NEW HAVEN, CT (WCBS 880) – One Connecticut mayor is asking the legislature to allow illegal immigrants to vote in local elections.

WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau On The Story

Mayor John DeStefano argues that illegal immigrants who live in New Haven pay local taxes and their kids go to school in the city. That’s why he believes these city residents deserve the right to vote on local issues.

He’ll submit his bill to state law makers, but St. Sen. Andrew Roraback, a Republican on the Judiciary Committee, vows to fight it tooth and nail.

“No right is more cherished and more valued than the right to vote, and for us even contemplating extending that right to people who have come to this country unlawfully, is un-American, unpatriotic and unacceptable,” said Roraback.

Mayor DeStefano says other cities, Chicago for example, have extended this right to illegal immigrants. He believes voting on local matters allows residents to become more engaged in their community.

Roraback realizes that Democrats hold the majority in both chambers and concedes if the proposal could pass.

Do you think illegal immigrants should have the right to vote in local elections? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  1. Clay says:

    Hello, 20dec11 you had a guest who stated the reason for the tragic death of the police officer was because of no gun control laws. I need to remind this fella that we have laws on the books. The problem is the person behind the gun not the gun. This guy wants to take away the rights of the law abiding major majority or legal USA citizens. He is obviously anti American wanting to do as many liberals and that is to disarm law abiding men and women, another reason to change our current leadership in Washington. I believe it is time to point out that freedom is maintaining and protecting our Constitution. Thank you for listening to this legal USA citizen and the millions of us law and officer supporting American. I am an American, a legal USA Citizen, that’s an American.

  2. Clay says:

    Hey you don’t just make a person a citizen after they broke the immigration law. We have no idea what type of people are living here. I would like to see comments from those who went through the legal process to become a USA citizen. We have all types of laws, hey let’s let all rapists be freed from prison, just pass a law to make it so. How can anyone think it is fair to let a non legal vote, draw social security, draw unemployment or any other benefit designed for legal USA citizens. Hey then let’s let the entire world vote in our 2012 election, conflicts of interest would determine the voting. The voting process limp brain is for those who have met the criteria to have that privilege. Those who have prison record can’t vote or have a gun even if they are legal. I think we have a lot of ignorant liberals who are residing in La, La land. The down fall of our Nation will come from to many of these people in high places, we all ready have them in our Government at local, state and federal levels. I saw Barney Frank on talk show with George Will. Barney was all over George as to why not allow smoking wacky tabacky, we already have enough problems with alcohol abuse. Why make it available legally and promote a sure to be abused practice by even more people, we have a problem already with those Breaking the Law. Laws are what makes people refrain or discourage them from high risk practices. I see now the FDA wants to control use of salt and fatty Foods, so how in then hell can you allow drugs to become legally used. I say no to illegal people voting, they should not be living here, period, final! Its the Law. Isn’t the right to vote just for a citizen?

    mnkatie on December 14, 2011 at 5:43 PM

    Depends on who you ask. IIRC, there are European countries that allow non-citizens to vote. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t extend to illegal aliens though. Of course with Europe, you can never be sure that an idea is too dumb for them to try it. (Added by me Do you really want to be like europe, our forefathers got the hell out of Dodge/europe for many reasons and one of those there lack of common sense and we have fought wars for these numb nuts, they don’t learn from the past, dumb. 🙂

    BornLib on December 14, 2011 at 7:32 PM. (Added by me, you change and get a life, no need to be a lib just say NO. 🙂

  3. been there says:

    check this out ..its whats in our inevitable future because of many of the back stabbers in congress

  4. lynn flynn says:

    Guess what, America is for suckers – literally!!! My parents, relatives, own brother fought for our country – for what??? Moochers who won’t even understand what our country was founded upon. It’s bad enough we have citizens abusing us taxpayers funds, now this????

    1. john says:

      The mayor’s comment was mindboggling in its stupidity.

    2. been there says:

      Its a shame people work a lifetime for their kids only to be lead by pukes and back stabbers that are giving away the country

  5. linda says:

    Heck no!!!! They are here illegally!!!! They don’t have the right to vote!! What in the world is wrong with this mayor???? Is he a Democrat?? That could be the reason.
    Obama will need fraudulent votes to win the election…We need to watch out for these people trying to do anything they can to win…People need photo I.D.’s to vote.

  6. lynn flynn says:

    Lets vote him out ASAP!!! While us rightful US citizens can…. Illegals will not know/learn politics – many of them don’t speak English- they will learn how to take advantage of the system for their own sake – how could they care about the USA which our Veterans fought and died for certain rights and privileges?????

  7. lynn flynn says:

    Lets get him out of his comfy office……

  8. Sister of None Of Your Business says:

    I’m a legal resident and am not allowed to vote and I’ve been paying taxes here since 30 years.

  9. Legal CT resident says:

    Perhaps he figures there are enough illegals in New Haven to re-elect him.

  10. Just an idea... says:

    Despite the outrage, this state and country are heading down this ridiculous path with enough momentum that it actually could happen. Whether it happens or not; I say let’s change the voting system to remove all names from the ballot and require people to write in the name of the candidate of their choice (IN ENGLISH!). That way, a voter would actually have to know the name of the candidate and be able to legibly enter it in our country’s official language. You can’t require an IQ test to vote but at least this might weed out some of the idiots.

  11. DRLJR says:

    What don’t these Progressives understand – an illegal alien is an invader. When you find an illegal alien you detain and deport. And the federal government is obligated to protect the States from the invasion of illegal aliens. Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 15. And States are obligated to enforce immigration laws under Article 6, Paragraph 2.

    And since Amendment 14 does NOT give citizenship to children born to illegal aliens (nor children of visitors or diplomats) there is no problem sending the children home with the parents. People ignore “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof” and what it means – See the Ark and Elk Supreme Court cases and numerous others and history of Amendment 14. Ark’s parents submitted themselves to the jurisdiction (i.e. actual immigrants) thus making Ark an Amendment 14 citizen, and Elk having left his tribe was still not subject to the jurisdiction.

    This mayor should be impeached or recalled for malfeasance in office and aiding and abetting invasion of his town.

  12. lou says:

    It is one more blatant ploy to denigrate those who hold citizenship with great regard, and lifts up those who could care less about BEING a citizen except for the free rides it imparts i n some states/areas.
    very, very scary.
    Good luck Connecticut !!!

  13. areyoukiddingme says:


  14. Ken says:

    I live in CT. Until today, I believed that lunacy was confined to our gubernatorial office and the state legislature. Apparently, in-state tuition, free education, free medical care, heating fuel assistance, food stamps, IRS Earned Income Credit, WIC, and other program entitlements are not enough for our underground society. How many other countries are guilty of this idiocy?

    1. YeOldeDave says:

      I used to live in CT (49 yrs) and thankfully hauled butt 12 years ago. It was getting bad then, wow, you folks are really in for it now!

      Our former gov’t. is spending scarce tax dollars to fight states like GA, AZ, AL and other jurisdictions for doing the job that the feds are Constitutionally required to do regarding immigration and/or border security…. yet have abrogated that responsibility to the cause of political correctness. All these issues you’ve listed are apparently viewed as some sort of “rights” given to any resident, legal or not. We in GA are in the process of fighting the feds in court now, spending our tax dollars against the Constitution-dodging federal hooligans. You folks in CT are apparently being challenged by a cancer from within. Good luck in removing the mayor come election day!

  15. IGetItAlready says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but when you can no longer retain office with the support of the LEGAL voters in your district, city or state; doesn’t that indicate that the voters no longer want you in office?

    And forgive my ignorcance, but when the LEGAL voters in the district no longer want you and subsequently refuse to vote for you, is that not how the system is designed to work?

    And finally, and this time I’m going way out on a limb, if a politician were to seek to defraud our Democracy while employing foreign invaders in an attempt to retain power, is that not treason?

    All I know for sure is that if I lived in New Haven and my mayor were trying to silence my vote, I’m guessing I’d not be alone in silencing him.

    And if you’re a politician attempting to change the system solely for the purposes of retaining your seat, does that not make YOU a criminal?

  16. IGetItAlready says:

    The people of New Haven need to remove this man from office as soon as possible. He is clearly clueless in regard to law, ethics and the concept of soverignty. As such he’s not fit to serve.

    If New Haven does NOT do the right thing and remove this embarrassment, the nation needs to excommunicate the city.

    This is PREPOSTEROUS!!!

  17. Tim says:

    This man needs to be removed from office as he is obviously not mentally compentent, what part of Illegal does he not understand? but then he is a politition so common sense isn’t so common there.

  18. LES says:


  19. Concerned_American says:

    This is a tactic by non conservatives who realize that Americans everywhere are waking up and will get rid of them. Letting ILLEGALS vote is a last ditch effort to maintain their power! Get as many people as you possibly can to go and vote these monsters out! Or better yet, IMPEACH THEM !!! Get off your butts and do something before it’s too late. See Flint Michigan for your future…

  20. B says:

    What part of ILLEGAL does this fool not get? But isn’t this what the democratic party has been up to for a while? Why not invite people living in other countries to vote too? As long as we are going to invite ILLEGAL aliens, people who are here illegally, why not invite non criminals that live in other countries? It is just about as stupid an idea as this one. How many democrats do you think will sign on?

  21. None Of Your Business says:

    I thought only American citizens had the right to vote. Oh, I keep forgetting! American citizens don’t have any rights any more. The politically correct liberals are determined to give the entire country to the illegal aliens. Well, why not? The illegal aliens have about completely taken over the country, anyway.

  22. E says:

    This jerk obviously does not know tyhe definition of ILLEGAL. On that note, he needs to be voted out for such stupid comments. What is this nation coming to.

  23. Esmerelda says:

    No, illegals should not vote.
    How does an illegal get the same rights as a citizen ?
    They dont all pay taxes, the kids go to school for free on the working persons
    tax dollar.
    They pay taxes with what social security number ? fake ?
    someone elses ?
    Just look at the very word, illegal, that says it all right there,
    DeStafano needs to go.


    Internet sites for whites: (western voices world news)

  25. steffi says:

    With people in office like Destefno, my country is becoming a third world nation. It is about time the American people take back their goverment and start fresh. It is a shame that people who were born here and work all their lives and pay taxes get screwed. They are breaking the law. You suppose to up hold the law. The veterans must be turning over in their graves. They only want them here for cheap labor. I like to know who is paying off this guy to say things like that. There should be an investigation of him.

  26. UconnJim says:

    Mayor Destefano, tear up the U.S. Constitution while you’re at it. Folks, you are witnessing the demise and the deliberate destruction of the republic of United States of America and only when you come to the realization of this, will you know that these people, like Destefano, must be voted out of office. If not, this country ceases to exist. It’s your choice.

    1. NYGirl says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth.

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