Amanda Cummings An Apparent Target In School, Through Texts And Online

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A 15-year-old Staten Island girl died Monday of injuries she suffered last week after being struck by a city bus.

A relative said the death of Amanda Diane Cummings was ultimately the result of bullying and that the teen had a suicide note on her when she was struck by the bus on Hylan Boulevard by Hunter Avenue around 7:30 p.m. on Dec. 27.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports

The NYPD said a witness saw Cummings jump in front of the bus, according to a report in the Staten Island Advance.

The girl’s uncle, Keith Cummings, said the teen was tormented by bullies at school and was dealing with romantic problems.

He said the teen was looking forward to the Christmas break and was fine over the holidays until an ugly break up with her boyfriend sent her over the edge. The day before she was struck, he said Amanda Cummings received an e-mail from her boyfriend, dumping her.

“It said, without so and so, who was this kid, there was no life at all. I don’t want to live at all,” Keith Cummings said.

Keith Cummings said bullies mocked his niece and took her phone, shoes and jacket.

“She had to be picked up from school because she was worried about being beat up,” he told 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg.

At New Dorp High school, where Amanda Cummings was a sophomore, one friend agreed that she was targeted.

“People calling her names, stuff on Facebook about her, people really nasty to her for no reason,” junior Marisa Ryan told CBS 2’s Slattery.

The family said even as she lay dying in a hospital, text messages and Facebook postings, now erased, lashed out at her.

“The other comment, ‘once a ho, always a ho,’” Keith Cummings said. “This is ridiculous. We lost an innocent life over kiddie bullying. Boys going out with younger girls … that’s not good.”

While the family wants justice, police are looking into it, to see whether bullying was a key factor in the tragic death.

By one estimate, as many as 160,000 students stay home on any given day because they’re afraid of bullies.

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  1. Take action says:

    This is extremely saddening! I had a class mate once who dies in a car crash this summer, RV accident near Minnesota in July. He lost his life in an accident, along with his sister and they were in a family trip with their grandparents and their parents. It was very sad that they passed, and I was upset that the last conservation i had with him ended in an argument and i never got to know his sister, i regret it also. But losing a friend over something the school could have prevented. Everyone on FACEBOOK who saw the mean rude comments, and of course someone had to know the girls/guys that were doing it, and yet, no one stepped up for her, no one thought it was an issue, or was too scared. When i was younger if some one was being bullied you stepped up for them, you didn’t watch them get hurt! you might have been called a tattle-tail but you did something that saved a person from getting hurt! Today teens/children don’t understand how serious it is! The school needs to be on the ball and take charge! If they are being bullied by people from school and they see and/or hear something about it, they should act right then and there without hesitation! She had to have been bullied for quite sometime before she took actions into her own hands! My family and I will keep this family in our prays and hope that they are answer. My boyfriend and I can’t imagine what is going through their minds! Our parents are going to be in disbelief when they hear this story!

    1. Bart Adams says:

      What a beautiful young lady. Who in their right mind would dump her. Her boyfriend is a jackass and will have to live with what he did for the rest of his life. It will haunt him. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem! What a waste! If she was my daughter the bullies would be joining her when I was through! In three years she would have been off to college most likely, starting fresh, and blossoming. Wat a waste. If schools and law enforcement won’t stop this type of bullying on minors, then we as parents must protect our children. Open communication, understanding, and shared wisdom is the key. The bullies will get this

      1. Jessica S, Naples FL says:


        If my child was being bullied, I’d make sure that mine was the LAST child these people bullied! The story is always the same. The child was afraid of going to school, wanted to be home schooled, was beaten up, had items stolen, mentioned bullying many times, etc.

        How does a parent send a child off to school knowing the child will be beaten up physically and mentally? NO PARENT does such a thing. What’s wrong with these parents who continue to report they “complained to the school”, but “no action was taken”?

        When I was a child there was a divorced woman living on my block with four children. Everyone knew to leave her children alone or the “crazy bleach blond divorcee” would chase them down and beat them up.

        Not a hair was ever disturbed on the heads of ANY of these children. The oldest girl was a slow learner, the youngest boy was a cry-baby, the oldest of all was a passive young man, and a middle sister was a troubled child. Each would have been a prime target for bullying of not for their ferocious mother.

        Why aren’t the parents of these children protecting them from the bullies? IT’S THE PARENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to protect their own child – nobody else’s. It’s a natural instinct for a parent to protect a child. There’s no excuse for parents of bullied children not to take action against the administration and the teachers of a school where their child is being bullied. Let the school contact the parents of the bullies and deal with that end if the bullying isn’t immediately stopped.

        Can a school LEGALLY ignore reports of a child being bullied? Can the parents of a bully ignore a court summons to appear for failing to control his or her child? Parents who fear confrontation raise children who also fear confrontation. These are the children who are being bullied and I hold the parents responsible for each and every one of the cases where bullying continues.

        These parents avoid taking action because they themselves fear confrontation. They are responsible.

  2. dave-o says:

    a short life and a life not lived.very sad to see a young girl not want to live.Ihope Amandas family can be strong thru this

  3. David Thornton Sr says:

    It is time for FACEBOOK to assist us parents and monitor their site.
    As much as I monitor my teenage boy I can not catch everything.

  4. therese says:

    they should learn how to love everyone at a very young age and treat people how you want to be treated. That is a very sad story

  5. shajustice says:

    sad to see feminism that has gotten into the minds on young innocent girl who are having to live by the pressure of all being Paris Hiltons and all !
    these feminist minded girls that have been picking on her must be punished !!

  6. ROSALinda says:

    First and for most I wanna send my condolences to the family of this angel!!then teens involve need to be punish for what they have done no one deserves this and what they have done to her and just so you know I would make these individuals write a letter to her family every day for 15 years never let them forget what they have done in through out the years they will have their own kids and when there children ask them why is it that you write a letter every day let them explain to them what they have drove Amanda to do because of there bulling kids need to understand this is not acceptable !!

  7. rocko says:

    I read a bunch of theses posts and I stopped before I got to the bottom. I see a common thread here though, it may be as scary as the thought that this young girl cared so little about life as to jump in front of a bus. Not one post I read looks at her family and places the responsibility of this childs safety and well being on them. Did her family get her into therapy? Or have her join a teen center? Anything? I’m not accusing them of neglect what I see though is the uncle blaming everybody else from school to student. Instead of saying what could we have done differently as a family to combat this situation and support Amanda in her time of need. Bulling is nothing new for anybody I was bullied and I have bullied, the generations before me and after me will do this as well. You can’t put a law on this and expect it to stop. Drugs are illegal but the Betty Ford clinic is full of addicts. I think we could all benefit from a little reflection at ones self instead of blaming everybody else for everything bad in their lives. People break up with people all the time and they don’t jump in front of a bus because of it. There was something bothering that girl I’m sure I would start with the home life and work my way out not the other way around. That family needs to take personal responsibility and stop taking the easy way out. In my eyes they were negligent not the school or teachers they are not these kids parents. Wake up people I don’t mean to sound insensitive to this tragedy it is awful but parents for god sake stop blaming everybody else for your lack of parenting, yes I am a parent of 3

    1. Charl045 says:

      Your an idiot!

    2. adamsrib says:

      You have some valid points but bullying has to stop! Our schools bring a wide variety of individuals together without concern of how things will turn out for anyone anymore. They aren’t even capable of turning out viable graduates, only bullies and punks. It all started when God was kicked out of class! We are witnessing an emerging generation of vipers.

    3. scruffy says:

      I think, sometimes, other people cannot fathom the pain an individual who is being bullied/depressed/suicidal is feeling. they have no idea.

      i think there is where the problem lies. the majority of people will never experience this type of pain, where dying is an actual option, a vision of freedom, and easier than being alive. most people have no idea (and be happy if you are most people) what it really feels like to want to end your life. there is a huge difference in stating “i don’t want to be alive” and “i want to die”.

      a lot of times, people who love the person don’t “do enough” because they don’t understand the emotional torment. a lot of us have been bullied…and most of us have gotten through it (some of us scratch-free, some a few emotional scars, some a lot of scars). but we are all different beings…and emotionally unique and are affected by things differently. it depends on how you’re wired, often. but some are beaten down to the point of tragedy.

      this should never have happened. i don’t blame the parents…rarely does anyone ever think their child is really going to kill him/herself. even if s/he says it, most people don’t believe it…because they can’t fathom what that feels like.

      this story is so sad. the family lost their daughter. their daughter lost her sense of self-worth. and some mean-spirited kids will still wake up with their lives unchanged.

      bullying needs to be addressed. i’m all for no tolerance policies on it. schools need to step it up (if they can). kids need to know how to intervene or report bullying without becoming the next person to be bullied as a result.

      bullies are sad. another sad side of humankind.

      my sincere condolences to the family.

  8. Danny says:

    There is so much bulling even in the adult worlld. In this case the students shoud be punished for this crime. If I had my way I would send them to prison where they would really get abused. Pay back is hell. REST IN PIECE AND KNOW YOU ARE LOVED.

  9. Lisa DiNocenza says:

    My condolences to Amanda’s family and all her knew her…

  10. Mike in sc says:

    First let me say how sad this is. Suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem. As for this girls family and friends I offer my condolences and know she has gone to a much better place. To all the people that bullied her SHAME ON YOU, you are a despicable breed of losers and I hope you are happy with your actions.You have to live with this the rest of your worthless lives,knowing what you did and also knowing you have helped end a life that could have done so many things.Amanda could have been the next doctor to cure some disease or a song writer or so many other things that could change lives and because of the actions of a few the rest of the world will never know what could have been So i hope all involved might read this and comprehend what they have done but I doubt they will for they are nothing but shallow minded people who are a waste of life and air.

    1. adamsrib says:

      Mike, I believe there is a sub-strata of society that are beneath insult or shame, these kind are among the group of bullies that perpetrated Amanda’s harassment. I doubt that they even care since they erased all of their FB posts. Facebook should be made to make their backup files available to law enforcement. An erased post is captured on screen shots and encrypted files at FB. They should ban these bullies off of their site.

  11. Michelle J says:

    This is just becoming too scary. Something has to be done to wake these kids up. Community service is just not gonna cut it anymore! My sisters and I had to grow up the only African Americans in our school. So that was no walk in the park,so I cannot even begin to imagine what school is like now. She should not be gone and who ever pushed her this far should be punished.

  12. Cathy says:

    I hope the family sues the parent’s of all the bullies for everything they have. I hope they sue the school, the school district and all the administrators for not doing their jobs and protecting this little girl. Until there is a monetary penalty for sitting on their hands while children are emotionally tortured, nothing will change. Shame on all of those responsible for turning a blind eye at the cost of this girl’s spirit. Rest in much deserved peace Amanda.

    1. Jackie says:

      I agree! The school district should be sued. That’s when they start to change their reactions because losing money hurts them. Money is what motivates them. I don’t believe students are the first concern of schools (and I am a teacher) so I hope they lose a lawsuit. ALL adults, especially administrators, should have to pay with their jobs. Cut their pension. As I stated before, I am a teacher and I see what happens in public schools. Administrators turn a blind eye because dealing with bullies is too much work. I’ve seen it too many times and it just needs to stop. Remember people, any time there is a Columbine or a bullying incident (that escalates to this level), don’t ever believe an administrator or teacher didn’t know. Unfortunately, teachers’ hands are tied for any real consequences.

      1. Cody says:

        I am a student and I disagree. I do not believe it is the schools fault and that they should be blamed completely or even sued because of this. The school had programs in place and it was well aware of a bullying problem and made efforts to intervene. They made it known if someone ever had a problem, a guidance counselor or dean was available to talk to them. Blame the students that are bullying themselves. They directly bully and don’t expect repercussion and quite frankly don’t care about any consequence. It’s their fault, not the staff.

        1. Jackie says:

          Maybe when you get older and understand the way things work, you will understand where I am coming from. I know there are programs in place and it sounds as if your school made some effort. But you also have to remember that it is ultimately the adults around you who are accountable and should take responsibility for this horrible outcome. It has already come out in the news tonight that the police investigated and there was no evidence of bullying. Now, if that’s not sweeping it under the carpet, then I don’t know what it is. You sound like a good kid.

          1. Debra says:

            Jackie, Cody is entitled to his opinion. I find it reprehensible that you demeaned his thoughts by pulling the “age card” and saying that when he is older he will understand. Seriously? You are an educator who works with youth? Also, you are claiming to be an expert in a school where this young man apparently attends .. are you a teacher in that school? Are you a teacher in that state? Are you even a high school teacher? Please give Cody the respect he deserves for voicing his opinion on such an emotionally charged subject. Cody, thank you for your thoughts.

            1. Jackie says:

              Of course Cody is entitled to his opinion. I never demeaned his thoughts by pulling the age card. Young people are idealists. If you are an adult, you should realize that your situations and view of the world has changed over time. When you are an adult and have worked in the system as long as I have, you become a realist. It wouldn’t matter if I worked in this state or in that school…. Bullying is bullying, whether you are in Russia or Argentina. I’ve worked in all levels of schools and the common denominator I have found with bullying is that it is ignored on a large scale, by administrators. It becomes too tedious, too much work, and it is swept under the rug. That has been my experience. I’m sure there are schools that address the problem but all too often you hear these stories and it is heartbreaking to know that a young life was stolen because the problem was not addressed. Read some of the posts about how this girl was bullied. Then listen to the news tonight. They reported earlier that the police investigated and there was no evidence of bullying. Now, if that’s not sweeping it under the carpet, then what is? Please give everyone the respect they deserve for voicing their opinion.

          2. Theresa says:

            Adults only need to be held accountable when the child is too young to really know the difference of bullying. You teach your children how to behave, I agree, but some children even in a nice home do not come out all right. Sometimes you can teach your kid all the correct and responsible things to do and when they hit a certain age, they then choose to either act the way you taught them or act the way they think makes them look cool. At 15, these kids ARE responsible, not the parents or the school. When are we going to quit blaming adults and hold these teens responsible for what they CHOOSE to do? They know the difference from right or wrong and they CHOSE to do wrong. If we punish the school or the parents, it only teaches them that someone else will take the fall for their actions. There comes a certain age where we have to start teaching them that their are consequences for their actions. If we always blame the parents and never the child, we will always have bullying and suicidal attempts. Nothing will ever change! It is time to put our foot down on these so-called kids and teach them that their CHOSES have CONSEQUENCES!

            1. Jackie says:

              I agree with you. Those children who did the bullying should be held accountable, no doubt. But as long as they are minors, the parents should be held accountable as well. As for the school, yes, they, too, are accountable. A school is a public institution funded by tax payer dollars. They have an obligation to protect children. They shouldn’t be let off the hook. They work for the public and they need to be held accountable for what happened to that beautiful young girl. Parents entrust their children to those adults and, in my opinion, those adults failed her.

  13. Bobbie says:

    What difference does it make??????? She was treated like crap and she should of talked to someone about it. Anyone!!!! She was tormented inside and to do such a thing to herself is tragic and so very sad. What a beautiful girl. How do we allow others to make us feel so small??? I hope they all rot in hell cuz pay back is a bitch.

    1. no more political correctness says:



      1. Bobbie says:

        How dare you order me to answer your question. You are racists and guilty of being one of the bully’s. Proven??? There is no proof in this case as this poor girl didn’t talk to anyone about this and took her life instead. Have a heart instead of putting blame on your racists thoughts. Grow up ok? I don;t have any answers, do you???? If so, let us all know. There is jealously and hatred and it comes in all colors.

        1. 4dixie says:

          Ignore this person. They are trying to get a rise out of you. I mean, look at the name they picked. We are trying to give Amanda a page of mourners and they still keep coming.

  14. Jacey Smythe says:

    It is a sad day when a person so young and beautiful feels the pressures of being a teen expotenially multiplied by the added pressures of relentless bullying, to see no solution or comfort than to mortally harm themsleves in such a way. My heart is saddened to see a beautiful person be taken from life before she has truly lived. Let us all build inner strength and confidence and train in physical and psychological skills to defeat all bullies in our lives. Polical correctness on self-defense has placed us all in jeapordy. My heartfelt wishes for the family of the girl that shares this sadness in this tragic time.

  15. P. says:

    My heart and thoughts go out to this girl’s family. I hope that the authorities take appropriate action against, not only the bullies but the parents that fostered such horrific set of values in these kids. We have lost the ability to be civil and respectful: as seen in some comments already made.

    This was a life, a child, a human being. The world is a sadder, darker place because this kind of thing is permitted to happen.

  16. zupamum says:

    I hope the bullies are required to go away far from the comfort of their city out to a place of isolation where they would attend a boot camp that awakens them to the reality of what they have caused, learn how to act and think differently, and a place where they can live in isolation and feel the pain that Amanda felt! I hope that the consequences of what they have done have an affect on these bullies for the rest of their lives! There’s NO EXCUSE! Bullying has been the main topic of conversation from schools, homes, and the internet! If any of these bullies claim they didn’t realize what they were doing, they must live under a rock or perhaps a manhole cover!

  17. PJ Landers says:


  18. DanTe lover says:

    DanTe is my hero

  19. Vik says:

    You’re a pathetic, worthless moron. Nobody gives a rat’s A$$ about your nornal IP address. Go to hell!!!

  20. Angelica says:

    Your comments have nothing to do with political correctness, but it has all to do with racism…

    1. Very conservative says:

      Liberalism is a mental disorder.

      1. Michael H. says:

        Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

        Gee…that seems familiar…

        1. Angelica says:

          Conservatism at its finest….

  21. Angelica says:

    You’re an idiot…


    1. Flynn says:

      He is most of the time.

  22. SIparent says:



  23. Eadmund says:

    Get Off FACEBOOK people. It destroys families, marriages, and lives.

    1. Bobbie says:

      I so totally agree. I am on there but it has caused me so many problems and lies and made people I love hate me.

  24. Sad says:

    Lets not stop at the Bullies, get that Boy Friend also. How dear he break up with her right after christmas, the brute. By the way I have heard all races call a female a HO. Just watch Maury.

  25. Amaurys Cerdeiros says:


    1. A very sad NJ Dad says:

      I agree, as parents we are their advocates, their Voice, Parents need to stay involved in their daily lives ask questions, monitor facebook, know the parents of their close friends…. Stay on top of your children and encourage them to talk to you openly without bias opinions. I truly feel for this family, no parent should lose a child to something this foolish…. This could have been prevented… please do not take this as finger pointing, which was not the intent… But do take it as advise, to prevent this from happening again to someone else..

  26. Nathalie says:

    How Dare you.. you disgust me, keep your sick comments to yourself,

  27. Linda Elsey says:

    A beautiful young girl to have her life end so tragically. The animals who bully others should be charged and prosecuted for this is truly a crime. These bullies must have very low self-esteem and feel very inadequate to harass someone so beautiful. Heartbreaking. If it had been one of mine, I would have been at that school every day until Administration put a stop to it.

    1. Carla Jen McCarthy says:

      I agree!

  28. Nathalie says:

    I have spent the last week thinking about this whole thing, My daughter is the older half sister of Amanda, ( they share a biological Father)I have been reading the Face Book posts and now the posts on these news pages. I am truly sad by the loss of Amanda I had the honor of spending time with her earlier this year, I know people tend to say kind things about a person who has passed away. But I promise you that this girl was truly a wonderful person, so smart and funny she read us a poem she wrote and she had a very deep soul. When you spoke to her she had a maturity beyond her age. She took great joy in her nephew Nykolas (my grandson). She really was an old soul, The kids that drove her to this should be held accountable. My fondest wish is that these kids be held up for the same public ridicule as Amanda was. I am not a vindictive person even in the smallest measure. But the anger I have for these young people is beyond my ability to forgive. I will not blame Staten Island since I grew up there and raised my daughter there, I will blame the parents for not caring enough to know what their own kids are up to. I knew every thing my daughter was up to. I made sure she understood that everything we do there is a consequence good or bad. I was in the park in South Beach this summer with the baby and my daughter when a young girl maybe 10 was riding her bike in a area where there were small children, she hit a little boy maybe 2/3 knocked him down with her bike and ran over his little hand, she did not even stop as a matter of fact she looked angry that the smaller child was in her way, I grabed the back of her seat and stopped her I said to her you just hit this little boy with your bike dont you know that you should stop and see if he is ok or even say your sorry, this little girl looked me and the face (an adult) and told me to F@#k off. Her mother than came up to me and demanded to know why I was speaking to her kid. I told her what happened and the mother tried to draw me into a Physical altercation. I was stunned. I know that this little girl will grow up to be just like the girls who thought is was fine to torture Amanda, we as parents have one basic job and that is to raise children who have a soul and are decent human beings. The School should yes put a stop to this behavior when they see it, but it is up to US the parents to make sure our kids know this is never allowed. I think the people who are posting on all of these web sights need to stop using this tragic event as an agenda to voice their political and social garbage. Please.

    1. M.A.D says:

      I agree. When my son was in JHS a sixth grader begged him to help her, she said that a boy kept touching her and would not stop. My son grabbed the kid and put him against the wall and told him not to touch the girl again. My son was suspended for his actions, the teachers and administrators were not interested in the why.. they did not care. The girl finally got the nerve to tell her mother who contacted me to thank me for raising such fine young man. The boy never bothered the girl again because he knew she had a “big brother” watching over her.
      This young lady was so pretty and we will never see the great things she could had done. Why, because a bunch of kids were jealous of her?? Where are parents?? It takes a village to raise a child and everyone needs to be involved in a positive way.

  29. M.A.D says:


  30. Blasterific says:


  31. Kaitlyn says:

    This is horrible. I knew Amanda. I mean, I wasn’t the closest of friends with her, but I knew her enough to know that this didn’t have to happen. She was an amazing person who didn’t deserve this, especially at such a young age. Even the guy who caused her to do this won’t show up to school anymore because he’s too much of a coward to face everyone because he knows that everone wants to kick his butt. And to ALL the people who tormented her and caused her to do this, the least you could do is stop being such immature children for ONE day and attend that poor girl’s funeral because YOU’RE thw ones that did this. We all had to loose someone we love because you can’t grow up.

    1. Roger Funk says:

      I am sorry Kaitlyn that you lost a friend and that is so sad. I don’t think though they can go to her funneral Kaitlyn the family member wants to sue the bullys. I don’t blame the guy they broke up it happens but no reason for this bullying. I wish you good luck Kaitlyn and don’t let anybody bully you.

      1. Roger Funk says:

        I want make a website to prevent this from happening theses storys break my heart. Children comitted sucide. Yes they should grow up but they wouldn’t be invited to the funneral probably.

      2. Kaitlyn says:

        Thank you. And you’re right, they probably aren’t invited to the funeral. But even so, they should pay their respects. No one deserves this, even those who might not have been the nicest person in the world. And trust me, I won’t let that happen to me anymore. I used to be bullied when I was little but now I stand up for myself, especially when I see this kind of thing happen.

        1. jackie says:

          I just heard the news and they said “police investigated and found no evidence of bullying”. I don’t believe it!!! What did I say earlier? They will sweep it under the rug and that’s exactly what is happening!

  32. Cheryl Bunn says:

    I think if there was enough law suits against the SCHOOLS that this could not happen on a TAX PAYERS DIME. We are told BY LAW they have to attend this place for an education. And once there was a report made about how this child was treated then it is the ADULTS who we entrust to supervise the well being of the child while on school grounds. If this happened at your home or a neighbors the adults would have been arrested for CHILD ENDANGERMENT. Allowing others and known parties to contribute to the harm of another is unlawful. Then this will make the ANIMALS that are doing this become accountable. We have police in our schools now so let them spend all day writing citations for JUVENILE court and fining the parents of the ANIMALS that want to torment others.

    1. Jackie says:

      I’m a teacher, and trust me, someone in administration knew about this child being bullied. There is only so much a teacher can do but the administrator is the one who has ultimate power. But because it’s “too much trouble” they sweep it under the rug. I had it happen 3 different times last year where one boy sexually assaulted 2 different girls and racially bullied another. Was he ever suspended? Once, because I insisted on it. Then I was targeted, bullied and written up as a result of my demand. (You don’t get written up after 16 years of a clean record). So, please Channel 2 News. Get to the bottom of this. It’s about time schools and administrators be held accountable for NOT doing their job. Thank you. My sympathy to that beautiful girl’s family.

      1. Vik says:

        Shame on you, New Dorp High School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any of you in that pathetic excuse for an educational institution. the principal, mani/pedi wearing teacher brats, and the cowardly punks that drove this poor girl to take her own life. May you always have the soul of this girl on your heads and carry this guilt around — because YOU ALL SHOULD FEEL GUILTY — for the rest of your lives. As for teacher’s ratings — let’s start with New Dorp High School. THEY ALL FAILED!!!!!!

        1. Roger Funk says:

          Sad but I hope the children grow up I don’t wish anything against them if we push to much they might kill themselves and we dont want more deaths.

  33. Mayor McCheese says:

    So many people have had bullying experiences. this is just one more tragic consequence. Finally, we as a society have to take this seriously. It starts and ends with the parents. Remove kids from school who can not conform to acceptable forms of behavior – and that includes NOT BULLYING. Let their parents find another place for them. It should be their problem. maybe then, they will take it seriously.

  34. Rick says:

    Parents need to understand that anything posted on facebook is no different from mailing a letter or using a telephone. Its correspondence, its communication, and thus there is a personal responsibility involved, and consequences for your actions thereof.

  35. LG says:

    Stupid teens now days stupid facebook crap to damn serious now days.

    1. Larry M. says:

      I thoroghly agree. Facebook, not the internet, is 666 ,,,,,,

  36. Maestro says:

    An arrest is a must. The police need to tkae bullying very seriously.

    1. DCLaw-1 says:

      On what charge? Is there a statute in NY that would allow for a prosecution in this case?

      1. Blasterific says:

        Yeah you being an A-hole

  37. Mike M says:

    Bullying and humiliation are common on Staten Island. No one should be surprised there. It’s a terrible place – it’s like the show Jersey Shore, but with more hormones and less humanity. What happened to this girl sickens me. This is not a simple problem – it’s a systemic issue that starts at home with the parents who allow their children to grow up not knowing the difference between right and wrong and not knowing how to respect themselves or others.

    1. JMS says:

      It’s not limited to staten island Mike. i have a 15 y.o. daughter in NJ that suffered from the same type of humiliation. the problem is indeed w/the parents of these kids as well as the school’s inability to monitor of site bullying that takes place on line and via text. how many kids have to end up like this one before a solutoion is found?

      1. Queens rider says:

        Truth- if someone bullied my kid and the parents would not stop it, I would inflict the same treatment on the parents. If it’s okay for kids to torture another kid, why not for adults?

  38. nickki says:

    this is so tetrrible, on how young studens could push somebody like this over the edge. This is what the world is coming to.

  39. The Judge says:

    If you’re a bully, and readung this, here is what I can promise you’ll do on your death-bed. Squeal, holler, cry and die in terror with the faces of those who you bullied and hurt before your dying eyes. They will be waiting for you!

  40. Vik says:

    Hope those little p.o.s’s rot in hell for causing what they did. Since this bullying was going on, what were the teachers doing at the time? Oh, I know. Those stupid, bimbo, born, bred in and hope to rot in Staten Island airhead – LOL – teachers were too busy making manicure appointments on Hylan Boulevard to be bothered. Toss those punks out of school ASAP!!!!!!!!

    1. Michael H. says:

      The teachers are almost powerless in these situations. Blame the administrators.

      1. Michael Schoen says:

        Why blame the teachers these parents should be held responsible,
        these parents need to be thrown in front of a bus in front of those kids….

  41. It Stops Now says:

    I was bullied in highschool. Hit, called names, humiliated in front of girls. One day I, too, went over the edge. The edge I went over was to smack the heck out of one of thje bullies; I mean I beat him black, blue and bloody. I got suspended for a week. What I did not get was bullied anymore. I don’t know if that’s the answer but I do know that what this poor child did is not the answer. Bullies will always be with us. Sometimes they’re called superior officers, bosses, managers, foremen and the like. Too bad, I’m not smart enough to solve this awful problem.

    1. M.A.D says:

      I agree, young bullies do become managers, bosses, etc..

  42. its good to know says:

    Their needs to be zeeeerooo tolerance.
    The schools need to bring G-d back into school.
    Not necessarily in that order.

    1. Tanya says:

      I agree with the above statements. These bullies need to be removed from school immediately and arrested that way they have a criminal record permanently. Their entire life needs to be affected. In fact, they should be put into a jail cell indefinitely. They took a life if not directly then indirectly. They don’t deserve to breathe fresh air again. This is a good example why abortions should be legal only animals produce animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Michael H. says:

      Bring religion into school and you will see issues like this grow exponentially as everybody argues over who has a better invisible sky daddy.

      1. its good to know says:

        its simply a matter of bringing G-dly morals into the educational system. It they can teach sex education, why not teach basic human decency. Workshops and role playing should be par for the course.
        Teaching children that there is a G-d that sees and hears, and teaching the seven Noahide laws would do wondersfor todays society.

        1. Michael H. says:

          you don’t need god to know the difference between right and wrong. treating others as you would have them treat you. god has no place in the classroom.

          1. its good to know says:

            Who decides what’s right and wrong. Suppose the perpetrators would say, “I dont mind being treated badly. Would that give them the right to commit evil.

            G-d absolutely needs to be brought into the classroom. He created right and wrong.

            What’s so frightening about bring G-d into your reality.

  43. Tebow says:

    I blame rap music

  44. Michael Schoen says:

    Their parents need to be held responsibe for their actiions. I beleive that these stupid staten island want a bees will get what is coming to them. a life of terror….

  45. Susan says:

    …He said they even posted cruel remarks on Facebook while the girl was dying in the hospital.”

    To be capable of doing the above, in my opinion makes you not human.
    My heart is breaking thinking about her family.

    1. 4dixie says:

      First, what a waste of a beautiful young lady. Looking at her eyes, you can tell she has a wonderful heart and a lot of love to give. My prayers to her family and friends.

      These bullies have to be stopped. It seems no one cares what the repercussions of their actions have after the fact. Not the bullies or the bullies parents. They evidently have no feelings or sense of remorse and they aren’t scared of getting into trouble. Someone needs to shake some sense into all of these people and physically do something.
      And for these idiots trying to get a rise out of the rest of you, just ignore them. They are trying to run Amanda’s page into another fight. Don’t let them.

    2. kahlansdaddy says:

      At 11 years old one night, my daughter kahlan crying and running into her room said, I don’t want to live anymore, I followed her into her room to ask questions like “when did you start to feel this way? have you thought of ways to end your life? how often?, I was shocked to find out she felt that way daily all due to bulling at school or near the home. I immediately called to get her help and after 6 months intensive outpatient therapy. I still have my daughter. I couldn’t imagine being in this family’s shoes. This is needless and tragic, why didn’t someone take more action. They need to start rewarding kids that step up and go to school; officials and authorities before something this tragic happens again.. My heart breaks for this family….this is assisted suicide and the kids that took part in this should be shamed. The ones that aren’t are the ones that need to be locked up in a hospital. And the parents should be responsible for raising hurtful children . The home is where these kids learn the behavior as well as not having accountability from their parents.

  46. Berndette says:

    Its very sad such an act of violence continued in this manner. I can only give my condolences to he family.

  47. Diane says:

    The tormenters of this child should be punished to the FULL extent of the law. No more hiding under the minor law, that’s the problem here in this country. They know they will get away with anything since they are underage. Let’s change things so maybe the younger generation will think twice before doing something stupid.

    1. Larry Schwarz says:

      I agree.They should face charges just like That Gay Rutgers student who killed himself by jumping off The George Washington Bridge after he was filmed and tormented by his roommate and an accomplice.Similar charges should apply here.First Expell these Students.Next let The District Attorney decide what charges to bring.They caused a death,it should be criminally negligent homocide.But that would have to be up to THe DA,and charges that a Judge would not toss out.They can come up with something.Until these bullies are held accountable for their actions this will continue.Making an example here would help deter it.I urge THe DA to consider involuntary manslaughter or criminally negligent Homocide.

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