NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Mayor Michael Bloomberg is expected to sign a bill today allowing the TLC to collect taxes on the 18,000 new livery licenses and 2,000 new medallions for wheelchair-accessible yellow cabs.

The livery cabs will be allowed to pick up passengers north of 96th Street in Manhattan and in the outer four boroughs.

The bill was passed by the Legislature back in June before it ran into some road blocks, including access for handicapped riders. Livery cab advocates also argued that they should be allowed to buy into a medallion system instead of a permit, while yellow cabbies argued the plan would devalue the medallion.

Bloomberg, a strong proponent of the measure, which also calls for 2,000 additional taxi medallions, believes it would raise much-needed revenue for the city.  The measure could bring in $1 billion of revenue to help the city ease its budget shortfall.

Officials said it may still take a few months for livery permits to be issued and full handicapped accessibility to be implemented.

The city will also provide grants of up to $15,000 to fit cabs with equipment necessary to accommodate disabled passengers or buy accessible vehicles.

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  1. NYC-Taxi-Driver says:

    I am a taxi driver and work at night shift. NYC has 13,000 yellowcabs. one day is divided into two shifts Morning (5am to 5pm) and Everning(5pm to 5am). some pay weekly lease and some pay daily. An average Night shift cab driver pays weekly lease to garage or private owner anywhere between $850 to $900. On top of that night drivers pay MTA TAX weekly depending upon on number of fares taken approx. ($70-$95) per week. Further more, there is 5% transaction fee which is imposed on drivers (instead of passing on to consumers) by Verifone ( $80 a week at least) because nowadays everyone uses credit cards. An average cab driver spends $7-$10 on the food and not to forget 45-55 dollars on gasoline per shift with the exception of hybrid cars. There is new ruling regarding new tax $4.75 per shift tax.(last nail in the cuffin) In nutshell, we have to dishout approx. $1100 per week before we start making money for ourselves.
    Many people think we have a union but this is not true. In reality, so called Taxi Alliance we have is a TEAM B of Taxi and Limosuine Commission (TLC) which is a regulatory authority for Taxi business. A better way to describe the role of Taxi Alliance and TLC is that where one parent slaps on the face of the child and another parent gives lollypop to him/her. They (politians (Cuomo, Billliionburg, Yassky and Corporations such as Verifone and what not) are working togather to crush common people.

  2. Brooklyn says:

    Actually, all it does is have the TLC rather than Dept. of Finance and DMV to collect the Commercial Motor Vehicle Tax (CMVT) from all of its licensees. Taxis, FHVs, paratransit, and commuter vans. The reason is because too many FHV’s registered outside of the City were illegally escaping the tax because DMV collects based on address. The story doesn’t make sense, this has no connection with the outer-borough legislation issue.

  3. ex-taxi driver says:

    whatever the gov official wants, they get. it is good for the city’s revenue and I feel sorry for the existing yellow cab driver will have more competition on the street.

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