloid” that just awesome. You sound a little angry.

                2. Fuuuuuuuugin says:

                  “Half-backed mongoloid” that just awesome”

                  I said HALF-BAKED… see? above?

        2. robert says:

          Maybe they should call it pro-innocent-life. eh. Being anti-death penalty doesn’t make you pro-life it makes you a liberal.

          1. Fuggin says:

            Call it what it is. Forget the nicey nice double speak. You are either pro-abortion or anti-abortion. Pro-life, pro-choice is a bunch of BS double speak.

        3. LibsRLiars says:

          It’s not pro-life its anti-abortion. Pro life would imply anti-war and anti-death penalty. You know, pro-life, which clearly the majority of these people are not.
          Right, Fuggin. An’ it’s not Pro-Choice, It’s Anti-Life. Pro-Choice would imply ALL options for birthing or abortion, but Planned Parenthood would not make money on birth options, so they really run a small industry based on killing for abortion dollars

          1. Fuggin says:

            “it’s not Pro-Choice, It’s Anti-Life. ”

            -right, thats what I am saying, Didn’t we cover this already?

            “Pro-Choice would imply ALL options for birthing or abortion”

            Pro-choice is just double speaks bs.

            “but Planned Parenthood would not make money on birth options, so they really run a small industry based on killing for abortion dollars”

            -Clearly you are anti-abortion which is fine, but clearly you have an anti planned parenthood agenda.

            1. LibsRLiars says:

              And clearly, but clearly your point is?

              1. Fuggin says:

                “And clearly”? huh? No, I’ll stick with “but clearly” thanks for trying to play copy editor tho!

                My point is I was replying to your comment…that’s my point…

                1. LibsRLiars says:

                  Replying with vacuousness. That was my point.

                2. LibsRLiars says:

                  I love the ghey but s3x

          2. Erzulie DuBois says:

            You are full of donkey dust, PP supplies options, however the most common option picked is abortion.

            And it’s Pro-Choice unlike your set, w/your Anti-woman vitriol.

            1. LibsRLiars says:

              Erzulie DuBois
              You are full of donkey dust, PP supplies options, however the most common option picked is abortion.
              And it’s Pro-Choice unlike your set, w/your Anti-woman vitriol.

              Don’t be stupid, Erzulie. PP is SELLING abortion, it isn’t randomly picked by all these women by their free choice. Gotta keep those docs on the clock busy, you know.

              And don”t be doubly stupid on ‘ Anti-woman vitriol’. You sound like a mind-numbed robot from Daily Kos!

              1. Erzulie DuBois says:

                Oh I see, I have opinions on WOMEN’s issues so that automatically makes me ‘stupid’?

                I’ll put my 168 iq up against your (if you’re lucky) 120 iq any day.

                PP doesn’t sell abortion, it provides it for a minimum cost.

                You just hate the organization because of it’s good works for womankind!

                1. LibsRLiars says:

                  OMG! So many targets! So little time!

                  Oh I see, I have opinions on WOMEN’s issues so that automatically makes me ‘stupid’?

                  Again, don’t be stupid, Erzulie, it’s not about you our your opinions on WOMEN’s issues. It’s about PP SELLING abortions to sustain their industry. And I do NOT mean charging a sales price as you thought. I mean PERSUADING.

                  I’ll put my 168 iq up against your (if you’re lucky) 120 iq any day.
                  Hmmm…bit sensitive on our iq?? An anonymous board really doesn’t help you, dear! Maybe you can start a blog of your own to get better broadcasting of your intelligence?

                  PP doesn’t sell abortion, it provides it for a minimum cost.
                  REALLY?? Does it help your 168 ig if I say they .PERSUADE all the young ladies to make that choice? Gotta keep those docs on the clock busy, you know.

                  You just hate the organization because of it’s good works for womankind!
                  Gee, I would think that with a 168 iq you could come up with more or better arguments that that paltry excuse!

              2. Erzulie DuBois says:

                *LOL* libs, you are spewing vomitus from FOX news.

                1. LibsRLiars says:

                  Like you regurgitate Daily Kos or any other leftist pick of the day? You don’t actually believe you are the one totally independent thinker on this board?? Don’t be stupid!

                2. Erzulie DuBois says:


                  Anyone accused of being a less than independent thinker on this subject might be you.

                  You and your ilk are spewing forth hatred of any woman who takes her life into her own hands.

                  I’m a proud liberal yes, and I believe that being FREE is the only way to be in this country, not tied up in socio-quasi religious nonsense that spews like vomitus from your collective mouths.

                  As I said, lean to LOCK YOUR ZIPPER!!!!

              3. Cheryle Martinez says:

                PP is full of donkey dust. They like to lie and say there is no baby, it’s just tissue. Why are they so against having women have an ultrasound to see for themselves what is growing and living inside them? They know it would totally put them out of business if women could see there sweet little baby moving around and the heart beating on the screen.
                Hmmm and I find it strange that when I went to PP for a pregnancy test, found out I was pregnant, they gave me one option… we can schedule you for an abortion right away. I heard nothing about you could have the baby, adopt him/her out…nope went right for the abortion. Now that’s not really pro choice is it? Nor when a lady I went through post abortive counseling with told PP she wanted to think about it. They told her she didn’t have time to think about it. Again, really pushing with that choice stuff. Good works for women my a$$!

      2. kay says:

        Sueinmi…..please try to keep up….it has been illegal for federal tax funds to be used for abortion since the HYDE AMENDMENT was passed in 1976….the only exceptions are for rape/incest, health of mother and fetal abnormaliity….

        1. blondie says:

          Except that Planned Parenthood, which performs abortions, DOES recieve federal funding. If you truly believe they separate those funds out and don’t pay for any abortion-related medical issues, you are either naieve, stupid, or both.

          1. Cheryle says:

            Yep… the tax payers of San Bernardino, CA paid for my abortion.

    4. Skeeve says:

      The incident really exposes how Abortion is absolutely wrong no matter how old the fetus is. If it’s wrong to throw your baby in the garbage, then logically, it is also wrong to suck the baby out of the uterus with a vacuum tube at any age.

      And by the way – there is no such thing as “Pro-Choice”. The phrase means nothing because it is too generic. Pro-Abortion is the only meaningful term. (Although, I will accept Pro-Death as the antithesis of Pro-Life)

    5. One less or One more says:

      If someone wants to abort their own fetus, why not let them? One less mouth for society to feed; one less welfare recipient; one less unloved child; one less person to put their carbon footprint on the Earth; one less everything.

      If she is charged with a crime, then every woman who does drugs or consumes alcohol and aborts their unborn child before they even know that they are pregnant should also be charged with the same crime. As a matter of fact, since these substances can cause spontaneous abortions, ANY expecting mother putting a harmful substance into their body should be charged with the same crime — except noted as “attempted”.

      What would you all rather have A) one more drain on the government coffers or B) abortions?

      To be honest, I’m tired of paying other peoples way in society. The less potential people to drain the workers of America, the better.

      1. Jim H. says:

        The answer to our problems is not sin and death. Abortion is never the answer.

    6. kbernatovich says:

      Its free for low income women? Hmmm, I would think the procedure must cost something. I just hope its not my tax dolars.

    7. shelly says:

      Well hey, I guess Hitler was right in killing 6 million Jews too because that was legal then too. Was it right? I personally don’t think so, but by your argument it was because, as long as it’s legal people can do whatever they want including commit genocide…oh that’s right, 50 million babies have died so I guess genocide IS right after all…as long as its legal.

    8. Erzulie DuBois says:

      BTW, all you anti-choice posters.

      How many unwanted kids have YOU PERSONALLY ADOPTED?

      My total is 4, most w/FAS.

  2. ditchdigger2 says:

    Very sad, so is a bitch dog eating it’s own young. What are you going to do about it?

    1. Jimbo says:

      The human is subject to the laws of society. The dog is not.

      1. too true says:

        @Jimbo – ditchdigger2 didn’t ask for the difference between the two. The Question was, what are you going to do about it? Care to answer?

  3. Demetrius Poliorcetes says:

    Abortion can be very profitable for those in the medical profession. Shame on this woman – her actions have prevented some decent, hard-working doctor from making some honest cash. Well paid abortion doctors contribute a lot to our struggling economy and it is simply unpatriotic to deny them the opportunity to make $$$.

  4. Christa says:

    Have any of you been in this
    predicament before? I was 20
    and pregnant and the father
    took off – not interrested in
    raising a child… I also
    thought abortion was my only
    option… But God protected
    both my baby and me and I’m
    eternally grateful to Him! My
    beautiful daughter is 18 and
    just finishing school. I’ve
    been married for 14 years and
    unable to conceive again. I cry
    for this desperate 20 yearold
    and her lost chance at being
    a mom…

    1. ditchdigger2 says:

      God bless you.

      1. Kevin says:

        Thanks Christa…

    2. Chuck Free says:

      bless you, Christa.

    3. Michael says:

      I’m sure you went though a very difficult time, but you are truly blessed to have had the strength. I could only imagne the deep regret you would have felt today had you taken the other path. I know women who had abortions and all remain deeply remourseful and conflicted about it. It is not a natural thing at all and in my mind it is the most sickening thing I can think of. I couldnt imagine anyone wanting to abort a fetus. If you dont want the child, put it up for adoption. Anyways, I’m going off on a tangent. God bless you Christa!

    4. Jim says:

      God Bless you, Christa!

  5. Sarah A says:

    Disgusting, selfish “woman” (I use that term very loosely). Sorry but murder is murder. As a mom of 2 little ones, I can’t believe how irresponsible people are that they think babies are really no different than garbage that can just be tossed. Seriously, what the heck is wrong with people nowadays?

    1. ditchdigger2 says:

      I am old, and have no dog in this fight, but hate deciet and hidden agendas. Seems like abortion is a product of that. Bad behavior reaps bad results.

  6. Steven says:

    If she would’ve disposed of the fetus discretely, no one would have ever even known about it. If the pro-lifers get their way, you’ll be seeing a whole lot of news stories about botched self abortions aside from this one. Roe v. Wade must be upheld. It’s no one’s choice to choose for someone else.

    1. SandyLester says:

      You freaking moron and lover of human sacrifice. She could have gone to an abortionist to have the baby burned to death with salts or dismembered either way the baby would have ended in the trash can. You liberals and your love of human destruction disgust me.
      You talk about choice what about the baby’s choice. 98% of all abortions are for convenience. Only 2% are for rape, insect or health of the mother. And that health of the mother is bogus as most of those human sacrifices are performed after the baby is viable.

      1. KarmaIntrinsicActions says:

        Wow, as someone who seems to be so appalled by ALL LIBERALS love for destruction of human life, you ironically have no problem being equally disgusting, hate driven, and disrespectful toward human life, than the “liberals” you demonize. Fighting for life by disrespecting another life is antithetical to your enumerated purpose and is highly dangerous. How about you start exercising tolerance instead of attacking others for the very flaw you possess.

        1. Hal McCombs says:

          How about you have the guts to put your name on your idiotic, hateful posts? You use big words to look smart, and yet you can’t see how dumb your views are. You will, but by then you’ll be old, and stuck with your decisions.

        2. Dave says:

          Tolerance? A word used by liberals to have everyone accept their ways, but not to accept any other views!!

          1. Erzulie DuBois says:

            Real simple, about accepting other views.

            Don’t want an abortion, don’t have one!

            Others don’t force you to have them, (or your so)

            So don’t try and force your views on US!

            1. DrEdu says:

              Exactly…that argument was used before:

              As to your lop-sided understanding of the Nicean Councils, I am sure you are familiar with the following text, since you have a PhD in History:
              ’Εμησθημεν δε διακονισσων των ’εν τωι σχηματι ’εξετασθεισων, ’επει μηδε χειροθεσιαν τινα ’εχουσιν, ‘ωστε ’εξαπαντος ’εν τοις λαικοις ’αυτας ’εξεταζεσθαι”

              The short of it: the Church has never ordained women. Women served as ‘female deacons’ but without ordination.

              Yeah, and what is with your hate for men??

              1. LibsRLiars says:

                Ooooh, excellent beoitch-slap, Dredu!

              2. Erzulie DuBois says:

                It is interesting to note about this to conhospitiae, women administering communion. This, unlike the Celtic church particularly that left its own imprint and in all orders. At the synod held at Whitby was decided that the custom prevail to the Celtic Roman Catholic and changed the date of Easter. However, the Scottish Church maintains its independence until the eleventh century. The use of conhospitiae, condemned by the Catholics, continued after the synod, a fact demonstrated by the allegations made by the bishops of the province of Tours in the sixth century in letters to the clergy Breton (5). Hardly have been incurred in this practice in the absence of an antecedent. In “the old life of Bridget” is mentioned that St. Brigid was consecrated as bishop “by mistake”. Data that disappears in the later biographies.”

                Mistake my left foot!

              3. Erzulie DuBois says:

                BTW, I don’t hate men I hate that they think w/the little head, and don’t care, once impregnated what happens to the woman.

                LOCK YOUR F******G ZIPPERS!

                1. DrEdu says:

                  I ‘feel’ you are not dumb as you make yourself look like.

                  You pontificate all over the place, dear. Yet, for all the typing, most of the time you are wrong on the approach, wrong on the concepts and wrong on the rationale and conclusions.

                  There is something odd with you, girl: bitterness and some desire for attention seem to be a common denominator. These two things are preventing you from learning. If there is an ounce of unhurt intelligence there I would try to calm down and listen.

                  Go back to basics. This link may help you.


        3. Steve Rings says:

          So self-centered liberalism is the way to go?

          MISSING: 100,000,000 Americans
          $6,000,000,000,000 GDP
          ABORTION murders everyone’s future.

          1. Erzulie DuBois says:

            Mmmm…how many of our *viable* young people did we lose in Iraq and Afghanistan?

            Yell about war, not abortion!

        4. Michael says:

          You’re an idiot. When you sick liberals hear anything that rings true with common sense, you attack it. Everything she said is true and you chime in iwith a bunch of BS and think you are making a valid point. You just sound stupid and ignorant. I wish all liberals and their evil agenda would go to hell. Just go away and shut your mouth, moron!

          1. Erzulie DuBois says:

            Likewise. As a matter of fact, swim back to YOUR HOMELAND, EUROPE!

    2. Reevers says:

      People who freak out about abortion becoming illegal are ridiculous. Birth control is easier than ever to get now. And for free if you don’t have money. There shouldn’t even be a need for abortions now. The problem is that people are just too damn lazy to use birth control, partly because they know if they get pregnant abortion is cheap and easy to get. Abortion is legal unfortunately, but most women don’t have a good excuse to have one, much less wait until the third term.

      1. Ms.Opinion says:

        The fallacy of artificial birth control is that it is 100% effective. If it were, there would never be the question asked “was this one an accident?”. It does happen. To married couples who want, have and are trying to have children.

        We all know Pill babies, barrier method babies, IUD babies and spermicide babies. The simple, but not easy, answer is: Stop having sex if you don’t want to chance the consequences of creating another human being.

      2. Erzulie DuBois says:

        Guess you’ve not heard of Mississippi and I think it was Colorado pushing for a bill in their respective states that a human starts w/sperm…(LOL), so anything to interfere with conception is forbidden, that includes, birth control of ANY kind, and of course abortion.

        At least the Mississippians were enlightened enough not to vote it in, but believe me, the thoughts are out there, and I tell you know it will cause armed war in this country.


    3. ditchdigger2 says:

      Define discretely, acid in the bath tub, you sound like a peta member!

    4. Hal McCombs says:

      So women are too stupid to perform proper self-abortions? You really hate women, don’t you?

    5. Deb Budd says:

      Yeah, God forbid those ‘crazy, extremist’ pro-lifers get THEIR way-choosing to protect the unborn from irresponsible, self-centered individuals who refuse to be ‘punished’ for their choices. Listen pal, we are a LONG way from botched abortions in back alleys. With ALL the contraceptive choices available at little or no cost to the user, unplanned pregnancies are overwhelmingly the result of carelessness and an utter lack of concern for the consequences of creating an unwanted life. The progressive movement has effectively destroyed our societal conscience with its policies and practices. Shame is an ancient relic. That’s how enlightened we are.

      1. Fuggin says:

        “The progressive movement has effectively destroyed our societal conscience ”

        -Yeah letting women and blacks vote and own property and stuff. What a mistake! Deb, go make me some supper or I’ll beat you with a stick the thickness of my thumb.

        1. John Frykman says:

          Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, an avowed eugenicist (look it up) who was in favor of killing “subhuman” blacks before they were born. She was not in favor of killing white babies, only black ones. Yep. Those pro-choicers sure love those innocent little black babies!

          What on earth does reverence for human life have with the black vote (which Democrats were overwhelmingly opposed to when it was passed by a predominantly white Congress (look it up), female sufferage, and owning property have to do with this????

          You are fuggin stupid, fuggin.

          1. Fuggin says:


            -What the heck is sufferage? By your logic who is semi-literate now?

            “lanned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, an avowed eugenicist (look it up) who was in favor of killing “subhuman” blacks before they were born.”

            -I couldn’t care less about planned parenthood. Derb indicted the whole “progressive movement” as for destroying the societal conscience.” This very same movement led to reforms that allowed for Women and black suffrage (I think thats the word you were looking for…).

            “You are fuggin stupid, fuggin.”

            -Clearly you are some partisan shill, hear to trumpet your worthless opinion. Good job calling people names when your argument is vapid and empty. Bye bye loser.

      2. John_Galt says:

        Deb, we live in a fuggin screwed up world. Fuggin is screwed up because Fuggin’s mom was pro-fuggin-life. If only there had been a fuggin choice!

        1. John_Galt loves hairy man as s says:

          What are you talking about you moron?

    6. John Deaux says:

      If the pro-killers get there way, society will be building walls with the bodies of babies,,,, much like the Spartans at the Hot Gates.

    7. Walex says:

      I:t’s no one’s choice to choose for someone else” How right you are….yet it’s ok for this woman to choose who gets to live and who doesn’t? She can choose to deny this baby life because of her own selfishness? Make a bad decision and kill another for it? Rape and incest are heinous but killing an unborn human child isn’t? I bet it was a whale fetus you would care.

  7. spicyfury says:

    7 billion people and counting… that is 7,000,000,000 is there some solrt of people shortage I am not aware of?

    1. Maggie Fanelli says:

      You’re right, your very logic would justify a killing-spree.

      1. SandyLester says:

        Let’s get rid of liberals, socialis and communists first.

        1. Erzulie DuBois says:

          *LOL* there goes the thinking members of the U.S. leaving only bigots and the stupid.

          Let’s see doctors, scientists and others would be among those ‘gone’.

    2. Kelsey says:

      Our numbers are still rising, for the moment, but global fertility rates are dropping, especially in first world countries. A population IMPLOSION is becoming a very real possibility.

    3. ditchdigger2 says:

      This will be rectified, I hope to be no part of it.

    4. Hawkdriver1961 says:

      Well then if you are so unimpressed with human life and feel there are to many humans, by all means, lead all of us by example and rid this over populated world of one idiot…yourself. But of course with people like you, that remark you made doesn’t apply to you, only the other 6,999,999,999 ….

    5. Hal McCombs says:

      So get yourself ‘fixed’. Everyone who is worried about population explosions should NOT reproduce. It’s only logical.

  8. Very conservative says:

    Maybe if less young ladies nowadays (especially inner-city) didn’t spread their legs as often as they comb their hair, then this life that didn’t get to be wouldn’t be such a tragedy. But since that won’t happen, then maybe the govt needs to pay some docs to start randomly sterilizing girls (of ALL races and backgrounds) when they are born.

    I know that many of you are going to disagree with me (to put it lightly), but we really need some kind of population control. The number of jobs keeps going down (mostly due to the combination of technology and greeeeedy corporation$), while the population keeps going up and up. There has to be some kind of breaking point. It will only benefit everybody in the future. Especially those currently under 20 years old. Sometimes we need to take a small step backwards to take larger steps forward.

    I apologize for getting somewhat off-topic and hope the unborn fetus didn’t endure any pain during the ordeal. He/ she is now in a better place than we will all be if this overpopulation continues at it’s rampant pace.

    1. CVNet1 says:

      Eugenics was never a conservative idea. It was however an idea put forth by pro-Nazi Americans back in the 30’s (ie before WWII). After Hitler became known for his terrible regime and WWII was underway, The American Nazi Party and the Eugenics movement as a whole in America was extremely unpopular. Not to say they didn’t already force sterilization on people (down syndrome and other mentally ill individuals) during the brief time their movement was being considered in the public forum of ideas. Later one of the women (Margaret Sanger) who advocated and led the Eugenics movement in America became a big proponent of modern day feminism, was instrumental in founding Planned Parenthood, and sympathized and lobbied to legalize abortion. Eugenics is something that is the antithesis of conservative ideology. However, it has been a popular idea in various socialist, communist, and totalitarian regimes.

      Please get your facts straight. What you are advocating requires an underlying premise that is incompatible with the ideals of conservatism (remember that little thing called liberty). Therefore, you are not conservative.

      Your entire 2nd paragraph also espouses ideas foreign to “Conservatism”. Your 3rd paragraph is quite strange, can you please specify where exactly the aborted baby is? Are you intimately familiar with the place, have you witnessed the baby there. Have you peered into the future to see the next event in our supposed ‘overpopulation’? Did you make your statement from an affirmative comparison between the aborted baby’s current condition and status as opposed to the future you viewed and commented on where overpopulation becomes a problem?

      There appears to be alot that you know which cannot be known, and alot that you say which contradicts the nature of your claims.

    2. ditchdigger2 says:

      1936, with compassion. We can return to past times, with a more community, sensitivity, elimination of the un wanted, take the pill, smile, be happy.

      1. Erzulie DuBois says:

        Oh right w/women at the stove, pregnant, and nothing to show for their entire lives.

        Great idea, nothing like Kaiser, Kinder, Kitchen to excite us.


        GET IT?

        1. Cheryle says:

          I am extremely happy to be in my kitchen, cooking for my family, pregnant over a quarter of the 20 years I’ve been married!! I have plenty to show for my life as a mom and wife. I have 8 wonderful children, who are turning out to be great, productive people. I have a clean house, a strong marriage and would not want anything more. THIS is a successful life. I thank God for all the blessings He has bestowed upon me.
          How sad for your kids that their mom thinks that raising kids is a waste apparently.
          You must have some serious issues to overcome.

          1. Erzulie DuBois says:

            Sorry Cheryle only serious issues I have are with women who won’t think for themselves, but let themselves get sucked back into the Victorian era.

            Kaiser, Kinder, Kitchen. All women need to know, or should want to know.

            How much a waste…51% of humanity stuck looking at recipes for spagetti.

            Not me or mine, never!

          2. Erzulie DuBois says:

            BTW, this article is about a woman I’d like to skin alive:

            NJ Mom Faces Child Endangerment Charges After Children Found Alone

            That is true child abandonment to the point of murder, but these are real children, not theoretical ones.

            1. Cheryle says:

              You’re right, horrible.

    3. Fuggin says:

      “but we really need some kind of population control.”

      -Spoken like a globalist puppet. Way to go “Very fascist”…

    4. Erzulie DuBois says:

      How about you males learning to lock your zippers.

  9. Truth Detector says:

    “Yaribely Almonte, 20, is accused of wrapping the fetus of her unborn daughter in plastic and dumping it in a garbage bin…”


    Her unborn daughter was pregnant with a fetus?

    And “it” was an “it”?

  10. Charles Ray says:

    Her womb, her choice. Get over it.

    1. Disgusted says:

      You’re gross. Go away.

    2. Abortion is murder 100% of the time says:

      Wow…and I guess the father doesn’t have a say, huh? Why have you men allowed society to reduce you to second-class citizens with no purpose other than as sperm shooters? The whole abortion industry disgraces you as much as it disgraces women, and it’s sad to see a man lay down and let his balls be clipped as you apparently have.

      1. Hal McCombs says:

        Man. That’s harsh.

        Can I use it?

      2. Erzulie DuBois says:

        Better than women being second class citizens as you MALES have done for millennia

        Just because you have testes doesn’t make you rule the world..

    3. Choice says:

      She made her choice of the possibility to make a human life before she had sex unless she was raped and it does not appear that she was. You can choose to jump from a plane or from another high place without a parachute, but the choice is made to jump, you cannot choose the consequence of your choice. She had a choice already, now she must deal with the consequence of that choice. If you committed a crime, then you made the choice, the consequence could be going to jail. We all have choices, but we cannot always choose the consequence of that choice.
      Anyway you look at it, she already had a choice, now she will have to deal with the consequence

  11. Claude Hopper says:

    The most dangerous place in America is in a mother’s womb.

    1. Montford John Greenwood says:

      I agree.

  12. Diane says:

    Child killing.

  13. Francis Kelly Jr says:

    Is that Lipton?

  14. Northlander says:

    Americans have become barbarians since abortion was legalized. We have a whole generation with no respect for human life and no respect for civilized society.

    1. Give Mommies Control says:

      We have civilization today *because* women found ways to abort themselves.

      1. Maggie Fanelli says:


      2. Abortion is murder 100% of the time says:

        Seriously? Women found ways to abort themselves? I guess that makes you an advocate of suicide as well, eh?

      3. Dennis Boudreaux says:

        I had to say this. But you name, give mommies control. so you are saying that we should let mothers kill their children if they aren’t convenient. and they are not even a mother if they kill their children.

        And I would like to ask you, would you consider the Spartans, who left weak children out on mountains to die civilized hmm.

        Or the Nazis who killed human beings because it was convenient for them.

        And a human fetus (Latin for unborn baby) is a human from the moment of conception. It is not part of the mother it is not part of the father it is an ENTIRELY different human being. And that my friend is biology.

  15. Ennovi says:

    Why is the aper calling it a “fetus” if the pregnancy was more than 24 weeks that BABY had a 50% chance or better of survival with adequate medical care. Let’s be clear this is not a fetus, at 25-25 weeks they feel pain, the feel comfort and they are above all HUMAN.

    1. Tom Tucker says:

      I’ve got news for you Ennovi, all babies are a human life from conception. They don’t suddenly become human…or babies. It is still murder even under 24 weeks.

      1. Give Mommies Control says:

        There is no such thing as a baby without a uterus to implant in and a caretaker to care for it. The anti-choicers want all these babies to come into the world and take care of themselves. Childish.

        1. Maggie Fanelli says:

          And you pro-choicers (pro-aborts, rather), think the answer is human sacrifice. Piggish.

          1. Mike Thorneburg says:

            Isn’t it interesting how the only people trying to make the argument for pro-abortion are people who, fortunately, have already been born?

      2. Erzulie DuBois says:


  16. Paul says:

    It’s a very sad state that these children are in. Their mother is clearly not in contol of herself and the “men” whom sired these children are AWOL. Get the kids to the doc, dentist, school and emotional support. Get the mom off the sauce and into school followed by work! I’m the meanwhle, society must provide for their safety. Very sad.

  17. Lex says:


  18. Sarah says:

    This ruins the planned parenthood argument that having legalized abortion will eliminate people from doing it themselves rather tha a “safe” alternative.

    1. Bill says:

      Love how the writer identifies as the baby as an unborn daughter, then follows up by using that lovely pronoun “it.” Subtle.

      1. Lex says:


  19. Brandon says:

    When is it ok to kill a baby in a mother’s womb?

    1. Fuggin says:

      When the mother is a Muslim and we are bombing their country.

  20. REALiTY says:

    I ran into the same type of trouble once when I was arrested for trying to saw my leg off with a hacksaw at a Cleveland Browns game.

  21. Jeff Campbell says:

    I don’t see the big deal, besides how do they know she did it on purpose ?, maybe she had a miscarriage ?.

  22. Maria says:

    This is so sad! Obviously the young women needs help, not jail. What would make you self abort? 🙁 It makes me sad when women feel they have to abort their own child.

    1. Give Mommies Control says:

      She didn’t want a child. She doesn’t need help just because she doesn’t want a child.

      1. Abortion is murder 100% of the time says:

        If she didn’t want a child, she should have used birth control or kept her legs shut in the first place.

      2. Deb Budd says:

        You mention the word ‘child’ twice yet you don’t believe a fetus is a human being. What is it if not a child especially after twenty four weeks gestation? Twisting semantics won’t change the FACTS of its existence. Like Obama, abortion supporters prefer to refer to unborn babies as ‘mistakes’ or ‘inconveniences’ for which mothers should not be ‘punished’. A baby is a baby is a baby.

  23. Lissie says:

    How is this different from her taking the morning after pill or going to an abortion clinic? Oh, wait…no one is making money off of her.

    1. Alice says:


    2. Fred says:

      Well said, Lissie.

    3. Kari says:

      For starters, it’s different because the”morning after pill” isn’t an abortion pill. The morning after pill stops the pregnancy from ever happening. Even if you consider RU-486 (the abortion pill), it’s different because RU is only given in the first trimester.

      1. Jim H. says:

        The morning after pill stops the fertilized egg from implanting in the endometrium. This in effect kills the child. It is an abortifacient (causing abortion).

        The Pill and IUD are also abortifacients as well.

    4. Michelle says:


    5. Give Mommies Control says:

      Those are early options. Restricting birth control and early abortion causes these kinds of predicaments. Maybe you can tell her that when you visit her in jail.

      1. Abortion is murder 100% of the time says:

        The woman in question is 20 years old. She had open access to birth control as any other 20 year old has.

  24. Joseph says:

    What’s the big deal? It’s not like she shot it. If she had then the NRA could be blamed and more gun control be demanded. Better just let this one be forgotten about. I know. I got it. She was a considerate and loving mommy who couldn’t stand the thought of her child being born into a world of Global Warming, race discrimination, capitalists, and religious bigots. Now it all makes sense. Obama must have some sort of medal he could award her for her bravery. Anyway, how do we know the kid didn’t have it coming?

  25. allen says:

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about, if it is not a baby … then you are not pregnant. Oh that’s right, it was a baby. Charge her with 1st degree murder sense she had to plan this dastardly act for days in advance. Premeditated!

    1. Give Mommies Control says:

      Stop interfering with birth control and early abortion. Oh that’s right, that would limit your chances for moral indignation.

      1. nyglockowner says:

        Who’s interfering with birth control and early abortion?

  26. George Johnson says:

    Yes Montford John Greenwood, this is ALL about her not using a doctor. It has nothing to do with murdering her baby. And throwing it in the trash.

  27. IGetItAlready says:

    How long until some sicko kills their kid and then attempts to shove the body back in her womb so as to only be charged with “self abortion”.

  28. B C says:

    I thought abortion was legal?

    1. sharon pendleton says:

      Exactly this means that self abortion should be doubly legal.

    2. Will says:

      Legal? Hell. in this great country It’s sacrament!

  29. francie says:

    She needs to go to prison for murder. Disgusting.

  30. John Frykman says:

    So this is appalling? Yes, of course it is. But is it less appalling if a paid abortionist (murderer) were to have killed the child instead? This is the slippery slope of trying to define when a fetus becomes a human being.

    The obvious answer is that it is ALWAYS a human being from the instant of conception.

    This woman is guilty of premeditated murder…no less. Possibly desecration of a human corpse as well.

    1. Give Mommies Control says:

      Doctors perform abortions, not “abortionists”. It is a legal health care procedure. Religious people are pro-life because they need new vulnerable minds to infect with the malignant memeplexes of religion. They want to sacrifice quality of life to propagate nonsense.

      1. Shocked says:

        “They want to sacrifice quality of life to propagate nonsense.” Quality of LIFE?
        L O L. wow do you even think before you type this crap trying to persuade others to agree with you?
        “The term quality of life is used to evaluate the general well-being of individuals and societies.”
        where was the quality of life when she aborted her CHILD and threw it away in a plastic bag in the trash?
        Go back to school you hack. herp derp.

      2. Abortion is murder 100% of the time says:

        Abortionists perform abortions, because no self-respecting doctor will stoop that low. And those who worship themselves are pro-abortion because they need more money and more time and more entertainment and more luxuries to grasp in their blind self-absorption.

  31. Paul Yeh says:

    She should know only a licensed butcher, oops “Dr.” is allowed to murder her child.

  32. Buck O'Fama says:

    Isn’t this the holy sacrament of liberalism? Sounds like one less Obama voter to me.

    Margaret Sanger would be so proud of you libtards.

    1. Let Education Be a Sacrament says:

      Maybe you should read up on Margaret Sanger instead of calling people names. Sanger opposed abortion and advocated contraception to reduce the need/desire for women to resort to abortion. Go read the “abortion” section in the wikipedia entry for Sanger.

      There’d be a lot fewer abortions if you “conservatards” would end your irrational objections to comprehensive sex ed and easy (even publicly financed) access to contraception. But that would mean you’d have a lot more in common with Sanger than you think you do.

      1. Abortion is murder 100% of the time says:

        Margaret Sanger was a truly evil woman who wanted nothing more than to eliminate the poor, the crippled, and blacks. I don’t know what university you attended, Einstein, but the one I attended taught that wikis were unreliable sources. You know, because anyone can post to them, even dingdongs like you who have a slant they want to put on a very dirty story. And public library has a stack of books on Sanger and her ilk, and the story they tell is not pretty. Get your head out of your ass.

  33. Howard H says:

    Terrible. She’s been taught that it’s OK to kill your baby. Of course, you’re supposed to have a medical doctor kill the baby for you. But it isn’t that hard to see where after being told for your whole life that it’s OK to kill the unwanted kid, that it wouldn’t be that much of a leap to figure you could just do it yourself.

    1. Give Mommies Control says:

      Are you and your friends going to care for all the babies that result from no contraception? No? Then no moral indignation, please.

      1. Abortion is murder 100% of the time says:

        No, the mother will take care of her own baby. It’s time for young women and men to stand up and take responsibility for their actions. Society can offer some help and support, but the obligation for care falls squarely on the parents.

    1. Maggie Fanelli says:

      RU a moron?

  34. susy says:

    “fetus of her unborn daughter” makes no sense. How was this baby outside of the womb if it was unborn? If she induced labor, as suggested by the herbal tea remedy reference, that involved labor and was a born child. ‘

    It sounds to me that the reporter used great linguistic efforts to not say what needs to be said. Also, there are huge gaps of facts from this report.

    Another complete news article with completely transparent reporting. No wonder Americans distrust journalists.

    1. candy says:

      I completely agree! with you. Where is the estimation of gestation? If an herbal tea could be relied upon to induce abortion… clinics would be gone from existence… simply drinking something cannot result in self abortion… gosh how many crackheads and alkies are arrested for causing miscarriages? or women who lift heavy things? this is ridiculous, at best she’s up for improper disposal

  35. JaneDoe2A says:

    What a selfish piece of trash and sorry excuse for a human being this woman is. I hope if taxpayer money goes to anything for her it will be for sterilization so she cannot murder any other babies.

    1. Give Mommies Control says:

      Lots of mommies have abortions so they can take care of the children they have.

      1. Abortion is murder 100% of the time says:

        No, not really. Lots of “mommies” have abortions because they can’t deal with the thought of responsibility or having to change their selfish lifestyles to care for a child.

      2. Shenango says:

        Lots MORE mommies are self-disciplined enough to know when to stop adding to their families so they can adequately care for them. Abortion as a means of retroactive birth control is truly evil. If your 4 year old, or say your 18 year old is causing you problems, why is it murder if you kill them? Same logic.

  36. justtouched says:

    I thought that a woman had a right to do as she chooses with her own body . . .what fundamentally flawed and idiotic thiinking. When a society allows the killing of unborn babies, it has lost all regard for the sanctity of human life.
    Wow, our society is in such trouble.

    1. dru says:

      Ah, yes, sanctity of life.. such as the woman who has 15 children, from 3 different fathers.

      1. kip says:

        which one of the fifteen children do you think doesn’t have the right to live? not sure what your point is other than you should decide who has the right to live and who doesn’t.

        1. brian says:

          pro-aborts get to CHOOSE when a baby is a baby or just a thing inside that will ruin their life.

      2. Erzulie DuBois says:

        Or even the stupid stupid druckers, working on their 20th!


        1. Cheryle says:

          It’s the Duggers and good for them! They’re exercising their right to choose after all. Choosing LIFE! No one else is helping to support them. Their children are doing well and are obviously loved. It must be that pro abortion people want the only choice to be abortion.

          1. Erzulie DuBois says:

            Yes and in this instance their CHILDREN are raising their CHILDREN, and not having a childhood themselves, while mom and dad copulate away.

  37. Phil Mckracken says:

    Aborter – Abort Thyself.
    They ought to market that tea – They can call it Yaribely Tea

  38. Bob says:

    “… the fetus of her unborn daughter…”

    So does that mean she gave her unborn daughter an abortion thereby killing her own unborn grandchild?

    This must be some kind of an historical first…

  39. Leo Leone says:

    Oh, but the feminists insist it’s their own body and they can do whatever they want with it–or so the theory goes… Yet a fetus older than 24 weeks is entering viable life territory–and the correct charge becomes murder–not performing an unlicensed abortion.

    1. John Frykman says:

      Sure. Her breasts are her own, too, but if she starves the baby to death, she is guilty of murder. The baby has its own DNA, unlike any other human being. The only difference between a born baby and an unborn baby is geography.

      It isn’t her baby. It’s God’s baby, and she had no right to take its life and throw its innocent body into the trash. Jail is too good for her.

      1. Give Mommies Control says:

        There is no Sky-Fairy. Get over it.

        1. Abortion is murder 100% of the time says:

          Aw…you tried to make a funny. Fail.

        2. Leo Leone says:

          I don’t see that the concept of a superior being is all that alien to you…There’s plenty of satanic rituals being openly performed here on earth that pay tribute to whatever pig god you choose to worship….I;m betting the guiding light in your life is mammon and gratification…Hey, to each his own.

          But tossing perfectly viable human babies into hospital incinerators whever the mother has a bad hair day during pregnancy qualifies as barbarism. It recalls the worst evils of the holocasust. It falls most heavily on the children of the poor and many minorities. It’s an affront to a civil society where childless couples go begging for a baby to adopt. There are more sensible and humane options.

          You’d rather kill the child than see the helpless kid get a good home, loving parents and a decent shot at life–perhaps, to become Steve Jobs successor–or a future president or a Mozart. You’d snuff out the kid’s chances for any kind of life– out of your blatant disregard for the value of all human life.

          Face it–you side with murderers and dysfunctional, infanticidal women who take greater risks with their own bodies having an abortion than bringing the child to term naturally and giving it up for adoption. Yeah, I’d say that’s rather barbaric and callous of you.

        3. My wasted time reasoning with fools says:

          Well there obviously is because YOU live and breath….and He must have a sense of humor!

      2. Erzulie DuBois says:

        I’ve got a great idea John.

        Maybe GOD should be pregnant, have the fetus birth the child and fed it via his breasts.

        Then abortion would be an IIth commandment.

  40. Nancy Bakos says:

    She would make a good”poster” for PLANNED NON-PARENTHOOD

    1. Foogen says:

      How many unloved, unwanted babies have you adopted from the orphanage?

  41. mike champaign says:

    The spreading of “contamination” was one of the reasons for Planned “Parenthood”‘s beginning. I believe it was called eugenics. The idea was to keep the mentally ill, and unwanted minority groups from giving birth to LIVE children.
    The real problem is that someone convinced this poor woman that this “fetus”was a choice. And that she had some sacred right to destroy it.
    A human female has never given birth to a “choice”. Every single time one comes out of the womb it turns out to be a baby human.

  42. Nancy Bakos says:

    She would make a good poster for PLANNED BABYKILLERS

  43. Ron says:

    So an abortion is legal only if money is involved. no self doctoring allowed. if the abortion is done by Family Planning, then its ok Go figure.

    1. Chappelle says:

      Under New York state law, an abortion can only be performed on a fetus older than 24 weeks if the procedure is necessary to save the woman’s life.

      Where do you get money out of that statement, bro? Idiot

    2. JaneDoe2A says:

      Abortion is an industry and a huge money maker for “Planned Eugenics”.

  44. Bard says:

    If Kavorkian or an abortion doctor would have done the murder we would not be talking about this. I far as I am concerned, it is her business what she does with her body. Is that what the anti-life crowd teaches anyway?

  45. You're Kidding Me With This says:

    …”the fetus of her unborn daughter”? What in the world kind of terminology is that?

  46. Montford John Greenwood says:

    You big government types don’t like us lowly proles not using your institutions huh?

  47. Life in Jail says:

    This should be easy. She should get life in jail, she murdered her baby.

    Excuses are irrelevant.

    Case closed.

  48. DanTe says:

    Leave the poor woman alone. She knows she’s a genetic reject. So she’s just making sure the contamination doesn’t spread. If anything, help her, and society, out by permanently sterilizing her.

    1. Evil E says:

      DanTe, your statement is by far the best worded. Kudos

    2. Dennis Johnson says:

      The term you are seeking is “mutant”

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