NEW YORK (AP) — A court monitor overseeing the New York City Fire Department‘s efforts to diversify says black firefighters can visit black recruits at home.

The New York Times reports that members of an organization of black firefighters called the Vulcan Society will be given a list of black applicants whose applications are incomplete. The Vulcan members will be able to visit the recruits’ homes and encourage them to follow up.

The Vulcan Society sued the city for discrimination in Brooklyn federal court.

The judge found that white recruits are more likely than black recruits to have friends or family members in the Fire Department encouraging them to persevere through the department’s long hiring process.

The court will permit the Vulcan Society to make home visits on three weekends in January.

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  1. john says:

    Stupidity is not an excuse,and it has no place in the Fire Dept.If they can’t understand that a city job is the way to go then they should just stay home and watch t.v. what is next, will we have to go pick them up and drive them to work because nobody told them how to buy a car or take a train.Nobody came to my house and filled out incomplete paperwork.IF YOU WANT THE JOB,BE PREPARED AND STOP LOOKING FOR HANDOUTS…..NO EXCUSES…..

  2. Lawn-Guy Land says:

    The home visits are essential to enforce the union’s strict requirement that firefighters NOT live within the City limits.

  3. george Scott says:

    What about the other “minorities” such as latino,turks,greeks, chinese,japanese,vietnamese, etc.
    do they or are they entitled to have home visits for someone to help them prepare an entrance application ??

  4. CCNY Student says:

    As a college senior I am sick and tired of Black students getting preference for jobs and job interviews.

  5. Lets Be Fair says:

    Why blacks and not other minorities such as hispanics, asians, etc?

  6. Hip hop hamburger says:

    firefighting is a lazy mans job so blacks should fit right in. They can teach the white firefighters how to properly steal from the store.

  7. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    As a black man I just want to say I am black enough and do not want to be even more well done in a fire .Give the job to whitie

  8. Bob Wiecezak says:

    When I got on the Fire Dept. 33 years ago I had no friends or relatives on the job to help me out. No one came to my house to help either. But I have something that seems to be lacking in the modern day applicant, a brain.

  9. SoTired says:

    Ok, why does it matter what ethnicity a firefighter is?!! I could care less if they are black, white, green or purple. If I’m in a burning building, I want THE MOST QUALIFIED person rescuing me!

    1. They don't want to do the job. says:

      The job of firefighter takes no high level of intelligence. It is a job for people with a normal level of intelligence and the test should be designed that way, if it is not already. What the job does call for is an intense desire to help people, bravery and to actually want to go to work. This may be why many of out inner city youth seem not to want to take the test. Knocking on doors will not change that. If someone does not want do do the job, they may take the test, pass the physical and get the job. When push comes to shove and you actually have to go in a fire they will not do so. Jusat ask the Vulcans about their members who do everything they can to not go into a fire. If they tell you the truth they will agree, not all but more than should be. Theer are many Vulcans who are true heroes and brave souls, and those who do not want to do the job are riding on their backs.

  10. Steve says:

    Just another way this judge wants to twist the rules to favor his agenda. Hey Judge, What is the ethnic make-up of the federal courts, or your own office?

  11. Rick says: Just show this link to prospective applicants of any color and I’m sure the recruiting problems are over. It’s not just a job judge.

  12. Guy Chipparino says:

    This black crap is getting out of hand. they are being discriminatory by doing this. Did white firefighters create a special white sect of the Fire Department to go and visit white recruits? Do whites have an NAAWP – no. Do whites hold a Miss White America Contest – no. Do whites have an Al Sharpton Composite that stands up for whites with preferential prejudice – no. It’s time to listen to what Bill Cosby said and that is that all these young black men are dumb or thieves or murderers because that is what they make themselves be. There are many people of all different ethic backgrounds who rose up from the gutter – why, because they they were willing to fight for a better live. These other punks want the easy way out and everything handed to them under the guise that they are from a poor neighborhood. Get off your ass and go to work and stop living on Welfare and scamming the government and on top of that crying poverty because of your lazy butt. I know fine black people that are my friends so I am talking about the ones that are truly scamming and are truly evil and they know who they are and they should have no rights at all because they are animals.

    1. crscker jack says:

      Don’t forget WjHITE Entertainment Television. I want my W-E-T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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