Father: Kids Hitting Their Heads On Walls, Urinating Inside 'Time-Out' Room

MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (CBSNewYork) – Parents in a Connecticut suburb are outraged over disturbing disciplinary actions at a local elementary school.

They claim students are being locked in unsupervised “scream rooms,” where some children have harmed themselves, reports CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

The Middleton School District is on the hot seat as furious parents are demanding to know what’s going on behind closed doors at Farm Hill Elementary School.

“My daughter is telling me that there’s kids being taken out in ambulances, by stretcher,” parent Sean Archer told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez on Wednesday.

Disturbing allegations have surfaced of teachers locking students in closet-sized concrete “scream rooms” for punishment.

“Kids come home and they cry, because they’re afraid to go to school. And it’s often,” parent Brian Robillard said.

“She can hear the kids screaming at the top of their lungs, while she’s trying to read and she asks her teacher what’s going on and they never give her an answer. They tell her to ignore it,” said Liz Archer, the sister of one Farm Hill student.

Parents said their children have witnessed teachers placing unruly students into the tiny “time-out” rooms to calm down.

“From what I heard it’s more traumatizing for the child than it was as a help,” parent Jeff Daniels said. “Kids were hitting their heads on the concrete wall. Kids were urinating in the room.”

School Superintendent Michael Freschette said allegations of children harming themselves in the timeout rooms are not true. However, the Board of Education is investigating. The chairman spoke to CBS 2’s Sanchez by phone Wednesday night.

“We certainly are concerned with these allegations and I’m looking into every single one of them to be certain that our staff is providing a safe environment for our students,” Gene Nocera said.

Two “time-out” rooms were implemented two years ago for special needs students. But with growing community concern about their use, the school district drafted a new support plan to deal with students who act up.

“I can tell you, students across the board in that school are not safe right now. They’re not learning,” parent Tricia Bielan said.

While the school district has proposed a support plan to handle student behavior problems, it does want parents’ input. Parents can voice their opinions at a meeting at the school Thursday night.

The state Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities and the state Child Advocate are now investigating the school’s use of “time-out” rooms.

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  1. John Smith says:

    Id go up there and beat their ass if it was my kid.

    1. your daughter's best friend says:


    2. Michael Kriegel says:

      Might try beating your kids ass.

    3. jeff says:

      If I was the teacher I’d beat your ass first…after I whipped your kid’s ass good.

      1. Caligula says:

        LOL@tough guys behind computer screens

        1. Frank Jiggymadoo says:

          That is funny

        2. LOL says:

          Caligula@guys with tough handles:

          if memory serves me correctly, your 2 years of debauchery ended about 2,000 yrs ago. How did it end again?

      2. Springer Rider says:

        I’d beat my ass, then your ass then your kid’s ass.

        See what I’m saying?

    4. guest says:

      You people have lost all sense of your humanity…no one deserves that treatment and certainly NEVER a child.

    5. Christopher F Cheney says:

      and you be charged with child abuse and be going to jail the public needs a better understanding on how disbality kids act there all diffrent since they all have something diffrent even if it the same it can be diffrent for the child. the child never asked for it was BORN THAT WAY.

  2. Joey Cannoli says:

    If people didn’t raise their kids like wolves, this wouldn’t be a serious problem. It’s simple. Suspend repeat offenders – even if it damages their “self esteem”.
    Sounds like a liberal-created problem, with dumbassed liberal remedy that doesn’t work.

    1. Emerson says:

      That’s right blame parents for having kids that act like kids. Don’t even bother to look at the teachers and administrators who are so feeble minded, uncivilized and ironically uneducated that they would implement something like this in their schools. Teachers and police two of the most important roles in society being filled by morons.

      1. Ken Caudill says:

        Let your kid act like a kid at home then,

      2. ron pablo says:

        Now do you lazy educrats understand why we need to get rid of the Dept of Education? Ron Paul 2012.

        1. guest says:

          Absolutely…You don’t send your kids off to school to have some random freaky person BEAT or ABUSE your children. Really people….

          I suppose you all think Sandusky was justified cause they’re just kids right…they needed to be shown what’s what.’

          You people are truly sickening and have NO IDEA what’s right or wrong anymore. The govt has effed your thinking up with propaganda. SCHOOLS beating and abusing children are PRISONs not places of learning.

          Shame on all of you.

          1. Richard Fontaine says:

            Public sector unions calling the shots over the education of our own children and politicans telling us how much we have to put up with and doing it with our own tax dollars. Yes, this is what America has become under the Progressive/Democratic fascist State.

            Vote for freedom in 2012 Ron Paul may not be perfect but he is our only hope of a future free from total State control.

      3. bill the carpenter says:

        Blame an idiotic society that won’t let schools either (1) discipline unruly children, or (2) remove them from the classroom.

        1. Judo dog says:

          I blame rap music

          1. A Son of Liberty says:

            I blame “Road Runner” cartoons!

    2. SmarterThanYou says:

      This is happening under the school’s care, so why blame the parents? Cheap shot at best.

      1. Michael Kriegel says:

        Because the kids are acting in school the way they act at home.

    3. AAA says:

      And I might add, fine the parents for every day their heathens are kept out of school and the parents might have some incentive to discipline them for a change.

      1. Jeff Campbell says:

        They are already fined, it’s called Taxes

  3. Ram Rod says:

    i got a better idea abolish public education its a total failure its a Govt monopoly drugging boys up on Ritalin because they wont conform to the totally feminized class rooms. time to end public e4ducation now. brain wash children with left wing bs like Global WArming & climate change

    1. Jibble says:

      It’s not just government schools anymore. Private schools are almost as bad.

      1. guest says:

        What’s awful about private schools is that they demand huge amounts of money, the teacher’s are no better trained, and they pinch info off the govt education websites on grade levels and learning packages (obviously cause they are prepackaged formulaic programs and easier to teach) and then call it private education when it’s the same education.

    2. Elayne Houck says:

      Amen! The first Federal Dept. to go should be the Dept. of Ed.( A.K.A. the Dept. of Indoctrination) Kids are NOT being trained to think today, they are brainwashed into being good little drones who do what they’re told by the government and have no morals or ethics whatsoever

  4. Trappedinwv says:

    Awright Thomas P,

    Ask you wife what she does when a special needs kids worse fear is abandonment or the dark (as my nephew) he would have broken trough that wall if they tried to put him in there. He was in fights in school and acted up, luckly the teachers were trained to deal with these problems and it was no more an issue then if a normal child did it. Why? He had a specialized school, with exceptional teachers specifically chosen, for the mentally handicapped in the county.

    1. twilliam says:

      By law the special needs kids MUST be mainstreamed into the genral population of the school.

      1. ailz says:

        mainstreamed or brainwashed and controlled?

      2. guest says:

        NO ONE is talking about special needs here. The article is about a regular school with regular kids. Special needs my @$$. Are you making excuses for these people so can continue abusing children? They are human beings you know. They have feelings…I wonder if you can remember what scared you as a child and how you might have felt?

    2. ron pablo says:

      It’s obvious you’re trapped in Robert Byrd’s welfare fiefdom. He’s dead now. You have your freedom, if you even know what that is.
      Just pick a different handle, dude.

  5. Granny says:

    A parent who locked their child in a closet, which is essentially what this “time out room” is, would have their children removed by Social Services for abuse and neglect. Why should the school be allowed to do this. If these children are too dangerous for the staff of this school to handle, then those children belong at a special educational facility equipped to handle them appropriately.

    1. Jibble says:

      Because it’s a government school. They are beyond reproach.

  6. R GRiswold says:

    This is why I home school. Why for the sake of career, or making extra money would I pawn off the most valuable thing in my life to someone I don’t know? How do I know my values will be imparted to my children? With all the sexual/mental/physical abuse that goes on in the hell holes, It seems to me the most egregious form of child abuse is the parent who send their children to perfect strangers, hoping they will survive the experience..

    1. libbylindy says:

      Do they suvive? Their body may – in some cases – but their minds are indoctrinated with liberal and socialist ideologies until they are now puppets of the state. Does this sound like what you have envisioned for your child? Do you want your fatally flawed government to have control of your child’s mind from cradle to grave? They are very close to acheiving that goal. It takes a strong parent to say that they will give up some creature comforts and do the hard task of teaching their child to grow up with character and principles besides the basic 3 Rs, which aren’t even necessary anymore in public education. If I had it to do over again, I would never expose my child to the socialists within the public schooling system.

      1. Mark says:

        We are not all liberal 🙂

    2. Joan Rooney says:

      Excellent! If I had it to do over again, I’d home school my children—-and I only wish my children would heed my advice and home school their children!

    3. Katrina D. says:

      There are always two sides to every story. Honestly, both sides probably share blame. The parents are to blame for raising their children with an attitude of entitlement, an aversion to hard work, ignorance of common courtesy and respect, and the teachers/school system are to blame for using time-out rooms in a society that has sues and fires at the drop of a hat. Wasn’t it only less than a generation ago that kids would be swatted with a ruler by their teacher if disrespectful? And then they’d get worse punishment at home! I am 25 years old, and I am eternally grateful to my parents for homeschooling me — for instilling morals and values through example and teaching, prodding me to think for myself, encouraging hard work and diligence, discouraging lying, cheating and laziness, for teaching me how to think for myself and for giving me the freedom to pursue subjects and studies that I wouldn’t otherwise have had easy access to in a public or private school setting.

      To anyone who mocks homeschooling and homeschoolers as unsocialized, uneducated religious maniacs, I question their standing. I was exposed to more socializing than my public school counterparts! If “socializing” kids is based solely on exposing them to their peers, how are they ever going to learn to be adults? I learned how to interact with kids my own age and adults three times my age, and I do believe my siblings and I are better equipped to handle the world than many of the public-school friends I grew up with.

      1. JustMe says:

        I’m glad your experience was a good one. However, not every homeschooled child is so fortunate. Some (note–I say SOME) homeschool parents are lazy. If they don’t feel like teaching that day, they don’t. Also, some are dumb as soup. I’ve known a few who could barely read but “homeschooled” their kids so they weren’t taught all that “communist mumbo jumbo”. While it’s true that not every homeschool kid is unsocialized and uneducated, it’s also true that not every school is an indoctrination camp that abuses students.

  7. wiseoldlady says:

    There ARE schools that are doing things right. It is time to put THOSE schools in the spotlight so they can serve as a model for other schools to follow. These kids are not normal. It takes a special kind of person, with the right training, to properly care for these kids. Most people lack the patience, understanding, intelligence, etc. The posts in here illustrate how many “normal” adults DON’T have what it takes to be a special ed. caregiver.

    1. R GRiswold says:

      Modern Government schools celebrate mediocrity, its built into the system. Name one thing the Government does well. They spend Trillions of dollars and the United States world ranking in education continues to drop. Liberal feel goodism have totally destroyed an already broken system. Just look at the school system wide cheating that the teachers were engaged in Atlanta. Falsifying records to make their school look better.

      1. JustMe says:

        Okay, so that means that EVERY school does that? My husband teaches in a school where the kids have a moment of silence every morning after reciting the pledge of allegiance. The chorus is allowed to sing gospel music. After all, it is a legitimate genre to be studied. Just because you hear a story in the news about a bad school does NOT mean every school is going to you-know-where in a handbasket.

    2. Jennifer says:

      Agree 100%, wise lady.

    3. guest says:

      This is a school in a CONNECTICUT suburb and NO ONE said these kids weren’t NORMAL. You’ve misunderstood.

      These are just crazy lazy teachers wielding power cause they feel it’s their right. Much like govt.

  8. Trappedinwv says:

    Locking kids in closests is child abuse regardless of what they did. These teachers rant and rave about how their specialized training makes them deserving of these union contracts, this is the training they are touting?

    By most of the comments here, it is obvious you don’t have or been around the raising of special needs children. There is a reason they used to be seperated into special schools.

    1. ron pablo says:

      It’s obvious you’re trapped in Robert Byrd’s welfare fiefdom. He’s dead now. You have your freedom, if you even know what it is.

  9. Bill E Bob says:

    Instead of being removed in an ambulance, maybe the kids should have to walk to the hospital so they can burn off the nervous energy that makes them misbehave in the first place.


    Ivan Pavlov

  10. Thomas P. says:

    My wife is a special needs teacher who has had to make use of rooms similar to those described in the article. When those kids get spun up, they are a danger to everyone around them, including my underpaid and overworked wife. They never left the children unsupervised, and there was no lock on the door to ensure that someone had to stand at it. However, because of uninformed public “outrage”, she’s been forced to adopt a dozen strategies in the last few years to adapt. Sensory deprivation is the real key, so they can put these raging children in holds (they have to be specially trained for this) and transport them to rooms where they then sit in the dark with the child until they calm down and are ready to return to class.

    1. Thomas P. says:

      BTW, it isn’t a punishment. Parents get their kids for 4-5 hours in the evening, and they plug their kids to avoid dealing with them. Is it really all that amazing that when the kid goes to school the next day to learn math, it isn’t enough to keep their attention? That’s why they need to have their senses deprived…they need to return to some center, and you know they aren’t getting it at home.

      Also, how is this the fault of liberals? Oh…this was linked to drudge…where everything is the fault of liberals.

      1. Jensational says:

        Tom not every kid with sensory issues will handle a dark room very well. As a matter of fact, that would make things much worse. My son has autism and sensory problems come along with it and if the teacher were to stick him in a dark room, he would become much more difficult as the dark scares him. You don’t have a special needs child so you aren’t really qualified to tell us what will work and what won’t. You don’t know anything about sensory issues, either. Yuu think they need to have their sensory deprived?? It already is because of their disability! That’s the problem! People like you who know noting on the subject are the ones that make things very difficult for the people who actually live with it. It’s not our fault our kids are the way they are and for most of us, the way it is at school is probably the way it is at home, too, and if we could change it, you bet your butt we would. I hate how you condescend and try to act as if we asked for this by not taking care of the problem at home. Grrr…

    2. Hammer says:

      That may be what your wife did at her school, but that is not the type of supervision or behavior the article describes at this school. Don’t project your experience onto a situation you know little about.

    3. matthew says:

      aahh Tom, yur poor wife , underpaid, and overworked, join the club , maybe she should get another job

    4. We r doomed says:

      ” Sensory deprivation is the real key” this proves your complete and utter sickness and depravity , you need to be locked in a dark room forever, along with your underpaid wife.

    5. SmarterThanYou says:

      Sensory deprivation is an acknowledged form of torture. Ever heard of solitary confinement in prison? Drives the person insane. Any teacher who does this is a torturer, and should be charged with child abuse. Teachers choose their profession, and are paid adequately for the job. Lots of great people are ready to take your wife’s place if she can’t handle the work. Command and control seems to be the order of the day here, rather than educate. Homeschool to keep your children away from these monsters.

    6. ndulj says:

      Thomas P , you are absolutely right. My partner is also a special needs teacher that works in a ‘more restrictive’ school. Most of the students there are classified as emotionally and behaviorally disordered. They do have ‘quiet rooms’ but the school district mandated a few years back that the doors be removed.
      Yes, I can back you up that these teachers are specially trained to put these kids in holds and how to hold them down and talk them through the episode until the child calms down.
      While this school does a remarkable job with this population of kids, it is not the answer for every child. Many children can benefit from other interventions while still in a ‘less restrictive’ environment. Unfortunately, it is those teachers that all to often do not have the skills to use the interventions that will work with these children. there answer is to dump them into the ‘more restrictive’ schools.

    7. guest says:

      Sure why not? Don’t talk with them or try to understand. Bind them. Sensory deprivation. Oh I always feel calmer after a little sensory deprivation. Dark rooms…terrific stuff. Torture…very good for you. Makes you strong. And they wonder why 1 in 5 American’s has mental problems.

  11. Regis Jones says:

    take away their unearned pensions and free health insurance. This is what tenure and union protection results in? So much for the liberal agenda of caring for everyone and not punishing those who act out.

    1. Stan says:

      Mainstreaming so-called “special needs” students en masse has been one of the biggest mistakes in education over the past 20 years.

      I’m not talking here about kids with reading disabilities or similar problems. I’m talking about kids with serious mental disabilities, severe autism and so on.

      At my kids’ elementary school (a nice, suburban public school), there are extremely violent “special needs” children. They have bitten other kids hard enough to draw blood. They scream and pitch fits in the middle of class activities. In general, they disrupt the process for every other child in school.

      We taxpayers are funding individual aides for each one of these students. A friend of mine who is a teacher said it’s not unusual to have two or three adult aides in class with him monitoring these “special needs” students. They are underpaid and undertrained, happy just to have a job in this economy. (I have friends who are aides and they have stories to tell too.)

      This is a HUGE problem is many states, but it’s one the liberal media do not want you to find out about. If you have kids in public elementary school or even high school, ask them about it. It’s a widespread problem that costs us a fortune, harms our children’s education and does almost nothing for the “special needs” kids themselves.

      1. Jennifer says:

        True, neither the special needs nor the “normal” children are well served by mainstreaming. It’s a case of unintended consequences: the school district, county , state, some education -affiliated bureaucrat decided it would cost less to mainstream the children, and this is the result.

        Lawmakers and bureaucrats never consider cutting their own pay and percs first, do they? Cut the fat at the top, you’ll have all the money you need to care for these special needs children, and free the rest of the students from a disruptive learning environment.

        1. Ghostsouls says:

          The only way to free the rest of the teachers and children from a disruptive learning environment is to deal with this chaos that goes on every day in every school across the nation. Get rid of DoE, and create a new one that will actually deal with this problem.

      2. Mike says:

        I agree 100%. My wife has worked in our local school system for over 20 years and the problems are getting worse. Kids are being mainstreamed that have such severe behavior problems it is a detriment to all the other students. Some students have such severe behavior problems they are a physical danger to the other students. One student was finally removed after nearly biting the ear off of a school staff member.

  12. Dallas Mcmillan says:

    If you can’t do this in prisons, why is it legal in school? Think about it.

    1. sevanclaig says:

      And speaking of prison, that is precisely where the lot of these so called ‘teachers’ should have to go.

  13. Tang says:

    If you do this to a filthy terrorist,Obama and Holder will call it torture.

  14. doreen says:

    They should just call the child’s parent and have them pick the child up from school.
    PERIOD!!! If a child is that unruly or has special needs it is the parents respomsibility to deal with. It is not up to the school systems to supervise out-of -control children.
    Parents have a responsibility to raise and take care of their children!

  15. Patriot says:

    Spank the brats and it will drive the foolishness far from them. Look it up in Proverbs you liberal idiots.

    1. R GRiswold says:

      Roger That; Little Spoiled brats

      1. Jersey Dave says:

        Yes, because Autism, Down’s Syndrome, and other severe disabilities can be beaten out of people. 😛 Do you read what you write before you hit the submit button?

        1. brett says:

          Did you read the article? Did they say anything about autism, down syndrome, or severe disabilities? They said “special needs,” and you can see just from reading the comments here that that term is being applied to every spoiled brat that just won’t sit down and shut up in class. It doesn’t make any difference to any of the folks criticizing the school and the teachers whether these children were truly “special needs.” All that matters here is that the school is actually having the audacity to discipline their children. OMG! They’re torturing children with time outs! Oh the sheer terror of it!

          1. Jennifer says:


            I’ll ask you the same question: Did you read the article? The state Advocate for the Disabled is investigating the matter. They only investigate activities involving the disabled.

            Honestly, what would we do without these forums to expose the uneducated louts, clowns and buffoons who post their senseless drivel about issues far beyond their ken?

            brett: Do us all a favor: Never reproduce.

            Thank you.

            1. Ghostsouls says:

              You Jennifer are the boor and troll of this forum. You know NOTHING about our education system and what goes on in it on a daily basis. Hopefully the world is a safer place without you as a parent, you lack the skills, education and comprehension to parent children. And yes you right about one thing this forum has exposed YOU for the uneducated lout you are.

              1. Jennifer says:

                I consider the source of the above comment and declare it: the rantings of a depressed diseased mind. Therefore null and void.

                Ghostsouls probably locked his/her children in a dungeon and is now haunted by the ghosts of their crying and screaming. It’s not my fault that as adults they’ve cut off all contact with you.

                Try to repair your relationship with them, but really they’ve every right to ignore you until you take your last miserable breath.

          2. Christopher F Cheney says:

            there no displine a child there making it worst and unsfafe but your just a comeplte utter moron

    2. Jennifer says:

      Look this up in the Gospel of Mark, you uneducated boor:

      Mark 10:14 Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of God.15 Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein. 16 And he took them up in his arms, put his hands upon them, and blessed them.


      Our Lords’ words indicate that you will not enter therein…unless you repent of your evil child-abusing ways.

  16. mike delta says:

    I have a simple solution… Kid has a meltdown. Teacher calls parents, tells them to pick up their child. Suspend the child for the following day. Let the parents take responsibility for disciplining their own child.

    1. Jersey Dave says:

      I agree with this post.

    2. Arkansas Ken says:

      Government says you can do this only 9 or 10 times a year(not positive of the exact number) What do you do with the child that does this every single day. Its against the law to send them home more than that.

      Its also against the law to restrain them, spank them, or any other physical contact.

      Would grabbing a child that is attacking another count as restraint. how about a child that attacks you. How do you defend yourself if they attack you.

      If your child is in a class with these violent children, how would you feel if your child was the one attacked.

      I have a child with a learning disability. Well behaved, well mannered child. Because he has a learning disability, he gets put in a class with other kids that have similar problems, but also a class that has these violent kids in them. Teacher is spending all her time on these kids. Learning disability never gets addressed.

      These violent kids don’t need to be in schools with kids that want to learn, period.

  17. skillit says:

    these children are the future occupy idiots. let them have the room if the parents refuse to discipline them. maybe before adulthood, they will realize that they are responsible for their own actions. the world does keep score. there are winners and losers.

    1. DC of NYC says:

      and here I immediately thought these angry little people are future talk radio and fox news ragers.

      1. drjas says:

        Like Olberman and Matthews? Or maybe Frank and Carville? Biden? No wait – Wasserman-Schults! No, no Howard Dean! Maybe the Revs – Sharpton? Jackson? How about Lee? Oh – not these angry little people? My bad….

      2. MorganGray says:

        Nope, sorry… The future talk radio hosts and the fox news anchors are the kids who are working hard, trying to learn, attempting to make something of themselves, *DESPITE* the best efforts of the government run idiot factories we call schools.
        The occupiers are the ones who scream for attention, demand fairness in all things, whine if they don’t get there way, escalate to violence if they still don’t get their way, and sing the praises of Barrack Hussein Obama.

    2. Christopher F Cheney says:

      you people keep ashasming me on how little you know

  18. Karen says:

    Absolutely it is child abuse. And anyone–i.e. Cat…who thinks it’s a good idea to do such a thing needs to be locked in one. Yes parents need to take charge of disciplining their children prior to them beginning school so they know how to behave when in school. Yes parents need to be proactive in dealing with issues instead of whining and suing b/c their kid got looked at wrong or had too hard of an assignment or whatever.Teachers and administrators need to be able to do their jobs, but this goes way the hell too far. My child would be out of there and thank God for the internet so that the rest of us can be on the lookout for this crap. By the way, to the schools, allowing parents back in to the schools so they get to know firsthand what is going on would be helpful, esp. in this era of mega consolidated schools where there is now no feeling of community and everyone knew everyone so everyone felt like they had a stake in the schools.

    Just a thought….anyone remember hearing about the rampant behavior problems of students when we did have neighborhood schools? Yeah I didn’t think so.

    1. Scott Whiddon says:

      these “screamers” are not your average or even bad child…these types of kids are identified as emotionally disabled and have a discipline plan that is approved by the parent and school. That’s they way it is supposed to be. I have seen one of these kids DESTROY their classroom, hallway and office and injure the kids around them with their fists, chairs, desks, and scissors. These situations are not your normal run of the mill situations…and sometimes require unusual interventions to protect the children and facilities from serious harm.

      1. Jennifer says:

        A closet sized concrete room is not an “intervention”. It’s a torture chamber. How would you like to be locked in a concrete walled closet – now- as an adult? Imagine the terror of a child in that situation. These are special needs children, evidently the teachers are not trained in their guardianship. And here I thought Conntecticut was so civilized and progressive.

        1. Ghostsouls says:

          Ok Jennifer, a 9 year old comes at you with a pair of scissors he took off your desk (you are a teacher), he is threatening to stab and kill you, Your other children are screaming and crying, and he is running around you threatening you trying to stab you with the scissors. What are you gonna do? Grab him…nope you will get fired. Hold him down once you catch him? Uhh uhhh you will go to jail and lose your job. Why don’t you GOOGLE – Teacher attacked by student… the news is FILLED with this stuff, you can’/t make it up. While I do not condone the way they use the room, manipulating the offender to a room closing the door and calling the police immediately is a good idea for the safety of the teacher and all the other students. Jennifer doesn’t even have a clue what goes on in schools today…

          1. Jennifer says:

            Actually I do, my boyfriend works in an urban school district.

            The fact that you described the child is “manipulated” into the dungeon room belies your assertion that the school staff can’t grab the child under pain of termination.

            So…how exactly does one “manipulate” a disruptive child into a concrete closet without laying a finger on him…hypnotism?

            And your overwrought example is probably no where near what occurred at Farm Hill. Ask the students there what the “offenders”‘ violations were that required isolation in a concrete closet..probably nothing more violent than not being able to sit still or keep quiet. You see, once government bureaucrats are entrusted with the power to abuse children, the bar for what is considered abuse keeps getting set…lower and lower and lower.

            But you don’t care, because you actually enjoyed locking your children up in the closet.

      2. Jersey Dave says:

        I have worked in this field. There are many special needs children who are a joy to work with, and many who have no problems in a mainstreamed class. A lot of the consideration is behavioral but the law is fuzzy on that. Some districts try to mainstream kids that have far more severe bahavioral issues, because funding is allocated to schools for that. The same reason some “Charter schools” basically become warehouses for kids instead of teaching places. They are looking at the money they get for each kid, not the business of educating them. It varies from district to district and can be a problem, to be sure, if they try to push it as far as kids that have severe bahavioral issues being put in the general class environment.

        That said I would like to know if these rooms are being used for special needs kids or for all kids, from the article it said they started being used for special needs kids, it may have been expanded ot others. Like many infringements on freedom it may have started with one “acceptable” group before being expanded to being used on more peop, an trend that is seen from time to time.

  19. carlo1775 says:

    The problem is that parents don’t want to assume responsibility for themselves or their children. They think their kids are so damn special even when they act up and don’t follow rules. Now every kid thinks he deserves a 100 and now teachers and parents have to fear the kids. This is a great job by our central planners. Thank you Liberals, enjoy your lattes while are society collapses….

  20. kristoporski says:

    This is exactly why my children go to a PRIVATE school..I grew up in liberal land CT and am GLAD to be livng in the south, private school or not. Sounds a lot like CT is following the principles of Chinese culture.

    1. B says:

      This is exactly why my children are home schooled. Not because of school discipline but because of the lack of it. Not to mention the godlessness promoted there.

  21. JSC says:

    I did work for a new school being built in CO last year and in several classrooms they had 8 foot high 4×4 rooms that were carpeted inside and had a dead bolt on the outside door. A small 12×12 plexiglass windows and that’s was it. It was a scream room I laughed at this thing and wondered if it was for the teacher or the student. but I realized it’s importance when I went into one elementary school to do some work and in the hall way I saw 4 teachers and the principle standing over a 10 year old kid lying on the floor next to an open door screaming, spitting, punching, kicking the teachers around him. And they could not and were not allowed to touch this kid. He was having a melt down and they were trying to get him to calm down. But none of them could touch him, they were trying to get him to go into the room and talk to a counselor in an attempt to calm down, he was having none of it. I did my job and came back 10 minutes later and there they all were still standing over this BRAT who was having a meltdown, 4 teachers taken from their class to deal with a punk who cannot be touched, 4 classrooms of kids not learning because their teacher is having to deal with a little brat in the hallways. 1 principles getting paid to watch a kid melt down. I bet if one of those teachers would have touched that kid MOMMY would be filling a lawsuit against the school for harming her poor little baby who is as sweat as can be when the 6 O’Clock news cameras show up and film him crying next to his mom on the couch calling the teachers a big meany who hurt my self esteem,

    1. me says:

      So your response, o, all knowing one, is to lock the kid unsupervised in a concrete room. Brilliant. If you did it to my kids, I would meet you in the parking lot and have a little discipline session of my own.

      1. mixplix says:

        When these kids get older they can join the OWS and continue their screaming and still demand being taken care of.

      2. Scott Whiddon says:

        And now we see what a parent of the screamers and disrupters sounds like…seriously…

        1. Nail says:

          Yes, you see normal parents have this type of reaction when their child is being mistreated. Not everyone bows to authority and listens to what everyone tells them is “good” for their child. Maybe if the people filling teachers and administrators positions weren’t the bottom of the barrel in terms of societies intelligent individuals.

          1. SmarterThanYou says:

            Nail nails it. Agreed. Don’t listen to the fascist vermin. They know nothing.

      3. American Patriot says:

        You have kids? What a pity.

      4. Vern Smoot says:

        And that’s why you have a wacky kid.

      5. WokChina says:

        If your kids acted that way they’d deserve to be locked in a scream room and be taken away from their horrible parents who are clearly incapable of raising children.

      6. jsc says:

        And you would be the parent sitting on the couch next to their baby with moist eyes telling the cameras that “ma baby didn’t do nuffin” and that even though he was kicking, screaming, punching, biting and spitting at the adults you’d believe your little angel when he tells you that the mean ole teachers hurt my feelings and need to be punished.

      7. MorganGray says:

        So your response to what you deem a crime, is to commit a crime yourself?
        Ah yes… “an eye for an eye, and another eye, and another eye until every man is blind.”

    2. Jennifer says:

      I think you missed the part in the article that described these locked up children as special needs. In other words, they’re disabled. The state office of Disability Advocates is looking into the matter. Although from my own experience dealing with bureaucracies designed to protect the disabled, they’re frequently motivated by self-interest and keeping their own job rather than advocating for children. So the bottom line is those kids are still on their own.


      And if you don’t care about the children being tortured in those airless concrete hovels, what about the rest of the students who are being told to ignore their desperate screams? Do you think that provides a great atmosphere for concentration and learning?

      This is unbelievable. And I’m one who was schooled by Catholic nuns back in the day when they really weren’t interested in whether or not their students’ self-esteem was damaged.. Any discipline meted out by those ladies is a walk in the park compared to what those poor disabled children endured at the Farm Hill Elementary School.

      1. Ghostsouls says:

        Oh give it a rest… Hardly anyone here is condoning the scream room, its the fact that something needs to be done with these kids, and the Dept of Education and the State school systems are doing nothing to coordinate efforts to deal with this growing problem. So, your only experience in school and with other children is when you went to catholic school? You haven’t gone to schools in this day an age? You haven’t volunteered at your local school and seen these things for yourself? You haven’t witnessed what schools and teachers go thru every single day? You need one huge dose of reality Jennifer.

        1. Jennifer says:

          If I do need a dose of reality, it sure isn’t going to come from someone who inhabits LA-LA land, aka you.

        2. Christopher F Cheney says:

          the fact you keep thinking the kids is normal is the problem these kids have issues when there were born you wouldn’tk now how to handle it if you don’t have a child that a disbality. i am disbality but i am well behave cause i know wrong from right. the kids who have these issues do not. as they dno’t have that type of brain fuction i have a chrosmone ring 18 disorder and i got dylesxsa but your just a comeplete moron who has no clue what your speaking off. i wouldn’t even know how to handle these type of things.

    3. brett says:

      You are absolutely right. This is exactly what is going on in schools all over the country. My wife is a elementary school teacher, and she deals with this every day. The only “special need” problem these kids have is a total lack discipline at home, and with all the comments we see here, we can see exactly why that is. The parents of all these “special needs” children believe even a time out is a crime against humanity.

      1. Jennifer says:

        It’s clear that
        a: you haven’t read the article, otherwise you’d know that the state Disability Advocate is investigating


        b: your wife is ill-equipped for the responsibilities of her job.

        I hear Walmart is hiring greeters, that sounds like a position that she could handle.

        1. Ghostsouls says:

          You are ill-equipped to make any kind of comment here. It used to be once in awhile a teacher had to deal with these kids, now teachers have to deal with 5-10 in every classroom every day. If you have children Jennifer I can see why you take this stance because you would make for one ill-informed and uneducated parent who lacks the ability to discipline their own children, if you have no children, that explains your attitude even further. Not once have I heard you mention “my children” in any comment. So you must not have any. Not once have I heard you say “The school I teach at” so you must mot be a teacher that has to deal with these children. So go troll some where else.

          1. Jennifer says:

            I’m absolutely equipped to deal with issues that involve the treatment of the disabled, whether they are children or adults. But I don’t need to establish any internet cred with you or anyone else for that matter.

            Clearly my commentary has touched a pretty sensitive nerve with you. Whatever guilt feelings you harbor for mistreating your own children or those who have been in your charge in some other setting, possibly an educational venue, is an issue which you will need to reconcile on your own time.

            I pray every day for the deliverance of children from adults who are abusing them and exploiting them. Children are entrusted to our care, and so often adults fail them. In the case of Farm Hill School, the failure was facilitated and enabled by the system whose responsibility it is to protect and educate them.

            I hope at some point you find some semblance of peace in your mind, soul and body.

  22. Michael W Sloat says:

    False Imprisonment! So they say no one is physically harming themselves … even if that were true it doesn’t make it right to falsely imprison someone. Its a crime and the whole administration should be charged with False Imprisonment to say the least. Ad on child abuse and who the hell knows what else a teacher may be given access to do to these children. Can’t spank a child but can lock them up in a cage. I suppose they are trying to condition the other school children to learn to ignore and accept the Communiist Terror Screams. School Admins are becoming educated imbucolic freaks.

    1. Scott Whiddon says:

      These screamers are not your normal everyday loud kid that you have to get on to now and then in class. These emotional disorder kids are recommended by doctors to have a place to be put where they have to calm themselves down. Now, i guess the walls do need to be padded and not bare brick…but these kids bang their heads on the floor, classroom walls, throw desks, crap their pants, attack teachers and students…so yes, for goodness sake and for the protection of the kids around them, give them a time out room!

      1. Reminiscing says:

        Hey, it’s all part of “main streaming” them. Who cares if the other 20 or so something students are disprupted and cease learning activities. Little Johhny Screamer’s rights are more important. Want more info…research IDEA. This is one IDEA that should never have come to fruition. All because we want to be “inclusive” and increase diversity. Funny how we never had this issues much when I was a kid attending a Catholic School. But then the nuns were allowed to whack our knuckles with a ruler or make us put our nose on a chalk dot drawn on the chalkboard in front of the whole class. You learned real quick to pay attention, keep your mouth shut, and you ALWAYS spoke with respect to your elders. God forbid if the teacher had to send a note home to my parents. And you always saw your teachers on Sunday at Mass. And they always had access to our parents.

        1. Jennifer says:

          We had one Downs’ Syndrome child in my Catholic grade school. All the parents knew back then – in the 1960s, that he required a school environment dedicated to his needs. But for whatever reason, his parents kept him in school with the rest of us. He was treated with kindness by the nuns until he got to third grade, when he landed in the classroom of a fatassed sadistic bitch of a sister. Even SHE knew better than to administer corporal punishment, or lock him in a concrete walled windowless room.. In any case, the little boy did end up in a special needs location…as should all the disabled students who are being “mainstreamed” at Farm Hill or anywhere else. You know why they’re being dumped into regular classrooms, it’s a cost-saving measure.

          So much for pinching pennies, now they’ll have numerous lawsuits to settle. Good job, geniuses!

          1. Ghostsouls says:

            Actually you are factually wrong once again Jennifer. Schools actually get MORE money and MORE resources, if the child is in Special Education, they get money for each child they have in Special Ed. So it does not “save them money” they actually benefit with more money. Down’s Syndrome, is not the problem with these kids. I don’t know of many downs syndrome children that cause any type of chaos in school. It is all the ADD, ADHD, OCD, ODD, and such children and the children that just plain come from homes where parenting is absent. Apparently Catholic school didn’t do you much good either with that language.

            1. Jennifer says:

              It costs less to throw money at a school who has special ed students enrolled than it does to build a new facility and staff it with trained professionals who know better than to lock a child in a concrete closet.

              You don’t think that all the relevant bureaucratic authorities did a cost-benefit analysis before they came up with the brilliant plan to subisdize existing schools for enrolling special needs children?

              Did you read this article and notice that the district’s own bureaucracy devised the plan for the scream rooms? This way they get the subsidy money for the special needs child and keep them out of the untrained unprofessional teacher’s hair while doing so. Who cares if the child injures himself so badly while in isolation that he has to leave the school on a stretcher?

              They’re still getting the money…until the situation spirals brutally out of control.

  23. Geno says:

    If this is happening, then it is wrong. But stop and think. Current law ( and the sense of entitlement in this society) demands that all types of students MUST be allowed in a classroom. teachers face insurmountable odds with student behaviors and often parents who are not supportive. YOUR society has created this problem – NOT a teacher’s union. Stop beating up on the people who take care of your children every day.

    1. Michael W Sloat says:

      Its wrong you say … but then tell us to stop “beating’ up on the people doing it. Well no one here is beating anyone but pointing out its wrongness. So you don’t want anyone to point out it is wrong. you make no sense

      1. Scott Whiddon says:

        uh…the “screamer” do beat up randomly other kids while having their tantrums..chairs, pencils, scissors…anything they can find.

        1. MorganGray says:

          Scott is absolutely correct. These kids are severe discipline problems, not just a run-of-the-mill kid who lost his temper. For whatever reason, when they get frustrated, face opposition or discipline, or whatever their trigger is, they act – violently. Screaming is disruptive, but not much more. You take the kid out of class, put him in a secure location – under supervision, and out of harm’s way. If they don’t settle down, you call the parents and make them come get the kid.
          If it is an issue of violent behavior, you restrain the kid (teachers have to take that class on restraint), likewise confine him in a secure location, under supervision out of harm’s way. Have the parents come and get him.
          AND, in both cases, you make it very clear to the parents; one more outburst, and the kid will be expelled, and they get to deal with their little darling themselves. Period.

          And for the record, I agree with a fair number of the posters here who have stated much of the problem is the over-medication of kids, trying to dope out male behavior, along with the overwhelming self-esteem dictates which say you can’t discipline a child because it hurts their self esteem.
          I was disciplined in school and it never hurt my self-esteem beyond a couple of days. It hurt my backside more.

    2. Hal McCombs says:

      um, ‘society isn’t locking those kids up, members of a teachers union are. Expel the kids and fire the teachers.

  24. Logo4245 says:

    Now what did you all expect from a national teacher’s union that encourages children to explore their sexuality in kindergarten but then are horrified when they get pregnant in junior high. These are the same libs that fight for reproductive rights – then we find 90% of all Down Syndrome children are aborted. These are the same people that ban jump rope, tag, and kick ball on the playgrounds and then are shocked to find out children are not physically fit. These are the same folks who insist that government provide breakfast, lunch and dinner to children at school and then discover a generation of obese kids – what a shock after years of cafeteria food!

    Do you really expect these people to have compassion on special needs children or respect the rights of parents? Wake up America.

    Nothing will happen to the administrators or teachers in this school. The union lawyers are already on the job.

  25. IGetItAlready says:

    How long ago was it that we read of public school teachers tying special needs kids up in large bags? And now this?

    Clearly some of our faithful educators might have faired better as sewar rats with the people skills they exhibit.

    1. B says:

      Have you ever had to deal with one of the children? I have. Unless you have seen it first hand, you would find it unbelievable. They will do anything including harming anyone including themselves to get “thier way”.

      What I haven’t heard is any naysayers of this method come up with a better solution.

      1. Jennifer says:

        It’s up to the professionals who devote their lives to the education and care of special needs children to come up with a better solution…evidently the school district in question doesn’t want to pay for that effort. We “naysayers” recognize these concrete closets as torture chambers and venues for child abuse.

        Now: how do you think YOUR taxpayer dollars would be better spent: by having dedicated professionals come up with a solution., or by having those flying by the seat of their pants – such as yourself – design “restraint bags” and “scream rooms”.

        Do you even hear yourself? You sound like you’re wrtiing from your dugout in the Middle Ages.

        1. Ghostsouls says:

          Do you even listen to your own self??? How many times have YOU personally dealt with one of these children??? If the child is not on medication and is just a disciplinary problem they do not get special ed. There is NO money left to pay for anything now a days, obama has seen to that, except for union perks. I think my tax dollars would be better spent demolishing the Dept of Education, and hire REAL Educators to get together and solve this problem. Educators, psychiatrists, and doctors, that deal with these children on a daily basis. You Jennifer live in La La Land, and wouldn’t know reality if it bit you in the behind.

          1. Jennifer says:

            I personally “deal with” one of these children, who is now a young adult, every day of my life.

            Because his own family didn’t want him.

            Why did you write a post disputing my comment when we are essentially advocating for the same solutiion, albeit you are stuck on the “demolish the Dept. of Education” meme and I am not. I believe these issues are better addressed at the local level. When I wrote that our tax dollars are better spent having dedicated professionals come up with a solution…those pros are the “educators, psychiatrists, and doctors” whom you reference.

            Your rage and personal agenda/issues seem to be clouding your ability to recognize and assimilate content.

  26. warbaby says:

    Schools are what they were designed to be. A place to send your children under the disguise of education so the govt can take more of your money in the form of taxes and expose your kids to teachers who just like other humans that are drunks, pill poppers, sadistic, just plain not qualified. This is just the tip of the iceberg as to what is going on in schools. No child wants to fail the system assures this will happen. Parents need to seriously wake up and demand to know what is going on in the schools. The system has made it very convenient for parents to be free of the responsibility of educating your own children. Some good reading on how the system destroys your child’s mind is ” Crisis In The Classroom” by Charles Silberman. There are a lot of good books out there exposing the horror of the educational nightmare. The Angels weep.

    1. Geno says:

      I hope you are volunteering in your school to try and make it better. This system does not make parents abdicate their responsibilities – it is the VICTIM of that!

    2. Scott Whiddon says:

      I know about other states, but in Texas, if a child is emotional disabled, then parent knows ahead of time and has approved the use of a time out room. It is strange that so many people are trying to “protect” these violent screamers and not considering how dangerous it is for the other kids around them that are being verbally assaulted and physically assaulted with desks, chairs, sharp pencils and scissors. What do you propose, evacuate the school all the classrooms in the hallway until they calm down (HOURS LATER)…now that’s good learning for you.

  27. lda says:

    I’m 65 and our nursery school would put you by yourself in a dark empty room with your nap rug if you talked during naptime. In elementary school, our principal spanked with a wooden swatter and even put masking tape over a kid’s eyes for awhile for throwing rocks to demonstrate how it feels to be blind. In my opinion, none of this hurt anyone. I’d hate to be a teacher today…

    BTW, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with kids picking our crops either.

    1. KareemAfweet says:

      From another Senior Citizen, well stated Ida.

    2. KareemAfweet says:

      When you and I were kids, misbehavior in school resulted in double punishment, first at the hands of the Principal and then at the hands of your parents at home when they found out about it. My solution to the problem of misbehavior or disruption in today’s schools would be to call the parents if there was an incident involving their child and give them one hour to retrieve the child from school. If they weren’t there in an hour, child protective services should be called and the parents could deal with the situation on that level.

      1. we r doomed says:

        Sounds like a good plan.

    3. American Patriot says:

      I had a sadistic asshole for a principal like that in elementary school. He was eventually fired and drank himself to death.

      1. rufus levin says:

        you are NOT an American Patriot…you are a smart mouthed idiot.

  28. Scott says:

    Ok, so let me see if I have this straight. The teachers place theses “unruly children” in a concrete room alone and unsupervised and then lock the door. If a parent did this, they would be jailed for child abuse. But because they change the terminology to “screaming room” its legal???

  29. TheChairman says:

    Let’s lock teachers and administrators in these rooms… for 24 hours of ‘time out’.

    1. Scott Whiddon says:

      we are often tempted to go in there voluntarily!!! 🙂

  30. Ghostsouls says:

    Ok first of all I am gonna say right up front the concept of this “scream room” is BS!!! But I would like to know what to do with all the unruly, belligerant and violent children in our schools today??? You can’t put them in a room, you can’t spank them, you can’t hold them down, you can’t detain them, you can’t call the police on them, you can’t kick them out of school and deny them an education, you try to call the parents and they don’t want to be bothered or won’t even answer the phone because they know why you are calling, you can’t sit them in the principal’s office all day every day, some are medicated and it doesn’t work or the parents don’t consistently give it to them….. so what do you do? Our schools are getting more and more of these children EVERY year, it is probably already an epidemic of these type of children. Some are from mental illness, some are from neurological problems, some are from bad parenting or NO parenting, but what ever the reason they are making so the OTHER children who deserve an education, doesn’t get one either. There needs to be a coalition put together to do something, this is happening in every state, every school. Something needs to be done. Instead of demanding no tolerance, parents to actually parent, medication actually to be given, promote responsibility of the parents and children, and conformance in school to get an education… they lower the bar, no more PE, no more home work, no striving to be better everyone is a winner, no one loses… this is part of the problem that needs to be dealt with now. Get rid of the Dept of Education and put real scholars onto this problem.

    1. Paul Revere says:

      Privatize the school system, parents send to the schools that work, the schools that dont work, fail. Churches have plenty of money to operate schools in poor neighborhoods for folks who cant pay tuition. The information they learn is free, the tuition simply goes to pay for overhead and labor. Money is never an excuse for not receiving a solid baseline education.

      1. Geno says:

        How much are you willing to pay for this privatized system? LOL. Get ready to pay MUCH more for quality. Your church comment is so unrealistic it is laughable.

  31. Midge Martin says:

    “The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originality” ~ H. L. Mencken


  32. Joseph McLinden says:

    If their parents would teach their children NOT to scream in school and would monitor their children’s behaviors, teachers and administrators would not have to lock them up like animals. No school is looking for trouble. However, with Classroom Management now a primary prerequisite among ALL public school teachers, it almost seems fitting that the problem-kids have a opportunity to have a good scream where it won’t bother anyone.

  33. SandyLester says:

    Well, that’s what happens when you try and main stream special needs kids.

    1. B says:

      I wen to high school with an autistic boy in the early 70’s. He did pretty well considering all of the harassment he got at the hands of the other boys. He was a good kid, but occasionally he had to be brought back within the same limits that we all had to live with.

      I should add that his parents did everthing they could to give him a normal childhood. Seemed to have worked.

  34. SandyLester says:

    Its what happens when you try and main stream special needs kids.

  35. Haelly says:

    Wow, nice to see so many helpful comments written by adults.

  36. Paladin says:

    Most distressingly, virtually everyone here is missing the point. I agree with what posters say about government schools and leftism, but their (rightful) hostility towards those things has blinded them to the obvious. Namely, how bad does the parenting have to be to breed children who would behave so manically in the first place? If you had locked me in a room in elementary school, I can assure you that I wouldn’t have screamed at the top of my lungs or beat my head against the wall. And, quite frankly, that’s psychotic behavior.

    The main story here shouldn’t be that kids were isolated. After all, if they were behaving that way, they likely needed to be (or would anyone prefer that they harmed another child?). The story should be that we’re breeding children who behave like asylum inmates.

    Wise up, folks.

    1. A Teacher from the Bronx says:

      We are dealing with little children here. Granted, they probally have problems at home and/or do not recieve the proper discipline at home. This however does not constitute the use of such a room. You place a child (5,6,7,8) in a tiny room, its going to scare the heck out of them. I fail to see the benifits from this type of discipline. It is borderline child abuse (if not torture in their minds). Children know to play, communicate, learn, love and express themselves in various manners which will provide the insight into their personal lives, have compassion people. I know it is hard being a teacher, but we need to come up with a better method than this.

      1. Jennifer says:

        OK so you read Michael Savage’s book, congratulations for being a good little parrot!

        Try to remove the ideological blinders and absorb what Bronx Teacher is saying…the children who were locked in the scream rooms were special needs children. Did you know that conservative parents also give birth to special needs children? Maybe you would understand their plight better if you knew it was Rush Limbaugh’s kid, or Sarah Palin’s little Piper locked up in that room, banging her head against a concrete wall. Maybe then you would be able to feel a little compassion.

        (Even Michael Savage, with his background as a scientist would easily identify this treatment of children as sadistic torture.)

        1. Paladin says:

          Sorry, Jenny, but you’re wrong. And guess what? When some of these unruly brats aren’t isolated when having a meltdown and seriously injure another child, maybe that child will be yours. I wonder what you’ll say then.

          As for “special-needs” children, why is it that we didn’t have these problems when I was in elementary school? I grew up in the Bronx, I should mention, in a working-class neighborhood, and we NEVER saw such behavior. No meltdowns, no gross disobedience. Hmm, I guess we were genetically different back then.

          It is you, young lady, who are the parrot. You’re parroting the spirit of the age without even asking yourself if the theories in question make sense. Clue: If a given problem was infinitely rarer in an earlier time, it indicates that it is a function of upbringing, not genetics.

    2. Mike says:

      Unfortunately many of these children are this way because the parents abused drugs and alcohol. Not only do these kids have neurological problems, but because of the parents own problems, the kids come to school with no social skills, and no preschool learning. It is quite sad and quite apparent these kids are being raised by video games and tv. The school staff hands are tied as they cannot touch the children or discipline them. And the numbers of these kids increase each year.

      1. Jennifer says:

        Actually thei school staff’s hands are not tied, you say they cannot touch the children or discipline them? How do you think the children get into the concrete locked room, they just merrily skip and hop their way into the torture chambers?

        An adult – or two or three, of necessity needs to touch the child in order to place him in the room.

        So no, the school staff’s hands are not tied. If they were, no children would be locked in a scream room or tied in a duffel bag.

        1. Ghostsouls says:

          yes they are tied, the newspaper is FULL of stories about teacher who held, children trying to calm them, teachers who were violently attacked, but tried to protect themselves then got in trouble for it, police who were called and then got in trouble for it… apparently you don’t read the news online. Just touch one child and their parents will have you fired or sue the school so quick it will make your head swim. AND might I just add, the reason we are here on this forum is because this school TRIED to control these children, but now a lawsuit will follow and teachers and educators will probably get fired… so get a dose of reality Jennifer. You sound like one of those child therapists, that have no children.

  37. A Teacher from the Bronx says:

    Heads need to roll for this. This type of behavior by the school is unacceptable and is completly an abuse in power. I have 25 years in the public school system in NYC (P.S 46 Bronx) and I have never seen a case where this type of discipline would be acceptable and I taught in the BRONX !! Parents need to sue and personnel need to be relieved of their positions.

    @Cat- Its a good thing you don’t teach anymore, I would have fired you the second you mentioned a “time out” room. The abuse you inflict onto your kids is a reflection of your poor parenting skills and is probally why you no longer teach. You said you taught for 5 years lol, teachers aid in a daycare doen’t count. Allow A TEACHER to comment, not a 5 year baby sitter who could not hack the job and neglects disciplining her own children and abuses them by locking them in their room.. Your childhood must have been horrible.

    1. Jennifer says:

      It had to be said.

  38. jimonthebeach says:

    Cat, I don’t know where you taught, but in Florida putting a child in a “closet sized concrete scream room” is called “caging” and it’s a felony child abuse charge. There’s a very fine line between your form of discipline and false imprisonment. Be careful you don’t step over it. I really don’t think NPR is an authoritative venue for finding “the latest tantrum research” information.

    1. American Patriot says:

      I think it’s allowed as long as the child is not white.

  39. L. Buren says:


    If that is actually taking place, the school needs to be shut down pending a full investigation and teachers fired. And as a parent, if it were my kid and it took place, some teachers would be receiving a real good ass whooping.

  40. mameshki says:

    Sounds good to me given the treatment nuns and teachers of yore meted out to unruly kids. God forbid a teacher look cross ways at little Johnny or bratty Mary-Keyrist, just look at the parents. In some cases one cant tell the difference between the parent or child. I like it when the parent calls the kid “hey dude”. No wonder we have such morons coming out of schools these days.

  41. shocked says:

    cat, you are a loudmouth who abuses her children with cruel liberal punishments. My children have never once needed a time-out and if some government teacher placed my child in a box I’d punch their lights out. Sounds like you just have tantrums and lock your kids up when you can’t handle your responsibilities.

    1. Jennifer says:

      Clearly an anger-management case, as is evidenced by the inability to communicate without virtually screaming at total strangers.

      (Allcaps is the blog equivalent of yelling).

      cat: you’re uncontrollable! We’ve decided to lock you in a concrete closet!

  42. Joel L. says:

    Yet another reason why my children will never step foot in a filthy, dangerous government school or be exposed to incompetent liberal union teachers and administrators. Its pathetic what passes for an education in this declining country.

    1. Homeschooler says:

      I couldn’t agree more Joel. Notice that the parents continue to send their children there regardless of the dangers. If they didn’t have somewhere to dump them during the day they couldn’t afford the payments on their new SUV and the mortgage on their McMansion.

      1. Jeff Campbell says:

        You make a valid point, however Parents pay Taxes out the Nose and deserve a better public system than this, but the trouble is Parents have very little say so as to how thier Schools operate, in fact I’m an old guy and a I remember the school did what the parents voted for them to do and no one in Washington dictated them like they do today. Also I would liike to point out that , like you, I homeschooled some of my children and I’m glad I was able too, but in many districts that I have spoken to, Schools make it very hard for parents to Home School by means of regulations, Social Workers etc.

    2. Geno says:

      Most public school operate quite well each day. Millions of students and teachers interact in safe, exciting learning environments where students are not only cared for but tolerated. I think we’re all glad with your haughty and ill-informed attitude that you are your children are not in public schools as well. Not all teachers are liberal and not all are unionized. You are rude…and wrong.

  43. MrLogical says:

    Frechette and a host of others need to be removed from their positions and the rooms shut down. This idea of ‘mainstreaming’ so-called”special needs” kids is yet another aspect of liberal claptrap that is destroying our schools and our children. These students should be placed in special clinical environments and the cost should be borne by the parents, or by their insurance companies.

  44. oldbat says:

    they are being put into schools in the charleston, sc area, a new one in the college park area i know of for sure

    1. cat says:

      GREAT!!! They should have it in ALL SCHOOLS!!!

      Wow, now parents are opposed to time out and think it’s not safe? What’s next?

  45. Kris says:

    It blows my mind that anyone would voluntarily place their children into these government-run re-education camps. These sick institutions are run by greedy, self-serving unions who have proven over and over that they only have their own interests in mind. The only thing they teach these poor kids is dependence, servitude, and that expressing your individuallity will earn you a severe punishment. Thinking outside of the box is stricktly forbidden. Everyone should read a book titled “Dumbing Us Down” by John Taylor Gatto.

    1. cat says:

      Sounds like you’ve been dumbed down. You teach for a month. You’d be eaten alive.

      1. RCR says:

        On behalf of all children everywhere please allow me to thank you sincerely for NOT teaching.

      2. Kris says:

        Doesn’t sound like you’re accustomed to debate or even intelligent conversation, so I’ll try to make this simple: Your inane comment only reinforces my point. Teachers get eaten alive because they’re trying to force free spirits into preassigned boxes according to narrow measurements of their worth (a grade of A, B, C in the study of math, etc.). This is unnatural and indeed has little bearing on how the real world functions. There’s a whole list of reasons why children act out in school, and nearly all of them pertain to the structure of “schooling” itself. Humans will naturally reject forced servitude and conformity, and that is what lies at the heart of a teacher’s struggle.

        1. cat says:

          One of my eighth graders, while pregnant, got into a fight with another girl in class and started ripping out her hair. Now, a small room for her to calm down in would have been safe for her, the baby, and would have kept the entire class safe.

          Go see what it’s like.

  46. george says:

    Government schools . . . bringing the fun experience of Gitmo to a small suburb near you.

  47. brad says:

    The teachers are probably using the rooms to have sex with each other or the students.

  48. retired teacher says:

    Remember all the teachers’ union tell us all thatbthey seek& do is for the children. Not!!

  49. Lori says:

    totally disgusted by this. this is not ok for any child., special needs or not. it is abusive and the principal and teachers should be brought up on charges. if it was my kid put in there i’d go up there and lock them in the room. and i agree- these teachers should not be teaching!!!!

    1. cat says:

      YEAH!!! IT IS SO BAD AND EVIL TO HAVE A CHILD SIT IN A QUIET ROOM TO CALM DOWN and no longer draw attention to himself when the student had been disrespectul to a teacher or disrupted the learning of a class and the parents have failed to teach a child how to respect authority and behave!!! THE NERVE!!!!

  50. mrstag says:

    That is a disgrace. What do they think these kids are animals?? Even animals shouldn’t be treated like that. If these teachers are not able to deal with these kids, then they shouldn’t be teaching there. Maybe these kids need to be in a special school where there are teachers that are educated in teaching them and know how to handle them.

    1. cat says:

      Or maybe parents should discipline their kids. Why would you be okay with it for the special needs kids and not the regular kids. YOU TEACH FOR A MONTH!!!! I DID IN NYC FOR FIVE YEARS!!!!!!!!!! Kids need isolation to calm down. Get off your high horse.

      1. dog says:

        Calm down. Can you say…special needs? Special needs drequire and deserve special care.

      2. BarrysHypocrisy says:

        Yeah, OBVIOUSLY the whole “kids need isolation” is working wonderfully in this case. Time outs don’t work.

        1. Jennifer says:

          in “cat”‘s world, being taken out of school in a stretcher is evidence of a successful outcome.

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