TRENTON, NJ (CBSNewYork) – New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s position on gay marriage hasn’t changed.

If a gay marriage bill lands on his desk, Christie say’s he’ll veto it.

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That’s why the governor feels advocates for the issue should be thrilled with his recommendation to put it to voters.

“As an excuse for their support for this legislation, they trot around polling that says a majority of the people in New Jersey want gay marriage. Well, okay, if a majority of the people in New Jersey want gay marriage, then put it on the ballot and prove it,” he said.

Christie insists his suggestion is not about removing himself from politically treacherous waters.

“I never innoculate myself from criticism. I’m the governor of New Jersey.”

Now it’s up to advocates to make their next move.

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Two of New Jersey’s most influential black leaders are blasting Gov. Chris Christie for wanting to put gay marriage up for a popular vote.

Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver and Newark Mayor Cory Booker say civil rights are guaranteed by the constitution and don’t belong at the ballot box.

State Senate President Stephen Sweeney also blasted Christie’s idea.

“The last time they did that in 1915 in New Jersey, women’s right to vote was lost in New Jersey,” Sweeney told WCBS 880’s Steve Scott on Wednesday.

He called the ballot move “punting.”

“For anyone to think, even though it’s 2012, that prejudice and ignorance doesn’t still exist, it does and we’re not going to put a civil rights issue on a ballot,” said Sweeney. “The governor talks about leadership. Well, let’s lead.”

Sweeney also denied talking about polls, as referred to by Christie.

“You don’t poll civil rights,” he said. “Why not have the courage to let it move forward and not inflict your will upon your caucus.”

Oliver says such a referendum in the 1960s would not have brought equal rights to minorities. And Booker says he wouldn’t have had the chance to become a mayor.

What do you think? Should gay marriage be decided in Trenton or on the ballot? Sound off in the comments section below!

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Comments (12)
  1. norwood kid says:

    Why oh why didn’t they just stay in the damn closet?

  2. jadez says:

    we all know crisco christi is a racist and his supporters are too.
    and anyone who thinks civil rights should be grated by majority vote proves them-self a racist.

  3. Adeyinka says:

    being black or being a woman is different from being a sodomite,these are natural features,it has nothing to do with same sex couple,it is the opposite that attracts,thats the natural law,the govt of Greece,have legalise pedophilanism,it is now considered as a disability,and it now grants them financial benefir,is ny going to follow on that?NUTS

  4. Wayne Bergen says:

    I’m still waiting for somebody to offer a legitimate GOVERNMENTAL reason to not allow gay marriage. Would it increase GOVERNMENTAL costs? Would it decrease GOVERNMENTAL revenues? Would it obstruct GOVERNMENTAL administration? (Lots of gay couples are affluent enough to get hit with the MARRIAGE PENALTY, so they’d pay more in taxes than if they stayed single.)

    I’m also waiting for somebody to identify a SPECIFIC hetero couple whose marriage has suffered SPECIFIC “damage” due to a SPECIFIC gay couple being married.

  5. ana trujillo says:

    why call him names? his weight is not the question, gay marriage is, and if all of nj “supposedly” agrees with it, why are you so afraid? sick and tired of people playing victim and try to shove everything down our throats, is it gay marriage the new fad?

    1. NYSmike says:

      Shoving things down our throats…do you mean RELIGION?

    2. KPMc says:

      Same thing I would be afraid of if the 13th, 15th and 19th amendments had been put up to a popular vote.

      If they had been slavery might still be here, only wealthy, land owning “free” men would be allowed to vote and women’s contributions would still be limited to the “kitchen and the bedroom”.

      If guaranteeing someone else’s civil rights doesn’t affect you adversely in any way what exactly is your argument besides ignorant hate?

    3. jadez says:

      his weight is the issue clown because he has civil rights no matter how fat he gets.
      or maybe you think we should vote on the rights for fat asses since they cost society more money to give health care to.

  6. paulnaedra says:

    I agree with jen!

  7. Gerry Attrick says:

    “If a gay marriage bill lands on his desk, Christie say’s he’ll veto it.” Ha-ha-ha … If it lands on his desk there’s a good chance he’ll swallow it! He’s got to eat nearly non-stop to maintain his morbidly obese figure so his desk must be loaded with fried delicacies … not much chance to avoid the chow with some bill…

  8. mark says:

    The manatee in a suit is now a wimp.

  9. Jen says:

    Let the gay people have all the same rights and problems that regular people do, like divorce and child custody. More action and open up an new market for the lawyers! Great for the economy.

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