NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Bronx principal seems to be setting a bad example for her students.

P.S. 31 Principal Liza Cruz Diaz is accused of leaving school at the end of her regular shift but directing her payroll secretary to clock her out several hours later.

“She’s getting paid money for work that she didn’t do,” Schools Special Commissioner of Investigation Richard Condon told 1010 WINS. “The 43 days that we looked at came to about $4,800. We have many other days that we still have not looked at.”

Cruz Diaz apparently tried to cover her tracks.

“When she found out we were investigating her about her time, she took her time brackets and removed them from the school,” Condon said.

The investigation also revealed Cruz Diaz spent $91 of the school’s money to buy “trinkets” for her daughter’s Sweet 16 party, Condon said.

Cruz Diaz then apparently asked a staff member to fudge the books to show she had paid back the money.

Condon is recommending that Cruz Diaz be fired and made ineligible for future work with the Department of Education.

Condon has turned over his findings to the Bronx district attorney.

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  1. John says:

    Seriously, the public school system has been a failure for sometime now.
    I have seen a teacher drive up in a lexus to attend a Public Grammar School where she is assigned, in the poverty stricken section of the Bronx, God knows what type of salary she commands to afford such a car, or better yet, what type of quality instructor she is to the students here in the Bronx.
    I understand, teaching is a profession, but, when someone commands a luxury car to get around to and from work, I surely hope her teaching abilities/effectiveness surpasses that of the average teacher driving to and from work in a 2nd hand Honda.
    Thats why I’m for what the Mayor wants, reward the teachers who are effective and educating the city’s children, and eliminate those Teachers who are not effective, and just show up to work in their empty suits.

  2. knklnklj says:

    thats a lot of empinedas

  3. bent teachers says:

    Fire her an revoke her pension!

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