GREENWICH, CT (WCBS 880) – There is a mountain lion mystery in Connecticut, despite a declaration by the state that the Eastern Mountain Lion is extinct and there is no other native-born cougar population there.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams On The Story

But a small group of dedicated believers insists mountain lions live among them.

A map on the website of Cougars of the Valley is pockmarked with dozens of reported sightings.

Dennis Shane, with Connecticut DEP, says usually it’s a case of mistaken identity.

“We’ve been presented with no compelling photos, no hairs… nothing really to indicate that any of the sightings were credible,” he said

Last june, there was an unprecedented occurence. A cougar traced to South Dakota managed to journey to Greenwich, and was hit and killed in Milford.

After that, reports of possible cougar sightings jumped.

A couple hundred people have signed a petition asking for a state legislative hearing.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Kidding aside, I believe that I saw something like the picture above on my way home last night. I was driving on North on RT433. The animal was not a dog or cat that I recognized. Very fast – stealth like movement.

  2. Candy says:

    Why is it being sought? Why can’t we just leave our freaking wildlife alone? I’m so sick of people thinking there can be no wildlife living amongst us and all must be killed. Really disgusts me. Please get a grip and a life and leave GOD’s creatures be. They belong here just as much as we do.

  3. Marty Stauffer says:

    Its a bobcat I lived in these areas and bobcats can get very big in these areas,so lets see what it really is before jumping to conclusions

  4. Jx says:

    The interesting notion I heard from a CT resident was “You expect me to believe a mountain lion traveled all the way from the midwest and it didn’t know to avoid being hit by a car HERE?”

  5. gman62 says:

    To the connecticut people. i’m releasing another beautiful lion to the state today.This one in litchfield county.She is a 6ft beauty.The lion is from utah.I intend to release 4 more to your state in the next few months.They will help reduces the deer population in the state now.

  6. Annie Oakley says:

    Silly yuppies, it’s probably a house cat.. If the libtards didn’t gobble up so much of suburbia and steal their land so they could have a Starbucks and Pottery Barn 100 feet from their house, they wouldn’t be seeing wildlife. Now some overzealous d***bag DEP cop will have to put the poor thing down to appease these jerks so little Noah can play in the backyard on his $3,000 swingset.

    1. Tom Tomon says:

      To Annie Oakley:
      I think people may be stupid but they’re not THAT stupid. Also for the person who wrote in about liberals it’s you conservatives who are anti’-American. Forty years ago it was the liberals who were anti’-American when Richard Nixon was our conservative President but you conservatives came out about the same time as Ronald Reagan and you’re ALL anti-American jerks.

  7. jerseyjoey says:

    Good, hey Lion, you got plenty of good pray to hunt , lots of fat plump Liberals ready for the taking, Go lion Go lion Chomp De Domp

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