NEW YORK (WFAN) — You don’t mess with the matriarch.

Especially when it comes to Ann Mara.

Terry Bradshaw learned that the hard way. After the Giants’ NFC Championship win on Sunday, the widow of former Giants owner Wellington Mara gave Bradshaw an earful on live television.

Waving her finger, Mara yelled at the NFL Hall of Famer and football analyst, “Hey! … You never pick the Giants!”

“I’m getting hammered for not picking the Giants,” Bradshaw, who was trying to interview Victor Cruz, told the viewing audience.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin laughed off the exchange during a conference call Monday.

“I know that in many ways, many times Mrs. Mara’s attitude is reflective of the way that we would hope our team plays,” he said. “She has great energy and tremendous interest and she is so interested in the team playing well and doing well.”

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