Without Cameras In Private Screening Rooms, It's Case Of He Said, She Said

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There’s new fallout over airport screening procedures after three women say they were strip-searched at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

On Tuesday a former top-ranking Transportation Security Administration agent weighed in, CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown reports.

They are three women, all over 60, all with medical issues and all with nearly identical stories of humiliation, while traveling through security at Kennedy last weekend.

“I’ve never heard of someone’s pants or underwear being taken off,” former Deputy Federal Security Director Russell McCaffrey said.

After nine years as a deputy director with the TSA at Newark Liberty International Airport, McCaffrey said the claims from three women that they were strip searched at JFK are stunning.

“I think there may be a little more to the story,” McCaffrey said.

The incidents all happened within one day in the same terminal. Two of the women were on the same flight.

And one by one they have come forward with claims of being forced to take off their pants, so TSA agents could examine their medical apparatus.

In Ruth Sherman’s case, it was a colostomy bag.

“She said please pull down your pants. I was crying then. I couldn’t believe it,” Sherman said.

The TSA’s own policy states passengers with a colostomy or urine bag “…will not be required to expose these devices for inspection.”

And that passengers should not be asked to “lift, remove, or raise any article of clothing to reveal a sensitive area of the body” … including the groin.

They are policies that appear to have been violated by agents.

“There’s been an evolution at the airports in inspections and pat-downs and I think it’s getting better,” said John Page, National President of the American Federation of Government Employees.

Gage, who is the president of the union that represents TSA agents, said Sherman never told agents she had a colostomy bag — only “a bag.” And when agents saw what it was they backed off.

“The officers followed standard operating procedure and, of course, their activities were on tape,” Gage said.

But there are no cameras in the private screening rooms.

In a statement, the TSA said the agency is reviewing the allegations but, “Our preliminary review of each of these claims indicates all screening procedures were followed.”

McCaffrey said the jury is still out on whether the agents acted properly.

“Typically, alarms can be resolved very easily with a pat-down, with an explosive swab sample to make sure that the item doesn’t contain any type of explosive charge,” McCaffrey said.

CBS 2’s Brown spoke with a woman Tuesday, an airline passenger, who also has an insulin pump. She said when she travels screeners give her a glove, have her touch her pump and then they swab her gloved hand, avoiding anyone actually touching her.

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  1. AnneP says:

    Who are you going to believe? Two elderly law abiding ladies or the abusive TSA?

    1. hating TSA says:

      Is this a trick question?

      1. Tim says:

        Likewise, proper procedures were most rigorously adhered to at Dachau, Auschwitz, Treblinka and likewise infamous “portals of transportation” in the name of security….

        Of course, as long as we all sit back and take it, the worse the abusive employees of TSA will behave.

        It’s up to us; it’s time to take responsibility for our own happenstances. November, 2012 can’t get here soon enough for me!

        1. Raymond Anderson says:

          To Tim,
          Don’t like being protected?
          Take a private plane! You only need to be protected from yourself!
          Flying is a privilege, not a right!
          Just like driving, if you can’t follow the rules, “Get off the road” (or the plane in this instance).
          Simple, TSA doesn’t need to waste their time protecting those that don’t want protection and the other passengers would rather not have you on the plane!
          Just ask them!!!
          Raymond Anderson

    2. Hayduke says:

      Yeah, the local San Diego Station KUSI on Saturday Morning had the Male Anchor calling for changes and noting that the procedures have been becoming more intrusive…while the blond bimbo had a skeptical look on her face and was saying there must be more to the story…like the laid off bus driver turned TSA thug was more trustworthy than Grandma…what a total tool!

      1. Raymond Anderson says:

        To “Hayduke”,
        Actually I’ve met that “Grandma” as well as “Grandpa” that took off their clothes or dropped their drawers to make a sick point. No TSA “thug” (as you call them), wants to see any more of Grandma or Grandpa than they have to.
        The story changes about what “happened” when the Law Enforcement Officer comes over to threaten them with a citation for public indecency!
        You gotta blame someone so why not TSA!!!
        Now, tell me what makes more sense!
        People, use your brain, not your emotions!!!
        Raymond Anderson

        1. Hayduke says:

          You are a liar. Being a cop does not make you right. Just ask Kelly Thomas (google his name!). You have “met” Citizens who pay for your wife’s manicure and your kids clothes. You have chosen to see all these people, who pay for your half educated ass to live, as criminals. Take a long look in the mirror…see you are not special.

    3. Raymond Anderson says:

      To AnneP,
      TSA every time over liars!
      Raymond Anderson

  2. Larrybud says:

    “TSA Officials: Proper Procedures Were Followed ”

    Yeah, that’s exactly the problem Comrade!

  3. JohnDD says:

    So, as I understand the TSA rationale for this, if the government sets up a procedure….even a dumb one….if the procedure is followed then it’s OK because “proper procedures were followed.” Well, then it’s OK because the Nazis used proper procedures, sanctioned by Hitler’s government, when they gassed millions. The North Koreans use proper procedures when they shell South Korea. Pol Pot used proper procedures when he murdered millions in Cambodia. Gee, using the term “proper procedure” for the government makes me feel comfortable.

    1. Bob says:

      Exactly. Who cares about proper procedures? The real question is why are these women being subjected to a patdown anyway? In all of the media stories over the past 10 years, has any terrorist activity ever involved an over 60 year old, white woman with medical issues? This is a joke of epidemic proportions

  4. JohnDD says:

    Would make sense IF the headlines from 9/11/2001 had read, “Twin Towers and Pentagon attacked by 19 elderly white women who hijacked planes” Gee, can we apply even a little common sense to our screening procedures?

    1. Paul H says:

      Enemies come in all shapes and sizes

      1. Locke says:

        Yeah even from within and the name Paul H.

      2. Richard Koch says:

        “Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

      3. Jack Ryan says:

        You have to have some sort of baseline established for searching for potential terrorists. 80 year old grandmas are so far beneath that baseline that it would be laughable to include them. Only a real mentally defective would approve of these actions. Mentally defective….enter..the TSA.

        1. Hayduke says:

          Islamo-Terrorism is a Myth. When they launch rockets on Israel it is War! When they set off roadside bombs…it is war. When they try to light their pants on fire, it is a false-flag attack to perpetuate war! We have been incredibly fooled for a L O N G time!

  5. Jeremiah says:

    TSA is a bunch of fools with fools for supervisors. This approach to airline safety is insane.

  6. Christie Lynn Edds Cali says:

    So first it did not happen at all and now it happened according to “procedure.”

    Since the TSA can’t seem to understand simple morality never mind the law let me help. It is never ever legal to require a person who has not been so much as accused of a crime to remove their clothing. I don’t care what “procedure” you have in place, it is illegal and those involved should be brought up on criminal charges. Additionally it is not consent when it is coerced (I will have you arrested if you don’t comply/charge you 11K). A note to TSA officials Following orders is not a legitimate defense. I recommend a change of employment for your own legal protection.

    For those who say their airport their rules I have an analogy. If I have a store and I require every person upon entry of the store to show me their underwear as a condition of entry I would be charged in a millisecond with at least sexual harassment–likely much more.

  7. Jeremiah says:

    TSA used proper procedures? Like hell they did!!

  8. Frank S says:

    I’m sure that the TSA doesn’t even bother to do preliminary investigations before saying that their investigation shows every policy was followed to the letter. But even if they do I imagine that the investigators are of equivalent intelligence as their screener counterparts, and the conversation goes something like this, “This lady has complained about you, did you follow all TSA procedures and thus we can say that all the public lies about us, or did you not follow procedures and we have to fire you?”

  9. jfrazierttx says:

    With regard to the headline: “TSA Officials: Proper Procedures Were Followed In Cases Of Elderly Strip-Searching”. Using proper procedures for abusing innocent citizens doesn’t make the actions less criminal. It is the very existence of the TSA and the lengths that they will go to protect us that is the root of the problem.

    With regard to the TSA and this situation: Where is the ACLU when they are most needed?

    1. Frank S says:

      The America Communist and Liberal Union is all for big government programs, they’d rather fight for something that isn’t important to everyone but only a few nut-jobs, or something that promotes liberal ideology,

  10. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Proper? Sniffing Senile Bush for Clues is Never Proper.

    1. Z25 says:

      Just another example of the stuff thats happening today. Very interesting times to say the least


  11. p8nt says:

    IF they did get strip searched, they didn’t get stripped searched in the middle of the damn airport infront of everyone. The alternative to not going thru the checkpoint, is to get patted down. Unless you act suspiciously, you wouldn’t get detained and strip-searched.
    I don’t believe these old people

    1. Doug Hanson says:

      Have you tried going through with a wheelchair, back brace, or colostomy bag? I didn’t think so.

      1. Paul H says:

        Maybe if the elderly ladies were more specific when they were describing what they had , all of this could of been avoided!
        I don’t pity the elderly / disabled , everyone is treated the same. And just because it turned out to be old people its a HUGE deal.

        1. Richard Koch says:

          I pity those who blindly trust their government.
          The TSA searches are a violation of the 4th Amendment and are illegal.
          Americans should not stand for the actions of the TSA tyrants!!!

    2. BRBSanDiego says:

      Sure – three sick old ladies are going to commit terrorist acts. Get real and disband the TSA jackboots. This organization is mostly losers rent-a-cops supervised by overpaid government administrators. Here is one huge payroll that needs to be privatized.

    3. Max17 says:

      “IF they did get strip searched, they didn’t get stripped searched in the middle of the damn airport infront of everyone.”

      And if they did get strip searched in the middle of the damn airport in front of everyone, they didn’t get stripped searched in the middle of the damn airport in front of everyone and then get executed. So according to p8nt, these ladies should shut up and be happy with their private strip search. Jeez we have a bunch of neutered animals posing as humans in this country.

  12. Randy says:

    I’d be in jail now if that had been my mother or grandmother

    1. Brian says:

      The Constitution of the United States

      Amendment 4 – Search and Seizure. Ratified 12/15/1791.

      The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

  13. Archie Bunkert says:

    WTC7 was NOT hit by a plane and collapsed in 8 seconds on 911, it fell at freefall speed, symetrically and in on its own footprint. 1500 Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth know it was a Controlled Demolition.

    1. tinfoil nemesis says:

      Which is why consensus science is an oxymoron.

      1. Archie Bunkert says:

        1500 Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth is not consensus Science.
        You’re an Idiot, with a phrase and that is all you have.. LOL

        1. tinfoil nemesis says:

          I stand corrected. You are right. 1500 is about the right number of fringe, wacko elements in the architechure and engineering fields. I’m betting I can find 1500 doctors who believe in astrology too.

          1. Archie Bunkert says:

            1500 Architects and Engineers, believe WTC7, which collapse in 8 seconds, resulting in the simultaneous compromise of thousands of bolted and welded connections, steel beams and columns, falling in a neat pile on its own footprint
            was the result of a Controlled Demolition.
            They have signed the petition to reopen an investigation on 911, most Architects and Engineers in this country are unaware of Building 7.

          2. GoBackToSleepNow says:

            Now if regular office fires cause buildings to collapse at free fall speed, why didn’t this 2009 fire of a Beijing office builiding collapse, which was a much larger fire than WTC7?

            1. Archie Bunkert says:

              Exactly.. Steel can lose it’s tensile strenght in areas of the fire, but it will not cause the complete catostrophic collapse of the enitre building.. This fire is much more intense than that of WTC7, same material, steel, burned longer, but did not Collapse in 8 seconds.. Matter of fact it did not Collapse at all.. and many more examples of fires in high rises can be found.

              1. Basic engineering says:

                The rapid rise in temperature from the enormous amount of flaming jet fuel caused the steel to loose its tensile and compressive strength over the course of an hour or so.

                At that point the live and dead loads of the floor above the upper most burning floor caused the connections of that burning floor to fail and the floor collapses.

                In basic engineering terms the “Shearing force” of the total weight of those floor above times the velocity of that materia produced a force that overwhelmed the steel connections. The resulting pancake effect was more than sufficient to cause failure to all the floors below.

                The steel was severed like a hot knife goes through soft butter..

                Fires in a steel building are one of the biggest nightmares for fire fighters because when the steel fails it does so with catastrophic results.

                That is what you are seeing when the towers crumble to the ground. .

                Perhaps you would be better at denying the holocaust?

              2. Fires and steel says:

                Do you know if the steel was protected with fire resistive construction? Were sprinklers present to cool down the temperatures?

                At the towers all they had were sprinklers and they were severed when the planes hit. No fire rated protection was provided because of the design of the building and the belief that the sprinklers would work.

                The impact of the falling towers brought about the failures of the surrounding structures. People living near by thought their buildings were going to fail as well.

                The twin towers failing produced enormous forces that only the engineers and scientists can truly appreciate and they never fail to learn from these of events.

    2. ThomSirveaux says:

      1500 Architects and Engineers amount to about a third of the scientists and engineers employed by my company, at my workplace. While it sounds like a large figure to most people, any knowledgeable engineer would know that it’s a minute fraction of the total number in the workforce today, probably around a tenth of a tenth of a percent.

      That being said, WTH is with your comment on a completely unrelated news post? It’s people like you that give Americans a bad name >.<

      1. Archie Bunkert says:

        So what is your point.. Do you think it is a BRAVE thing to stand up and say, YES, I am an ARCHITECT OR ENGINEER and I believe with the empiracle evidence and everything I know about Steel Structures and Buildings that Steel Modern Buildings don’t collapse at near freefall in 8 seconds unless energetics are applied OR I will just accept what the NIST report says and shut up because I don’t want to raise a stink or lose my job? PICK ONE. Many Architect and Engineers are unaware of WTC7 because it was NOT covered by the Media. I heard about it from Richard Gage at an AIA Convention.

    3. tinfoil nemesis says:

      WTC7 WASN’T hit by a plane. It burned uncontrolled for hours until the steel weakened, and it collapsed under it’s own weight.

      1. Archie Bunkert says:

        WTC6 and WT5 Burned for hours, much more damaged by towers collapse, 80% or more damage.. they never collapsed.. WTC7 had a fire on one floor and Collapsed in 8 seconds.

        1. tinfoil nemesis says:

          Archie, you’re like listening to a 9-year-old explaining how a jet flies. Of course, it’s that way with all you troofers. You don’t even know when you’re comparing apples and oranges.

          1. Popeye Doyle says:

            WTC5 and WTC6 were hit by debris from the towers and had massive fires,
            THEY NEVER COLLAPSED.. WTC7 had minimal damage and minimal fires, was 47 stories high and collapsed in 8 seconds, 6 hours after the towers fell.. WTC6, WTC5 and WTC7 were are all steel reinforced buildings.. the same type.. so there is your apples to apples argument.. So I agree with Archie.

            1. tinfoil nemesis says:

              Right, B5 and B6 had PHYSICAL damage. B7 fell entirely due to MATERIAL FAILURE due to heat induced weakening. Two ENTIRELY different mechanisms. It fell straight down because the only force acting on it was gravity.

              1. Archie Bunkert says:

                That is not even what NIST says what caused the collapse of WTC7.. better get your lies right before you continue on.

              2. Bone tired says:

                tinfoil nemesis

                Carry on, you are spot on.and I’ve lost my patience.

                good job!

      2. Paul H says:

        Last time I saw steel melt and collapse in 8 seconds was…..never

        1. tinfoil nemesis says:

          I believe that’s exactly how WTC1 and WTC2 fell. They both burn for awhile, until the supports weakened. Then they fell pretty damn quick, didn’t they?

          1. Popeye Doyle says:

            It’s not your fauld entirely, You are the Product of genetics (stupid parents), bad education and very gullible.

            1. tinfoil nemesis says:

              Good one Popeye, glad you saw “Back to the Future”. I accept your forfeit.

            2. deebunkr says:

              Ever thought about hiring a tech writer Pop? That way you could denigrate someone with proper spelling and punctuation.

              1. Archie Bunkert says:

                Don’t really know who was denigrated?
                Ohhh sorry, my bad, I called the guy who thinks steel buildings MELT a moron..

                1. tinfoil nemesis says:

                  Oh Archie, steel doesn’t have to be MELTED to weaken and lose it’s strength. But I’m sure you’ve been told that 1000 times by now. Do you put your hands over your ears and go, “LA,LA,LA,LA…?”

                2. Archie Bunkert says:

                  It is impossible to Weaken tons and tons of steel in a modern steel building and cause the simultaneous and catostrophic collapse of the “ENTIRE” Structure, at ONE POINT in time, tons and tons of structural hardened steel weakened all at ONCE by heat?? NO.. Argue all you want about what was weakened, but your are completely wrong. One or two beams, weakened OK.. but with redundancy built in and over design, by code, will cause a localized collapse, NOT an entire Catostrophic Collapse of thousands of steel members.. You are NOW a waste of Time.

                  1. tinfoil nemesis says:

                    Impossible, eh. That’s a pretty bold statement coming from somebody that doesn’t seem to even grasp basic concepts of metal working. And exactly how many columns should have been theoretically weakened? One. two, ten, 50? How many columns were weakened on the North and South towers? Or do you still believe those were controlled demolitions too? Isn’t it amazing that dozens of columns on those buildings were severed instantly by the impacts, but somehow those building waited a while before falling straight down all at once.

            3. tinfoil nemesis says:

              Popeye, you don’t know when to give up do you? Face it. You don’t know S#!t about materials, structures, heat, or any real science. You just throw up a few factoids without any context (mostly because you only have an inkling of what they really mean). Most likely something you got off of Prison Planet or the like. Then you throw them out on some forum like you known something. You’re like a guy that thinks that since he fixed his vacuum cleaner, he’s some kind of electronics expert.

              1. Archie Bunkert says:

                I know steel, I know tensile stress and modulus of Elasticity, Youngs modulus, compression stress.
                YOU SURE DON’T.. I am an Architect, you are a NOBODY. Get lost you flea.

    4. GoBackToSleepNow says:

      But why listen to 1500 high-rise architects, structural engineers, metallurgists and physicists when you can listen to Glenn Beck and the presstitutes give you the “real” story? And the TSA, while we are on it, was born from the planned events of 9/11. See http://www.ae911truth.org and Sibel Edmonds. Then research the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Wake up people.

  14. wrol says:

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

  15. V Collins says:

    This is why I refuse to fly on airlines. If I can’t drive there, I don’t go. The high gasoline prices, TSA searches, and other travel restrictions (ie Pass ports to go to Canada); all designed to make travel difficult. A huge nation like Soviet Union, China and now the USA; travel restrictions or travel difficulties makes it easier to control a population under Communism/Marxism/Socialism. It seems we are headed in that direction.

  16. David Moore says:

    It not the local TSA grunts – It the upper management ie Janet the socialist.
    If you are liking what you see – keep voting for the 3rd rate amateur demedope administration!

    1. wrol says:

      That is the same thing the ignorant German citizens said about the Nazi SS; “they’re only doing their job and following orders.” You see where that ended up dontcha you dumb arse.

  17. Allen says:

    It is comforting to know that the TSA has investigated the TSA and found there was no problem or violation of rights in this case. Nothing to see here, people. Move along. Move along.

    As another poster commented: “How many terrorist attacks has the TSA stopped? Zero”

    If any of us as private citizens did once what the TSA does every day, we would be arrested, jailed, and labeled for a lifetime as a sex offender. Is a TSA badge really a license to do whatever you want and get away with it?

  18. wrol says:

    TSA are NAZI’s, and Nazi’s need to be eliminated.

  19. NYC Lisa says:

    Why did the women involved not tell the agents they had medical paraphernalia?
    There are procedures to follow if the agents were told. If they were not told and felt something foreign strapped to a body, they have the right to examine this person more closely.
    The possibility strongly exists that the women were treated more harshly.
    They should have told the agents beforehand.

    1. Brian says:

      Read the articles NYC Lisa, they DID! That’s why they refused to go through the giant microwave scanners that are outlawed in Europe; BECAUSE of the medical devices.

      Read more, comment less.

    2. Chris says:

      Because old white women have a history of being terrorists and blowing up planes.

    3. BRBSanDiego says:

      The agents were told about the C bags and like all good nazi goons, pretended not to know what they were talking about and proceeded with the level 3 suspect search. What a loser organization led by a lesbian, moron, Janet creature. God help us if you exist.

  20. Tom P. says:

    How the hell can you have “proper procedures” for strip searching 80+ year old women? The TSA is way out of control, and should be disbanded. Replace them with private security that the individual airlines would hire

  21. Tom Walter says:


    1. BRBSanDiego says:

      No – they got fired from McD’s for strip searching from the drive-thru.

  22. Pockets Sixtyfour says:

    I thought they said that they didn’t do it. Now they say they did it according to procedures.

    Why the initial lie, covered by this new lie?

    1. Brian says:

      The first comment they made on the first victom was. “They had no procedures for strip searching anyone.” now they change there tune.

      The procedure is if you refuse the scanner you must be punished and humiliated to teach others who’s boss. Questioning their authority is not to be allowed.

      Be good slaves.

  23. jnsesq says:

    Proper procedures in Nazi Germany or most African countries perhaps. But as long as we don’t offend the tender sensibilities of those “Religion of Peace” acolytes, the molestation of elderly white women be just wha’ da doktah ordered, know what ah’m sayin’, yo?

    Something tells me the Founders would not recognize their magnificent gift to us today.

  24. DocChuck says:

    I do not like the tactics used by the TSA goons. But they are simply Neanderthals following the orders of the Obama Administration monkeys.

    However, if any of us have to put up with the procedures, then just because an old woman is Jewish and from New Yawk City does NOT exempt her from the same exact procedures.

    What is it about jews, especially NYC jews that makes them think they are special?

    Carrion, please.

    1. Real Man says:

      DocChuck Said: “However, if any of us have to put up with the procedures, then just because an old woman is Jewish and from New Yawk City does NOT exempt her from the same exact procedures.”

      So then if the TSA adopts new procedures that allow them to ram their fists up your “you know what” then if one has to accept it all do? What if they decide to murder all brunettes? Are you going to say “if one brunette has to be murdered then all have to be” ???

      Take your antisemitism somewhere else.

  25. Bob says:

    TSA is a group of idiots run by a bigger idiot serving a country that doesn’t have the inteligence or back bone to profile. We must be politicaly correct. Besides those low IQ agents need a job.

  26. vic D says:

    welcome back to the U.S.S.R. COMRADES. and you thought communism was dead. its alive and well in DC. wake up kiddies. this is only the beginning. this country has gone to hell in a hand basket . my parents and I escaped the soviet union back in 1974. and now you morons have elected a Marxist Muslim Monkey into the white house,and have elected numerous legislators into all positions of government- “for social justice, equality and fairness.” , guess what, this is all code for Marxism, which leads to communism. hey brother can you spare a dime?

  27. TJG says:

    And the guards running the concentration camps followed correct procedures as well. Idiots.

    1. Sgt. Schultz says:

      THe TSA are the actual airplane terrorists now.

    2. Brian says:

      The real “Procedure” is. If the stupid sheeple refuse to be irradiated in our giant microwave ovens. Then you are to punish them by humiliation and degredation. If the then pull out a copy of the United states Constitution. That person is obiously the real terrorists and our real targets.

      They must be made to submit and grow accustomed to the new velvet lined chains they unknowningly wear. Later because of cost concerns we can remove the velvet, by then it will be too late for them.

  28. LIBERTY NOW says:

    Tyranny Strikes Again….

  29. Holding on to religion and guns. says:

    I see all this outrage on here but what are YOU doing about it besides complaining on here. I no longer fly. Until we as a whole do somthing about it, NOTHING will change. I take that back, it will only get worse.

    1. Brian says:

      Do you no longer drive as well, the TSA is stopping people on the highway now. You better make sure you have your “papers.”

      The entire government has termites now, it must be restored to it’s original glory. Thankfully the foundation is sound. The Constitution and the founding fathers original intent.

      Disband the FED, Disband the IRS, Dispand the TSA and many many more agencies…

      Punish elected officials for violations of there Oath of Office. To “Protect and Serve the Constitution of the United States.”

      Restore State representation by allowing governers to again appoint Senators.

      Institute Term Limits on all elected and APPOINTED officials, yes that means supreme court judges. Impeach judges that violate their oath of office.

      and much much more….

      1. Brian says:

        Oh, and make Congressmen and Senators spend most of there time at home in there elected area. They should only be up in DC a couple times a year, as it was originally done.

        They quickly loose touch with reality and the people that elected them in DC.

  30. Archie Bunkert says:

    WTC7 was NOT hit by a plane and collapsed in 8 seconds on 9111, it fell at freefall speed, symetrically and in on its own footprint. 1500 Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth know it was a Controlled Demolition.

    1. SquidVetOhio says:

      Did you notice the 2 GIGANTIC skyscrapers that fell beside it you dunce? Did you ever take a physics class you moron? You losers need to move on. If you want a conspiracy, you would have better chance with OK City bombing. At least there is tape of bomb squad members telling reporters of an un-detonated bomb they found. But the 9/11 stuff is old and disproven.

      1. Archie Bunkert says:

        Yes I did. And read the NIST report that says one column (col #77) was compromised causing a chain reaction which compromised thousands of weld and bollted connecttions. This of course is a lie, because I am an Architect. WTC7 Collapsed from a controlled demolition. The 911 Commission omitted WTC7 from their final report and 7 of the 11 commissioners now say, they were lied to by the Pentagon.. Obviously I know more about this than you do.

        1. vcollins says:

          Oh yes and what the heck does that have to do with this article and topic??? Typical liberalism/comicrat/socialist, change the topic of the discussion to suit thier own agenda!!!!

          1. Archie Bunkert says:

            Oh now I’m a Liberal?. good argument.. The point is, the war on terror is
            fabricated and until the public knows the complete facts about 911, and all the perpetrators are brought to justice, the TSA will only get worse. The 911 commission admits, the pentagon lied to it. Sounds like I know more about the subject than you do and am not here to bring you up to speed. If you are too stupid to figure it out or do research on your own, you are beyond hope.

        2. tinfoil nemesis says:

          Please post a list of your designed buildings. I’d never want to step foot in anything designed by one who would ignore proven concepts of heat transfer, materials science, thermodynics, and statics, to embrace a conspiracy theory.

          1. Archie Bunkert says:

            Big words.. heat transfer? thermodynamics? OK.
            Jet fuel burns at 800 degrees C, and Hardened A36 Steel is compromised at 2200 degrees C. so there is your Thermodynamics.

            1. tinfoil nemesis says:

              Ever hear of annealing Archie? Steel can be annealed at temp of 1000 degs or less, depending on time. Those temps are easily achieved inside a burning building with low oxygen or ventalation. Did anyone every explain to you how the ancients could make melt iron using charcoal as a fuel? Charcoal burns at around 700 degrees, BTW.

              1. Archie Bunkert says:

                So they used Charcoal to melt the building?. the tinfoil hat is starting to
                conduct beams of charge. YOU FOOL. I am willing to bet you haven’t an interest in anything.

                1. tinfoil nemesis says:

                  Archie, reread my post. As usual with you troofers, the minute actual thermodymics and heat transfer concepts are intoduced, you are lost. To put it in terms that your concrete skull can understand. The flash point of the fuel is only partially relevant. Heat may build in an enclosed space until the temp far exceeds the iignition point of the fuel. Add more heat than is released, temp will rise. Archie perhaps you should TRY to take a thermodynamics or heat transfer class. (I’m doubting you are smart enough to pass). If you can’t argue on thiese concepts, then you just appear foolish. You need to realize you’re investment in an idea that is so easily contradicted is more an indication of your unwillingness to accept you’re mistaken than anything else.

      2. Popeye Doyle says:

        The Towers fell beside Building 7. If I drop a 10 pound weight next to a tonka truck, how does the 10 pound weight eventually collapse the truck, it it miss it?
        That is what happened. The Towers did do minor facade damage to WTC7, but the building was perfectly fine until 520 that day, when it fell in about 8 seconds and 6 hours later. How does that happen unless it was blown up? and don’t say fire, because the NYFD said there were under control.

        1. tinfoil nemesis says:

          I’m sorry Popeye, it’s just a compulsion of mine to beat “Truthers” into the ground.

      1. Archie Bunkert says:

        Thankyout.. I guess giving me the money sign is Goodluck? Playing the Powerball tonight..

  31. Richard Villanova says:

    Apparently in America you’re considered a terrorist until proven otherwise. This has gotten way out of control. What has the TSA actually stopped? Nothing…

  32. Oscar Possum says:

    So glad the TSA rapists followed their dear leader’s protocol.

  33. Jack Carter says:

    So, what IS the proper procedure for strip-searching a little old lady?

    1. Brian says:

      The first responce the TSA put out said that “they HAD NO PROCEDURES for STRIP SEARCHING. Therefore the the first old lady was just a big fat lier” so it never happened.

      Now they say proper procedure, and now they are stopping people on the highway. Time to put those Brown Shirts out of business.

  34. Disgusted says:

    “I think there may be a little more to the story,” McCaffrey said.

    How condescending! They are obviously slanted in favor of their agents rather than the public.

    This is bogus. No cameras in the room. Three women, independent of each other all just imagined, misinterpreted, or made up the story? Give me a break.

  35. Archy Cary says:

    TSA = Transportation Stupid Administration, headed by Janet Incompatano.

    (Thank you CBS and other MSM outlets for shilling for this administration in the ’08 election. We’ll remember.)

  36. RUFUS LEVIN says:

    F-ing Union communist goons and the idiot in charge of Homeland F-ing Security….THIS IS DAMN NEAR ENOUGH TO REBEL AGAINST OUR GOVERNMENT INTRUSION ON PRIVACY….IT IS ILLEGAL AND CAN NOT GO ON ANYMORE.




  37. Mark Langley says:

    The TSA first denied that this happened, at all. How could they have followed proper procedures with something that never happened?

    1. RUFUS LEVIN says:


      1. BRBSanDiego says:

        Obama did not initiate the TSA. This is an independent gestapo type group run by the lesbian equivalent of Adolf Eichmann – look it up. The German TSA stopped and searched every train passenger going in or out of Germany. This was tyranny and now we have it here.

    2. Brian says:

      They denied they even had procedures for strip searching anyone. Called the first lady a lier.

  38. Bobby says:

    Unbelievable that Mr. Reno is still in charge.

  39. JOe Dutra says:

    Just because Janet likes that type of search doesn’t mean everybody does.

  40. Sommer Gentry says:

    Strip-searching an innocent person who is not a suspect or an inmate can never, ever be proper procedure. The fact that the TSA thinks ripping the clothing off its victims is proper procedure should tell us everything we need to know about this despicable gang of violent criminals.

    1. Eric J says:

      That’s exactly the point. This WAS proper procedure. They meant to do this. But recall, initially they denied it. TSA is useless.

    2. kurt says:

      In MN, it is against the law to strip search anyone who is not an inmate, or suspect of a felony level offense.
      That’s right, you don’t even get strip searched when booked into jail unless your a violent felon.

  41. DanTe says:

    T (The)
    S (Stupid)
    A (A Holes)

    Keeps hiring pervs with grandma fetishes. Are you sure they’re not the elderly ra pists cops are looking for?

  42. Jimmy says:

    You know, the TSA does provide jobs for the otherwise unemployable so It’s good for the economy. I think.

    1. Wolf says:

      Yea, it’s a great job that sexual predators & child molesters can apply for.

  43. Vernon Hell says:

    Like the FBI, Secret Service, ATF, DEA and other security-related government agencies, the TSA is an organization of VICIOUS LIARS! Let us pray that they all get cancer, die in agony and burn in everlasting HELL!

    1. Survivor says:

      Won’t that be something when YOU get cancer, die in agony, and burn in everlasting hell.

  44. Bill Fisher says:

    It was once said that the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; and those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped.
    Hubert H. Humphrey

    TSA Fails on all counts.

  45. Maria Guerra says:

    Then you are an idiot to. Let’s have TSA grab your balls, Adolfo, and see how fast you call a lawyer.

    1. H. Toad says:

      I wouldn’t mind that myself

  46. Larry Schwarz says:

    I do not blame The TSA.Only The TSA people at Kennedy Airport.Do not blame the whole TSA because of a few incompetent ones at JFK.If they knowingly violated the rules they should be fired,if not then they need retraining.

    1. Maria Guerra says:

      Then you are an idiot. TSA is an arm of the go ernment engaged in subjugation by intimidation. That’s the whole point. Let’s see how you feel when TSA sticks their hands I. Your pants.

      1. Larry Schwarz says:

        I go through the body scanner,I have no problem with it,and have never had a problem with TSA in that manner.I did have a problem when they covered the bin containing my laptop with other empty bins,and no one at TSA offered to help or apologized.Come through Salt Lake City International sometime.The TSA agents out here are ploite,helpful,even passengers that have additional screenings are treated with respect and dignity.They know how to do their jobs.At Kennedy they are just rude New Yorkers and judging by your first sentence,Are you any different?.

        1. David Hioki says:

          “Our preliminary review of each of these claims indicates all screening procedures were followed.”

          Wrong Political correctness and security do not mix. There is a systemic problem with the TSA. This security model does not work. If it weren’t for incompetent terrorists, there would have been significant loss of life and probably more brutish security measures. The terrorists will always be a step ahead of the TSA.

          I would rather take my chances and overpower a terrorist than have my family humiliated at the airport. Let’s ROLL!

        2. RUFUS LEVIN says:


          1. Disgusted says:

            Rufus, I am opposed to the TSA and their horrible behavior. But you are being just rude and obnoxious. All caps really? Do you know how to use the toggle to italicize or bold? You’re words are abusive and meant to intimidate. An arsenal of people who cannot hold civil and intelligentconversation.

        3. Brian says:

          I suggest you read up on why these very same devices were banned in Europe. These things are NOT safe.

          Now go drink your clorinated water out of a BPA plastic bottle. When you feel bad, take the federally approved medication you were issued that is intended to only treat, not cure.

          Be a good consumer slave and don’t question authority…

  47. panhead20 says:

    Uncontrolled search and seizure is one of the first and most effective weapons in the arsenal of every arbitrary government. Among deprivations of rights, none is so effective in cowing a population, crushing the spirit of the individual and putting terror in every heart.

    Justice Robert Jackson, chief U.S. prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials

  48. Dave Tibet says:

    They’re the government so what we’re to expect they would tell the truth! Always with the cover ups.

    What ever happened to our right to liberty where now we have to give up our right to privacy in order to exercise our right to liberty. Constant constitutional abuses but our government and not enough care to stand up to these abuses!!!

  49. Cindy says:

    My mother was inappropriately groped going through Houston (IAH). These are TSA “officials” who have NOT been trained appropriately and are SUB-standard-contracted. I mean REALLY?!?!? And please don’t say that it’s a small price to pay for safety!! These people are CLUELESS and represent sappy-poorly-run-lets-give-them-business-government-contractor businesses.

    1. Maria Guerra says:

      There is no “appropriate” training possible when the action itself is inappropriate.

    2. headed for the sunset says:

      “groped going through Houston” ???

      If they get away with this in Houston then we are doomed.

      What happened to “don’t mess with Texas”?

  50. pete says:

    My wife has a hip replacement and at JFK she fears to go through TSA screening. Last time they hit her 3 times against her vagina. When she told the woman, what is the matter with you, do you expect that a bomb falls out, she answered, you better shut up or you don’t fly. What a bunch of arrogant Low-Lifes!!! And all they now do is, lie and deny.

    1. Huh says:

      Of course!…If you said you had a bomb while boarding an airplane, you should be handcuffed and escorted away. Plain and simple

      1. pete says:

        You are an idiot and I doubt that you even understood what was said. You probably would make an ideal TSA Agent at JFK.

      2. RUFUS LEVIN says:


        1. Heidi Ho Ho Ho says:

          Can’t they at least pass GO?

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