NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Want to leave a Facebook post after your time is up? There’s an app for that.

It’s called “If I Die,” and lets you leave a Facebook message behind that is not to be posted until after your earthly demise.

Gary Baumgarten spoke with several Facebook users to get their take on the app, and the reactions were mixed. Some were not overly enamored with the premise, while others admitted to seeing some purpose with the program.

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“I think it’s great. It’s great thing to do, because a lot of people pass away without saying a lot of things that they wanted to say to everybody. To people you hate or whatever, you could leave a message too,” user Shawn said.

“There may be some people who are like terminally ill who want to leave a message,” user Pete said.

Another told Baumgarten that if he has something to say, he’ll open his mouth while he still is able.

“I would think that it’s a little too late after you are dead. It’s probably something you’d want to say before you go,” said Mike, another Facebook user.

Even others were already planning what message they would leave.

User Bogie planned to keep his message short, sweet, and to the point.

“Keep drinking,” he told Baumgarten.

Three designated Facebook friends would have to verify your death before the message gets posted.

The app was developed by an Israeli company after two of its cofounders’ friends nearly died in a traffic mishap in Italy.

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  1. heavenlyhellos says:

    Check out to leave messages (letters, videos and photo albums) to those you love after you pass on.

  2. Dinah Carver says:

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  3. Dana Moon says:

    It’s cool but what if it gets hacked? Probably wise to not put too much information in your greeting from beyond the grave. I like it!

  4. Jerrie Clark says:

    I think it would be great… those who want to participate and those that don’t … don’t. I like the idea myself…. It’s also a way to tell your FB friends you are not on facebook anymore because you have left.

  5. Jon G says:

    I find this as a funny thing. If you have something to tell someone and are worried that you might die with it going unsaid, then say it now. Don’t wait. Let go of that past hurt or grudge. Say those words of affirmation to a loved one. Live each day as if it is your last. Now of course I realize that this is much easier to say than do, but it does beg the question…

  6. kim mehaffey says:

    I am going on the assumption that you have not given your family your passwords etc, so how in blue blazes are they going to get to this page to verify that you have died. I have 2 friends on my friends list that have passed and i still see fb friend request for them

  7. Torrey Baird says:

    Messages on phone now in case of emegency:
    1. If your reading this I must be bad off “hope and change” got me..
    2. You must have a lot of time on your hands
    3. I have been blessed, thank you God

  8. Lawrence N Melissa Evans says:

    It’s a great idea, very therapeutic… it would force us to think about “the end”, prioritizing the people we care about and what we might not be able to say to them before we die (positive or negative). Also, thinking and writing it out now would increase the chance that we would actually say it to them before we die.

  9. Denile says:

    I like it. So many times, chat room buddies have disappeared, and no one knows what happened to them. Did they die? Change providers? In a coma? Computer crashed? Got bored and quit? Got mad at us? I’m talking about people who were in chat EVERY day, for hours each day, and suddenly they’re gone, and you never know why. I would love to have some closure. Sometimes, family members will alert us, and we send out flowers and condolences. It’s very worrisome to have someone just disappear.

    1. SzechuanBeef says:

      Perhaps instead of dying, they just got a life? It’s been known to happen…

  10. mike says:

    I see dead people. Oh crap.

  11. no says:

    How is this news? We’ve had services like this for a LONG time. There have been plenty of website/email services which catered to this functionality and I wrote my first service that does this back in 1997 — fifteen years ago. Don’t act like this is some shocking first.

  12. LietJeogueFug says:

    The wisest acupunture Newport Beach has to offer where acupunture is less scary.

  13. John Dewey says:

    Obamacare’s death panel could contribute. “We regret to announce that Subject # such-and-such’s viability has been administratively revoked.”

    1. james g says:

      That will actually be written years ahead of time, but the bureaucrats will not get around to posting it until nobody has any idea who you were.

  14. Allen Ross says:

    Can you hear me now?

  15. Tommy J says:

    Why not leave at this: If you want to leave a message to be posted after your death….. do so. If you don’t want do such a thing, then don’t.

    Is that too simple?

    1. james g says:

      That would be the easy way.

  16. L. Daniel Amaro-Ortiz says:

    Some of the comment above mine made me laugh & enjoyed them. As for me? Sounds like a good idea because it reminds me of the Living Will which is written before passing way & is read by his/her attorney to surviving family members & friends. Why not?

  17. nyc says:

    I came up with the same basic idea years ago, as have others ( But I now have to question the wisdom of adding one’s innermost thoughts to a database when privacy and security are so elusive.

  18. tom says:

    I wish they would have had this APP before I died.

    1. Blasterific says:

      I know right!

  19. Marlana Monet Smith says:

    I think it’s fantastic! I have just one objection. That 3 people need to verify your death! I should think 2 is significant. In many people’s situation, they have just that many people left in their life. My family is scattered all over the USA. I am being cremated, with no funeral. Just one big ass Party. Sure, I will have 3 people here, but perhaps some individuals will not. Maybe you should think on that a little more! Some people have no one…what would happen in those cases. Guess they would just be out of luck. Thank You so much for thinking of this App. I am very excited. <3

    1. Logic says:

      If a person doesn’t have three people in their life to verify their death, then I’m guessing they are not on facebook.

  20. Richard Carpenter says:

    If it doesn’t work do you get your money back?

  21. Midge Martin says:

    This explains all the posts from Vanilla Ice ….

  22. K33tanz says:

    I hope it leaves trolling posts!

  23. Jim Zurcher says:

    If I die I want my ashes placed in a scotch bottle and on the front of that scotch bottle in gold leaf it will read Keep the lid on this bottle tight or the alcohol will evaporate !!!

  24. jim zurcher says:

    If I die MY ashes will be placed in a scotch bottle on the front of the bottle It will be written. Keep the cap on tight or the alcohol will evaporate!!! ( In gold leaf)

  25. David says:

    Facebook needs an easy way to notify marketers of your demise. That way family and friends of the deceased can be easily identified and target for spam emails and other martketing ploys for loss of loved ones, sympathy cards to one another, and the like.

    WAKE UP SHEEPLE! It is sooooo obvious. Zucker does not do anything for your good, only his wallets.

  26. goner says:

    alas, I passed away last week, and now I totally wish I would have gotten that app because heaven’s network blocks everything but drudge report.

  27. Amy V says:

    Why not? If you want to, then do it, if you don’t, then, mind your business. Right?
    I like it the idea.

  28. Joe E in the IE says:

    ACORN is hard at work hacking it so it can vote for Obama after you die.

  29. The Dark Knight says:

    “I’m not dead yet!

  30. Mitch says:

    I’d only be impressed if the app let people respond back to you after you are gone

    1. McSorley says:

      hahah now that would be good

  31. Joy says:

    How do I find the app?

  32. Patsy says:

    He who is valiant and pure of spirit may find the Holy Grail in the Castle of Aaargh.

  33. Tim Jones says:

    :”:,,,after your times is up?”

  34. matt2717 says:

    Why not? Dead people have been voting and drawing government checks for years.

    1. whatsuphonky says:

      This comment gets my vote for post of the day.

    2. james g says:

      But they don’t seem to need an app for that. But a comment? Oh, yeah, gotta have an app.

  35. Barry Frank says:


  36. Mike says:

    Dear wife. I’ve been boning yer sister for 20 years. That is all.

  37. Bob says:

    How does the app know you’re dead???

    1. JCA says:

      “Three designated Facebook friends would have to verify your death before the message gets posted.”

    2. james g says:

      Apps know things.

  38. Thomas says:

    Imagine the reaction from people that don’t know about the app’s existence, they would think you posted from the great beyond. Could be powerful.

  39. Joe Doakes says:

    So now people can waste time reading what people aren’t doing anyway.

    Facebook is nuts. Save yourself get off now!

  40. The Independant says:

    Facebook, quite a place. It gets stranger with every passing day, not to be “punny”. Why would anyone participate in a Facebook anything? Maybe it’s got something to do with the lemmings and the sea.

    1. Joe Doakes says:

      “Jonestown” meets the Internet . . . that’s Facebook and that should scare the bat snot out of all of us.

  41. Dakotahgeo, Pastor says:

    Personally, I think it is a great idea! Many of my church friends ad others would attest to my demise, and it would also let facebook give a 6 month notice before my facebook page would be terminated. Yeah, this IS a good idea!
    Dakotahgeo, Pator, Chaplain, Professor of English

    1. Troy says:

      I have a company which does permanent digital storage. We work with churches and non-profits. It too has the ability to create time capsules and leave posthumous messages.

      Another website I am aware of is

  42. gjk says:

    Ain’t nothing in the app that makes anybody have to read what you said.

    1. james g says:

      The internet trolls will still be starting arguments long after they are dead.Wonderful.

    1. no says:

      Wow, what a great contribution you have made to the discussion.

      1. james g says:

        Won’t get much better in death, either

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