TRENTON, NJ (CBSNewYork) — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie delivered his State of the State address Tuesday afternoon and proposed some big tax cuts for Garden State residents.

Christie is proposing a 10 percent cut in every income tax bracket, which the governor says will provide direct relief for struggling families and small businesses and put more money in their pockets.

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“In my budget, I will fulfill a promise I made to all the people of New Jersey in 2009. Real relief from the heavy income tax burden that has strangled our families and forced many to move away. I propose to reduce income tax rates for each and every New Jerseyan. In every tax bracket. By 10% across the board,” Christie said.

Democrats Critical Of Tax Cut Proposals. WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond Reports.

The proposed cuts could begin in January 2013 and be phased in over three years.  The governor says the new rates will make New Jersey more competitive and lift the burden on small businesses.

“This will send a loud signal to New Jerseyans and would-be New Jerseyans, to families here now and families who have left, to businesses and job creators thinking of coming here and those who have struggled to stay:  New Jersey is once again a place to plan your future, raise your family, grow your business and someday retire.  The New Jersey comeback has begun,” Christie said.

Democrats, however, say an income tax cut will take away money from schools that rely on aid and it will only benefit the rich.

“We’re not going to support giving any more, any more millionaires. He’s already coddled the millionaires in the state,” Sen. Stephen Sweeney said.

Democrats claim an average middle-class family will save just over $200 a year. In addition to his proposal, the governor also signed a bill into law that would allow betting on sports teams in Atlantic City and at race tracks.

“It would be more jobs.  You know, people would have something to do,” Kenny Goodwin, of Trenton, said.

The bill’s sponsor says sports betting will pump millions into the ailing casino industry, but the state has to fight a federal ban first.

“When we win our case in court, next year this time, you will be able to bet on the Giants or the Eagles — even the Jets,” Sen. Ray Lesniak said.

The governor is also proposing fully restoring the earned income tax credit for the poor. Democrats say they support the idea.

Meanwhile, Christie has popular support on many issues, says Peter Wooley, director of the Fairleigh Dickinson PublicMind Poll.

“Here we have a governor, who in very poor economic times, has taking an axe to the budget and has survived in the public approval ratings despite that,” said Wooley.

Christie maintains a 53 percent approval rating even after outrage over a 50 percent increase in New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway tolls.

Christie’s speech was originally scheduled one week ago, but it was delayed because of the death of Assembly minority leader Alex DeCroce.

What do you make of the proposed tax cuts?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below…

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  1. paulnadra says:

    So let me get this straignt: We have a big budget crisis and Governor Bull Bullie wants to LOWER taxes? That’s like draining water from a reservoir during a drought!

  2. yitz says:

    All you Christie bashers support the liberal Democrats who do nothing in our state.
    Show me ONE IMPORTANT law the Shela Oliver or Sweeney has brought in the past few years. There is a reason why Christie was BEGGED to run for President. He has turned around our failing state and anyone that does no believe that (i.e. democrats) are blind and delusional.

    1. Mack Seagrave says:

      The only ones who benefit from politicians like Christie are the already very wealthy corporate types. The GOP elected folks fund corporate welfare on the backs of cops, teachers, EMT’s, firefighters, the elderly and the disabled. Middle class folks who support corporate supported candidates like Christie are responsible for their own financial downfall.

  3. M.A.D says:

    Big ropedeal, property taxes are going up again. This guy is a true republican, steal from the poor to give to the rich.

  4. RJ says:

    I lived in NJ for 7 years and left the area. NJ will never be a decent place to live until property and other taxes go down. There is finally a Governor in place getting the budget in order and may people are attacking him and calling him a “fat idiot”. Get a clue and please don’t complain anymore about how expensive your taxes are. Leaving NJ was the best thing I ever did for this reason alone and I have never looked back.

    1. Warren Mercer says:

      Property taxes went UP under Whitman after she lowered all income taxes by 30%. Of course, her REAL goal was to take credit for cutting taxes while letting the mostly Democratic mayors and town councils take the blame for the resulting property and school tax increases.

  5. Howie Sprague says:

    “Christie’s speech was originally scheduled one week ago, but it was delayed because of the death of an Assembly minority leader” [Who Christie crushed to death after he tripped & fell on top of him while attempting to be 1st in line when the doughnut tray was put out …]

  6. Gerry Attrick says:

    ” If Christie’s goal is, “to put more money in the pockets of struggling families & small businesses” then why is his tax cut across the board? The super rich aren’t struggling, they are thriving & absolutely don’t need tax cuts. Christie and his like have only one mission: increase corporate welfare at the expense of the middle class, the elderly & the disabled.

  7. Warren Mercer says:

    Remember your history, New Jersey… The last time a Republican Governor (Whitman) lowered income taxes across the board, she paid for it by cutting state aid to municipalities. By design, that drove up property and school taxes at the local level (where mostly Democrats were in charge). Everybody ended up paying the same amount after as before.

  8. KC RICK says:

    I was a resident of Mt. Laurel during 1990/1991 when Governor Florio put through the largest tax increase in NJ history. My property values immediately fell 10%. Although I moved, I was glad to see him lose in1993, the first NJ governor not to be re-elected. I am glad to see NJ taxpayers get some relief.

  9. Concern says:

    Unfunded pensions & changes in health care coverage

  10. Frank B. says:

    I can’t believe this. This is a horrible idea. When Bush did this, it plunged our country into debt that will take generations to pay off!

    Don’t do the same thing in New Jersey, our taxes may be high, but we have the best of everything. Decent cops, great trains, and the best education system in the country.

    Chris Christie would throw his mother under a bus if it meant less money out of his pocket.

  11. Christie"s cheeseburger says:

    i need relief NOW and not it 2013. recite this prayer and it may come true…….
    please my lord jesus christo, let this fat POS drop dead before he takes more moeny out of my pocket

  12. Kagnasti says:

    Typical Labor P.O.S. posting. Oh well! What can we do to lift the intelligence level of the average citizen? Until that happens, we taxpayers are at the mercy of the Majority Party in this state. It will all be settled when we become the new Greece of the world and it all comes crashing down on our bloated pensions/salaries. Read that to mean, “there ain’t no more money people”.

    1. greg says:

      this guy is a fat idiot, he is a typical noise maker, best politician in NJ is Booker, i hope he takes him on in the next election!

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