NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A city cab driver who is charged with raping a passenger and suspected in another attack is expected to be arraigned today.

Police arrested 40-year-old Gurmeet Singh Tuesday following a sting operation. Investigators say they believe Singh raped two female passengers last year.

Singh’s father says police have the wrong man.

“I confidently say that my son cannot do this kind of work,” said Dhain Singh. “Never, ever. He’s very religious. He’s very God-fearing.”

Prosecutors charged Singh in the rape a 26-year-old woman in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in May. She told police that she woke up in the cab to find herself tied up, blindfolded and being sexually assaulted at knifepoint.

Sources say police and the Taxi and Limousine Commission launched an undercover sting operation. Police posed as TLC inspectors, offered Singh a cup of water and then snagged his DNA off the cup. They say it was a match.

Now, police say they believe Singh is also responsible for raping a female passenger in Harlem in September, putting paper towels in her mouth to prevent her from screaming.  Sources say using the victim’s credit card record, detectives linked Singh’s taxi to that attack.

Singh is charged with rape, robbery, assault, menacing and sex abuse.

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  1. monica sebastian says:

    This is a good reason why some women need to use alcohol responsibly.

  2. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

  3. Tommy says:

    He is really sleazy looking.

  4. raf says:

    Mr. Singh caught in a sting…

  5. NYC says:

    Its usually the “very religious” ones you gotta watch out for.

  6. CT Native says:

    You really ARE filled with hate, aren’t you? Calling Dr. Phil, calling Dr. Phil!

  7. John says:

    This is what America is going to look like in the future

  8. A "Going Postal" Worker says:

    Shame on you, Gurmeet –
    Someone ought to castrate you and send you back home.

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