Mail Carriers Nervous And Furious That Service Will Keep It That Way

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — You may have noticed someone lurking around your street after normal business hours. No need for alarm. It’s just your postal carrier.

The U.S. Postal Service is delivering mail after dark as a way to cut down on its debt, reports CBS 2’s Maurice Dubois.

It’s something most people aren’t used to seeing, but it could soon be a common sight all over the area.

“The morale? Let’s see, I started in ’85 … The morale … the morale is the lowest I’ve ever seen it,” one postal worker said.

These are hard times for the USPS and its carriers — like one who wanted to talk to CBS 2 about the changes but didn’t want to show his face because he is afraid of losing his job.

“We have no choice. They’re making cuts,” one night mailman said.

In the last few years, the Postal Service has consolidated 500 routes in the Tri-State Area. The Post Office forces have seen their already long routes grow even longer, forcing them to work into the night under what some say are dangerous conditions.

“It’s crazy because you can’t see the mail. It’s pitch black. You can’t see the mail from the street lights. You can’t see where your walking you could hurt yourself, trip like that,” one postal worker said.

Larry Cirelli said he’s worries about what’s next.

“It’s quite dangerous. You don’t want to be at the wrong spot at the wrong time and ring the wrong doorbell,” Cirelli said.

Money is still a big problem for the Postal Service and it may require drastic measures to stay in business. Next year will already see a hike in the price of stamps, but that’s not all. The federal government may close 677 post offices nationwide, privatize some services and even eliminate Saturday deliveries, which has many people concerned about life-saving medication and other important deliveries.

“I don’t understand why people have to suffer and they will suffer. They could die. It’s that serious,” Cirelli said.

Mail carriers in other cities like Los Angeles, where carriers are working late into the night, worry things will get worse.

“We are belittled, we are intimidated. We are yelled at for not doing it quicker,” one carrier said.

USPS spokesman Richard Mahr insists the nighttime mail delivery is temporary because of the holiday rush.

“So, yes, we do have to adjust those routes and get them back to eight hours, but we can’t do that until after the holiday ends and the volume levels off,” Mahr said.

Still, others worry that nighttime delivery is here to stay — holiday or not.

“There’s long hours and we just have to do it. There’s work to be done and we just have to do it,” one carrier said.

Union officials contend that proposed cuts will only further weaken the Postal Service. Under federal law, the USPS cannot declare bankruptcy.

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  1. Chippy55 says:

    They’ve only had 235 years to get it right and still can’t. Meanwhile Fedex, UPS and Amazon are seeing to it that stuff gets delivered in one day sometimes. I used to see mailmen in bars and grocery shopping while they were still in uniform, so it seems to me that they weren’t putting in a full 8 hours work. Again, something drastically wrong if you can’t make it work after 235 years. Oh wait, maybe it’s because they are being subsidized?

    1. zipcode49 says:

      Hey Chippy55 they are not being subsidized, you idiot!. They quit back in the eighties. The postal service has been on its own. They use to call it the Post Office. When they became a separate government body they changed their name to the Postal Service. Get up to date! At least know what you are talking before you start writing!

  2. Rico says:

    “When you control the mail, you control information!”….Newman.

    1. goodcommentfinally says:

      LOL !

  3. Rico says:

    They should do what mailman “Newman” did on “Seinfeld”. He kept junk mail at his apartment and eventually threw it away rather than deliver it.

    1. Bill Schumacher says:

      I’m sure they have been doing it for years.

    2. Ken says:

      You ever heard of jail time?? That is what happens to real people who do what that fake moron did.

  4. Mike says:

    The thing that’s bankrupting the USPS is the union benefits. It’s not the reduction in letters or Saturday delivery. It’s the fat retirement plan. FEDEX and UPS do a similar job to the post office and they’re turning a profit. The main difference between FEDEX, UPS, and the USPS is that the USPS has crazy benefits. That’s why they’re losing money. Look at the numbers. It’s not rocket science.

    1. Jerry says:

      Its the internet that doomed the USPS.

      1. LaVonte d'Ashawn Jackson IV says:

        Fedex and UPS also live in the era of the internet. The union doomed USPS.

      2. DianeD says:

        I really don’t think so…I still use regular mail to pay my bills because I don’t want that kind of info wafting about in internet traffic and become a victim of identity theft!! And I am sure I am not the only one who still does that….No website is safe or secure enough to put your vital info on! stop giving the higher-ups fatcat bonuses for starters!

    2. dave says:

      mike fedex and ups has better benefits then the usps, and there retirement benefits are even better, come on mike look at the numbers

    3. Mike Guinn says:

      You have no idea what you’re talking about. You think I have great benefits and a great retirement package? You’re delucded. I pay a high percentage of my income for my health benefits and we pay into our retiremnt pllans. My benefits are chump change compared to the benefits of the U.S. House and Senate.. I will retire with about 33 years and be llucky to pay my bills every month. Go get a life.

    4. Mudman45 says:

      it’s not the benefits, the employees pay for that, ya idiot, it’s the union and senior management contract agreements that are ruining the USPS. Rocket Science 101. for the other idiots the postal system was established as a way for the populace to communicate and at no time was it designed to turn a profit. Please feel free to learn some history.

    5. Yohan von Vanderloogen says:

      can’t you debate without insukts?

      1. loonyloogenstrikesagain says:

        WTF kind of name is Yohan von Vanderloogen?

    6. bob says:

      The reason the post office is going broke is because they are the only govt agency that does not receive federal money. They also are mandated to deliver mail to every american regardless of where they live. Can you imagine the cost of receiving and sending mail to some remote areas of the country. Fedex and UPS can pick and choose where they deliver to.

    7. dannynj says:

      Ever heard of the TEAMSTERS????? That’s the union that UPS delivery people are in. I guess its bankrupting them too huh??

      1. Donnyboy says:

        Nope. Letter carriers are in the National Association of Letter Carriers.

      2. Tommy says:

        UPS is not unionized!! Talk about coming armed with the facts! LOL…….

        1. Chuck Norris says:

          Yes, UPS IS union, Tommy.

          My sister-in-law is a proud Teamster slacker.

        2. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

          UPS IS unionized, it’s FEDEX which isn’t– which is why they’re about 30% cheaper across the board and why I never voluntarily deal with UPS.

    8. BillCNC says:

      Yea, right.

      Try looking at the 75 year poison pill the TEA-Libans put in it during the lame duck congress in 2008-09.

      The put in that the USPS had to fund retirement for 75 years in ADVANCE, … Basically they have to Already fund a pension for people that are not even BORN YET!

      Now you silly whack job, … please name one entity, business or anything for that matter that has a heavy load like that.

      All the Noe-cons do is put poison p[ills in EVERY piece of legislation so things fail, … then they say, … look it failed. It works on stupid people (look in a mirror) but for folks with functioning brain stems, .. we know whats going on.

      It’s the TEA-Tards that are clueless!

      BTW, … the USPS gets no tax dollars, … they are funded through sales.

      1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

        The TEA-libans? Seriously BillCNC?? And exactly how did they pull that off as part of a tiny Congressional MINORITY at the time? The town you grew up in obviously had an excessively strong teachers union.

    9. Tammy says:

      You obviously don’t work at the USPS. Our retirement sucks. I have 26 years in, and if I retire when they offer an early out (I’m 6 years away from retirement) I will get about $600 a month. Thats it. We contribute to TSP (like a 401 K) and this year I have already lost $22,000. Been paying into it the whole time and all I’ve got to show for it is $140,000 that will someday be an annuity that will have to last 20 years or more. Oh yeah, and we are also paying big time into social security, which will be empty by 2037 (earlier now that the federal payroll tax break has been in effect) Don’t believe me? check it out for yourself. There is no way I can afford to retire, which is why we all just keep working, decade after decade.

    10. Tommy says:

      After 25 years, my take home pension is $457/month, with a substantial decrease beginning in Ja. 2012. This is a fat retirement plan???

    11. Ken says:

      FEDEX and UPS do not do the same jobs as USPS. They can change prices when needed, USPS has to have approval from Congress. They are not required to deliver to every address in the US as the USPS is required by regulations created by Congress. FEDEX and UPS uses the USPS for Rural and special deliveries because it is cheaper for them. FEDEX and UPS would go out of business in less than a month if they had to deliver to every single address in this country.

    12. Ken says:

      Mike maybe you can open that pea sized brain to understand what I am about to say. Most corporations are like a pyramid. Many people on the bottom supporting the top. Unfortunately the post office is just the opposite. It is like a diamond on its’ point. Many top heavy over paid, incompetent, layers of management being supported by the mail carrier/clerk on the bottom. Most of them have never carried the mail. Most of them can only read a spread sheet and do not have any common sense. As far as fat retirement, why don’t you compare automaker retirements to postal retirements. I guarantee you automaker retirements are far more expensive to the US consumer than a postal retirement.

    13. jack says:

      Hey Mike…
      Commenting on that FAT retirement plan….
      Retired with 35 years in the Postal Service….3 yrs. ago
      Before taxes (and yes it’s NOT tax-free) approx. 70% of top 3 yrs. wages.
      Thus 70% of $50,000 equals about 35k a year…
      After health care , life insurance , survivor and taxes ….monthly check about $1600. Hardly a FAT RETIREMENT PLAN.
      Typical of many 35 year clerks and carriers.
      As for ups….approx. 30% of their packages are actually delivered to one’s household by the Postal Service.
      And …ever notice that UPS is a UNION company with higher wages and better benefits than USPS.

    14. angela says:

      ups has a lot better benefits

  5. Jason Moschinger says:

    “You can’t see where your walking ”
    I guess CBS has no proofreaders.

    1. Mail Man says:

      Bufoons All ! Easy to criticize when you know NOTHING about mail delivery, just like a Monday Monrning QB., Letter Carriers are REQUIRED to finger the mail ‘AS THEY WALK”, and any intelligant minded adult can figure out that while “fingering in the dark, you can step in a hole and bust an ankle, so it is dangerous, and with curbside delivery the cargo light felects on the windshield-making it impossible to see-sure wouldnt want to hit a child in the dark out playing while you the parent are belly aching about late mail delivery. The Postal service has many issues, from poor management to downright lazy clerks and carriers. But let us not forget, there are GOOD ones, and many at that, that take pride in doing the job the way its supposed to be done, not all-but many. I believe a lot of the bad raps on the P.O. is from folks that 1) arent working 2) have had that “bad”experience from that “bad Carrier”,3) Have nuthing else to do but complain that 44 cents is pitiful to get a letter from Miami to LA in 2 days, or #4),,,you let your kids and dogs play outside in the dark-unsupervised. They’;re trying the best they can under idiotic higher up mgrs that never carried mail and think all their ideas are whats best for the carriers and the public. Yes the Postal Service needs an overhaul, but it has to come from within. I get tired of hearing people with outright blun t lies-i dont get my mail till 8PM-my carrier sits at home or the grill for 3 hours-i get misdelivered mail EVERY day…mailmen and women are accountable for their times, and what they do, so if you hate the Postal service so much, or UPS(which by the way get paid much more than letter carriers) or FedX-then move to another country and use their system, and you will relize how good it is, minus the “bad apples”, whgich comes with every bussiness. Thank Your Mailperson that goes the extra mile for you.

      1. dannynj says:

        Thank you………….

    2. Terry_Jim says:

      When your right, your right.

  6. Smitty'sAnIdiot says:

    I have read all of these negatives blogs/opinions. The things being thrown out here are such garbage. If a carrier can go home and sit EVERYDAY for 3 hours and not get questioned why MSP scan points were not hit, I’d love to work in that office. The bottom line is this, most of you people on here have HORRIBLE grammar skills, bad misspelling’s, and ridiculous tales. Most people could not handle my job as a carrier. The physical part isn’t nearly the battle, the true battle is handling the management inside the office and living by standards that are set by a suit that has never done my job and is not capable of doing my job. I wish you people could walk in my shoes for one day. Just one day…….

    1. thepostmanonlyblowshishorn says:

      Don’t forget the dog attacks, to which management’s reply is that you should have blocked the dog with your satchel. If we could find out the names of the idiots who are denigrating the USPS on this site, we could curtail their mail. We could then give their mail to Newman (the carrier on Seinfeld) who would toss it in his storage locker.

      1. Retired Rural Carrier says:

        When I was training to be a rural carrier the official instructions for the action to be taken if attacked by a dog was: “feed it your weaker arm, back up to your truck and smash its head with the door” (rural carriers don’t have satchels.)

      2. LaVonte d'Ashawn Jackson IV says:

        Exactly the unprofessional behavior which dooms any bureaucratic organization. You said it beautifully. Loser.

    2. Veritas says:

      If the job is so freakin’ terrible, the why do it? Oh, I know why. It pays insanely well and the benefits are spectacular. That’s why. I know Postal workers. More importantly, I know RETIRED Postal workers who LOVE to brag about how their retirement is more than what they made when they were actually working. The reality is that the USPS can’t afford to pay all of the benefits and big salaries any longer and still deliver mail for what they currently charge. 80% of the USPS budget goes to salary and benefits. Most organizations try to keep their salary and benefits at no more than 50% of the overall budget. This whole mess is compounded by dropping volumes of mail and the cost rise in health benefits for retirees. Are you starting to see the problem here?

      It sounds like since you hate your job so much, you should just bag it and go find another line of work because I am absolutely certain that there are millions of unemployed workers who would be thrilled to have your job.

      1. Crybabies says:

        Please don’t encourage them. I don’t want to see some them serving at the KFC! ‘Excuse me, this isn’t my order. Oh Yea, well how ’bout I kick yo d*** a**.’

    3. Veritas says:

      BTW… before you criticize other people’s bad grammar and spelling, you need to learn how to spell yourself. It’s “misspellings” not “misspelling’s.” An apostrophe is used to make a word possessive, not plural.

      1. jack says:

        Hey Veritas…
        You speak the ‘truth”….(pun intended!!)

  7. Wanda says:

    My mail carrier told me that they all deliberately deliver mail slowly so their routes will not increase in size. A mail carrier who lives in my neighborhood comes home for lunch and stays at his him from about noon until 3. And then there is there crazy vacation time and that they effectively cannot be fired. Why again do we support this obsolescence? If people feel nostalgic for it, have mail delivered 3 days per week until people can get used to the idea of no home mail delivery.

    1. anthoermadeupstory says:

      Where do you live? What’s the Zip code of your Post Office? Let’s make some waves!

    2. Smitty'sAnIdiot says:

      Keep collecting you’re welfare Wanda. I hope you get direct deposit. Wouldn’t want your check being late…….

    3. LISA says:

      There is no way that a carrier can sit around for 3 hours doing nothing… We have to scan a barcode on a mailbox at the end of every hour.. That information gets downloaded and the bosses can see what time you were at that particular stop. There is no free time, we are lucky if we have time to eat our lunch!!… The routes have been adjusted two times in the last two years to make the routes longer…If you don’t work for the post office you don’t have a clue as to what the job entails!!

    4. Ken says:

      to Wanda you need to call your local news station. They would have a field day with this carrier. It has happened before.

  8. Kevin says:

    Last week the Postal Carrier pulled up to my house & walked to the door with a notice that I had a registered letter & that she could not contact me. She filled this ticket out in her truck, walked up to my door, did not ring the bell. She just stuck it to my door. I watched her do this. I went to the Post Office, stood in line to get my letter with a complaint filled out, video tape included. I’m not going to use that Postal Service. 90% of what I they deliver is junk mail. I check the mail over the trash can. I pay all my bills online, I don’t need them. Get rid of dead weight &go to 4 days a week. UPS DOES ring the bell & has been told my neighbors can sign in my absence, and I will sign & keep my neighbors packages safe till they get home.. He actually makes an effort to deliver my packages because I refuse to go to a store anymore. Mail Carriers are going the way of the Dodo.

    1. Smitty'sAnIdiot says:

      So, you saw all of this go down. Somehow had enough time to videotape the whole incident but did nothing about it when you could have. Also, it’s a certified letter, not registered. There’s a huge difference. You are more than likely either a criminal or a cheap-skate that didn’t pay for something and are now being targeted by a judge or bill collector. Therefore, you received a certified letter. Keep videotaping you creep.

      1. Giggy Boo says:

        I see the postal union drones are out in full force to defend their poor job performance. This happens whenever any postal issue is discussed, the union puts out a call for all the troops to come and “educate” the public.

        The postal unions need to be disbanded, most of the employees should be fired and replaced with humans who are willing to work.

        1. NJJ says:

          Yeah, just like WalMart…………no pay no benefits…………….TEA BAG HEAVEN

          1. krp` says:

            401k …. Employee Stock Ownership Program….. Employee Store discounts….. Myshare bonuses…

            Don’t you just love when libturds make accusations with false statements on things they know nothing about.

          2. LaVonte d'Ashawn Jackson IV says:

            Libtards are too stupid to realize you can purchase Walmart shares from a DRIP program and let the dividends reinvest over 20 to 30 years and become extremely wealthy because Walmart has paid and raised a dividend every year since 1974. Go ahead and bash Walmart you stupid idiot. Cling to your $600 per month postal pension that they will eventually steal back from you. Fail.

        2. Tex says:

          So giggy boo I guess you want your credit cards, checks, bithday cards with gifts, and any other communication delivered by people who have not had a back ground screening and are convicted felons or drug addicts. I guess you are the moron your comments portray you to be. I back up my comments with action. Meet you in the street at 10 paces in lakeland Fl. You won;t be there.

    2. PAK says:

      I suggest if your truly sincere, then take your mail box down and you won’t have to deal with the USPS. Something tells me you won’t be doing that though

  9. YoMamma'sLDS says:

    I agree that postal workers DO work long hours, long routes. But, my experience with the post office is that I don’t trust them to deliver my packages either within the expected delivery dates the business posts on its site or within a reasonable time. In the last three months, the post office locally has lost 2 packages, misrouted 1 and delivered just 2, of the 5 involved, on time. With service that bad, I’ve started not doing business with online companies that use the Post Office as their package delivery service. UPS for me. The post office just cannot be trusted to do the job with packages. AND, we won’t even bring up the misdelivered mail that comes to us instead of someone else. We are constantly – as in once a week, on average – taking mail to a neighbor that ended up in our mailbox. And then there’s trying to get hold of the post master in our local office – he’s been out to lunch at 11, 1, 2, 3, and gone home for the day at 3 or later. Messages left are not returned. It’s a joke, here in my little town. This is the primary reason I won’t switch to mail order prescriptions; good grief, imagine the getting lost or being delivered late when I need to take somethiing every day. The Post Office cannot be trusted to deliver. Period.

    1. misterperiodishavingaperiod says:

      You would do well to report your Postmaster’s poor performance to the head cheese in Washington. USPS is the only game in town when it comes to delivering a bottle of pills — unless you want to pay a $20 shipping charge to your buddy at UPS. BTW, check out the video of the FedEx guy throwing a computer monitor over the fence. Just Google it — it’s viral. Then tell me how great everybody else is compared to USPS. All the companies are pushing their employees, with Obama’s management motivator: “You’re lucky to have a job.” Don’t pick on the USPS — pick on your government who has them reporting to half a dozen oversight committees. Try running a business that way.

      1. YoMamma'sLDS says:

        I pick on the USPS because they are the only game in town, like you said, for prescription delivery. If they can’t get a magazine to the correct subscriber, if they can’t get bills delivered to the correct address, if I cannot get hold of the postmaster to file a complaint, then there is something wrong with their system. Who else do we have to deliver paper letters, bills, magazines, cards, etc.? Our choice is limited to one – the USPS – and they are screwing it up in my neck of the woods. And, yes, I have filed several complaints with the head honcho is D. C. and wouldn’t you know – nothing changes.

        1. timeforaction says:

          Sorry about your poor service from the USPS — where? What’s the Zip Code of the Post Office we need to straighten out? Let’s have some names and specifics, and then we can make some waves!

        2. I Deliver 4 U says:

          I never understood why people react like you just described. I’ve been a carrier for 21 years. 17 years on my own route. Instead of calling Postmasters, Managers, Washington etc. Did you ever try just talking to your Carrier? I’ve made mistakes its human. Machines sort most of our mail now. They are the worst. Letters get barcoded wrong, get stuck together you have no idea. In the past we sorted all mail. At least we could read it before it’s cased. I would always sort by name not number. It would shock you to see how many people address letters wrong.So my advice to you is talk to your carrier. I personally would want to know so I can watch myself when it comes to your house.

          1. YoMamma'sLDS says:

            Interesting you should say that. I have talked with my carrier. For years, she gave us excellent, unrivaled service. Then, she wrenched her shoulder and they pulled her from delivery to supervision in the office. Her replacements were the ones who just were not careful or mindful of what they were doing. So, because I couldn’t talk with the never-present postmaster, I spoke at length with her one afternoon. She said she would monitor the delivery of the mail on our route (I was not the only customer complaining), and for a while, things were okay. But, she had to go on medical leave, supervision was not done in her absence, and here we are. The zip code is 21771 – complain away. I know I have. I praise whenever things go right, I am careful to make sure those who try to do their best in serving me are recognized and rewarded, publically, if possible. But this is just a losing battle out here. My medical insurance company is pushing me to change to mail order delivery of my medications, but given the current state of things, I cannot trust my post office to deliver, consistently and on time, my medications. They can’t get me a video from Amazon or a book from another business. They lose packages more than they ever have before; I get narcotics every month – I can just see how often THAT package might get lost.

            I miss my original carrier. She was a gem, a treasure. There are many of these kinds of people working for the post office, but as they retire or are put out on medical leave or disability, their replacements are just not doing the post office credit.

            1. I Deliver 4 U says:

              okay so your regular carrier was good… So why kill the Post Office? Your just killing us carriers. We do our job.. The post office has other issues. I would love to know what you do for a living. And we will see if the public has an opinion of what you do. You have no idea my friend. I was always taught. Never comment on someone or something you don’t know about. Obviously you never heard of that. My friend let me ask you. Do you get bills, pay checks, anything that you need to come by mail? If so, if you were my customer and such a moron,,,Oh boy please…You need to look at your own job..and find things that are wrong..complaine about that and leave us alone.

  10. Smitty, from Motown says:

    “You can’t see where your walking you could hurt yourself, trip like that,” one postal worker said….. Now that’s friggin’ hilarious! I’ve yet too see the UPS, or FEDEX drivers stumbling around my front yard, hours past sundown. Those folks get the job done – no whining, ever. Our community association even threw a retirement party for our old UPS guy. Always a very friendly, very hard working gentleman. When the mail carrier retired, we were glad to see the dude gone.
    And a visit to the local post office – now that’s frustration to the max – those employees move at the speed of tar, or slower.

    Shut’em down.

    1. Chili Boots says:

      Yes, he is.

      1. Donnyboy says:

        Yep. Probably has someone to read this to him.

    2. Phil says:

      Ever heard of a flash light? They even make cool ones these days that clip on your hat. DUHHHHHH

      1. Backlash says:

        go out and carry mail in the dark with that light.
        which btw destroys your night vision… and when you trip and fall over a step, don’t come crying to anyone.

        I love the armchair letter carriers here. have no clue what they are talking about, yet they know the answers.

        I loved it when I trained new Casuals or PTF’s.
        The job isn’t that bad, but most of the public just can’t do it. I’ve seen new carriers who think they can do better than the “Old Guy” deliver on the wrong street, mis deliver mail left and right… but get done an hour or so faster than the regular carrier.

    3. Giggy Boo says:

      The fast ones move at the speed of escargot.

    4. ndd says:

      you REALLY are an idiot, I mean really.

  11. William says:

    My carrier could be done hours earlier if she would not stop and chit chat at many houses on her route, sometimes for 20-30 minutes at a house.

  12. billythegoat says:

    Suck it up and get the job done or quit – welcome to the real world where people have to work late sometimes to get the job done.

    1. worryaboutyourselfloser says:

      Hello. Do not hate the letter carriers. They are not the reason you can not get a job. They work very hard for an hourly wage, which Obama wants to take more and more away from them.

      1. Phil says:

        the hell are you talking about?

        1. Philcandoitifhewantsto says:

          Hello, Phil. Did you graduate third grade? Can you understand written English? Try to keep up.

  13. breakfastatdennys says:

    Don’t forget your mailman at Christmas. Give him or her a dollar, or some stale chocolate chip cookies.

    1. Ken says:

      And I will deliver the proverbial stale fruit cake to you. May you choke on it.

  14. Dorothy Palmer says:

    These guys work very, very hard. I couldn’t do their job.

  15. Chili Boots says:

    I stand, 100%, in solidarity with all Postal Workers. Their “Management”
    are the biggest pack of Boobs, and Pathological Liars, ever witnessed.

  16. Happy Ex-Pat in Guatemala says:

    A TaeKwonDo instructor I knew in Birmingham had a Korean friend in Atlanta who worked as a letter carrier. After less than a week on the job, he was able to complete his rounds by noon or 1:00. His supervisor first suspected he wasn’t delivering all the mail, but upon investigation, this was found to not be the case. His supervisor then told him he could whatever he wanted in the extra time but not to report back to the post office before 4:00 or 5:00 so as not to make his co-workers “look bad”.

    1. guatemalaisforlosers says:

      I’ve got a friend in Marietta who thinks your friend’s Korean friend is full of kim-chee. If you believe everything a Korean tells you, you’ll be their BFF.

    2. Smitty'sAnIdiot says:

      That’s actually a complete lie. With MSP scanpoints, this moronic lie just makes no sense. That’s not the way things work. Just keep bad-mouthing the USPS. You can help pay for 500,000 employee’s when we are on unemployment. What negative garbage.

      1. Terry Jones Wright says:

        We are already paying for them. Where do you think the money comes from?

      2. Crybabies says:

        That would be a bargain. $10 billion already out of the Treasury and another bailout on the way, I know this because they postponed their closures.

    3. Donnyboy says:

      BS pure and simple BS. Those ignorant of the job might believe you but not many.

      1. TJ says:

        Tea Baggers, they know how to type, and that is all. All of their posts make them look like inbred idiots

  17. Bridget Ulrich says:

    My Dad works for the post office and has noted this as a problem for him- having to work after dark. Mainly it concerns him, in South Carolina, because he thinks he may hit someone at night on the poorly lit streets.

    Additionally, he said it was the impending cuts, not any that had already been implemented, that were causing him to be out late in the evening. Why you might ask? Because the clerks decided that since they were going to get rid of some of them, they would work SLOWER to ensure the bosses knew they needed all those workers. So they are working slower preemptively to save their jobs.

    This means my dad gets a later start on his route and is out their longer. Fire all the lazy people who do this! Why are the unionized postal workers immune from firing when they come to work drunk (and DRIVE drunk!) and act insubordinate like this. Federal employees should not be treated any better than the rest of us.

    1. billythegoat says:

      “Why are the unionized postal workers immune from firing when they come to work drunk (and DRIVE drunk!) and act insubordinate like this”

      You have your answer right there – unionized postal workers.

  18. FreeDubay says:

    My mail used to come at 5pm now it comes before noon. I have no complaints.

    1. Backlash says:

      Which has very little to do with your Carrier…
      We just went though route adjustments so your address could now be towards the beginning of the route instead near the end.

  19. Obama Depression says:

    Merry ObamaMess and a Crappy New Year!

  20. Jay Palm says:

    You have a FRIGGING job!! Shut up and do it!

    1. Steven Goodwin says:

      If any of the whining Postal Employees get tired of it all and decide it’s just too much for them to handle…. call me…. I will gladly deliver mail after dark

      1. stevewetshispants says:

        What’s your number? I’ll hire you to (gladly) deliver my mail. Minimum wage for you and I’ll keep the rest.

  21. Gilbert R Albright Jr says:

    I was a mail carrier for 22 years and had to deliver in the dark. We had to carry small flashlights to read the address on the mail and curbside delivery was tough because when you keep the dome light on to read the mail, you got a bad glare on the windshield and you couldn’t see where you were going.

    So of course delivery takes more time, but Postal Supervisors were always pressuring carriers to “hurry up” and get back on time. And if you got hurt or had a vehicle accident it was STILL your fault! Delivering in the dark was no excuse.

    All Union Grievances filed about this over the years have been denied, with arbitrators ruling that delivering mail in the dark, in itself, was NOT unsafe.

  22. Turk says:

    I realize this would take a government committee to figure out and a separate government entity to implement but why the hell hasn’t all door to door delivery been replaced with gang-boxes. Clearly one carrier can deliver many times more mail than having to walk either to each house or in a more ridiculous fashion walk to each front door. Change or perish!!!!

    1. the truth says:

      yeah lets put these up in compton, bed sty , detroit and have your grand mother go get her stuff from it. can you say robbed ,raped, murdered or just all the boxes being broken into ? where are you gonna put them in big cities ? whos gonna pay for them,shovel them, what happens when people move and keep/lose/copy keys. no dont worry about id theft. have your 16 year old daughter get the mail at dark, sh will be raped behind these massive mail huts !

  23. LEL MN says:

    So the new job is delivering mail in the evening. ANYONE WANT THAT JOB ? Nobody’s forced to work the Postal Service.

  24. RICHARD says:

    I have been a City Letter Carrier for 34 and a half years. I have seen the Postal Service continue to evolve, always about numbers and games.

    I work the best I can, admittedly not as fast when I was in my twenties.

    Think what you want about unions..I don’t care.

    I WILL leave you all with this, though…the job of CITY letter carrier, I repeat CITY…has turned into a HELLHOLE. The USPS is failing , and they are dumping it ALL on our backs. The layers of Management, and employees who NEVER touch a piece of mail, are outrageous!

    Think what you want. You want to accuse your City Letter Carrier?


    But you are wrong, very very wrong.

    With all that being said…Merry Christmas to ALL!

    1. lotsoflove says:

      Letter carriers are lucky to have jobs. If we don’t get the Hawaiian-vacationing-at-every-drop-of-the-hat incompetent President out of office this next election, it will get a lot worse for the postal workers and everybody else.

      1. Mail Guy says:

        “Letter carriers are lucky to have jobs”
        We are not lucky…. We applied for the test….. And took the test……… We passed with high scores….. And got the job when nobody else wanted the jobs…….. Thank You and have a nice day.

        1. Larz Larzen says:

          Well said. I’ve been a clerk for 27 years. I’ve done above and beyond what was expected of me all that time (26 years of it on Grave Yard – Tour 1), and I don’t understand all of this hate. Those jobs were posted in the newspapers for anyone to apply, so there’s no reason for the envy here. Sure, there are shirkers, and they are hard to fire; we don’t like them any more than you do, because we have to shoulder their work when they won’t lift a finger, but we’re not all made like that. Some of us are damned hard workers that get the job done, and on time. The USPS used to be totally funded by the U.S. Government because it was never envisioned as a money-making business; it was a service. When it was forced to compete as a business, it was inevitable that it would fail. There are too many governmental restrictions in place for us to succeed as a free-enterprise corporation. What other Federal agency could survive on its own when it has no product except a service? none of them, save maybe the IRS! Think of one. There aren’t any. How do you think the DOJ, DHS, NSA, CIA, FBI survive? If they were forced to work on a business model, they would all fail. Think about it.

          1. Larz Larzen says:

            By the way – I’m a red blooded, flag-waving Tea Party Conservative, and proud of it!

            1. 4moreyears?Ithinknot says:

              Get rid of Obama, Reid, Pelosi and 80% of the management positions in USPS, and we’ll be all set.

          2. Terry Jones Wright says:

            Not the carrier’s fault, agreed. It all is the fault of allowing unions into the government. Unions beget layers and layers of management. Government does the same. You never want these two entities to merge in your benefit.

    2. mike r says:

      you said it all!!! brother

  25. MIner49er says:

    Raise the prices for junk mail until it is profitable or goes away. Who benefits from unsolicited advertising mail, anyway? I don’t care about it. Then cut the number of emplyees to that reasonably necessary to deliver the real mail.

    1. Jack says:

      Hey Minor49er…
      Who benefits….think about it….
      Do you think the local supermarket, dentist office ,pizza place , local red cross blood drive, veterans group, new car dealership, little league sign-up mailing, political fund-raiser, Sears, Lowes, McDonald’s, local church, temple and school parents group ALL choose to LOSE money by sending out unsolicited advertisement?
      If that was the case ….all of them would either cease doing it …or…cease to exist.

  26. Walter Billings says:

    They better be careful out here. In Montana, we shoot prowlers and let the police find their bodies in the morning.

  27. Jasonn says:

    Why is this news? That’s why they put headlights on those delivery trucks.

    1. bjk1946 says:

      You hit tne nail on the gead…IT ISN”T NEWS!!
      It’s the media trying to ‘sensationalize’ things and “hype up” the public, as always. What a joke. Let them do their job and IF they do it right, they shouldn’t have to worry about losing their jobs. And as the media says “Happy Holidays”…I say Merry Christmas!!!

      1. Chili Boots says:

        “USPS Management” is attempting to denigrate, and vilify, the only people
        who actually ‘work’ at the Post Office , so as to justify ending their jobs,
        entirely. The Plan is to close ALL Post Offices, and outsource the work
        into existing Retail Outlets.

  28. Joe says:

    Privatize postal service and schools. Both are money pits the only difference is the post office actually provides decent service.

    1. David Powell says:

      You know it.

    2. tiredofobama says:

      Good idea. While we’re at it, let’s stop subsidizing colleges and universities with taxpayer money. Student loan guarantees? Nonsense — that’s what banks are for. Let’s get the government out of everything except defense, fire, police, protecting our land and our freedom. Why do we need government package delivery? Get the Democrats out of office. Let them go work for Happy Harry’s mail delivery and storm door company at minimum wage. Vote for the GOP to trim back government!

      1. whatever says:

        The first comment by a libtard I could agree with.

  29. Jim in Colorado says:

    There is no real savings realized from the cuts in staffing because overtime costs have risen so high. The managers get to claim that they’ve cut jobs, and at the same time, whine because they’re losing so much money! It’s not worth the safety of any one employee simply for the sake of posturing. Please…. Someone in the government needs to send a neutral party into the bowels of the company to see what’s really going on!

    1. anybodybutobama says:

      The currect NALC contract states that letter carriers do not get OT during the entire month of december. It’s straight time even if you work 14 hours a day. Everyone knows Christmas is bad. In the past, casuals were hired and PTF’s were brought in to take up the overload. Now, with management receiving obscene bonuses for every nickel and position they save, no more casuals, no more nothing. Letter carrier morale is zero, but nobody cares. “You’re lucky to have a job” is the new management motivator. Until we get a President who knows what the Laffer curve is, it’ll only get worse.

      1. Retired Letter-Carrier says:

        The contract reads that carriers do not get penalty overtime (double time) for hours worked over 12 hours a day or 60 hours a week for 2 pay periods (4 weeks in December).. They still receive regular overtime (time and a half) for hours over 8 a day or 40 a week

        1. timetokeepupoldtimer says:

          that was your old contract — it’s been changed

  30. Chuck Harris says:

    Why don’t you just let FedEx deliver the mail, they already carry it.

    1. ken says:

      Fedex will deliver nothing for $.45. The cheapest fed ex will send a letter from NYC to DC is $10

      1. nilochsaloob says:

        .., and Obama has the gall to compare Fedex, UPS as that of the USPS. He said therefore to have a universal healthcare one payer system…..

        Would you still still listen to this no-experience-but-baby-murdering-abortion-loving person?

  31. Terrell Perry says:

    Why the complaints about night delivery from these extremely well compensated union workers? I thought they signed on to the motto: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” Is this job is now viewed as an entitlement of the United Socialist States of America?

    1. Gilbert R Albright Jr says:

      Because it’s a matter of personal safety. One shouldn’t be FORCED to work in unsafe conditions or risk their life while performing their job.

      1. Dave Suitts says:

        None of these postal workers are being FORCED to work in unsafe conditions or risk their life while performing their job. Nobody is standing behind them with a gun or a whip making them deliver mail. If they don’t like what they are being told to do, they can go get a job flipping burgers.

        1. davewetshispants says:

          Very mature, relevant, and intelligent comment. Now go do your homework while I deliver a package to your mother.

      2. Phil says:

        LOLOLOLOL What a joke. Unsafe conditions. Construction workers have overnight projects. Maintenance crews commonly work overnight. Many many jobs start before dawn. Security guards work through the night. Quit the dam whining you entitled pigs. All this is, is you PO workers had cushy jobs and they are getting less cushier so you will come up with any ridiculous excuse to fight it. Some people handle snakes, catch crabs in alaska, work with horrendously dangerous machinery. Many truly dangerous jobs out there and none of them are forced just like your less than ideal lighting situation. Grow a pair nancy this is life…. it’s a biatch.

        1. Bill says:

          Bet there are two well worn grooves in your recliner where the left and right side of your brain meet for 14 hours a day watching television. You don’t have a clue what these people are talking about let alone judge them. Would you be willing to walk your neighborhood after dark, unarmed, carrying the medicines, mint sets and innumerable other valuables in the mail stream each day. how pathetic your and other comments are displayed here, most of which are recycled rhetoric from people who probably could not do the job. Did you fail the civil service test? If you did be happy you didn’t get hired, people like you probably couldn’t handle the reality of the job. Merry Christmas.

        2. jack says:

          Hey Phil…
          One big difference in those jobs….
          Those construction workers and maintenance crews work in “lighted” work areas.
          It’s NOT the hours…(per say)….(I worked overnight shift for USPS for 8 years indoors…)…it’s the “lighting conditions….or lack there-of>

        3. Ken says:

          They don’t have to deal with people shoving guns in their face while doing their job either. Phil you are the poster child for abortion.

  32. Al Tango says:

    Mail mail used to get here between 2:00 and 3:00 PM. Now it is 5:30. That is after dark this time of the year.

  33. EMC says:

    The fact that “bulk rate” mail, such as those catalogues that come unsolicited into your mailbox , is discounted should stop immediately. Why should junk mail be subsidized by those paying the regular rates.Charging full postage for this junk could also cut down considerably on the amount of it that floods the system.

    1. Steven Goodwin says:

      I addition to that…. drastically cut down on the number of ‘contract’ mail trucks… (Semi’s) there are thousands of them on the road at any given moment and they are EXPENSIVE

    2. Mail Guy says:

      “The fact that “bulk rate” mail, such as those catalogs that come unsolicited into your mailbox , is discounted should stop immediately.”
      More stupidity…… Bulk rate mail creates First Class mail and Priority packages if orders are created from them.
      Have a nice day

  34. SUBURBS says:


  35. Aurora says:

    My DiL sent out something to us. According to USPS it’s been sitting in thier sorting facility since the 14th! There’s a REASON they’re cash strapped… they let things sit around for over a WEEK!

  36. David Rios says:

    Since the overnight standards have been relaxed…why not bring in the carriers in early and leave on time so that they won’t be out after dark…Is that too simple?
    They can come back and if needed to stay in to case late mail…they can do that and not be out after dark. Less chance of an injury, which is costly. Mr Postmaster General, you came out of the craft, you must have memories of those days…you can fix it with the stroke of a pen.

    1. bjk1946 says:

      Good thoughts David, but remember, the mail needs to arrive from the plant before the carriers can leave for the street.

    2. Retired USPS says:

      The carriers can’t hit the street until their DPS ( Delivery Point Sequenced ) maill gets to the station. The DPS mail is sorted at a Mail processing center. Many of these , in smaller towns, have been done away with (i.e. the machines that do this sorting have been yanked out ) to centalize the processing. The problem is, in most cases, the larger city (like Wichita. where I worked ) that took this on could barely handle the work load they had. In wichita, the last dispatch for mail in the morning used to be 6:45, that changed to 7:45 after the workload increased. Also, I don’t think that any of the last few Postmaster generals and few of the upper manaagment were every craft employees, meaning they have little practical knowledge of what the job entails. It is all a numbers game, with the numbers being “gamed” to get the results they want. Also, if you think that Fedex or UPS want this business, why aren’t they offering to take it over? The Post Office currently delivers 30% of Fedex ground packages ( according to their CEO ) and around 19%of UPS’s. I( have deliveered mail before and it is not safe to do so when it is too dark to see. Do you mow your yard or paint your house in the dark ?

      1. Backlash says:

        (Sorry I clicked Report on accident instead of reply….so those that may review this.. disregard)

        I’ll second the above.
        We got a new District manager recently, he’s a die hard numbers guy. oh yeah… who has NEVER carried in his life.

        UPS has a policy (at least i have heard it multiple times) that in order to be management you must have been a delivery guy for at least 1-2 years (heard both 1 and 2 years)

        I saw bring that to the USPS. if you want to be a carrier supervisor, you had to carry. Same for the other crafts.
        I have 2 carrier supervisors and a station manager at my station. the station manager is a numbers guy who micro-manages everything. he was a maintenance guy turned management. he’s an idiot and even his own supervisors dislike him.
        1 supervisor spent years in the vehicle maintenance side, he’s a GREAT supervisor. He understands the problems and works with us instead of trying to screw us like other supervisors i’ve had.
        the other… total idiot and suck up. I think he carried for a short time before applying for the management side. the seconds guy, look for him to be a station manager someday. It seems that the worse you are at your job, and the better you are at sucking up to those above you.. the higher you go.

  37. matt says:

    This is to bjk1946 are you really that stupid or do you work for UPS or FedEX? what stupid people like you dont realize is the close the Postal Service then the people that live in any rural place will no longer get their mail they will have to drive to get their Social Security Checks or Med’s not to mention Postal rates will go up 1000% So its OK for the goverment to bail out banks and bussiness but when it comes to service to the American Public they dont need to do that you sound like a have trying screw the have nots!!!

    1. bjk1946 says:

      OK Matt…first off, take a basic lesson in English composition…NO WHERE in my commernts below did I say “close the postal service”. I simply said stop Saturday delivery. Same number of deliveries – rural or city- just 1 less day. Is that ‘stupid’…look in a mirror! And, have you ever heard of Direct Deposit of Social Security checks??? If folks are waiting for their meds on a Saturday because they didn’t plan ahead, they are the stupid ones. And your government and bail out comments are rediculous.

  38. Joe Navy says:

    Looks like the mail volume is down here in Michigan… Management is putting people on 340 time on tour 1. Oh, wait, that’s right, they hired 10 PSE’s when we have less than 75 clerks… They won’t stop till the whole USPS is made up of temp help!!!

  39. bjk1946 says:

    Saturday Delivery MUST go…let carriers work M – F and give them weekends off. They should love that. BUT, many will be crying because they lose their 3-day weekend which they enjoy now every 5 weeks or so. Congress has to smarten up and approve ‘No Saturday delivery’ (except for Express Mail). Many carriers on Business routes don’t even take out business mail on Saturday. The Union official interviewed should get the paperwork off his desk and get out on the street delivering mail (like his counterparts)…most of the paperwork is probably frivolous grievances anyway. Privatize the USPS, get rid of the unions, make employees responsible and you’ll get your mail well before dark.

  40. Dave says:

    I wish congress would quit dragging their feet. If Saturday mail is so important why are the same mail, parcels, meds etc still in peoples mail boxes come monday when I deliver.Saturday delivery is a joke. In my opinion it can and should be eliminated to cut costs. All the people I talk to on my route could care less if there was no more Saturday delivery.

  41. George Cantstandya says:

    Get rid of Saturday and absorb the long routes into a five day schedule, actually saving many jobs. PO is shorthanded. Lets save money and fuel and get with the rest of the world. The medicine excuse is a joke. Canada has been Monday to Friday for decades and they live longer than us. So shut up already about your stupid meds. If something is so important use express or get a POB

    1. Clark Allen says:

      I agree with you, George. If it’s so important, then email or fax it. After all isn’t that what the 21st century is all about, as we head towards 2012?

    2. PostalWookie says:

      Lets see how well you do math. I will use easy hypothetical numbers to keep it simple. If a route gets 1000 pieces of mail a day, six days a week, that means you deliver 6000 pieces for the week (6 day delivery). So now cut it down to 5 days and that means you now have 1200 pieces to deliver each day (an increase of 20 percent). If the routes are already too long, what makes you think adding a 20 percent daily increase in the amount you have to deliver each day will save money. If they bother adjusting the routes afterwards, it would mean they would have to make more routes and have enough employees to cover them. Of course that means they could get rid of 1 out of 6 regular full time employees as soon as we go to 5 days and replace them with temporary employees.

      1. bjk1946 says:

        Here’s more Math for Wookie…still the same number of pieces delivered in 5 days…in the same number of stops!!! 95%+ letter mail is automated and sorted in the order it is delivered. Now you’ll probably say that the carrier has to “finger” the mail…yea, RIGHT!!! How many carriers “finger” the mail… Ask the customers how many pieces of mis-delivered mail they get? And let’s remember, we are having this discussion in the middle of the 2 busiest postal weeks of the year…lets talk the other 50 weeks when those 6000 pieces of mail now dwindle to 4000 pieces…amd the carriers are sitting in Burget King or Dunkin Donuts for 30 minutes (on their 10 minute break) or an hour+ (on their 30 minute lunch).. How’s that for math???

        1. TM says:

          Who the hell are you, that you think so little of letter carriers! What job did you work at all your life?

          1. bjk1946 says:

            What does it matter where I work…just giving you more ‘math’, as you said. Prove me wrong…does the ‘truth’ hurt??? (my last comment to YOU!!)

            1. bfair says:

              It doesn’t matter where you work. However, in order to prove you wrong we would need the true facts. The truth is, you have no idea how many carriers are not fingering the mail or extending their breaks. Also, chose any job and you’ll find workers who try hard to get paid for doing nothing. That includes the non-union workers that you would like to deliver your mail.

            2. robert.preston says:

              Letter carriers are lucky to have jobs. If we don’t get the Hawaiian-vacationing-at-every-drop-of-the-hat incompetent President out of office this next election, it will get a lot worse for the postal workers and everybody else.

        2. PostalWookie says:

          Are you kidding me. Okay, lets take these one at a time.
          1. Yes it is the same number of stops but NOT the same number of pieces in 5 days versus 6.
          2. While it is true that a large percentage (but nowhere near 95%) of letter mail is automated in DPS (Delivery Point Sequence), it is also true that most of these routes were adjusted to be “8” hours based on 60-70 percent coverage with light mail.
          3. It is true that a higher amount of DPS mail takes longer to “finger” through, and, unfortunately, your assessment of what is done by some carriers is true.
          Some carriers simply choose to bow to managements pressure to “hurry,hurry,hurry” and be done by a certain time no matter what you are given or face reprisals. Before I mentioned them hiring temporary employees (AKA TE’s). These TE’s are contracted with no set number of hours or days to be worked. They are at the mercy of management to delivery as fast as possible or possibly not be used. In both these cases. these employees decide that speed is more important then doing their job properly.
          3.This discussion has nothing to do with the time of year. A 20% increase in daily pieces is 20% more regardless of what time of year it is. It is widely recognized that the month of December sees an increase in a) bulk mailings at the beginning of the month, b) First class cards and letters mid-month, and c) packages around Christmas. That is why the “no penalty time exclusion” is in the contract for that month. That means we can be required to work more than 10 hours daily or 56 hours weekly and not paid penalty overtime pay.
          4. If you are employed by the Post Office you should know what an MSP is. If you are not a Postal Employee, I will explain them to you. Each route now has barcodes that the carrier is required to scan at various intervals throughout the route. These are called MSP’s (Managed Service Points). Management has said that this is a tool to help provide continuity of mail delivery. As any Letter Carrier who has been called into the office to explain why there was a 10 minute variance in the times will tell you, It is really just another way for management to track our day and accuse us of being unproductive. Someone taking “30 minutes” on a 10 minute break or “an hour+” on their 30 minute lunch would very quickly be in the office, and probably suspended or fired. If you see a Postal Employee taking an hour lunch it was either approved by someone in management, or was maybe a Supervisor.

          I have been a Letter Carrier for 18 years in both a large metropolitan area and in a city of only 40,000. Many people want to voice their opinions based on what they THINK they know. I at least have the advantage of seeing what is happening from the inside before spouting off.

          1. Phil says:

            Fascinating how vigilant carriers are at defending their job. Typical union workers, put on a show about how hard it is and horrible to do but in reality you all stay there for 30 years for a reason. it is a CUSHY JOB.

            1. Carrying The Load says:

              Cushy Job?? I sure am glad that your not working on the case next to me, i’d probly have to help you 3 hours a day…oh by the way, at least we work for 30 years. you wouldnt last a week at the PO, and you probly would come up with a new definition of “cushy”…typical what you going to do for me person. I recommend you 1) grow up, 2) Educate yourself, as so that Cushy job comes to you, 3) be nice or Santa wont bring you your train set for Christmas

            2. Backlash says:

              I’ll defend my job, but I am not union…
              Not all carriers are.
              And Phil, and any others, I would LOVE to allow you to carry my route for a day.
              I win the DPS lottery almost every day (I get more DPS volume than anyone else in the station. And i did NOT enter that contest…)
              you come in and case the 6-8 feet of flats and non machinable letters. (in 90 minutes or so) then carry my 8 and 9 block loops. oh which you are not allowed to break down… 35 lbs is the allowed carry weight. 4 park points are allowed, no more. (which means you will have to carry that 8 block loop for 2-3 blocks BEFORE you can make the first delivery now, moving the vehicle uses Gas you know…)
              now do your 600+ deliveries in 6.5 hours.
              I have 12 loops, 10 are 8 blockers 2 are 4 blockers. all from 4 park points. 7.6 miles of total walking/carrying distance. (i’ve used my pedometer in my iPhone)
              do that 6 days a week, yes forced in on your day off… and 8 hours a day? only if you are lucky, odds are you get to carry a hand off.

              tell me it’s a cushy job.
              I have seen many new hires quit within a week… cause they can’t hack it.

              Some people are attacking the management here also. they DO deserve some of the blame, but keep in mind that the local management (carrier supervisors etc) are not always the reason. they have to answer to their supervisors.

              I’ll admit, there are bad apples at the USPS. I could tell you stories of MANY carriers that need to be fired but can’t due to the union protecting them.

              I personally would LOVE to see a new contract, one that FIRES every single USPS employee and brings them back with NO union allowed. or at least a Union with less power. Make the carriers work for their jobs like everyone else. It won’t happen.. Just like getting rid of all walking delivery and going NDCBU or mounted. some people would complain they can’t walk a block to get their mail, or to the end of their driveway.. and we’d have to go to their door again.

              Again, the USPS has it’s problems and it’s bad apples… but I’d love to see many of those here do the job.
              I’ve been here 17 years, 12 as a carrier and 5 as either a Mail handler or a Clerk at our P&DC.
              I was a zone clerk, I retired our LSM… (those that know what that was… you know my pain. those that have no clue… be glad you didn’t have to learn that nightmare. something like 80% failed to qualify for it)
              The Carrier side isn’t bad if you can get a decent route. I lost all but 10 of my business deliveries in the last adjustment, so my route has grown to a size that only myself and my T6 can do in 8 hours.. my route is once again the route nobody wants to carry. It’s not “hard” but it’s long. the 6.5 hours… is a solid 6.5 hours.

              I’d also love to see saturday delivery halted, deliver express/priority packages on sat/sun like normal and just no door to door. M/T may be heavy…

              Oh and many of you are saying that no business’ are closed on saturday?…. yeah Department stores etc are not closed… not many lawyers, dentists, banks, federal, state, etc are open on saturday..
              My old route, I cut an hour+ off my route every saturday due to saturday closures.

          2. BJK1946 says:


            I couldn’t let your comments go by without responding (for the last time).
            (1) Stops are stops, regardless!!! And the piece count will increase on Monday ONLY if Saturday delivery is halted. TU-W-TH and F will be basically the same. Your initial ‘math’ analysis talked about a 20% increase EACH DAY…nonsense. You obviously did poorly in Math/Algebra in school.
            (2) I was a mailhandler for 7 years and changed crafts to City Carrier…try unloading 3 or 4 56′ trailers of 50-70 pound sacks on 3-C from the BMC 5 nights a week. I was a city carrier (mounted, walking, condo/apartment cluster boxes) for the last 14 years of my tenure (retired 15 months ago). Been there, done that in 2 different offices in surburban towns (45,000 and 65,000 population–not that it matters).
            (3) Check the numbers…DPS letter mail was 95% 15 months ago and I suspect higher now that up to a 1/4″ thick letter is DPS’able…yea, I know about mail processing too–worked AFC machines as a mailhandler in the P&DC.
            (4) Yes, I know MSP and I had no problem with the program…the ones who complained about MSP, the 3-M case, the pallets of phone books (years back), were the ones who were constantly asking for help and being bailed out by the carriers who did their job, usually without complaining. I did my job and did it well…and for the last 5 years was happy to have the job, the salary and the benefits since I was and still am ill with a disease in remission. Then, and now, after reading some of the comments, it made me sick that so many (NOT ALL, and not the majority) were getting over…yes, the extended lunches and breaks (and PLEASE don’t try to tell me many don’t), b/s’ing with customers for 5, 10 and more minutes, sitting in LLV’s or on the curb on their cell phone, b/s’ing with other carriers instead of casing mail, etc..
            So NO, I wasn’t spouting off…you appear to be rather intelligent…maybe a steward at one time. You had to laugh at some of the comments made by the union guy Cirelli in the video! The one about people suffering and dying without their meds was a good one LOL.
            I’ll buy into the fact that management (some) is and was weak. Allowing some of the nonsense that went and goes on to continue is WRONG…but, as a 204-B for 3 years, I also saw management spending hours and hours doing discipline (oftentimes warranted) only to have a Postmaster and Steward reduce it to a letter of warning…rediculous. Guys should simply do the job, stop complaining and be happy that they are making the $$ they are, with fantastic benefits. AN HONEST DAY’S PAY FOR AND HONEST DAY’S WORK!!! Merry Christmas!!!

            1. Backlash says:

              I have done all that you have, I worked as a Mail handler… Some of the worst work for your back.

              I was glad I was able to switch to the Clerk side after 2 years of that, i’d be in a wheelchair if i didn’t.

              Carrier side IS easier, no doubt about that. but it’s not “easy” compared to most of the armchair carriers here.
              Most of these people here complaining are desk jockeys, put them on the street and the’d collapse after 8 hours carrying.

              I’m also a 204-B what you said is 100% true.
              Some guys NEED to be fired, management tries to fire them… only to have the Union save them.

              a clerk here yelled at a customer at the window, when the station manager confronted him he yelled at him, threw mail at him and left. he was fired.
              5 months later when the union won the grievance he was back… only to do a similar thing 3 months after he returned.
              the 3rd time he was fired, he didn’t fight it. only THEN could his job be filled by someone else…

              We also had a carrier “quit” one day. walked in and went directly to the Managers office, quit… went through all the paperwork etc.
              and the union convinced him to rescind his resignation later that day.. All he had to do was call before 5PM and ask to have it rescinded.
              Basically he got the day off…

              1. bjk1946 says:

                Finally someone with an intelligent viewpoint…hopefully Wookie is still reading this blog and has come to his/her senses.

                I’m done posting…gonna enjoy Christmas. Hope the Union guy Cirelli learned some things from this episode (first being don’t talk to the media unless you have something intelligent to say)..I still get a laugh when I watch and hear his comment about people dying. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!

        3. LISA says:

          You can’t speak for all letter carriers.. I am a letter carrier and I don’t have the luxury of having a 30 minute break or an hour lunch, I am lucky if I have time to take my half hour lunch. They adjusted our routes two times in the last two years and the routes are longer. There is no free time. As a carrier I do finger the mail, that’s part of my job.. and I do deliver my route correctly …when I am off or on vacation, my customers can tell the difference!!!!

  42. EA says:

    No need for cuts, only check and review the salaries of the people that are making decisions in the Post Office and why they still on that job..
    This people have not done anything for the Post Office for years and they are still getting pay big salaries.

  43. The Realist says:

    The first problem is CONGRESS for requiring the Postal Service (and ONLY the Postal Service) to spend $8 BILLION PER YEAR to fund retiree health benefits 75 YEARS in advance. Why should the Postal Service pay NOW for benefits for retirees who haven’t been born yet?

  44. BP says:

    My Bills to Verizon, which is like 30 mins away was NEVER delivered.. I mailed it on NOV. 17, 2011 & Still no hide or hair of my Check or my Bill. I also mailed a Check to my Bank on Friday Dec 16, 2011 and always makes it on Monday… but here it is now Thursday and NO hide or hair of that check I DEPEND on to be deposited.. USPS is STEALING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. dave says:

      Why don’t you pay online

    2. DEA says:

      Dropped it in the gutter while delivering in the dark, got shredded by the sorting machine, maybe, But stealing??? Give me a break………….

    3. joe says:

      And you believe your bank and Verizon really didn’t get your check! Wake up! Rarely does mail not get delivered, Verizon and your bank have every reason to say they didn’t get it when they should so they can charge you more! Next time send it certified or with delivery confirmation and then see when they say they got i And if the USPS is stealing what the heck are they gonna do with a check made out to verizon or your bank?

      1. Frosty says:

        Joe – in the last week I have received three pieces of mail – in the daytime – that were not addressed to my home, or to anyone in my home. These were not advertising flyers – they each appeared to be a bill or personal correspondence. Just so you know – it happens more than you might imagine.

    4. Stwebb says:

      You, my friend, are a dumb@$$!!!

      City carriers don’t have time to steal YOUR check,..

      Most are trying to finish and make it home to their families.

      Risking a decent paying job for your stinking $100 check…come on!

    5. bfair says:

      How do you know it was never delivered? Because Verizon said so? There’s no way to know if that letter didn’t get lost at Verizon after delivery or the person who was supposed to enter your payment into the computer didn’t mess up. Verizon has messed up it’s cellular service big time twice in the past couple of months, their far from perfect. Why would someone in the PO steal something that bthey can’t use,like your check or bill?

      1. Joe says:

        5 carriers jump on to question how he knows it wasn’t delivered. Tell me guys HOW DO YOU KNOW IT WAS????? Based on all my experience with the USPO I definitely believe him. It wasn’t stolen that is ridicuous but seriously 85% success rate with USPO, thats my experience.

    6. Frosty says:

      This is not an unusual occurrence, but it’s not likely to be your USPS worker. There are people who actually DO steal outbound mail in the hopes of coming across $ that they can steal. It happens frequently.

    7. BillCNC says:

      I once had a Christmas card from my grandmother back in the 80’s delivered 8 Years late!!!

      Did I get mad at the USPS, … of coarse not, … I am a rational person, … Look at how many pieces USPS delivers a year, somethings will fall between the cracks, … literally. To be honest with you, … The private carriers are no better.

      One thing, … SOME OF YOU WHINERS should keep in mind about your mail, … How much would a private carrier charge you to mail a letter, … ENOUGH SAID!

  45. YOU wanted this JOB says:

    STOP YOUR WHINING My UPS guy delivered packages at laste as 10:30pm normal time around 6pm and we are the last street before heading home..

    FED EXhires contractions to do home delivery…


    1. Retired1 says:

      Who’s whining? We’re just educating the public. KNOW THE FACTS. UPS drivers don’t walk the streets in the dark or any other time. They don’t carry mail for 30 or more houses on their backs. They usually deliver one parcel to residences and their trucks have lighted interiors enabling them to read addresses. Ask your UPS driver if he likes working until 10:30 at night.

    2. robert says:

      fedex hires hires cotractions to deliver? what is a contraction? do you mean contractors?

      1. HMichaelH says:

        Why does FedEx “…hires hires…” anyone?

    3. The Old Mailman says:

      OK, if you think the job is so easy, drive to a strange neighborhood after dark, throw a 40# bag of water softener salt over your shoulder, and read three chapters of a book while walking a dozen blocks or so. That’s what it’s really like. Oh, and do it after a full day of exercise as well. You’ll have a new respect for letter carriers!

      1. Ramos says:

        Wow. It sounds so tough.
        And I thought medical school was a challenge.
        Wow, Mr. Postman, wow.

        1. The Old Mailman says:

          Ah, the elitist 1% speaks up. Gosh Dr. McQuack, we all are so envious of you!
          If you are so much better than the workers at the Post Office, why not cut your fees and serve the people….like we do??

        2. 13yearoldwankeronthekeyboard says:

          Yeah, you’re a doctor. Time to go do your homework now while I give it to your sister.

        3. BillCNC says:

          We can already tell the only reason your going to become a doctor is because your penis is small and you want to get rich off of others misery.

          REAL doctors become doctors because they want to make a difference and HELP people. The only help you will offer, … is to take a vacuum to ones wallet, and ONLY for that reason.

          Tell us were you will be practicing so we can avoid you like a case of AIDS!

      2. nilochsaloob says:

        If you think its that tough… then quit…. look for a job that that says CEO on your name plate.

    4. PostalWookie says:

      You are right, FEDEX and UPS do contract out last mile delivery of most small parcels. It is called SmartPost (FEDEX) and UPS Mail Innovations. Both of these services charge the customer their standard shipping fee and them drop ship them to a USPS processing hub to be sent on for home delivery. FedEx and UPS are two of the Post Offices biggest customers. Oddly enough, even after paying the Postal Rate for delivery, both companies obviously make money on the transaction or it wouldn’t still exist.

  46. A Long Island Carrier says:

    Safety is “supposedly” a high priority at the USPS but delvering mail in the dark is inherently not a safe practice… whether you are walking a route or driving a route. Visibilty is low and accidents are just waiting to happen. ( Slips, trips and falls or worse yet mvas.) This puts undue stress on the carrier at the time of day when energy levels are waning. Ask any one of us if we like doing it and the answer would be a resounding no, ask us if we have done it and the majority would say yes. It is the nature of the beast… Call it the holiday rush, call it mail delivery after major snow storms, call it dwindling and uneven mail volumes, call it cut backs, route adjustments, call it my job. And if I want to keep it, I’ll do it and try my hardest to complete my daily rounds incident/accident free.

  47. Cindy Starns Pistorius says:

    well, I’m glad to see we all have our priorities in order! NO PUN INTENDED

    1. theyulelogforcindybaby says:

      I’ve got something all lined up in priority for you, Cindy.

  48. Faith says:

    In our area, the processing plant is consistently late getting the mail to the carriers – sometimes as much as 2.5 hours late – but the carriers are required to still return to the office at the same time to meet the trucks returning to the plant. I don’t understand why the plant can miss dispatch time and disrupt thousands of lives, but the local offices can’t hold the trucks more than 5 minutes. If our carriers get back after the truck departs, they are required to take any mail picked up on route as far as necessary to catch the truck at it’s next stop. The carriers are in a no-win situation on regular days, the Christmas season has only made that worse.

  49. Amy says:

    How the hell does delivering in the dark help the Post Office save $. We are all mandated to work over time whether we want to or not. Management should be ashamed and so should Congress for destroying our service!

    1. billythegoat says:

      While the article never spells it out, I will for you. The cost savings come from simply having less carriers do the same amount of routes, hence it makes for a longer day for each of them.

      1. JOSH SUCKS says:

        Not true – after 8 hours overtime is paid. How is that saving money?

        1. jpbrody says:

          I’m just hazarding a guess, but it may be that overtime is cheaper than hiring another full-time worker with accompanying benefits.

    2. Robert says:

      You can thank the unions for milking the USPS dry. There benifits are outragous and have billions in unfunded liaibilities. The unions are ruining every aspect of the American workforce. That’s why unions should never be allowed in any government sector. USPS, teachers, state and Federal, the politicians vote and allow these ridiculous salaries and benefits to go into effect and there is no money to pay them and we the taxpayer are left holding the bag. Wake up America we are going down the tubes……..

      1. J Moore says:


  50. Jamison says:

    Hopefully they can get this stuff delivered in times for the holidays:

    People are counting on their packages getting there!

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