WAYNE, NJ (WCBS 880) – Many in New Jersey are fed up with the frequent flooding in their area and want out.

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney On The Story

Maureen Sullivan lives in the Hoffmans Grove area of Wayne and most of the homes there are being bought out.

“Everytime it rains now, you get that paranoid stomach ache,” she says.

Over $28 million in federal dollars is going to buy out 56 homes in Wayne, along with dozens more in other towns along the Passaic and Pompton Rivers.

Here are the detailed amounts:
· $6.3 million for approximately 56 homes in Wayne
· $3.1 million for approximately 13 homes in Pompton Lakes
· $2.9 million for approximately 15 homes in Little Falls
· $4.1 million for approximately 18 homes in Lincoln Park
· $3.1 million for approximately 12 homes in Fairfield
· $3.8 million for approximately 15 homes in Pequannock
· $2.9 million for approximately 13 homes in Manville
· $1.9 million for approximately 7 homes in Middlesex

Sen. Frank Lautenberg says the homes will be torn down, returning the land to green space.

“Instead of water flooding a family’s basement, it will, technically, [be] absorbed by the natural environment,” Lautenberg said on Friday.

A FEMA representative promised more help for flood-prone areas along the Raritan River and other spots not helped this time.

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  1. sean weber says:

    my wife and i bought our home in old bridge about 5 years ago.a year into it the house floode.when the fire dept.came to pump it out they said that they had been coming to this house for years.the mayor at the time,jim phillips had assured us that they were going to put storm drains and solve the problem.well for years they did nothing.finally they put storm drains in and guess what irene was the worst one yet and i was flooded out again.every time we would get a heavy rain we would flood.so now 5 years later and about 5 floods i have to walk away from the home that we had completley redone and thought we would make a home for us and my 7 year old son.insurance wont do much,the town wont do anything,i cant sell it,it was never disclosed to us that the house floods all the time either.neighbors have since told us the house has been flooding since it was built,and yet i was never aware of that and i was able to buy this house and now im screwed.i will have to foreclose and walk away.thats my horror story.

  2. Lanceplanner says:

    Why is the public paying for these people’s poor decision-making? Why is this a federal responsibility as opposed to the state’s. These rivers have been flooding for decades so it shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone who bought there. Unless the flooding is because of specific actions taken by the federal government it shouldn’t pay for this.

    This is no different than the people who insist on living on the coastal shoreline who expect the general public to pay when there property is subject to erosion. They have had the benefit of living on the coast at the water’s edge but want us to pay for the privilege they have enjoyed.

    1. Morris Bergen says:

      There should be ZERO public money involved – not federal, not state, not county, not town. The homeowners ALONE chose to live in a flood zone, so THEY should have to live with the consequences.

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