TRENTON, NJ (CBSNewYork) – Those who want to see New Jersey’s medical marijuana program finally in place rallied on the steps of the Statehouse today.

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney On The Story

“The law says that we have the right to,” pot smoker Stephen Cuspilich of Southhampton said on Wednesday.

The man suffers from Chron’s Disease and he’s signed up to be a medical marijuana user in the state’s program, which has yet to start.

“It’s being done on purpose, in my opinion,” he said of the delays in getting the system into action.

He’s blaming Gov. Chris Christie for the holdup, due to treatment centers having to overcome tight regulations.

“They are making it so doctors are not willing to come forward because they have to add new specialities to their list of diplomas,” Cuspilich told WCBS 880 reporter Levon Putney.

He says marijuana relieves his nausea and cramps, and helps his appetite.

“And with the Crohn’s Disease, it does it bother the stomach, the digestive tract,” he said.

He said the pot helped him cut out four of nine pills he’d been taking to cope.

So, he’s eager for the program to start and tired of having to still buy marijuana on the black market while the state gets act together.

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  1. Ken Wolski, RN says:

    Mike has Crohn’s disease. He has severe abdominal pain, nausea, and constant diarrhea–over twenty times a day. He takes a host of prescribed medications that are either ineffective or have intolerable side effects. Three days after his September 4th arrest, he was hospitalized for nine days. He required two abdominal surgeries. He was wasting away and in severe pain…
    When he was first diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, one of Mike’s doctors recommended marijuana as a therapeutic form of relief. Marijuana has helped Mike immensely. Marijuana relieved his stomach pain and nausea. Marijuana stopped his severe diarrhea. Mike faced charges for cultivating a small marijuana garden in the closet of his home and his infant son was taken away from him. This is just another example of how our government punishes sick people.
    The use of marijuana as medicine has broad support among both health care professionals and the general public. Basic compassion and common sense demand that we allow seriously ill patients, like Mike, to use whatever medication provides safe and effective relief.

  2. Duncan20903 says:

    What’s so shocking? Slimy politicians figure out how to “appear” to be compassionate yet all the while deny any access to medicine by actual patients through onerous regulations. Don’t feel alone New Jersey, the DC Council and Delaware Legislature have implemented the same strategy.

  3. mike wills says:

    Ive had 16 operations in 10 years and suffer from cronic pain from mutiple neck fusions They put me on so many pain killers i cant even get out of my house the meds make me very ill i smoke to relieve the constant throwing up from the meds i go days with out eating this allows me to eat and keep it down

  4. Miguel says:

    I have been a smoker for quite some time. Medical requirement is a sham since most smokers enjoy the perks of the herb. I do agree that there is a medical need but I wish not to be hypocritical. The time is approaching where the Federal Govt needs to consider making it legal for personal and medical use and not criminalize those that use recreationally. For my money I would rather smoke then have a martini. For the record, I am 56 years old, own my home and have been employed steadily since the 1980’s. I also own my own business. I am also a conservative democrat.


    1. Duncan20903 says:

      If it doesn’t taste bad it isn’t medicine, isn’t that right Miguel?

  5. Ben Gordon says:

    I smoke as much as I can to relieve the pressure in my brain from severe tinnitus(ringing in the ears). The politicians in Trenton should all smoke it too. It makes you happy. Happy people are productive ones. Its okay to sell alcohol, which is a thousand times worse tham marijuana. Hypocrites!

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