Restaurant Worker Tells CBS 2 His Instincts Took Over After Getting Threats

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Are they victims or villains?

Two unruly customers who were beaten with a metal pole in a Manhattan McDonald’s are, themselves, facing criminal charges. The incident was caught on camera and quickly went viral.

In what some may see an unusual twist, Rayon McIntosh, the McDonald’s worker seen beating a customer, was not indicted. However, the two customers are now facing felony charges. The attorney for the two women said it’s unfair and peculiar, CBS 2’s John Slattery reported.

“It is peculiar because the person who wielded a weapon, the person who caused the injury, was let go and the people who end up in the hospital are charged with a felony,” Harold Baker said.

A camera captured the disturbing incidents inside the Greenwich Village restaurant on Oct. 13.   Following a dispute at the counter, one female customer jumped the counter while the other walked around. McIntosh, 31, then grabbed a steel rod and came to the defense of a worker who was being verbally abused and allegedly hit.

“I was, I was scared because I’ve never seen that before,” McIntosh told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis on Thursday night from his home in Jamaica, Queens. “I can’t say that I’m pleased or happy. I’m not the kind of person who would wish the worst on anyone.”

McIntosh said he was slapped, spit on, threatened, and had to defend himself, so he picked up the nearest object, and started swinging.

“It’s like instinct. You don’t even know that you’re capable of doing stuff like that. Your instinct just takes over like I gotta fight for my life,” McIntosh said.

One of the women suffered a fractured skull and a broken arm in the melee. The same grand jury that failed to indict McIntosh has now indicted the two women —  Myika Darbeau and Rachel Edwards, both 24 — for burglary.  The attorney for the two women can’t understand it.

“Mr. McIntosh’s behavior was legally and morally unjustified, hitting the women while on the ground senseless. My clients were unarmed, did not attack Mr. McIntosh and they were brutally beaten,” Baker said.

It’s not known if the two women will face charges other than burglary. Their arraignment is set for Jan. 11.

The irony here is McIntosh has been to jail himself — 11 years for manslaughter. But it’s because of that time, that he said the indictments for his alleged attackers are nothing to celebrate.

“I would not wish that on my worse enemy because I know what its like to be away from your family, if you got kids,” McIntosh told Dennis.

He’s hoping to replace the awful memory of that night with new ones — celebrating Christmas — a free man.

What do you make of the decision to indict them? Sound off in our comments section.

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  1. areyoukiddingme says:

    Al lot of employers would rather see you dead than protect yourself ..its easier to drag your dead body out of the store than defend your life or death actions in court

  2. Robert says:

    Rayon McIntosh should sue McDonald’s for wrongful termination. McDonald’s owes this brave employee an apology and back pay and should reward this hero for preventing these two criminals from ransacking the restaurant. This man went to jail to protect himself and his workplace!

  3. Vernita Worrell says:

    I would love to hear what the women/thugs have to say about why did the do what they did. They know they were wrong unless they are crazy like their lawyer and some people on this page who are sticking up for these women wannabe men.

    1. Chanel says:

      Harold Baker you are crazy they attack this guy these women are trouble makers…I will never go to Macdonald again they will not get a dime from me ..They have these women who go around attacking men …You both deserves what u got , u both will think twice..The tape don’t lie….They mess with the wrong guy ,good….These are the kind of low life’s who spit at the MTA workers in the city..

  4. Liberals are Evil says:

    Those are not women…they are female savage apes!

  5. You have my vote says:

    Mr Mcintosh should run for President. He did a brave and necessary thing. 2 fewer pos on the streets. Thank you Mr McIntosh.

  6. no more coffee at McD's says:

    They probably got bad coffee, like I did at McDonalds drive through in Riverhead NY and got overcharged, I want to go back and jump over the counter and demand coffee that hasn’t been through the grounds twice, and then when I complain to McDonalds corporation get the run around. Don’t bother buying coffee at McD’s anymore, it sucks. Really bad, I had to throw it out. You would think McD’s would stand up for their products but they don’t They told me to go back to the store, but i just drove through and don’;t live near it. No more bad coffee for me from mcDonalds. this corporation stinks.

    1. Me too says:

      The coffee used to be good. No more.

      1. GET THE PIPE OUT says:

        BAD COFFEE??!?!?!? CRIMINAL.

    2. trash says:

      Why subject yourself to these kinds of people just to get a cup of coffee???


    3. MikeD says:

      IDIOT – Dump the coffee in your lap – IDIOT!!!

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  8. Meme Meyagi says:

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    1. 300 says:

      They are lining up for your mothers vajay right now.

    2. BigAppleGuy says:

      I’m no where near muslim and im tired of seeing your ridiculous spam comment on all stories. wax on, wax OFF!

  9. ANONYMOUS says:


  10. H. Schneider says:

    These women displayed aggressive and anti-social behavior. Did man push them away, called the manager or the cops. No… the man convicted of manslaughter picks up a metal pipe and beats them down to the floor and continues to beat them until a fractured skull and broken arm are the result. The video doesn’t show the entire story, but the grand jury should have also indited the person in need of anger management.

    1. Meme Meyagi says:

      someone should beat some sense into you

    2. King Kredible says:

      What video did you watch? There is absolutely NO evidence that he hurt anyone who was on the floor. He hit her first in the arm and then in the head while she was attacking him. These were the blows that sent her to the floor and most likely the blows that injured her. SHE WAS INJURED WHILE SHE WAS ATTACKING HIM. Good thing the grand jury can easily see what you managed to miss.

    3. Liberals are Evil says:

      H. Schneider, you must have been dropped on your head when you were a kid!

  11. kyle says:

    Bitches got what they deserve.

  12. cluxx clamsman says:

    For punishment let them attend the next Republican debate were hopfully they can attack the stage and wipeout the seven dwarfs. To make sure we will stick a McRib in Newts G. mouth.

  13. lieutenantdan says:

    I would think that any sane person who feared for his/her life or feared for another person’s life would have and should have done the same. How was anyone to know if these to perps did not have a knife,gun, or box cutter hidden, that they were ready to use, or grab something to use as a weapon. We all have the right to defend ourselves against such people.

  14. A Real Man says:

    The phony Feminist movement lead by Gloria Steinem and Lisa Walker with the help of the CIA lead to this generation of arrogance with females and the dumbing down of men within our society. Even older women admit that today’s females are no good; they raise these $%&^ that walk around with their pants off, and they try to attack men. Weather he is gay or not a man is a man. Men don’t even talk to each other the way they talk to us because we know the results. Let the CIA help these fools; since they convinced them of them of this crap.

  15. Jack Hanna says:

    When female silverbacks attack, you do what you have to do.

  16. TRACK says:

    McIntosh, good job! And MickyDs’ had the nerve to fire you, sue them…they won’t let their children work the shift cause they know what kind of people they would have to deal with.
    Let this be a lesson girls, you can’t do what the guys do n still be a lady…

  17. truthhurts says:

    I need to know what video is CBS watching? They’re acting like these two animals are just two innocent young ladies who just so happen to be a target of a crazy felon who decided to go yard on their heads with a metal rod. I love how the media loves to twist things. Those two were animals and they deserved what they got. Treat them like animals spay them and put them in the pen.

  18. bullett says:

    My question to Mr. Baker; if a predator enters my home with a knife and if I kill them with a gun, should I be charged with murder, or is this considered as self defense? If it is considered as self defense, then what did Mr. McIntosh do wrong, other then to defend himself against your clients? As for the predator entering my home, if I kill them, I don’t call it murder, I call it “divine intervention”.

  19. mike says:

    Women that act tough , act like a man , overly aggressive ..this is what happens .. Nice job Mr. Mcintosh

  20. Angus Young says:

    lol, I am loving it. hey gerald you had a way out of this and even the lawyer does not believe anything he is saying. Nice off srping you have Gerald. Funny how they are calling her Myika darbeau now,? When originally it was Denise darbeau. Geuss mommy darbeau was tired of her named being used.

  21. McTrash says:

    Hopefully these two never reproduce

  22. Angus Young says:

    You have to remember the 2 thuggettes got up and walked around still threatening Rayon after the video was cut off. That means Rayon let them up and walk from behind the counter. Also what will come out is Myika Darbeau going after a Mcdonalds manager with a cop present. That will come out. There is alot that the media has not said or know yet,but it will all come out.

  23. jocko says:


  24. watchNlearn says:

    Both accusers had a set of parents and appeared to have been raised in a middle class neighborhood. Regardless, if they were raised by single parents or on welfare their behavior was unacceptable and illegal. The women were thugs who had previous criminal records. I hope the young man gets his job back and the McDonald’s franchise owner hires security to protect his employees and patrons.

    PS: I think you meant to say dinner instead of diner.

  25. Joanne says:

    Frankly I think the “women” issue of a man hitting them is irrelevant. These were not/ are not ladies.. they’re thugs. The fact is, this sort of violent behavior is growing among young women and when a would be victim fights back, although rare, it CAN happen and should serve as a lesson to them. Once they jumped over the counter, they BROKE THE LAW and it was his right to defend himself. Larry, the video you see is looped so you may see several hits, but in fact it was one when they were down and another employee pulled him away. It seems like I’ve seen multiple attacks at fast food restaurants by thugs this year.. this behavior, even if the victim fights back MUST BE PUNISHED!!

    1. jocko says:

      THANK YOU!!!!!

  26. Punisher says:

    100% agree.

  27. NYC says:

    Indeed, it was in self defense.. there were TWO crazed women charging at him. What was he supposed to do? Stand there and take a beating?

  28. Brian A Joseph says:

    I am very happy that those two undesirables are going to get what they deserved. Please no man will allow a woman namely this two things strike a man in the face , forget about turn the other cheek, have a couple of these for good measure. Knock the snot and weave off their body. Especially at work , jumping over the counter…Your asking for it.

  29. gotacomment says:

    The greedy creature who holds the franchise should be charged too. McIntosh and other employees repeatedly asked her for more security and she refused to provide it. Now let her see what happens when she skimps on providing a decent work environment

    The $50 apparently was determined to be genuine, but what set these two off was the manager’s checking it, in accordance with company policy and federal law. McIntosh was setting an order of french fries on the counter when the two went ballistic on him. Whether the manager ducked out or just didn’t happen to get involved I don’t know. Whatever was in whatever they use for minds at the time I don’t know, but if they were looking for trouble, they found some. The one with the cracked skull should be thankful to McIntosh for providing a way for some sense to get into her head.

  30. DanTe - The Real one says:

    Was this a love triangle?

    1. LOL says:

      Dante is right. You do have a hard on for him. Unfortunately for you, he’s much much wittier than you. Easy to spot the wanna be fake. Silly little boy.

  31. Ladyhawk says:

    Finally, the criminal justice system is prosecuting the right person/s.

  32. The truth says:

    well was teh $50 bill real or fake? good for him, he did the right thing!

  33. None Of Your Business says:

    Hooray for Rayon McIntosh!! Good work!! And more power to you!!

  34. SoSo says:

    Unfortunately some females take the you can’t hit a female to far and think they can get away with being nasty and abusive toward males. I see this a lot and it is a crime. This guy was mining his own business doing his job. If it wasn’t for the video cameras showing what actually took place this guy would have been looking at some serious time. Now that the truth of the case is out, let us go after these two thugs the same way the justice system went after Mr. McIntosh.

  35. The Good Samaritan says:

    thats all they are facing. They attacked this changed man,

    The Good Samaritan has spoken

  36. Douglas Reid says:

    The man was right in what he did. Because it was women should not make a difference. My question is why when an event happens, such as this, a persons past is always brought up by the media. Do not judge everyone guilty because of past mistakes. Now, more than likely, he will spend a lot of time trying to find another job. This is not the first or hundreth time the news outlets have done this.

  37. tw says:

    they deserve MORE than that. You come at ME across a counter after I do my job and quesiton a $50 bill? I would have done mroe than BEAT them with that stick! some people deserve shot, THESE are 2 of those people.

  38. CT Native says:

    It took two months to indict?!?!

    1. X says:

      They were in the hospital. May have taken them awhile to heal up enough to face the judge?

  39. Clark A says:

    What the hell does this have to do with the story?

  40. CSI says:

    Good for those girls. They deserve it. Women think they can say or do what ever and a guy wont strike back. I would have dont the same but with my fist.

  41. Larry Schwarz says:

    While I think the Women were wrong to jump the counter and should face charges I also think The Mcdonalds employee used excessive force.I disagree with the grand jury.He should have used just enough force to protect himself and call Police.Once they were down he kept on hitting them causing serious injury.Does’nt the District attorneys office have more important fish to fry.There is likely to be a lawsuit filed here.Let the civil courts hammer it out.SAve the criminal courts for thjose who pose a danger to society.

    1. T DESMOND says:

      Nope……you obviously have never been in a situation like this. Once the ball has begin rolling these women honestly should have been beaten a little longer is my opinion.

    2. Jean says:

      The district attorney took it to a grand jury. They are the ones who refused to indict. You can’t arbitrarily prosecute someone without an indictment. What’s more, these women started it, kept at it and talk about excessive force! Two against one is not a fair fight, whether or not they are women. In the throes of trying to defend yourself you don’t keep track of the possibility of your opponent’s injury. Just your own

    3. jocko says:


    4. King Kredible says:

      What video did you watch? There is absolutely NO evidence that he hurt anyone who was on the floor. He hit her first in the arm and then in the head while she was attacking him. These were the blows that sent her to the floor and most likely the blows that injured her. SHE WAS INJURED WHILE SHE WAS ATTACKING HIM. Good thing the grand jury can easily see what you managed to miss.

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