NEW YORK (AP) — Several protesters calling for more funding to fight AIDS have been arrested after forming a human chain near City Hall.


The protesters were part of a larger group of about 100 people who marched on Thursday from Zuccotti Park to City Hall. About half a dozen of them were arrested after chaining themselves together and lying flat on the pavement. Police pushed them to the side of the road so that blocked traffic could pass through.

Protesters want Mayor Michael Bloomberg and members of Congress to institute taxes on Wall Street trade to pay for AIDS treatment.

Some Occupy Wall Street activists joined the march on World AIDS Day.

During the afternoon rush hour, Occupy activists plan to team up with labor organizations for another march.

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  1. ti-grr says:

    Bush/Cheny boys (under Regan) design Hiv virus, CDC vaccinates gays, latinos, blacks for Hep-B in 79-80, in 85 CDC declares AIDS epedemic, medical community makes millions on tests and drugs, Students protest for help to AIDS patients and get arrested.
    Search/ read: TRANCE-FORMATION OF AMERICA by Cathy O’Brien and Mark Philips… HIV was deliberately introduced to ‘rid America of gays… and blacks in Aftica…” The real Evil Empire has been in he WH all the time. CDC has AIDS cure, but restricted to WH and Congress folks only.

    1. Vani James says:

      probrably have not done the research that you have on the subject, but i agree with your statement.

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