SOMERVILLE, N.J. (CBSNewYork)– An assistant middle school principal and Catholic high school volunteer was arraigned Wednesday for secretly videotaping teenage boys as they showered at a central New Jersey high school, according to the Somerset County prosecutor’s office.

Patrick J. Lott, 54, of Somerville, faces numerous charges, including child endangerment and invasion of privacy.

On Dec 13 and 16, members of the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit obtained warrants and searched Lott’s home where they seized and reviewed multiple computer files and digital recordings.

During the review of the seized files, detectives found several videos of nude teenagers showering in the Immaculata High School boys’ communal shower area, according authorities.

Nine of the teenagers identified in the videos are currently under the age of sixteen. Detectives also found the area where a camera had been secretly installed for video recording. The videos were recorded for nearly three years, starting in January 2008, authorities said.

Lott was arrested on December 23 and remains in the Somerset County Jail. Bail was set at $500,000.00 cash or bond.

As a condition of Lott’s bail, he is to have no contact with any child under the age of sixteen. Additionally, he is to have no contact with any victim or any Immaculata High School staff or faculty member.

According to the Lott is an assistant middle school principal who also volunteered at Immaculata in Somerville. He also was active in local and county politics, serving for a time as chairman of the Somerville Republican Committee.

The investigation is ongoing and anyone with any information is asked to contact either the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit at (908) 575-3300, Somerset County Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 1-888-577-8477, or online at

All calls are confidential.

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  1. Terry M says:

    he may or not be a pervert, but he is a republican.

    1. Joanna S says:

      Idiot Democrat

  2. Shower Time says:

    i also remember when we slept over his house him having a video from the news of himself protesting somthing or other about president Regan when he was in clooege. the video showed that he locked himself in a home made jail cell outside a government building and was wearing a striped convict outfit as a statement. Now look at him. he is actually in a jail with as a criminal. i spent a lot of time with this dude from the age of about 15-17 and he really wasnt a bad guy. in no way am i defending what he did, but i never felt in danger with him, he never was inappropriate with me or anyone else we were with. i never really was alone with him and he seemed to treat everyone the same. i was not a good kid in HS. i was always in trouble and he seemed to like me as much as the next guy on the team who was a goody goody. again i am in no way defending what he had done here, but how many of these kids was he touching? i know its an invasion of privacy and super f’n creepy, but if it were me on the videos (and maybe he did it to us too?) i wouldnt care as much as if he would have tried to grab at my junk. i would have punched him in his goofy face if he did that. yes yes i understand what he did was totally wrong and he should be punished, but did he molest anyone? he is a creepy pervert, but not a molester. none of these kids will need years of therapy to make them trust people again, or never be able to have a meaningful relationship, or become a child molested themselves because of this. if they said they do they are just looking for money. technology is going to overtake us all one day. kids today have incredible access to technology and everyone of them have naked pictures they text to eachother and videos taken. there will be a day where everyone has a sex tape or nude photos of themselves out there. we live in a world where any wierdo could go and film anyone. its scary, but its not mentally scaring as being molested im sure. you tell me would you rather be raped or have a nude picture of you floating around? there should be some kind of license you need to own a secret recording device. you know for law enforcement, government, private investigator, store owner, things like that. what would a coach need this for? there is no reason for these devices unless you are doing something shady with them. seriously, what else would they be used for by a normal person? creepy stuff.

  3. Shower Time says:

    i knew him when i was in HS and he was a good guy. a little to into our personal lives. he actually had the entire bridgewater-West basketball team sleep over his house in like 89-90. we looked through his stuff when he was sleeping and we found nude pictures he took, but they were of 2 girls. no nudie shots of boys. creepy to know we slep at this dudes house. maybe he has picture of my donger in his collection? i dont think he was ever touching anyone on the team, but he could easily have pictures because he was always taking them. funny thing is a player from the team that year now works in the prossecuters office. i know its a horrible thing but at least he wasnt trying to touch these kids.

  4. gowdy says:

    I went to Immaculata and knew coach Lott. He was typical catholic hypocrite and this doesn’t surprise me for 1 second. For starters he played favorites and only helped the goody two shoes kids. Never helped anyone that actually needed it or outside his conformist hypocritical circle. Also everyone knew he wasn’t right when it came to his behavior around kids. He used to shower WITH my freshman football team even though he had a shower in his office. Patting kids on the ass etc etc. Perverted sicko wacko overly religious piece of garbage. Immaculata is a good place with good people its a shame this pig shames them all.

  5. Johnny says:

    They always say it’s the ones who you thought you knew that turned out to be monsters in disguise. A jury of his peers will decide what kind of person Lott really is. Don’t be surprised.

  6. Chase says:

    What is it with coaches? Aren’t they supposed to be macho? Or, sorry – “MACHO MACHO MACHO MAN….”

  7. pete says:

    This guy is just a Peeping Tom, and he is out on 500.000 Dollars bail. Sandusky put his hands and whatever else on many of his charges and he was out fast on 100.000 Dollar Bail, now raised to 250.000. Lott better looks for the friends in the legal perversion, which Sandusky seems to have.

  8. Lee Peters says:

    Coach Lott is a good man. If you don’t know him don’t comment. I’ve know him for nearly ten years now. He is the nicest man out there and has had a positive impact on many peoples lives.

    For those of you who don’t know him, and still feel the need to comment on this article, go get a life.

    1. dhegs says:

      Neighbors thought the “Son of Sam” was a good man. C’mon…he is NOT a good man if he is capable of something like this. It is you who needs to get a life and wake up and smell the coffee.

    2. Jay T says:

      ‘Good Men’ don’t videotape naked children!

  9. Jonny says:

    Just another immaculate sex scandal. Womens ball coach went to jail for relationships with players a few years ago.

  10. Yvonne Morales says:

    All the people that are questioning his political inclinations have it all wrong. I’m sure he’ll run for office again supporting a measure that would mandate that video cameras be installed in ALL the children’s showers statewide. We won’t have to pay for it with our tax dollars because he will volunteer to review the tapes personally. Maybe he can get Sandusky to set up a charity to pay for the cameras? Maybe he’s the man with the vision to make kiddie porn legal! Maybe he can run for President and solve our economic crisis by making child prostitution a growth industry.

    1. Jerry Sandusky says:

      I’m on it.

    2. Kelsey says:

      you have clearly never met this man, and you really don’t know what you’re talking about, so do us a favor and please find somewhere else to troll. thanks

  11. Gina Doudican says:

    Unbelieveable! Well, not really. Another pervert that likes young boys. This is just a disgrace. Don’t you people get it- that’s how these dirtbags get away with this kind of stuff. They build trust in people and the community for years until they’re discovered. Just glad there are so many brave young men out there willing to come forth and put these pieces of garbage away.

    1. Theresa Ferrise says:

      What is with these older men lately? Let’s hope he can’t come up with the bail money or no one will bail this useless piece of crap out. Leave that to the showy lawyers to defend these guys. Bad enough this guy did what he did but to tape these poor boys? How pathetic. And shame on you towns people if you ” can’ t believe this” or back this guy or feel sorry for him. How about the poor boys he’s made his victims, what a sicko!!!!!

  12. Jerry Sandusky says:

    This man is innocent. Free coach Lott!

    1. Yvonne Morales says:


  13. sscud36 says:

    I am truly in shock. He taught at my school, coached basketball, and I have known him for years and have always looked up to him. I cannot believe this to be true.

  14. thor's hammer says:

    hopefully he did not make bail. another sicko. we should hope he has no children of his own. twisted enough he was perverse in taking advantage of his position in school. no doubt his attorney will plead for him to be in protective custody. justice for those he sought to take advantage of.

  15. DaEmph says:

    How you figure that when all I ever see on this is liberal this and liberal that. Face it, conservatives are a bunch of racists fruity people.

    GOP =Gay ol d party

    1. Peach Penguin says:

      Wasn’t it YOUR party that was against the abolition of slavery. Isn’t it YOUR party that supports the death of millions of unborn babies?

      1. Michael H. says:

        Democrats and Republicans did not always fall on the same side of the liberal/conservative spectrum as they do now. Do a little more research into the history of America’s political parties and maybe you’ll learn something.

  16. Peach Penguin says:

    Mr. Lott was the assistant prinicpal at my high school. He was the nicest man around. This is nearly impossible to believe. Of course this biased website had to mention that he is a Republican. They’re trying to link teen porn and the Republican Party. This is utter absurdity.

    1. Ed says:

      I thnk they are just stating his credentials. You made that link not them.

      All undeniable proof shows this man to be a pervert.

    2. The Pope says:

      Ok then lets link it to the Catholic church!!! lol

  17. nickki says:

    i think he is a big pervert, and deserves to put into jail. Shame on YOU!!!!

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